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English, News, 1 season, 134 episodes, 2 days, 8 hours, 6 minutes
China Africa Talk is a once weekly podcast (15-20min) made by CGTN Radio and dedicated to bringing a better understanding of what is happening on the African continent and in China from both an African and a Chinese perspective. Be sure to pick up news, views and discussions on what’s happening between China and Africa pertaining to diplomatic, trade and economic and social and cultural relations when you tune into China Africa Talk.
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China, the Republic of Congo: 60 years of friendship and cooperation

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Congo. Li Xuedong, Director of the Center for East African Area Studies, Institute of African Studies at Zhejiang Normal University and Firmin Kinzounza, Founder of the Think Tank Africa 2025 Solutions, examine the legacies of this friendship over the past six-decades and opportunities that lie ahead in favor of both parties.
4/14/202425 minutes
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China-Africa internet development and cooperation

The 2024 China-Africa Internet Development and Cooperation Forum was held on April 2 in Xiamen City, Fujian Province. The event highlights China and Africa's joint efforts towards a better future in digital cooperation. How does China embrace information and communications technology (ICT) and further deepen its collaboration with Africa? What lessons can Africa learn from China’s track record in the continent regarding internet development and penetration? Two ICT experts join our discussion.
4/5/202425 minutes
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James Kimonyo: China key supporter of Rwanda's rebuilding after the genocide against the Tutsi

As we mark the 30th commemoration of the Rwanda Genocide of 1994, we speak with James Kimonyo, Rwanda’s Ambassador to China, to listen to his reflections on the brutal killings and explore China’s role in Rwanda’s journey of rebuilding and development.
4/3/202418 minutes, 7 seconds
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Exploring Economic Horizons: China-Tanzania Cooperation

Join us for a deep dive into the recent China-Tanzania Investment Forum held in Dar es Salaam on March 27, 2024. Mr. Huang Zaisheng, Chairman of the Sino-Tanzanian Industrial Park, unravels the myriad investment opportunities that lie ahead for fostering robust economic growth between Tanzania and China. Discover the distinctive role Tanzania embodies within the broader framework of China-Africa economic cooperation.
3/29/202425 minutes, 1 second
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Charles Onunaiju: democracy should be in the service of the people

The Third International Forum on Democracy: Shared Human Values gathers over 200 global delegates in Beijing to explore democracy's future. We speak to Charles Onunaiju, Director of the Center for China Studies of Nigeria, who attended both the second and third editions of the International Forum on Democracy and get his insights on democracy's evolving role.
3/22/202424 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Third International Forum on Democracy: analysis and insights

The Third International Forum on Democracy: The Shared Human Values was held in Beijing on March 20. What is the common consensus on the true meaning democracy? What is the formula for democracy and how do African countries and China define it? Policy analyst Ovigwe Eguegu and Professor Victor Gao share​ their thoughts.
3/20/202426 minutes, 20 seconds
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Zimbabwe seeks closer economic collaboration with China

Zimbabwe is eyeing greater Chinese investment, aiming to boost bilateral cooperation in sectors like finance, mining, agriculture and tourism. We speak with Andrew Bvumbe, the Permanent Secretary of Zimbabwe's Ministry of Finance Economic Development & Investment Promotion, getting his thoughts on what makes Zimbabwe an attractive destination for Chinese investors and how economic collaboration between China and Zimbabwe can be improved.
3/15/202424 minutes, 59 seconds
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“Two Sessions” in the eyes of African journalists

The annual sessions of China's top legislature and political advisory body have kicked off in Beijing. The "two sessions", which refer to the annual sessions of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee, is a highly anticipated event on the country's political calendar. Local and foreign media have gathered in Beijing to cover the event. In this episode, three African journalists share their impressions and areas of interest as China charts its way forward.
3/8/202423 minutes, 21 seconds
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Sierra Leone's President Julius Maada Bio visits China

From February 27 to March 2, Sierra Leone's President Julius Maada Bio paid state visit to China, marking the first African head of state to visit the country in 2024. This visit underscores the deepening bilateral ties and cooperation between Sierra Leone and China, a partnership that has flourished over the past fifty years. We speak with Sierra Leone's Finance Minister, Sheku Fantamadi Bangura, and the Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Wang Qing, to explore the dynamics of this enduring relationship and explore future avenues of collaboration.
3/3/202425 minutes
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A look at AU-China relations

The 37th Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly of the Heads of State and Government was held on February 17 and 18 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Wang Jinjie, Research Assistant Professor at the National School of Development and the Institute of South – South Cooperation and Development of Peking University and Emile Rwagasana, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Cabinet of the Deputy Chairperson of the AU Commission discuss key continental issues deliberated by the African leaders at this year's summit and analyze China's role in supporting China - AU partnerships.
2/25/202425 minutes
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China's education system in the eyes of foreign journalists

Education cooperation is an integral part of China Africa partnership, fostering mutual understanding and growth. In this episode, guests in the media from Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe share their impressions on China's education system and its role in China's national development. They also examine the transformative impact of education initiatives such as the Luban Workshop on Africa's development.
2/16/202425 minutes, 1 second
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China to build pilot zone to deepen cooperation with Africa

China's State Council has approved a general plan to build a pilot zone for in-depth economic and trade cooperation between China and Africa. How significant is the timing of this development and what role will the pilot zone play in strengthening economic and trade ties between the two sides? Professor Dai Li, Research Fellow with the China-Africa Economic and Trade Institute and Dr. Khalifa Sy Diop, Research Fellow with the Hunan China-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Promotion Council, share more insights.
2/10/202425 minutes
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Wetland conservation vital for wellbeing in China and Africa

Wetlands play a pivotal role in ensuring the health and prosperity of our global community. This year’s World Wetlands Day focuses on "Wetlands and Human Wellbeing" . In this episode we speak with Professor Yu Xiubo from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor Oscar Aghan from Kenya's National Environment Management Authority, to shed light on the indispensable value of wetlands to societies in China and Africa. They discuss the collaborative efforts needed to preserve these life-sustaining habitats.]]>
2/3/202425 minutes, 52 seconds
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G77+China Summit champions inclusive progress for the Global South

The third summit of the Group of 77 (G77) and China was held in Uganda. How did the summit seek to enhance cooperation among the Global South? Ugandan Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Okello Oryem unpacks the summit’s outcomes and ambitions with Host Bridget Mutambirwa.
1/26/202423 minutes, 32 seconds
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China’s foreign minister visits Africa

Continuing a longstanding tradition, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited Africa for his first overseas trip in 2024. So what key areas of priority for China-Africa relations were discussed during the tour, and how will Wang Yi’s visit to Africa shape future relations with China? Professor Zhang Yongpeng, Senior Research Fellow with the Institute of West-Asian and African Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Dr. Karim Ben Kahla, Professor of Governance at Tunis High School of Commerce, join Host Bridget Mutambirwa to share more insights.
1/20/202425 minutes, 1 second
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BRICS expansion: Ethiopia and Egypt join the bloc

Ethiopia and Egypt are among the five new members to join the BRICS bloc. What does the overall expansion mean to Africa? To what extent can the doubling of its members consolidate the group’s status on the global stage? Host Bridget Mutambirwa spoke with Professor Hassan Ragab with the Suez Canal University in Egypt, as well as Dr. Wang Duanyong, Associate Professor at Shanghai International Studies University, China.
1/12/202424 minutes, 59 seconds
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China Africa 2024: the road to mutual growth and exchange

Professors Charles Onunaiju, Director of the Center for China Studies in Nigeria and Liu Baocheng, Director of Center of International Business Ethics, University of International Business and Economics delve into how China and Africa can enhance their partnership for better engagement and deeper understanding in 2024.
1/5/202425 minutes
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China-Africa 2023: a year of strengthening ties, promoting trade, and supporting development

Professor Charles Onunaiju, Director of the Center for China Studies in Nigeria and Professor Liu Baocheng, Director of Center of International Business Ethics, University of International Business and Economics reveal how China-Africa relations evolve in 2023.
12/30/202325 minutes
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China, Kenya celebrate 60 years of diplomatic ties

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Kenya. Professors Peter Kagwanja, CEO of the Africa Policy Institute and Zhao Mingwei, Director of International Cooperation Office, Donghua University, join us to discuss the enormous benefits accrued on both sides over the past six decades.
12/23/202325 minutes
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Amadoulaye Diop: unleashing Mali's development potential with Chinese technology and finance

Mali's Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Abdoulaye Diop paid an official visit to China from Dec. 6 to 10. Host Bridget Mutambirwa caught up with him in Beijing for insights on the main considerations and outcomes of his trip, and his thoughts on the most important areas and future opportunities for cooperation between Mali and China.
12/15/202324 minutes, 51 seconds
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China-Africa cooperation on combating climate change

Dr. Changhua Wu, Acting Chair of the Governing Council of the Asia Pacific Water Forum and Senior Fellow of the Institute of Public Environmental Affairs, and Dr. Oscar Arghan, lead environment expert at the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) in Kenya, join host Bridget Mutambirwa to discuss the landmark decision of COP28 to operationalize the new fund on loss and damage, climate funding, possibilities of phasing out fossil fuels, and how African countries have been collaborating with China to mitigate climate change.
12/9/202326 minutes, 21 seconds
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South Africa rolls out plans to lure more Chinese travelers

South Africa is aiming to attract more Chinese travelers by introducing additional direct flights from China and simplifying the visa application process for Chinese nationals as part of a strategy to boost tourism between the two countries. Host Bridget Mutambirwa caught up with South Africa’s Tourism Minister Patricia de Lille for more insights.
12/1/202324 minutes, 59 seconds
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China, Africa agriculture cooperation gains new momentum

The second Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Agriculture was held in mid-November. What were the outcomes from the forum? How can China further assist Africa’s Agriculture Modernization? Professor Justice Norvienyeku from School of Tropical Agriculture and Forestry, Hainan University, and Zhang Jin, associate professor with the African Studies Center, Shanghai Normal University give us more insights.
11/24/202326 minutes, 15 seconds
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China-Namibia Medical cooperation: just what the doctor ordered !

On November 8th, the governments of Namibia and China launched the China-Namibia paired hospital cooperation mechanism at Walvis Bay Hospital, in the port town of Walvis Bay, Namibia. Chen Zhengfang, Director of Cooperation, Health Commission of Zhejiang Province, Dr Augusto Gawab, Director of Walvis Bay Hospital share more insights on how the initiative aims to enhance healthcare services in Namibia. Later in the discussion, Anna Jonas, Erongo Region Health Director joins in to express her gratitude for this collaboration between China and Namibia and encourages both sides to continue their joint efforts.
11/18/202325 minutes
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African enterprises anchor growth at CIIE

The recently concluded 6th China International Import Expo has drawn a significant number of African enterprises. This includes returning and new participants. We talk to attendees to hear their experiences and see why companies are increasingly hinging their development on the annual show.
11/10/202324 minutes, 39 seconds
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Boosting tourism relations between China and Africa

In this episode, we continue our chats with guests in the media from Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe on what they captured over the last four months regarding tourism in China and how their countries can position to attract Chinese tourists to Africa.
11/3/202325 minutes
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China-Zambia: 59 years of all-weather friendship gains new momentum

October 2023 marks the 59th anniversary of Zambia’s independence and the establishment of diplomatic ties with China. What is the “TAZARA spirit” that defines this enduring relationship? And how crucial is this friendship to Africa’s development? Professors Fan Guoping and David Mwanza, both Directors at the Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia, walk us through this historic friendship.
10/27/202327 minutes, 13 seconds
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The 3rd Belt and Road Forum: how China and Africa can cooperate to produce higher quality projects

The third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation was held in Beijing from October 17 to 18 under the theme of "High-quality Belt and Road Cooperation: Together for Common Development and Prosperity." Is Africa going to be able to catch-up considering the time set for BRI goals and how do Chinese and African partners plan to produce higher quality projects to increase engagement and deliver much concrete outcomes? Professors Liu Baocheng, Associate Dean, Director of Center of International Business Ethics, University of International Business and Economics, and Charles Onunaiju, Director of the Center for China Studies in Nigeria share their thoughts.
10/21/202333 minutes, 15 seconds
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The BRI @ 10 : Celebrating a decade of mutual benefits and tangible results in Africa

2023 marks the 10th Anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. So what do we need to understand about the BRI over the last decade with specific reference to Africa and where are we now? Professors Liu Baocheng, Director of Center of International Business Ethics, University of International Business and Economics, and Charles Onunaiju, Director of the Center for China Studies in Nigeria unravel the discussion.
10/14/202340 minutes
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The Hanzhou Asian Games in the eyes of African journalists(II)

The Asia games run from September 23 to October 8 in China's eastern city of Hangzhou. In this follow-up discussion, journalists Francis Mtalaki from Kenya, Kodjo Adams from Ghana and Walter Nyamukondiwa from Zimbabwe share their thoughts on the games “Heart-to-heart” slogan in connecting people in Asia through sports.
10/7/202325 minutes
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The Hangzhou Asian Games in the eyes of African journalists (I)

The Asian Games are in full swing in China's eastern city of Hangzhou. So how do foreign journalists attending the 19th Asian Games in China's Hangzhou think of this city? In part one of this episode Francis Mtalaki from Kenya, Kodjo Adams from Ghana and Walter Nyamukondiwa from Zimbabwe share their impressions and evaluations of the games and how they perceive the games a worthy opportunity for climate and environmental protection.
9/29/202324 minutes, 57 seconds
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China-Africa:Pioneering a new frontier in space collaboration

Professors Charles Onanaiju, Director of the Center for China Studies in Nigeria, and Zhihui Zhang from the Institute for History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Science, join us for a discussion on China's partnerships with Africa's space programs. They believe outer space is no longer the domain of a few powerful countries pursuing strategic and technological objectives, but an incentive for countries to form closer ties.
9/22/202325 minutes
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China-Zambia: an all-weather-friendship gaining new momentum

At the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia is paying a visit to China from Sept.10 to 16. The visit is expected to give a new boost to the all-round and in-depth growth of China-Zambia relations. In this episode Professor David Sani Mwanza, director of Confucius Institute University of Zambia and Professor Yang Tingzhi, associate professor from Fuzhou University of International Studies reflect on the diplomatic, bilateral and people to people exchanges between the two countries over the past five decades.
9/16/202326 minutes, 52 seconds
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Beijing supports AU joining G20

The African Union has been pushing for membership at the G20, and the topic is expected to be among discussions at this year's summit in India. Ahead of that event this weekend, we discuss what it will mean for the AU if it is admitted into the group, and why China has been supporting the bid.
9/8/202319 minutes, 17 seconds
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More potential in services in trade between China, Africa

At the conclusion of the China International Fair for Trade in Services in Beijing, Gary Kashitiku at the embassy of Zimbabwe in Beijing and Professor Liu Zhiqin at the Chongyang Institute For Financial Studies with Renmin University of China discuss opportunities it offers and China’s role in service trade with Africa.
9/6/202324 minutes, 59 seconds
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Friendly ties with Benin usher in tangible results

During Beninese President Patrice Talon's state visit to China this week, scholars from both countries joined us in a discussion on bilateral relations over the past five decades and shared insights on the benefits of close ties under the Belt and Road Initiative.
9/1/202327 minutes, 21 seconds
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BRICS and development on the African continent

South Africa hosted the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg this week. In this episode, scholars from China, South Africa and Nigeria discuss the role of BRICS, how it helps with development on the African continent and the significance of China-South Africa bilateral relations in south-south cooperation.
8/24/202326 minutes, 44 seconds
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How are China's agricultural practices helpful for African countries?

This week our friends from Namibia and Uganda join us again to share what they learned about agriculture and the technologies that support its development in China.
8/19/202324 minutes, 59 seconds
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Are youth football programs hope for the future?

Football coaches Walter Musanhu and Primrose Serima, along with Professor Hu Liang of Sport and Exercise Psychology discuss the importance of investing in youth exchange participation and development programs in order to nurture football talents.
8/11/202326 minutes, 49 seconds
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So excited to be here: Universiade participants

Ugandan lawn tennis player Edward Biirungi and Nigerian Taekowndo athlete Musa Enabulu share their impressions of the World University Games in Chengdu and how much they put into their sport to fuel their performance and participation.
8/5/202322 minutes, 50 seconds
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What makes BRICS so attractive?

In this episode we have scholars from BRICS member countries China and South Africa, as well as a guest from aspiring member Nigeria, to discuss the role of BRICS in a tumultruous world, its efforts to bring stability, and why is it becoming increasingly appealing to more countries.
7/29/202325 minutes
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TCM means medical treatment isn't always complicated: African reporters

In this episode two reporters who recently visited China share with us their experiences with Traditional Chinese Medicine, and their impressions of China’s medical system.
7/21/202325 minutes, 1 second
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More African countries looking to BRICS in efforts to ditch the dollar

In this week's episode about de-dollarization, notable trends supporting these calls, and the role of BRICS in the process, host Bridget Mutambirwa is joined by Professor Baocheng Liu, Associate Dean at the Academy of Global Innovation and Governance, and Professor Peter Kagwanja, policy adviser and strategist in African Affairs, governance and security.
7/15/202325 minutes, 3 seconds
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China-Africa trade index offers scientific basis for further cooperation

The China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo recently held in the central Chinese city of Changsha released a first ever China-Africa Trade Index. In Part two of our podcast brought to you from the trade event, host Bridget Mutambirwa continues the chat with guests from Nigeria, Zambia and Rwanda on the significance of CAETE to different regions in Africa. Later in this episode, Standard Bank Commercial Banking Head Craig Polkinghorne explains the purpose served by the China-Africa Trade Index towards economic and trade exchanges between the two sides and how the banking sector stands to benefit.
7/8/202325 minutes
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CAETE platform for Africa to pursue win-win with China

Guests from Rwanda, Nigeria and Zambia attending the third China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo in Changsha in central China share what CAETE means to different regions in Africa, and how countries are trying to make it much easier for both sides to work together.
6/30/202324 minutes, 34 seconds
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"Amazing, versatile" - China's bullet train in the eyes of African journalists

A group of journalists from more than 20 African countries are currently visiting China as part of a program by the China International Press Communication Center. They traveled across China to learn about the country's culture and heritage, agriculture, transportation, infrastructure and technology sectors. We invited two reporters from Namibia and Uganda to share their experiences and impressions on the development of China's passenger transport network.
6/24/202325 minutes, 9 seconds
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Eco-tourism a responsibility: insider

Since the Green Rural Revival Program 20 years ago, the ecological environment in Zhejiang Province has fostered eco-tourism in the region, attracting many entrepreneurs to start their businesses. In this episode, naked Stables founder Grant Horsfield and Colorful Earth founder Koko Tang unravel eco-tourism and sustainability in China.
6/17/202327 minutes, 18 seconds
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African dreams aboard China's space station

When China launched its Shenzhou-16 manned mission, the crew took with them paintings by teenagers from 10 African countries for display inside the space station. In this episode participants share what it means to be featured in the first international painting exhibition on the China Space station and what they view could be done to enhance space cooperation between China and Africa.
6/10/202324 minutes, 55 seconds
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Campaign between China, Africa renders free medical service for vulnerable children

Ahead of this year’s Children's Day, Chinese medical teams in African countries including Namibia, Gabon, Botswana and Cameroon had been providing health services for orphans and vulnerable children. Professor Huang Shuwei, head of the visiting Chinese medical team to Namibia, and Ms. Helen Siamwanda, Principal of Namibia Children’s Home, join host Bridget Mutambirwa in a discussion on their experiences on caring for children in Namibia.
6/2/202325 minutes
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Newly elevated ties herald new chapter in China-DRC cooperation

Wang Duanyong, Associate Professor at Shanghai International Studies University and host Bridget Mutambirwa discuss a few areas on China-Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) cooperation, investment, and exchange in light of President Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo’s state visit to China. CGTN also spoke to Patrick Muyaya, DRC’s Minister of Communications, for his insights on media and cultural cooperation between the two countries.
5/27/202324 minutes, 59 seconds
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Thirty Years of Friendship

In this episode, Mr. Zhang Yongpeng, a retired diplomat who served in Eritrea and currently a senior researcher at China-Africa Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and Henok Neguse Negash, a China based Eritrean economics and business teacher in Beijing, reflect and share their experiences of living abroad and their expectations of China and Eritrea relations moving forward as the two countries clock 30 years of diplomatic ties.
5/20/202325 minutes
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Africa's hidden gems for Chinese travelers

Africa is one of the destinations for Chinese tourists as outbound group tours resume. What attracts Chinese travelers to the continent? And what does the arrival of Chinese guests mean for the tourism markets there? Join senior executives from the tourism industry for discussions.
5/12/202322 minutes, 56 seconds
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The 133rd Edition of the Canton Fair in the Eyes of African Buyers

With the full resumption of on-site activities, this year the long-standing Canton Fair ran from April 15th to May 5th. Host Bridget Mutambirwa had the privilege to speak with some buyers from Rwanda and Ghana. Listen in and find what they purchased.
5/6/202324 minutes, 59 seconds
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Dance Day: Kizomba in China

An African dance called Kizomba is helping to promote friendships and cultural exchanges between people of different nationalities in China. As the world observes International Dance Day on April 29, we find out what Kizomba is and how it’s keeping people on the dance floor in China. International Dance Day is for people around the world to celebrate the value and importance of the art of dance. The day was created in 1982 by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute, a partner of UNESCO. In this episode host Zanele Buthelezi speaks with Kizomba instructors Izu Collins Ezeh from Nigeria and Elena Chen from China.
4/29/202325 minutes
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Youth festival brings people from China, Africa closer

The 7th China-Africa Youth Festival is underway with the theme "connecting the dreams of youth and forging ahead on a new journey of China-Africa cooperation." At this year's event co-hosted by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and Shandong's provincial government, nearly 50 African youth delegates joined their Chinese peers to explore traditional Chinese culture. In this episode Host Bridget Mutambirwa spoke with young participants China, Gabon, Liberia, Seychelles and Zimbabwe on their impressions.
4/22/202325 minutes, 1 second
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60 years of Chinese medical aid to Africa

In commemoration of the Chinese medical teams dispatched to Africa since April 1963, Host Bridget Mutambirwa speaks with Dr. Wang Xun from the 27th Chinese medical team to Algeria and Dr. Diarra Boubacar, a China-based Malian doctor who has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine in China for over 30 years. The two experts give us a glimpse of their personal experiences working away from home; discuss China-Africa medical cooperation over the last six decades and what it would take to inform more collaborative and effective global health assistance programs.
4/15/202325 minutes, 1 second
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“Science and Technology Backyard” takes root in Africa

In this episode we look at how an agricultural project linking universities with farmlands in China is giving rural revitalization a new alternative and the extent to which it has and can contribute to more agriculture production in Africa. Host Bridget Mutambirwa is joined by: project leader Professor Jiao Xiaoqiang from the Agricultural University of China, and his student Ngula David Muttendango from Zambia.
4/7/202325 minutes
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Chinese modernization and what it means for Africa

In this week’s episode of China Africa Talk Host Bridget Mutambirwa discusses the differences between Chinese and Western Modernization. Should African countries emulate the concept or rather stick to African solutions for African problems? Guests Zhang Yongpeng , Senior Researcher at China-Africa institute Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Dr. Osidipe Adenkunle a Nigerian Senior researcher in comparative education, TVET, History & policy of education at Zhejiang Normal University unravel the discussion. Tune in!
4/1/202325 minutes
Episode Artwork

Together toward a shared future for mankind

China has been vigorously promoting the vision of a shared future for mankind. What does the concept mean? What does history say about China and African countries supporting each other in pursuit of common development? Join Host Bridget Mutambirwa's discussion with guests Dr. Xiaofei Zhou, Vice Dean of China-Africa Economic and Trade Research Institute Zhejiang Gongshang University, and Professor Peter Kagwanja, an intellectual, policy adviser and strategist & Specialist in African Affairs, governance and security.
3/24/202325 minutes
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Malian helps with twin-city projects between China, Mali

In this week's bonus episode, we bring you the stories of a Malian who’s been working as a bridge between China and Mali to help build a China-Africa community with a shared future.
3/23/202322 minutes, 2 seconds
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China's Luban Workshops support skills development in Africa

Africa is looking to vocational education to support skills development efforts and accelerate economic development. A number of African countries have adopted Luban Workshops, China’s vocational training centers, to improve the capacity of their workforce.
3/20/202330 minutes, 6 seconds
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Two sessions give journalists an eye-opening China experience

Host Bridget Mutambirwa speaks with reporters Paheja Siririka from Namibia and Serge Iradukunda from Rwanda on China’s Two Sessions and what it could entail on our China - Africa relations.
3/17/202320 minutes, 35 seconds
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Understanding China-Africa trade and investment promotion

In this episode we unravel China-Africa Trade and Investment promotion in an effort to understand the extent, benefits and concerns towards China Africa relations. Host Bridget Mutambirwa speaks with Zhang Qiaowen, Associate professor, School of Economics and Management,China-Africa International Business School,Zhejiang Normal University, and Dr. Elijah Munyi, Professor and Senior Research fellow on China Africa Relations with United States International University.
3/11/202323 minutes, 14 seconds
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Digital cooperation win-win for China, Africa

In this episode we discuss China’s pledge to make more efforts on working with Africa to formulate and implement the China-Africa Digital Innovation Partnership Program. Host Bridget Mutambirwa speaks with: Dr. Wang Jinjie, research assistant professor of the Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development, Deputy Secretory-General of Centre for African Studies at Peking University Osidipe Adekunle, senior researcher in comparative education, TVET, history & policy of education at Zhejiang normal university.
3/3/202326 minutes, 27 seconds
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Working for peace and security in Africa

African leaders have committed themselves to eradicating conflicts and promote security and stability in the continent. To offer new impetus, China has increased its support for Africa's peace and security efforts in recent years as it pushes for peaceful development. To discuss, host Zanele Buthelezi is joined by: Priyal Singh, Researcher with the Institute for Security Studies, South Africa; Professor Liu Baocheng, Associate Dean at the Academy of Global Innovation and Governance
2/24/202332 minutes, 34 seconds
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African agri products in Chinese market

More African countries have received the greenlight to export agricultural products to China in the past as part of efforts to boost trade between the two sides. What does this mean for Africa? In this episode, host Zanele Buthelezi talks with: John Vedasto Rwehumbiza, CEO of Tanzania Commodity Commerce and Investment Company Chen Chaoxian, Managing Director for Wenzhou Xiongxing International LTD.
2/18/202324 minutes, 18 seconds
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Developing Agriculture and fighting poverty in Africa

More countries in Africa are adopting China's Juncao technology, which is seen as key in tackling poverty and climate change. This agricultural method involves the cultivation of grass that is then used as substrate for mushrooms production, animal feed and other products. Host Zanele Buthelezi explores the implementation of Juncao Technology and whether it can help food security in Africa with: Dr. Lin Dongmei, Director of the National Engineering Center of Juncao Technology, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, and Dr. Elly J. Ligate, Juncao Technology consultant in Tanzania.
2/11/202332 minutes, 8 seconds
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Chinese ambassador to Tanzania hails China-Africa cultural exchanges

The Chinese ambassador to Tanzania says cultural exchanges help improve mutual understanding between China and Africa. In this episode, the ambassador shares her perspective on the development of cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and Africa. Host Zanele Buthelezi also talks to Professor Kwesi DLS Prah at the University of South Africa about how he hopes to bring people from the two sides closer.
2/4/202324 minutes, 59 seconds
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Bridging the cultural gap between Africa and China

China’s Confucius Institutes in Africa are hosting Chinese New Year activities as part of programs to promote friendship and cultural exchanges between the two sides. Host Zanele Buthelezi discusses the work of the Confucius Institute in South Africa in promoting cultural exchanges with guests: Lin Wu, Director of the Confucius Institute at the Durban University of Technology; Sanele Ntuli, a former student who now teaches at the Confucius Institute at the Durban University of Technology.
1/28/202326 minutes, 48 seconds
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Celebrating the Chinese New Year

Many people across the world are joining Chinese both at home and abroad in celebrating Chinese New Year, as they usher in the Year of the Rabbit. This year’s festivities begin as China and many countries have lifted the COVID-19 restrictions that have been in place over the past three years. This means many people are now able to travel their hometowns to reunite and celebrate with families after being kept apart by the pandemic.
1/20/202327 minutes, 28 seconds
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Chinese FM makes maiden trip to Africa

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang has visited Africa following his appointment to the post in December. The week-long African trip includes visits to Ethiopia, Gabon, Angola, Benin and Egypt, in addition to the headquarters of the African Union and the League of Arab States. To discuss, host Zanele Buthelezi is joined by: Dr. Emmanuel Matambo, Research Director at the Center for Africa-China Studies, University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Dr. Grace Yuehan Wang, Senior Research Fellow with the Department of Journalism at Stellenbosch University, South Africa.
1/14/202325 minutes, 1 second
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China-Uganda Friendship Hospital offers important health services to Ugandans

Every person has a right to health, but many countries in Africa are still grappling with the lack of resources such as funding, medical equipment and staff. Built with the aid of China in 2012, the China-Uganda Friendship Hospital has helped provide much needed health services to Ugandans. It has played a key role in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ebola outbreak in the country.
1/6/202324 minutes, 1 second
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Year-ender: a quick look back at 2022

The year 2022 saw major developments that further deepened China-Africa cooperation in various areas, from health and disease control, to infrastructure development and space. The fight against COVID-19 continued to dominate as countries embarked on a recovery process despite persistent cases. Here’s a look at some of the stories we covered this year.
12/30/202224 minutes, 59 seconds
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China helps build ECOWAS HQ in Nigeria

Construction of the China-aided headquarters of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is underway in Abuja, Nigeria. It’s the latest in a long list of similar China-funded projects in different parts of the continent that include the almost complete Africa CDC headquarters in Ethiopia. To discuss further about the project, its significance and China’s ties with Africa, host Zanele is joined by: His Excellency, Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria Cui Jianchun, and Lawal Sale, an Abuja-based Global Affairs analyst and China-Africa relations expert.
12/23/202232 minutes
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COP15 delegates negotiate for deal to protect biodiversity

Thousands of government officials, scientists, and activists from nearly 200 countries are meeting in Montreal, Canada, for the UN COP15 biodiversity conference. They are hoping to make progress on funds for conservation efforts in developing countries or on a pledge to protect 30 percent of the world's land and oceans. The Montreal summit, which ends on December 19, is the second part of a meeting that was hosted in 2021 by China in Kunming.
12/16/202225 minutes
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China’s vaccine and medical assistance in Africa

China recently updated its COVID-19 response measures. Over the past three years, the county has played a significant role in efforts to support Africa’s fight against COVID-19, providing medical assistance, expertise and vaccines to many countries. We look at the impact of China’s medical and vaccine assistance in Africa.
12/10/202227 minutes, 45 seconds
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China-Chad bilateral ties at 50

A number of students from Chad are studying in China as they seek to acquire critical skills that will ensure they contribute to the central African nation’s development. As this year marks the 50th anniversary of the China-Chad diplomatic relations, this week’s episode looks at the two countries’ cooperation from the perspective of a Chadian student.
12/2/202225 minutes
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UNESCO World Heritage at 50: Calls for Africa to have more World Heritage sites

Cultural heritage experts are calling for Africa to have more World Heritage sites and conservation efforts. They made the call as UNESCO celebrates the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention, the text that launched the World Heritage Sites list. Currently 1,154 sites have been given World Heritage status, with only 12% located in Africa. China, which has 56 sites, has pledged to continue supporting capacity building and conservation efforts in Africa. In this episode of China Africa Talk, Zanele Buthelezi discusses UNESCO's World Heritage Convention, and the protection of culture heritage in Africa and China with: Souayibou Virassou, Executive Director of the African World Heritage Fund, and Professor Lyu Zhou, Director of the National Heritage Center at Tsinghua University.
11/25/202231 minutes, 33 seconds
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African Union hopeful for G20 membership

The African Union is hoping for a seat in the G20 and effective joint action to address global economic challenges.
11/15/202224 minutes, 2 seconds
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COP27: Climate funding or more disappointment for Africa?

African countries at COP27 are pushing for wealthy nations to deliver on the promises to fund mitigation and adaptation efforts in developing countries.
11/10/202229 minutes, 39 seconds
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5th CIIE: African and Chinese companies look to grow businesses

The 5th China International Import Expo has opened in Shanghai. Enterprises from over 100 countries are expected to participate in the expo from November 5-10. What new opportunities will the CIIE open up for Africa? Host Zanele Buthelezi speaks to: Larry Merizalde, Chief Executive Officer Aspen China Company Limited, Yang Yang, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang China Commodities City Group, and Tungamirai Eric Mupona, a volunteer of the Zimbabwean delegation at CIIE.
11/4/202225 minutes
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What 20th CPC National Congress goals mean for Africa

Xi Jinping has reaffirmed China's commitment to promoting global peace and development. He was re-elected General Secretary of the CPC during the Party's 20th National Congress last week. What does his re-election mean for Africa? How will the outcomes of the Congress impact the continent?
10/27/202224 minutes, 56 seconds
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The CPC’s evolving party-to-party relations with African countries

In this episode, two experts in international affairs join us in a very informative discussion on the evolving party-to-party relations between the Communist Party of China and Africa. They also give their views on some new opportunities the 20th CPC National Congress can bring to Africa and other developing countries.
10/21/202224 minutes, 34 seconds
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One-on-One with H.E. Monday Kumba, South Sudanese Ambassador to China

In this episode, South Sudan's ambassador to China, His Excellency Monday Kumba, shares his views regarding the ruling concepts initiated by the CPC such as the FOCAC and the Belt and Road Initiative. Ambassador Kumba highlights some key events under the BRI between South Sudan and China that have characterized the friendship between the two countries 11 years on.
10/14/202225 minutes
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Prioritizing global mental health

In this edition, in line with this year’s International Mental Health Day theme of “Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority”, our two panelists discuss why mental health should be a priority, how China and African countries are focusing on prioritizing it and how humanitarian responses are addressing diverse mental health issues.
10/6/202225 minutes, 11 seconds
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Exclusive interview with Rwandan Ambassador to China

In an exclusive interview with James Kimonyo, Rwandan Ambassador to China, we discuss among other issues, his views regarding the ruling concepts initiated by the CPC over the last decade and the future cooperation and potential areas the two countries can work on.
9/30/202223 minutes, 48 seconds
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Post-COVID: Some effects of the pandemic to the tourism industry in China and Africa

How has the tourism faired since the pandemic hit? What policies are available to promote resilient tourism growth between China and Africa? Tune into this week's edition as our two panel experts in tourism unravel the discussion.
9/22/202224 minutes, 44 seconds
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The Shanghai Cooperation Organization gains traction in Egypt

This week we discuss the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit which took place in Samarkand, Uzbekistan and why it has gained traction in Northeast Africa’s Egypt.
9/15/202224 minutes, 55 seconds
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Shaping the future of space cooperation between China and Africa

How are China and Africa collaborating in space technology? What was discussed during first Earth-to-space video call between Chinese taikonauts Chen Dong, Liu Yang and Cai Xuzhe and youth in Africa? In this edition we unravel more and discuss the future on space cooperation between China and Africa.
9/7/202224 minutes, 59 seconds
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Trade between China and Africa

In line with the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), our guests discuss the future common goals of China and Africa in trade and services, China’s impact in the service trade industry in Africa and what Africa is doing to encourage service trade relationships with China.
8/31/202225 minutes, 3 seconds
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Dealing with climate change anxiety

Anxiety is a natural is a natural emotional response to stress, fear, or danger. It is no wonder why some are experiencing anxiety in the face of climate crisis. Although not a clinical diagnosis, climate anxiety and related terms like eco-anxiety, describes the distress caused by current environmental destruction. Our three guests explore this phenomenon.
8/25/202225 minutes
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World Humanitarian Day - It takes a village to support people in a crisis

On this episode of China Africa Talk, we explore what drives people to dedicate their lives to humanitarianism, collaborative crisis response between China and Africa, how society can be engaged beyond hashtags and what it takes to support people in a crisis.
8/18/202225 minutes, 1 second
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World Elephant Day!

Personifying prehistoric beauty, theological relevance, and environmental importance, this August 12, China Africa Talk honors the largest land mammal on the African and Asian continent, a keystone species, invaluable ecosystem engineers, cute to boot, With World Elephant Day!
8/11/202225 minutes
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China Africa cooperation in science and technology

In this episode, our guests share some key findings on how science and technology collaborations between China and Africa have evolved, their benefits to primary economic activities in Africa, and how to upgrade cooperation among stakeholders.
8/4/202225 minutes, 1 second
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The role of women in bridging relations between China and Africa

In commemoration of this years’ Pan African Women’s Day, this episode features the roles women are playing in bridging the void between China and Africa and the importance of building female solidarity between the two peoples.
7/29/202225 minutes
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New platform to enhance China-Africa cooperation

A new platform to promote economic and trade cooperation between China and Africa was established in Beijing. In this edition we discuss the motive and vision behind this project and how it will make a difference in China-Africa cooperation.
7/22/202225 minutes
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Chinese youth in Africa: An inside view of their daily lives

The number of Chinese youth in Africa has been rising in recent years. In this edition, we discuss what is attracting this generation of Chinese youth to the continent. We look at the role of this generation in building mutually beneficial communication and exchanges between China and Africa, and what they are doing that's different from the elder generation.
7/15/202225 minutes
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The Belt and Road Initiative in the eyes of youth

In this edition we discuss the Belt and Road Initiative but from the perspective of two young guests who have taken it upon themselves to raise awareness among other youth into getting involved.
7/8/202225 minutes
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"China from outside": One-on-one with Zimbabwe's Ambassador to China

As part of the CGTN series "China from outside" , Zimbabwean Ambassador to China Martin Chedondo walks us through the developments he witnessed throughout his stay in China including some important lessons that can be drawn from the CPC’s governance and democratic practices.
7/1/202225 minutes, 1 second
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BRICS: The role of the New Development Bank, China and South Africa

The 14th summit of BRICS was held in Beijing on June 23 via video link. China is this year's chair of the BRICS. We spoke with Leslie Maasdorp, Vice president and Chief Financial Officer of the BRICS New Development Bank together with Dr. Zhou Mi, Senior Research Fellow and Deputy Director, Institute of American and Oceania Study on the developments made so far and the role of the NDB bank in connecting member countries.
6/23/202225 minutes
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Ensuring food security in China and South Africa

In this week's edition two experts in the area of agriculture and economics discuss current challenges of food insecurity in their countries, and how their respective governments are managing them. They also share collaborative measures China and African countries can share in the long term to ensure food security.
6/17/202225 minutes
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Cultivating a mutual understanding through plays

In this edition, we speak with a Chinese play writer who tries to reflect the reality of the Chinese community living in Africa with the aim of deepening a mutual understanding between the two peoples through his works in the play “Hujambo Afrika!”
6/9/202225 minutes
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How communities are fighting desertification in China and Senegal

This week two experts in environment and sustainable development from China and Senegal join us to discuss some of the techniques people are using to fight desertification in the dry arid regions of their respective countries.
6/3/202224 minutes, 52 seconds
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Doing business in Ethiopia

When you think about setting up a business in Africa as a foreign investor, what comes to your mind? In this edition, Steven Cui, a Chinese national based in Ethiopia , shares some of his views on what it's like to do business in Ethiopia and why he chose to set up in the North Eastern region of the Horn of Africa.
5/27/202224 minutes, 52 seconds
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E-commerce supports African business growth in China

Livestream e-commerce is fast becoming a new driving force for China-Africa trade, with young Africans living in China also joining in. In this edition, a Zimbabwean live-streamer and a Liberian entrepreneur both based in China, discuss how e-commerce is supporting growth of small and large African businesses in China.
5/12/202225 minutes, 1 second
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Youth engagement in poverty eradication and future job creation

Young leaders from China and South Sudan share their recommendations on creating decent jobs for youth in fragile states and discuss how linkages to global markets and investments can be strengthened to improve opportunities for young entrepreneurs. They propose policies that can enhance access to affordable technology and enable young people to create new products and services towards poverty eradication.
5/5/202224 minutes, 5 seconds
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Tackling climate change in Africa and China

In this edition, we speak with experts in climate change and environmental policies from China and Kenya, on how China and some countries on the African continent are tackling challenges associated with climate change. They also share their views on global policy changes and improvements in ecological protection in recent years.
4/28/202225 minutes
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Belt and Road Initiative brings China and Africa closer

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a global infrastructure development project that's shaping and revitalizing trade links across various nations. By its nature of building on the historic Silk Road, BRI puts a major focus on trade routes that seek to provide an economic boost to countries in Asia, Eastern Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, regions mainly composed of emerging markets. To help us better understand the BRI in the context of China and Africa, Professor He Wenping joins us in a discussion.
4/22/202225 minutes, 1 second
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Demand for South African wine growing in China

In this episode we discuss the growth of South Africa’s lucrative wine market over the last three years and some of the strategies SA wineries use to meet the needs of the Chinese palate.
4/15/202225 minutes, 1 second
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Young Africans in China-Africa cooperation

Joseph Olivier Mendo'o, a China-based Cameroonian, and China- based Zimbabwean Tungamirai Eric Mupona talk about the involvement of young Africans in China-Africa joint initiatives. They delve into the role of youth in bridging cooperation on both sides, share success stories of African youth in China and how they became part of the Africa-China Leadership Association.
4/8/202225 minutes, 8 seconds
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Breaking the "money talk taboo"

Jill Tang, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Ladies Who Tech, together with China-based Congolese educator, Emilia Bywaters discuss some of the reasons that keep women from sharing their financial journeys with each other. They also share their perspectives on how to overcome these barriers and develop a sisterhood of financially empowered women.
4/1/202224 minutes, 59 seconds
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Film collaboration gives new perspective on Africa

Xue Zhouyi is a Chinese outreach producer who has participated in China-Africa TV and documentary collaboration programs in countries such as Djibouti, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. As point of reference, we discuss how "When Africa Meets You", the first film collaboration between China and Zimbabwe that features local talent and Chinese actors, gives a new perspective on Africa.
3/25/202225 minutes, 1 second
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Chinese TV shows attract audiences in Africa

In this episode, we will speak with people from the TV and film industry to discuss how Chinese TV shows and dramas are crossing the cultural divide and attracting audiences in Africa.
3/17/202225 minutes, 33 seconds
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Ethiopia-China diplomatic and trade relations

In an exclusive interview, Ethiopian Ambassador to China, His Excellency Teshome Toga Chanaka talks about agriculture and trade investment between the two countries and outlines some policies and decisions Ethiopia is expecting for further cooperation between the two sides under the Belt and Road framework.
3/11/202225 minutes, 7 seconds
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A Look at Africa in the Paralympics

The 2022 Winter Paralympics take place from March 4 to 13 and while Africa did not have huge representation at the Winter Olympics, there is enough to suggest the continent is warming up to cold weather sports. Samson Deen, President of African Paralympic Committee talks to us about where the continent stands and the future of Paralympics. Also in this episode, Dr. Yuan Qiang, Chief Spine Surgeon of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Alpine Ski Venue Deputy Medical Officer, and Chief Ski Doctor, explains how China's first rapid response medical team are able to deliver exactly what the injured ones need.
3/3/202224 minutes, 59 seconds
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Celebrating our mother languages

In observance of International Mother Language Day, a worldwide annual day held on 21st, February to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity, Dr. Ma Xiujie and Mr. Mthuli Buthelezi both lecturing isiZulu at the Beijing Foreign Studies University discuss the significance of the need to preserve our mother languages and the efforts that are being undertaken to preserve linguistic diversity in China and Africa.
2/24/202225 minutes, 26 seconds
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Volunteers: Sports bring nations together

Zhang Yiyi and Takudzwa Duncan Maluwa are both students at Beijing International Studies University actively donating their time to volunteering at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The two walk us through their daily roles, share what they are demonstrating and reflecting as youth on such an international platform and what they would like the world to remember them as volunteers.
2/17/202225 minutes
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Opportunities for foreign owned e-commerce startups in China

Pacifique Twizere, a China-based Rwandan, and CEO of NEZA Technology Inc and developer of “Neza Buy”, talks us through his journey in the e-commerce industry and how he used his academic and professional skills attained in China and Rwanda to build a "China-Africa e-commerce platform."
2/10/202225 minutes
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Alexander Heath on Africa's participation in Winter Olympics

Alexander Heath a South African Olympic athlete reflects on Africa's participation in Winter Olympics, what he has done so far to encourage skiing in his country and the pressures associated with being an athlete in a Winter Olympic event.
2/3/202225 minutes
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Is Traditional Chinese Medicine gaining popularity in Africa?

In this episode, Dr Diarra Boubacar, a China- Based Malian Doctor who has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China for over 30 years, is invited to discuss on whether TCM is gaining popularity in Africa, how different it is in comparison to African Traditional medicine and whether the COVID-19 pandemic presents a new opportunity to the use of traditional medicines around the globe.
1/27/202223 minutes, 41 seconds
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COVID-19 vaccine support: A case of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is one of the first African countries to receive COVID-19 vaccine donations but has secured a substantial number of doses due to active procurement measures alongside support from a range of international actors most significantly, China. Dr. Agnes Mahomva, Zimbabwe's Chief Coordinator of the National Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in the office of the president, discusses the COVID-19 situation in Zimbabwe and the kind of vaccine support the country has received from China.
1/20/202224 minutes, 47 seconds
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Kenya China avocado and aquatic export deal

Newly signed protocols between China and Kenya have paved the way for avocado and aquatic farmers in Kenya to export their produce to China. Peter Biwott former Chief Executive officer of the Kenya Export Promotion Council and now Managing Director, Eldoret Water and Sanitation Company discusses what this means for Kenya’s agriculture industry and the opportunity of this deal towards the trade relationship of the two countries.
1/13/202226 minutes, 7 seconds
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China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi's Africa tour

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi continues the tradition by Chinese foreign ministers to start every year by visiting Africa. Professor Peter Kagwanja,President and Chief Executive of Kenya-based Africa Policy Institute and Professor Zhang Yongpeng,a senior researcher at the Institute of West Asian and African Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences shed some light on Wang Yi’s visit to Eritrea, Kenya and the Comoros.
1/7/202227 minutes, 11 seconds
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2021 in Retrospect: A look at China-Africa Relations (PART 1)

Ambassador Johannes Gert Grobler and Professor He Wenping are invited to recap some of the issues that revolved around the China-Africa relations in 2021. In this edition we review some of the major events that affirmed the China-Africa relationship and highlight some of the challenges faced.
12/30/202123 minutes, 30 seconds
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Finding the perfect fit

As holiday shoppers gear up for the festive season celebrations when it comes to fashion, most customers still want one thing: and that's choice! Nkemek-nti Umoren a Nigerian student, and Sam Shusen Guo, Founder of both FashionReal China, and Elite Edge Fashion PR Agency, and I, discuss on what goes on in the fashion chain and debate on whether designers need to put more time and resources in plus-size range.
12/23/202120 minutes, 35 seconds
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Book and documentary trying to portray African diaspora living in China

Zhang Yong, Flogy Dostov Ngaluo, and I discuss the different facets of African expatriate life in China portrayed in a new book Africans in China authored by Zhang Yong. Zhang Yong is the leading director of the documentary Africans in Yiwu and currently a researcher at College of Media and International Culture, Zhejiang University. Flogy Dostov Ngaluo is a Congolese cinematographer based in Jinhua city. He is a character in both Africans in Yiwu and Africans in China and the music director for the main music for the documentary Africans in Yiwu.
12/17/202116 minutes, 53 seconds
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Gender based violence

In commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence from 25 November to 10 December, Ms Kealeboga Kelly Dambuza, SADC Secretariat Programme Officer - Gender Based Violence, Dr. Wang Xiying, a professor in the Faculty of Education at Beijing Normal University and I, discuss on the concerns faced by women and girls in the COVID-19 pandemic and how to overcome them.
12/10/202131 minutes, 7 seconds
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A former Zimbabwean footballer trains young football talents in China

Zimbabwean youth football expert Walter Musanhu reflects his journey through football, how he established JADEL football academy in China and Zimbabwe and what he has learnt. Through his lenses we explore the importance of role models and educating parents in football and perhaps what some of the priorities should be in developing young football talent.
12/3/202121 minutes, 46 seconds
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Bridging social gaps

Miatta Momoh a Sierra Leone China based Kente & Silk, co-founder and Business development manager and Yixuan Li, The Dot Connector, Founder & PR consultant and I discuss how their work is contributing in bridging some social gaps in people to people relations not only amongst African diaspora in China but also between Chinese and Africans in China.
11/30/202121 minutes, 10 seconds
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Ambassador Zhou Yuxiao on FOCAC: outcomes, challenges and expectations

The 8th Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) will be held in Dakar, capital of Senegal on 29th and 30th November this year. In an exclusive interview, Zhou Yuxiao, Ambassador for Affairs of FOCAC of the Foreign Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, reflects on the implementation of the outcomes of the last FOCAC Summit held in Beijing in 2018, the challenges incurred since and his expectations of the upcoming Senegal meeting.
11/25/202134 minutes, 27 seconds
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Spicing up trade between Rwanda and China

We catch up with Dieudonné Twahirwa, a Rwandan agribusiness entrepreneur who in September 2019 signed a five-year deal to supply 50,000 tons of dry chili to the Chinese market. He talks about the trading process, the challenges and developments since the signing of the deal.
11/18/202114 minutes, 45 seconds
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CAETE: Promoting trade and investment

In an exclusive interview, Rwanda's Ambassador to China, His Excellency James Kimonyo talks about the China Africa Economic and Trade Expo and how it is an opportunity for Rwanda to engage with business leaders and investors.
11/11/202116 minutes, 34 seconds
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Impact of COVID on the mental health of university students

We discuss mental health in times of COVID. What impact has COVID-19 had on the mental well-being of people, particularly amongst university students? What interventions can be put in place to prevent another potential health crisis? In this episode, Dr. Jiu-min Lin (China), Dr. Brett Lyndall Singh (South Africa) and Pamela Marahwa, a Zimbabwean medical student, join me to talk about this and walk us through some coping strategies.
11/4/202122 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Debunking myths and stereotypes about China and Africa

We will be looking at common myths and stereotypes about China and Africa. I’ve invited two of my Chinese colleagues Wang Lei and Shen Ting who have also lived in Africa to discuss these misconceptions from both our views. We will try to figure out how some of them arise in the first place, debate the reality about them and weigh how such myths are hinderers towards social engagement with the two peoples.
10/28/202115 minutes, 8 seconds