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Classical Stuff You Should Know

English, Music, 243 seasons, 251 episodes, 2 days 23 hours 12 minutes
A.J., Graeme, and Thomas discuss everything having to do with the classical world. Our aim is to help both educators and laypeople enjoy the classical world as much as they enjoy fine ales and good tales.
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An Interview with Joshua Gibbs

Thomas was kind enough to reach out to Joshua Gibbs for an interview, and the results speak for themselves. Joshua is a renowned figure in the classical world, and we're happy to have him (and his great big bushy beard) on the podcast.
29/03/20221 hour 4 minutes 4 seconds
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123: Purgatorio: not just what a happy, Italian cat says

We've done Dante's Inferno before, so Thomas introduces us to his Purgatorio in this episode. Doesn't "Purgatorio" sound like the Italian version of famous horror movie "The Purge"? It isn't, though.
17/03/20201 hour 2 minutes 52 seconds
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Arthur Graeme Donaldson Hanenburg Magbee III

No episode this week. See you next week!
25/06/20192 minutes 44 seconds
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We're taking a break this week. See you next week!
23/04/201958 seconds
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48: On Fairy Stories

Beez walks us through Tolkien's Article, "On Fairy-Stories," and we discuss the nature of humanity as it relates to fiction.
31/07/201859 minutes