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English, Education, 1 season, 42 episodes, 14 hours, 42 minutes
A podcast connecting you to the latest insights, tools and resources to help you succeed in facility management. Join IFMA, as we explore new ideas and topics in facility management to help you make sense of the changes and challenges facing the profession while equipping you with the knowledge needed to grow your career. 15 to 30-minute episodes, delivered semi-weekly.
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Mastering Cyber Safety: Insights into the Psychology of Cybercrime and Proactive Prevention Strategies

Today, our host Ted Ritter is joined by Stacey Shepard, the president of Shepard Global Strategies and advisory board member for building cybersecurity, as well as Mark T. Hofmann, a crime and intelligence analyst and business psychologist. Together, they debunk the media's portrayal of hackers and stress the importance of building awareness and training across all levels of an organization to prevent cyber incidents. Through compelling real life case studies, they delve into effective strategies such as cyber assessments and other proactive measures, underlining the urgent need for readiness and education within facility management to confront the escalating complexity of cyber risks.Resources Mentioned:A Facility Professional’s Guide to Understanding Cybersecurity CoursePsychology of Cybercrime PodcastConnect with Us:LinkedIn: us at
5/21/202421 minutes, 26 seconds
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Shaping the Future: IFMA's Insights on World Workplace, CFM Credentials, Research, and Education

Join Laurie Gilmer, immediate past chair of IFMA, and Lara Paemen, Managing Director of IFMA EMEA, for an engaging discussion as they share insights from the vibrant World Workplace conference in Denver. From celebrating the global community of over 4,000 attendees to highlighting the importance of professional development programs like the CFM credential, Laurie and Lara delve into the evolving landscape of facility management. Discover how IFMA is shaping the industry with innovative education, research, and opportunities for career advancement. Connect with Us:LinkedIn: us at
5/7/202412 minutes, 14 seconds
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El mundo del FM a través de los años en Latino America

Hoy Rafael Berumen, Director General de REMS México Colliers y Presidente del Capítulo IFMA México, es acompañado por Eduardo Becerril, Director General de JLL y Fundador del Capítulo IFMA México, y Norma Pleitez, Directora Ejecutiva de Cuentas de JLL y Vicepresidenta del Capítulo IFMA México. Juntas, hablan de la evolución y adaptación en un mundo cambiante para cualquier tipo de portafolio para la satisfacción de necesidades de la industria FM en Latinoamérica.Conecte con nosotros:IFMA Capítulo México:ítenos en
4/23/202422 minutes, 26 seconds
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Navigating the Labor Market: Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Talent

Join Quinn Heimann, Director of Strategic Sales at Aerotek, and her colleague Jason Wetherford, Strategic Account Executive for Aerotek, as they delve into the complexities of today's labor market. With over 36 years of combined experience in the staffing industry, Quinn and Jason bring valuable insights into the challenges companies face in attracting and retaining talent. From the impact of competitive wages to the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, they explore key strategies for organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving workforce landscape.Connect with Us:LinkedIn: us at
4/9/202422 minutes, 8 seconds
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Data - The New Currency

Today Dean Stanberry, IFMA's current Chair on the Global Board of Directors, sits down with Lisa Stanley, CEO of OSCRE International, and Matt Tucker, IFMA's Director of Research and the Professor of Workplace and Facilities Management at Liverpool John Moores University, discuss the significance of data. They highlight OSCRE's free and open access industry data model, emphasizing its role in addressing challenges like interoperability. They also discuss the importance of lifelong learning in navigating digital transformation, managing cybersecurity risks, and leveraging artificial intelligence. At the end they also share resources available to facility managers to help navigate and adapt to the changing digital landscape.Connect with Us:LinkedIn: us at
3/26/202431 minutes, 44 seconds
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Optimizing Hybrid Workplace Strategies Utilizing Data-Driven Insights

Today Rafa Guevara, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Professional Services at Office Space Software, is joined by his colleagues CJ Frey, Solutions Consultant, Ali Stewart, Director of Client Success, and Hardeep Singh, Client Success Team Manager. Together, they delve into the dynamic shifts occurring in office environments and stress the significance of data-driven decision-making. They discuss the challenges posed by current data sets, introduce innovative solutions for gathering reliable data on employee behavior and office utilization, and highlight the importance of collaboration and continuous learning in adapting to the future of work.Connect with Us:LinkedIn: us at
3/12/202417 minutes, 53 seconds
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Room & Desk Reservation Solutions with Friction-Free Stickiness that Unleash Workspace Efficiency

In this episode of the Connected FM Podcast recorded at IFMA's World Workplace 2023, Clyde Wang, the Technology Innovation Director of IAdea, discusses the concept of "friction-free stickiness." and how Facility Managers can create seamless and intuitive room and desk reservation systems to enhance workplace efficiency.Connect with Us:LinkedIn: us at
2/27/202413 minutes, 15 seconds
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The Dynamics of Soft and Hard Services in Facilities Management

Today we are joined by Mauro Ortelli the Managing Director at 14forty, Jacqueline van Beek the Managing Director at Compass Group Netherlands, and David Hogland the President at ESFM USA. Together they delve into topics like the potential shift from soft to hard services, the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, the balance between technology and the human touch as well as the challenges and opportunities presented by the journey to net zero.Connect with Us:LinkedIn: us at
2/13/202419 minutes, 50 seconds
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Flipping the Script - IFMA Puts Mike Petrusky in the Interviewee Seat

Today we are joined by IFMA Global Board of Directors Chair Dean Stanberry and Mike Petrusky, host of the Workplace Innovator and Asset Champion podcast channels. Mike has hosted a combined count of over 475 podcast episodes featuring industry thought leaders and covering a wide range of topics affecting the FM profession and beyond. In this exclusive ConnectedFM podcast episode, recorded live at World Workplace 2023, we take a unique approach. Rather than Mike taking the interviewer's role, we flip the script and place him in the interviewee seat. Join us as we delve into the key insights and unexpected revelations he has gathered throughout his captivating journey as a podcast host.Resources Mentioned:Workplace Innovator PodcastAsset Champion PodcastEpturaConnect with Us:LinkedIn: us at
1/30/202420 minutes, 56 seconds
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Empowering the World to Breathe Better

We are back with another installment of the series by the IFMA Foundation, "Rework The Sustainable Development Chronicles"  In this installment, host David Karpook sits down with Erwin Hasselbrinck, Sustainability Manager for Airthings, a maker of sensors that monitor Indoor Air Quality. Together they discuss the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how Airthings incorporates them at the center of their philosophy, operations, and even their marketing.Resources Mentioned: AirthingsConnect with Us:LinkedIn: us at
1/23/202425 minutes, 50 seconds
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Creating Spaces That Are Right for People

Today we are joined with Chantal Spruit, the chair of the Facility Management Netherlands Expert Group on Sustainability and Rob Klinkert, Portfolio Manager at PwC, and Hannah Wilson, Senior Lecturer in Research Methods in Business at Liverpool John Moores University. Together they explore the topic of workplace design and sustainability the the lens of psychology.Connect with Us:LinkedIn: us at
1/16/202427 minutes, 6 seconds
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Future-Ready FM: Navigating Careers in the Digital Age with George Westerman

In this podcast, Lara Paeman, Managing Director of IFMA EMEA and George Westerman, Senior Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management, discuss the challenges and opportunities in facility management, emphasizing the need for upskilling in the digital age. George introduces the Global Opportunity Forum, focusing on career navigation, agile learning, and certification at scale. They touch on tools like gamification and immersive learning experiences, highlighting the role of organizations and managers in supporting employee growth. The conversation underscores the importance of a mindset open to innovation and the responsibility of organizations to broaden their talent search.Connect with Us:LinkedIn: us at
1/2/202418 minutes, 46 seconds
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Rewind: Let's Talk Circular Economy and Innovation

This week Connected FM is on a break, so we are revisiting a one of our first episodes with Garr Punnett, Bharani Sankar, and Angel Bou CEO, & Co-Founder at Simplr! Together they discuss new business models within circular economy and how FMs can benefit from thinking circular!Resources MentionedRheaply's Multi-usiverse podcast: with UsLinkedIn: us at
12/19/202318 minutes, 42 seconds
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Emerging Topics – 2023 Snapshot with Dean Stanberry

Recorded at World Workplace 2023, Global Board of Directors Chair Dean Stanberry gives us an update on IFMA’s Emerging Topics Working Group, the related paper “Evolution is Never Finished” now available at IFMA.ORG, and his personal insights from chairing the working group through 2022-2023.Resources Mentioned: White Paper: Evolution is Never Finished Insights From IFMA’s Emerging Topics Working Group On How Six Key Topics Are Transforming The FM IndustryDiscover IFMA's latest research and benchmarkingConnect with Us:LinkedIn: us at
12/5/20238 minutes, 57 seconds
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Why Facility Managers Need to Prioritize Cyber Safety

Today we are joined by Stacey Shepard, President of Shepard Global Strategies, Lucian Niemeyer, CEO of Building Cybersecurity, and Rob Murchison Co-founder of Intelligent Buildings, LLC. Together they discuss the strategic partnership between IFMA and Building Cyber Security (BSC) as well as enhancing the facility management awareness of the opportunities and challenges associated with connected technologies, and looks to develop FM training for cyber risk mitigation.Topics Covered:WHY should FMs care about operational technology and the risks associated?WHAT are actions that FMs can take to enhance operational resilience?HOW do FMs enhance education and awareness to address both opportunities and cyber threats in connected environments?Resources Mentioned: IFMA will be releasing it’s first of a series of training sessions through Professional Development.FMs can also go to Building Cyber Security | Improving physical security, safety, & privacy of citizens to download “16 Steps to Securing OT and Supporting IT Infrastructure”Stay tuned for future articles, podcasts, and sessionsConnect with Us:LinkedIn: us at
11/21/202319 minutes, 51 seconds
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Breaking Down Walls to Bring Open, Unprecedented Control to Buildings

Carl Coken and Sandeep Modhvadia from Acuity Brands discuss new tools such as digital twins, machine learning and open platforms that bridge the gap between legacy solutions and emerging technologies, to reduce emissions and operational costs for these huge contributors to climate change. This episode covers how building managers can integrate automated control, organizational alignment, and sustainability reporting to fully address energy and resource allocation - from lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, sustainability programs, and more. Resources Mentioned: Modhvadia - LinkedInCarl Coken - LinkedInConnect with Us:LinkedIn: us at
11/7/202324 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Future of the Hybrid Workplace and Facilities Management of Audio-Visual Systems

Today we are sitting down with Brian Reilly who works at Listen Technologies and Pat Birch from The Farm AV. Together they discuss the impact of COVID-19 on work dynamics, emphasizing the need to upgrade meeting facilities for seamless collaboration between in-person and remote attendees. They also delve into how facilities managers' roles have evolved, workplace trends, such as quiet tech-free zones and outdoor workspaces, and more! Resources Mentioned:Gensler Research & Insights: Industry News: and Company: with Us:LinkedIn: us at
10/24/202331 minutes, 1 second
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FM and ISO: Global Change at a Local Scale

Today, we are sitting down with Duncan Waddell, Chairman of ISO TC 267 Facilities Management and Managing Director at FM Intelligence Party Ltd., alongside Adam Thordarson, Member of ISO/TC 267 and Director of Facilities Management at Bouldering Project. In this discussion, they delve into the intricacies of the ISO 41001 series of FM standards, shedding light on its pivotal role in defining strategic elements, tactical approaches, and operational delivery to help empower FM professionals to seamlessly align with the demands of their organizations while ensuring their facilities adhere to rigorous global standards.Topics Covered:ISO standardsFM standardsISO 41001 seriesResources Mentioned:Learn more about the work of ISO/TC 267Get periodic emails about ISO standards for FM
10/10/202326 minutes, 52 seconds
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Achieve Net-Zero in 3 Steps: Strategies for Facility Professionals | Part 2

Welcome back to part two of this week show. And the previous episode, we had insightful discussions with Laurie Gilmer, President and COO at Facility Engineering Associates, and Paul Cartwright, Deputy Director at the NHS along with Kas Mohammed Vice President for Digital Energy in the UK and Ireland at Schneider Electric. Together they shared their journeys towards achieving net zero and highlighted the importance of involving stakeholders and adopting, cutting edge technology. In this episode, we dive deeper into the topic, focusing on the significance of digitizing building data to make performance visible and centralizing it for well-informed decision-making. Our experts also explore the fascinating concept of digital twinning and discuss key steps towards successful decarbonization.Resources Mentioned:Schneider Electric Website: E-Guide "Retrofit for Sustainability: A Facility Manager's Guide for Net-Zero Buildings"LinkedIn: with UsLinkedIn: us at
9/28/202318 minutes, 50 seconds
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Achieve Net-Zero in 3 Steps: Strategies for Facility Professionals PART 1

In part one of this week's show, Laurie Gilmer, President and COO at Facility Engineering Associates, as well as the immediate past chair of the IFMA Global Board, engages in a thought provoking conversation with Paul Cartwright, Deputy Director of the NHS. And Kas Mohammed, Vice President for Digital Energy in the UK and Ireland at Schneider Electric.Together, they share their insightful journey towards net zero, emphasizing the criticality of involving stakeholders, tracking progress, and embracing cutting edge technologies.Resources Mentioned:Schneider Electric Website: E-Guide "Retrofit for Sustainability: A Facility Manager's Guide for Net-Zero Buildings"LinkedIn: with UsLinkedIn: us at
9/26/202322 minutes, 2 seconds
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Digitize Your FM Operations

Today we are sitting down with industry-leading experts Matt Dawson, the Real Estate Engagement Leader at EY, Edward Wilson-Smythe, Director of Digital Innovation at AlixPartners, Dr. Jake Smithwick, the Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte; and Jeffrey Saunders, the CEO at Nordic Foresight. Together they discuss the concrete first steps you can take to navigate the digital revolution successfully.Resources Mentioned: the Digital Transformation in the FM IndustryThe FM Guide to Procuring TechnologyIFMA’s Digitization SeriesConnect with Us:LinkedIn: us at
9/12/202342 minutes, 58 seconds
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Sustainability: The Eric Teicholz SFP Scholarship Award

We are delighted to present the latest episode of the IFMA Foundation series, titled "Rework The Sustainable Development Chronicles." In this installment, host David Karpook engages in a conversation with Eric Teicholz, President of Graphic Systems, Inc. and the visionary behind the Eric Teicholz Scholarship. They delve into the scholarship's inception, its present status, and the exciting prospects it holds for the future. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to gain insights and discover remarkable achievements from two previous recipients of the scholarship: Mike Mafa, whose expertise lies in water and wastewater management in Botswana and other parts of Southern Africa, and Richard Gunpat, a Facilities Management Consultant hailing from Trinidad and Tobago.Resources from the episode:IFMA Foundation Eric Teicholz Scholarship BulletinESUS Eric Teicholz ([email protected])Connect with UsLinkedIn: us at
8/29/202344 minutes, 42 seconds
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Balancing the ‘E’ and ‘S’ of ESG – Creating Offices that Benefit both People and the Planet

There’s a tension between making buildings as energy efficient as possible and improving indoor air quality. But with climate and comfort being vital aspects of the ‘E’ and ‘S’ in ESG – how can companies find a balance between the two? Today Michael Grant, the COO at Metrikus and Michael Przytula, Managing Director of Intelligent & Digital Workplaces at Accenture come together to talk about making buildings as energy efficient as possible and improving indoor air quality. Together they talk about the importance of data aggregation, collaboration, and real time monitoring.Resources Mentioned:Castellana 85 case studyHow bad are buildings?Connect with UsLinkedIn: us at
8/15/202324 minutes, 48 seconds
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Challenges of Preventative & Deferred Equipment Maintenance

Today's episode features one of our World Workplace speakers, David Trask, National Director at ARC Facilities. David sheds light on the crucial aspects of preventative and deferred equipment maintenance. He delves into the challenges organizations face, such as budget constraints, accurate information management, labor shortages, and the snowball effect of deferred maintenance. If you find today's episode intriguing, you won't want to miss his expertise at this year's World Workplace event in Denver, Colorado, taking place on September 27-29. Resources MentionedConnect with David on LinkedIn: WorkplaceJoin us at World Workplace September 27-29 in Denver, CO, USA. Register today: with UsLinkedIn: us at
8/1/202320 minutes, 29 seconds
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Digitalization of FM: Exploring the Benefits and Challenges

In this podcast episode, Ted Ritter, the head of the global IT community for IFMA is joined by  Erik Jaspers, Product Strategy & Innovation Officer at Planon, and Jean Pierre Segers, IFMA Instructor and Professor at Riga Technical University. Together they converse on topics such as the interconnected nature of emerging technologies, AI and the metaverse, aligning technology with business goals, the affordability of advanced technologies, and more. Connect with UsLinkedIn: us at
7/18/202324 minutes, 14 seconds
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Clean Tech is Cool!

Learn about Earthshot's Clean Tech Portal where you can find innovations that can help existing and new buildings be more sustainable and achieve net-zero carbon emissions. Understand how to work with organizations to shape responsible leadership on sustainability from Dr. Mark Bernstein, co-founder and president of EarthShot, a non-profit that seeks to inspire climate action by engaging people in activities that immerse them in a positive, empowering cleantech message.Resources from the episode:IFMA Foundation Website with UsLinkedIn: us at
7/4/202329 minutes, 37 seconds
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Facility Management Trends in Europe

Connect with UsLinkedIn: us at
6/20/202317 minutes, 8 seconds
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Future of Work Tech Trends

How the shift to hybrid work effects what employees need to be successful when coming into the officeEmerging employee enablement trends aimed at getting employees back in the officeShifting how companies think about their real estate portfolio and the solutions needed to help manage changesResources:FM:Systems Refocus & Rationalize the Workplace Report
6/6/202326 minutes, 22 seconds
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DEIB in the Workplace: Conversations That Include Everyone

In this episode, we will go over...The importance of inclusive conversations to making diverse populations feel a sense of belongingThe importance of moving beyond formal policies to authentic, inclusive behaviorHow workplace professionals can promote equitable and inclusive behavior in all types of work around the globeConnect with Jessica:Jessica's Website:'s LinkedIn:'s IG: Purchase Her Book:My website: & Noble: Connect with UsLinkedIn: us at
5/23/202325 minutes, 12 seconds
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World FM Day: Importance of Local and Global Engagement

Celebrate World FM Day: Connect with UsLinkedIn: us at
5/9/202317 minutes, 39 seconds
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How Digital Transformation is Changing FM with SCLogic CEO Michael Saldi

Topics include – how digital transformation has impacted the FM industry, Gen-Z’s role in the next generation of FM, and how AI and machine learning will play a role in the future of FM.Micheal Saldi's LinkedIn: website: with UsLinkedIn: us at 
4/25/202317 minutes, 50 seconds
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SDG, NGO, DEI, GWI: The ABCs of Sustainable Development

In this episode, we go over:What is a UN NGO and how will the Foundation’s new status as an NGO connect the profession and the goals of the UN?How is the FM field and the IFMA Foundation supporting the SDGs and DEI?What is the Global Workforce Initiative and how does it support the SDGs and DEI?Resources from the episode:IFMA Foundation Website’s Impact on the U.N.’s Global Challenges in the Age of the Re:20’s IFMA Foundation and the United Nations Justice and Facility Management: JUST FM Foundation articles about the Global Workforce Initiative with UsLinkedIn: us at 
4/11/202323 minutes, 37 seconds
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FM Trends in the Middle East with Heba Kamal, FMP, IFMA Instructor

Heba Kamal, FMP, IFMA Instructor discusses what is shaping FM in the Middle East. As in almost every industry, technology is the driver of transformation. Today, facility managers combine an eye for innovation, expertise, strategic thinking, and continuous improvement.Heba Kamal, FMP, IFMA Instructor, Country Manager at Tabreed EgyptFM in the Middle East, FM training, skills gap, FM trends Resources Mentioned with UsLinkedIn: us at
3/28/202319 minutes, 42 seconds
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Interview with Laurie Gilmer on Sustainability and the SFP

Connect with UsLinkedIn: us at
3/14/202316 minutes, 13 seconds
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Rise of Workplace Experience - An Opportunity for FMs

Andrew Mawson of AWA, Advanced Workplace Associates shares his thoughts and ideas on the emergence of workplace management in FM, and how it will impact the workplace going forward.TopicsWorkplace managementWorkplace experienceResources Mentioned with UsLinkedIn: us at
2/28/202317 minutes, 32 seconds
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Procon Consulting - An Interview with Mahnaz Ensafi, IFMA Scholar

Mahnaz Ensafi sits down with Stephen DeVito of Procon Consulting and shares her story about how she started in facility management and how she has been involved with the IFMA Foundation.Topicsbuilding management, lifecycle management, facility management, IFMA Foundation, technologyConnect with UsLinkedIn: us at https://ifma.orgLearn more about IFMA Foundation Scholarships 
2/14/20239 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Enhancing Effects of Biophilia at the Workplace

The human being has an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other life forms. But with the growth of cities and the verticalization of living and working spaces, how can the facilities teams help to regain this connection?Connect with UsLinkedIn: us at
1/31/20239 minutes, 18 seconds
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The Latest Emerging Topics in Facility Management

IFMA's First Vice Chair, Dean Stanberry shares the latest emerging topics in facility management. He covers topics being explored by IFMA's new Emerging Topic working group; things like: circular economy, climate change, ESG reporting and more.Connect with UsLinkedIn: us at
1/17/202311 minutes, 44 seconds
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The Power of Language and Involving Others for Successful Workplace Change

Resources MentionedPick up a copy of Lisa's book: Work Better. Save the Planet - Lisa WhitedConnect with UsLinkedIn: us at
1/3/20238 minutes, 27 seconds
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The Opportunity for IFM Services in Latin America

TopicsIntegrated Facility ManagementConnect with UsLinkedIn: Visit us at
12/13/202218 minutes, 42 seconds
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Let's Talk Circular Economy and Innovation

Topicscircular economy, sustainability, efficiency Resources MentionedIFMA World Workplace 2023's Multi-usiverse podcast Connect with UsLinkedIn: Visit us at
11/29/202219 minutes, 20 seconds
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Boston Scientific Takes it to the Next Level with ISO 50001

In today’s episode, Graziella Sicilliano from the US Department of Energy sits down with Greg Lamson from Boston Scientific to talk about energy management and the ISO 50001 global standard.Greg Lamson, Principal Facilities Engineer at Boston Scientific shares what's driving energy and carbon management at Boston Scientific, and how using the ISO 50001 energy management system framework is helping streamline efforts across the company saving energy, carbon, time and money. "Resources MentionedDOE 50001 Energy Footprint Guide 50001 Ready Program Resources 50001 Energy Management
11/14/202213 minutes, 18 seconds