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Coffee & Coding: the App Developer Podcast

English, Technology, 4 seasons, 66 episodes, 1 day 19 hours 4 minutes
Interviews & insights with experienced developer's across all aspects of App Development. Whether you're a veteran developer or just getting started - listen weekly as I go in depth with professionals on topics ranging from Flutter, Cyber Security, Freelancing, Android, iOS & much much more!
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Bonus: Rob J on the Code Story Podcast

Today&#39;s episode is a rebroadcast of my recent appearance on the Code Story podcast, hosted by Noah Labhart (guest on episode 10 of this show).  The interview is focused on one of my most popular apps, ReadItToMe, and my journey through building that app in 2011 as a newbie android developer to where it&#39;s at today.🌎 Connect with NoahYou can find Noah on LinkedIn &amp; on his website @🔎 Resources discussed in the show • CodeStory • <a href="
05/11/202042 minutes 5 seconds
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A brief introduction to the Coffee and Coding podcast.🤙🏽 Get in touchYou can find your host, Rob J, on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn &amp; at can also connect with like minded listeners on the community Slack.☕ Support the showYou can become a supporter of the show with a monthly subscription over @💛 Leave a reviewIf you're enjoying the show &amp; want to support us head over to Apple Podcasts or Podchaser &amp; leave us a review!Music b
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