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Coaches, Consultants, and Money

English, Finance, 1 season, 73 episodes, 1 day, 1 hour, 13 minutes
A weekly podcast show for coaching and consulting business owners who have questions on all things money. Whether you're a $20K business coaching business or a $2M consulting firm, we'll talk through business taxes, paying yourself consistently, cashflow forecasting, and LLCs vs S-corps. Hosted by Erica Goode, CPA & CFO - a former Fortune 50 corporate finance director, former Big 4 public accountant, and current wife and mom.
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Welcome to Coaches, Consultants and Money!

"Did you Google your tax advice this year?" Perhaps, but that's not really the best idea - and you don't need to do that anymore! Erica Goode, CPA, is a former director of finance with a Fortune 50 company and auditor at a Big Four company. Today, she's into YOUR business!   Speaking to coaches and consultants who are business owners, her goal is to be a free resource for reliable money advice so they can make smart decisions with their finances. She'll be addressing some personal money matters, too - because we're more than just business owners, right?!  Each Tuesday, she'll be talking business money basics, taxes, planning profit, and you can put your money on the right track. May your week be filled with love...and profit!
9/12/20222 minutes, 28 seconds