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English, Religion, 2 seasons, 9 episodes, 4 hours 53 minutes
Building women with resilient faith -what does that take? What does it look like? How can you be secure and assured in God? Join us to hear stories from women of resilient faith.
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God and Man: His Faithfulness to His Sons

God and Man: His Faithfulness to His Sons,' Four inspiring men share their testimonies of God's unwavering love amidst imperfect lives, imperfect fathers, delayed dreams, and unanswered questions. Dive into the journey of faith and subscribe for a dose of inspiration on this International Men's Day. 🙏 #GodsFaithfulness #MensDayInspiration #ConstantFaithfulSecure"Follow us on @constantfaithful_secure on Facebook and InstagramCheck out for blogs, and ways to connect
19/11/20231 hour 5 minutes 45 seconds
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Resilience for Reconciliation: Renewal in Marriage

They met in college and married soon after, this couple moved to the beautiful island of Jamaica as missionaries.After a while, their challenges increased, and after much prayer, they separated.As I listened to my guest, share I assumed that reconciling seven years after separation, marriage was bliss. She looked nothing but happy whenever I saw her.Imagine my shock when she said no. The challenges were still there. She lovingly explained that this is part of life. Challenges are a part of life.I love how graciously my guest shared this very vulnerable part of her life.❤️‍🩹Choosing to stay.❤️‍🩹Choosing God's will.❤️‍🩹Praying when it looked hopeless❤️‍🩹Reconciling after seven years of separation.❤️‍🩹Sticking it out.#marriage #separation #reconiliation Follow us on @constantfaithful_secure on Facebook and InstagramCheck out for blogs, and ways to connect
03/07/202329 minutes 32 seconds
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Resilience in the Wait

Have you been waiting on God for marriage? My guest thought marriage was her birthright and took on life with the focus. With a timeline in mind, she was certain God would follow through.  Not always doing it His way she finally surrendered to God. She decided she was called to singleness.Tune in to the first of a three-part Relationship series to hear her testimony of heartache, surrender, and eventually marrying the man God surprised her with.#singleness #waiting #marriageFollow us on @constantfaithful_secure on Facebook and InstagramCheck out for blogs, and ways to connect
05/06/202340 minutes 3 seconds
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Resilience though Miscarriage

Wife, mother, entrepreneur, homeschool teacher and fitness coach, Dekeisha looks like she has it all. She has a blessed life, but this blessed life includes treasures from dark places.Away in a foreign country on a military base Dekeisha and her husband walked through a painful miscarriage during her third pregnancy. Alone and confused and shaken, Dekeisha found new depths to her faith as she learned that in the darn places, God is still an anchor for your soul. A second loss of a child during pregnancy was not what she envisioned but God's message to others throughout her time of being angry at Him was still one of grace and love in her process of pain.Tune in and be blessed. Head to her website  to learn more about her ministry for supporting families through this devastating timeAnchored Soul - Cultivating communities that provide genuine help, hope, and strength.Follow us on @constantfa
08/05/202335 minutes 53 seconds