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Episode 6 - Farming Basics

Ben & Med both join as co-hosts this week as we start a new series discussing Resource Farming.  We start with the basics that you need to know in order to steal resources efficiently, paying attention to the costs of your army and the costs of your spells.  We talk about using your spells efficiently as well as what army compositions we each prefer to use while farming.  Then we take a bit to talk about using Barracks Boosts and how they can really help you take your Clashing to the next level in terms of fun and farming. We wrap up with a couple farming videos - the first at TH8 showing a great use of spells, and the second all the way back at TH5 for you guys still working your way up - Enjoy! TH8 Farming - Swarms & Spells TH5 Farming -- Stede
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Episode 5 - Point Defenses

Back on Schedule, Ben joins as co-host for this week's episode as we catch up on the long slog of farming through TH8 and talk to you about Point Defenses.  We walk you through how we use our Cannons, Archer Towers, Teslas, and even XBows with tips and tricks on how to use each in your base layout.  Since our show ran long and I was swamped with work, we've no videos this week, but be sure to catch up on all our Youtube videos by clicking the links at the top of the page and come say hi on Twitter! -- Stede
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Episode 4 - All About Wallbreakers

After 3 week break, the Clash of Casuals Podcast returns with Medvayne taking over co-hosting duties as we take an episode to talk all about Wallbreakers while Sueshi takes some time off.  We start by talking about how to use diversions to occupy point defenses while your wallbreakers sneak in and land on the target without getting burned.  Then we talk about the AI of wallbreakers before finally having some more advanced discussion about how the Wallbreaker AI can be used to direct your troops and your attack by influencing the troop AI.  We wrap up with a video highlight from our last clan war that shows how troop AI can really bite you if you're not careful. Melting Faces Hope you guys will bear with some of the audio quality issues - Sueshi has a tighter setup and I'm still learning the ropes - we'll get it all ironed out soon! --Stede
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Episode 3 - Clan Wars Updates!

This week Sueshi and take a break from our usual format and talk about the latest Clash of Clans game update and all the new features added to Clan Wars.  We talk about Clan Wars Base Layouts, new stats pages, and the ability to dump Clan Castle Reinforcements in Clan Wars.  We wrap up with some video Highlights for our last Clan War: Dragon Annihilates Attack Balloons Busting Bases Go download and subscribe on iTunes / Stitcher! -- Stede
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Episode 2 - Baiting & Burning Clan Castle Reinforcements Like a Pro

This week, Sueshi and I tell you how to properly bait clan castle reinforcements and deal with them without compromising your attack.  We walk through how to deal with Dragons & Barbarian Kings, and how to spot when a Clan Wars opponent may or may not have a Dragon waiting for you.  We also run through what troops fit best into smaller level Clan Castles so you can protect your lowbie clanmates - including some dark elixir ideas.  We wrap up with some vids that show our advice in action - or what happens when it goes ignored: Baiting out the Clan Castle (Save Some for the End!) Single Dragon in Clan Castle Drops a Full Meatshield Faster Than You Can Say Hamburger Valkyries - 8 slots of Pure Destruction So go download already! -- Stede
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Episode 1 - Base Layout Basics

Co-Host Sueshi and I kick off the first episode of the Clash of Casuals Podcast with a brief overview of the show and some crucial discussion about Base Layout Basics - Farming bases vs Trophy bases.  We talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each and help you sort out which is best for you.  We wrap with some highlights and heartbreaks from our last week of clashing.  Links for the replays are below: Don't Use This TH9 Layout There Be Dragons!! Bring The Heat -- Stede
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I know it doesn't look like much right now, but in a week or two things should start shaping up here.  The Clash of Casuals Podcast is having its foundations laid.  Soon, we'll get started making weekly shows that run between 20 & 30 minutes geared towards the casual Clash of Clans player. Now when I say casual, I have to admit, I have 3 active accounts (TH5, TH6, and TH7).  That said, I know I'm a far cry from being a hardcore player.  But Clash of Clans has been the ideal casual game for me - it's accessible, it's quick, and I keep wanting to come back to it. There aren't a lot of podcasts dedicated to Clash of Clans, but I hope that once we get everything moving here, that you'll come back and give us a listen.  Our shows will stick  to a PG rating and we'll try to cover 1 or 2 basic or intermediate topics each week.  In addition, we'll be setting up a Youtube channel with replays of highlights and bloopers that will go along with the show each week. So give us a bookmark and stay tuned! -- Stede