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This podcast is dedicated to those interested in learning more about the United States Coast Guard through the lens of myself as an active duty Coast Guard member. My goal is to bring guests from all different sections of the Coast Guard both active, reserve, and retired as well as member from the civilian maritime industry to share their stories and experiences. This will better my listeners understanding of what the Coast Guard does, why we love what we do, and inform you of how cool and amazing the job is that we perform on a daily basis. Fans, Prospective Recruits, Family, Military, And people just interested in general about the Coast Guard will all find great enjoyment listening to the Coast To Coasties Podcast. Thank You for listening and stay Semper Paratus!
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The Importance Of The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary - With Coast Guard Auxilarist Mr. Scott Campbell

In this episode of the "Coast To Coasties" Podcast, I have the privilege of sitting down with long time Coast Guard Auxiliary member and United States Navy Veteran Mr. Scott Campbell. Mr. Campbell tells us the vast amount of roles and opportunities people can partake in by volunteering in the Coast Guard Auxiliary along with some of his personal experiences he has had with his time apart of it. This is a component of the U.S Coast Guard that plays a vital role in maritime safety as well as search and rescue and I am delighted to produce and share an episode with the audience detailing this group of outstanding people who not everyone has heard about. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy our discussion!
10/30/202251 minutes, 1 second
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What it's like being an Operations Specialist (OS) in the U.S Coast Guard - With OS3 Steph Deravel

In this episode of the "Coast To Coasties" podcast, I sit down with Operations Specialist 3rd Class Steph Deravel to discuss her 2 years so far in the U.S Coast Guard. We discuss her transfer from enlisting as a reservist to switching to active duty while in bootcamp, her time as a non rate on a buoy tender, and now her career as an Operations Specialist at a shoreside Sector. She has great insight on the life of an OS at sector for day to day operations and how command structure works in the OS world. Anyone interested in Buoy Tenders or the Operations Specialist rate, tune into this episode to hear Steph!
9/19/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 44 seconds
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Working As A Health Service Technician In U.S The Coast Guard - With HS2 Avery Yates

In this episode of the "Coast To Coasties" Podcast, we sit down with Health Service Technician Petty Officer 2nd Class Yates, who talks about his journey into joining the Coast Guard and becoming an HS. We cover day to day working life of what a Health Service Technician does both in shore side positions and on a cutter. We also cover ways to transition your Coast Guard career into a successful civilian career using your training and skills acquired as an HS. Anyone who has thought about being an HS is definitely going to want to tune in to hear HS2 Yates personal take on life as a Health Service Technician.
9/5/202227 minutes, 31 seconds