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Cont;nue With Nicole Naidoo

English, Personal health, 3 seasons, 30 episodes, 9 hours 50 minutes
Wassup boLove my name’s Nicole and I’ve decided to start a podcast channel called Continue to share as well as journal my struggles with mental health as well as navigating my way through sexuality and faith.I’m far from perfect and I don’t have all the answers.I hope me using this platform to share my personal experiences with you somehow helps you with your journey in life! Love your bestie Nicole! Continue with me♡︎
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4. Hand in hand Ft (Hayley Dladla)

Wassup boLove it’s your girl Nicole! I hope you’re good! On this episode of Continue with Nicole Naidoo I have Hayley who will be sharing her experience with anti depressants (Lexamil)! I hope you guys enjoy! Love your bestie Nicole XOXO💋 [her ig @hayley_dladla]
02/07/202218 minutes 13 seconds
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3. Becoming a vessel

Wassup boLove! I hope you guys are doing okay! Today on Continue with Nicole Naidoo I will be speaking on allowing yourself to be used as a vessel by God! I hope you guys enjoy💕
30/06/202210 minutes
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2. Then vs now

Wassup boLove! Welcome to another episode of Continue with me, I hope you guys are doing a okay. This episode is basically a “life update” and where I am mentally at the moment. I hope you guys enjoy love your bestie Nicole! XOXO
29/06/202210 minutes 59 seconds
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1. Pilot

On this episode of Cont;nue with Nicole Naidoo I am basically just introducing myself and what my podcast is going to be about I’m realllyyy excited to engage with you guys! Love your bestie Nicole xoxo!
24/06/20224 minutes 26 seconds