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English, Education, 4 seasons, 27 episodes, 12 hours 46 minutes
Hosted by Joseph Grech, PCC Coach and Founder of Become Coaching & Training, this Podcast focuses on key topics for fellow coaches, coach-trainees and those interested in the profession. In every episode Joseph is in conversation with individuals who are coaching practitioners or academics willing to share some of their key insights and knowledge.
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S4 E4 Centering Equity in Coaching with Marwa Farouq

On this episode, Joseph Grech speaks to Marwa Farouq, a PCC Leadership Coach and Strategic Advisor from Red Kite Coaching & Consulting. We discuss equity and equality and how these concepts can be integrated into coaching practices. Marwa highlights the importance of self-awareness for both coaches and clients and the need for humility and curiosity when centering equity in coaching sessions. Together we explore the barriers to equity, particularly fear, and the significance of addressing fear and embracing vulnerability. The conversation emphasizes the importance of continuously learning and evolving one's coaching practice.The discussion emphasizes that centering equity is an ongoing journey that requires self-awareness, curiosity, and a commitment to creating a safe and inclusive coaching environment.
02/11/202328 minutes 15 seconds
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S4 E3 Coaching Clients for Mindful Ageing with Ags Galland

In this episode, Joseph Grech, Coaching Psychologist, welcomes Ags Galland, a Nutrition and Health Coach, to discuss the concept of mindful ageing and coaching. Ags shares her expertise and experiences in the field, particularly focusing on how nutrition and coaching can support individuals as they age. The conversation explores the importance of self-awareness, making intentional choices, and addressing various aspects of aging, including physical and mental health, body image, and self-esteem. Ags emphasizes the value of knowledge, resources, and research in the pursuit of healthy aging and provides recommendations for books and podcasts that delve into the topic. The episode encourages listeners to embrace the concept of mindful aging and make proactive choices to enhance their quality of life as we age.
19/10/202327 minutes 46 seconds
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S4 E2 Empowering Transformational Leaders through Coaching with Harriet Burrows

On this episode we talk to Harriet Burrows, a manager at GateOne, who was recently awarded the Most Influential Woman in Executive Coaching. In this podcast episode, she shares her journey into executive coaching and her passion for making a difference in the field.Join us as Harriet explores the way coaches can support leadership initiatives within organisations. She shares a process she uses that involves mastering coaching skills and self-awareness, listening actively to clients, and understanding your own reactions as a coach. On this episode she emphasises the importance of active listening and understanding both the client's context and one's own internal dialogue during coaching sessions.Harriet's future goals include making GateOne the go-to partner for coaching during transformational change and influencing FTSE 100 companies to lead impactful change programs. She also plans to continue her journey of learning and exposure to different coaching approaches and
26/09/202326 minutes 43 seconds
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S4 E1 Insights from my First Year as as New Coaching Business with Helen Robinson

On this episode, Helen Wheeler ACC (soon to be Robinson!), founder of&nbsp;Destinations Coaching&nbsp;shares her experiences, challenges, and triumphs from her first year in business.&nbsp;Together with Joseph Grech, Helen explores her motivation for starting a coaching business, the strategies she employed to attract clients, and the importance of building credibility in a competitive coaching landscape.&nbsp;Join us as we discuss practical tips for time management, financial considerations, and the delicate balance between working on the business and working in the business.&nbsp;Whether you're a seasoned coach or considering stepping into the coaching arena, you're sure to find inspiration and valuable takeaways in this conversation.Learn&nbsp;more about Helen and contact her on<a href="" rel="noopene
07/08/202326 minutes 58 seconds