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English, Finance, 1 season, 32 episodes, 20 hours, 17 minutes
Startup CFO is a digital first, peer to peer group where finance people working in disruptive tech come together and advise on certain topics, ask questions and grow their peer network. This podcast was designed to cover topics that add value to CFOs and senior finance professionals. We invite industry leaders to cover technical and non-technical topics to help finance professionals grow professionally and personally. As the group has been around for 10 years, we know the ins and outs of building relationships between peers and support great conversations. By visiting our website, you can learn more about the group.
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Kiran Hebbar, CFO at Alloy, takes us through key takeaways for the Operational CFO

Kiran shares some insights into his business background, starting in engineering and then moving to venture capital. In this episode we talk about how the operational CFO can partner closely with the founder and lead a focus on gating important investment decisions and targeting the right metrics for success. We dip into the why rev ops must always be on the radar and the optimal approach to hiring into the finance team.Kiran is a three time CFO and his current company Alloy, Asolves the identity risk problem for nearly 600 of the world's leading banks and fintech companies.
4/25/202442 minutes, 29 seconds
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Paul Barnhurst shares lessons on FP&A and commercial partnering for Tech CFOs

In this episode we talk to Paul Barnhurst, the FP&AGuy, and a thought leader in training and content that helps FP&A and Finance leaders drive better business decisions. We dive into the critical ‘whats’ of FP&A, discuss the upside of seeking out those all important leading indicators and you might be surprised why FP&A leads and CFOs alike need to adjust their communications to bring the bottom line right to the front. Website: The FP&A Guy ( & Analytics Community: Home | Plan Buddies ( host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. Pumpkin Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound
3/27/202437 minutes, 54 seconds
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Joe Knowles of Smedvig Ventures shares insights on the importance of the CFO hire in a high growth tech business

In this episode we talk to Joe Knowles, VC and partner at Smedvig. We learn about the Smedvig approach to investing and make a deep dive into the challenges making that first finance leadership hire.Joe explains how the CFO role is different from others in the C-suite and how the team at Smedvig seek to persuade founders of the ROI in that hire. He talks through what the investor director looks for in a strategic CFO, and how a focus on ‘hiring-up’, bringing in someone with experience running a Tech business at scale, can so often pay off for their portfolio companies.
3/8/202448 minutes, 22 seconds
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Guy Hutchinson, founder of the Startup CFO Community, discussing key lessons and development steps for CFOs with Emily Lincoln-Gordon

In this episode Guy Hutchinson steps into the guest seat to share some insight on why the Startup CFO community is such an amazing resource for Tech CFOs. Guy had an accomplished career as a CFO building startups from seed-to-scale. On this journey he founded a meet-up group with three other CFOs, and that group became Startup CFO the leading community in the space. We discuss in detail how this type of community can offer finance professionals peer-to-peer support, developing events that support signifiant career advancement and how the group now focuses on the key strategic aspects of the CFOs role. He explores why trust and authenticity are the one true currency and shares a surprising recommendation for any CFO thinking about becoming a founder.A big thank you for Emily Lincoln-Gordon who interviewed Guy for this. Emily is COO, former General Counsel and founder at table eight.
2/9/202442 minutes, 41 seconds
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Eleena Broadfoot, CFO at Beauty Pie, discusses critical steps managing your career path as a finance professional

In this episode we talk to Eleena Broadfoot. Eleena is the CFO at Beauty Pie, a great success story with their direct to consumer proposition. She has had an accomplished career, including some great experience working within Virgin Group. Always working closely with passionate founders, she takes us through her personal journey and how she has focused on her career development. We discuss in detail how she assesses new roles and forms a view on a business that is really going to scale. She shares some remarkable insights on how finance professionals should think about their career development and how a commitment to coaching can transform any career.
1/16/202441 minutes, 17 seconds
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Anthony Danon shares insights on what Tech CFOs can learn from investors

We have an in depth talk with Anthony Danon, an investor running the Cocoa fund and focusing on fintech.For CFOs in our community, he shares some remarkable tips on identifying a great tech business to work with …..… as well as laying down key identifiers for successful founders. Anthony has spent >9 years in fintech as an operator, VC and angel, having done 34+ investments. He is a pre-seed/seed investor into companies like Atlar, Hyperline, Primer, Pivot, Ramp Network, Tide, TrueLayer, Two and Wayflyer. Most recently, he co-founded Cocoa, an angel fund backed by tech founders.He believes believe 'Fintech is everything' and he looks for single-minded determination in founding teams.
1/2/202440 minutes, 42 seconds
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Douglas Squirrel, coach and consulting CTO, on how Technology and Finance professionals can work in partnership

In this episode, we speak with Douglas Squirrel, super experienced Consulting CTO. We focus the discussions on his work in developing a high-performing tech leaders. He includes some remarkable stories from his Tech career on how CTOs can support business outcomes.CTOs and CFOs are often kindred spirits and can drive business transformation when they unlock a close business partnership
11/16/202335 minutes, 41 seconds
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Christian Wattig, founder of FP&A Prep, on how CFOs can take their FP&A process to the next level

Christian Wattig is an FP&A expert with 14 years of leadership experience at P&G, Unilever, and Squarespace. He is the founder and managing director of FP&A Prep, where he teaches FP&A skills to finance teams and business leaders through on-site training and public online seminars. In this wide-ranging conversation, Guy and Christian discuss what differentiates exceptional from average FP&A teams, how to get the most out of the planning process, and share advice for implementing advanced tools like machine learning models. You can learn more about Christian and his FP&A training programs here:LinkedIn: Art & Science of Forecasting:https://forecastingmastery.comFP&A Bootcamp: of course, if you are a finance professional in Tech, feel free to apply to join our group
10/25/202343 minutes, 13 seconds
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Shane Leonard, an experienced CFO with an entrepreneurial background, on becoming a trusted advisor to founders

Shane Leonard and Guy Hutchinson talk through the path for Tech CFOs to become the trusted advisor to the CEO.Our regular listeners will know CFOs aren't just about numbers and crunching out financial statements. In the world of VC backed Tech, we are often working with founders who are primarily focused on product and achieving that early tractionAt this stage you need the CFO to take on a wider remit, becoming that vital trusted adviser. Shane discusses the optimal path for taking on this important role.
10/6/202340 minutes
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Ian Sutherland, CFO at Tide, discusses how CFOs can deliver on NetZero

In this episode, we talk to Ian Sutherland, CFO at Tide the UK company building a modern business current account, optimised for small business ownersIan has been CFO at Tide for six years, and during this time he realised that he could align his passions for tackling climate change and set Tide on a path to achieve Net Zero. In this discussion with him we build an understanding on why Net Zero sits neatly within the skills framework of a CFO.
9/22/202333 minutes, 23 seconds
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Mitchell Fasanya, founder at SearchLand and Fanbytes discussing pivots and the power of staying lean

Mitchell Fasanya is a founder with three businesses to his name, two of which came into being even before he graduated university. In this episode Mitch takes us through the critical world of startup pivots, with brilliant real life examples from his most recent ventures. We talk through some deep insights on moving fast with platform decisions, when to stay lean and what he’ll be looking for in his first finance hire for SearchLand. Contact details below for any listeners keen to connect with him[email protected]
9/4/202341 minutes, 20 seconds
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Patrick Hoogendijk shares insights on operating as a strategic CFO

In this episode we talk to Patrick Hoogendijk. Patrick is an accomplished professional with 25 years of experience in Angel investing, venture capital, private equity, and building startups from seed-to-scale. Always working closely with passionate founders, he takes on the embedded CFO/COO role to set strategy and execute rapidly. We discuss in detail what it takes to operate as an in-demand portfolio CFO in the US tech scene and he shares some deep insights in how CFOs can operate commercially and work closely with founders and the C-suite.
7/17/202340 minutes, 39 seconds
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Alysha Randall on finance professionals and developing leadership qualities

In this episode, we talk to Alysha Randall of Fast Growth Consulting. Alysha is a super experienced FD and CFO now working portfolio with a range of high growth businesses.We explore her interest in building courses to support the growth of the CFOs of the future. We examine managing and leading, and why discerning the difference is not always obvious. And we discover a few surprising tips of hers when looking to really double down on leadership behaviours expected of CFOs
6/20/202335 minutes, 33 seconds
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Jonny Plein of YASO, on building a tech business for the Chinese market

In this episode, we speak to Jonny Plein, cofounder at YASO, formerly a finance professional and member of the Startup CFO community. We discuss key learnings from the recent Yaso preseed funding round and build an understanding of what it takes to create a business in China. He shares how YASO works with western brands to facilitate their access to the important Chinese consumer market. As a serial founder he discusses in detail things that founders look for in their finance business partner, making this one a must-listen for CFOs seeking to optimise their commercial partnership with the CEO.Your host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound
6/12/202332 minutes, 10 seconds
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Edward Keelan of Octopus Ventures on CFOs and a return to fundamentals

Guy Hutchinson, cofounder at Startup CFO talks to Edward Keelan from Octopus Ventures. Edward has held positions with Octopus for fifteen years, now focusing on the B2B software vertical, overseeing deal origination and his role on their investment committee.In this episode we reflect on a world where growth at all costs is a thing of the past, we learn about why CFOs are great at pursuing fundamentals and assess the key growth efficiency metrics that VCs are focused on.
5/10/202346 minutes, 19 seconds
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Kyle Brennan, COO at Feeld, on driving growth in innovative businesses

Guy Hutchinson, co-founder of Startup CFO talks to Kyle Brennan, COO of the groundbreaking dating App, Feeld. Kyle takes us through his finance career, shares insights on how he thinks about business risk, learnings from focusing on business metrics and building financial models.We explore how growth can come from a focus on product development and as well as revealing some fascinating tales on the power of patience when it comes to media interest in your startup.
4/25/202336 minutes, 47 seconds
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Nick Rose CFO at Enable. A deep dive on Series C funding

Nick Rose, CFO at Enable shares with us key learnings from their recent Series C.In this episode, we explore the world of rebate-enabling technology and understand how the Enable platform is supporting these commercial relationships.Along the way, we learn about what it takes to get a substantial equity raise delivered in tough market conditions and how tech businesses transform at scale. Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound
3/14/202340 minutes, 28 seconds
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Phil Dorman: executive coaching and Tech CFOs

Phil Dorman entrepreneur, leadership guru and coach joins Guy Hutchinson to discuss the power of coaching for CFOs.In this episode, we explore the world of executive development with Phil Dorman, Learning and Development Director at Startup CFO. We learn about his experience from surviving to thriving, why things matter at a human scale and why he is focused on businesses as a force for good.Along the way, we learn about mastermind coaching for CFOs, opportunities for personal growth and gain some insights on why founders are wired a certain way.Your host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound
3/5/202338 minutes, 48 seconds
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Aaron Awan: building a finance career in early-stage startups

In this episode, we speak to Aaron Awan, Finance Director at Hometree. We discuss key learnings in his career focusing on the importance of building varied experiences early on. We discuss how such a career journey can help you with your diligence when it comes to picking your next role. We also shed some light on the importance of understanding founders, and the experience they bring, and combining that with insights derived from the business fundamentals. 
2/8/202346 minutes, 22 seconds
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Geoff Tamman: what CFOs can learn from Amazon

In this episode, we speak to Geoff Tamman VP of Finance and Operations at Shipium. We discuss key learnings in his career focusing on his 12 years in senior roles with Amazon. We learn how all finance professionals can optimize their interactions with the business through 'learn and be curious', an amazon development value. We explore how the customer lens can mitigate egos in business decision making and you might be surprised by his shared learnings derived from time spent with the Alaskan offshore fishing fleet.Your host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound
1/20/202342 minutes, 6 seconds
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Paul Lehair: a finance career in startups as a foundation for venture capital

In this episode, we speak to Paul Lehair, Investment Director at AlbionVC. We discuss key learnings in Paul’s career covering his time as Finance Director at Citymapper, the monetization journey in that business, and, also building an understanding of his insights as he transitioned his career into venture capital. Your host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound 
1/9/202337 minutes, 31 seconds
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David Rose, founder and CEO, on how to optimise your US market launch

In this episode, we speak to David Rose, founder, and CEO about his new venture US Expansion Partners. We discuss key learnings in David’s career in sales, marketing and heading up a number of groundbreaking businesses. He shares his learnings on that all-important first US hire and how to avoid getting bogged down in US compliance, bookkeeping and supporting operations. He brings insightful learnings for CFOs on how to bring together a targeted list of prospective investors and how that process can be informed by the world of enterprise sales. Your host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound
12/14/202237 minutes, 14 seconds
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Rob Walker and Gabriel Huntley from Headland Communications take us through CFO considerations ahead of an IPO

In this episode, we explore the world of corporate communications and IPO preparation with Rob Walker and Gabriel Huntley at Headland. We learn about the important steps Tech CFOs need to foster a culture of data verification, building a corporate narrative, leading on governance and handling BAU communications. Rob Walker is a Director at Headland. He is a financial PR specialist advising both FTSE 350 and private TMT and retail clients on financial results, M&A activity, IPOs, restructurings, corporate crises and executive change. Gabriel Huntley is also a Director at Headland. He works with clients from across the tech ecosystem in growing or protecting reputation, navigating high-stakes financial moments and developing long-term strategies to communicate across multiple audiences. Headland specialise in financial and corporate communications, public affairs and campaigningYour host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound
12/1/202243 minutes, 27 seconds
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Prakash Shah: working closely with the Board as a Tech CFO

Prakash Shah - Portfolio CFOIn this episode, we are interviewing Prakash Shah, one of our founders and a CFO whose career spans from early venture back tech like mydeco, all the way to Trafi, and his clients in his portfolio CFO role. Prakash shares his insights on how Tech CFOs need to interact with and support their Board. CFOs and Heads of Finance are catapulted into a position with board exposure and substantial influence. We uncover some key takeaways on how to get the most out of your Board Meeting and gain insight into how professional coaching can unlock an accelerated career path.Your host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound
11/17/202231 minutes, 51 seconds
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Paddy Fletcher: a finance career as an entrepreneurial foundation

Paddy Fletcher - Founder Port of Leith Distillery We explore learnings from Paddy's career in senior finance roles in Tech business, including Hailo and WeWork. We learn about how the investment process in Tech focuses predominantly on growth leaving other disciplines to develop later on. Paddy has taken his passion for distilling and co-founded Port of Leith Distillery, with a product range with a longer time horizon that attracts a very different type of investor.Your host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound
11/4/202240 minutes, 51 seconds
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Mary-Anne Moffatt: scaling finance in Fintechs

Mary-Anne Moffatt - CFO Ramp NetworkWe explore Mary-Anne's extensive experience in financial services and how she adapted her approach to lead the finance function at Fintech 10x. More recently Mary-Anne has taken on the CFO role at Ramp Network. At Ramp, Mary Anne is responsible for commercial strategy, reporting, controls and supporting fundraising. We learn about transferable skills and establishing teams with autonomy to lead on decision making.Your host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound
10/20/202229 minutes, 5 seconds
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Michael Tefula: the interwoven worlds of entrepreneurship, authoring and venture investing

Michael Tefula, Head of Finance at CIRCA5000, having been a venture capitalist for many years with Downing Ventures.In this episode, Michael shares his insight on how a combination of entrepreneurial leanings and a family focus on the importance of education, led to him joining CIRCA5000, after some time as a venture investor. We learn how Michael’s career builds upon  a foundational period with Deloitte, authorship of three books on education and professional development, and why founder resourcefulness is an important thing. We also learn more about  CIRCA5000 and their mission to make impact investing more accessible, something that lured Michael into an operator role at a startup. (capital at risk)Your host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound
7/15/202228 minutes, 44 seconds
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Philip Kelvin: From CFO to Fintech

Philip Kelvin, Co-Founder and CEO of tranch having formally been CFO at TrussleIn this episode, Philip shares his insight on how his career in investment banking and consulting led to becoming a Tech CFO. We learn how Philip’s finance career helped him understand the huge challenges that need to be solved in the world of cash flow management and ultimately led to him founding tranch. tranch is one of the next generation of B2B, Buy Now Pay Later, payment methods enabling SaaS and services companies to get paid upfront and their customers to unlock flexibility by paying on their terms over 3 to 12 months.https://tranch.comYour host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound
6/30/202225 minutes, 54 seconds
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Tom Coward: What CFOs can learn from story telling

Tom Coward - Cytora CFOFirst time CFO, second time leading finance at a growing technology company. At Cytora, Tom is responsible for People, Talent, Legal, Information Security and Finance. In 2020 Tom was named one of 10 Finance Futurists by Sage. Started off working life as an auditor at Deloitte.Your host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound
6/9/202227 minutes, 36 seconds
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Jay at Leela Capital: the path from CFO to Corporate Finance

Jay Dias is Founder and Managing Partner of Leela Capital, a boutique investment and advisory venture firm.  In this episode he shares his unconventional route into finance. Jay’s journey includes seven years in operating finance roles including a successful exit as CFO & COO, and 10 years in turnaround / Insolvency, mainly at PwC (London).Your host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound
5/25/202240 minutes, 54 seconds
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Steven Dunne at Frog Capital: CFO focus points for scaleups

Steven Dunne, Senior Partner and Head of PortfolioSteven has over 20 years of private equity experience gained within private equity firms, as CFO/COO of private equity and venture capital backed companies taking them through to exit, as well as PE M&A exposure in investment banking. He joined Frog as Senior Partner in charge of Portfolio in 2015 and leading on Responsible Investment. He heads the Operating Partner Programme, also acting as the operating partner for finance, which provides seamless expert support through due diligence to portfolio company engagement and delivery of the Scale-Up methodology. host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. Blues by Daniel Fridell and Sven LindvallLicensed through Epidemic Sound
5/10/202238 minutes, 15 seconds
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Jenny Bloom: a CFO career in Tech

Jenny Bloom, Former CFO of Zapier and MailChimp, is a global financial executive with over 30 years of experience in public, private, and startup organisations throughout a variety of industries. She has spent the last 20 years as a CFO scaling SaaS companies, and along with finance, she also led the people, legal, facilities, events, and administrative functions. She was with MailChimp for 14 years and was with Zapier for 6 years before retiring in Jan 2022. Jenny is currently doing some advisory work and is looking for a couple of board roles.Your host is Guy Hutchinson and this podcast was brought to you by Startup CFO. WatR - Whipped CreamPIXABAY LICENSE CERTIFICATE==============================================Licensor's Username: File Title:WatR - Whipped CreamAudio File URL:
4/21/202229 minutes, 40 seconds