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English, News media, 1 season, 17 episodes, 5 hours, 15 minutes
The Clean Earth Energy Podcast is about news, big ideas, insights, questions, and commentary about sustainability across a wide range of topics. From clean energy and the energy transition, to electric vehicles and e-mobility, and the actions, policies and technologies across the world that are driving the transition toward reducing carbon emissions. Clean Earth Energy Founder, Mark Wyche shares his perspectives and talks to a variety of people at the forefront of sustainability to share their insights on how the world can achieve a sustainable future.
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Why Did Florida Change Its Approach to Climate Change?

Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, has signed a controversial new law in Florida that reduces the emphasis on climate change in state policies, shifting focus to immediate environmental concerns like flooding and storm resilience. This video explores the potential benefits and downsides of this bold move, comparing it to similar actions taken by other states and countries. We also discuss the recent veto of a bill aimed at increasing electric vehicle adoption in state and local government fleets.Support the Show.Follow us! Instagram YouTube Facebook LinkedIn Support us on Patreon. Contact us! [email protected]
5/20/20246 minutes, 44 seconds
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Is the Hype Around EVs Misleading Consumers?

Electric vehicles get a lot of bad press, often based on outdated or exaggerated claims. This video breaks down the most common myths about EVs, from cost to cold-weather performance and charging worries.  It also takes a critical look at how news coverage sometimes fuels these misconceptions. Support the showFollow us! Instagram YouTube Facebook LinkedIn Contact us! [email protected]
3/14/202418 minutes, 28 seconds
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Why the EV Industry Should Thank Cadillac for Its Escalade IQ EV

In this episode, we introduce the recently announced Cadillac Escalade IQ EV. host, Mark Wyche, discusses why it's considered 'The Franchise' for Cadillac, and its significance as a leader among full-size luxury SUVs in terms of price, features, and performance. As Cadillac enters the EV arena with the Escalade IQ EV, Mark talks about the vehicle's design, features, trim options, performance, build, driving range, and EV charging time. We also discuss who the Cadillac Escalade IQ is for, and why it's an important vehicle for the EV industry, highlighting  its mainstream appeal.Support the show
8/14/202310 minutes, 3 seconds
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Tesla Continues to Electrify EV Industry With Automakers Shifting to Its Charging Standard - Part 2

In this episode, we take a deeper look into the transition from Common Charging Standard (CCS) EV charging connectors to Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS). We begin with a quick recap of Part 1, where we discussed major automakers such as GM, Volvo, Ford, and Rivian embracing NACS. We also explored the implications of this shift for the national EV charging network mandate set by the Biden Administration, including the requirements for the CCS charging standard, Tesla's expansion of its charging network under federal subsidies, the Texas mandate for NACS, and the Society of Automotive Engineers’ (SAE) plans to immediately standardize NACS.However, just as we finished Part 1, Mercedes-Benz announced their adoption of NACS, throwing a twist into the mix. We discuss the motivations behind the German auto giant’s decision, and compare it to BMW's stance on shifting to the NACS standard. Our guest, Jarrett Brown, shares insightful commentary on the development and what it means for the future. Next, we compare and contrast the NACS and CCS charging types, drawing from our experiences and discussing the various pros and cons of each. We also explore the topic of CCS-NACS adapters and the considerations of Hyundai and Kia, who are contemplating NACS adoption but seek support for 800V charging. We also analyze the limitations of NACS in terms of output and Tesla's perspective on the matter. The practicality of 800V charging in everyday situations is debated, along with the idea of making it a requirement for consumer EV purchases.Shifting gears, we explore the broader EV charging roadmap and how NACS adoption can improve the overall charging experience. We address questions such as whether EV consumers should buy now or wait for further developments, the potential for OEMs to retrofit cars to support NACS, and the impact of NACS adoption in Europe. Tesla's favorable competitive position, the success of Model 3 and Model Y, and its investments in Europe are potential factors in Europe considering the shift to NACS.Join us as we navigate the electrifying landscape of EV charging, analyze the motivations behind automakers' decisions, and shed light on the future of NACS and its impact on the industry and consumers.Support the show
7/13/202333 minutes, 13 seconds
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Tesla Continues to Electrify the EV Industry With Automakers Shifting to NACS Standard - Part 1

In this episode, host Mark Wyche discusses the state of electric vehicle (EV) charging in North America, with a focus on the North American Charging Standard (NACS), also known as the Tesla standard. Mark begins by highlighting the current state of EV charging in North America, noting the rapid growth in EV adoption but the lack of infrastructure to support it. Mark then delves into the background of the Biden administration's announcement of a national EV charging network, which specifies the use of the CCS (common charging standard). He explains how Tesla's Supercharger network plays a big influence over the proposed national EV charging network. He also discusses the recent announcements made by major automakers regarding their adoption of the NACS standard. General Motors, Ford, Rivian, and Volvo have all stated their intention to integrate NACS into their vehicles.. Mark also mentions ongoing talks between Hyundai Motor Group and Tesla to explore the possibility of integrating NACS into Hyundai's vehicles.The podcast episode also covers the role of Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in adopting NACS as a standard, the state of EV charging in Texas with its requirement for NACS connectors, and the potential implications for other European automakers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Mark notes that the widespread adoption of NACS by major automakers could lead to a more unified charging experience, improved interoperability, and better EV charging infrastructure overall.Correction: Ford was the first automaker to announce its transition away from CCS in favor of NACS.Support the show
7/12/202327 minutes, 48 seconds
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Why New and Low Mileage EVs With Minor Damage After A Car Accident Often End Up In the Junkyard

New and low mileage EVs with minor damage after a car accident often end up in the junkyard, which limits the advantages of EVs over gas vehicles, and contributes to damage to the environment. We talk about what's behind this trend and what can be done to solve it. Support the show
3/23/20239 minutes, 29 seconds
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America Electrified: Breaking Down the Biden Administration’s Plan for a National EV Charging Infrastructure

In this episode, we talk about the Biden Administration’s announcement of its rules for the US national EV charging network and what it means for EV drivers, EV charging station manufacturers, and service providers.2030 is an aggressive timeline to implement the plan according to many. The Biden administration, however, is being firm in its rules in an attempt to accelerate the transition to EVs and reduce carbon emissions in the US as part of this Climate plan. The Administration’s new rules for EV charging also has big implications for Tesla, the country’s #1 EV automaker. Will Tesla comply with the new rules? We also cover the EV charging experience in the US for EV drivers, and how the Biden Administration EV charging network plan can have a major positive impact on EV ownership and the perception of EVs - if Biden’s plan can be delivered by 2030. Support the show
2/21/202322 minutes, 31 seconds
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Say Goodbye to Range Anxiety: The Future of EVs Goes Beyond Long Driving Range!

58% of new car buyers won't consider an EV because of range anxiety. We look into what's behind EV range anxiety, whether it is a legitimate concern for drivers, and what is being done by automakers and EV charging companies to improve the EV driving experience, or range anxiety, for motorists.We also give commentary on Mazda USA CEO, Jeffrey Guyton's comments that he doesn't think longer range EVs are the future. We're curious to hear what you think.Finally, we talk about our ideal maximum range for an EV. We consider how we would use an EV day-to-day, as well as for the occasional road trip.Don't forget to Like, Follow and Subscribe wherever you happen to see this podcast or video. We appreciate it!Support the show
2/8/202322 minutes, 4 seconds
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Is Ford Catching Up to Tesla? See Volvo’s EX90 EV. What BMW, Tesla & Toyota Will Do With Future EVs

In this episode, Ford becomes the #2 EV seller in the US, but are they moving any closer to catching Tesla?BMW has been making lots of news recently with its EV plans. They recently announced a major shift in how they intend to sell to consumer. Also, see what their CEO thinks is 'hip' in EVs.Volvo has taken the first steps toward phasing out Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles by 2030 with their announcement of their new flagship EV SUV, the EX90.Porsche has made it 100K with its Taycan. Could it be an all electric future for the company?Tesla is 8 times more profitable than Toyota, and has a 3 times bigger market cap. But, Toyota is over 7 times bigger than Tesla. What is going on?!Support the show
11/13/202221 minutes, 43 seconds
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It's Going to Be a Cold Winter - Japan, Germany, UK, USA - Bundle Up!

In this episode: Winter is quickly approaching and several major economies are maneuvering aggressively with energy assistance policies to protect their citizens and businesses from high energy bills. We take a look at what's happening in Japan, Germany, UK and the USA, and what leadership in these countries are doing to protect their citizens, business, economies and energy resources.KB Home is launching a microgram residential community in California. We take a look at this community and whether it could serve as a model for the future of home construction, as well as create opportunities for less dependency on electric grids.Australia is generating record amounts of rooftop solar. While this is a good thing, it presents some significant challenges for the country and its utility providers. We take a look at Australia emerging as a leader in renewable energy, and how the new challenges it faces can be solved.A recent report has shown that the majority of Australians have serious concerns about climate change and its impacts. We take a look at the attitudes of Australians toward climate change and what they believe the Australian government should be doing to counter the effects of climate change.Support the show
11/6/202222 minutes, 57 seconds
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US EV Tax Credit And Hyundai – Kia’s fight for an exception, Toyota EV Strategy Rethink & IKEA Autonomous Freight – Episode 8

This episode covers Biden's clean energy agenda and what it means for the $7500 US EV tax credit. This couldn't have happened without the vote from West Virginia Democratic Senator, Joe Manchin. Senator Manchin, however, has stated that the EV tax credit only apply to US domestic EV manufacturers. This has prompted strong protest from Hyundai - Kia and the South Korea government.Toyota has decided to rethink its EV strategy after saying years ago that Tesla's technology was nothing noteworthy and that EVs would become mainstream for decades. Tesla has the engineering and cost advantage. So what will Toyota do?This podcast also covers IKEA and Kodiak testing the latter's autonomous vehicle transport technology for freight shipment in Texas.Support the show
10/31/202225 minutes, 31 seconds
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Autonomous and Advanced Driving Assist Vehicles, Tesla Autopilot & FSD Crashes

See This Podcast Episode On YouTube In this podcast, we cover: Advanced Driver Systems (ADS) and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), what they are and [...]Support the show
6/17/202230 minutes, 26 seconds