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Champion Your Gifted Child

English, Children-Kids, 1 season, 31 episodes, 8 hours, 17 minutes
A Podcast bringing you content and context around giftedness, from neurosciences to mindfulness to parenting theories, to help you help your gifted child thrive, be happy and fulfilled. You are your gifted child's most treasured coach and mentor!
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EP21- The Healthy Mind Platter

What is Interpersonal Neurobiology? It is essentially an interdisciplinary field created by Dr.Dan Siegel that brings together many areas of science including but not limited to anthropology, biology, linguistics, mathematics, physics, and psychology to determine common findings of the human experience from different perspectives. Exploring the Mind, today we ask ourselves what activities help create an optimal brain matter... Citing Literature and Mind Platter info from Dr.Siegel:
5/22/20218 minutes, 38 seconds