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English, Parenting, 1 season, 27 episodes, 17 hours, 33 minutes
Amanda and Adriana are friends and new moms who are on a mission to normalize cosleeping, real motherhood, and coffee at 5pm. The ladies get behind their mics every Sunday to interview some of the best experts in the field of parenting with your questions, and share parts of their own journeys while aiming to keep it as authentic as possible. They say "it takes a village", and these mamas are here to welcome you into theirs! Support this podcast:
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Busting Infant Sleep Myths with Cayla Solomon

Infant sleep has become such an important and much talked about topic for parents currently, and it can be hard to navigate all of the information that exists surrounding norms. Cayla Solomon of @officialsleepingbeauties , mother of three, and certified sleep and parent coach, joins to debunk some very common infant sleep myths and explain exactly how they’ve come to exist in the first place. Cayla describes the pressures the sleep training industry has placed upon parents and how understanding biological norms and needs defies a lot of what new parents are being told is necessary. The moms share their own “myth-defying”experiences and the benefits of cosleeping, as Cayla candidly shares her expertise to support the notion that supporting our children, even when it comes to sleep, could never be wrong. --- Support this podcast:
9/25/202239 minutes, 12 seconds
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Parenting without Punishment with Michelle Kenney

On this week’s episode, Michelle Kenney, counselor, educator, and mother of two, joins Amanda to discuss how important connection-based parenting is through toddlerhood and beyond. Michelle talks about how parenting norms have shifted as this generation of parents tries to raise children with more emotional intention, and how consequences don’t necessarily yield teachable moments. Amanda shares why she’s chosen the path of least resistance as she raises her daughter, and how she hopes responsive parenting positively impacts her in the future. This is an episode you won’t want to miss if you’re in the thick of managing power struggles with your little one and wanting to learn how to navigate them with grace. --- Support this podcast:
9/18/202231 minutes, 36 seconds
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Breastfeeding Journeys

After having an expert join to share her breastfeeding knowledge in the previous episode, this week Amanda and Adriana open up about their own personal breastfeeding journeys. From navigating the early days with a newborn, to breastfeeding toddlers, the moms talk about everything from their greatest challenges, best and worst advice, common myths, and how to manage feeling overwhelmed by it all. Adriana shares how combo-feeding benefited her journey, and Amanda reflects on what's encouraged her to continue breastfeeding the past 3+ years. Tune in for an open and honest conversation to hear all about the ups and downs of the breastfeeding experience! Register for the FREE Raised Good Summit Here: Looking for additional resources on breastfeeding? Check out: --- Support this podcast:
9/11/202244 minutes, 44 seconds
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Breastfeeding and Gentle Weaning with Morgan Jackson

Preparation for both the beginning and end of a breastfeeding journey can greatly affect a mom’s overall experience with her child in that respect. Morgan Jackson, nurse, IBCLC, and founder of Prepared Beginnings Lactation, joins for this episode to address a number of frequently asked questions and concerns about breastfeeding, including - the immediate postpartum period, breastfeeding must haves and must “knows”, and the difference between common weaning methods. Morgan reminds us that the length of time a parent chooses to breastfeed is far less important than how we honor that journey, and that since mom guilt and shame unfortunately exists regardless of these choices, to be secure and proud of what we provide our babies.  . Time Stamp: Gentle Weaning: 25:40 - end of episode . Links mentioned in today's episode: . . Today's episode is sponsored by:  OhHeyMama Hair - --- Support this podcast:
8/28/202243 minutes, 24 seconds
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Redefining the Village

“It takes a village to raise a child.” We’ve all heard the saying. This week, Amanda and Adriana talk about their thoughts on this exact sentiment, what their villages look like, and how to maximize opportunities for connection in our experiences throughout motherhood. Redefining a village can mean seeking ways to build our support systems, but can also mean learning to let go of what no longer serves us. They discuss how in our all-encompassing roles as moms, vulnerability can be the key to opening the door to true friendship - and whether your cup needs filling in an emotional or physical sense, motherhood was truly never meant to be done alone. Looking to add to your own village? Join our Facebook group for an opportunity to connect with like-minded moms from all over the world. We're here for you! --- Support this podcast:
8/21/202242 minutes, 42 seconds
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Creating Healthy Mealtime Habits

Let's talk food! As our babies grow, food introduction and mealtimes can sometimes be a point of stress and confusion. In today's episode, Pediatric Dietician, Amber Rodenas, joins to talk about how we can start to create healthy habits for our little ones from the outset. Amanda and Adriana ask questions about some of the most talked about topics, including food exposure, intuitive eating, positive mealtime environments, and the great “purées vs. baby led weaning” debate. Amber supports families at all stages in creating healthy and attainable goals for positive food experiences with their children. Whether you’re struggling with introducing a new food to your infant for the first time, or can’t seem to get through a meal without screen time with your toddler - this is an episode you won’t want to miss! . Links mentioned in today’s episode: . Today's episode is sponsored by: OhHeyMama Hair: Use code: COSLEEPING10 --- Support this podcast:
7/31/202240 minutes, 58 seconds
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Judgment, Criticism, and Mom Shaming

Mom Shaming and judgment - we’ve all been on the receiving end of of it, (and can sometimes admittedly be guilty of it ourselves!) In this candid episode, Amanda and Adriana talk about both recent and ongoing examples of how they’ve been “mom-shamed” for a parenting decision, their best tips for letting go of the negativity, and how connection and compassion drive their interactions with other mothers. This is a topic we can all, (fortunately or unfortunately), relate to, and opening the conversation gives parents the space to better understand each other - despite differences in the choices we make. --- Support this podcast:
7/24/202235 minutes, 19 seconds
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Preparing your Relationship for Postpartum

Conversations about postpartum preparation rarely include changes in relationship dynamics, but this can be one of the most important things to discuss before baby’s arrival. As new parents, we’re thrown into a variety of situations which we only could have imagined, and can find ourselves overwhelmed by all of the adjustments that parenthood requires. It’s only normal that our relationships shift as a result of this. In today’s episode with Zara Ashad, Registered Psychotherapist, certified perinatal mental health therapist, and relationship expert specializing in postpartum couple’s therapy, we discuss the effect of these major transitions and how to approach parenting disagreements with our partner. Zara walks us through the major reasons why relationship strains are so common in early postpartum, and how therapy can be a powerful tool in navigating them. --- Support this podcast:
7/10/202245 minutes, 12 seconds
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Mom Friends

This week, the Coffee and Cosleeping mamas are joined by fellow podcaster and mom friend, Carlie Nolan of @carlhermommy . Carlie shares how her passion for making genuine connections within the realm of motherhood sparked her desire to create a virtual space for that exact purpose. She talks about the importance of emotional availability, reciprocation, and honesty - and how being open about our journeys can lead to the most fruitful friendships. All three moms also talk about their experiences with bonding in virtual communities, quality versus quantity, and how parenthood can shift the dynamics of a friendship. Tune in for a warm and helpful chat between true friends! --- Support this podcast:
6/26/202229 minutes, 16 seconds
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The Fourth Trimester

This episode focuses on a critical period for both mom and baby, and all of the changes that we experience during this time: the fourth trimester. Amanda and Adriana touch upon the importance of having a trusted support system, boundaries regarding postpartum visits, and what they wished they had known before entering those early days of motherhood. They also discuss feelings about returning to work and why it’s okay, (and common!) for parenthood to look differently than expected. --- Support this podcast:
6/19/202237 minutes, 21 seconds
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Managing Mom Guilt

Mom Guilt. It’s one of those tougher parts of motherhood that we all experience in some way during this journey. Amanda and Adriana sit down to talk about when they feel it the most, how they cope, and the reminders they need when they start to spiral. They share recent struggles with burnout, their top tips for moving away from guilt, and the areas where they’ve truly let it go. For all of the things mothers have to balance both day to day and in the big picture, mom guilt doesn’t have to be one of them. --- Support this podcast:
6/12/202237 minutes, 27 seconds
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Talking to our Children about Tragedy with Erin Spahr

Trigger Warning: Gun Violence, Pregnancy Loss  In our current reality, gun violence, social injustice and tragedy are occurring at an alarming frequency. As parents, we’re faced with both navigating our own emotions and supporting our children through these difficult times. Amanda and Adriana sit down with Erin Spahr, therapist and mother of two, to learn about ways to create a safe space for our children to process or grieve. She discusses age appropriate communication concerning death and loss, how we can model healthy emotional responses, and ways this generation of parents is breaking the mold. Amanda also opens up about recently handling a painful loss within her own family, and how she’s creating space for her daughter to process it. Tune in for a cathartic and helpful episode, that’ll leave you feeling less overwhelmed when broaching these conversations with your children. . Links mentioned in today's episode: . Today's episode is sponsored by: OhHeyMama Hair --- Support this podcast:
6/5/202244 minutes, 18 seconds
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Modern Mom Probs with Tara Clark

This week’s episode is equal parts fun and vulnerable, as the moms are joined by a pillar in the virtual motherhood community - Tara Clark! Author, entrepreneur, mom, and founder of @modernmomprobs, Tara talks about how the challenges we face in modern parenthood have evolved significantly in the past two years, how sharing her own journey to becoming a mother has made other moms feel less alone, and how motherhood inspired her venture to follow her heart, (and the great success that’s proved to bring!) The moms touch upon a little bit of everything, from raising only children, to where to find the best chicken nugget, and how to avoid the comparison game when it comes to social media. Tune in for an honest, funny, and inspiring chat with a guest that’ll make you feel like her friend by the end of your listen. . Links mentioned in today's episode: . Today's episode is sponsored by: OhHeyMama Hair --- Support this podcast:
5/22/202244 minutes, 40 seconds
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Traveling Tots

Planning a trip or considering a vacation with baby or toddler? Traveling becomes a whole new experience once little ones are involved, and the thought of it alone can cause stress for most parents. This week's episode gives plenty of tips, "must-haves", and insight into both travel by car and plane. Amanda shares her favorite ways to make even the longest of drives manageable, and Adriana lets listeners in on how to best prepare for a flight(s) and what to expect. They also discuss the importance of releasing expectations, how a child's temperament informs planning, and why making core memories will always outweigh the anxiety of reaching a destination. If you're thinking about taking a trip as a new parent, this episode is the encouragement you need to take that leap! . Today's episode is sponsored by: Thrive Training Institute --- Support this podcast:
5/15/202244 minutes, 8 seconds
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Talkin’ Toddler Sleep with Valerie Groysman

Have a wakeful toddler or still trying to find a night-time routine that works for your family? Valerie Groysman, family therapist, infant sleep specialist, and mother of two, shares about how toddlerhood is the perfect time to empower our little ones to accept appropriate challenges to build confidence, and how we as parents can be trustworthy and supportive leaders in helping them do so. She models for listeners what working with her could look like by walking Amanda and Adriana through their current sleep challenges with their toddlers and offering tailored advice specific to each of them. Valerie values the importance of acknowledging that every family works differently, and therefore requires a unique approach in finding a healthy routine for both parent and child. She also explains how understanding sleep norms, totals, and emotional development, greatly help us set realistic expectations surrounding sleep during the toddler years. Tune in for an episode packed with actionable tips and resources to help you and your little one find harmony during this stage! . Links mentioned in today's episode: . Today's episode is sponsored by:  OhHeyMama Hair --- Support this podcast:
5/8/202243 minutes, 24 seconds
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Intergenerational Healing: Parenting after Trauma with Selma Bacevac

Understanding our personal and collective histories gives us so much insight into identifying the parts of us that may need healing the most. Selma Bacevac, psychotherapist, author, mother of two, and founder of @balkanmamatherapy, shares her considerable knowledge of intergenerational trauma, her first-hand experience in cycle-breaking, and her passion to empower Balkan parents to lead with compassion while raising their children. In an episode that deeply resonates with Adriana and Amanda, Selma discusses the importance of self-reflection while establishing boundaries with those closest to us, remaining as gentle with ourselves as we strive to be with our children, and processing our feelings through our bodies versus our minds - (and reassures us that "good enough" parenting truly IS good enough!) Amongst many other pieces of wisdom Selma leaves Coffee and Cosleeping listeners with, she also offers so many parents the opportunity to heal within a safe and brave community. This is an episode that’s worth listening to every minute of. . Links mentioned in today's episode: --- Support this podcast:
5/1/202259 minutes, 16 seconds
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Roots, Reparenting, and Raising Little Ones

The moms give listeners a raw and personal understanding of their roots and upbringings, and how important of a role they play in their approach to raising their own children. Amanda explains why setting boundaries and cycle-breaking is the hardest but most rewarding work she's done as a parent so far, and Adriana describes how challenges surrounding her own identity have shaped what she hopes to empower her son to feel securely about. They ask each other some of the tougher questions in life, that both strengthen their friendship and highlight that despite their differences, they're equally passionate about raising children that won't have to recover from their childhoods. . Today's episode is sponsored by: Thrive Training Institute --- Support this podcast:
4/24/202244 minutes, 32 seconds
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Postpartum Intimacy with Ashley Mariani

Intimacy postpartum can take so many meaningful forms, but moms can often feel “stuck” navigating this when juggling many other, equally important things while adjusting to life with baby. In an important episode, couples therapist, Ashley Mariani, comes on to share her expertise on reconnecting postpartum, the science behind partner resentment, and why understanding what vulnerability means for each of us individually opens the door to both sexual and non-sexual intimacy. Ashley also explains the dualistic nature of human energy, and how this shifts in a major way in early motherhood. Tune in to also hear about ways to approach sex as a cosleeping parent! . Links mentioned in today's episode: . Today’s episode is sponsored by: BrightBox: Receive $3 off an add on with code: COSLEEPING3 at --- Support this podcast:
4/10/202239 minutes, 54 seconds
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Body Positivity and Postpartum Reflections

Body Positivity. Self Image. Confidence. All of these things shift so greatly postpartum and can often feel overwhelming, but deserve to be noticed and honored. Amanda and Adriana take the time to talk about these changes, share words they’ve said to one another that have made major emotional impacts - (some tears are shed!) - and reflect on the ways external pressures surrounding a “bounce back” have affected them. Tune in for an episode dedicated to all mamas and the incredible physical and emotional strength they possess. --- Support this podcast:
4/3/202233 minutes, 10 seconds
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Maternal Mental Health with Kate Borsato

In the words of today’s guest, “education is so powerful”. Kate Borsato, therapist, educator, and mom of two joins for an incredibly important episode about perinatal anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and seeking help to alleviate them. Kate spends time explaining the basic science behind how anxiety affects our systems, and why understanding this is one of the keys to moving towards managing it. She leaves listeners with actual tips, resources, and accessible options to reduce those difficult symptoms that can so often create obstacles in feeling fulfilled in our role as “mom”. Kate’s experience and wealth of knowledge are an impactful testament to what education surrounding maternal mental health can do to unite and assist moms globally in overcoming postpartum challenges - that are so often isolating and misunderstood. . Links mentioned in today's episode: . Today’s episode is sponsored by: BrightBox: Receive $3 off an add on with code: COSLEEPING3 at --- Support this podcast:
3/27/202239 minutes, 47 seconds
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Confidently Cosleeping

This week, Amanda and Adriana spend time discussing cosleeping, (the biggest initial inspiration behind their mission to normalize parts of motherhood), from the perspective of moms that made the decision to do so early on in their journeys as parents. They talk through bed-sharing safety, share their firsthand experiences, and address some listener-submitted Q&A! The mamas also share resources and accounts they each found helpful, and that empowered and educated them in their choices since becoming parents. Whether you’re a parent to a toddler and still navigating sleep expectations or expecting a little one and considering sleep options, this episode is for you! Check out the links below for resources and sleep expert accounts mentioned in today's episode. . Links mentioned in today's episode: .  Today’s episode is sponsored by:   BrightBox: Receive $3 off an add on with code: COSLEEPING3 at --- Support this podcast:
3/20/202247 minutes, 33 seconds
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Transforming our Triggers with Bryana Kappadakunnel, “Conscious Mommy”

Compassion, curiosity, and connection, are exactly what therapist Bryana Kappadakunnel, (also known as “Conscious Mommy”), advocates for in the realm of parenthood. This episode is a moving, honest, and passionate account on why it’s so important to recognize and assess triggers through self reflection while raising little ones. Bryana inspires Amanda and Adriana to get as real and raw as ever while they discuss the journey to self awareness through conscious parenting. She reminds listeners that this practice comes with time, dedication, but also an acceptance of the missteps that are made along the way - because conscious parenting isn't perfect parenting, and so often the beauty of it lies in the recovery.  . Links mentioned in today's episode: . Today’s episode is sponsored by:  BrightBox: Receive $3 off an add on with code: COSLEEPING3 at --- Support this podcast:
3/13/202237 minutes, 9 seconds
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A Dad’s Take with Jon Gustin, “The Tired Dad”

Jon Gustin, known across social media for his relatable and humorous take on parenthood, joins to share his experiences with raising little ones, parental guilt, breaking away from gendered stereotypes, the “parenting conundrum”, and so much more - all from a father’s perspective!  The conversation takes heartfelt turns as Jon talks about the gifts of watching his daughter and son grow to take on their own interests, advice he's been given by more seasoned parents, and how that's affected his hope for a deep and connected bond with his children for years to come. (He also happens to be just as passionate about all things coffee as Amanda and Adriana - listen through to the end for a bit of true coffee chat!)  .  Links mentioned in today's episode: . Today’s episode is sponsored by: BrightBox: Receive $3 off an add on with code: COSLEEPING3 at --- Support this podcast:
3/6/202240 minutes, 36 seconds
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Setting Boundaries

Amanda and Adriana tackle boundary setting in this important and packed episode! Boundary setting can be challenging, but becomes critical throughout parenthood. Listen in as the mamas discuss their recent experiences with this, the consequences of not honoring their boundaries, and respecting their children’s, as well. . Follow Coffee and Cosleeping on Instagram: coffeeandcosleepingpod/ Be a part of the Facebook group: --- Support this podcast:
2/27/202232 minutes, 8 seconds
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Autism Awareness with Eileen Lamb

In a very special first guest episode, the mamas are joined by author, podcast host and founder of @theautismcafe, Eileen Lamb. They discuss her son Charlie’s diagnosis of Autism, and how it in turn led to her own diagnosis. In explaining the spectrum of Autism, she informs listeners of what symptoms to look for in children and adults and what the journey to a diagnosis can look like. Eileen embodies the true spirit of motherhood: strength, compassion, and unwavering dedication to the well-being of her children, as she shares how she continues advocating for them by leading with intuition and persistently seeking solutions. . Links mentioned in today's episode: Today’s episode is sponsored by:  BrightBox: Receive $3 off an add on with code: COSLEEPING3 at --- Support this podcast:
2/20/202230 minutes, 55 seconds
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Misconceptions of Motherhood

Amanda and Adriana dive right into their experiences with facing misconceptions as new moms. They each share some of the most surprising things they're learning along the way, the truth behind redefining their villages, and challenges they've overcome through it all. Tune in to hear about misconceptions regarding relationship dynamics, solo parenthood, and more!   . Follow Coffee and Cosleeping on Instagram: https: // coffeeandcosleepingpod/ Be a part of the Facebook group: --- Support this podcast:
2/13/202224 minutes, 17 seconds
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New Beginnings

Meet Amanda and Adriana in the official relaunch of Coffee and Cosleeping podcast! On their first episode together, they introduce themselves to listeners, discuss new beginnings, and talk about how they're handling their intentions in the New Year.  . Follow Coffee and Cosleeping on Instagram: https: // coffeeandcosleepingpod/ Be a part of the Facebook group: --- Support this podcast:
2/8/202220 minutes, 53 seconds