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Cheat Codes with Pea the Feary

English, Religion, 2 seasons, 62 episodes, 1 day, 15 hours, 34 minutes
I'm here to be the oracle that you happen to come across in the video game we call life. I have no agenda other than to entertain myself, talk into the void and answer questions that help to make life easier.
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Reverse Consciousness with Alejandra Smits

Alejandra and her beautiful mind and mouth are back. We talked about “the one”, how much I don’t read, and where our work comes from. I’m always so excited and grateful for our convos. Follow her on InstagramSubscribe to her NewsletterMusic by FentoMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
5/18/20241 hour, 16 minutes, 17 seconds
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Trust is like, really important

Hope you enjoy!Music by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
4/6/202412 minutes, 6 seconds
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Oh Hey!

I had some folks ask questions about creative energetics and business. Answering them here on a short podcast.Music by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
2/20/202415 minutes, 18 seconds
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Cheat Codes Case Study - Anjia Jalac

Today we'll be hanging with my multi-talented star of a client Anjia. As you'll hear in our podcast we tend to go into abstract land whenever we talk but if you get it you get it lololol. Check Anjia's IG and visit her JUICY website to see more of her work.Working together with me she's created such monumental shifts not to mention manifested working with Beyoncé?!Music by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
10/26/202350 minutes, 5 seconds
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Cheat Codes Case Study: Sunni Chapman

This episode I speak with Sunni Chapman, about the behind-the-scenes of her reality creation process. We had lots of fun. You can find Sunni on IG here and also connect to Sunni's work hereMusic by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
10/21/202346 minutes, 15 seconds
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Yebba’s Heartbreak with - Nulu Krotchy

Yebba’s Heartbreak with - Nulu KrotchyKrotchy is someone I’ve been intrigued by for years now. Their work is fantastical and everything futuristic. We had such a fun talk about everything honestly, check it outttt Find her here on Instagram and pleasssse go look and listen to the WILD art she is making and be transported to a mystical version of the world.Music by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
9/10/202358 minutes, 43 seconds
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Dreams & Death with Fung Kii

This episode is amazing because it feels like I  met a galactic cousin. Fung Kii is an out of this world artist who I was magnetized to because of their mystery and delicious taste. Fung Kii can be found on TikTok here. Go watch and be blessed.Music by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
7/8/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 59 seconds
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Your Dream Life is Normal with Jaliessa Sipress

Surprise!Jaliessa is back again and we're talking about what we always talk about of course lmao.Follow Jaliessa on InstagramRight now, she's doing some cool stuff and offers readings too.You can find Jaliessa's Links hereMusic by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
6/8/20231 hour, 2 minutes
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Magic and Margiela with Muse

a beautifulllll convo with Muse diving into the intersection fashion and spirituality and fashion as an art form. Some really important nuggets in here so eat up!You can find all Muse's links hereMusic by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
5/24/20231 hour, 6 minutes
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Creative flow with my client Ivey Holt

Super fun episode with Ivey, creative flows to cult leadership lmaoIvey is such a powerful creator and has solidified an identity that has allowed her to call in:A new relationship with successArt SalesViralityConfidenceand more, listen in on our convoYou can find Ivey on Instagram, TikTok, & her websiteEnjoy!Music by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
4/1/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 27 seconds
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2 hrs of chaos with Ramin

Okay it was almost 2 hrs but then we were just catching up and chatting in the beginning so I had that cut out lmao. Now it’s more like an hour and 20 mins of chaos. Go check out Ramin's Instagram& Ramin's Website for that beautiful deck.Enjoy!Music by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
2/28/20231 hour, 21 minutes, 55 seconds
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Let's Get Honest with Emilia Farts

I've been watching Emilia's work for about 5 years now, I was STARSTRUCK during this so if I sound extra strange it's because I was cold and sweating simultaneously. I might not be here if Emilia didn't make her videos tbh, the absurdity, beauty, and humour she shares with the world are so impactful.  Find Emelia on Instagram and check out her newest single with her sister Enjoy!Music by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
1/31/202358 minutes, 13 seconds
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Soft & Strong with Kyela (

I have been seeing Kyela's work on my for you page and I finally payed attention to it and was immediately in love. Turns out, they listen to this podcast, so that was cool. We talk about art creation and reality creation on this episode. Find Kyela on Instagram and be blessed by their mystical take on memes and art.Also Solid Self, a work/play shop on navigating the self and moving with confidence is on December 31, 2022. Hope to see you there! Early pricing is available until Dec. 19th.  Music by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
12/7/202256 minutes, 41 seconds
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What's The Point If We're Not Playing? (with Yumi Sakugawa)

This is going to be amazing for anyone that is making anything!You can find Yumi's work on Instagram hereYou can find the links to all of her offerings hereTo join the Choose Your Character Challenge visit hereMusic by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
9/21/20221 hour, 41 seconds
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I'm Back..... For Now!

Hope you Enjoy!Music by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
7/10/202225 minutes, 15 seconds
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Every time I'm with Jaliessa It's Spicy

I went to Mexico because y'all told me that you wanted Jaliessa on the podcast. Also, I'm joking about that last line I said, sort of. Follow Jaliessa on Instagram right now, she's doing some cool stuff and offers readings too.Music by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefearyMy Website
5/26/202259 minutes, 41 seconds
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"Babe, this is actually episode 30"

Whoa 30 episodes! This is crazy, even didn't know. The link to submit questions for next weeks episode is hereMusic by @ilovevolareMy IG: @peathefeary My Website:
8/24/202112 minutes, 24 seconds