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Coaching Conversations with the AoEC

English, Finance, 1 seasons, 10 episodes, 7 hours 10 minutes
Welcome to the AoEC podcast series where we explore some of the latest trends and topical issues facing the workplace, coaching, leadership, and people development fields. Coaching skills are a new currency for the 21st century workplace and are increasingly crucial in unlocking potential, supporting wellbeing, and making businesses more viable and sustainable. Join us as we highlight how coaching can help individuals, teams and organisations scale the complex and fast paced change facing the world of work as we delve into topics including wellbeing, job design, talent management, engagement, L&D, management, change management and working with teams .If you have a subject you would like us to highlight, or want to share your thoughts on our podcasts, please use the hashtag #AoECPodcasts.
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Episode 10: Coaching for social impact - the handprint of benefit

What does social change mean in today’s world and how does it relate to individual development through coaching?How can coaches act as agents of social and systemic change? We look at how the scope of coaching can impact beyond the individual by touching whole organisations, communities and the world.You can link with the host and guest panellists here:George Warren, faculty at the AoEC - Host Ana Paula Nacif PCC, Quantum Leap Coaching & Consultancy - panellist Tracy Sinclair MCC, Coach Advancement by Tracy Sinclair - panellistUseful linksFind out more about some of the resources mentioned in the discussion here along with
18/10/202351 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 9: Anti-slavery Day 2023

Anti-Slavery Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the fact over 49.6 million people in the world today, and an estimated 136,000 people in the UK, are trapped in conditions of modern slavery. But it doesn’t have to be this way.The AoEC has made a long-term multi-year commitment to being part of the international campaign to end modern slavery. To help raise awareness of modern slavery in the coaching community, in this episode we discuss how coaching can help those working in organisations on the front line, as well as explore the realities of modern slavery in everyday communities.You can link with the host and guest panellist here:John Gray, senior faculty at the AoEC – Episode hostShayne Tyler, partner at Practical Ethics – guest panellist Useful link
18/10/202324 minutes 27 seconds
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Episode 8: Coaching With and Within Nature

Marking Climate Coaching Action Day 2023, the AoEC’s George Warren is joined by Tabitha Jayne from Earth Self and Lesley Roberts from Coaching Outdoors to look at coaching through the lens of nature.They will explore how coaching practitioners can make the most of what nature can offer them, the client, organisation and the planet. From awakening the senses to the world around us, to bringing the natural world into our coaching conversations, they will share their expertise in how nature and connecting with nature can help improve mental and physical wellbeing and boost creativity and focus.You can link with the host and guest panellist here:George Warren, faculty at the AoEC – HostTabitha Jayne founding director of Earth Self and author of Nature Embodied – How to Love Life and The Nature Process: Discover the Power and Potential of You
02/03/202353 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 7: The Future of Coaching

Coaching Conversations with the AoEC – PodcastEpisode 7 – The Future of CoachingJoin us as we take at look at how coaching is evolving and ponder what its future looks like.In this episode we explore the topic through a lens of issues including the need to democratise coaching, the climate crisis and anti-racism in the profession. We also examine why a wider step change is needed in the consciousness and philosophy of coaching in order for coaches to be truly in service of others.Our special guests tackle the necessity for coaches to go beyond the client agenda and how coaching practitioners can and should, open and broaden client mindsets. Discover why it is important to continue the journey of learning and why it is legitimate for coaches to bring the big issues facing society into their coaching conversations.You can link with the host and guest panellist here:George Warren, AoEC
11/10/202249 minutes 50 seconds
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Episode 6: Democratising the Coaching Experience for Young Professionals

Executive coaching has historically been linked with senior business leaders and high-potential employees who are being fast-tracked through the management ranks of organisations. However, recent events have created a new dialogue between employees and employers. Young professionals are entering the workplace with a different set of expectations as to what their working identity means to them. As Deloitte points out ‘they are more likely to hold true to their ideals and demand accountability’ and will lean into their values when it comes to making their career decisions. With priorities changing for employees and employers alike, this podcast episode explores some of the reasons why it is good business practice to democratise coaching and give young professionals access to coaching far earlier in their careers. We also look at the value created by equipping young talent with coaching skills and why a coaching approach is central to building key, transferable skills whi
08/04/202242 minutes 9 seconds
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Episode 5: Resilience coaching in a pandemic

With statistics such as one in five people experiencing moderate to severe depression in 2020, what has the Covid-19 pandemic meant for individual and organisational resilience? We look at how resilience coaching has been used to support workers during the last 18 months and are joined by two coaching professionals to learn more about their involvement with resilience coaching during the crisis. Both panellists have completed the Resilience Accreditation coach training programme and share their experiences of working with the Resilience Dynamic® model and the ‘whoosh’ which is used to chart resilience levels from break down to break even, right up to break through.This episode explores some of the pressure points affecting workers, the most valuable lessons the coaches have learned and shares their insights into how to build a resilience capacity and work best with mental health condition
03/11/202145 minutes 2 seconds
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Episode 4: Successful coaching outcomes – how to measure and evaluate investment in coaching services

As an organisation how do you know you are getting the best return on your investment from the coaching interventions you commission? What value can be demonstrated to the organisation and to the individual or team and can it be truly measured? Joining Karen Smart, head of consultancy at the AoEC, are Wendy Robinson, head of AoEC Ireland and Northern Ireland and principal consultant with Taylor Clarke and Kate Simpson a qualified coach and group human resources director with Global Switch. Looking at coaching from the view of an independent, external coach and from an in-house perspective, listen as they discuss what a good outcome looks like and how it can be effectively evaluated to ensure that it has achieved the desired results. Enjoy!  You can link with the podcast participants here: Karen Smart, head of consultancy, AoEC
24/09/202150 minutes 41 seconds
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Episode 3: Team coaching in the new world of work – why you need to be team literate

John Hill, commercial director of the AoEC is joined by two expert team coaches to explore how teams have performed in the wake of Covid-19. Join them as they discuss their experiences of the changing needs of teams with a look at how the shift to virtual working has impacted performance and what working through covid has meant for teams – how agile have they been, how have they translated the challenge into actions and what learnings there are for team coaches.Enjoy!You can link with the podcast participants here:John Hill, Commercial Director, AoEC Michele White, Owner, People and Development Ltd
21/05/202140 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 2: Dual relationships – the Coach-Manager: Exploring the boundaries between being a manager and being a coach

Gina Lodge, CEO of the AoEC is joined by special guests David McLaughlin from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Katherine Tulpa from the Association for Coaching (AC) to look at manager as coach. As one of the biggest areas of interest in people management and development, where do the boundaries lie between being a manager and being a coach?We explore this important trend and consider some of the grey areas which are less reported. Just how ethical is managerial coaching and what best practices should line managers use to safeguard and nurture their coaching relationships with their direct reports?Enjoy! You can link with the host and guests here:Gina Lodge, CEO, AoEC McLaughlin, ChMC Assessor, Chartered Management Institute (CMI) <a href='
25/02/202138 minutes 55 seconds
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Episode 1: International Stress Awareness Week 2020

Gina Lodge, CEO of the AoEC is joined by special guests Carole Spiers from the international Stress Management Association (ISMA) and creator of International Stress Awareness Week and Claire Farrow from makeadifference/MADWORLDSummit to explore working with stress including a look at covid-19, the evolving role of the manager and the future of work. Enjoy! You can link with the host and guests here: Gina Lodge, CEO, AoEC: Spiers, Chair, ISMA international Stress Management Association: Claire Farrow, Partner &amp; Global Head of Content, / MADWORLDSummit:
22/10/202033 minutes 44 seconds