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If you’re a decision maker in a commercial business, you know disruption comes at you fast — and no time faster than in the last few years. That’s why we created Commercial Insights with Regions Bank, a business podcast series full of lessons learned from the recent past and smart strategies for the future. We’ll cover what companies need to thrive in today’s ever-changing world, from supply chain strategies and hybrid work models to fraud management and fighting decision fatigue. Listen as experienced commercial business advisors discuss what’s new, what’s next, and what you can do to best position your business for the road ahead. Regions Bank, Member FDIC
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The Future of Shopping

Mention the word “cart” today, and a person is as likely to think of an online shopping cart as a squeaky-wheeled physical cart. World events have pushed digital acceleration of retail forward at a breakneck pace, but what’s the state of the industry now? On this episode, we examine which trends and innovations have caught on with consumers, and which ones are likely to stay into the future. We explore how retailers work to create consistent experiences across physical and virtual platforms. And we look at the present and future of shopping as we know it — and what that means for retail businesses. 
05/01/202320 minutes 50 seconds
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The Digital Transformation of Consumer Goods Manufacturing

Never before have consumer expectations been higher around speed and convenience. Yet the manufacturers of consumer goods face unprecedented challenges, such as ongoing supply chain disruption. To evolve, smart businesses are turning to digital transformation to solve a number of issues in the world of consumer packaged goods.
01/12/202221 minutes 45 seconds
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The State of Hospitality

From food and beverage to hotels, the hospitality industry was among the hardest-hit by the pandemic. But the industry remains essential, as long as people need travel, lodging, entertainment and sustenance. How have smart businesses pivoted on everything from digital solutions to staffing models — and how can they capitalize on pent-up demand in consumers? This episode explores the state of the hospitality industry as we enter 2023. 
17/11/202214 minutes 46 seconds
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What a Business Should Know About Global Uncertainty

In a global marketplace, events halfway around the world can have ripple effects for your business — no matter the size. Everything from gas prices to inflation is increasingly intertwined. So just how much should a business owner pay attention to global news — and what can they do in response to consumer uncertainty? Vanderbilt Professor Kelly Goldsmith, an expert in scarcity and uncertainty, joins us to explore lessons for business leaders.
06/10/202217 minutes 21 seconds
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How to Match Business With Purpose

Today, businesses face increased scrutiny of their values and community engagement — from potential employees and investors, the public, and current stakeholders. From corporate volunteerism to community support, foundations, investment and more, leaders are asking and strategizing around a critical question: How can a company ensure its social, charitable or community work matches well with its business purpose?
22/09/202218 minutes 47 seconds
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How to Thrive When Change is the Only Constant

Talk to any business leader about the events of recent years, and one word is likely to come up: change. It’s true for the supply chain, for navigating a pandemic, for fraud and security, for shifting labor trends. So what should companies do to not only survive change, but also thrive during it? On this episode, we take best practices and key lessons from the field of change management — and apply them to the various forms of change a company might face, from internal expectations to external pressures.
08/09/202223 minutes 20 seconds
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How to Keep Up With Digital Acceleration

By some estimates, digital-first companies will contribute more than half of global GDP by 2023. What does that mean for the average business owner or decision-maker? On this episode, we explore the next steps in digital acceleration, with tips for businesses that are ahead of the curve in their own digital transformation and those who feel they’re in danger of falling behind. 
25/08/202217 minutes 37 seconds
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How Exporting Can Grow Your Business

Roughly two-thirds of the world’s purchasing power exists outside the United States. So, when should you consider these potential consumers and move beyond a local, regional or national customer base? In this episode, we explore the questions a business must ask before exporting, and we’ll offer examples of resources to get started, from loan sources to how to find the right buyers. We also weigh the risks and benefits of exporting and discuss the regulatory environment and other key considerations.
11/08/202224 minutes 26 seconds
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How to Help Your Employees Plan for the Future

Explore the latest trends in retirement services for employees, with a focus on what employee expectations are in 2022. Can a better retirement package make your business more attractive for recruitment and retention? And what is available to help your business set up their employee plans? Get answers and insights on this episode.
28/07/202219 minutes 45 seconds
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How to Think About Office Space in 2022

What does it mean to have an office now? On this episode, we explore the decision-making process for various types of companies as they think about their current or future physical spaces. We cover business needs, employee expectations and the state of the commercial real estate market.
14/07/202220 minutes 43 seconds
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How to Ensure DEI is an Asset

What do diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) mean for a company’s bottom line? How can a company go beyond simple headcounts into an inclusive culture — in turn reaching new markets through innovative perspectives? This episode offers insight into why DEI matters and practical knowledge for making sure it improves your business.
30/06/202222 minutes 50 seconds
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How to Manage Cybersecurity Risk

Global cybersecurity spending is set to exceed $1.25 trillion by 2025 — but how and why is spending changing? Companies need to know where the risks are now, plus how to find the internal and external people, processes, and technology to mitigate those risks. In this episode, get insight for planning budgets and risk management strategies to fight cyber threats.
16/06/202219 minutes 24 seconds
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What Your Business Needs to Know About ESG

What is Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), and how will it affect your business? This episode explores what this framework means for businesses, from climate-focused regulations to social stances to a changing approach to corporate governance. Matt Welch, SVP, Senior Corporate & Commercial Credit Portfolio Management and Chris Nicholson, SVP, ESG Credit Portfolio Manager join us to discuss what these changes may mean for both investment practices and for your bottom line.
02/06/202215 minutes 20 seconds
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How to Make Your Business Inflation-Resistant

One word is on the minds of business owners everywhere: inflation. What does a new period of inflation mean for your business, and how can you set policy to mitigate it in the future? This episode covers everything from pricing to internal policies and strategies for weathering inflationary pressure.
19/05/202216 minutes 7 seconds
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How to Survive the Great Resignation

What really keeps employees loyal to a business? This episode explores everything from trends such as flexible work and evolving benefits packages to the very mindset that drives people to leave. Most important, it covers the practical foundation of success: your unique employee value proposition.
05/05/202216 minutes 47 seconds
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The State of the Tech Industry in the South: From Rising Tech Hubs to M&A

It’s easy to see why the South has been called “a vibrant ecosystem teeming with a herd of the billion dollar tech businesses.” From Dallas to Durham, the region is home to a variety of fast-growing tech hubs, many of which are drawing in impressive numbers of tech workers. What’s driving this growth, and what’s ahead for the region’s tech industry? In this episode of Commercial Insights with Regions Bank, Dave Sozio, Managing Director of the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications group at Regions Bank dives deep into the tech industry in the south, from VC activity and M&A to the cities that are best-positioned to become major tech hubs. 
09/12/202116 minutes 44 seconds
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Industry Outlook: What’s Next For Transportation and Logistics?

The transportation and logistics (T&L) sector has faced both rapid change and unexpected disruptions over the last few years, and there’s still more to come. In this episode, we’re discussing the factors impacting the T&L industry — from supply chain woes to new technologies to changing legislation — and what transportation companies, manufacturers, and retailers can do to prepare for the road ahead while turning uncertainty into opportunity. 
04/11/202125 minutes
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Meeting Your Customers' New Expectations

How have customer needs and expectations shifted in the past year, and what does that mean for businesses who want to thrive? On this episode, we cover everything from evolving approaches to customer interaction — both online and in-person, and a mix of the two — to how businesses can make the most of changes in customer behavior and digital acceleration. One hint: It all starts with empathy.
26/08/202116 minutes 27 seconds
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The Industry Breakdown: Thriving in a Post-COVID Business Environment

You've heard about different approaches to supply chain management, fraud prevention, hybrid work, digital transformation, and more throughout this season of Commercial Insights with Regions Bank. On this episode, we dive deeper into how those issues vary on an industry-by-industry basis. Thriving in a post-COVID world looks different in manufacturing than in healthcare, for example, but there are risks — and opportunities — in every industry.
12/08/202117 minutes 21 seconds
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Planning for Succession in Unexpected Times

The pandemic has many business owners thinking about managing unexpected twists and turns, and making sure a plan is in place for what’s next when it’s time to step down. In a changing business environment, what are the key factors business leaders need to keep in mind to make sure a succession plan or plan to sell is durable and realistic? And what are the implications for retirement planning? In this episode of Commercial Insights with Regions Bank, we're talking with Bryan Koepp and Julia Weaver about the key factors business leaders need to know to make sure their business succession plan is durable, realistic and likely to succeed.
29/07/202121 minutes 26 seconds
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Hiring and Onboarding Remotely

Chances are, your hiring and onboarding processes were thrown up in the air in the past year. This episode will cover lessons learned and best practices on how to manage new challenges and new opportunities — and make sure new hires feel like part of the team as we move into longer-term remote and hybrid work environments.
15/07/202118 minutes 25 seconds
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Managing the Unknowns in Your Strategic Planning

If COVID taught us anything, it’s that you can’t plan for everything. But you can change the way you plan. How can your strategic plans anticipate and account for the inevitable “unknown unknowns” in today’s business environment? Learn how to develop an agile plan and increase your business’ ability to adapt.
01/07/202120 minutes 25 seconds
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Cash Management Strategies

For the past year, few risks have loomed as large as liquidity risk. What cash-management lessons should companies carry forward into a post-COVID business environment, and what should they leave behind? On this episode, we lay the foundation for a cash management strategy that adapts to times of stability or disruption.
17/06/202116 minutes 7 seconds
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Tackling Decision Fatigue

For the past year, business leaders have faced a torrent of critical decisions, from staffing plans to urgent liquidity needs to supply chain shifts. And they've often faced those decisions in a new environment, at home, where personal life blends with professional demands. In a time of such drastic change, how can you fight fatigue and stay sharp?
03/06/202117 minutes 54 seconds
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The Business Impact of a New Political Landscape

A few months into the Biden administration, what executive orders and new legislation have affected businesses? On this episode, we cover the Biden’s administration’s policies and their effects related to pandemic control, trade, infrastructure, taxes, healthcare and the regulatory environment — with a special focus on what decision-makers need to know to identify opportunities and adapt to challenges in the coming months.
20/05/202118 minutes 5 seconds
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Managing a Hybrid Team

With some people heading back to the office and others remaining remote — and some doing a flexible mix of the two — how can your company promote collaboration and make sure workflows remain efficient? In this episode, Kelly Brown-Murro, SVP and Market Executive for Regions Bank, describes how she views the future of hybrid work and explores best practices in managing a hybrid team, both in terms of processes and communication and in terms of culture and collaboration.
06/05/202117 minutes 43 seconds
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Building a Less Vulnerable Supply Chain

Businesses have learned much in the last year about what can go wrong with modern supply chains in the face of an unexpected shock. On this episode of Commercial Insights with Regions Bank, we talk with Carl Lund, Head of Procurement Operations and Supply Chain Management about supply chain vulnerabilities and how to shore them up. We'll discuss valuable approaches and steps supply chain leaders can take to make sure your company is ready for future disruption, no matter what form it takes.
22/04/202117 minutes 3 seconds
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Safeguarding Your Business From Financial Fraud

Fraudulent attempts on businesses have been on the rise — and steadily evolving — since COVID began. But even as the topics change, fraud typically still comes in tried-and-true forms that have worked for years, from business email compromise to impersonation. On this episode of Commercial Insights with Regions Bank, we explore how the pandemic has escalated fraud, and how well-prepared businesses can spot the warning signs to stay ahead of criminals with shifting targets.
08/04/202113 minutes 5 seconds
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Preparing Your Business for a Post-COVID World

It’s been a little over a year since COVID landed on our shores and buffeted our economy and business landscape. Companies have adapted and even innovated, but now it’s past time to shift form a defensive stance to one that takes bold, substantive steps into the post-COVID era. On this launch episode of Commercial Insights with Regions Bank, we look at lessons learned and best practices from the past year, plus how smart businesses will apply them now and in the future.
08/04/202119 minutes 34 seconds
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Commercial Insights with Regions Bank

Our world is changing at a breakneck speed, and today’s business leaders need guidance to position themselves for success. Commercial Insights With Regions Bank is a new business podcast series featuring in-depth conversations with thought leaders on the key issues affecting your business, from post-pandemic recovery to strategic planning to supply chain vulnerabilities. Hear experienced commercial business advisors discuss what’s new, what’s next, and what business owners and C-suite leaders can do to best position their organization for the road ahead. 
16/03/20211 minute 30 seconds