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English, Cultural, 3 seasons, 96 episodes, 3 days 11 hours 21 minutes
Cocktails & Confessions is an unfiltered, candid chat show about dating, sex and relationships with celebrity guests, agony aunt problems and games!
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”Toed in the hole”

In a - very delayed - Christmas Special, Anthony Gilét and DomTop return to dish all of their year of sex; including hook-ups via Adult Friend Finder and a threesome that ends in blood, sweat and cum. The pair delve into listener regrets and confessions from 2022.  Instagram: @CocktailsConfessions @GiletSlays @IamDomTop 
11/01/20231 hour 16 minutes 22 seconds
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”Destroy my Munt!” (Not my expectations)

In our last episode for the foreseeable, @GiletSlays is joined by the dulcet tones of @SwanSwagga as they discuss the recent uproar over Gilét's first date standards, the worst things people have said to them during sex, and a 3-part round of confessions!  Our confessionals will still continue over on IG: @CocktailsConfessions 
20/04/20221 hour 24 minutes 50 seconds
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Rapunzel Pubes (feat. Leo and Cooper)

In a feature-length penultimate episode Gilét Slays is joined by Leo (Laid Bare) and Cooper (Koops) to discuss getting laid with a furry Ukranian, why cliques in the gay community are more exclusive than inclusive, and whether or not non-monogamous couples should have kids.  Go out with a bang they said... 
04/04/20221 hour 17 minutes 30 seconds
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SLAG SPECIAL (ft. Rebecca More & Josh Moore)

@GiletSlays is joined by two of the biggest slags in the UK; C**k Destroyer Rebecca More and porn star Josh Moore. They talk about the slaggiest things they've done and delve into more slaggy things from the listeners!  @CocktailsConfessions 
24/03/20221 hour 15 minutes 30 seconds
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@GiletSlays is joined by @MarkAshleyD to discuss what gives them - and their listeners - the ICK! 
17/03/20221 hour 17 minutes 15 seconds
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The Cash Pig

@ReturningQueen joins @GiletSlays and @IamDomTop to spill the tea on having a cash pig pay his rent, which porn star had a B.O. issue and which gay celeb he's seen "thirsty" messages from on Grindr. It's a doozy!  Get your high-end sex toys from
09/03/202258 minutes 47 seconds
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The horny muslim & the fem chav

@IamDomTop discusses his latest roleplay that involves an X-Box and a cheating husband, while @GiletSlays had an invite to a sex party. Our listener confessions return.  @CocktailsConfessions Get your high-end sex toys from
03/03/202251 minutes 2 seconds
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A salty tear of cum

How many sex rounds in one night is too many? That's what we're asking on tonight's episode! Fresh off a three-f**k hook-up @GiletSlays asks how many times is too much for one night, while @IamDomTop details his first experience with a panic attack.  @CocktailsConfessions Get your high-end sex toys from
23/02/202249 minutes 11 seconds
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When sexts go wrong

**Note: Apologies that we lost half of the episode, this is what we could salvage!  @GiletSlays and @IamDomTop discuss sexting the wrong people after Gilet text the wrong 'Grindr' contact in his phone.  @CocktailsConfessions Get your high-end sex toys from
16/02/202224 minutes 56 seconds
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Sex worship: Did you get the memo?

@GiletSlays and @IamDomTop chat about why compliments in bed are just great, plus they read out some confessions that'll shock even the most open-minds.  DM us on Instagram to submit a confession or dating question: @CocktailsConfessions @Cocktails_Cocktalk Get your high-end sex toys from
09/02/20221 hour 3 minutes 27 seconds
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The Plug and Lettuce

@GiletSlays and @IamDomTop chat about trying out butt plugs, while one man got a Sex And The City-motivated circumcision. We tune in to a listener confession that involves a drunken hook-up with an ex, a dustpan and a garden hose.  @CocktailsConfessions Sponsored by: Shop the Plex:
03/02/202254 minutes 20 seconds
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OnlyFams Pt 2: No happy ending

@DaniStJames returns for a catch-up with @GiletSlays: Gilét is currently dealing with a very peculiar infliction, while Dani shares what keeps a good relationship going long-term.  The pair discuss the recent Atlantis Cruise and its controversy, and the thickening plot of the dad and son on OnlyFans.  @CocktailsConfessions Get your high-end sex toys from
27/01/20221 hour 12 minutes 44 seconds
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Can a hate f**k be a good f**k?

@GiletSlays is joined by guest host Mark Bittlestone @PoofsRUs where they talk threesomes gone wrong, having sex with people you don't like, and breaking up with guys over text.  @CocktailsConfessions Get your high-end sex toys from
19/01/202256 minutes 26 seconds
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The lost art of fingering

@GiletSlays has been flirting with men in drag, while @IamDomTop is struggling to get rough in bed after a cosmetic procedure. The pair discuss Miranda's fingering scene in And Just Like That... before discussing their own experienced with the "lost art".  
12/01/202259 minutes 5 seconds
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And the sinner is... (2021 sex awards)

@GiletSlays and @IamDomTop talk through their growth over the last year, and go through their best and worst shags of the year.  @CocktailsConfessions Get your high-end sex toys from  
05/01/20221 hour 1 minute 7 seconds
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Don‘t be fooled by half a face (end of year pt.1)

@GiletSlays gives up on the men hiding behind masks (and helmets), while @IamDomTop undergoes a lil construction on his face. The pair then tackle some end of year fagony aunts and confessions. 
23/12/20211 hour 1 minute 26 seconds
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Dick/Cut (A Circumcision Debate)

@GiletSlays and @IamDomTop are joined by @SwanSwagga and @NotJustJoe to talk all things circumcision. Should it be banned? What are our experiences with it? Find out in today's ep!   
01/12/20211 hour 16 minutes 53 seconds
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And Just Like That... I f**ked a stranger

Sex And The City podcaster @DylanBJones joins @GiletSlays and @IamDomTop for their SATC/And Just Like That special, where they discuss the impact the show had on them, their favourite episodes and characters and what they hope from the series revisit.   
24/11/20211 hour 6 minutes 36 seconds
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The Ol‘ Glug Glug

@IamDomTop discusses his recent experiences with edging and @GiletSlays spills the tea on shooting his shot with the flight attendant. 
17/11/202143 minutes 50 seconds
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Shame, babes (feat. Grace Campbell)

@GiletSlays and @IamDomTop chat with author and comedian @GraceCampbell about where shame comes from, how we can overcome it, and fantasies of getting fingered at the dinner table.  Get us on socials: @CocktailsConfessions @Cocktails_Cocktalk 
10/11/20211 hour 19 minutes 5 seconds
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Créme de la Fémme (feat. Olaoncé Carey)

@GiletSlays and @IamDomTop are joined by @Glow_With_Ola to discuss femmephobia within the gay community, along with outfits to ditch at a festival, and how to converse with a sub who has a fetish for size-shaming. Talk about relatable.   
03/11/20211 hour 8 minutes 15 seconds
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Bottomfishing (bonus)

In the first Fagony Aunt of season 4, @GiletSlays and @IamDomTop weigh-in on a listener who wants to know how he gets action as a Side.  Get 10% off Hot Octopuss: COCKTAILS10  Follow us on socials: @Cocktails_Cocktalk @CocktailsConfessions 
01/11/202117 minutes 24 seconds
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”The Old Wh*re is Back!”

In our season 4 opener, @GiletSlays opens up about his recent near-death experience, and a threesome which he... paid for? Meanwhile, @IamDomTop is finally back on the horse - and the witch hazel for those bedroom bruises.  Sponsored by Hot Octopuss use code: COCKTAILS10 for discount! 
27/10/202152 minutes 58 seconds
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Take off your mask... (And the other one)

In a season 3 finale, @Giletslays and @IamDomTop discuss language barrier when hooking up with a buff Brazilian, taking our masks off post-covid (and in general) and one confession gets our hosts hearts racing ("call the paramedic!") Shop C&C merch: Join the conversation: @CocktailsConfessions @CocktailsCocktalk  Get 10% off Hot Octopuss: COCKTALK10 
22/07/20211 hour 3 minutes 20 seconds
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"Sorry I can't come in, I topped last night"

In @DaniStJames last episode as a regular host, the gang discuss the worst things they've seen on the club scene, erotic hypnotism, and Dani answers some listener questions. With @GiletSlays and @IamDomTop Join the conversation via our Instagram stories or DM us your confessions: @CocktailsCocktalk @CocktailsConfessions Shop our t-shirts:  Get 10% off Hot Octopuss toys with code: COCKTALK10
14/07/20211 hour 11 minutes 34 seconds
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Summer Sex!

@DaniStJames discusses her condom days, @IamDomTop talks about his thing for hooking up in graveyards, and @GiletSlays gets "accosted" on another disastrous date.  Join the conversation: @CocktailsCocktalk @CocktailsConfessions Support us on Patreon and get bonus episodes each month! 10% OFF the most thrilling toys at Hot Octopuss with code: cocktalk10
30/06/202156 minutes 46 seconds
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Dangling naked from the ceiling (Ft. Kelly Gordon)

Host of the Sex Rebels podcast and head of diversity for sex toy company Hot Octopuss, Kelly Gordon joins @GiletSlays and @IamDomTop to discuss how to have sex as a wheelchair user, devotees (people sexually attracted to disability) and weighs in on some truly sticky confessions.  Support the show and get bonus episodes twice a month! Join the conversation: @CocktailsCocktalk @CocktailsConfessions
16/06/20211 hour 11 seconds
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101: Using Grindr for non-sexual purposes

@GiletSlays and @IamDomTop dissect things that people have used Grindr for which isn't sexual, including cleaning services, drugs, McDonald's and just getting a good night's sleep.  Get bonus episodes over on Patreon: Join the conversation on Instagram: @CocktailsConfessions @CocktailsCocktalk   Shop merch:
30/05/202125 minutes 56 seconds
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Mourning Glory (ft. Josh Moore)

Porn star @JoshMooreOfficial joins @GiletSlays and @IamDomTop to discuss masturbating to his own material, how he feels about falling in love, and together with hosts delves into a confession that involves a very... unique grieving process.  @CocktailsConfessions @CocktailsCocktalk Get the deleted scenes at:
20/05/20211 hour 22 minutes 55 seconds
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"Gimme that Shrek juice!" (Feat. Leo Laid Bare & Cooper)

This week @DaniStJames and @GiletSlays are joined by @Coopsthecub and @Leolaidbare: the first couple to ever star on the show. They tell us the far-from-romantic way they met, selling underwear online, and address more dodgy confessions, including one from a guy who gave head in his gran's house.
04/05/202153 minutes 25 seconds
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Me and My Penis

What do you call it? Penis? D**k? Or big throbbing schlong?! This week @GiletSlays @IamDomTop and @SwanSwagga discuss the Channel 4 documentary My Penis And Me, alongside their own relationship with their penises... (or peni). While touching on BUTTERFACE gays and whether they'd have sex with twins. 
09/09/202056 minutes 55 seconds
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"The Perfect Penis Doesn't Exi-" [Feat. Dom Top]

Anthony Gilét (@GiletSlays) and co-host James Egan (@IAmDomTop) chat about what makes the perfect penis in this unscripted prosecco-soaked bonus episode. 
30/03/202041 minutes 26 seconds
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How to hoe during Coronavirus [Ft. DomTop]

James Egan, aka 'DomTop' guest hosts alongside Anthony Gilét, discussing whether we need to preference labels for preference fluidity, what it'd be like if Cher boarded an Atlantis cruise, the Sherry Pie scandal and how to be a hoe in the midst of a pandemic. (*These tips are for banter, please stay inside!) Follow ours socials: @CocktailsConfessions @GiletSlays @IamDomTop
22/03/202049 minutes 19 seconds
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One Gay Experience Does Not a Queer Make [Ft. Jayde Adams]

Comedian Jayde Adams joins hosts Anthony Gilét and Dani St.James to discuss what makes an ally, why licking one p*ssy in college doesn't make you a queer woman and how her boyfriend got sucked off twice at a gay sauna.  Cocktails & Confessions is an unfiltered LGBTQ chat that confronts dating, sex, and social issues head-on. Catch us on socials: @CocktailsConfessions @GiletSlays @DaniStJames @MsJaydeAdams
16/03/202057 minutes 57 seconds
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You Can't Swing a Cat Without Hitting a Tr**ny [Ft. Jordan Gray]

Jordan Gray went from being the first trans contestant (semi-finalist, no less) on 'The Voice' to writing a screenplay for what is now Comedy Central's most popular short-form show, Transaction! 
08/03/202050 minutes 6 seconds