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Welcome to the Connectivitea Podcast where we help you feel more connected to yourself and the world around you. Bi-weekly, host Rebecca Nanjego brings you tips on how to create meaning in your life, inspirational stories, actionable strategies for greater love, growth and fulfilment. Rebecca shares tangible tips and hacks that led her to a life filled with meaning. Along with sharing her best-kept secrets, she interviews "woke" guests in a deep way that will ensure you see yourself through their stories. From how to overcome fear, failure and disappointment to business, health, creativity and success. If it leads to meaningful connections, we cover it. Get inspired, feel connected and get one step closer to your best self. What do you say? Are you in? Because we believe that safety is the presence of Connection.
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Why Self Help is Important with Vrusti Patel

Today, I am seating down with Vrusti Patel, a psychologist. She’s no stranger to how the mind works. In today's episode we talk about self-help, why we need it and how to do it right. We discuss mental health generally as well; when to seek professional help, how to distinguish stress from anxiety, how to build supportive habits. Tune in, subscribe and share with a friend who may benefit. 
4/13/202440 minutes, 1 second
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From Homeless Alcoholic to Sobriety Coach with Rebecca Makyeli

Rebecca Makyeli struggled with alcohol addiction from the tender age of fifteen. What started as a harmless night out with a friend turned into a nearly fifteen-year long battle that stretched well into her adulthood and left her a college dropout, depressed and dejected, and later on, jobless and homeless on the streets for nearly four years with no purpose to her life.Now fully recovered and free of the shackles of addiction, Rebecca is a certified sobriety coach with Ahava Life who believes in the power in personalized addiction recovery through teletherapy and remote recovery solutions to help people break free of addiction to live a pain-free and fulfilling life. Rebecca is also the author of the bestselling book ‘Woman Fire Grace’, which details her fifteen year struggle with alcohol addiction. This episode is a testament that change is possible. Click play and get inspired. Get in touch with Rebecca on WhatsApp:  (+254) 798285585 (+256) 776116182or email 📧[email protected] 
4/3/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 37 seconds
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Date turns into a robbery with Sharon Adokonyero

Sharon met 'Marcus" on a walk, he asked for her number which she gave him thinking she wouldn't be in touch with him anyway.  Marcus was persistent, and Sharon decided to go out with him one day out of boredom. This eye opening episode is a masterclass in vigilance. Donate to ConnectiviTea to help us create more and better episodes. Follow us on Instagram + Twitter.
3/9/202456 minutes, 3 seconds
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Use this hack to deal with difficult people.

Rebecca reads a excerpt from one of her favorite books - don't sweat the small stuff by Richard Carlson. The excerpt has a simple but effective way of dealing with difficult, or irritating people. Tune in.Donate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram + Twitter.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea 
1/24/20245 minutes, 7 seconds
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My weight loss and maintenance journey

Rebecca has never been a small girlie, her weight was like a pendulum bob oscillating between  sizes. She dropped one size and has maintained this weight for almost a year through yoga, eating more cautiously and walking.  She shares that most of it is mental and emotional work and gets into detail in this episode. Tune in. Donate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram + Twitter.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea
1/11/202434 minutes, 11 seconds
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Lessons from my past relationship

I have been away for a year and 6 months because I was mentally and emotionally unwell following a turbulent romantic relationship. In this episode, I share what happened, therapy, doing the work and what I learnt. Lastly,  what's next for ConnectiviTea. Tune inDonate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram + Twitter.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea
12/27/202345 minutes, 19 seconds
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On Female Friendships with Pesh Ahumuza

As most phycologists agree that females are wired for relationships. Therefore bonds that form between women can be strong and enduring. We spoke to Pesh Ahumuza who vastly explains her view on female friendships.Pesh grew up as a tomboy and had majorly male friends most of her childhood and teen years. As she grew older, she started to cultivate female friendships and with this, she is able to give us a clear distinction between the two kind of relations.She elaborates how female friendships are very important as these in her view are the the kind of friends that look out for you when when you best need them among other reasons.She however emphasizes that we need to put in the work at all times for these relationships to yield. Our conversation will have you thinking differently about friendships.Tune inDonate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea
6/3/202256 minutes, 1 second
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The Truth About Therapy with Hazel Muriro

Hazel Muriro Kobusingye is a community psychologist on a mission to create more positive change in mental health sector in Uganda and the rest of the continent. I sat down with her to talk about mental health and to debunk myths about therapy like it's for only the messed up.Hazel speaks broadly about suicide and the importance for language in ways that many of us have never really thought about. The best part is Hazel breaks down stuff for us in a localized ways that we can relate to.  Tune in. Donate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea
4/20/202244 minutes, 27 seconds
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How To Support Victims of Sexual Violence with Safina Virani

Nearly all of us either have been victims of sexual violence or know someone that has been violated, but do we know how to support them? I had a conversation with Safina Viirani one of the Directors of Frauen Initiative Uganda, an organization that works with victims of sexual violence by providing emergency medical aid, legal and psychological assistance.In our conversation Safina gives us action steps on how to support like how to get a rape kit,  feminism - including the reasons why many women are rejecting the idea. Our conversation is really eye opening, interesting and helpful.  Tune InDonate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea
3/28/202235 minutes, 48 seconds
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How To Combat Imposter Syndrome with Lyn Andinda Bahati.

Lyn is a Creative, Founder/Proprietor House of Ndinda and a Panelist. Our conversation centers around imposter syndrome - what it looks like and how to combat it. Lyn recalls the days where imposter syndrome had her in a chokehold to the point that she no self belief . We talk about pricing as creative people who are also women, and how afraid we can be to ask for exactly what we deserve. Our conversation gets really emotional at some point,  because this topic was heavy for the both of us. Lyn gives us a way out of shaking off the feeling of imposter syndrome. Tune InDonate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea
3/7/202238 minutes, 56 seconds
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Navigating The Creative Industry In Uganda with Consolate Namyalo

I had a conversation with Consolate Namyalo is a Ugandan and African story-teller who tells stories through writing, voice over, and film about how to navigate and thrive in the Ugandan creative industry.  Consolate takes us through her journey from days she nearly earned peanuts to fully making a living off creative work. She emphasizes that the creative industry is more lucrative than most of the traditional industries so one should follow the truth within them and stay the course. Tune inDonate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea
2/18/202255 minutes, 31 seconds
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What we were not told about sex

This episode is the first of it's kind, an interactive one with views from our audience. I seat down with my besties Tish and Lynn to comment on the submissions from our audience. Everything from breaking virginity, period sex, positions and consent. This episode is one every millennial can relate to. Tune inDonate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea
2/11/202257 minutes, 49 seconds
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Start Afraid with Sonia Bukirwa and Dr. Nnassuuna Meresiane Musoke

I sat down with a mother and daughter and we had a chat on how their surroundings tickled their ability to create a thriving business. When the second wave of the pandemic hit, Sonia, then working from home thought about what would happen if she lost her job and what she wanted to be in the years to come. Having her mother’s background of using natural organic products at home for tea and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, merezian collection was birthed.Sonia and Dr. Nassuna attribute coming this far with their business to teamwork, doing it afraid, being authentic and giving it the absolute best that you got. In case you have been over thinking it, the gems in today’s episode are perfect for you. Tune inDonate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea
2/2/202227 minutes, 16 seconds
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This hack is helping me manage my mind

Happy New Year! This year I am not focusing much but learning how to manage my mind. In this episode, I share why this is the main focus and the hack that is helping me do this so far. Tune inDonate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea
1/21/202224 minutes, 21 seconds
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How To Plan For The New Year with Sarah Kukie

Sarah Kukie is an architect, wellness entrepreneur and over all organized human being. In our conversation we discuss what led her to being an organized person, the birth of her wellness brand LyfLyn designs, therapy, what holds us back and how to best prepare for the New Year.Sarah gives us actionable tips and tricks on how to best set ourselves up for success in the coming year. I love talking to Sarah because our conversations are always wholesome and raw. Tune inDonate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea
12/29/20211 hour, 14 minutes, 40 seconds
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How I Survived Sexual Predation

Today's story is a powerful one! My guest for this particular episode chose to conceal her identity. She talks about her struggles with sexual predation from as young as primary school.  However, surviving sexual predation from her uncle who was her caretaker then is the downcast of this story.  Later on in life, tables turned and she as well learned the power of sexual manipulation. She used this as protection from sex predators but this also made her the very thing she was trying to protect herself from. She's now on a recovery journey and she hopes her story will inspire a cultural shift that breaks the ugly cycle of sexual predation. Tune inDonate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea
12/22/202158 minutes, 25 seconds
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Living With Chronic Illness with Ruth Aine

I sat down with Ruth Aine who shared her story about living with a chronic illness, specially fibromyalgia which was triggered by trauma. We speak about her life before diagnosis, the long road to diagnosis, life after diagnosis  and the impact on social and mental wellness. Ruth gives us fresh eyes on chronic illness especially what we need to understand about it. Tune in Donate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea
12/1/20211 hour, 15 minutes, 4 seconds
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Healing The Relationship With Self with Pendo Galukande

Pendo is a marriage and couples therapist passionate about self improvement in order to thrive in life. In her practice she's come to the realization that the relationship with self is the most critical as everything starts from within. But just like most things, how we treat ourselves is based on the programming of our subconscious minds that has a lot to do with our formative years.In this episode Pendo talks about why a healthy relationship with self is important, what a healthy and un healthy relationship with self looks like, how we can begin to heal. This is a short episode filled with maximum impact. Tune in Donate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTeaConnect with Pendo on email at [email protected] 
11/14/202135 minutes, 59 seconds
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Life as a Millennial with Bradford Kamuntu

If you are born between 1981 and 1996 you will find this conversation interesting! Brad and I share what our lives are like as millennials - what we appreciate about being born in this generation and what we don't appreciate so much about our generation. We talk about work, money, family, friendships and intimate relationships with the resounding theme around them being freedom which appears to be our language.  But with  freedom comes a huge responsibility. Tune in to listen to how we navigate this dilemma, I am certain you'll relate. Donate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTeaConnect with Brad on Instagram and Twitter. 
11/3/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 52 seconds
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Chose myself, called off my engagement with Priscilla Elatam

Priscilla got engaged publicly at a friend's wedding.  Even though it caught her by surprise - she wasn't fully shocked since they we're been dating seriously and marriage was always on the table. She immediately pulled out her wedding mood board that she had created on pinterest.However, a few weeks to the wedding she called off the wedding because something didn't feel quite right. In this episode she shares her journey calling off her engagement on the brink of her 30's and what life looks like now as a single woman actively dating in her 30's.Our conversation is deeply honest, fun and inspirational. It is a MUST listen to every woman in her late 20's or 30's.Tune in to the full episode now.Donate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTeaConnect with Priscillar on Instagram and YouTube
10/21/20211 hour, 20 minutes, 49 seconds
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How to Build a Healthy Relationship with food with Beth Ingabire

Beth Ingabire is the founder of Ijuru PlantBliss, a 100% plant based eatery that is committed to giving their customers a little taste of heaven everyday. She has been on a plant based journey for over 18 years and has researched, experimented and thoroughly enjoyed vegan and whole food plant based recipes during that time. Beth shares with us her journey with food including how she started her plant based journey, the great things and challenges about it and why it's the way to go.  She gives us hacks on how to make plant based food delicious and shares huge opportunities that we Ugandans have with our food. From how to condition your taste buds to music to love of the motherland. Our conversation is a must listen for anyone interested in wellness. Tune in to the full episode now.Donate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTeaConnect with Beth and Ijuru Plant Bliss.
10/14/20211 hour, 8 minutes, 4 seconds
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The Pros & Cons of Getting Married Young with Lisa Kusiima

Lisa Kusiima got married at 22 years old and it has been a journey. This journey led to her passion of helping others build strong families.  In our conversation Lisa shares who brought up marriage first in the relationship,  what she wished she knew before getting married and what a tip for building a healthy marraige. Lisa gives us pros to getting married young like acquiring assets and and cons like out growing friendships. Tune in to the full episode now.Donate to ConnectiviTea.Follow us on Instagram.Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea.Work with Lisa here
9/24/202137 minutes, 58 seconds
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Add "To Be's" to Your To Do List

I stumbled upon this concept while reading Jay Shetty's Think Like a Monk and I was inspired to record this episode because it is something we should all be doing. By adding To Be's to our To Do's we automatically become more intentional about our goals and our days. In this episode you'll discover;- What are To Be's?- How to incorporate To Be's in our To Do's- Why it's important to have To Be's Tune in to the full episode now.  Donate to ConnectiviTea.  Follow us on Instagram.  Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea.
9/19/20218 minutes, 47 seconds
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Setting Healthy Boundaries with Daisy B. Kisakye

Daisy B. Kisakye is a life coach and an over all joy spreader on the inter webs. She's the founder of The Daisy Sunshine whose goal is to motivate young women to confidently live their most authentic lives. I sat down with her to speak about setting boundaries. We speak about what boundaries are and why we need to set healthy ones to thrive in life. Daisy shares her struggle with boundaries as a recovering people pleaser and empath.  This episode will get you thinking if you are really living authentically or acting. I had an anha moment when she said being a people pleaser means you are living inauthentically which makes one a liar! Tune in to the full episode now. Donate to ConnectiviTea.  Follow us on Instagram. Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea.Connect with Daisy here
9/10/202149 minutes, 10 seconds
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Over Coming Addiction with Sharifah Namusisi

Sharifah Namusisi is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist based in Uganda on a mission to create pathways for better marriages & personal growth.  I  sat down with her this week to have a conversation on overcoming addiction. We explore how addiction forms, what to do when withdrawal symptoms arise and lastly how we can support those around us that suffer from addiction.  Sharifah reveals that she sees more people battling phone addiction than alcohol today. Many of us know exactly what she's talking about when she says that. This episode is a must listen for anyone seeking behavioral change. Tune In now. Donate to ConnectiviTea.  Follow us on Instagram. Apply to be a guest on ConnectiviTea. Find out more about Sharifah's work here . 
9/3/202150 minutes, 57 seconds
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How To Deal With Bad Managers with Shamim K. Matovu

Do you have a bad manager or do you suspect that are a bad manager? This episode is for you. Shamim K.Matovu is a London School of Economics trained Business Anthropologist with over 10 years experience leading diverse teams. Shamim shares how she's climbed up the ladders, what has worked for her and what hasn't in leadership. She empathizes the importance of a human centric way of leadership as well us vulnerability. "Vulnerability doesn't mean talking about your love life. Vulnerability in a work place looks like you sharing your weaknesses with the team so that they know what to expect and how to go about it."Shamim says that if you're being led wrongly, you will know by how you feel. If you don't feel good when your boss is around or when you receive a phone call from your manager that's a good sign.  Shamim gives us actionable steps to navigate leadership in a workplace. Tune In, Rate, Review and Subscribe. If enjoy this show and you'd like to donate, you can do that here. As usual, let's continue this conversation on Instagram. 
8/20/202159 minutes, 40 seconds
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3 Steps to Achieve Work - Life Alignment

We all have heard about work-life balance and have tried to achieve it only to realize it is a myth. This is because it puts work and life against each other in a never ending power struggle. Work - life alignment however requires you to become clear on what you want in your life and then use your work as a catalyst for creating your desired future. The effort is about harmony, integration and alignment to direct all of your energy toward creating a meaningful life. I share 3 steps on how you can achieve this and give you some homework to reflect on. Tune in now, rate, review, subscribe,  and share with a friend. If you'd like to donate to that here. Lastly if you'd like to be hosted on the show or know someone that's a good fit, apply here. 
8/6/202117 minutes, 39 seconds
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From Security Guard to Co-founder of SafeBoda with Ricky Thomson Rapa

Ricky is one of the Co-Founder and Director of SafeBoda. He left his home in Dokolo with nothing but a green kavera (polythene bag)  in search for a better life in Kampala. He later got a job as a security guard before saving up and purchasing a motorbike. He joined the bodaboda business and his life begun to turn around for the better.  However, he also witnessed more than his share of accidents during his time, the worst being the loss of a good friend in late 2013. This made him start to seriously think about the observance of safety standards among bodaboda riders in Uganda, and that’s when he saw a gap that he could address.In this episode Ricky shares his entire life story and gives us actionable takeaways to apply in our lives and business. Tune In, Rate, Review, Subscribe. If enjoy this show and you'd like to donate, you can do that here
7/23/20211 hour, 29 minutes, 51 seconds
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Why You Should Serve The Season You're In Faithfully with Leticia Kahubire

This episode is light but filled with gems. I sat down with my Bestie Kahubire Leticia and we extended a conversation we we're having earlier this week about serving a season faithfully. Just like all nature, human beings undergo seasons inwardly. Recognizing the season you're in and serving faithfully while at it is powerful!Pour some tea and listen to the full episode now. Don't forget to rate, review and subscribe. If you enjoy this podcast and would like to donate, to that here. 
7/9/202127 minutes, 49 seconds
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How my Bipolar Disorder turned into a Blessing with Musinguzi Begumisa

Eng Musinguzi Begumisa was an intelligent child full of dreams.  He excelled beyond many even to feats of topping the country at O’ level.  Life was good. But all this began to crumble when strife and poverty hit the family he grew up in. He started noticing changes in his moods and temperament in A’ level and this led to loss of grip on my academics, something I had built his entire persona on. Due to a combination of stressful circumstances and events,  he found himself drifting into a depression and failing to keep up with school. He sought  medical attention and was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. From a dead year at campus, multiple retakes, attempted suicide,  police cells, to loitering the streets of Lugazi town, to Butabika Hospital,  Begumisa's  journey has been tough but not unbearable because he didn't walk alone. The Lord has been faithful and re-written Begumisa's  story.  He has scaled the heights in his workplace as an Engineer.  His broken relationships have been restored, his marriage is fulfilling, he's a Church leader among other things. Listen, Rate, Review and Share with someone who may benefit. Contact Begumisa on 0773266066
7/2/20211 hour, 1 minute, 51 seconds
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Healing From an Abusive Marriage with Diana Kahunde

When she turned down the wedding proposal, because things didn't add up, he parked his car run into the Kisaasi Nothern Bypass swearing,  swearing: “If you stop the wedding I’m going to kill myself.” Crying, as he pushed her towards the moving cars.  He looked possessed Diana recalls.  This was a reflag but Diana was not able to see the extent. Her Marriage was later filled with emotional and physical abuse. She mastered the courage to walk out 7 months later. That was 5 years ago and Diana is now on her healing journey and she shares her story with hope that it will help someone come out of an abusive relationship.  Listen to the full episode now, share, rate and review. Let's continue the conversation on Instagram. 
6/25/20211 hour, 50 minutes, 26 seconds
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How To Build a Sustainable Creative Business with Diana Nigesa

Creatives are driven by passion and often find numbers boring yet one can't build a sustainable business without numbers. Diana Nigesa is an economist, a risk management professional and entrepreneur. She's the co founder of SF Design House, a creative business.  She gives us actionable strategies on how to build a sustainable creative business, we also chat about when to transition from formal employment to self employment, purpose and being a multi faceted person. This is a must listen to episode if you're a creative person,  an entrepreneur or if you're looking for your purpose. Tune In, Subscribe, Rate and Review.  Let's continue the conversation on Instagram.Follow SF Design House
6/18/202151 minutes, 34 seconds
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Healing From a Tragic Loss of a Loved One (Silenced Outcries) with Jennifer Nyakwera, Josephine Nakitanda and Fortunate Damulira

Jennifer, Josephine and Fortunate share a tragedy. They were all robbed of their loved ones in the 2010 Kampala bombings. They share with us what really happened that day, the ache of grief and life after tragedy 11 years later. Life has morphed, so has the pain and yet some things stay the same. Our conversation is raw and will leave you with the understanding of the value of life by sharing the tragedy of death. Tune In,  Share with a friend, Rate, Review and Subscribe.  To continue the conversation on Instagram.
6/12/202132 minutes, 35 seconds
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Stop Settling and Go After The Life You Want

This episode is like a hug from your favorite drink. Dr. Faith is a scientist and career strategist that has achieved so much success in her life. In this episode, she encourages all to go after the lives we know we deserve and never to settle.She speaks about how to know that if you're settling and how to get past it. This episode is filled actionable steps and strategies that will help you get unstuck and go after the life you truly desire. Connect with Dr. Faith here
6/4/202151 minutes, 12 seconds
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The Meaning Of Friendship

Navigating friendships in adulthood can be tricky and we often don't have the tools to go about it. That's why when Rebecca came across a poem that articulated what she always thought was the meaning of friendship, she recorded an episode. This short episode is centered around David Whyte's poem on Friendship from his book Consolations, The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying meaning of Everyday words. Tune In Now, and let's continue the conversation on Instagram.Our Sponsor; Join The Thrift Membership Here
3/31/202114 minutes, 37 seconds
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My Journey to Mrs. with Judithiana Namazzi Ndugwa

Judithiana is a newly wed who's wedding captivated us all. Rebecca sat down with her to speak about her journey on becoming Mrs. Ndugwa. This episode is filled with so much laughter and girl talk. We speak about her past relationship and the lessons she gathered from the heartbreaking experience of calling off a wedding. Judithiana speaks about Christianity and how her faith in God is the bedrock of everything she does. Pour some tea and tune in.. Don't forget to subscribe, share with a friend, rate + review. 
3/18/202157 minutes, 55 seconds
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On Turning 29 and Regret

It's Rebecca's birthday today and she reflects on being 28 and the lessons she has gathered. She goes on to tell us one of her greatest regrets so far very candidly. The episode ends with advise on watering what she considers the most important thing about life.This short episode is a fun listen but packed with gems. Tune In
3/10/202126 minutes, 30 seconds
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Managing Self Doubt as a Woman In Business with Sharon Atim Kinyera

Sharon is an artist and it has been a journey for her to call herself that in a society that considers most art forms as frivolous. She's a lawyer, an academic and a serial entrepreneur with some failures and successes under her belt.In this episode we speak about self doubt and breaking away from the norm. Sharon shares her journey so candidly. She speaks about her passions and how they we're birthed We explore the causes of self doubt and how to manage it. This is an episode I highly recommend for all women. Tune In, Rate, Review + Subscribe. Let's continue the conversation on Instagram. 
3/3/202155 minutes, 44 seconds
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One Year After Quitting Formal Employment.

Rebecca has been out of formal employment for exactly one year. She reviews that one year stating things that went well and those that didn't go so well. This short episode is packed with gems for anyone considering leaving formal employment to create a life of their dreams. Tune In and if you love this episode, share it with a friend. Enter Thrift Membership Here and mention you are one of the podcast listeners for a discount. 
2/22/202125 minutes, 26 seconds
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Learning to Live Through Grief and Loss with Nabuguzi Kiwanuka

Nabuguzi Kiwanuka was born at a time of  hopelessness because her dad passed away 3 months before her birth. She experienced grief for over 15 years even when she never got to physically meet her father. She talks about other losses that she faced along the way and how she coped with them. She gives good advise for anyone grappling with grief, loss and being the strong friend. Her story is one of pain, resilience and grace.  Tune In, Subscribe, Rate and Review.
2/9/20211 hour, 24 minutes, 41 seconds
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Use This Simple Process To Shift Your Energy.

The human body is a complete energy system and true reconditioning comes from shifting your energy. Rebecca share's a simple but extremely effective process that she uses on a day to day to shift her energy into a positive one. The only thing you need is your memory. We may not be able to see energy but just like the internet and electricity, we know it exists and is our way of being.  She shares additional ways to shift your energy incase you're not open to using your memory. Tune in,  you'll find something helpful in this short and sweet episode.Don't forget to Rate, Review and Subscribe.  Also, 
1/25/202116 minutes, 6 seconds
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Sandra's Story and Lessons from Teenage Pregnancy with Sandra S. Musimenta

Sandra shares her haunting story on teenage pregnancy. Her mom passed on when she was in senior 2, which left her with a void that she tried to fill using her relationships with a man. She got pregnant at 16, the very first time she had sex and at 18 by her bestfriend who had promised her to start a family.  Her story is one of love, betrayal, pain, loss and God's grace. Sandra is happily married now with 3 children and she spends a huge chunk of her time providing a safe space for young girls.  Follow Sandra hereTune In, Share with a Friend + Subscribe. 
1/11/20211 hour, 25 minutes, 35 seconds
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How To Form Healthy Habits with Phoebe Murungi

Phoebe Murungi is a wellness enthusiast over at SunKissed Wellness. She shares her health journey with us straight from what stirred curiosity in her to live healthier to the hurdles that she continues to face and overcome. She speaks not only about the body but the mind too and sprinkles some spirituality a long the way. This episode is for you if you are have been putting a lot of pressure on yourself in regards to health and lifestyle. Phoebe breaks it down in a way that I can bet you haven't heard before. So, cozy up, grab a cup of tea and listen in.Let's continue the conversation on Instagram.Follow Phoebe on her Website and Instagram. 
12/29/20201 hour, 15 minutes, 50 seconds
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How To Set Goals You'll Actually Accomplish

As 2020 closes and we begin to plan for another year, Rebecca holds your hand through a goal setting process that will ensure that you actually accomplish your goals.The episode is broken down into 4;1. One question you must ask yourself as you are setting goals2. Hacks to set goals that you'll accomplish.3. Questions to ponder on while setting long term goals.4. Advise for serial procrastinators. This short episode is filled with many gems. Tune In, Subscribe and Review. Follow us on Instagram to Connect Further. 
12/23/202024 minutes, 57 seconds
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2 Baby Daddies; How it Happened & My Lessons with Wendy Jagwer

Wendy Jagwer a mother of two beautiful babies from different fathers something often shunned in society. She tells her story so candidly about how she got there and what that experience has been like. She speaks about the power of owning our decisions and how God is the only one that provides deep healing. She makes a point about how our intimate relationships are a reflection of either resolved or unresolved trauma from our childhood. Wendy's raw and beautiful story will not leave you untouched. It's one of our favorite so far on the podcast. Tune In, Subscribe, Rate and Review. Follow us on Instagram 
12/5/20201 hour, 23 minutes, 58 seconds
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The First Step Towards Self Discovery.

Let's talk Self Discovery.  Finding who you really are authentically and pursuing the life that is true for you defines freedom in every sense. But there is always a beginning, what leads to discover oneself. There are so many things that vary from person to person. Whatever your reason is, it often leads to questioning something. In this episode I share 4 questions that you should ask yourself whenever you in a situation where you are trying to find your truest self. These questions continue to help me to this day.Love this episode? Kindly write a 5 star review, rate, subscribe and share with a friend. Follow us on Instagram 
11/20/202016 minutes, 51 seconds
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How To Build Healthy Relationships with Joy Gihana

This is one of our favorite episodes. Joy Gihana a Uganda-Rwandan psychotherapist based in Canada  speaks on how to build healthy relationships. Joy speaks about the importance of knowing who we are and what our core beliefs are. She talks about how to establish boundaries and the proper way to communicate. This episode is full of gems on everything relationships. It is not only intimate relationships but all human relationships. Tune In, Subscribe and if you like it share with a friend who think may benefit.Follow Joy on Instagram @family_life_and-beyond 
11/5/202055 minutes, 58 seconds
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Social Media - How To Show Your Value To Clients.

Melissa Mugisha won a coaching session with Rebecca. She's a social media manager who's lost momentum because her clients don't see the value she is offering clearly. Rebecca coaches Melissa on how to add value and communicate that value to her clients. The coaching session involves practical strategies and steps on social media.Tune In.  Don't forget to subscribe. 
10/24/202053 minutes, 2 seconds
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What To Do Before Leaving Formal Employment.

This episode is a recorded presentation from a Future Females  event I spoke at. It is a must listen if you are thinking of transitioning from formal to self employment or if you are already self employed and are multi- passionate like me.I share actionable tips and tricks on how to plan and even book clients for your side hustle before you send in that resignation. Download Presentation. Email me @[email protected] incase you can edit audio. 
10/14/202035 minutes, 42 seconds
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On Loosing Momentum. An Unscripted Conversation with my Biz Coach Paula Mugisa

An unscripted conversation with my biz coach Paula Mugisa on loosing momentum.Paula always helps me see myself and my business through a new wider lens with sharp focus. As a multi passionate entrepreneur, things get blurry a lot. I often find myself focusing on 1 or 2 business and leaving the rest to suffer.This conversation is on how I can gain back my lost momentum for Swap&Talk. So that all my babies Thrift Shop, ConnectiviTea Podcast and my personal brand Rebecca Nanjego can thrive together. I’m putting myself on review with Paula because I know you will also benefit from her brilliant advise. Listen in now.Sign Up for free Biz Coaching as promised by Paula.Remember,Subcribe, Share, Rate and Review. 
9/11/202033 minutes, 54 seconds
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How To Nurture A Growth Mindset.

This week I share the cause of most of our suffering which is what is going on in our minds.Most things in life is neutral it is our thoughts about things that make them good or bad. I share my personal struggles with a fixed and lack mindset and how that is transforming now. I have made a few changes in how I think and the results are already incredible. I give you 4 ways you can nurture a growth mindset so that you can thrive at life.Listen In.To join the thrift membership
8/20/202033 minutes, 40 seconds
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Fighting Obesity with Susan Mwine Busige

Susan narrates her story as a former obese person with body pains and lungs always gasping for air with very minimal physical activity. She shares the day she made the decision to choose life, the very trying times, guardian angels and mental resiliency. She ends with actionable tips and food suggestions to help anybody struggling with the sameThis is a raw story on Courage, Consistency and Grace! Tune In. Subscribe, Rate  + Review!
7/31/202055 minutes, 48 seconds
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How Stop Judging Others

When it comes to human beings, things are rarely black and white. There is always more to the story. Judgement of others is not helpful because it only creates seperation which does not make sense because at the core of it all, we are all human beings created for a purpose who are on a journey of fulfilling that purpose. Judgement of others is judgement of self. Rebecca shares 3 ways to that can help you stop judging others. Listen in, subcribe, rate and review.  Also follow us on Instagram and facebook @connectiviteapodcast to continue the conversation.
7/17/202017 minutes, 6 seconds
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Stop Asking and Start Listening with Kwiz Era

I am talking to Kwizera Alex, a reknown Ugandan Artist. We go back in time and unravel some of the things that have contributed in making him the artist he is today. We uncover the thin line between spirituality and art. Our conversation is philosphical, Spiritual and yet very relatable. This episode will help you connect to a deeper part within you in a very refreshing way. Listen In, Subscribe, Rate + Review.
7/2/20201 hour, 10 minutes, 51 seconds
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Chasing Freedom with Deedan Muyira

Have ever believed in something so much that you chose to be homeless and sleep hungry instead of being comfortable? Our guest today, Deedan has done just that.  She ababdoned her family twice just so she could be free to live on her own terms and follow the path of her calling.Deedan talks about the price she has had to pay for her decisions and what she would do different in hindsight. Our conversation is raw, and filled with so much laughter as we take a deep look at who Deedan was and what she's becoming.Listen now, Rate, Review and Subscribe. 
6/19/202053 minutes, 50 seconds
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Intuition, Courage and Business, it's all connected with Paula Mugisa.

Behind every business is intuition backed by courage. These two things can take you a long way in life. Tune in as Paula Mugisa, the founder of Teesa Advisory Services shares her personal journey from university days, leaving a well paying job to start a Business Advisory firm and then firing all her clients and moving her business online.We discuss the importance of support, motherhood & family.Join us as we lift the lid on a young Paula Mugisa and how she's transformed into a power house. 
6/4/202035 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Journey to a True Partnership with Paul & Klaudia Kaliisa

Today, I am speaking with an Interracial Couple Paul and Klaudia Kaliisa who take us through their journey to a true partnership. We kick off the conversation with looking into who Paul & Klaudia we're before they got together. They we're both on a path of self discovery. Paul was coming from a divorce and Klaudia had just concluded with school. The Couple shares about knowing they we're meant for each other, their struggles and joys daily as an interacial couple, true commitment and how they became a team. We talk about the right way to communicate in a relationship to make sure you are understood. The conversation is raw, funny, educational and uplifting. Tune In.Let's continue the conversation on Instagram. Connect Soon.
5/21/20201 hour, 20 minutes, 13 seconds
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Welcome To Connectivitea!

This podcast was started by Rebecca Nanjego who's passionate about forming genuine human connections. This has been her life long passion after lacking a sense of belonging stemming from abandonment as a child. In this episode, Rebecca shares her story, why connections are important and what you should expect going forward. Let's continue the conversation on Instagram 
5/13/20208 minutes, 40 seconds