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Conversations on the Margins

English, Social, 1 season, 10 episodes, 9 hours, 58 minutes
Conversations on the Margins is a GoLoud Original Podcast presented by Lynn Ruane. This limited series podcast brings you meaningful conversations and discussions about life, family, art, music and more, from inside the Irish prison system.
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Chapter 9: 'A Returning Citizen'

Aaron, is an intellectual, kind and ambitious man, and we chat to him as he prepares for what he hopes is the last leg of a life sentence. Aaron is reflective, philosophical and well-read and hopes to put his degree in social science to good use on his return to society. He dreams of doing a master's and being a lifelong learner who can do good in the world, and be who he was always meant to be. This is our final episode, and it is fitting that Aaron would lead us out of this series of Conversations on the Margins. Music in this podcast is performed by students at Wheatfield prison education centre.
5/17/20221 hour, 23 minutes, 7 seconds
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Chapter 8: 'Reflection'

In chapter 8, Lynn chats to Sarahjane McCreery from the Irish Penal Reform trust. Sarahjane gives us an insight and understanding of the efforts to improve human rights and standards for men and women in the prison system. This important conversation and reflection comes at a great time in the series because like Governor Eddie, Caron McCaffrey and the men you've heard from throughout the podcast, everyone is circling around the same issues, each coming at it from a different angle. We also hear from Jamie and Joe in this chapter who give us further insight into life in the prison system from first hand experience. You will hear more music performed by students of the Wheatfield education centre.
5/10/20221 hour, 19 minutes, 9 seconds
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Chapter 7: Art, Music and Education

In Chapter 7, Lynn chats to students of the Wheatfield Prison Education Centre about life, music, art and education. The school in Wheatfield is brimming with talent, creativity and learning. For lots of the men there, the first time they ever held a musical instrument or got to try different types of arts and crafts was in the prison system. This special episode highlights the importance of creativity and opportunity in life, and how it can be a tool for people to find and connect with their true selves. More than ever this chapter is jam packed full of music performed by the students of Wheatfield Prison Education Centre.
5/3/20221 hour, 27 minutes, 13 seconds
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Chapter 6: Forgiveness, shame, redemption and punishment

In Chapter 6, Lynn sits down with Caron McCaffrey, Director General of the Irish Prison Service and Stretch, Marty, Paul and Anto. This chapter asks us about forgiveness, what is it? Do we deserve it? And who has the right to ask for forgiveness. In these powerful conversations we learn about the effect judgement from society can have on a person's life after prison and how we need to better set up and support people after they leave. Marty, Paul and, Anto dissect the idea of forgiveness and how it is more impactful depending on who it comes from. As always, all the music you hear in this chapter is performed by men in the Wheatfield Prison Education Centre.
4/26/202251 minutes, 59 seconds
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Chapter 5: The Governor

Lynn chats to Eddie Mullins, governor of Wheatfield prison about life within the Irish Prison System. Eddie, from his perspective, explores his views on the Justice System and what we can do to change it for the better. In this episode, Eddie talks about how recidivism happens in communities not inside prison, he believes that prison should be a last resort and reserved only for the people who need to be there. The music heard in this episode is performed by men in the Wheatfield Prison Educational Centre.
4/19/202258 minutes, 41 seconds
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Chapter 4: Who will take responsibility?

Niall has been in the prison system for a long time. In this conversation with Lynn he gives a profound account of his life journey that ultimately asks society the question; if he is taking responsibility for his crime, who is going to take responsibility for young men in communities like the one he came from? As ever, music heard in this podcast is performed by students in Wheatfield Prison Educational Centre.
4/12/202250 minutes, 17 seconds
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Chapter 3: Addiction, Dual Diagnosis and Finding Life

In Chapter 3, we hear from Dylan, Anto and Senan as well as Caron McCaffrey, Director General of the Irish Prison Service, who all touch on the topics of addiction and mental health, both in and out of prison. It's a complex issue, impossible to cover in only one episode of our podcast but our interviewees talk about it movingly and with great care and consideration. The music you will hear is written and performed for this series by students in Wheatfield Prison's Educational Centre.
4/5/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 37 seconds
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Chapter 2: Fatherhood and Family

In Chapter 2: We hear from Anto, Senan, Paul, Marty, Dylan and Stretch. Families and fatherhood is the focus of the conversations with Lynn Ruane. For all of the men, the love for and from their families is a driving force for them and gets them through their time spent in prison. Lynn and the men reflect on how prison is a community and family affair, affecting not only the person serving the sentence but the household missing a loved one. All the music you hear in this series is performed by students in the Wheatfield Prison Education Centre.
3/29/202253 minutes, 21 seconds
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Chapter 1: Origins

In Chapter 1: We hear from Stretch, Marty, Anto, Alex, Paul and Senan in Wheatfield prison, as they sit and converse with Lynn Ruane. This episode covers their early years, the men reflect on their schooldays and their youth; both fond memories and times they were failed by the system. All the music you hear in this episode and the rest of the series is performed by students in the Wheatfield prison education centre.
3/22/202259 minutes, 41 seconds
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Conversations on the Margins brings you inside the Irish prison system to hear from the men who sat with our host Lynn Ruane and talked all about life both inside and outside of the prison walls.
3/21/20221 minute, 58 seconds