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Hi my name is Sydney underwood & I'm Corie Hammock and we are obsessed with all things self love, personal development, mental health, wellness and helping you navigate in those areas in your life to be your best self. We’re best friends who have built a business that promotes self love through online content and our very own clothing line, while still maintaining our everyday lives. We’re here to talk life in your 20’s, unlearning and relearning with age, entrepreneurship, navigating relationships and more. Were ready to get real, raw and super vulnerable while talking about some of the most important things we all go through. Becoming the best version of ourselves looks different for everyone, so let’s dive into what that may look like for you! Consider this an empowering hangout sesh and allow yourself to evolve into your highest self - SO, grab a bev, get comfy and get ready to elevate in all areas of your life. This is the Come as you are podcast.
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The Founder Of Kate's Ice Cream: Kate Williams

In today's episode we got the opportunity to sit down with the founder of Kate's Ice Cream in Portland, OR.  Kate opened a vegan ice cream shop in Portland on Mississippi street just over a year ago. Although, her journey with creating the perfect vegan ice cream started about 10 years ago in her apartment in Boston. Kate had some road blocks along the way but she didn't let her stop her from pursuing her dream. She is a true testament of entrepreneurship and we know you'll be inspired by her story. Kate's Ice Cream: 3713 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, ORYou can follow her on IG:@katesicecreamOur Instagram & Website@[email protected]@sydneyunderwood@coriehammock - use code "comeasyouare15" for 15% off your next purchase Announcement:We will be taking the month of June off. This means, NO new episodes of the podcast for the month of June. We need to take this month to focus on Boss Lady Apparel as we have several exciting events happening. We will miss you guys, but look forward to coming back in July! We will be back on Wednesday July 7th. 
5/24/20231 hour, 1 minute, 39 seconds