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English, Finance, 1 season, 68 episodes, 1 day, 7 hours, 46 minutes
There is no better time than now to get your personal finances in shape. Kim McAllister and Eileen Adamson help you make the most from what you got and learn how to make more.
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Career changes: Taking the leap

Love Islander Jay Younger is an investment banker, but started out as an athlete. He takes a look at the transferable skills that have helped him throughout the jobs that have followed. Kim and Eileen are also joined by Nancy Law from Skills Development Scotland, as well as Fiona Burton who recently moved to a new job in tech after forging a career in advertising. They discuss finding the confidence to change career, and look at how you can plan for the financial worries that come with leaving a job.
9/26/202227 minutes, 58 seconds
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Teaching kids about cash

Kids will undoubtedly be hearing lots of chat about the difficult financial times we’re in. So how do we start constructive conversations with them about money without causing worry? Kim and Eileen hear from primary teachers Nuzhat Uthmani and Blair Minchin about what schools are doing to teach kids about finance – from identifying coins to discussing bills. Mrs Mackay’s class in Glasgow invited us in to one of their lessons to find out more. Plus Kim and Eileen explore different ways to give children opportunities to manage their spending if pocket money isn’t an option.
9/19/202228 minutes, 7 seconds
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Money tips from around the world

We are influenced by culture, fashion and food from around the world, so why not their money habits too? Kim and Eileen talk to Tom Cooper, director of The Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction in Canada. His community took part in a trial for Basic Income and he shares the results. Professor Mike Danson is an economist and the Basic Income Network Scotland chair, and he is exploring how it could work to improve the lives of people here. The Netherlands rank amongst the highest countries in terms of work-life balance according to the OECD Better Life Index. They are even discussing putting remote working protections in to law. So should we be following in their footsteps, or is it more complex than it may seem? Plus Milad Gatfan in Dundee and Nisreen Mamaji in Mumbai share some global perspectives from Iraq and India.
9/12/202227 minutes, 41 seconds
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Cooking up a storm on a budget

We all know that food waste is bad for the planet, but it’s hard on our pocket too. So how can we make the most of the ingredients in our kitchen to save on shopping bills and try out new recipes? Eileen makes a return visit to the Shettleston Community Growing Project in Glasgow to see what has grown over the summer. She’s joined by volunteer Mary, climate activist and zero waste advocate Laura Young – best known as Less Waste Laura – and Donna Borokinni, who works with the Glasgow Community Food Network as part of the Food and Climate Action project. They discuss building confidence in the kitchen and where we can look for meal inspiration. Plus Kim and Eileen learn how we can start to incorporate batch cooking in to our lives with The Batch Lady – Suzanne Mulholland.
9/5/202228 minutes, 37 seconds
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How to create a waste-free wardrobe

Whilst fast fashion is an easy and affordable choice for many, pre-loved clothing is enjoying a moment in the spotlight – ITV’s reality show Love Island even had a second-hand fashion partnership this summer. So how else can we save on our wardrobes, whilst being environmentally-friendly? Kim and Eileen chat to last year’s Great British Sewing Bee winner Serena Baker and Love Islander Jay Younger to discuss easy upcycling, the joys of charity shopping and how to avoid greenwashing when investing in clothes. They are joined by an audience in the Spiegeltent at the BBC’s Festivals site in Edinburgh who share their favourite ways to save money on fashion. Kim and Eileen also meet Joyce Reid in Dundee at The Wardrobe – a charity shop with a difference, and Claire D’All and Luke Murphy discuss tips that could help shops become more accessible for disabled consumers.
8/29/202229 minutes
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The changing costs of care

Charging ventilators, specialised food and driving to hospital appointments are just some of the additional costs for households with care needs that are being exacerbated by the cost of living crisis. Then add to that the shortage of carers and personal assistants that’s being experienced across the country just now. Kim and Eileen speak with three people experiencing care in different ways. Blogger Claire D’All is the Dundee Ambassador for accessibility review website Euan’s Guide. She is seeing massive energy bills at the moment due to equipment required in her home. Shubhanna Hussain-Ahmed from the Coalition of Carers in Scotland is an unpaid carer for several members of her family, and Maureen Ayre is the Senior Care and Support Administrator at Turning Lives Around, a care company based in Dundee – she’s been struggling to recruit new workers.
8/22/202228 minutes, 35 seconds
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Work – a new chapter

Our job market is facing a lot of change. For the first time since records began, the Office for National Statistics have revealed that there is a greater number of job vacancies than unemployed workers. This increased range of options, plus a boom in home working, has left many of us wondering how we can achieve a more satisfying work-life balance. Jennifer Kempson, aka Mamafurfur, is an entrepreneur and personal finance educator. Joined by Nikki Slowey, director and co-founder at Flexibility Works, they discuss how people can use all of these modern opportunities to their advantage. Plus, Kim and Eileen hear from small business owner Kelly Fairweather, in Dundee, who is finding creative ways to support her workforce during difficult financial times.
8/15/202228 minutes, 15 seconds
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Back to class: Doing the maths

A long summer holiday has inevitably put pressure on our purse strings, and the return to school can feel overwhelming – as we pay for uniforms, lunches and stationery. Dawn Ward, Assistant Director of Aberlour, Scotland’s children’s charity, shares her advice for accessing support, and helping others when you can. Heather Royan from Babes in the Wood in Bishopbriggs talks about their free school uniform bank. Kim and Eileen also head for a woodland adventure with two parents in Dundee who home educate their children. It can feel like an unaffordable option to many, so how did they plan their finances to make it work – and what are the free and discounted resources available to all home educators?
8/8/202228 minutes, 51 seconds
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Setting financial goals in pursuit of happiness

Reframing our budgets can help us meet our daily needs and financial goals as well as building towards a future which brings us happiness and fulfilment. Financial journalist Iona Bain and Scott Dixon, a consumer rights expert who lives frugally, share their tips with Kim and Eileen for creating plans and sticking to them. Budgeting can go hand in hand with re-evaluating what’s important to us. Ram bought a van in 2019 and he and his partner Penny have been living there for the last few years. They talk about how it has helped reshape their finances, and share what they’ve learned along the way.
8/1/202228 minutes, 23 seconds
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How to plan your best life in retirement

Retirement is looking different these days, with the ‘sandwich generation’ juggling care responsibilities for elderly parents and children living at home for longer. All this on top of work and rising bills. So what options are out there if you can’t afford to wrap up with work yet? Mike Douglas, Age Scotland’s director of social enterprises gives his top tips. Actuary Kevin Hollister gives advice for getting the most you can from your pension, and Kim and Eileen chat to 59-year-old John Devlin about his plans for delayed retirement, and how he can get free support when it comes to pension planning.
7/25/202228 minutes, 30 seconds
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Saying ‘I do’ to a budget wedding

Elopements, beaches, pot luck suppers and grow-your-own bouquets – how to prioritise your wedding day must-haves and let the rest go. Wedding planner and celebrant Oskar Gilchrist-Grodnicki and interfaith celebrant Reverend Angie Alexandra give their tips for creating a special day that puts you and your other half at the centre of the story. Lauren Cassidy tells Kim and Eileen about how she organised her tractor shed wedding on a budget, and Carol Drummond from the Red Cross Bridal Boutique in Edinburgh shares the magic and financial perks of buying a pre-loved dress with producer Caitlin.
7/18/202229 minutes, 4 seconds
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Childcare – not all fun and games

Finding free fun in and around our homes with Jenny Lester from Play Scotland, and ways to budget for the summer holidays ahead. Advice for finding childcare provisions that work for you with Lorna Kettles, Policy Officer at Early Years Scotland. Plus Kim and Eileen learn tips on starting conversations with employers about flexible working from Working Families’ senior rights adviser Claire Gilbert. With the voices of Fadhil, Hussein, Hassan, Anna and Matthew.
7/11/202228 minutes, 48 seconds
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Food shopping for less

Kim and Eileen visit Shettleston Community Growing Project in Glasgow to learn what cost-effective produce we can grow in pots, patios and gardens. They also chat to ‘The Batch Lady’ Suzanne Mulholland about how to avoid falling for fake offers in the aisles, and discuss the power of creating a shopping list and meal plan before hitting the supermarket. Lorna Dempster shares information on accessing food banks, and gives tips to anyone who is able to donate food. If you need support with hardship or debt, help is available through the BBC Action Line.
7/4/202228 minutes, 52 seconds
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Money on our minds

In the midst of the cost of living crisis, few people are exempt from worry around rising bills. So what support is out there if you’re managing your finances while living with poor metal health or long-term mental health conditions, and how can we start to tackle the stigma of asking for help? Mandy Burrell from Mental Health and Money Advice and Lawrie Morgan Klein from Step Change Debt Charity talk through the rights, advice and services available. Plus Lesley Fyfe shares her experience of impulse spending as a result of bipolar disorder alongside Alison Cairns, Bipolar Scotland’s chief executive. If you need support with mental health, help is available through the BBC Action Line.
6/27/202228 minutes, 48 seconds
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Home hacks for the energy crisis

Eileen takes a look around Kim’s house with Liam Kidd of Changeworks to see what quick, cheap and easy changes we can all make in our homes to get the bills down and reduce our impact on the planet. Plus, Linda Corbett from East Ayrshire Citizen’s Advice Bureau has the lowdown on what financial support we can all expect over the coming months to help with rising costs.
6/20/202227 minutes, 58 seconds
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Cutting the cost of Christmas

It's time to get your festive finances in order. Kim and Eileen are here to help you avoid starting the new year with a mountain of debt. They've got tips on spending wisely and reducing the waste. There's also guidance on avoiding seasonal scams.
12/18/202127 minutes, 57 seconds
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Ideas for making more money

A selection box of suggestions for increasing your income and cutting your costs. Kim & Eileen discover new ways of earning some extra money, from joining a focus group to becoming a mystery shopper. There's also advice on diversifying your career and successfully negotiating a pay rise. With one in ten of us falling victim to financial scams, we've the top tips on what to look out for. Finally what are the cheap ways for you to cut your carbon footprint?
12/11/202128 minutes, 36 seconds
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How to make money from social media

Kim and Eileen visit Ailidh Forlan as she makes some content in her Edinburgh kitchen. She shares the ingredients that make for a successful viral video and has some words of wisdom for those who want to follow in her footsteps. Suhit Amin started his Glasgow based influencer management and marketing agency when he was still a teenager. He talks through the current trends and sets out the steps to success if you want to become an internet sensation.
12/4/202128 minutes, 38 seconds
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What discrimination do people face when they don't fit into a box? As society becomes more diverse are the financial institutions keeping up? Kim and Eileen hear about the challenges in the current system and meet the experts who can help you navigate them.
11/27/202127 minutes, 57 seconds
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Kim & Eileen sit down with Sarah Jayne Dunn from Citizens Advice Scotland and independent financial advisor Phil Anderson to discuss and decipher the phrases and acronyms you might come across when managing your money. They hear how ignoring the small print could cost you your car, your home or your savings.
11/20/202127 minutes, 57 seconds
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Loan sharks

Illegal money lending is still a real problem for communities across the country. Kim & Eileen meet the team who hunt the loan sharks. They hear what you can do if the sharks have already got their teeth into you. They also discover how to avoid getting caught up in the world of illegal lending in the first place.
11/13/202127 minutes, 58 seconds
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Additional needs and additional costs

Kim meets up with other mothers who also have a child with additional needs. They discuss the extra day to day expenses that come with the conditions. Getting help from specialist therapists, making adaptations to the house and repeatedly replacing damaged and destroyed items all mount up. The mums chat about where to find financial support and what you can learn from others who have already been down this road.
11/6/202128 minutes, 40 seconds
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Coping with cancer

Being diagnosed with a serious condition can throw your finances into turmoil. Kim and Eileen visit the Maggie's Centre in Dundee to hear from the patients how having cancer has changed what they can bring in and what they can spend. For some this means being forced to retire earlier than expected, for others it means trying to get their house in order before time runs out.
10/30/202127 minutes, 57 seconds
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Repair, reuse and upcycle

The team head to Stirling to visit a project that cuts down on what you spend and what you throw away. Eileen tries her hand at upcycling and hears how old jewellery can be given a new lease of life. Kim goes for a rummage around the "Library of Things" to discover how you can save a fortune by borrowing rather than buying.
10/23/202128 minutes, 40 seconds
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Time to join a credit union?

As more people struggle to make ends meet, credit unions are providing a financial lifeline to communities across Scotland. Kim & Eileen visit Right Way in Paisley to hear how a more personal approach can change the habits of those who have had trouble saving in the past. Staff and members share their experiences of benefiting from a different way of managing your money.
10/16/202127 minutes, 57 seconds
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Let's get physical

Does keeping fit need to be an expensive business and is it worth spending a few pounds to shed a few pounds? Kim and Eileen visit a gym where those who can afford it subsidise those who can't. Kim heads up Calton Hill to find out ways of keeping fit without a gym membership. Personal Trainer Pascal has tips on which pieces of exercise equipment you should invest in if you're on a budget. Eileen meets Chris who was determined to maintain his workout routine during lockdown, no matter the cost.
10/9/202127 minutes, 58 seconds
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Fuel poverty

As gas prices rise, what can you do to keep control of your energy bills? Kim and Eileen visit Pete to hear how he was able to get help after years of struggling to heat his home. They're joined by Michael from Citizen's Advice Scotland and Liam from Changeworks who have advice on the long term and short term steps you can take to stay cosy this winter.
10/2/202127 minutes, 32 seconds
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Moving from city to country

The pandemic has prompted many of us to consider buying a rural property. Kim and Eileen ask if the grass is greener once you give up your urban home. They discuss the current housing market with the solicitors who help people to make the move. Then it's off to Moffat in the Scottish Borders to meet a family who have turned their back on city life.
9/25/202128 minutes, 41 seconds
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How much is that doggy in the window?

Spending more time at home during the pandemic prompted many of us to consider getting a pet. Kim and Eileen meet a couple who paid a small fortune for their puppy. The staff at the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home share some advice on affordable ways to look after your own fluffy family members. A vet from the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) explains what the financial options are if you can’t cover the cost of treatment.
9/18/202128 minutes, 41 seconds
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The Rental Game

Are you considering a buy to let investment, or maybe looking for a flat to rent? Timely financial advice for landlords, tenants. With Kim McAllister and Eileen Adamson.
9/11/202127 minutes, 58 seconds
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Edinburgh Festival

Kim McAllister and Eileen Adamson hear from actors, comedians, technicians and venue owners about how they've managed their finances during the pandemic. They discuss the different ways of diversifying your income and the benefits of building up a rainy day fund. There's also advice on what to do if you've bought tickets for a gig that keeps getting postponed.
8/12/202127 minutes, 50 seconds
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Helping vulnerable people to manage their money

Looking after your finances can be challenging for all of us, but it’s particularly tricky if you have a visual or hearing impairment. When it comes to decisions about money we often look to our families for guidance but for children growing up in care, where can they turn? On the other hand what about parents who are reluctant to recognise that having learning disabilities doesn’t stop a child being financially independent.
8/2/202128 minutes
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The cost of surrogacy and adoption

Starting a family can be an expensive business. Kim & Eileen meet a surrogate who has helped three couples to have children. They also talk to a parent who has recently adopted. We hear about the hurdles you might face and how much it can cost to cross them.
7/26/202128 minutes
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Affordable justice

When was the last time you had to call a lawyer? Maybe it’s not happened yet, but if that day comes do you know what to do? More importantly – do you know how much it might cost you? And what if you can’t afford it – where does that leave you? Kim and Eileen sit down with experts from the Scottish Legal Aid Board and Citizens Advice Scotland to find out the answers.
7/19/202128 minutes, 1 second
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Could my pension save the planet?

Your pension pot is a significant amount of money but do you have any idea what it’s being used for right now? Many of us claim to have green credentials, but do you know which companies are benefiting from your money? How do you even find out how where your pension is invested? Can you persuade your pension provider to be greener? Are green investments going to produce a lower return?
7/12/202128 minutes
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Improving your credit score

There are few significant purchases you can make these days without your finances being checked out. What are the ways to build a healthy history without taking on too much debt? Kim & Eileen discover the steps you can take now to increase your chances of a positive decision in the future.
7/5/202128 minutes
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Money worries and sleepless nights

Whether we're rich or poor is seems that most of us worry about money from time to time. Eileen Adamson brings together a GP, a psychologist and a pension's specialist to offer practical advice on managing any anxiety caused by your financial situation.
6/28/202128 minutes
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Beginner's guide to bankruptcy

Measures put in place during lockdown offered payment holidays from mortgages, loans and credit cards. However, as this support falls away it's predicted there will be a financial pandemic with more and more of us unable to cover our outgoings. Insolvency and bankruptcy may be the stuff of nightmares, but thousands of people go through it every year. Kim and Eileen discover what's involved and find out the ways to avoid it.
6/21/202128 minutes, 12 seconds
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Kim and Eileen consider if it makes financial sense to switch to an electric vehicle. They also look at your consumer rights when buying new or second hand. If you're not ready to make the move yet then we've tips on getting more miles for your money in your current car.
6/14/202128 minutes
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Covid is causing confusion and caution among travellers this summer. Travel expert Lady Janey has advice on making the best decisions so that you don't end up out of pocket. She'll explain how to pay, who to pay and why insurance mustn't be an optional extra this year.
6/7/202127 minutes, 58 seconds
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Widowed at a young age

How prepared are you to pick up the financial pieces following an unexpected death? Kim and Eileen meet Veronica who struggled to sort things out when her husband died suddenly at the age of 41. Now she's using her experience to help others. Independent Financial Adviser Julie Flynn has some steps we can all take now to make it easier for those who are left behind to manage our money. Adam Stachura from Age Scotland explains the pitfalls of having only one half of your partnership taking responsibility for the household finances.
5/31/202128 minutes, 12 seconds
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During lockdown the number of people gambling has increased. For some it's just a bit of fun, but for others it can get out of hand and start causing problems for their finances and family. A gambler who recently kicked the habit shares his story with Kim & Eileen.
5/24/202128 minutes
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Advice for Young People

The transition from teenage years to adulthood can be a tough for your personal finances. What should you ask before signing your first employment contract or tenancy agreement?
5/17/202128 minutes
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Armed Services Advice Project

Kim and Eileen meet the veterans struggling to make ends meet on civvy street. The ex-servicemen share their stories of having to leave the forces and live on a limited income. Fortunately the Armed Services Advice Project which is funded by Citizen's Advice Scotland and Poppy Scotland is here to help.
5/10/202127 minutes, 59 seconds
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Support to help your business grow

Kim and Eileen sit down with two female entrepreneurs to find out what to consider when looking for investment. They hear about how the women have grown their own successful businesses and why they're helping others to follow in their footsteps.
5/3/202128 minutes
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Breaking free from financial abuse

How much control do you have over your money? Does someone else hold the purse strings? Who can you turn to for help so you can start making your own financial decisions again?
3/29/202128 minutes, 36 seconds
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Spring cleaning your finances

As the end of the tax year approaches it's time to take stock of your money. To mark the anniversary of lockdown starting we look at the impact Covid has had on family finances.
3/22/202128 minutes
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Top of the class

Education may be free in Scotland but have you budgeted for the cost of uniforms, lunches and school trips? Is moving home to get into a better catchment area a good investment?
3/15/202128 minutes
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Appy talk

Taking a look at the latest technology that is being developed in Scotland to make managing your money easier and discussing the most helpful apps to consider downloading.
3/8/202128 minutes, 40 seconds
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How to spot a scam

Learn how the crooks are using Covid to get hold of your cash. A woman who is thousands of pounds out of pocket warns others about signing up for energy efficiency schemes.
3/1/202128 minutes
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How to add value to your property

What improvements could you be investing in now that would add value in the years to come? If money’s tight, we have tips for a thrifty makeover before your home hits the market.
2/22/202128 minutes
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Become confident at complaining

Learn how to speak up about poor service, haggle for a better deal and give some friendly feedback. There's also advice on winning a dispute over potholes and parking tickets.
2/15/202128 minutes
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Where there's a will...

What's the best way to pass your money to the next generation? How do you reduce the amount of inheritance tax? Why a funeral plan can give you & your family peace of mind.
2/8/202128 minutes, 1 second
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The cost of breaking up

How do you untangle years of joint finances? Do you know if you can even afford to leave?
2/1/202127 minutes, 59 seconds
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Getting by on benefits

If your income’s taken a hit we’ve advice on benefits and some tips to cut your costs.
1/25/202128 minutes
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Helping your parents to handle their finances.

It's such an uncomfortable topic many of us don’t want to have that conversation. We share the knowledge and techniques so you feel able to able to broach the subject.
11/9/202028 minutes, 48 seconds
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Does money buy happiness?

How healthy is your relationship with money? What triggers us to splash the cash? Are we addicted to the buzz of spending money? How can we re-train our brain to behave better?
11/2/202028 minutes, 38 seconds
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How can I protect and grow my income?

Kim & Eileen look at how broadening your sources of earning can make you more financially secure, and ask if it’s time to take out some insurance policies to protect your income.
10/26/202028 minutes, 23 seconds
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Why on earth would you want to start a business in 2020?

Business insiders share their secrets to a successful launch and we hear how covid is making it challenging for a new nettle cordial company to get off the ground.
10/19/202028 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

What's the best thing to invest in now?

Kim and Eileen set out to find what can be gained from putting your money into a range of investments. They weigh up the pros and cons of gold, whisky, crypto and classic cars.
10/12/202032 minutes, 58 seconds
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What's the point in saving?

With interest rates at record lows and potentially going negative, what impact will this have on savings and what should you do with any savings you’ve got?
10/5/202029 minutes, 28 seconds
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With the housing market heating up is it time to buy, sell or renovate?

We look at what lockdown has done to property prices, the cost effective ways to renovate your home and how investing in green heating technologies can be good for your pocket.
9/28/202029 minutes, 47 seconds
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Dealing with Debt

Debt management was always a big issue, but following Covid it’s more important than ever. This episode explores how you can reduce your debts in the most efficient way.
9/21/202027 minutes, 59 seconds
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Helping your kids budget for university life.

Are you confident your children will be able to manage their money as they head off to study? Find out what your teenagers need to know and the best way to get that message across.
9/14/202030 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Will my pension be enough?

Worried your pension won't be enough? Kim and Eileen get advice on building up your pension pots, avoiding unethical investments and maximising your returns for when you retire.
9/7/202029 minutes, 13 seconds
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How to catch a dragon

With an uncertain job market, now might be the time to strike out on your own. Kim McAllister and Eileen Adamson find out what you can do to become desirable to an investor.
8/31/202029 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to handle redundancy

Kim MacAllister and Eileen Adamson sit down with Nina Ballantyne and Gus Grant-Lyford of Citizens' Advice Scotland to hear how to access benefits if you've lost your job.
8/24/202029 minutes, 11 seconds
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Welcome to Clever About Cash

Kim McAllister and Eileen Adamson help you get all over your personal finances. Making the most from what you’ve got and finding out how to get more to keep you going.
8/17/20201 minute, 57 seconds