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English, Social, 2 seasons, 13 episodes, 2 hours 3 minutes
This podcast shares various views of our journey to life i.e. our life is like a canvas and we are the color of it. Sharing different perspectives of the situation and how we can deal with it will help us ease our life in certain way, especially when we see it through positive mindset. This is what discussed in “colors of life!” So, let’s be part of sharing and exploring, which will definitely make our journey more exciting and make our ways of viewing life through different aspects! ☺️ Support this podcast:
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Turn your unused free time into enhancing yourselves!

We all might have faced some dull moments in our homestay. So, to surpass those times and turn it into learnings, this podcast is created. It gives us ideas about how we can flip our passive moment into productivity. Also, the fact is, such time is unpredictable but preparing what we can do is all up to us! Therefore, listen to it and get some ideas!  --- Support this podcast:
09/11/201912 minutes 42 seconds
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What is a podcast? Let's know it!

Podcast is becoming famous day by day globally but everyone is yet not aware of what exactly it is. This episode talks about what is the podcast and what are it's benefits.  You can also hear this episode in Anchor, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify and more other podcast platforms.  --- Support this podcast:
21/09/201914 minutes 56 seconds
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The secret of refreshing our mind!

We often tend to squeeze our mind due to lots of work pressures but have we ever noticed how can we work on ourselves to get a better outcome with ease? This podcast talks about four different positions of meditation, which you can practice anywhere, even if you are performing table work, you can meditate and refresh your mind within minutes. How? Listen to this podcast and you will know the easy hacks to rejuvenate your mind. Remember, fresh mind leads to a good day!  --- Support this podcast:
10/08/20198 minutes
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Reinventing yourself with the simple meditation tips!

We mostly go through various situations that cannot be controlled by us but what we can control is only ourselves. This is simply possible if our mind is in the right form. And this doesn’t happen just like that; we need to keep our mind fresh and healthy for it. How? Well, this can be effortlessly done through Meditation. Just 15 minutes from your hectic schedule will change the entire way you process your day. Meditation not only rejuvenates your mind but also keeps you calm, thoughtful, active and happy in any situations.  Now, how you can perform simple meditation? This podcast is all about it. I have separated meditation in three stages that will help you all to remember and precede it.  Do listen to how you can perform simple meditation to flush all burdens from your mind and reinvent yourself! Guys! share this podcast as much as you can because this can be that right pill for the one struggle with Mental difficulties.  ---
02/08/201914 minutes 8 seconds
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Stop! Don't share your problems with others, do this!

We often share our problems with our best buddies and again get drained in some another difficulty. So, this podcast talks about what to do in that particular situation. Is it good to share our problem with our friends? Humm Yes, sharing problems is good but sharing immediately while you are still affected by your emotions like anger, ego, jealousy, e.t.c. can cause an adverse effect. So what to do then? I understand this is why I am with these 3 powers, named MNM. Listen to this whole episode and you will know the best solution to what you can do next! --- Support this podcast:
06/07/201910 minutes 12 seconds
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Do you want happiness, health and wealth?

   This episode is full of excitement because it holds the secret to change your entire thinking process and help you to achieve what you dream of.  Your thoughts determine your frequency, and your feelings tell you immediately what frequency you are on. When you feel bad, you are on the frequency of drawing more bad things. When you feel good, you are powerfully attracting more good things to you.  --- Support this podcast:
24/05/201917 minutes 45 seconds
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This will surely motivate!

This podcast includes the 5 list of best speeches that motivates us right from this moment! Let's know what's there in the most motivational speech that unfolds the power of positivity.  --- Support this podcast:
12/04/201912 minutes 8 seconds
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We can do better than this!

In life, we strike with numerous things that keeps us occupied, making us down and shaky but how can we move ahead keeping it behind? This podcast is all about it, an empowerment and happiness of own-self!  --- Support this podcast:
05/04/20194 minutes 46 seconds
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This is how we heal completely!

Healing completely means not going back to the person you were before and this podcast talks about how one can empower self and come up being more stronger! --- Support this podcast:
29/03/20198 minutes 20 seconds
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This episode is focused on international Women’s day! Let’s know-Equity Vs Equality!

Nature has comparatively made women physically weaker than men and we should understand the difference and should demand for equity rather than equality. Why is that? This podcast will give clear ideas about it! --- Support this podcast:
08/03/20192 minutes 13 seconds
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Introducing “Colors of life!”

This episode introduces a lady from Himalayas who will be sharing views on different colors of life. ☺️ --- Support this podcast:
28/02/20191 minute 23 seconds