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Welcome to the Christian Dating Talk, where we explore the world of Christian dating and relationships in a modern but Christ Centered context. Each episode, we share experiences and wisdom on topics such as navigating online dating, boundaries in dating, and finding lasting love. Whether you're single and looking for guidance, or you're in a committed relationship and seeking to grow together with your partner, this podcast is for you. Join us as we seek to honor God and grow in our relationships with others.
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Holiness Before Happiness: Navigating the Challenges of Christian Dating

THERE IS NO AGE LIMIT ON HOLINESS‼️ #Periodtttt The episode further unfolds the stark consequences of giving in to temptation, drawing from the story of wolves trapped by their appetites and the metaphor of a blood-stained sword. I open up about the heavy aftermath of choosing a partner hastily, including the challenging talks with my child about why her parents aren't together. It's a candid reminder of why it's vital to choose holiness over momentary pleasures. To all the women of faith listening, we offer a rallying cry for patience, personal growth, and the nurturing of community ties. With mentorship and the support found in fellowship with fellow believers, this episode is a testament to the strength that comes from perseverance in faith and patience on the journey to God's best for us.
4/21/202415 minutes, 53 seconds
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Unveiling True Beauty: The Path to Recognizing Our God-Given Value

Have you ever gazed into the mirror, your reflection staring back, and felt an overwhelming sense of unworthiness? This episode is a heart-to-heart on a topic that many of us shy away from discussing openly – our self-worth and identity in the eyes of ourselves, our potential partners, and our Creator. I'm back from a short break, feeling more connected than ever, ready to share the raw and real struggles that have been brought to my attention. You've reached out, shared your stories, and it's clear we're all grappling with feeling like we're not enough, whether it's questioning our beauty, capabilities, or worthiness as godly spouses.Allow me to guide you through a personal journey where I reveal my own battle with insecurity and how it threatened to overshadow my relationships and self-perception. This conversation isn't just about me; it's about all of us and the journey to self-love and discovering our true identity in Christ – separate from the affirmations of others. We'll explore how a lack of self-awareness can spell danger for our future marriages and family life, and why it's crucial to address these insecurities head-on. I'm also excited to announce the upcoming launch of my YouTube channel, where we'll continue these vital discussions. This episode is not just a call to introspection but a beacon of hope, empowering you to confront and conquer your doubts and step into your beautiful future with confidence.
3/30/20247 minutes, 41 seconds
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Which Christian Dating Site is best? Digital Dating

YOU ARE INVITED TO BECOME A FOUNDING MEMBER TO CROWNED MENTORSHIP SHIP🩷🩷 Click the link to join the sisterhood 👇🏽 you ever navigated the choppy waters of online dating and wondered if your soulmate is just a swipe away? My own quest for love led me through the virtual doors of Christian dating sites, where I encountered more than just potential partners—I stumbled into a whirlwind of self-discovery and spiritual reflection. Join me as I share a candid and raw recount of post-breakup vulnerabilities, the sometimes awkward dance of digital self-presentation, and the surprising lessons learned from an unexpected deep dive into church life, following my interaction with a pastor on and eHarmony. It's a journey through the complexities of identity, divine timing, and the delicate balance of presenting oneself truthfully while seeking a connection that's more than skin deep.This episode is not just my story; it’s a window into the broader themes of trust, service, and the stark realities of Christian dating that many of us face. I reflect on a year committed to supporting a man's ministry in the hopes of proving myself as a spouse, and how this experience illuminated the importance of self-respect over the longing to be chosen. Support the show
1/3/202413 minutes, 18 seconds
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Temptation at the Terminal: Christians Navigating Travel Together

YOU ARE INVITED TO BECOME A FOUNDING MEMBER TO CROWNED MENTORSHIP SHIP🩷🩷 Click the link to join the sisterhood 👇🏽 encountered a crossroads where your heart's desires brushed against your faith's convictions? That's the crux of our heartfelt discussion on navigating the delicate terrain of Christian couples traveling together. Confronted with the temptations that trip can entail, we turn to scripture and soul-searching to discern whether such decisions honor God or edge us toward spiritual pitfalls. From the poignant tale of a friend's battle with temptation at a wedding to the hard-hitting truths in 1 Corinthians and Proverbs, this episode is a candid exploration of the emotional and spiritual stakes at play.We don't stop at just identifying the risks; we lay out a roadmap for fortifying your walk with Jesus amid the snares of modern relationships. Emphasizing the vitality of accountability and the wisdom of seeking counsel, we delve into how these practices shore up our resolve to pursue purity and live with conviction. And in the spirit of fostering growth, we introduce the Crown Mentorship program, an opportunity for listeners to strengthen their faith in a supportive community. Join us for an episode that's as nurturing as it is challenging, and let's walk together towards a life that's applauded with a divine "well done.Support the show
1/3/202421 minutes, 41 seconds
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Join the Movement: Unveiling the Life-Changing Crowning Mentorship Program

BECOME A FOUNDING MEMBER TO CROWNED MENTORSHIP SHIP🩷🩷 Click the link to join the sisterhood 👇🏽 the power of sisterhood and spiritual growth as we unveil the Crowning Mentorship program, a transformative journey grounded in Biblical truth. This episode serves as your personal invitation to join a vibrant community where weekly Bible studies, monthly workshops, and genuine connections with fellow believers are just the beginning. Imagine embarking on a path that not only draws you closer to God but also equips you to live out your faith with conviction and passion. We're not just discussing Scripture; we're putting it into action. This is a place where your spiritual muscles will be flexed and your heart stretched to embrace the fullness of living a Christ-centered life. If you're ready to be part of a movement that's about more than just talk—if you're ready to be challenged, supported, and transformed—then this candid conversation will shine a light on how the Crowning Mentorship can be a catalyst for your spiritual acceleration. Let's walk this walk together, being the hands and feet of Jesus in a world that needs His love more than ever.Support the show
1/3/20247 minutes, 41 seconds
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Embracing Our Journey: A Toast to the Podcast Family and a Sneak Peek into 2024's Exciting Horizons

As the year wraps up, I'm filled with an overwhelming sense of appreciation for the incredible journey we've shared. Reflecting on the stories I've poured into each episode, it's your resonating connections and shared experiences that have truly shaped this podcast. It's not just about my voice, but the chorus of ours together, navigating life's twists and turns. So here's a heartfelt shout-out to each and every one of you—my podcast family—for walking this path with me. Your feedback, your stories, they are the lifelines that keep this show thriving. And if you've felt a spark from our shared moments, I'd love to hear how it's ignited a change in you.Looking forward, the horizon glows with promise, and I'm thrilled to tease a bit about what's in store. With the introduction of new courses, community meetups, and the exciting prospect of co-ed episodes on the horizon (cheers to my husband for jumping on board!), we're setting the stage for a year brimming with potential. Collaborations with other ministries and the upcoming launch of devotionals and books are just the beginning. As we bid farewell to 2023, I'm sending blessings for a prosperous and joyful 2024 to all of you. Stay tuned, as there's so much more to come—we're just getting started!Support the show
12/27/20232 minutes, 2 seconds
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READY TO DATE HUH? 🤔 Cultivate a Richer Life Before the Plus One

Ever felt like the ticking of your internal clock is more like a time bomb when it comes to finding love? Well, it's time to defuse it. This heartwarming episode is your guide to releasing the pressure and embracing the solo journey with joy and trust in a higher power. Whether you're sipping tea or a glass of wine, join me as we chat about the beauty of life without the 'plus one' and how to prepare for romance by focusing on personal growth, community, and good old laughter. And why not sprinkle in a little adventure? That's right, we're also discussing the transformative power of travel to refresh your spirit and maybe, just maybe, cross paths with someone special when you least expect it.Now, it's not all about waiting for Mr. or Ms. Right to come along. Let's talk about the here and now—how to be the best friend, the best community member, and the best version of yourself. We'll explore the idea that your single season could be a tailor-made period for self-discovery and laying the groundwork for lasting companionship. Plus, I'll share why the friendships you nurture today are the secret ingredients to a healthy relationship tomorrow. So, slip into something comfortable, grab that passport (you'll find out why), and get ready for an episode that just might change the way you view your single status.Support the show
12/27/202311 minutes, 35 seconds
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Part 2: Between God and Desire: The Christian Dating Dilemma

Welcome back for Part Two!! Navigating the Christian dating scene can be a tricky endeavor, but what if we told you there's a blueprint that guides you through it all? This episode brings to light the importance of purity in Christian dating, highlighting the power of prayer and God's guidance in shaping relationships. Tune in, as we navigate these fascinating discussions on Christian dating and marriage.Support the show
10/26/202312 minutes, 7 seconds
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Part 1: Between God and Desire: The Christian Dating Dilemma

Ever find yourself grappling with maintaining purity in your relationship? Struggling with the tug-of-war between physical intimacy and moral values? Well, we've been there too. Today, we tackle these tough questions, sharing our thoughts on the need for clear boundaries and open conversations. We dive deep into how even a simple act like kissing could stir urges that might eventually lead us to compromise our moral values, straying us further from our relationship with God. It's not an easy discussion, but it's one that needs to be had. . Join us as we unpack these complex issues in the Christian dating landscape.Support the show
10/26/202321 minutes, 26 seconds
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The Bumpy Road of Romance: A Christian Perspective

Ever found yourself hung up on someone who simply doesn't feel the same way, or wrestling with self-doubt that threatens to spoil a budding relationship? Let's walk through this tough terrain together - I'll share my personal experiences and practical strategies to help navigate the complex world of Christian dating. We'll also have a frank talk about marriage - that it's not just a destination but a lifelong commitment that requires sacrifice.Feeling stuck in your single season? Instead of being consumed by the uncertainty and longing, let's shift the narrative. I'll show you how I learned to make the most of my singleness, serving in God's kingdom, and finding worth and identity in Christ. Moreover, we'll delve into the daunting, yet fulfilling role of a wife in a Christian marriage, underscoring the importance of submission, honor, and respect. So, join me on this journey of  faith, and love, as we walk through biblical wisdom and learn to navigate the joys and challenges of Christian dating, singleness, and marriage together.Support the show
10/25/202317 minutes, 19 seconds
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Navigating Sexual Sin: From Guilt to Redemption, From Isolation to Accountability. Let's Discuss!

As a Person whom struggled with sexual sin, I have felt the engulfing sense of guilt and shame that comes with it. It's a personal journey that I want to share, so that others can learn, heal, and move forward. In a candid discussion, we look into the realities of falling into sexual sin, the aftermath, and the importance of not isolating yourself in such situations. We delve into the weak nature of flesh and the perils of lacking accountability. It's a powerful narrative that anyone embroiled in sexual sin can relate to, and hopefully, draw valuable lessons from. Support the show
10/25/202318 minutes
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BEWARE‼️ It’s cuffing season! Don’t get caught slipping!!

Ever felt unseen and unworthy amidst the highs and lows of the dating world? You're not alone. Join me, Faye, as I recount personal experiences and lessons learned from a journey filled with rocky relationships and self-doubt. You'll discover why taking a time-out to heal and cultivate self-love is crucial before diving back into the world of dating. Together, we're forging a community anchored in biblical dating principles - because love shouldn't come at the cost of your beliefs or self-worth.In a world where many settle for less in relationships, it's time to step up and recognize our worth. From my difficult childhood to painful rejections, I've weathered it all. Now, I'm here to help you navigate the intricate maze of Christian dating. You'll get insider access to resources, expert advice, and testimonies, all aimed at empowering you to steer clear of rebounds and half-hearted relationships. Remember, you're not desperate for love. You are love.But where does God fit into the equation? We'll journey together towards breaking free from cycles of rejection and abandonment and finding solace in God's promises. Learn how to build a meaningful relationship with the Lord, trust in His plan for you, and find strength and purpose in His word. Don't miss out on a prayer for healing and sage dating advice. Let's share our journey, spread our message, and create a ripple effect of love and self-worth in the world. So, are you ready to join the ride?Support the show
9/28/202320 minutes, 21 seconds
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WARNING ‼️ 7 Pitfalls Keeping You Spiritual, Sexy, but FOREVER SINGLE.

CLICK THE LINK 🔗 TO GET YOUR FREE GUIDE NOW!! wondered why your relationships seem to be stuck in a cycle of initial excitement followed by a swift, confusing end? Have you questioned why, despite being an incredible catch, you're still single? This episode offers a lifeline in the form of a brand new, free guide filled with insights, real-life examples, and tactical advice to help you navigate the unpredictable labyrinth of dating. This guide, available for download, addresses the 7 most common pitfalls that might be sabotaging your dating success. It's designed to be your coach and mentor, giving you a wealth of information to teach you new things about dating, and point out potential pitfalls. It aims to make the dating conversation less awkward, dealing with a lot of topics that often remain unspoken. So, buckle up and get ready to take this journey towards finding meaningful, lasting relationships. Read it, reflect on it, and let me know your thoughts. Together, we can turn your dating life around.Support the show
9/28/20233 minutes, 48 seconds
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Revolution in Relationships: Faith and Spiritual Boundaries Unveiled

Are you ready to revolutionize your dating life? We're about to turn conventional dating advice on its head by discussing a boundary that's often overlooked - spiritual intimacy. Join us as we explore the recent trend of crossing spiritual boundaries before marriage, and why this can be detrimental to your relationships. We'll share insights on growing spiritually with your partner, ideas like attending church together, participating in group activities, and much more. Far from the usual, we'll redefine dating as an interview for a lifelong commitment.Venturing further, we'll also delve into the concept of faith in relationships. Trust in God's perfect will when it comes to finding love - it might sound daunting, but we've got you covered! We'll share some personal stories about our own journeys from being single to finding a fulfilling marriage and family life. We'll round off the discussion by emphasizing the importance of maintaining boundaries and taking the dating phase seriously. Whether you're single, dating, or married, we believe this episode could be a game-changer for you. Don't forget to share this episode if it resonates with you!LETS CONNECT become a monthly partner the show
8/8/202314 minutes, 56 seconds
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Unpacking Cohabitation: A Christian Woman's Perspective

Have you ever faced heartbreak after investing years into a relationship that you thought was headed towards marriage? My own journey has taught me that cohabitating with a boyfriend, though it may seem like a logical step towards commitment, can often lead to a decrease in accountability and ultimately, pain. Join me for a raw and candid conversation on cohabitation from a Christian perspective. I share my personal experience and discuss the implications of this decision, urging you not to take shortcuts that may lead to heartache but to align yourself with God's perfect will.As we continue, we'll unpack the value of understanding your worth in Christ and the consequences of compromising your standards to keep a man. I'll share real-life stories, including my own, of surrendering control of relationships to God and finding freedom from fear and anxiety. Moreover, we'll explore the idea of creating a community space that supports and encourages you to seek God's perfect will and plan for your life. Expect a conversation that challenges you, inspires you, and pushes you to make God-centered decisions in your relationships.LETS CONNECT become a monthly partner the show
8/8/202318 minutes, 14 seconds
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The Value of Singleness

In this episode Faye will be speaking on the value of singleness! YOU ARE NOT A SECOND THOUGHT OR SECOND CLASS KINGDOM CITIZEN! Do you know your identity in Christ? Do you know WHO YOU ARE AND WHO’S YOU ARE? You don’t want to miss this episode!  You’re going to be so encouraged! Grab the direct link to this episode and share it with a friend ❤️Also…… BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THE NEW COMMUNITY COMING SOON
6/13/202322 minutes, 2 seconds
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What makes MEN commit?

In this episode Faye will be speaking on what makes men commit? Now you have to realize that a man doesn’t commit for what she does for him, he commits for who she is to him. Who are you becoming? You don’t want to miss this episode!  You’re going to be so encouraged! Grab the direct link to this episode and share it with a friend ❤️Also…… BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THE NEW COMMUNITY COMING SOON
6/13/202317 minutes, 8 seconds
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SOOOO…. What about Cohabiting?

In this episode Faye will be speaking on the dangers of living  in a cohabitation situation and why you should reconsider this decision if you are trying to date in a Christ honoring way! Cohabitation or Shacking up May seem harmless but there are some real  things to consider! You don’t want to miss this episode!  You’re going to be so encouraged! Grab the direct link to this episode and share it with a friend ❤️Also…… BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THE NEW COMMUNITY COMING SOON
5/25/202325 minutes, 33 seconds
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LISTEN‼️… The Dangers of Mental Marriage

In this episode Faye will be speaking on the dangers of living in the fantasy of marriage with a person you’re not even in a relationship with. Mental Marriage is a real thing and is DANGEROUS!!! You don’t want to miss this episode!  You’re going to be so encouraged! Grab the direct link to this episode and share it with a friend ❤️Also…… BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THE NEW COMMUNITY COMING SOON🔥🔥🔥
5/24/202330 minutes, 47 seconds
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Sooo 🤔 He’s a Christian… But is that enough?

I’m today’s episode, we will dive into whether being a Christian is enough to make someone a good candidate for a future spouse? Sometimes in our excitement we can forget to ask the right questions and it will COST GREATLY in a future marriage if we forget this vital step! Let’s talk about it! I want to encourage you to keep seeking the Lord and becoming whom God wants you to be! You’re going to be SOOOOO encouraged this episode!! 💚Grab the direct link to this episode and share it with a friend ❤️
5/8/202322 minutes, 25 seconds
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Why does it seem like I’ll be single FOREVER?

In this episode we are going to talk about when you feel like NO ONE is checking for you. This is definitely a hard season but YOU WILL MAKE IT! When it seems like no one wants you BE with you!! Do not allow the enemy to lie to you and discourage you and ultimately get you to give up on your dream of marriage! Keep seeking the Lord and becoming whom God wants you to be! You’re going to be SOOOOO encouraged this episode!! 💚 Subscribe to me on Youtube the direct link to this episode and share it with a friend ❤️
4/24/202321 minutes, 7 seconds
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I’m so TIRED of dating!

In this episode we will be dealing with feeling exhausted with dating. If you’ve ever said you’re so tired, that you feel depressed and even want to give up on dating all together THIS EPISODE IS FOR YOU!!! You’re going to be so encouraged 💚 
3/10/202317 minutes, 59 seconds
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How do I know he is secretly into me? 🤔

In this episode we are going to talk about HOW TO KNOW IF HE REALLY LIKES YOU?? Sometimes Dating can be soooooo frustrating, but there are tell tell signs he does like you but REMEMBER be cool! 😎 Follow the signs but don’t run off down the altar before you know his intentions FOR SURE!! You’re going to be SOOOOO ENCOURAGED‼️ Share with a Friend!! Let’s Connect!!
1/26/202315 minutes, 59 seconds
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Who told YOU that you are Ugly⁉️🤔

In today's episode, we're discussing why it’s not OK to continue to speak negativity and death feel words over yourself. A lot of times we are our worst critics, and we suffer silently with all self-esteem. But God is into a new place! This is a place of love and joy and peace that surpasses all understanding. But in order to have this love, joy and peace, you must first start with you, and what you are saying about yourself. So if you have been speaking negativity and words of death and hateful words of yourself that stops today!You are going to really enjoy this episode! Let’s Connect!!
1/16/202317 minutes, 43 seconds
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Is he REALLY into me or not???

In today's episode, we're discussing if the guy is REALLY into you or not!  When you have to decode messages and read between the lines you may want to reconsider somethings! Sometimes its easy to overlook possible red flags while you're excited about a possible date.... but YOU MUST take a step back and be real with yourself! You are going to really enjoy this episode! Let’s Connect!!
1/9/202322 minutes, 17 seconds
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Has your relationship become an idol?

In today's episode, we're discussing a common pitfall in relationships: when they become an idol. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement and emotion of a new relationship and to put our partner on a pedestal, but it's important to remember that only God should hold the highest place in our hearts. #PeriodtttttttWe'll be talking about the warning signs that your relationship has become an idol, including neglecting other important relationships and responsibilities, and putting our own needs aside for the sake of the relationship. We'll also be sharing practical tips for keeping our priorities straight and putting God first in our relationships.Let’s Connect!!
1/7/202317 minutes, 27 seconds
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How You Can Protect Your Relationship With God While Dating??

How to safeguard your relationship with God while dating is the topic of today. It's crucial for Christians to keep in mind that dating is about more than simply finding a romantic partner; it's also about discovering meaning and purpose in our lives by developing a relationship with God. However, it's simple to lose focus on our spiritual objectives when experiencing the thrill and emotion of dating.In this episode, we'll talk about how to maintain a healthy relationship with God while dating in a practical approach. We'll go through how crucial it is to set aside time for prayer and Bible study, how to be open with your partner about your faith, how to surround yourself with encouraging Christian friends, and how to keep in mind that God's timing is always right.For anyone who is having difficulty juggling their relationship with God and their dating life, we will also be sharing personal tales and providing encouragement. This episode is for you if you need advice and assistance as you navigate the dating scene.Let’s Connect!!
1/7/202310 minutes, 21 seconds
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What is the difference between dating and courting?

In this episode of the Christian Dating Podcast, we dive into the topic of courting vs. dating. Are you wondering what the difference is between these two approaches to relationships? Are you trying to figure out which one God says is for the Believer? Tune in as we explore the differences and discuss how it compares to modern dating practices.Let’s Connect!!
1/7/202311 minutes, 16 seconds
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Soooooo.... What About Kissing?

Kissing in Christian relationships - is it okay, or is it off-limits? In this episode of the Christian Dating Podcast, we tackle this often-debated topic and explore the various perspectives and opinions on the subject.Whether you're looking for guidance on how to set boundaries in your own relationships or you're simply curious about what the Bible has to say on the matter, this episode has something for you. Join us as we delve into the complexities of physical intimacy in the context of faith.PfnmIkqxIBfPvC3eYH5b
1/7/202310 minutes, 53 seconds
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Welcome! Allow Me To Introduce Myself!!!

Welcome to the Christian Dating Podcast! In this inaugural episode, we introduce ourselves and give you a sneak peek into what you can expect from the show.First up, meet Faye Merilien - host, creator, and Christian dating coach. Faye shares her personal story of faith and relationships, and talks about why she started the Christian Dating Podcast.Join Faye as she welcomes you to the show and sets the stage for future episodes. This is just the beginning of a journey of exploring and understanding Christian dating in a modern context. Thank you for joining us, and we can't wait to connect with you and support you on your own journey to finding lasting love.Let’s Connect!!
1/7/202310 minutes, 7 seconds