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English, Technology, 3 seasons, 23 episodes, 7 hours, 55 minutes
Whether it’s deploying financial applications to the cloud, building resilient 5G networks, or bringing deep learning to the assembly line, there’s a lot involved in building technology. And none of us can do it alone. We have to roll up our sleeves and help each other when we stumble on the way to the finish line. And when we get there, we should share what we’ve learned. Host Burr Sutter, a lifelong developer advocate and community organizer, sits down with experienced technologists from across the industry to trade stories—and what they’ve learned from their experiences.
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Hayden Wolff, NVIDIA: Shaping Extended Reality Through AI

The idea behind extended reality, or XR, is immersion. That can be a hard standard to meet when dealing with a visual interface. As an intern at NVIDIA, Hayden Wolff stepped up to tackle a thorny challenge, and with some assistance from natural language processing (NLP), the company’s Project Mellon is changing the way we look at the design process.
2/21/202332 minutes, 32 seconds
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Neesha Godbole, MuleSoft: Communicating the Value of Connecting Systems

Connecting tools and systems yields all sorts of benefits. What can be tricky is knowing exactly what those benefits are - especially emergent ones. Neesha Godbole, a Partner Account Manager with MuleSoft, shares how mapping the benefits of joint projects is about finding more than the sum of the parts. But it doesn’t make a difference if you can’t communicate the value to customers.
2/7/202325 minutes, 25 seconds
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Markie Duby, Dynatrace: Challenges In Solutions Engineering

Change may seem exciting for some. But for those who are moving from one platform, or one technology, to the next, it can be a daunting, anxiety-filled experience. For Dynatrace’s Markie Duby, keeping empathy at the center of one’s work is crucial for building trust and for collaborating with customers as they adapt to an industry that never stops moving.
1/24/202332 minutes, 1 second
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Matt Quill, F5: Scaling For Complexity With Container Adoption

When it comes time to move to the cloud, the concerns can be many. Companies are increasingly security conscious, and success depends on applications being reliable. There’s also the need for agility, to adjust to changes in the market. F5’s Matt Quill tells Burr how planning carefully and collaboratively can address challenges while building pivotal internal relationships.
1/10/202324 minutes, 52 seconds
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Ben Darnell, Cockroach Labs: Avoiding Failure In Distributed Databases

Ever been so frustrated with the options available that you build your own? Ben Darnell, Chief Architect and Co-Founder of Cockroach Labs, shares how his dissatisfaction with distributed databases led to the creation of CockroachDB. To build a distributed database that not only plans for but expects failures, they needed to implement the Raft consensus algorithm. Getting it up and running was a tough technical challenge. But the result was an incredibly resilient database.Find out why Netflix uses CockroachDB for their databases. Can you have access to a globally available database at the speed of a regional one? Check out how Cockroach Labs accomplishes this with global tables.  
12/13/202228 minutes, 34 seconds
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David Duncan, Amazon Web Services: Aligning With Open Source Principles

It’s one thing to talk about your open source principles. It’s another entirely to build them into your workflows. How does a large company like Amazon Web Services actually make it work? David Duncan, Sr Manager Partner Solutions Architect at AWS, explains that being open with partners and customers throughout the development process is key. He talks about ensuring there are no one-way doors, and how collaboration helps to produce a better experience for OpenShift on AWS as well as combining the power of the Cloud Control API with Ansible automation.
11/29/202231 minutes, 23 seconds
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Sandeep Sharma, Tech Mahindra: Rethinking Networks In Telecommunications

Success in telecommunications relies on bridging the tangible with the intangible. It isn’t just the availability of software, or the speed of a network; It's the blend of network services and physical infrastructure necessary to deliver an end-to-end experience between datacenters and customers. Sandeep Sharma, Vice President of Tech Mahindra, gives us a history of networks, how they’ve changed, and how companies are meeting increasingly complex market demands.
11/15/202229 minutes, 21 seconds
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Ryan Loney, Intel: Bringing Deep Learning to Enterprise Applications

There are a lot of publicly available data sets out there. But when it comes to specific enterprise use cases, you’re not necessarily going to be able to find one to train your models. To realize the power of AI/ML in enterprise environments, end users need an inference engine to run on their hardware. Ryan Loney takes us through OpenVINO and Anomalib, open toolkits from Intel that do precisely that. He looks specifically at anomaly detection in use cases as varied as medical imaging and manufacturing.Want to read more about Anomalib? Check out the research paper that introduces the deep learning library:
11/1/202233 minutes, 54 seconds
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With technology, there's so many advances happening, it’s really hard to keep up. There’s a lot involved, and many lessons to learn along the way. Ultimately, none of us can do it alone. In this new original podcast, host and technologist Burr Sutter sits down with leaders in the tech industry about the challenges encountered along the path to progress. Subscribe to listen on your favorite podcast platforms.
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