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English, Sciences, 7 seasons, 162 episodes, 4 days, 15 hours, 24 minutes
Stay in tune with our phenomenal world. Join Marcus Smith for explorations of hidden marvels in nature, forgotten heroes of history, and life stories that both humble and inspire. Constant Wonder is a production of BYUradio.
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TRAILER: Season 7 of Constant Wonder

Constant Wonder continues its pursuit of awe and wonder in all creation, human or wild, vast or small. Here's a sample of what we've got coming up over the next 12 weeks:  An anthropology professor rethinks what it means to be human when his newborn receives a Down Syndrome diagnosis. Two turtle fanatics explore the unexpected marvels of ancient family bonds. A birder adopts an injured baby screech owl and releases her to the wild, from which she returns for frequent visits. And, a young Iranian refugee navigates his early teens in rural Oklahoma. Join Constant Wonder for stories from nature, medicine, art, history, science, and more.
1/10/20243 minutes, 49 seconds