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Conversations with engaging and knowledgeable experts on Patek Philippe and the world of watches.
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Rebecca Ross explains how watch auctions are created Part 2

In Part 2 of our conversation with Rebecca Ross, V.P., Head of Sale at Christie&#39;s Watch Department, Rebecca gives a specialist&#39;s explanation as to how auctions are assembled, curated and sold. We often take auctions for granted, yet a huge amount of work behind the scenes goes in to making an on-line, live or private sale. Since the rise in the number of online sales and new auction houses over the past few years, watch specialists are hunting for watches all year round. Rebecca shares some of her fascinating treasure hunt stories which have taken her around the world, including how finding a previously unknown Patek Philippe watch can be a life-changing experience for the owner. Rebecca also gives advice on how to become a watch specialist and her thoughts on future trends in watch collecting. Learn more about Collectability on our website: <a href="
10/11/202333 minutes 7 seconds
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Christie's watch specialist Rebecca Ross discusses important auctions

Rebecca Ross is Head of Sale at Christie&#39;s Watch Department in New York. During her ten years at Christie&#39;s she has been part of some important watch auctions, including the 175th Anniversary of Patek Philippe and the 40th Anniversary of the Nautilus. In Part 1 of this engaging conversation, Rebecca shares her love of watches, stories behind the important auctions she has worked on, and her insight into the upcoming auction season. Rebecca has a Master&#39;s degree from Christie&#39;s Education specializing in History of Art and the Art Market. Her love of art and an intellectual approach brings an interesting perspective on how she looks at watches. In Part 2, Rebecca gives an insider&#39;s view of how a watch auction is created. Learn more about Collectability on our website: <a href="
03/11/202327 minutes 46 seconds
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Michael Friedman discusses the future of the watch world Part 2

In Part 2 of this fascinating conversation between Michael Friedman and John Reardon, we hear Michael&#39;s predictions for the future of the watch industry and legacy brands such as Patek Philippe. We also learn about Michael&#39;s new company, the Pattern Recognition Agency which is taking a new approach to watch design focusing on comfort and aesthetics -- &quot;I want the watch to feel like a second skin&quot; he says. On the more light-hearted side of his career, Michael shares the story of how John Mayer first alerted him to the fact that his name was in a Kendrick Lamar song, and we also hear a clip from Michael&#39;s own step into the music world with his band Chronoserf. Learn more about Collectability on our website: <a href="
20/10/202343 minutes 59 seconds
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Michael Friedman shares his passion for horology Part 1

Michael Friedman has been called &quot;The most interesting man in the horological world&quot;. He was even name-dropped in the Kendrick Lamar song &#39;Rich Spirit&#39; last year. In this two-part podcast, Michael discusses his stellar career in the watch world and how this led to founding his new company the Pattern Recognition Agency. In Part 1, we learn how Michael&#39;s career started over 27 years ago with his friend, John Reardon at the Willard House &amp; Clock Museum in Massachusetts where they were both assistant curators. Michael then became curator of the National Watch and Clock Museum, after which he joined Christie&#39;s watch department in New York. Following his time in the auction world, Michael became a private curator and advisor to many important collectors including Eric Clapton whose legendary watch collection he helped to build. In 2013, he joined Audemars Piguet where he served as Historian for several years before becoming Head of Complications. In this liv
06/10/202345 minutes 21 seconds
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Kevin O'Leary shares his passion for collecting watches Part 2

In Part 2 of John Reardon&#39;s interview with Kevin O&#39;Leary aka Shark Tank&#39;s Mr. Wonderful, we hear Kevin&#39;s answer to John&#39;s question from Part 1: &quot;Is the modern watch market gamed?&quot;. In this frank and revealing discussion, we learn about Kevin O&#39;Leary&#39;s approach to watch collecting and he shares a selection of his favorite watches and explains why unusual dials appeal to him so much. We also learn why Mr. Wonderful favors red straps and why he believes that the type of watch you wear reveals everything. Once again, we will posting the video of this podcast on Collectability YouTube. If you missed Part 1 please see the link below. Follow Kevin O&#39;Leary: Linkedin - <a href="
22/09/202333 minutes 45 seconds
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Kevin O'Leary shares his passion for collecting watches Part 1

Kevin O&#39;Leary aka Mr. Wonderful needs little introduction. As the undisputed star of T.V.&#39;s Shark Tank, Kevin is known for his ability to combine business sense with common sense. Born in Canada, Kevin O&#39;Leary spent his early years traveling the world and even lived in Geneva, which may have inspired his passion for watches at a young age. In this fascinating and lively discussion, John Reardon challenges Kevin to pivot 100% of his messaging to watch collectors, old and new, and explore the world of horology in a way that has not been done before. Never shy with his opinions, Kevin offers an intriguing and candid insight into his views of the value of collecting watches and how to obtain the most sought-after pieces. This is part one of the conversation, and for the first time we will also be posting a video of this podcast and part two on our Collectability YouTube page where you can enjoy seeing the special watches that Kevin brought along.
08/09/202330 minutes 22 seconds
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Watch Influencer Brynn Wallner explains how a new generation is buying watches

Brynn Wallner represents a new and important generation of watch influencers who, in a relatively short time has made a big impact. Brynn has opened a fun and exciting world sharing images of celebrities, and particularly women showing how they wear their watches on her Instagram and website Brynn’s introduction to watches started when she was working in Sotheby’s marketing department writing content for the watch department, but the experience was short-lived as the pandemic hit and with it went her job. Fortunately for the watch world, her time at Sotheby’s ignited the realization that watch social media was disproportionately masculine and she set forth to change that. Most importantly, she brought humanity to the watch world meaning that she understood that the person wearing the watch, and how the watch fits into their lifestyle is just as important as the watch itself. Consequently, wrists shots of watches are accompanied by the person wearing the watch. The pe
30/05/202353 minutes 24 seconds
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Dr. James Nye discusses how managing time changed our lives

Dr James Nye has had a long and impressive career as a horological expert, historian and author. His personal passion is electrical timekeeping and his knowledge of how man mastered time distribution systems is unmatched. In this lively and informative discussion, James helps us understand how managing time has been the key to many of man's most important inventions, especially over the past century. As Chair of the Antiquarian Horological Society and recent Master of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers, James explains two of the oldest and most intriguing watch organizations, places where anyone with an interest in watchmaking can access extensive horological research and information available. Tania Edwards met with James in his hometown of London and for anyone interested in learning how time changed our lives, this is a must-listen opportunity. To learn about the Antiquarian Horological Society: To learn about the Worshipful Company of Cloc
28/02/20231 hour 8 minutes 39 seconds
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Watch auction veteran Daryn Schnipper discusses her long and storied career at Sotheby's

In this lively and personal interview, John Reardon talks with his first boss and mentor in the auction world, Daryn Schnipper. Daryn started her career at Sotheby's in 1980 straight out of college, and today is the chairman of the International Watch Division. For over 40 years, she has built an exceptional career and at one time, every watch department head of the top auction houses trained under Daryn's tutelage. Daryn was an early pioneer of wristwatches as a new collecting category and organized the first dedicated wristwatch auctions. Under her leadership, watch sales expanded in Geneva, and in 1997 she opened Sotheby's first Asian watch department in Hong Kong. Daryn has played a pivotal role in the sale of numerous important single owner watch and clock collections. These include the now iconic 1999 auction of the masterpieces from the Time Museum in which the Patek Philippe Graves Supercomplication hammered for USD11 million, a significant world record for any timepiece at
30/12/20221 hour 1 minute 50 seconds
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Nick Foulkes discusses Patek Philippe and his career as a historian, writer and internationally recognized authority on culture, art and luxury

Many of us know Nick Foulkes as a horological expert covering all aspects of the watch industry, in particular Patek Philippe. He has been a contributor, editor and special horological correspondent of the Patek Philippe Magazine for over twenty years, and in 2016 wrote the first, official biography of Patek Philippe. But his interests and extensive knowledge spreads far beyond the hallowed walls of watchmaking. As an historian, writer, journalist and tastemaker, Nicholas Foulkes is an internationally recognized authority on culture, art and luxury lifestyle. He has authored around 30 books including his critically acclaimed trilogy of 19th century histories: Scandalous Society, (a biography of Count d'Orsay); Dancing Into Battle, A Social History of the Battle of Waterloo; and Gentlemen and Blackguards, Gambling Mania and the plot to steal the Derby of 1844. He contributes to a wide range of newspapers and magazines around the world and is a contributing editor to The FT's H
31/10/20221 hour 7 minutes 22 seconds
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Interview with Davide Parmegiani the super dealer of vintage watches

Known within collecting circles as 'The Big Boss', Davide Parmegiani has brought and sold the most important and valuable Patek Philippe watches since he became a dealer in the 1980s. To put this into perspective, each one of the known Patek Philippe steel ref. 1518 watches has been through his hands! In 2019, his career expanded further when he became co-chair of Monaco Legend Auctions. In this candid interview, John Reardon discusses the past, present and future of collecting watches.
29/10/20211 hour 26 minutes 22 seconds