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Christopher Lochhead Follow Your Different™ Podcast is a celebration of people, ideas and companies that stand out. A leader in the category “dialogue podcasts,” it feels like eavesdropping on a surprisingly captivating, candid, insightful, no-BS and conversation. Lochhead features legends whose names you will know and everyday legends who you’ll love getting to know. New York Times Bestselling author Hal Elrod calls it “one of the best podcasts of all time”, NBA Legend Bill Walton calls Lochhead “an exploding star – a quasar across the sky", The Marketing Journal says he’s “one of the best minds in marketing” and The Economist says he’s, “off-putting to some”.
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306 Beat The Odds: From Abused Orphan to Loving Father with Peter Mutabazi, Bestselling Author: Now I Am Known

When we come face to face with the raw enormity of the human spirit, it can be truly stunning. And when we encounter a person who is so magnanimous, they inspire us to ask questions like, “What could I do?” Today on Christopher Lochhead: Follow Your Different, we talk to one such person, Peter Mutabazi. Peter grew up in shocking poverty, was called garbage and physically abused by his father. He ran away from home, and by 10 years of age became a “street kid” in the capital of Uganda Kampala. Today, Peter lives in America, and he's living a legendary life as a foster dad. He is also running a foundation called I Am Known Foundation, and his mission is to help increase foster parenting to help care for the most vulnerable children in our country. By the end of this episode, you will gain a visceral understanding of how a person can literally traverse from the worst imaginable situations as a child to achieving success, happiness, and a deep sense of what he calls true worth. Peter Mut
06/03/20231 hour 1 minute 59 seconds
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276 The Voice In Your Head, Why It Matters, & How To Harness It with Psychologist & Author of “Chatter” Ethan Kross

On this episode of Christopher Lochhead: Follow Your Different, we talk about those voices in your head with our award-winning guest, Dr. Ethan Kross. Who knows, you might learn something useful from listening to it. Dr. Ethan Kross is an award-winning psychologist and professor at the University of Michigan and the Ross School of Business. He has a new book out called Chatter: the voice in your head, why it matters and how to harness it. Bestselling author Adam Grant says, “this book is going to fundamentally change some of the most important conversations in your life, the ones you have with yourself.” So if you want to know how you can work with those voices in your head to make your life better, stay tuned to this episode. Ethan Kross on the Voices in your head The conversation starts off with the topic of Ethan Kross’ new book, Chatter. Ethan explains that we all have an inner voice, which is the ability to silently use language to reflect on our lives. “it's a tool of the mind
14/06/20221 hour 16 minutes 56 seconds
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Year End Message From Christopher

This is Christopher and I just wanted to take a little moment to share a couple quick things with you. First, just big thank you. Thank you for making me and our entire team part of your 2020. The second thing, I know it's been a horrible year for many of us, for me and my family, it's been the most horrible year of all. I also want you to know that I thought about quitting a lot this year, both podcasting and writing. Knowing that you were there, if you sent email or tweets or LinkedIn messages or just knowing you were there, has made a big difference. I didn't know (when I started writing and podcasting) how much the friendships that I would develop with our listeners and readers would mean to me. Even if we've never met or exchanged a message, I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. Thank you because for the last 15 months, it's really been the worst time of my life. Having you with me has made a giant difference. I know you being there has made a giant
31/12/20202 minutes 28 seconds
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A Call For Unity | Yesterday In Santa Cruz

Monday June 8th, 2020 Yesterday in Santa Cruz, I cried at the vigil for Sargent Damon Gutzwiller, of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s department. He was shot to death on Saturday. Yesterday in Santa Cruz, I paddled out for George Floyd. With over 500 people (A paddle out is how surfers mourn). There have been paddle outs for George Floyd all over the world. Yesterday in the Ocean of Santa Cruz, people of many races screamed “Black Lives Matter”. Together. Yesterday the people of Santa Cruz showed that you can stand against evil racism, and stand for good cops. At the same time. Because both are the same thing. Both are stand against violence. Both are stand against evil. Yesterday in Santa Cruz, I cried for these two men. And so did countless others. Of virtually every race. Of all the tears that were cried yesterday in Santa Cruz, every single last one of them, was colorless. Now, I’d like to share a deeply personal story with you. A story I have never shared before. La
08/06/20205 minutes 27 seconds
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7 Recession Marketing Ideas

Christopher Lochhead discusses, in his newly launched podcast, Lochhead on Marketing talks about some of his ideas timely for a potential recession. With this threat coming, Christopher points out the importance of developing and acting on ideas that would make your companies survive this disastrous event. He hopes that through these suggestions, your company will come out even come out stronger from a potential recession. Without further adieu, here are Christopher's 7 Recession Marketing Ideas Never Let A Good Recession Go To Waste!Assume you can’t raise any more moneyMeasure twice, cut onceBrainstorm short-term ways to increase revenueMarket & Sell Into The WhitespaceConsider a competitor trade-inDouble Down on Your Category You can check out Lochhead Marketing Podcast on or any podcast player that you and listen to episode 008 7 Recession Marketing Ideas. Links: Lochhead on Marketing We hope you enjoyed this episode of Follow Your Different™! Chris
19/08/20191 minute 29 seconds
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We have just launched a new marketing podcast! It talks about the mindsets and strategies for winning ⁠— with a special focus on how you design, create and dominate market categories. It’s called LOCHHEAD ON MARKETING. Radical Generosity As Christopher is not a fan of self-promotion (which may sound crazy, coming from a three-time marketing guy), we have thought about how we’re going to market and promote the podcast. On one hand, we wanted to do some marketing that would feel comfortable without the overly self-promotional crap. This brings us to Christopher’s buddy and co-conspirator on category creation and design, and legendary marketing, Eddie Yoon.  He has this powerful idea that legendary category designers practice “radical generosity.”  “If you think about the word ‘creation’, in a lot of ways, you could argue creation is about bringing something to the world and Eddie says, if you wanted to create a design category -- having a radical generosity mindset matters
12/08/20196 minutes 26 seconds
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082 Next Time You’re In The Endzone, Act Like You’ve Been There Before

In this episode, Christopher Lochhead talks about the idea of “faking it till you make it.” He poses a real question about what to do when you finally “make it.” This episode is inspired by Silicon Valley coach Bill Campbell’s quote, “next time you’re in the endzone, act like you’ve been there before.” Bill Campbell’s Wise Words On Episode 072, Randy Komisar of Kleiner Perkins joined Lochhead to celebrate the life and lessons of legendary Silicon Valley coach, late Bill Campbell. Guest Randy Komisar, along with colleague Paul Martino of Bullpen Capital, came together to capture Bill in a podcast, called No Bull Podcast. Bill was the coach to Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and countless Silicon Valley legends.             Randy shared a story about Bill, back when he was coaching a football team. There was a time when the team hit a touch down and went mental to celebrate the small victory. According to Randy, Bill did not approve of this and gave the team his wise words: “Hey guys, next time
22/07/20197 minutes 8 seconds
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081 American Immigrant Dreamer Entrepreneur, Diego Corzo

Young immigrant and entrepreneur dreamer Diego Corzo joins us today in an insightful conversation about entrepreneurship, investing and achieving dreams in a different country. This episode takes the theoretical discussion about the immigration debate in the US and makes it real through Diego.  Being an Undocumented Immigrant Diego Corzo entered the US with his family when he was nine. He understood the implications of being undocumented when he applied for a driver’s license. He got denied because of his status. These obstacles continued when he found out he was not eligible for any financial grants or student loans. “I saw the sacrifices that my parents had, from not speaking English to finding work. My mother, from working in a bank, she was cleaning toilets and houses, without having a day off for a long while.” - Diego Corzo He was a straight-A student at Florida State University and was working part-time and doing some internships with small business and non-profits organizations
19/07/201959 minutes 25 seconds
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080 B2B & B2C Entrepreneur Strava CoFounder Mark Gainey

In this episode, Mark Gainey, a serial entrepreneur with big-time success B2B and B2C, joins us for another insight-packed conversation. He is the co-founder and chairman of Strava, the athlete’s social network. Today, he talks about entrepreneurship and success, despite major setbacks in his life. The Virtual Athlete’s Locker Room The Swedish word for strive is strava, which is defined as “to make great efforts to achieve or obtain.” This is perfect for a team of individuals who have the ambition and attitude to achieve more. Strava’s mission is to build the most engaged community of athletes in the world. Co-founders and former college colleagues Mark Gainey and Michael Horvath dreamt about this company way back in 1995. They had the concept of creating a virtual locker room and they called it “Kana Sports.” “We had this concept at the back of our minds, how Kana sports morphed into Kana communications, we had a great time building that, no regrets.” - Mark Gainey From B2B to B2C Ma
17/07/20191 hour 50 minutes 26 seconds
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079 The Power of Unstructured Conversations w/ Podcaster Eric Hunley

This is a great episode, with a great guy Eric Hunley, a fellow podcaster and host of Unstructured. He shares his learnings and insights from his guests—whose backgrounds range from FBI, military and law enforcement to entrepreneurs, authors, and thinkers.    The Unstructured Podcast Eric Hunley hosts the podcast Unstructured. Although he is well-known for his unstructured-style interview, he admits that he does a lot of research beforehand. Further, he leads the guest to a path by asking triggering questions.  “By triggering, it's not to get them upset per se. I wanna know what their passion is, what makes them tick, why they do certain things, I want them to be excited.” - Eric Hunley Crime and Investigation Podcast Guests Eric shares some very interesting (and disturbing for some) stories about his guests with a background in military and law enforcement. In particular, his upcoming guest is an ex-FBI agent. He used to handle bombs but then crossed over into the behavioral analysis
15/07/20191 hour 6 minutes 20 seconds
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078 From Goldman Sachs To Cannabis Venture Capital Pioneer w/ Codie Sanchez

Let's get to know Codie Sanchez in today’s fun and insightful episode as she lives on the leading edge of venture capital and entrepreneurship. She is an investor, speaker and business builder. She is a partner at Cresco Capital Partners, one of the first PE funds in the legalized cannabis space. From Great To Greater Codie is a former mutual fund manager at Goldman Sachs and a consultant to Facebook, Apple, and Amazon. She earned her MBA from Georgetown University and received her Ph.D. from FGV in Brazil. Given her credentials, she is upfront about not staying long with her previous company nor working in the marijuana industry. “After a while, everybody has to graduate from that realm and go do something in the world. I was feeling like it was time.” - Codie Sanchez She started investing in cannabis privately until she saw the actual numbers and the industry growth potential. Aside from being a Venture Capitalist, she is an active advocate in lobbying for federally funded marijuana
12/07/20191 hour 24 minutes 56 seconds
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077 Venture Capital, Startups, IPOs & Immigrants Oh My!

In this episode, Christopher Lochhead shares his insights about venture capitalists, start-ups, IPOs and immigrants and how these topics have driven the economy of the United States. Lochhead poses some serious questions and asks why there is not enough discussion on these matters. Venture Capitalists and The Upcoming Elections In a study published by Brookings, they claimed that “in recent decades Venture Capital (VC) has generated more economic and employment growth in the U.S. than any other investment sector. Annually, venture investment makes up only 0.2% of GDP, but delivers an astonishing 21% of U.S. GDP in the form of VC-backed business revenues."Further, Brookings stated that 51% of VCs invested around $45.7B in California. Lochhead concludes that other states are losing the opportunity of gaining value in this incredible economy. For Lochhead, the lack of support of government officials might explain the absence of VC in other States. Successful VCs have proven to create a
10/07/201920 minutes
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076 Billionaire Entrepreneur Tom Siebel on Digital Transformation

In today’s episode, Billionaire Entrepreneur Tom Siebel shares some thought-provoking insights on new, leading technologies and its impact on businesses and society. He is the founder of C3.AI, a new software platform that harnesses Big Data, IoT AND AI. Tom covers in this episode the contents of his book, Digital Transformation, as well as some intriguing ideas about huge US Tech companies. Silicon Valley Entrepreneurial Giant Listeners might recall Bruce Clevland, author of “The Traction Gap” and guest in episode 033. He used to work with Tom Siebel at Siebel Systems, which was the category king in the 1st wave of CRM. In the year 1999, Fortune magazine named Siebel Systems “the fastest growing company in the United States.” In 2006, they merged with Oracle for $5.85 billion. Digital Transformation Tom has a brand new book entitled “Digital Transformation.” The book covers giant Megatrends and impacts on business and society. CEOs and senior leaders would find this book highly ben
08/07/201945 minutes 3 seconds
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075 Neil Pearlberg, Surf & Skateboard Podcast/Radio Legend On The “Worst Episode” Ever!

Surf and skateboard podcast host Neil Pearlberg joins us today in this special 4th of July episode dubbed as “The Worst Episode Ever!” This is a funny and silly conversation, just like two buddies hanging out over drinks⁠. We cannot guarantee that you’d find inspiration or motivation in this episode, but we're sure, you’d be laughing your brains off listening to this witty exchange of conversation! Off The Lip Radio Show Neil Pearlberg hosts the Off The Lip Radio Show (OTL)⁠— a popular radio show and podcast dedicated to surfing, skateboarding and laid back California lifestyle in Santa Cruz. The show is co-hosted by Terry Campion (TC), a skate-shop owner. The show has a wide array of guests and live-music, peppered with the unique humor of Neil and TC.  “Everybody takes life seriously. The show has to be fun! There’s so much seriousness in today’s world.” - Neil Pearlberg After Neil’s stint as a freelance writer for the Santa Cruz Sentinel, he proposed to KSCO management a program th
05/07/20191 hour 12 minutes 17 seconds
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074 From Abused Child to Fierce Ph.D. w/Carolyn Colleen, PhD

Dr. Carolyn Colleen is a shining example of the fierce power of the human spirit in the defiance of unthinkable abuse. Join us in this riveting conversation about her incredible journey—from surviving with food stamps to gaining her Ph.D. and becoming a celebrated author. This discussion is not only about abuse—it's about triumph—and it will impact a lot of people’s lives. The Past Doesn’t Define The Future Our guest today Dr. Carolyn Colleen, has a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She authored the best selling book FIERCE. On the side, she is a life and business strategist. She is a woman who commands presence, but surprisingly has struggled so much since childhood, up until she was married. “As my definition of love evolved, I evolved. I learned to further deepen my definition of love ⁠— how I see love in the world. I also have a deeper sense of self-love.” - Carolyn Colleen Carolyn’s Dark Past From the time she was four, Carolyn
03/07/20191 hour 10 minutes 59 seconds
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073 Why Dyslexia is a Superpower w/ Gibby Booth Jasper

Gibby Booth Jasper, host of podcast Dyslexia is a Superpower, joins us today for a powerful dialogue about the learning difference Dyslexia. As a coach and advocate, Gibby talks about real life experiences of Dyslexics as well as the challenges and triumphs that go along with it.  Dyslexia is a Superpower Gibby Booth Jasper believes that the real value of being dyslexic is the power of having a different mind. Dyslexics look at problems differently. It enables different solutions and in turn develops a person’s tenacity and determination.  Many people look at dyslexia as a disability. However, it can be noted that a learning difference is never a hindrance to achieve personal goals. Just look at famous dyslexic people such as John F. Kennedy, George Washington, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney,   Richard Branson and Steven Spielberg, to name a few. “They say everybody has a mountain to climb, but with dyslexia, your mountain has lava flowing, it has wild boars and all these obstacles. Whe
01/07/20191 hour 12 minutes 20 seconds
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072 Why Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos & many others turned to “The Coach” Bill Campbell

Randy Komisar of Kleiner Perkins joins us today to celebrate the life and lessons of legendary Silicon Valley coach, late Bill Campbell. Guest Randy Komisar, along with colleague Paul Martino of Bullpen Capital, came together to capture Bill in a podcast. Bill was the coach to Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and countless Silicon Valley legends.  Depicting The Real Bill Bill was featured in a book called Trillion Dollar Coach, prior to the release of Randy and Paul's podcast. The content of the book were flattering, but the title was so off-putting. It sets the wrong tone for understanding what BIll is all about.  “Bill wasn’t a guy with a big theory. He’s not that guy who has rules like ‘10 rules to be successful.’ He was somebody who connected incredibly well with who you were and what you need and was able to get you there.” - Randy Komisar  Bill was associated with a trillion dollars worth of value creation. He was not a highfalutin guy who would’ve wanted to be in the cover of a book. The
28/06/201956 minutes 14 seconds
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071 How to design a company that people are lining up to work for

Inspired by his conversation with Bob Evans at Cloud Wars Live, Christopher Lochhead talks about radical ideas involving employee happiness, growth, and satisfaction as key determinants in designing a company that people are lining up to work for.   Americans are Unhappy at Work Christopher shares the alarming truth of today’s workforce: Americans are unhappy with their jobs. In fact, in episode 056, guest Jim Harter discussed the rapid decline in the rate of productivity at work. Thirty-four percent (34%) of the 37.2 million American respondents surveyed said that they were not engaged. “If most employees say they are not engaged, and most managers say they are not engaged, then there's something off with the typical work environment—what most people would call culture.” - Christopher Lochhead Algebra of Happiness In episode 052, Professor Scott Galloway related how happiness can be plotted as a graph. A person’s happiness level starts relatively high until it slowly declines in a ph
26/06/201914 minutes 17 seconds
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070 Alternative Investing w/ Eric Satz

Eric Satz, CEO of Alto IRA and retirement planning advocate, joins us in today’s episode. He is on a mission to enable everyone to invest their retirement money in alternative investments⁠. He actively campaigns for drastic information dissemination among retirees to save them from potential poverty in the future. Diversifying Investments Regular listeners might remember the teachings of prior guests like David Osborne or Pat Hiban or Dorie Clark. These smart people recommend a diverse investment strategy that creates multiple income streams over time. Such a strategy will help investors achieve the amazing goal of having investments pay for all expenses. Eric Satz also promulgates diversifying investments, especially for retirees. He acknowledges the importance of various platforms today, where resources can be easily uploaded and disseminated. Eric and his team from Alto IRA provide information on alternative investments such as private startups, growth companies, real estate, loans
24/06/20191 hour 2 minutes 11 seconds
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069 Trust w/ Christian Anschuetz & Bob Evans

In this episode, former Marine and Entrepreneur Christian Anschuetz⁠ and Bob Evans, host of "Cloud Wars Live" podcast⁠, joins us for a conversation about the connection between trust and happiness. They explore the dichotomy of why trust has never mattered more but remains so low in major institutions. Trust is Collapsing The conversation starts about personal definitions of trust and how trust and love coincide. The guests share anecdotes on their personal lives and ultimately, how trust adds to overall happiness in any relationship. Given the background of the guests, the discussion took a quick turn in discussing the trust issues of consumers to institutions. “Whether it's on a corporate level or a personal level, who we are, on a large part, is the promise or commitment that we make and whether or not we keep those promises or commitment.” - Christian Anscheutz According to PR Firm Edleman⁠, only 48% of people trust the government and 47% trust the media. Moreover, The Atlantic say
21/06/20191 hour 29 minutes 16 seconds
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067 CEO Whisperer Jerry Colonna Reboot

WIRED calls Jerry Colonna the CEO Whisperer. He believes better human beings make better leaders. Today, he joins Lochhead in a fun and deep adult conversation about his new book, Reboot, and about growing up, what it takes to become a warrior leader and a lot more. Writing a Book He Would Read Jerry shares that Reboot is the only book he could write. Anything else would have been complete and utter bullshit. After all, he has had too many scars to bullshit his way through life. He didn’t even know what he wanted to write when he received his agent's offer. But soon he realized that they wanted him to be himself and show up. And the experience, coupled with his readers’ reactions, could easily reduce him to tears. “I wrote the book that I needed to read 20 years ago.” - Jerry Colonna Words Coming from Life Towards the beginning of his book, Jerry ran by some of the many hardships people could go through. A co-founder quitting, investors pulling funding, spouses giving up, and many mor
17/06/20191 hour 21 minutes 3 seconds
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066 Marketing Assassin Rick Bennett

Rick Bennett, Silicon Valley's advertising and marketing secret weapon, joins us for the last installation of this four-part series on Marketing. He specializes in guerrilla warfare marketing and has been the secret advertising weapon to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs for over 30 years. Two of his most spectacular successes are Oracle and, working with both Larry Ellison and Marc Benioff, respectively. “I like to do Marketing that causes emergency board meetings and CEO firings at my competitors.” - Christopher’s favorite expression from Rick Bennett Sharing Best Practices Having worked together in Silicon Valley, Lochhead considers Rick as one of his “Masters.” Rick is one of the advertising senseis in the field who has been humbled by the experience but is highly regarded in the industry. To Christopher’s surprise, Rick also shared how he extracts one-liners from one of his bestselling books, Niche Down: How to Be Legendary by Being Different. Rick Bennett, dubbed as T
14/06/20191 hour 14 minutes 34 seconds
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065 The Power of Niche Networks w/ Gina Bianchini

Gina Bianchini is a pioneering entrepreneur in social networking and the founder of Mighty Networks. Today, she speaks again with her bro Lochhead. They talk about building digital communities and why the future is about creating niche networks. “The more and more isolated that we all feel in our daily lives, the more valuable each and every one of these niche brands and businesses that can create compelling experiences.” - Gina Bianchini Mighty Networks from a Year Ago Mighty Networks has always been a platform for creators with a purpose. They cater to people—brands and businesses—that want to bring people together and build relationships. In turn, community members can learn and access content together while creators get paid what they are due. All of that while helping other people become the best versions of themselves. Which is pretty cool because this is the job that everybody wants today. On Building Niche Networks Gina came to realize that the notion of finding one’s niche ha
12/06/20191 hour 10 minutes 10 seconds
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064 How To Be A Legendary Marketing Leader w/ Sangram Vajre

On this episode, one of the new modern marketing leaders Sangram Vajre joins Lochhead for a riveting conversation. Sangram shares his takes on consumer and enterprise tech, category design, being an evangelist and so much more. Boom in Enterprise About 50 enterprise tech companies have gone public with a median increase of 126% in value since 2016. These numbers eclipse consumer tech companies, which have displayed a median of 15% market value increase. Lochhead and Sangram dish out their own conjectures about this gap between consumer and enterprise tech. “A theory is that your job depends on it (enterprise tech). Pinterest going up and down doesn’t change, really, my job day-to-day… Zoom is a must thing right now for businesses.” - Sangram Vajre Lochhead adds that consumer businesses are hit businesses and more vitamin-esque than aspirin-esque. Founders also tend to build consumer businesses on a short period of time due to the pressure of their predecessors’ success stories. In effe
11/06/20191 hour 11 minutes 32 seconds
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062 Andre Iguodala NBA Legend

We revisit Lochhead’s conversation with Andre Iguodala to celebrate the basketball legend's new book, The Sixth Man. What does it take to become an NBA World Champion with a thoughtful life design? The finals MVP of the Golden State Warriors joins us today to give an insider’s view. “How can this one thing turn into everything? How can you build something that hasn't been built?” - Andre Iguodala Finding His Way to the Bay Before he joined the Warriors, Andre had seen his fair share of rainy and muggy days. It was during that time that he chose to sit back and watch basketball a lot. Seeing his opponents and the certain kind of joy they had, he soon realized that he wanted to be in a place where he could enjoy basketball. “I just paid attention and it’s kind of being aware of your surroundings. That’s what kind of brought me here.” – Andre Iguodala Strengthening the Team’s Core Warriors’ head coach, Steve Kerr understood the ups and downs of playing in the NBA. The environment and mood
05/06/20191 hour 16 minutes 46 seconds
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061 Happy Money w/ Ken Honda 8 Million Bestselling Author

Ken Honda has authored over 50 books and sold over 8 million of them. Today, he joins Lochhead in a riveting conversation about his latest book, Happy Money and how you can have a powerful relationship with it. “Next time you have a hard time feeling happy about writing checks, just say, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me the opportunity to bless people with my money.’” - Ken Honda Happy Money Defined Ken exemplifies happy money through the news he watched prior to coming on the call with Lochhead. Someone delivered a speech about taking care of all the student loans of hundreds of college graduates. Without getting anything out of it, the person was lifting this particular burden, which kills lots of people, off of these graduates’ shoulders. “Happy money is money that makes you smile when you receive it. And also, it gives you joy when you spend it.” - Ken Honda This is a fascinating way of thinking about money. After all, most people and authors espouse how-tos of making
04/06/201959 minutes 14 seconds
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060 Cards Against Humanity Co-Creator Max Temkin

Living legendary designer Max Temkin, co-creator of Cards Against Humanity (“a party game for horrible people”) talks about his ideas on design, company building, his work ethic—or lack thereof—and so much more. Max’s Non-Existent Work Ethic Max proclaims himself as a horrible procrastinator with no work ethic. He can never decide to do something and sit down to actually do it. Because of this, he has developed coping mechanisms to get him through last-minute clutch work. This ties up with the philosophy of necessary and sufficient conditions that he personally believes in. Working hard is necessary to keep a business running but it is never sufficient. Hard work needs to be coupled with critical thinking, team play and good energy to make legendary things possible. “No one is successful just because they killed themselves with work.“ - Max Temkin The Wild Medium: Design Max says that it is incredibly difficult to break down what it means to be a designer. After all, so many skills
31/05/20191 hour 34 minutes 2 seconds
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059 Bill Walton NBA Legend, The Power of A Positive Life

In celebration of the NBA finals, we’re releasing a special re-issue of an episode with the legendary Bill Walton. Originally aired in February 2018, let us revisit this conversation full of Bill’s enthusiastic view of life through its many ups and downs. “When you wanna get someplace, you have to have the dream. And then you have to have a teacher, somebody who has been where you wanna go because the surest way to find out how get there first is to talk to somebody who’s on their way back.” - Bill Walton More Failures than Greatness A lot of life’s greatest lessons come mostly from failures, Bill says. Sure, he has lived more than 60 years and has been part of some true greatness. Even then, he still felt cursed with his lifelong speech impediment and eventual injury. “My life has been defined by meteoric rises to the top from [when I was] really young and then incredible crashes to the bottom all caused by orthopedic health crises.” - Bill Walton In the course of those 60 and some ye
29/05/20191 hour 18 minutes 17 seconds
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058 1 Life Fully Lived w/ Tim Rhode

Tim Rhode, founder of the non-profit 1 Life Fully Lived, has helped thousands of people turn their lives around. On this episode, this favorite buddy of Lochhead’s talks about life design, going from entrepreneur to non-profit founder and more. “Are you living in what we call the one life fulfillment triangle? Where do your passions meet your talents where there's opportunity in the marketplace?” - Tim Rhode Transitioning from Entrepreneurship to Non-Profit Tim did not get a ton of non-profit experience prior to founding 1 Life Fully Lived. He was like any realtor who eventually became a mini-tycoon and founded the organization in a most unconventional way. He did not merely dump his cash in a foundation but was actually very involved in it. The transition has been an amazing journey. Tim says that he owes it to the many talented people who know who they are and believe in 1 Life Fully Lived. With them, he is able to live every day in a state of flow, always seeking improvement. “The
28/05/20191 hour 6 minutes 46 seconds
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057 Connected Strategy w/ Christian Terwiesch

Professor Christian Terwiesch gets in touch with Lochhead for a remarkable conversation about connected opportunities in the customer journey. They dig into his new book, Connected Strategy, which looks into new forms of connectivity that can build legendary interactions with customers. “What would it take that you blow this tradeoff away and you can have a higher efficiency, low fulfillment cost interaction with the customer and still delight the customer?” - Professor Christian Terwiesch First Things First: Customer’s Perspective In order for connected strategies to happen, business leaders should first think about the customer’s perspective. It is important to know the product and service that you want to provide them. And even more important is knowing the customer’s motivations for availing of your product. For example, a shoe designer can spend tons of money on R&D and marketing to build relationships with retail stores. And even then, they could fail miserably at understanding
24/05/20191 hour 3 seconds
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056 It’s The Manager w/ Jim Harter

According to Gallup’s management practice Chief Scientist Jim Harter, the productivity of people at work has been increasing… but at a declining rate. More concerning is how only 34% of American workers and two-thirds of managers are engaged at work. On this episode, he touches on the topic of bosses versus coaches, workplace engagement, people efficiency, and a lot more. “I want my job to kind of reflect who I am, match my identity… I don't want my manager to just be an expert on my weakness, I want them to be an expert on my strengths.” - Jim Harter Changes in Workplace Productivity The numbers Jim and his teammates have tracked for a while hint on how workplace productivity trends upward, albeit slowly. The figures clearly tell of a room for growth for most organizations. Workplaces are changing tremendously, and this creates an even bigger burden on leaders. These changes include the massive increases in diversity, technology, remote work, among other things. Needless to say, all
22/05/20191 hour 20 minutes 33 seconds
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055 Beware the Fraudcast — Podcasts that Charge Guests

Lochhead rants about a topic for a raging debate within part of the podcast community. He puts in his two cents on the subject of the fraudcast — podcasts that charge their guests to come on. “We have never once been paid by a guest to come on this podcast and I think when podcasters do that, they break what you might think of as the social contract with their audience.” - Christopher Lochhead The Conversation on Fraudcasts Recently, Christopher’s buddy and fellow podcaster Eric Hunley, host of Unstructured, invited him over for a discussion with another award-winning podcaster Super Joe Pardo. The topic of the conversation? There are certain podcasts like Super Joe’s that for a while now have started the practice of charging guests who come on the podcast. “I call these podcasts, fraudcasts. And to put it mildly, I think it's bullshit for a podcaster to charge the guest to come on.” - Christopher Lochhead Christopher’s Personal Guest Criteria Every single guest that comes on Christo
21/05/20199 minutes 21 seconds
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054 Claude VonStroke Legendary DJ & Music Entrepreneur

Hailed as the best DJ in America, Claude VonStroke regularly performs for five to ten thousand people and even more. He shares his origin story, how his truly genius and original plan to learn from the best DJs made him America’s #1 DJ and how worked for 15 long years to make his dreams come true. “I'm trying to tell you that going after the golden goose isn't always the best path to success… only a few can get lucky so we don't even try to go that route. We just try to be legit. We just try to be who we are, and because we do that, it works.“ - Claude VonStroke Claude’s Early Foray into Music In an industry that celebrates mostly teenage geniuses, Claude stands out as someone who did gain music production until he was about 32. He grew up in a realm where a youngster could not just find anything on the Internet. Nobody in the neighborhood played the music he wanted to create so he had to forge an unusual path. “There's no generational group of artists, every six years flipping over
17/05/20191 hour 4 minutes 11 seconds
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053 The Difference Between Fact & Stories w/ Dushka Zapata

Dushka Zapata joins us for another fun and life-affirming conversation. Dushka and Christopher talk about the origins of her soon-to-be-released book, how recounting something differently is valid, and how stories differ from facts. Recounting Things Uniquely Dushka is very aware of her unique thought process that translates into her writing. Oftentimes, her recollection of shared experiences differs from that of other people. She finds this fascinating. Regardless of what other people say, these instances remind her that she has the license to say things in a different way in order to tell a story. She knows it is not some conscious effort but her recounting of things as exactly as she can. “I’ve known for a long time that I look at things differently than other people. I think that's what makes me worth reading—because it's less about what happened but more of my perspective about it.” - Dushka Zapata Different is Valid She will soon be releasing a book about stories from her childh
15/05/201948 minutes 7 seconds
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052 Professor Scott Galloway on the Algebra of Happiness

A powerful, researched-based look at happiness with Professor Scott Galloway from NYU. Professor Galloway is one of the most respected voices on the Internet today. He shares how the happiness curve dips in our 20s and 30s, the many "algorithms to achieving a happy life" and why “follow your passion” is the worst advice ever. The Arc of Happiness According to Professor Galloway, the arc of happiness starts off at a peak from the age of 0 to 22, when there’s not a lot of responsibility to deal with. Around 25, shit finally gets real. Everything we have been told is simply not going to happen and handed to us on a silver platter. By the time we’re in our late 20s and 30s, we come to grips with the fact that as a species, we are competitive. We vie for the title of most successful, and when we fail at that, disappointments come in one after the other. At 35-45 years old, we reach the bottom of the smile, where we slowly work our way up once again to a more rewarding life. “The happiest p
14/05/20191 hour 8 minutes 49 seconds
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051 Should I Start a Business?

On today’s special episode, Christopher answers a question from a young woman who wants to know whether she should start a business. He touches on two points: the effect of formal education on entrepreneurial success and the distinction between missionaries and mercenaries. Entrepreneurship is Not for Everybody Christopher received an email from a 20-year-old woman thinking about leaving school to starting a business. Perhaps inspired by his own story, she sought out his help. With very few options after getting thrown out of school at 18, Christopher started a business. Entrepreneurship was a way out of a life of struggle for him. However, even a huge proponent of entrepreneurship like Christopher thinks it is not the answer for everybody. “It's an interesting thing that for many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is the only root that we have.” - Christopher Lochhead Education Remains Valid for Most The first thing that you should ask yourself when you consider quitting school to start
10/05/20197 minutes 55 seconds
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050 Can Sales & Marketing Work Together? with Brian Burns

On this episode, a no BS leader in the sales world, legendary author and podcaster Brian Burns. Brian and Christopher had a captivating free-range conversation about sales & marketing and they unearth some powerful ideas for how the two can work together and they tackled the always important topic of - sales and marketing alignment. “Certainly in marketing, we've got a lot of shiny objects to play with and what I found working with CMOs is they pick the shiny object who enhance their portfolio versus enhance the company’s position.” - Brian Burns Sales and Marketing Alignment Have you ever run into this issue? Lochhead found some easy ways to get it right where sales and marketing were completely in sync. First is for CMOS to treat the quarterly sales number like it was your 100% responsibility. "If you're the head of sales and I'm the head of marketing and we're working together, it's not your number, it's our number. It's not your company, it's our company." - Christopher Lochhead
09/05/201952 minutes 11 seconds
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049 How to Build a Business that Works for your Life with Ever Gonzalez

On this episode, we have a podcaster who is loved by entrepreneurs Ever Gonzalez. Ever and Christopher had a fun and informative conversation about designing business that serves your life, not the other way around, and what he's learned in talking to over 400 success entrepreneurs on his popular podcast. "I would much rather take it a little bit easier and have the things that are important to me my family, freedom, time than to hustle, hustle, hustle and have all the money in the world for what reason." - Ever Gonzalez Outlier On Air Ever had an amazing journey in his life, a great career, and he a successful run as an entrepreneur running a freight management company all starting his podcasting in December 2013. At first, it was strictly for entrepreneurs, but halfway thru it, he became curious with other authors and people that he wanted to know more. He’s enjoyed talking about business and people and now, it has over 422 episodes.   Unpacking Hustle A lot of people today wants t
07/05/20191 hour 9 minutes 26 seconds
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048 How to Make Any Career Creative with Tania Katan

“Every rockstar business needs a punk.” - Tania Katan On this episode, the incredible Tania Katan has a riveting conversation with Christopher about how to put the spark of joy back into work and life, how she overcame breast cancer and how it shaped her life. Tania is a powerful example of someone who “used her different” to make her place in the world. She shares the captivating story of how she went from acting, to working in enterprise technology, to becoming an advocate for women in tech, to becoming a successful author and more. Tania is famous for starting the empowerment campaign #ItWasNeverADress.  "We don't need to be in a job or a field that is uniquely creative in order to be uniquely creative within the work we do." - Tania Katan Authoring Bestseller “Creative Trespassing” Tania wrote the book as a dialogue and a monologue. This reflects the way she holds her book tours and keynote speeches. She lets her audience talk and give her feedback while she listens to them.
03/05/20191 hour 2 minutes 32 seconds
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047 B2B Enterprise Tech On Fire with Christopher Lochhead

On this episode, Lochhead shares some of the amazing things going on in the enterprise tech industry. Enterprise Tech on the Rise Back in 2012, the legendary venture capitalist Jim Goetz of Sequoia made a declaration that tech entrepreneurs were too focused on the consumer world and have ignored the $500-billion market opportunity, which is the enterprise space. Soon after, the Cloud went bigtime—the tipping point for a lot of big innovations.  Bob Evans of the awesome podcast Cloud Wars said that for Q1 of 2019, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM will combine for $23 billion in Cloud revenue. “Twice as many enterprise startups have become billion-dollar companies compared to consumer startups.” – Jim Goetz, Senior Partner Sequoia Capital The Golden Age Over the last 10 years, there has been an acceleration of innovation. According to Lochhead, this is the greatest time in history to be in the tech industry and particularly in the tech enterprise industry. “The enterprise space is—if you’re wi
01/05/201915 minutes 41 seconds
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046 How to Crash Your Career with Isaac Morehouse

It’s time to get some deeper insights from our guest, we have Isaac Morehouse. In this episode, Isaac and Christopher had a wonderful conversation on how to start or restart your career. They also talked about how to discover the right role for yourself, how to build the right skills to fulfill those roles and how to get the job of your dreams. Crash Your Career This is the most condensed version that Isaac came up with to get across the same mindset in a way of thinking about career launch. He is very passionate about helping young people so they don't get left behind. The way he processes his ideas is by talking and writing about them that helps him to put his visions of category designs into words. "If I explain it, then maybe there's a big chance that I can build it." - Isaac Morehouse Career Launch This is the first step that we need to focus on in order to have a legendary start. According to Isaac, they are focused on 3 things - discover some roles, build a profile and tailor
30/04/20191 hour 8 minutes 15 seconds
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042 The Future with Mark Pesce

In today’s episode, we hang out with a leading futurist Mark Pesce. He and Christopher discuss how smart the world is, why we should not be afraid of the future, how the next ten years will play out and how technology will transform our health and well-being. Path to the Future People get blindsided, uncontrollable and scared of what the future holds. We tend to give up when we feel that everything is not falling into place. Mark wants to show us that there is always a path through. We have always had this path. All it takes is looking at our past and the clues to help us understand how we are going to find our . “People come out of that with the sense of urgency that there is something that they can do, something that they can be that allows them to have not just a stake in the future, but a capacity to keep up with that future.” – Mark Pesce Fear Because of Change According to Mark, kids these days are so different because of their experiences. We ask ourselves why the world is cha
17/04/201958 minutes 29 seconds
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040 Veteran Mental Health w/ Duane France

For the second installment of this 3-part series on mental health and well-being, US combat veteran turned mental health counselor, podcaster and author Duane France joins Christopher. They share a powerful conversation about living a life of service, the challenges faced by veterans who leave the military and the power of having purpose and meaning. “The military's purpose is not to kill and destroy. It's to protect and preserve.” - Duane France On Veteran Stereotypes When asked about what he would want the average American to know about the people in the military, Duane said that they are just like everybody else. Sadly, people like to stereotype the military veteran in three ways. One, some would think of the veteran as a berserker suffering from PTSD. Sometimes, other people treat them as victims that need taking care of for the rest of their lives. And then there is the stereotype as a hero. “There’s just a lot of stereotypes that go along with especially current era military… an
05/04/20191 hour 11 minutes 29 seconds
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039 Mentally Strong Women w/ Amy Morin

On this first episode of a 3-part series on mental health and well-being, the mega-popular therapist, writer and speaker Amy Morin sits with us. She holds a powerful conversation with Christopher about how women can be super successful, why self-doubt can be a good thing and the power of true vulnerability. “It's okay to be a mentally strong woman who doesn't act like a mentally strong man.” - Amy Morin Women on Criticism and Rejection Amy studied a lot for her new book. She found out that women tend to treat rejection and criticism as if they were the same thing. Walking the path towards mental health and success is not letting others limit one’s potential. We must learn to take criticism where it comes from and separate criticism from people without stakes on our game. Studies also show that when people criticize you, they are likely telling you how they feel about themselves. When Confidence Becomes Dangerous According to Amy, people fail to recognize how dangerous confidence can
29/03/20191 hour 7 minutes 9 seconds
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038 Kerri Walsh Jennings Volleyball Legend: An Inspired Life

What drives a five-time Olympian? Today, we hear from the true legendary champion Kerri Walsh Jennings. The best beach volleyball player in the world sits with us for a conversation all about drive and inspiration. "My bronze completes me. My dark side completes me... You need to have both." - Kerri Walsh Jennings Discipline Liberates and Consistency Feels Great One of Kerri’s favorite quotes is Jocko Willink’s “Discipline equals freedom.” A lot of high-performing people get either flak for being so disciplined or pity for being “punished”. But discipline liberates and allows Kerri the space to breathe and accomplish things. Discipline is all about showing up and doing what it takes on the daily. And it is as beautiful a word as competition despite the negative connotation often attached to the two. “It makes me feel good to be consistent and to do the hard things when things are hard and to do it until they're done.” - Kerri Walsh Jennings Love for Winning Always Wins Like most athle
22/03/20191 hour 44 minutes 7 seconds
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037 How to Make Your Place in the World w/ “The Three Foot Giant” Dr. Sean Stephenson

Is it possible to live multiple lives in this lifetime? Today, the three-foot giant Dr. Sean Stephenson joins us for a wonderful conversation on growth, purpose, and a lot more. Continuing to Grow Even after achieving his stature as a public speaker, Sean admits that he’s still growing. He was in business with his father for 22 years and didn’t leave home until he was 31. Perhaps owing to his severe physical disability, he was very close to his family. His home life was wonderful, but as he got older, it got more difficult. Being in the same roof with his family, he always had a group thinking and felt like he was curbing himself. So he decided to go through a very painful business breakup and step out into the world. Learning to Walk We can’t read the label inside the jar. Sean didn’t know how much he was holding back his own opinions or how much he was fully being himself. But when he moved and broke away, he started seeing how there were new levels and layers to him. The stark dif
20/03/20191 hour 16 minutes 19 seconds
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036 Loonshots The Power of Crazy Ideas w/ Safi Bahcall

How can structure drive culture? On today’s episode, the amazing author of Loonshots Safi Bahcall unpacks the reasons why we should pay attention to the structure of an organization to achieve success. Learn how crazy people and ideas lead to breakthroughs, and so much more. Is It Really Culture? When Safi first became an entrepreneur, he read every article and book he could find on various subjects like how to become a good leader and build great teams. All those things sounded good, but after a while, he got hungry for something more solid. “I was trying to understand if there was some science to this. If there was something else besides just culture.” - Safi Bahcall He observed that companies with completely different cultures would succeed, while those with the same cultures failed. There are elements of culture that are very important. But is it really the culture that drives the success of an organization? Structure Eats Culture for Lunch Christopher shares that there are success
19/03/20191 hour 38 minutes 24 seconds
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035 The Legendary Ken Blanchard

Why does great service come from the heart? On today’s episode, Christopher sits with his hero Ken Blanchard. One of the greatest authors of all time shares why legendary customer service matters, the power that true servant leadership holds, and so much more. Exemplifying Simple Truths Christopher has personally looked up to Ken since reading the life-changing book, The One-Minute Manager. When he dropped out of school and had to seek other ways of learning, Christopher turned to the book that he has given to many others in return. Simplicity marks everything that Ken writes and teaches. The living legend has written over 60 books, with a new one inspired by the story of Johnny the Bagger, The Simple Truths of Service. “My mission statement is to be a loving teacher and example of simple truths.” - Ken Blanchard Great, Simple Service Everyone can make a difference in customer service without having to do anything complicated and by simply reaching out to customers and making them fee
15/03/20191 hour 16 minutes 1 second
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034 Mindfulness and Music: Julianna Raye

Why does being present mean losing oneself? On today’s episode, mindfulness guru Julianna Raye shares an insightful conversation with Christopher. Learn how you can apply your attention in ways to truly make your life effective. Mindfulness and Being Present Mindfulness practice entails knowing how to apply your attention through optimal ways. Understanding where to focus one’s attention alleviates even a simple headache. Opening up to the experience as it is happening will help release the pain, even if not always. It turns out, there are two ways by which you can handle pain. One is to turn towards the pain and directly work with it or to anchor away from it. And it matters to be present in the situation in order to find a way to deal with it. “I like to define what it means to be present in a way where people can actually understand how to do it—if they wanna do something.” - Julianna Raye on being present Three Skill States There are three skill states to consider to achieve mindf
13/03/20191 hour 26 minutes 55 seconds
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030 Outer Order, Inner Calm w/ Gretchen Rubin

How do you become happier in life? On today’s episode, four-time New York Times bestselling author Gretchen Rubin joins us for a fun, insightful conversation. How do you turn feeling envy and lying into tools for our own growth? Relationships for Happiness There are two ways to achieve happiness, depending on the mental framework that you use. One of which is that to be happy, we need to have enduring, intimate bonds. “Ancient philosophers and contemporary scientists would agree that relationship is key to happiness.” - Gretchen Rubin We have to feel like we belong, be able to confide a secret, get support, and give support. Anything that broadens or deepens our relationships is something that would make us happier. When we look at people who say they’re happier, they tend to have more relationships. Self-knowledge is also Key From a different vantage point, you can also say that the key to happiness is self-knowledge. We can build a happy life on the foundation of ou
05/03/20191 hour 9 minutes 3 seconds
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029 Legendary Marketing Lightning Strike Dave Gerhardt Drift

In this follow-up to Episode 20 with David Cancel (DC) the founder and CEO of Drift,  Christopher talks with Dave Gerhardt (DG), the head of marketing for Drift and fellow podcaster. They are co-authors a of brand new, number one best-selling book called Conversational Marketing: How The World's Fastest Growing Companies use Chatbots to Generate Leads. In this episode, we unpack how Drift is designing a new category and we go deep into the strategies and tactics Drift is using and how they executed this most legendary lightning strike centered around the new book. If you're into marketing, there's a ton of gold in this episode.  You'll get insight into how to get a massive amount of attention for your category, brand and point of view. How to execute an approach called the Multiplier Effect so that each component of your marketing mix multiplies the value of the other components. How to make your company and your category undeniable.  And, how to do my favorite kind of mark
01/03/201953 minutes 8 seconds
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028 Dorie Clark Reinvent You

What exactly does reinventing yourself entail? Expert Dorie Clark joins us today for a conversation about designing one’s new identity, why social proof matters, and a lot more. Winning Over the Team To reinvent oneself means giving in to the want to go toward a certain direction. Once you figure this out, you also need to realize that a lot of the process is about winning over the internal team. Who you surround yourself with as you begin reinventing yourself matters a lot. “Ironically in the reinvention journey, the people closest to you are gonna be the least supportive initially.” - Dorie Clark People you’ve built relationships with are more tied to who you’ve been than you are. They come from a good place, not to mention that they have the most at stake in this reinvention. You need to develop a strategy to help them understand your intentions and see your determination. The Power of Dormant Ties Since reinvention involves established relationships with people, you must also grasp
27/02/20191 hour 6 minutes 41 seconds
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027 David Osborn Wealth Can’t Wait

How do you overcome a compounded fear of failure to become legendary? On today’s episode, author, entrepreneur, and real estate investor David Osborn joins us in a conversation about making money, building capital, and so much more. “You go to work for capital so your capital can eventually go to work for you.” - David Osborn Thinking Big, Not Delusional David started out as a realtor, working under his mom’s team for three years. Over time, he realized he no longer wanted to sell so he ventured out into setting up franchises. With the right company, time and work ethic as well as a dash of mistakes and failures, he and his team have sold billions. When you focus on the delta of where you are and where you want to be, it becomes clear that making the first million is way too hard. But it’s just as important to think massively big, and not delusional, to get started. It takes so much longer and harder than people can imagine and be willing to admit, after all. “People always look at th
26/02/20191 hour 8 minutes 49 seconds
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026 Fuck Hustle w/ Christopher Lochhead

Why is hustle utter bullshit? On today’s episode, Christopher talks about the number one piece of entrepreneurial advice that most of us hear today. A topic that he’s written a blog for, Christopher shares seven reasons why we need to fuck hustle. No Shit, Sherlock Most entrepreneurial porn stars would pontificate the mentality that we need to hustle all day and every day. But “hustle” isn’t the most important word ever or a badge or wristband to show off. This evangelization of the idea that hustling is the way to go is dangerous and it needs to stop. For one, hustle is a “No shit, Sherlock.” We all know that if you want to be successful in business or any other domain, you will need to work hard. We all heard of Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule, and success takes hard work. “That's why we respect people who achieve great things—because of the simple fact that they had to overcome stuff and do something that most people aren't willing to do.” - Christopher Lochhead You're Not a H
22/02/201916 minutes 1 second
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022 Legendary Marriage w/ Lance and Brandy Salazar

On today’s special episode, we hear from a legendary married couple, Lance and Brandy Salazar. They co-authored Hal Elrod’s newest book, The Miracle Morning for Couples: Creating a legendary connection one morning at a time. They tell us about co-designing your life with your partner, coming back from the brink of divorce, and much more. An Empty Sort of Happiness Lance and Brandy’s married life was a lovely adventure before they had their kids. No one ever prepares enough for a life with young ones and that was when the kick-in happened for them. They had to provide for their growing family and keep “feeding the beast”. With their priorities skewed, their mental fortitude deteriorated. They were overwhelmed and their marriage was falling apart. And the ultimate wake-up call to fix things was Brandy asking Lance to move out. “We had all the great things that society told us apparently would buy us happiness or bring us happiness. And we had everything we needed and more… But our marri
11/02/20191 hour 21 minutes 19 seconds
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021 Q&A with Lochhead

How do you know when to quit? Is there still a place for creative minds in the marketing industry? On today’s Q&A with Lochhead, Christopher answers these two questions sent by his listeners. Category Leaders’ Share Should you quit a company that’s starting to fail at the category king game? In writing Play Bigger, Christopher and his co-authors conducted a research project where they analyzed every venture-backed company found in Silicon Valley from 2000-2015. They tracked how these companies grew in value. They looked into the data for an answer to an important question. What percentage of the market cap goes to the category leader? It turned out that the number was a whopping 76%. Winner Takes All In businesses today, there exists a winner takes all game. And you would want to be part of that company. It’s a bitter pill to swallow. We learn so much by winning. There is also the halo effect that comes from being part of a legendary team, and these halos last forever. Christopher w
08/02/20198 minutes 41 seconds
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020 Conversational Marketing, Category Design & More w/ David Cancel

Why is it even more important now to focus on customers? Today, David Cancel joins his friend Christopher to talk about personal brands and authenticity. They also have an insightful discussion about designing a new category of conversational marketing. Reputation Before Personal Brand Everybody seems to be scrambling to become influencers these days. But too often, people fall for the false promises of contrived personal branding. They need to learn the distinction between a personal brand and reputation. “A reputation starts with ‘carrying the water’, doing the work, producing the results... Becoming a person of substance that can be relied upon to produce results.” - Christopher Lochhead With a reputation, people would turn to you and know you for your personal brand. But first, you need to have done something repeatedly you will be known for. And only then can you be authentic. “You wanna learn from the athlete, you wanna learn from the entrepreneur, you wanna learn from whoever th
06/02/201957 minutes 42 seconds
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019 Nice Guys Finish First w/ Matt Hanson

Which should come first—lifestyle or career? On today’s episode, Matt Hanson shares the story of how he designed his life and business exactly the way he wanted. He also offers powerful insights into marriage, sales, relationships, and the joy of being a small e-entrepreneur. Making Your Life Work Matt made the decision as a young man to live the way he wanted. It was never easy, but his wife of 28 years has stayed by his side through every decision he made. This included committing to a life away from the city. He didn’t want to live the way people did in the Bay Area. He also knew he wasn’t fit to be part of the rat race, so he headed to another direction. And now, he’s reaping the fruits of staying true to himself. “The lifestyle certainly came first and figuring out a way to support the lifestyle kinda came second.” - Matt Hanson Lifestyle First, Career Second He then looked for ways to live by his lifestyle choice. Over time, he stumbled upon real estate, which has allowed him to
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018 Super Bowl Special with Brian Berger

On today’s episode, Christopher talks Super Bowl with Brian Berger. The founder and host of Sports Business Radio shares the genesis story of the top-ranked business podcast. He also touches on the business side of sports, public relations, and a lot more. Behind-The-Scene Stories Brian has worked with a lot of people who make the sports world go behind the scenes. They have a story to share. And so he started the podcast. “Everyone was interviewing players and coaches, but no one would talk to the business people behind the scenes—owners, agents, front office executives.” - Brian Berger After 15 years, they have brought a unique perspective to listeners. They get firsthand information from the people who live and breathe sports business. People often assume that they talk stock prices and deals, but they’re not that complicated at all. “It really is more about, ‘Why did people make certain decisions that they made, how did they find their path to success?’ We keep it ‘simple stupid
01/02/20191 hour 14 minutes 19 seconds
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017 WTF?! Willing to Fail: 1-800-Got-Junk Founder Brian Scudamore

Today, Brian Scudamore talks about perseverance and why failures are so legendary. The founder of 1800-GOT-JUNK?, the world’s largest junk removal business, also shares how you can be a legendary entrepreneur even in a non-sexy field. Professionalizing Junk Removal When 1-800-GOT-JUNK? took off, the general reaction of other people is asking why they didn’t think of it first when it was such a simple concept. But it was, in fact, difficult to execute, and Brian saw a gap within the space. Nobody had professionalized junk removal. So they set out to build the business and added uniforms and friendliness into what they do. All these efforts have changed the game for the junk space. Differentiating the Brand 1-800-GOT-JUNK? has had various slogans that capture their very essence, like “We’ll stash your trash in a flash” and “FedEx of junk removal.” They wanted to be identified as a brand that everyone would know about. “We were trying to give people a sense of what is it that we're real
30/01/201944 minutes 55 seconds
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016 Startup Founders Mental Health

  On today’s episode, Christopher talks about a relevant TechCrunch article on startup founders mental health written by Jake Chapman. He also shares how he’s able to go through his own mental health concerns. "Just like we can proactively design our life and our business, we can proactively design our mental health." - Christopher Lochhead Entrepreneurs and Founders: Mental Health In a study by Michael Freeman, it is said that 50% of entrepreneurs are susceptible to a mental health condition. Some specific conditions are prevalent among young startup founders. These include depression, ADHD, substance abuse, bipolar disorder, psychiatric hospitalization, and suicidal thoughts. Indeed, Aristotle once said that there's no great genius without a touch of madness. While some of the wacky can help a person be creative, it’s also quite hard to deal with. To address this, there first needs to be mental health awareness within ourselves and also in our entrepreneurial leaders. “The second t
29/01/20196 minutes 59 seconds
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015 Best Year Ever: 7 People Share Their Strategies

On today’s special episode, Christopher gets together with seven people from the leadership team of the Best Year Ever Blueprint event hosted by Hal Elrod and Jon Berghoff. What are their goals for 2019? And how will they overcome the things that might hold them back this year? Accountability, Community, and Passion Determined as she is, Stephanie knows that not all her goals for the year will be achieved. But to get there, she underlines the importance of surrounding herself with people who will hold her accountable. This comes coupled with consistency and being clear with her why and passion. “It's the accountability, it's the community, and it's holding back to the core of the passion.” - Stephanie Courtillier on how to achieve goals She thinks it’s easier to do something for other people than doing it for herself. Ultimately, it all boils down to the impact that she has in someone else’s life and how she transforms them. Not About Meeting Goals Alissa Daire Nelson talks about one o
25/01/20191 hour 15 minutes 32 seconds
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014 Pat Hiban – Real Estate Rockstar

On today’s episode of Follow Your Different™, podcaster, investor and real estate rockstar Pat Hiban joins Christopher Lochhead. Learn about his means for horizontal income and his online university. How did his podcast grow to have 150,000 monthly downloads? Pat’s Many Endeavors Pat tries to live off of passive income by being an investor. He finds that it’s not much work, spending twenty minutes a day checking his investments and sending out emails. He also built a company called Rebus University, providing online training for real estate agents. They learn to sell more houses through video courses and sell through funnels. He has also started writing a book, a manifesto of some sort, with his fellow GoBunbance members. Achieving Podcast Success Pat also hosts of Real Estate Rockstars podcast, which has over three million downloads. He says that it’s a means to an end since it helps to promote Rebus University to prospective students. With over 700 episodes, it has become one of the
24/01/201946 minutes 39 seconds
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013: Quit Your Corporate Job & Go Solo w/ Eddie Yoon

Today, Eddie Yoon unpacks a recent Harvard Business Review article with his co-author Christopher. Together, they answer some questions, concerns, and explain further why you should quit your corporate job and go solo. It's All in the Data Eddie and Christopher’s HBR article has been receiving a lot of attention. Some of the people amid the buzz expressed their concerns about their thesis. But the data say it all: nearly 70% of solopreneurs make $100,000-250,000 in a year. This figure is almost twice as much as the average US household. And it is much higher than what Glassdoor reports the average US executive makes yearly—$121,500. It seems solopreneurs are doing as well, if not exceedingly better, than most executives. “If solopreneur was an industry and a company, everyone would be flocking to this industry in the same way that people did it for Silicon Valley or investment banking or consulting.” - Eddie Yoon Importance of IPOs Initial public offering (IPOs) have always been tech-
23/01/20191 hour 7 minutes 41 seconds
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012: Negotiation, Teams & Diversity w/ Stanford Prof. Margaret Neale

Today, Prof. Margaret Neale joins us for a riveting conversation about research-based negotiation, teams, and diversity. She shares insights that haven’t been heard before, like why engaging in a negotiation as though going into battle is a bad idea. “When I have this view of negotiation as a battle, then that mindset becomes the filter through which I evaluate all your behaviors.” - Prof. Margaret Neale On Research-Based Negotiations Too often, people have a lot of negotiation beliefs and insights that are not supported by empirical evidence. And often, these beliefs are repeated. This is the reason why Prof. Neale tries to help people think about negotiation in a broader sense. Through her work and teaching, she also shares strategies and tactics that are research-focused and probably not mainstream. Value Creation and Claiming Take for example the infamous strategy of most people who engage in negotiation and talking about the price. In order to get what they want, they’re most l
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011 Bob Evans – Tech Industry Thought Leader

Communications guru and podcaster Bob Evans joins us once again for today’s episode. He and Christopher have a thoughtful conversation on movies, technology, being direct and so much more. Pondering the Past Nowadays, watching the news entails being freaked out by the realities of the world. Given all that, would you consider revisiting the film classics like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Cool Hand Luke? Bob says that it might be a good idea if we did. Remember the iconic scene where Jack Nicholson’s McMurphy tried lifting a water fountain? He couldn’t do it, but at least he tried. Then there was Paul Newman’s Luke who swore death against defeat and who thought nothing was a mighty cool hand. “We are in a time now when so much of our life is restricted. We'd let our fear shrink our world. We let fear, you know, crush our dreams.” - Bob Evans Beyond What You're Dealt The culmination of all these, Bob says, reflects how it’s not what’s around you that determines what you be
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010: How To Get and Stay Fit with Joey Wolfe

New Year resolutions have been made. How do we keep from being part of the 6% of people who can’t follow through? Professional athlete turned fitness trainer and entrepreneur Joey Wolfe joins Christopher on today’s episode for some practical ideas to make fitness stick in our lives and improve our well-being. “I was doing all these other stuff more so than putting my health first and that is completely changed, and I honestly don't feel like it's ever going to change again because it's part of who I am now.” - Joey Wolfe Coming Up with a Plan Joey is the founder of Paradigm Sport in Santa Cruz, California, the gym Christopher personally goes to. Every beginning of the year, new faces fill the gym. Then by February, the same people disappear — a trend across the gym business. You need to have a plan so you don't become the person that’s done by Valentine’s Day. Everybody has good intentions at the beginning of the year, but you must be clear on what your goals are. And goals are d
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009 Hal Elrod and Jon Berghoff – Your Best Year Ever

With the New Year upon us, how do we make it count? Hal Elrod and Jon Berghoff touch base with Christopher for today’s episode. Together, they discuss ways to make 2019 our best year ever. “How do I create an identity for myself that I just want to keep living into? I guess I would call that an ‘accountability’ to my image of myself.” -  Jon Berghoff A Shift in Priorities and Values Hal has been working on two new books. The Miracle Equation comes out in April. Miracle Morning for Couples: How to Make Your Relationship Legendary One Morning at a Time is to be released on Valentine’s Day. On top of his writing, he’s been busy being the best dad and husband, spending every possible moment with his kids and helping his wife take care of them. This showed especially when he completely forgot about a book deadline in favor of spending time with his kids and a friend’s. “That's a fundamental, radical subconscious shift in my priorities and in my values… While I'm still navigating the
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008 Will Little – Take a Life, Make a Difference

Today, legendary keynote speaker, barber, and poet Will Little once again joins his friend Christopher. They share an insightful conversation on redemption, forgiveness, and personal transformation. “We are not having the conversation they need to hear.” - Will Little on young men who feel angered or disconnected An Eye for an Eye for Most How would you feel if someone killed your brother, Will would ask people. For most, the first response is to kill. It’s what they feel is right, that there’s no other recourse for them. This kind of thinking presents a myriad of challenges for young people. “They’ll have no other authority but to hear the voice of the streets, even if they’re not built by that, even if they’re not in the streets like that.” - Will Little Voice of the Streets Sometimes, even the unwilling are forced to take up the gun. After all, it's what the streets say they must do. But Will has made it his life mission to make people realize that it’s not a path they need
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007 Dr. Caitlin O’Connell-Rodwell – Secret Lives of Elephants

Today Christopher talks with Dr. Caitlin O'Connell-Rodwell the world's leading expert on elephants. Dr. O'Connell-Rodwell explains how she discovered that elephants are just like us, they communicate through the ground and what all this means for human beings. "Are (we) going to allow elephants to exist. Aside from poaching, it's a land-use issue" - Dr. Caitlin O'Connell-Rodwell Recognizing Boundaries Like the US/Mexico border issue, elephants struggle with similar issues. They recognize where it's safe to be, when it's hunting season and when to sneak into the cornfields when it's ripe. Like humans, elephants know when is the best time to raid a resource. "Like humans...the great leaders have an equal balance between carrot and stick. They are respected because they are tough but they are also soft." - Dr. Caitlin O'Connell-Rodwell Historically humans have always put themselves above other species. We are now at a time in history where we must re-evaluate that paradigm. There are crit
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