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Chatterbox with Ekow and Aba

English, Leisure/Hobby/Lifestyle, 3 seasons, 71 episodes, 1 day, 23 hours, 3 minutes
Chatterbox is an episodic conversation between Ekow and Aba who set out to discuss a variety of topics and share their own life experiences. Join them as they try to understand life and also try their very best to not laugh the entirety of each episode.
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A Series of Fortunate Events

Dear Chatter was a new segment we introduced in season 3 of the podcast. The goal was to analyse various scenarios from our listeners. In this episode, we relive some of the best Dear Chatter stories from the podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
5/2/20245 minutes, 39 seconds
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Work is not an excuse ...

We often use work as an excuse not to do a lot of things. But does this affect our relationships? --- Send in a voice message:
4/25/202437 minutes, 4 seconds
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More 012: Dating in tech 🥰 (with Andrew & Lenry)

Jessie asks a tough question about how hard it is to have a romantic life, especially when you are stuck behind your work for hours. Andrew and Lenry share their perspectives on dating in tech and some do's and don'ts. --- Send in a voice message:
4/4/202428 minutes
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More 011: Why some organisations don't pay taxes with Benjamin Nkansah

Ever wondered why NGOs and humanitarian organisations don't pay taxes? Benjamin explains this simply as we delve into the intricacies of running them. --- Send in a voice message:
3/21/202421 minutes, 15 seconds
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More 010: Giving the right advice (feat Aseye)

Giving advice is something everyone thinks they can provide, but we hear Aseye's unique perspective on the matter. --- Send in a voice message:
3/7/202422 minutes, 47 seconds
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More 009: Body Positivity in Fashion with 1NRI

We explore how fashion designer 1NRI approaches designing for diverse body types. We get an inside perspective on this topic and how we can contribute to preaching body positivity in everything we do. --- Send in a voice message:
2/8/202410 minutes, 36 seconds
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More 008: HERH BLACK STARS! (feat Joel Bortey)

The blackstars recently exited the African Cup of Nations with an Abysmal performance. In this episode we talk about the glory days of the black stars, and how the whole nation used to back them. --- Send in a voice message:
1/25/202413 minutes, 18 seconds
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More 007: Selling Conversations in the dark for $1,000,000

Would you sell your platform podcast for $1,000,000? We get a really interesting answer from Safo today. --- Send in a voice message:
1/11/202425 minutes, 8 seconds
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More 006: Most Controversial Opinion (feat Kofi Nuel)

We never imagined he would say something like this. Kofi Nuel shares his controversial opinions. --- Send in a voice message:
12/28/20239 minutes, 35 seconds
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More 004: Eating Out (feat Chef Keeks)

Ever questioned if Chefs are critical when they eat out. Today Chef Keeks give us a perspective on eating out as a Chef. --- Send in a voice message:
11/30/202319 minutes, 49 seconds
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More 003: Abolish the Grid (feat Sybil)

Ekow has always wanted to abolish the chatterbox grid, and today, we try to understand why with the help of Sybil. Make sure to listen to the main episode right below this. --- Send in a voice message:
11/16/20239 minutes, 7 seconds
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More 002: The Hairstyle (feat David Boanuh)

Ever wondered why Gospel had such a unique hairstyle? We answer that question in today's episode. --- Send in a voice message:
11/2/20235 minutes, 26 seconds
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More 001: The process (feat Kyei Mensah) again

Yeppp. We're here again. Join us as we understand the real process behind all that Kyei Mensah puts out. Show Notes  Kyei Mensah’s Instagram: Bookings: [email protected] Stream His EP:  Apple: Spotify: Website: Intro Story: Afua Ayiku Intro Story Music: Revival - Orchestral Instrumental - Epic Background Music - Youtube Intro/Outro Music: Sunset Drive ~ by Virgil Arles Written by: Nana Ekow Korsah Tobias Woode Editing by: Nana Ekow Korsah Produced by: Jessie Garthey & Ekow Korsah A Chatterbox Production --- Send in a voice message:
10/19/202321 minutes, 12 seconds
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We finally got a new host

In this episode, Ekow and Aba debunck all the rumors and also talk about Christmas. 
12/15/202224 minutes, 12 seconds
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Staying or leaving, interiors and so much more

On todays episode Ekow has a chat with two of his friends about anything and everything. The talk about food, to leave or not to leave, interiors, the effects if the economy on prices and so much more. There's a surprise coming in the next episode so stay tuned. 
12/8/202243 minutes, 40 seconds
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Its not over yet

On this weeks episode, Ekow finally gets his wish. He manages to get rid of Aba but don't be scared. NK came to the rescue. We talk about technology, event planning and the current state of twitter.
12/2/202229 minutes, 12 seconds
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It takes Two

Yep. Money was lost, Names were revealed, Padi is again in this episode, and an episode title is actually our real favourite food. 
11/17/202233 minutes, 7 seconds
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Yeppp. A random chitchat
11/10/202228 minutes, 44 seconds
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Was it Adam or Eve?

We ask the question of "Who is actually the reason"
11/3/202226 minutes, 32 seconds
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Moving mad (featuring Adzo & Prince)

Well well well, Ekow didn't want to talk about this but they ended up convincing him. We explore how to move from the talking stage, something most people have been struggling with. Enjoy the episode. 
10/20/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 17 seconds
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Who self help dey help

Does self help really help? We aren't even sure ourselves. In this weeks episode we try to understand if self help does really help and how we can take advantage of it. 
10/13/202235 minutes, 54 seconds
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How long is too long for certain things to happen

In this episode we explore the question of how long is too long. Life happens quickly and so we have to take certain decision early and so we pose the question of how long is too long
10/6/202232 minutes, 48 seconds
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How to treat others 101 (featuring Padi)

On todays Episode we try to understand the dynamics of treating people. Everyone is different so what exactly should we do not to get on their bad side. 
9/29/202233 minutes, 34 seconds
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Emotional Attachment

Emotional attachment refers to the feelings of closeness and affection that help sustain meaningful relationships over time. In this episode, Ekow and Aba share their views on emotional attachment and how it affects our everyday activities. 
9/22/202233 minutes, 1 second
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Ice cream or Jollof?

Pick a side!!. Ekow and Aba fight on which meals are better. We get a surprise visit from our very own food blogger Adzo, understand why Aba is moving to Ekow and why they can't seem to ever get the intro for the podcast right. 
9/15/202232 minutes, 37 seconds
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Ekow and Aba discuss their hobbies and the problems that come with expressing the joy of those moments with others
9/8/202230 minutes, 51 seconds
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Health and Wellness

Ekow and Aba discuss health and wellness in Ghana as well as the stress that comes with it
8/25/202238 minutes, 38 seconds
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Ekow and Aba talk about their friendship even as they go through a rough patch and explore the dynamics of friendships and the complications that come with it 
8/18/202221 minutes, 31 seconds
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Bonus Episode: The fifth Episode

In this episode, Ekow and Aba review starting a podcast, the ups and downs and what they aim to achieve in the near future. There's also a compilation of bloopers at the end shuuuu🤫
8/4/202216 minutes, 11 seconds
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A public or a private life?

Today, Ekow and Aba are joined by two interesting guests to share their views on living a public versus private life. 
7/28/202236 minutes, 21 seconds
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What would Ghana look like in the next 30 years

In this episode, Ekow and Aba discuss the state of the nation, and make predictions about how the country would look like within the next 30 years.
7/21/202240 minutes, 16 seconds
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Cash is King

Ekow and Aba talk finances and their experience with savings. They give their experiences with lending and borrowing money as well as getting scammed.
7/14/202238 minutes, 19 seconds
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4 years later ...

Ekow and Aba describe their four year journey through university and how it affected their lives. They describe it in different categories from relationship wise to financially. 
7/4/202245 minutes, 45 seconds