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English, Christianity, 33 seasons, 44 episodes, 18 hours, 57 minutes
Christian Talk is about interesting and empowering conversations about being a Christian. The beauty and goodness of telling others about Jesus Christ, and how He works in and through our lives. @Only.Christian_Talk
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True Love Requires Freedom part 2

Support the show
9/23/202244 minutes, 50 seconds
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True Love Requires Freedom

True love comes from God. Love involves, caring, trust, and attraction and most of all freedom.Support the show
9/15/202245 minutes
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The joy of having faith

Having your faith in God will lead you in the right path. And will give you hope in hard times.Support the show
10/15/202115 minutes, 29 seconds
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Christian Talk will be posting one Episode a monthSupport the show
10/10/20212 minutes
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Why is communication key

Good Communication matters.Support the show
9/3/202140 minutes, 25 seconds
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Taming the Tongue

Know the power that lies in the tongue. The tongue hasthe power of life and death. Proverbs 18:21Support the show
8/27/202144 minutes, 21 seconds
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What does contentment look like?

Learning that being content with Jesus will teach you everything.Support the show
8/20/202130 minutes, 17 seconds
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How do we handle our Challenges

We should always give our Challenges to Jesus, as His said in Matthew 11:28 Support the show
8/15/202140 minutes, 40 seconds
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Why do we get so offended

Being so offended is all about who you are and not about JesusSupport the show
8/6/202130 minutes, 44 seconds
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Do you Struggle

The struggle is realSupport the show
7/30/202150 minutes, 30 seconds
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Season Three Announcement

Support the show
7/9/20212 minutes, 27 seconds