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Change It Now with Shelli Speaks

English, Health / Medicine, 2 seasons, 22 episodes, 14 hours, 54 minutes
Are you stuck in your head, trying to figure out HOW? Are you asking WHY? Are you limiting yourself with your logical mind? Can you see only one solution or no solution at all to your current situation? Have you decided change is impossible? Let's elease energies that are blocking, stopping and/or stagnating you and open you up so that you can perceive and receive something NEW. Let's move you beyond any and all limitations and open you up to new choices and possibilities.
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Is It Working For YOU?

Today we are talking about being clear, conscious, and aware of what’s working in your life and what’s not working without judgment.  Getting out of hard work, suffering, and tolerating, just because you thought you had to. You don’t have to tell a story about it… [2:20] Trusting yourself is very important [3:32] When did you decide that any type of suffering was okay [4:09] Share this Podcast: Newsletter sign-up: Change It Now Private Sessions 30 Minutes:   60 Minutes: Did this episode contribute to you?  Buy me a coffee:   PayPal ~ Venmo ~ @shellispeaks CashApp ~ $ShelliSpeaks  
10/12/202219 minutes