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English, Cultural, 4 seasons, 119 episodes, 2 days 14 hours 32 minutes
Cat Lantigua is a Dominican-American facilitator and community architect dedicated to building spaces that foster soul-centered conversations and connections. She is the Founder and CEO at Goddess Council, a sisterhood and wellness community for women seeking deep connections, opportunities to heal, new meaningful friendships, and joy! The mission of this show is to showcase Cat's personal journey of self-actualizing, overcoming fears, and paving the way for her soul's purpose to shine through, while amplifying the voices of women and millennials impacting the culture for our highest good. Keep up with Cat in between episodes by following her on Instagram @cat.lantigua You can also message her directly via email at [email protected] Hosted on Acast. See ( for more information.
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Life update + new direction for the show

Cat fills everyone in on how she hopes to be changing the course of the show in the coming weeks and reminds us of the mission of this podcast! Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Twitter:&nbsp;@catlantiguaInstagram:&nbsp;@cat.lantiguaKeep up Goddess Council's happenings on Instagram&nbsp;@goddess.council Hosted on Acast. See <a style='color:grey;' tar
14/05/20199 minutes 23 seconds
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Kim Hoyos: The Light Leaks, diversity in film making spaces, destigmatizing mental health conversations, and more!

In this episode Cat chats with founder of The Light Leaks, Kim Hoyos! They cover conversations about how her company came to be, creating diverse film making spaces, why destigmatizing mental health conversations are so important, and much more!Guest InfoWebsite: https://www.thelightleaks.comIG: @the_lightleaks Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Keep up Goddess Council's happenings on Instagram&nbsp;@goddess.councilFollow her on Twitter:&nbsp;@catlantiguaFoll
07/05/201942 minutes 12 seconds
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Maryam Ajayi: Wellness for WOC, harnessing healing power, building your dream biz, and saying good bye to toxic lifestyles

Cat chats with reiki healer, Maryam Ajayi! They cover all sorts of topics including what led Maryam to facilitate energy healing, her life transitions, wellness for POC, and so much more!Guest InfoWebsite: maryamajayi.comIG: Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Keep up Goddess Council's happenings on Instagram&nbsp;@goddess.councilFollow her on Twitter:&nbsp;@catlantiguaFollow her on Instagram:&nbsp;@cat
02/04/20191 hour 4 minutes 7 seconds
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Eliza Blank: The Sill, paving your own lane, how to build a network, and quitting work to build your dreams,

In this episode, Cat chats with Founder and CEO of The Sill, Eliza Blank! They dove into Eliza's entreprenurial journey and all of the elements responsible for getting her to where she is today.Guest InfoWebsite: www.thesill.comIG: @thesill and Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Keep up Goddess Council's happenings on Instagram&nbsp;@goddess.councilFollow her on Twitter:&nbsp;@catlantiguaFollow her on Inst
19/03/201936 minutes 21 seconds
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Solo Episode: Don't go through it alone, build the sisterhood

In this episode Cat announces that she's officially releasing exclusive content on Patreon and rebroadcasts an old episode about the importance of sisterhood. After receiving so much feedback about episode 71, she figured this would be a great way to follow-up on the importance of growing within a Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Keep up Goddess Council's happenings on Instagram&nbsp;@goddess.councilFollow her on Twitter:&nbsp;@catlantiguaFollow her on Instagram:&nbsp;<a href="" tar
05/03/201919 minutes 46 seconds
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SOLO EPISODE: Shedding the old identity that no longer serves you

In this emotional solo episode, Cat chats about coming to terms with letting go of the version of her identity that is weighing her down. As she seeks opportunities to align herself with her soul's purpose she's departing from the limiting beliefs that are preventing her from actualizing into the person she knows she can be and building the things she knows will change the world.Keep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Keep up Goddess Council's happenings on Instagram&nbsp;@goddess.councilFollow her on Twitter:&nbsp;@catlantiguaFollow her on Instagram:&nbsp;@cat.lantiguaCheck out her Fac
26/02/201920 minutes 43 seconds
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Jen Winston: Girl Power Supply, what it takes to run an activist social media platform

Cat chats with the founder of Girl Power Supply (GPS), Jen Winston! In their super candid chat, they covered the ins and outs of what it takes to maintain a prominent Instagram platform, what kind of content people engage with online, life in NYC, how Jen embraces learning publicly, and so much more! Guest InfoWebsite: www.girlpowersupply.comIG: @girlpowersupplyPersonal IG: @jenerousKeep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Keep up Goddess Council's happenings on Instagram&nbsp;@goddess.councilFollow
19/02/201954 minutes 31 seconds
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Bianca Jade: Self-funding creative projects, healing through songwriting, and the journey of vocal training

Cat chats with R&amp;B singer Bianca Jade! They dive into the journey of vocal training, the healing that comes with songwriting, what it takes to self-fund creative projects, AND share Bianca's brand new single Feelin' at the end of the show!Guest InfoIG: @biancajademusicYoutube: Bianca JadeListen to by heading to Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Keep up Goddess Council's happenings on Instagram @goddess.councilFollow her on Twitt
05/02/201934 minutes 42 seconds
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Cat chats about the things going on in her life that were NOT planned and the subsequent anxiety that came along with it. She also reflects on how there's a bigger lesson to be learned about going with the flow and knowing that the universe always has bigger plans!Keep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Keep up Goddess Council's happenings on Instagram&nbsp;@goddess.councilFollow her on Twitter:&nbsp;@catlantiguaFollow her on Instagram:&nbsp;@cat.lantiguaCheck out her Facebook page:&nbsp;Cat LantiguaKeep following
29/01/201910 minutes 38 seconds
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Museroom Podcast: Cat is interviewed by Katherine Tackett about creativity, community, life in NYC, + more!

Cat chats with Katherine Tackett from the Museroom Podcast! They talk about Cat's life in NYC, what keeps her inspired, the importance of community, and what new things Cat has coming in the near future!Interviewer InfoPodcast: Museroom PodcastIG: @museroompodcastKeep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Keep up Goddess Council's happenings on Instagram&nbsp;@goddess.councilFollow her on Twitter:&nbsp;<a href="" target="_bl
25/01/20191 hour 9 minutes 32 seconds
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SOLO EPISODE: It's okay to not know what you want right now

Cat chats about how it's okay to slow down decision making. So often millennials, and people in general, are pressured to make quick decisions out of fear that they'll disappear, but is that truly beneficial? She talks about why it's important to create space before leaping into anything new, why there's nothing to be afraid of, and what to say when presented with opportunities that you're not quite sure how to feel about.Keep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Keep up Goddess Council's happenings on Instagram @goddess.councilFollow her on Twitter: @catlantiguaFollow her on Instagram: @cat.lantigua<
15/01/20199 minutes 16 seconds
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Emilia Ortiz: Embracing indigenous spirituality, leaning into vulnerability online, becoming a mental health advocate, and embracing your truth

In the first episode of 2019, Cat chats with spiritual advisor, Emilia Ortiz! They dive into how Emilia's Puerto Rican abuela helped her align with her indigenous spiritual roots, why she rides for Brooklyn so hard, how she came to terms with her own mental health journey and became an advocate online, and so much more!Guest InfoWebsite: spiritualmami.comInstagram: @ethereal.1Keep Up With CatSubscribe&nbsp;to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to&nbsp;;to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Keep up Goddess Council's happenings on Instagram&nbsp;<a href="https://www.i
08/01/20191 hour 20 minutes 41 seconds
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SOLO EPISODE: Never letting the naysayers win + staying true to your dreams [HOLIDAY EDITION]

Cat preemptively walks through what to do if folks question your ambitions and dreams this holiday season. She knows what it's like to try to explain why you're committed to your craft to people who don't think you should be doing it in the first place. She affirms your greatness and reminds you to check in with yourself when faced with naysayers!Keep Up With CatSubscribe&nbsp;to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to&nbsp;;to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Keep up Goddess Council's happenings on Instagram&nbsp;@goddess.councilFollow her on Twitter:&nbsp;@catlantiguaFollow he
25/12/201813 minutes 3 seconds
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Atima Lui: Nudest, building a tech unicorn, overhauling colorism, and creating your own beauty standards

Cat chats with founder and CEO of Nudest, Atima Lui! In their conversation they cover how Nudest merges beauty and tech, the effects of colorism, Atima’s amazing self-love journey, building a tech unicorn, and so much more!Guest InfoWebsite: nudest.coInstagram: @nudest.coYoutube: When happiness is skin deepKeep Up With CatSubscribe&nbsp;to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to&nbsp;;to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Keep up Goddess Council's happenings on Instagram&nbsp;<a href="https://www
11/12/201850 minutes 28 seconds
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The Wiser Family: Womaze app, democratizing wisdom, the divine feminine, being OK with untraditional trajectories, and working with family

This week’s interview is unlike any other because Cat chats with a whole family, the founders of the Womaze app! Rebecca, Leah, Hannah and Corin Wiser are on a mission to democratize wisdom, reminding women of their infinite worth and potential.&nbsp;Throughout their conversation we discussed what led to the forming of this app, what it’s like to work with family, being OK with untraditional trajectories, the divine feminine, taking leaps of faith, and so much more!Guest InfoWebsite: womaze.comInstagram: Up With CatSubscribe&nbsp;to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to&nbsp;www.catlant
04/12/201852 minutes 33 seconds
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Trinity Mouzon: Healing bodies with turmeric and bringing 'what if' ideas to life

Cat chats with co-founder and CEO of&nbsp;Golde Tumeric, Trinity Mouzon! Golde is a line of high-quality turmeric ingestible blends that spice up everyday lattes, teas, and smoothies! In their chat, they dive into Trinity's journey of quitting work to pursue building Golde full-time, how her mother inspired her to learn about holistic medicine, how she balances a romantic and professional relationship with her co-founder, and lots more!Guest InfoWebsite: golde.coInstagram: @goldeKeep Up With CatSubscribe&nbsp;to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to<a href
27/11/201856 minutes 33 seconds
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Solo Episode: 2 life changing lessons

It's Thanksgiving week and Cat has a lot to be grateful for! Listen in as she details the 2 life-changing lessons 2018 threw her way and why she's thankful for every bit of it.Keep Up With CatSubscribe&nbsp;to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to&nbsp;;to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Keep up Goddess Council's happenings on Instagram&nbsp;@goddess.councilFollow her on Twitter:&nbsp;@catlantiguaFollow her on Instagram: @cat.lantiguaCheck out her Facebook page:&nbsp;<a href="https://www.facebook.
20/11/201816 minutes 26 seconds
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Rachel Basoco: Building an online latina based marketplace, community building, intersectionality, creating a new normal

Cat is joined by CEO and co-founder of Trenza, Rachel Basoco! Trenza was launched when Rachel realized that there were very few spaces in which Latina's could own and produce fashion, beauty, and creative endeavors. She felt that her community had the resources, and capital, to build a space in which the community could recognize the immense power within.Throughout their conversation they touched on the importance of latinx’s having ownership over their creative capital, building a healthy relationship with failure, intersectionality within the Latina community, and loads more.Guest InfoWebsite: Hola TrenzaInstagram: @holatrenzaTwitter: @holatrenza</
13/11/201858 minutes 20 seconds
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Marivette Navarrete: The Mujerista, building up your skillsets, admiration vs comparison, and practicing patience during learning curves

Cat opens up about why there was no episode last week and confesses that she needs to practice what she preaches on the show! She's joined by founder of The Mujerista, Marivette Navarette! Her platform shares stories and experiences that impact, empower, and celebrate Latinas.They discussed the motivation behind her creating The Mujerista, how she’s expanded her skillset to build a company from the ground up, having patience with yourself, and how she stays grounded in the mission of creating a positive space despite negative news cycles.Guest InfoWebsite: www.themujerista.comInstagram: @themujeristaTwitter: @themujeristaKeep Up With Cat<a hre
06/11/20181 hour 9 minutes 38 seconds
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Callie Schweitzer: The future of content creation, building authentic networks, treating yourself like your own client, and how to create a healthy balance with media consumption

Cat talks about feeling abundant and hopeful for the possibilities of Goddess Council! She's joined by Callie Schweitzer, founder of CSCH a creative strategy and consulting firm that helps businesses and individuals increase reach, relevance, and revenue. She’s a highly creative and strategic leader in media and tech and most recently served as the chief content officer at Thrive Global Arianna Huffington’s health and well-being company and has held leadership positions at Time Inc, Time, Vox Media, and Talking Points Memo. She’s been named twice to Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, Business Insiders 30 Most Important women in Tech under 30 and has garnered recognition by many other organizations.They discussed the future of content creation, building authentic networks, healthy media consumption, treating ourselves like our own clients, and so much more!Guest InfoWebsite: <a
23/10/20181 hour 13 minutes 59 seconds
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Being a light in the world (REBROADCAST)

In this episode Cat talks about choosing to be a light in the world. Sensing the current tense social climate, she felt this message needed to be shared again.Keep Up With CatSubscribe&nbsp;to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to&nbsp;;to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Follow her on Twitter:&nbsp;@catlantiguaFollow her on Instagram: @cat.lantiguaCheck out her Facebook page:&nbsp;Cat LantiguaKeep following Cat on all of the socials to stay updated on all of the great things coming up!<p styl
16/10/201827 minutes 49 seconds
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Shirin Eskandani: Training to be an opera singer, overcoming perfectionism, diversity, embracing excellence, and letting go of the hustle mentality

Cat chats with founder of Whole Hearted Coaching and co-founder of Brown Girl Brunch, Shirin Eskandani! Shirin is a classically trained opera singer who after many years of work landed her dream contract at the Metropolitan Opera. It was after landing her dream job that she realized it wasn’t everything she imagined, and there was more she wanted to give. Over time, she pivoted and became a life coach specifically to work with women who have big dreams and big hearts. She assists women by working through their fear and doubt so that they can live their lives with more purpose, passion and joy. Her work is rooted in finding what drives her clients and what makes them passionate about life. &nbsp;In our chat we talked about what the adjustment was like for Shirin's family after moving from Iran to Canada, the importance of diversity, her musical background, overcoming perfectionism, creating a healthy relationship
09/10/20181 hour 1 minute 17 seconds
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Katie Dalebout: Creating while balancing a full-time job, the world of podcasting, and the life changing benefits of journaling

Cat welcomes in October with her interview with Katie Dalebout! Through her writing and podcast Let it Out, Katie curates inspired wisdom that guides people to go deep and sift through the thoughts clouding their minds. She’s the author of Let it Out: A Journey Through Journaling and a contributor to Refinery29, Mind Body Green, and her work has been featured in Teen Vogue, Yahoo Health, and The Daily Mail.She helps people develop a positive image of their bodies by embracing their creativity and personality outside of their physicality. She’s on a mission to share journaling tools that invoke deeper authenticity and self-awareness. In their chat, they dove into aspects entrepreneurship, journaling, balancing our full-time jobs with our passion projects, and lots more.Guest Info: Website:</p
02/10/20181 hour 4 minutes 40 seconds
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Not letting our passion projects give us anxiety

In this solo episode Cat calls herself out and discusses suggestions on how to avoid anxiety during the journey of bringing our passion projects to life.Keep Up With CatSubscribe&nbsp;to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to&nbsp;;to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Follow her on Twitter:&nbsp;@catlantiguaFollow her on Instagram: @cat.lantiguaCheck out her Facebook page:&nbsp;Cat LantiguaKeep following Cat on all of the socials to stay updated on all of the great things coming up!<p style='col
25/09/201815 minutes 22 seconds
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Yajaira De La Espada: Being a child imagination specialist, creating radical change in education, afro-latinidad, and falling in love with storytelling

Cat gives a recap on all the things going on in her life. She's struggling a bit balancing all the new things being added to the mix, but is simultaneously grateful for all of the opportunities. She also chats with author and educator Yajaira De La Espada! Yajaira is the author of The Alphabet of Enchantment Island, a bilingual alphabet book about the magic of being Boricua &amp; the African heritage of Puerto Rico. She's also teacher bringing about radical change in schools! Throughout this chat they discussed the inspiration behind her children's book, what it means to be a child imagination specialist, afro-latinidad, and lots more!Guest InformationWebsite: www.yajairawrites.comInstagram: @yajairawritesResources Mentioned<a href="" target="_blank
18/09/201841 minutes 23 seconds
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Chloe Taylor: Paving your own lane, being a WOC in tech, how to embrace the digital age, and unapologetically believing in yourself

Cat chats with teacher turned entrepreneur Chloe Taylor! After attending Carnegie Mellon and Fordham University, Chloe became a teacher in NYC and later launched her companies Greenprints Inc and Tech Fort Greene. She's one of the go-to consultants for early childhood, elementary, and middle schools looking to integrate STEM programs into their curriculum. She's partnered with companies like HP to inspire women everywhere to tackle their dreams and is frequently asked to speak in tech panels throughout the country. In this episode, Chloe talks about how she pushes through fear and doubt, her experience as a WOC in tech, building self-confidence, and lots more!Guest InfoWebsite: www.chloetaylortech.comIG: @chloetaylortech<a href="https://ww
04/09/20181 hour 17 minutes 18 seconds
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50| Virginia Zamora: Freelancer hacks, building structure around creative cycles, monetizing creations, and embodying abundance

Cat chats with her good friend Virginia "Vee" Zamora. Vee is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Her art is distinguishable and best known for its unfiltered and at times erotic depictions of femmes. Her Cuban-American heritage comes through in subtle, yet obvious ways to those who share her cultural references.Vee’s resolute approach to creating art that accurately represents the experiences of femmes is inspiring. Whether it’s capturing moments with friends, what we look like during our menstrual cycle, or moments of solitude, she does a great job of depicting the reality of many.Throughout their chat they discussed what life has been like for Vee as a freelancer, what it takes to monetize art, creating structure around creative cycles, and loads more.Guest InfoWebsite: virginiazamora.comIG: @vee_vees<p
28/08/201844 minutes 40 seconds
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49| Joel Leon: Developing artistry, fatherhood, and redefining masculinity

Cat chats with none other than Joel Leon. He is a story teller, author of A Book About Things I will Tell my Daughter, and the man behind one of Cat's favorite inspirational twitter pages. Joel has left audiences mesmerized after performing at prestigious institutions like the Apollo Theater,&nbsp;The National Black Theater, and Webster Hall. His work has been featured in publications like the Columbia Journal, The Boston Globe, CNN Money, Blavity, Huffington Post, and BBC Radio.Throughout this chat Cat and Joel talk about his creative process, fatherhood, the impacts of toxic masculinity, and much more!Guest InfoTwitter: @joelakamagMedium: @joelakamagA Book About Things I Will Tell My DaughterKeep Up With Cat
14/08/20181 hour 1 minute 27 seconds
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48| Nydia Simone: Creating Films That Highlight the Authentic Narratives of POC, Making it into Cannes Film Festival, and Minding Your Own Business

Cat chats with Brooklyn based storyteller, Nydia Simone. Nydia is a multi-hyphenate focusing on writing, directing, acting and community building. Her film "The Lost Book of Rap" was accepted into the 2015 Cannes Film Festival and she has since written other features. In the midst of film projects, she manages a lifestyle platform called Blactina, which celebrates afro-latinx stories and culture!Throughout their chat they discuss afro-latinidad, Nydia's experience in acting, what inspired her to begin writing and producing films, and loads more!Guest InfoInstagram: @nydiasimoneWebsite: nydiasimone.comThe Lost Book of Rap TrailerKeep Up With Cat<a href="
07/08/201846 minutes 47 seconds
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47| Frank Piazza: How to Quit Your Job and What Happens Next

Quitting our jobs to pursue what we love is something most of us joke and daydream about, but what if somehow, some way, it could become reality. No longer a joke, but our actual lives. What would we need to do right now to prepare? Cat's guest (and boyfriend) Frank Piazza gives the full scoop on the best way to quit work to pursue your life's calling and how to prepare for what comes next!Guest InfoInstagram: @toldnuggetsYoutube: Couch in the KitchenKeep Up With CatSubscribe&nbsp;to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to&nbsp;;to subscribe to her
31/07/201837 minutes 13 seconds
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46| You're the Best Kind of Delusional

Believing in your dreams means you've gotta commit to a version of reality that doesn't exist (yet). This comes with having people think you're crazy or attempting to talk you out of it, but you always have the choice to not give in. Tune in to get a pep talk from Cat as she reminds you on why it's not worth giving up!Inspo of the WeekYou have to dream before your dreams can come true. A. P. J. Abdul KalamKeep Up With CatSubscribe&nbsp;to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to&nbsp;;to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Follow her on Twitter:&nbsp;@catlantiguaFollow her on Instagram: @<a href="https://app.pipp
25/07/201811 minutes 37 seconds
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Shama Rahman: Adapting to New Roles, Never Settling for Comfort, and Bringing Daydreams to Life

In this week’s chat you’ll get to know Shama Rahman. For years she was one of the powerhouses at art institutions like the Guggenheim and the Whitney but within the last year has transitioned into becoming&nbsp;one of the marketing guru’s at the New York Times. Throughout this conversation she gave her insights into what inspires her to seek job opportunities that challenge her skill set, how art can become are accessible to under served communities, why she doesn’t sell her creations, and much more.&nbsp;P.S. I have my reading list up on GoodreadsGuest InfoInstagram: @shama_rahmanInspo of the WeekEach of us has the opportunity to change and grow until our very last breath. Happy creating. --M.F. RyanKeep Up With Cat<a hr
10/07/201857 minutes 30 seconds
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A Lot Can Change in 1 Year (REBROADCAST)

As Cat approaches her 50th episode she throws in back to her very first. A lot has changed since she recorded the first one, and she hopes it serves as a reminder that we all have to start somewhere. It's ok to not have all of the answers, we've just gotta keep on trying! Inspo of the WeekHappiness is neither virtue nor pleasure nor this thing nor that but simply growth, we are happy when we are growing. -William Butler YeatsKeep Up With CatSubscribe&nbsp;to the show to ensure you don’t miss out on any episodes!Head to&nbsp;;to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Follow her on Twitter:&nbsp;@catlantiguaFollow her on Instagram: @<a hr
03/07/201825 minutes 33 seconds
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Sydnee Paige: Working your way up in fashion and the true about life as a stylist in NYC

In this episode Cat chats with fashion stylist Sydnee Paige! After completing an internship and then getting offered a full-time at Vince Camuto Sydnee moved to NYC. She spent some time in corporate but quickly realized that she thrived being on set. After a few months of research and prayer, a freelance assistant styling job with one of the city’s top celebrity stylists popped up and Sydnee jumped head first into the opportunity!She’s assisted in styling Alicia Keys, John Cena, Chantel Jeffries, and my favorite CARDI B! Throughout our conversation Sydnee talks about how she built up her network from the bottom up, how she manages with the cattiness within the fashion industry, what it was like to work with Cardi and much more!Guest InfoInstagram:@sydneepaige_Website:<strong
26/06/201843 minutes 19 seconds
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Angela Pilgrim: Saying YES to the Unknown and Thriving as A Result

In this episode, Cat chats with illustrator and painter, Angela Pilgrim. After committing to teach herself how to illustrate she took her hand into exploring the world of printmaking and launched her own company Fruishun back in 2016. Since then, her brand has been featured in Huffington post and partnered with Planned Parenthood to raise awareness in bridging access to affordable services. Fruishun operates on two planes, it’s an expressive empowerment brand for women and a progressive art haven for artists to collaborate.&nbsp;Throughout their conversation, Angela talks about how her willingness to say yes to the unknown inspired the creation of her company, what resources she used to self-teach the complexities of illustration, and much much more!Guest Info Instagram:&nbsp;@fruishun&nb
19/06/201842 minutes 15 seconds
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You Were Never Meant To Do It Alone

In lieu of the recent high profile deaths that have taken many by surprise, Cat touches on the importance of self-preservation and community. Our society hasn't done the best job of prioritizing mental health, but it's clear that there are issues we all need to confront-together. Asking for help and building community is a start to tackling much of the isolation and loneliness taking over and Cat expresses why it's a critical factor to the well being of us all.*For all NYC based women, she announces how you can link up with the sisterhood you've been seeking!Inspo of the Week"We don't need bigger cars or fancier clothes. We need self-respect, identity, community, love, variety, beauty, challenge and a purpose in living that is greater than material accumulation."-Donella MeadowsKeep Up With CatSubscribe</a
12/06/201815 minutes 57 seconds
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40| Seher Sikandar: Following Intuition, Fighting Resistance, and Creating For the Greater Good

Cat chats with multimedia artist and community facilitator,&nbsp;Seher Sikandar. The heart of Seher’s work is rooted in healing and social change and their inextricable link to art, media, and culture. Throughout our conversation Seher shares how she worked her way into becoming one of the go-to concert photographers out in the bay area of California, what prompted her to move across the country and lay down roots in NYC, acknowledging and overcoming her depression and much much more.Guest InfoWebsite: seher.coInstagram: @rehesInspo of the Week "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style"-Maya AngelouHighlights4:00-This is Seher9:40-Following life's calling<
05/06/201856 minutes 33 seconds
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39| Manasa Reddy: Rude Girl Beauty

Cat chats with the founder of Rude Girl Beauty, Manasa Reddy. Manasa is dedicated to representing the needs of black and brown women in the realm of skin care and make-up! As many of you know, women of color have to consider different needs when looking into skin routines or trying to find make-up that actually matches. After one particular experience at a popular make-up store, Manasa decided enough was enough and she set out to create a platform that didn't ignore black and brown skin, but instead celebrated it and kept it at the center of all things considered. Throughout this episode we discussed the impact of colorism in India, skin care stories, and much more!Guest InfoInstagram: @rudegirlbeautyWebsite: www.rudegirlbeauty.comInspo of the Week“Inv
28/05/201835 minutes 37 seconds
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38| Geneva Peschka: The Importance of Storytelling and the Beauty of Human Connection

Cat chats with Geneva Peschka! She's the Community Manager for The Wing DUMBO and an amazing documentary filmmaker, producer, and content creator. She’s passionate about the power of human connection, sharing authentic stories, and creating platforms to empower others. Throughout our chat we discuss how she transitioned into documentary production after deciding to make a huge career pivot, the inspiration behind her deep desire to storytell, and the power of human connection.Guest InfoInstagram: @gnevaWebsite: trailer: of the Week"The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story. This truth app
22/05/201846 minutes 56 seconds
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37| Nadia Aboulhosn: The Art of Self-Confidence and Embracing the Hustle Mentality

After many years of being a follower on Instagram and gassing her up in every picture, Cat is joined by the one and only Nadia Aboulhosn! Nadia is a fashion blogger, Wilhemina model, and fashion designer. She’s best known for designing clothing lines for boohoo, Addition Elle, and Lord &amp; Taylor. She’s also been featured in Vogue Italia, Complex mag, Teen Vogue, Refinery 29, Buzzfeed, Seventeen, and many other publications. We discussed her journey into becoming a model, fashion designer, and role model for so many women. Without a doubt, you'll immediately connect with Nadia's honest and down to earth personality.Guest InfoInstagram: @nadiaaboulhosnWebsite: www.nadiaaboulhosn.comInspo of the Week“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” - Far
15/05/201859 minutes 40 seconds
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36| Ev'Yan Whitney: Becoming A Sexually Liberated Woman

In this episode, Cat is joined by sexuality doula Ev’Yan Whitney. They discuss the inspiration behind her teachings and dive into her journey of becoming a sexually liberated woman. Mixed in with some laughs as she reflects on the past, Ev’yan shares some great books and resources for women ready to uncover their sexual selves.Inspo of the Week“If sexuality is one dimension of our ability to live passionately, then in cutting off our sexual feelings we diminish our overall power to feel, know, and value deeply." -Judith PlaskowGuest InfoInstagram: evyan.whitneyWebsite: http://sexloveliberation.comHighlights2:00-Who is Ev'Yan4:30-How the journey began8:30-Career pivot15:30-Staying focused20:30-Overcoming judge
08/05/201846 minutes 7 seconds
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35| Peggy Jean: Turning A Hobby Into A Career

In this chat, Cat has a lovely conversation with fashion blogger Peggy Jean, otherwise known as "ontheqtrain". Peggy uses her platforms to advocate for change and more body/racial diversity within the plus size industry. Throughout their chat, they discuss the community that has stemmed from the fashion blog that was started 8 years ago and the many challenges Peggy has faced as she's transitioned this hobby into a career.Inspo of the Week“Greatness is sifted through the grind, therefore don't despise the hard work now for surely it will be worth it in the end.” ― Sanjo JendayiGuest InfoInstagram: @ontheqtrainWebsite: www.ontheqtrain.comHighlightsInspiration behind the Q train-2:30Who is Peggy?-4:20Start of the Blog-7:00Hobby to career-10:00</p
01/05/201842 minutes 15 seconds
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34| D’ana Nuñez: Using Color as Soul Therapy

Cat sat down to chat with D’ana Nuñez! D'ana is a Brooklyn based graphic designer, animator, content creator, and most importantly a beautiful energy to be around! She’s made her way from Puerto Rico to Miami and now New York always allowing her creative instincts and talents guide her next moves. She’s designed for companies like Corona, K-swiss, Puma, Champs, Jetblue and loads more. Throughout this interview, they discuss the inspiration behind her vibrant bubbly designs and what keeps her going through the transitions and changes that inevitably present themselves.Guest infoInstagram:@itscovlWebsite: www.covl.coHighlights6:00-This is D'ana10:45-Seeing the beauty in everything11:30-The need to storytell13:00-Taking care of the mind15:00-How it all started23:00-Rea
24/04/20181 hour 8 seconds
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33| Fanna Ndow Norrby: Speaking Truth and Manifesting Endless Opportunities

Cat sat down to chat with Swedish based journalist, activist, podcaster, play writer, author, and all around hustler, Fanna Ndow Norrby. Fanna's work centers mostly around the experiences of black women in Sweden and uncovering many of the ugly truths within her country. Although much of what she tackles is emotionally taxing, Fanna is committed to bringing about change in whatever way she can which inspires the hell out of Cat and is sure to do the same for you!Guest InfoInstagram: @fannabafanaInspo of the Week“I can't believe what you say, because I see what you do.” -James BaldwinKeep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don't miss out on any episodes!Head to<a href="http://www.catla
17/04/201850 minutes 28 seconds
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32| Not A Tribe, A Sisterhood

Cat reflects on the importance of sisterhood. For hundreds of years indigenous societies proved to prioritize intimate relationships with women, but in the modern day it's escaped the realities of too many thus creating voids everywhere. This episode is a call to action for all women seeking to connect with the healing effects of the divine feminine through sisterly bonds.Inspo of the Week“There's one thing stronger than magic: sisterhood."-Robin BenwayKeep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don't miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Follow her on Twitter: @catlantiguaFollow her on I
10/04/201817 minutes 21 seconds
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31| Its Okay To Ask For Help

Over the weekend Cat was exposed to the painstaking reality that many of the people she loves are silently buried in traumas. It has become clear that although there is more awareness around the topic of mental health, seeking help is still not something many people do openly. Throughout this episode, Cat shares her perspective on healing and not taking on life alone.Inspo of the Week“Asking for help does not mean that we are weak or incompetent. It usually indicates an advanced level of honesty and intelligence.” – Anne Wilson SchaefKeep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don't miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Follow her on Twitter: <a href="
03/04/201816 minutes 19 seconds
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30| Mentors: We All Have an Abundance of Them

Just because you don't have a mentor IRL doesn't mean you can't chase your dreams! In this episode Cat chats about having used the excuse of not having any mentors as a way of avoiding accountability. She was called out for her BS approach and now she's sharing a dose of tough love to those who need it.Inspo of the Week“A true teacher would never tell you what to do. But he would give you the knowledge with which you could decide what would be best for you to do.”&nbsp;-Christopher PikeKeep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don't miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Follow her on Twitter: @catlant
27/03/201811 minutes 36 seconds
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29| Spiritual Paths Are Unique, Choose Your Own

Cat jumps head into the topic of spirituality. She believes that we're all allowed to define and express our spiritual selves as it applies to our unique needs and preferred methods of communication. Given that Cat had a traditional Catholic upbringing, she understands the difficulties of trying to explain her spiritual practice to people who only acknowledge formal religion and has some words of encouragement for those who find themselves unable to put their mindset into context for others.Highlights2:00-Up until now, spirituality has been regulated6:00-Just because you don't study sacred texts doesn't mean you're not spiritual9:50-Trying to explain your spirituality to someone dogmatic11:30-My spiritual practice15:00-Protecting your spiritual outlookInspo of the Week“The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can't be organized or regulated. It is
20/03/201818 minutes 11 seconds
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28| Choosing to Create Even When It Feels Like Nobody Cares

We create to feed our souls, but it feels great when people notice our work. More often than not, our creations slip under the radar of many though so what are we to do? Stop putting in the effort? Keep going? Cat chimes in on feeling conflicted on why she finds herself putting in continuous effort into projects it appears most don’t care about. It’s hard to stay motivated when it feels like your contributions aren’t doing much, but we can always ground ourselves by answering the simple question, “why did I start?”.Inspo of the Week‎”Creative work is not a selfish act or a bid for attention on the part of the actor. It’s a gift to the world and every being in it. Don’t cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you’ve got.”-Steven PressfieldKeep up with CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don't miss out o
13/03/201814 minutes 44 seconds
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27| Take Adulting With A Grain of Salt

What the hell does "adulting" even mean? What makes us a good adult? Who is considered an adult? Why do we lose our inner child when we become adults? So many questions, so little time. Nonetheless, Cat chimes in on why she thinks this whole adulting thing should be taken with a grain of salt.Highlights2:40-This is what it means to be an adult7:00-The pressure to conform to a certain norm12:00-Refusing to let go of your childlike essence is what makes you a good adult16:25-A message for all actively chasing their dreams17:00-A SUPER COOL ANNOUNCEMENTInspo of the Week"That horrifying moment when you're looking for an adult, but you realize you are an adult. So you look around for an older adult. An adultier adult. Someone better at adulting than you."&nbsp;— Unknown&nbsp;Keep Up With Cat<a href="
06/03/201818 minutes 57 seconds
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26| Surrendering to the Power of Perfect Timing

Cat discusses the power of surrendering to the right timing. After months of being plagued with self-doubt and rejection, she is beginning to see the blessings in certain things not having worked out the way she wanted them to. As cliche as it sounds, the universe often times really does have great things in store we just can't see them yet. Cat dives into some of her tried and true ways of staying optimistic during times of denial and the advantage of having time to prepare for the unforeseen perfect opportunities.Highlights1:30-The Universe has a plan6:30-What you want has already happened7:45-Blocking our blessings9:00-Taking time to grow11:00-Being ready to run the show12:30-You can only be "on time"14:45-Putting in the workInspo of the Week“The right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.” -Joshua HarrisKeep Up W
27/02/201818 minutes 6 seconds
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25| Balancing Chasing Your Dreams and Being in Love

For her 25th episode Cat sits down to chat with a highly requested guest, her partner Frank! They break down how they manage to maintain their intimate relationship while also giving each other space to pursue their own personal endeavors. They're aware of it's "unconventional" nature but challenge the traditional expectations that society sets on partnerships and how they've been limiting to them in the past. As the episode goes on Cat and Frankie make it clearer that they truly just want others to understand that they don't have to sacrifice their passions in exchange for love, you can absolutely have both!Highlights5:00-Uncovering unhealthy codependency habits8:30-Designing your own relationship model11:00-Difference between possession vs appreciation14:00-Having your own space is sacred20:00-Looking out for one anot
20/02/201852 minutes 14 seconds
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24| How to Start A Podcast

Cat shares how to start a podcast! She covers everything from choosing the right equipment down to post-production software. If starting your own show is something you've always wanted to embark on then this episode is for you! As intimidating as it may all seem right now, Cat provides you with all of the hacks so you can get started TODAY!Highlights2:30-Defining your purpose4:00-Choosing your equipment6:00-Post-production/editing software7:00-How to set up an RSS feedProducts MentionedZoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder<a href=";camp=1789&amp;creative=9325&amp;creativeASIN=B00006
13/02/20189 minutes 52 seconds
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23| I Don’t Want Us Millennials To Be Broke

Upon beginning her search for her first NYC apartment Cat realizes that she isn't as financially prepared as she's expected to be. After years of disregard for her financial security, she has arrived at a place where she can acknowledge the naivete of her past. Throughout this episode, she imagines how differently things would be now if she had the foresight to begin preparing earlier in her 20s and recalls some of the&nbsp;toxic spending habits she had when she was younger.In the 1 month since turning 25, it seems like Cat has learned a bit about the landscape of adulthood and is eager to give everyone the 411 on what's really going on out there. Tune in for some tips and to learn about the apps that actually got her to begin organizing and saving money!Keep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don't miss out on any episodes!
06/02/201830 minutes 4 seconds
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22| Never Choose to Stop Speaking Your Truth

No matter how scary it may seem, don't ever stop speaking your truth. It's easy to turn a blind eye to injustices, but is that what your soul really wants? Or does it long for you to be courageous and honest with what feels right? These are some of the questions Cat has been grappling with over the past few months and in this episode, she opens up about what's really been going on in her mind. She always makes a conscious effort to portray positivity and unity, but sometimes, things aren't so pretty and it requires attention. Having recognized that she was silencing herself as a way to avoid "rocking the boat" Cat makes a promise to never choose that again.Highlights5:00-I've burnt out6:00-The real you will always shine through10:00-The universe always sends us guiding signs12:00-I've been carrying fear in my heart16:00-When you speak the truth you will always meet resistance19:00-Sometimes
30/01/201829 minutes 2 seconds
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21| Betting on the Underdog

Cat breaks down the importance of supporting "the underdog". These are the people who don't have a lot of money, followers, or clout but are out in the world fearlessly exposing their talents. Whether they're musicians, poets, painters, or podcasters, Cat believes it's crucial that they secure your energy and support. In the midst of their self-doubt and contemplation on whether their dreams are worth it, your encouragement can be the difference between a shitty day and a productive confident one. Cat is an advocate for everyone pursuing their dreams, but as an underdog herself, she understands the importance of a strong support system.Quote of the Week"Leadership almost always involves thinking and acting like the underdog. That’s because leaders work to change things, and the people who are winning rarely do”-Seth GodinKeep Up With Cat<a href="
24/01/201813 minutes 29 seconds
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20| Uncovering the Afro-Latina Experience

Cat breaks down the intersectionality of the Afro-latina experience. She wants to bring attention to the deafening lack of representation of her fellow Afro-latinx's. She also challenges what it means to appear "acceptable" within the boundaries of Latin beauty standards. Inspired by Dominican singer Amara La Negra's recent defense of her unashamed Afro-Latina appearance, Cat proposes that this be the time all Afro-latinx's rise up to demand accurate portrayals across Latin mediums.Quote of the Week"As children of the diaspora, our identities have roots in the messy, complicated and ugly history of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Our memories are scattered across islands and oceans and continents. But in the struggle of finding who we are, we might be closer to finding we can be many beautiful, synchronized things all at once." -Jess TorreKeep Up With Cat<a href="
16/01/201821 minutes 33 seconds
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19| Not Having Things Figured Out by 25

Cat turns 25 and confronts the expectation of "having it all figured out" by a certain age. She thinks back on what her plans were out of college and how different everything actually turned out. While most of her peers seem to be getting engaged and moving along into adulthood, Cat has taken a step back from it all and assessed&nbsp;what it is that she values most. For her, it's having the freedom to figure it out! For those on a path to discovering their true purpose, she encourages them to just work hard and ignore the noise. As long as you follow your soul's intuition, you're on the right path!Highlights2:30-Things are not going as planned4:30-It's OK to not have things figured out6:00-Digging deep is the most important thing you can be doing right nowQuote of the Week"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."-Abraham Lincoln<
09/01/201811 minutes 20 seconds
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18| Manifesting Greatness in 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cat shares her excitement for 2018's fresh start and is leaving all things negative behind and moving along manifesting greatness. Like many of you, she compiled a list of goals she'd like to accomplish this year, however, she acknowledged that unless she incorporates some new encouraging habits she won't be able to meet them. Cat shares 7 goals and habits she'll be sticking from here on out in order to reach her highest potential.Make sure to grab a pen and paper or just open up your notes app because you'll likely want to include some of these into your goal list too!Highlights2:30-Keeping your eye on the prize3:30-We've gotta work with the world so it can conspire in our favor4:30-Unfollowing toxic people on social media5:30-Asking people out on dates6:30-Financial freedom to fund your dreams7:40-Hope for the best first, and the worst last8:20-Cookin
02/01/201812 minutes 49 seconds
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17| Overcoming Self-Hate

It's common for many of us to dislike some things about our bodies. We often compare our bodies to that of others and think that life would be so much easier if only we looked like "so and so". But what happens when it becomes too much? For Cat, what started out as disliking some parts of her body ballooned into self-hatred and loathing. Her body began to develop earlier than most girls, so she was being sexualized by older men while still in her teens. She was body shamed by dance teachers and constantly reminded how much she "needed to change" from those around her. It's no surprise that over the years, this has all amounted to an intense feeling of not being enough and feeding her mind with vicious self-talk.Cat has finally begun to understand that this way of thinking is hurtful and self-limiting, and some changes have got to be made. There's NO WAY that Cat or anyone can expect to achieve the fullness of happiness and success with this kind of mindset.&nbsp;Along the
26/12/201718 minutes 37 seconds
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16| Manu Manzo: Following Your Dreams and Becoming Grammy Nominated

Cat sat down to chat with Latin Grammy-nominated singer Manu Manzo! Manu is a singer/songwriter born in Venezuela and raised in the city of Miami. This inspiring young woman has fearlessly embraced her creative gifts which led her to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston and ultimately&nbsp;compose alongside artists like Alex Ubago, Tommy Torres, and Luis Enrique. Her sound is a combination of the genres that have influenced her life: from Latin music to Jazz, Hip-Hop to Neo Soul, as well as the Blues. Manu has embarked on the journey of finding the balance between old school and new school without losing the essence of who she really is.&nbsp;In September 2015 she was nominated as "Best New Artist" in the 16th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards and in 2016 she signed with Peer Music Publishing and Aquos Music Publishing. Throughout this interview, Manu walks Cat through her early life, relives the ups and downs that have led her to where she is today, and gives out encouragin
19/12/201748 minutes 12 seconds
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15| Spreading Anger Isn’t Activism

Cat chats about realizing that she's been slacking as an activist. A few recent experiences proved that she needed to analyze how much of an impact she was actually making, and after some deep reflection, she realized it wasn't much. During a time where so many gaps need to be bridged throughout, society Cat acknowledges that her hyper-emotional/angered approach to activism is not the best route to take if she wants to provide solutions. She shares where she's fallen short in the past, how she'll change in the future, and how this can be a lesson to all of those hoping to spread awareness to important social issues.Quote of the Week"Once we belong thoroughly in ourselves, true belonging is ours."-Dr. Brene BrownKeep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don't miss out on any episodes!Head to<a
05/12/201723 minutes 50 seconds
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14| Saying No to Fuckboys, You Deserve Better

Cat chats about the importance of preserving your sacred energy and peace of mind by saying no to f*ckboys. It's clear that Millennial women are being exposed to fewer examples of healthy romantic relationships and as a result, many are settling for less than they deserve. Too many are lowering their standards because they don't think that others can meet their expectations, and Cat is no different, she was one of them too. She reflects on where her love life was just a few years ago and how starkly it compares to where she finds herself now. Throughout the episode, she reassures that there's no need to lower one's standards. The person you wish to meet is not a figment of your imagination. That person is real, and they are out there looking for you too.Quote of the Week'The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for."-Bob MarleyKeep Up With Cat<a href
28/11/201722 minutes 57 seconds
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13| Cameron Robert: Cameron Robert: A Millennial Making Money Creatively

It's not every day that you hear a millennial say they love their day job, but Cameron Robert is living proof that it's possible! As a young boy growing up in D.C. Cam set his sights on making a career out of his love for film and photography, and he's actually doing it! Having already worked at publications like the San Francisco Chronicle and NPR, Cameron has now expanded his talents and collaborated with some of your favorite musicians at VEVO in New York City. Tune in to learn about his journey and to get insights on how to develop your creative passion with the company of your dreams.Keep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don't miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Foll
21/11/201749 minutes 30 seconds
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12| Holiday Season: Tis the Season of Gratitude or Greediness?

Cat chats about the confusing messages given out by society during the holiday season. On one hand, everyone seems to value family and being grateful for what they already have, and on the other, they're anxious to get out and buy stuff. The mixed messages prompted Cat to ask herself "what do I really need to be happy?". What she discovered was that it has nothing to do with material possessions and everything to do with health, creativity, and loving connections.Highlights6:00-What do I need to be happy?8:00-Valuing my health9:55-Importance of family relationships11:33-Need for intimate connections14:13-Alignment with creative outlets17:52-Being financially freeQuote of the Week“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.”-Vernon HowardKeep Up With Cat<a href="" target="
17/11/201725 minutes
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11| Consent: We Need To Put An End to Sexual Violence

Cat chats about the unfortunate prevalence of sexual violence in today’s society. She breaks down important terms, brings awareness to the power dynamic often found in cases of unsolicited sexual advances, and shares a story sent in by one of her listeners. She implores everyone to tap into their courage and take an active role in speaking out in unjust situations while putting out some ideas on how to make this issue a thing of the past.Highlights3:22-Defining important terms4:52-Discussing Harvey Weinstein deplorable actions7:30-Covering the history of normalized sexual assault in society9:50-What society needs to do to bring an end to sexual violence12:10-Cynthia's storyQuote of the WeekEveryone heals in their own time and in their own way. The path isn't always a straight line, and you don't need to go it alone.- Zeke ThomasKeep Up With Cat<br
07/11/201719 minutes 42 seconds
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10| A Chat With My Mom: Growing Up But Never Apart

Cat chats with her Mom Cathy, to discuss their evolving mother-daughter relationship. Given that Cathy had Cat at 17, this transition has weighed heavy on them both. They give tips on how to transcend into forming a more adult bond and discuss some realizations that were made after Cat moved out.Highlights"It's been difficult having you out of the nest""Moving has helped me understand you better""You didn't do all of that for me to be mediocre"Inspo of the Week“Call your mother. Tell her you love&nbsp;her. Remember, you're the only person who knows what her heart sounds like from the inside.”- Rachel WolchinKeep Up With Cat&nbsp;Subscribe to the show to ensure you don't miss out on any episodes!Head to<a href="" target="_bl
31/10/201753 minutes 52 seconds
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09| Let’s Get Real About Women’s Empowerment

This episode is dedicated to Christelle Blanche, a beautiful young woman and mother, who passed away tragically last week. She will forever be missed and remembered.Cat chats about women's empowerment and challenges the idea of any particular one classification of what it means to "empower" others. She believes that women contribute to inspiring their sisters&nbsp;in their own unique way, and every approach is valid and welcomed.Highlights"There's so much help that needs to be given out""There's no right or wrong way to do this""I want to encourage my fellow sisters to feel encouraged"Quote of the WeekThere's something so special about a woman who dominates in a man's world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve to never take no for an answer."-RihannaKeep Up With Cat<a href="
24/10/201723 minutes 19 seconds
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08| My Kyleena IUD Experience

Given the Trump administration's decision to&nbsp;expand the rights of employers to deny women insurance coverage for contraception, Cat shares her IUD experience. Having anticipated that this administration would make it difficult to access birth control in the near future, she made the decision to have the procedure done back in May. There has been a 900% rise in demand for IUDs since the Trump administration took office, so in case you're like Cat and are interested in a long-term birth control option, this episode is for you!Keep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don't miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Follow her on Twitter: <a href="
17/10/201726 minutes 51 seconds
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07 |Chelsea Johnson: Embracing Veganism

Cat chats with her childhood friend Chelsea Johnson about her transition to veganism and tries to debunk some mainstream misconceptions about the lifestyle.Keep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don't miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Follow her on Twitter: @catlantiguaFollow her on Instagram: @cat.lantiguaCheck out her Facebook page: Cat LantiguaKeep following Cat on all of the socials to stay updated on all of the great things coming up!<b
10/10/201750 minutes 51 seconds
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06| Being the Light the World Needs Right Now

Cat talks about the recent tragedy that took place in Las Vegas and provides some tips on maintaining a balance and staying positive during such troubling times. She expresses how she's been feeling amidst the chaos that so many others are also feeling, and shares some hope for a more creative and wholesome future.Highlights"It's okay to say, it's too much""Sometimes we have the words to express certain feelings that others don't have""Somebody may find peace in what you've created""We all need to feel connected and understood to feel better""Make an effort to adjust yourself, to adjust your space, and to accommodate people""Do something kind for somebody else. It's the literal antidote for any negative feelings that you may be harboring at any given time""I promise to be committed to making our society better"Quote of the Week"When things go wrong, don't go with t
03/10/201723 minutes 13 seconds
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05| My Boyfriend: Let's Give it Another Try

Cat brings on a special guest, her boyfriend Frank, to discuss the evolution of their relationship. Recorded only a few days after they decided to “try again” this episode gives an unfiltered look into the new perspective they gained after having broken up months ago.Highlights"What would an ideal relationship be like if no one was telling you how it should be""We're two halves of this bigger brain""We can make more of an impact together than separately"Quote of the Week“If you love something set it free. If it comes back it’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be.”-Jonathan Livingston SeagulKeep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don't miss out on any episodes!Head to
27/09/201758 minutes 46 seconds
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04| Humble Beginnings: Honoring My Family's Journey

Cat talks about an out of character decision she recently made in which she hid the truth about where she came from out of fear of being judged. She uncovers her feelings on her family’s humble means and having had the opportunity to prosper in the U.S. because of their sacrifices. Although not one of her proudest moments, she turned this into a lifelong lesson and hopes to plant a seed of pride in anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.Highlights"This is where my history is. This is where the history of my family in the U.S is.""Why should I be ashamed of it? Because society says that this is where the misfits, the dropouts, and the poor people live? So I shouldn't acknowledge that this is where my roots are?""Be 100% transparent about you, about your parents, about your family. The struggle the sacrifices, all of it was for a reason and was definitely meant to put you where you are right now."<stro
19/09/201720 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

03| Thanks For Humbling Us Irma

Cat reflects on her family's recent experience evacuating Miami in response to Hurricane Irma and how this experience brought South Florida together as a community. She chats about feeling humbled after having faced the possibility of having everyone she loves being in the path of danger and how important it is that we make global warming and climate change a prominent topic for us all.Highlights"Nothing matters except people, love, and community, that's the only thing that'll get us through this""Mother Nature always does what it wants, and it shows no mercy on anybody based on what they have""Mother Nature is upset and is trying to show us that things aren't the same anymore, and it's because of us"Quote of the Week&nbsp;"Love does not cost anything. Kind words and deeds do not cost anything. The real beauty of the world is equal for everyone to see. It was given by God equally to a
12/09/201716 minutes 24 seconds
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02| Clout Chasin’ Isn’t The Wave

Cat reflects on her Labor Day weekend, and a recent situation that forced her to analyze the worth she was giving herself as a creative entrepreneur. She expounds on her perspective of the rising glorification of "clout chasing" and how it's affecting modern-day culture. She wonders how people will view self-determination in the future and claims this to be a wake-up call for anyone stuck in the fame chasing lifestyle. Cat believes that every single person is born with unique talents they can offer the world and there's no need to hide behind the shadows of anyone else's.Quotes"I was forced to see how willing people were to plot on others""Clout chasers can be found in every circle""These people gravitate to those who have what they want but they don't want to create it for themselves""If it's clout that you're after, go create it for yourself"Quote of the WeekCreate your o
05/09/201715 minutes 36 seconds
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01| Let's Get Real: What Are You Actually Afraid Of?

In this episode, Cat chats about overcoming her self-doubt and fears after moving to NYC. She reflects on how important it is to discern real fear from the one that is self-created and inhibiting. Cat shares her hesitation on accepting recent opportunities due to her feeling of not being qualified, and how she ultimately overcame her self-doubt. She spreads words of encouragement and urges everyone to dig deep and connect with the passions only they know they hold. She asks everyone the bold question "what are you afraid of" all the while trying to make sense of her own fears.Quotes"Every second you spend thinking about what somebody else has is taking away time from something you can create for yourself""We all came here for a reason. We all came here to provide the world with something only we can do""Don't you think we deserve to be inspired by the most authentic version of you?""The journey isn't easy, but it's so worth
23/08/201721 minutes
Episode Artwork

00| Intro to Chats with Cat

Cat gives a brief overview of what to expect from her and the show. She makes it clear that this is a safe space for millennials to openly exchange their ideas, experiences, and suggestions on how to overcome the challenges society is facing today. Cat invites listeners to send over their messages and suggestions via email and emphasizes how this platform is just as much theirs as it is hers.Keep Up With CatSubscribe to the show to ensure you don't miss out on any episodes!Head to to subscribe to her exclusive weekly emails!Follow her on Twitter: her on Instagram:<a href="www.i
21/08/20173 minutes 11 seconds