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Chewing the Gristle with Greg Koch

English, Music, 5 seasons, 96 episodes, 4 days 15 hours 39 minutes
Season 4 is here! Listen in on Greg Koch's conversations with his guitar-hero friends. Every episode Greg unleashes his fiendish humor and unique perspective as "one of the most famous unknown guitar players in the world", asking his often-famous musical friends the questions that we all want to know the answers to! Each episode is brought to you by Fishman and Wildwood Guitars
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Dylan Adams

Dylan Adams is a slide guitar player extraordinaire. Greg first discovered him as many of us have, on social media playing up a storm! Greg was taken away by his beautiful technique, tone, and touch. Dylan has made that heavy impression on many via his Instagram and YouTube accounts, and today Greg and Dylan catch up for a very slide-oriented Chewing the Gristle!3:03 - The resurgence of slide guitar, Dylan’s own unique voice, and The Allman Bros8:46 - What interested Dylan in slide guitar, and more Allman Bros!20:08 - The importance of making music for yourself, and hitting the road and just DOING IT24:36 - Other influential guitar players, slide or no slide, and interesting slide techniques34:34 - More on slide technique38:31 - Ear training, theory vs gristle, and the nuances of learning and exploration53:46 - GEAR AND TONE64:12 - Dylan online, the when, the where, the whatTotal Length: 66:42
15/02/20241 hour 6 minutes 42 seconds
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Reggie Hamilton

Reggie is bass royalty in LA, where he has been a first-call session and touring bassist for many years. He has toured or recorded with Seal, Eros Ramazzotti, Babyface, Queen Latifah, Billy Childs, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin, Bette Midler, George Duke, Whitney Houston, Stanley Clarke, David Lynch, John Mellencamp, Warren Zevon, Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, Tiziano Ferro, Boyz II Men, Johnny Hallyday and many, many others. Greg and Reggie get into the Gristle!2:38 - Touring with Chris Bodie, and what it’s like to tour 250 days out of the year and having no idea what kind of gear you’ll be playing10:50 - Growing up in New York, and Reggie’s jazz mentors throughout the years19:31 - Playing and studying with guitar legend Dennis Sandole, and the importance of great teachers34:51 - What drew Reggie to Los Angeles, how music connects people (even if they disagree), and the joy of jamming with Reggie Hamilton around the world52:27 - Reggie’s time jammi
08/02/20241 hour 16 minutes 30 seconds
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Nick Moss

Chicago's Nick Moss has been recognized as one the great guitarists of his generation, garnering accolades from Buddy Guy and praise from Jambase, Relix, and among many others. His recording career spans decades and his albums are staples at blues radio outlets worldwide and are now in rotation at stations with jam and rock formats. Greg and Nick catch up about his musical journey, life on the road, and his gear!1:27 - Hellos, catch-up, sharing the stage w/ the great Nick Moss, and the glory of Wisconsin’s Summer Fest7:21 - What drew Nick to the Blues, and how the guitar fell into his hands20:32 - Hitting the road with Buddy Scott, Jimmy Rogers, more, and making a living as a musician in Chicago31:45 - Life on the road with Nick Moss,and the importance of building your brand42:32 - The difference between self-released material vs record label deals51:23 - Nick’s current road rigTotal Length: 61:18
01/02/20241 hour 1 minute 18 seconds
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Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson can be found on anyone's list of the greatest electric guitar instrumentalists ever. His songs such as "Cliffs of Dover" (which won a Grammy) set the high bar for the genre, and have become all-time classics. Greg and Eric talk about G3, influences, tone, and gear on this Chewing the Gristle!   3:16 - Greg and Eric - the pleasure of sitting in together and jamming on stage, and Eric approach to performance throughout the years 7:13 - The upcoming G3 tour with Joe Satriani & Steve Vai, and a discourse on the almighty BB King11:30 - The tone is in the fingers, the absurdity of social media, the joy of playing guitar, Eric history with teachers and ear training, and how the skill set of a modern-day guitarist has changed21:03 - Eric’s tonal thoughts in preparing for his next record, and the idea of keeping things simple25:51 - The idea of being a trailblazer, and thoughts on Jeff Beck31:59 - Cream, Clapton, Beck, He
18/01/20241 hour 6 minutes 34 seconds