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CFO Bookshelf is based on the popular monthly newsletter by Each week, a business author or thought leader is interviewed where practical insights can be applied by financial leaders. The show was founded by a pioneer in the part-time CFO business.
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The Aliveness Mindset

Like the show? Send us a text message on what you liked.What would you be willing to do to feel alive in your work every day? Jack Craven asks executives from all walks of life this question.Jack is the author of Aliveness Mindset: Lead and Live with More Passion, Purpose, and Joy. His book includes more than a dozen tools and frameworks for starting the journey of aliveness.Some topics we hit in this conversation include where aliveness starts, David Robsen's expectation effect, the actual vs. the ideal self, anchoring mindsets, accelerance, and magic words.David C Barnett Small Business and Deal Making M&A SMBI discuss buying, selling, financing and managing small and medium sized businesses...Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify What If? So What?We discover what’s possible with digital and make it real in your businessListen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify
6/14/202444 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Venture Mindset

Like the show? Send us a text message on what you liked.I list the top business books I've read over the previous year each January. At the end of 2024, The Venture Mindset by Ilya Strebulaev and Alex Dang will easily be in my top three and possibly my overall favorite.The Venture Mindset reads fast and reminds me a little of Kahneman, Munger, and books about Buffett.Some of the big ideas we cover in this episode with both authors include roof shots vs. moonshots, betting on jockeys vs. the horses, winning at the piggy bank game, and what we can learn from student VC partnerships.This book is not just for those in the VC community. There are many takeaways for those working in and running small businesses.Life, Money, and More A Podcast Built for those who want to make their Money, and Life Better Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify David C Barnett Small Business and Deal Making M&A SMBI discuss buying, selling, financing and managing small and medium sized businesses...Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify What If? So What?We discover what’s possible with digital and make it real in your businessListen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify FranchiseU!FranchiseU! is for those in, or considering, careers within the world of franchising. Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify
6/7/20241 hour, 20 minutes, 14 seconds
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The Greatest But Most Obscure Banker of All Time

Like the show? Send us a text message on what you liked.I had never heard of Edmond Safra until I read Daniel Gross's informative and inspiring biography, A Banker's Journey.For those who knew him and did business with him, he was everyone's favorite banker. His banks never had to write off loans, and many of his early deals were on a handshake. He never needed a government bailout, nor did he ever head to DC complaining about regulations. While his professional and personal story is uplifting, the Shakespearian periods of his life include the American Express saga and how he died.During this conversation, Dan Gross gives us a dozen compelling reasons to revisit this banker's remarkable life.Make More with Matt HeslinExplore strategies to thrive financially, build legacy, and enhance life experiences.Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify
6/1/202452 minutes, 51 seconds
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Real Estate Investing Without Tenants, Toilets or Taxes

Our newest guest may not be a best-selling author on real estate yet, but we're already predicting this former World Cup soccer player will soon be a household name in Dave Ramsey's world in a few years.Vaughn Bethell is the founder of REI Junkies based in South Carolina, and in this episode, we learn his unique process of providing real estate investors with a different way to reduce stress and frustration in their investments.David C Barnett Small Business and Deal Making M&A SMBI discuss buying, selling, financing and managing small and medium sized businesses...Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify
5/24/202442 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Effective Executive

One of the best management books ever written is The Effective Executive, by Peter Drucker, published in 1966. Managing For Results and The Practice of Management are other favorites of this show.Randy Wooton joins us to discuss the big ideas in The Effective Executive. He's a three-time CEO and has held senior positions at Microsoft and Salesforce. He is also the host of The SaaS Expert Voices Podcast and serves as Maxio's chief executive.In this conversation, we address why we study Drucker and his ideas on time management, effective decisions, knowledge workers, and setting priorities.Make More with Matt HeslinExplore strategies to thrive financially, build legacy, and enhance life experiences.Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify David C Barnett Small Business and Deal Making M&A SMBI discuss buying, selling, financing and managing small and medium sized businesses...Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify
5/17/202454 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Usage Economy

Consumers and anyone who studies business understand the subscription economy, but what about the usage economy? What is it? How does it differ from the subscription economy? Does it matter?Adam Howatson is the CEO of LogiSense and the author of The Usage Economy. In this conversation, Adam will give examples of companies that got it right with their usage-based pricing models and those that made serious mistakes, such as Wink.We'll also learn about telemetry, AI's fit, and the most important information metrics for transitioning into the usage economy.
5/11/202455 minutes, 4 seconds
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The Myth of Private

Have you ever left a movie theater where a film left you speechless and made you feel like you needed to rewatch parts of it to figure out what you were missing?Jeff Hooke's book, The Myth of Private Equity, left me feeling that way after finishing each chapter of his tell-all book about the exaggerations and overstatements of the private equity marketing machine.During this conversation, we learned much about the myths of PE funds focused on leveraged buyouts. Some of the big ideas in this conversation include the enormous fees fund managers are collecting, the poor fund performance these funds generate, and the lack of transparency in their reporting to institutional investors.We'll also learn about one of Warren Buffett's worst investment decisions and his advice on where retail and institutional investors should invest their money. 
5/4/202454 minutes, 27 seconds
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YouTube's Top Dataviz and Tableau Influencer, Andy Kriebel

My favorite go-to person on all matters, Tableau and Dataviz, is Andy Kriebel.Andy was the first person to create a YouTube channel on Tableau. His subscriber base has now surpassed 61,000, and his videos have 750 views and counting.Andy is the co-author with Eva Murray of the book #Makeover Monday, and you can also follow his informative and insightful helpful hints each day on LinkedIn.In this conversation, we find out why Andy has been writing for nearly ten years, why asking for a dashboard is rarely the right starting point for Dataviz, and why his five daily habits, which I found to be pure gold.
4/27/202443 minutes, 10 seconds
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The Best Book On Deming I've Ever Read

I have my theories on why W. Edwards Deming is not a household name in 'all' business circles. Many view him as the 'quality' guy who had an impact on Japanese manufacturing after the second world war.That view is limiting as Deming's management mindset was complete with four central tenets:PragmatismThe Law of VariationHuman psychologySystems ThinkingI used to recommend Mary Walton's book to start learning about Deming. That book gave way to a new title by Edward Martin Baker. After meeting and interviewing Gene Kim a few months ago, I now have a favorite book on Deming by John Willis. The title is Deming's Journey to Profound Knowledge. John was one of the earliest cloud evangelists and is considered one of the founders of the DevOps movement. John is the author of 7 IBM Redbooks. He is also the co-author of the “DevOps Handbook” and “Beyond the Phoenix Project” along with author Gene Kim.During this conversation, we talk about Deming's influences to how he became such a complete thinker in helping others to improve.
4/20/20241 hour, 2 minutes, 52 seconds
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Martin Hench, Not Your Typical Forensic Accountant

Cory Doctorow is a science fiction author, technology activist, and journalist. He has written many books, most recently The Bezzle, a follow-up to Red Team Blues, which are the two books we'll discuss in this episode.These two books are the beginning of a series featuring the fictional forensic accountant Martin Hench. Hench is self-employed, loves being on the red team, and rakes in 25% of the assets he can recover.Cory's books are fast-paced and entertaining but also deeply thought-provoking, especially The Bezzle.Cory has authored many books, is a long-time blogger and journalist, and hosts a podcast. You can learn more about him at his website, Craphound.
4/12/202456 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Harvey Firestone Story

Alfred Sloan's My Years with General Motors was an immediate success and is considered one of the best management books written by CEOs of his era. Before his book, we'd probably have to go back to Henry Ford's autobiography to find a management book of this popularity.And then there's Harvey Firestone's book, which CFO Bookshelf considers a gem. Originally published in 1926, the great people behind the Farnam Street blog have republished Men and Rubber, and the author's message is as relevant now as when he published it.During this episode, we hit some of the big themes in this book:Money, capital, and planningThe key to selling and no superstarsTreating people right and employee ownershipDeep thinking and decision-makingTaking time off and Ford's vagabonds
4/6/202456 minutes, 45 seconds
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The Trading Game

Gary Stevenson grew up in an impoverished area of East London where he could hold his life's belongings in two arms. About three years after graduating from the London School of Economics, Citibank made him a millionaire at a very young age.Gary was 'all in' on winning the trading game. But did overnight success bring him happiness? And why did he want to leave the Citibank trading floor?Gary tells his story in his new book, The Trading Game, which I believe is this era's Liar's Poker, but with more life lessons shared in this special book. Some of the topics explored include:The reason why it's challenging to get a job on a trading floorGary's childhood and how it influenced his drive to masteryThe reason poor people are looked down upon by the richGary's first day on the trading floor in 2007Profound thoughts on the mindset of a traderThe P&Ls of traders and how they got paidThe meaning of negative 4.5% interest ratesMoney was never Gary's driverHealth and mental stress in TokyoAdvice for kids wanting to be tradersGary's YouTube channelReturn to the classicsBusiness Beyond Borders: Impactful Insights for AccountantsEmpowering Accountants: Explore Trends, Strategies, Global Staffing & Impactful Insights!Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify
3/29/202453 minutes, 28 seconds
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Wiring the Winning Organization

Agile, DevOps, TPS, TOC, Deming's System of Profound Knowledge. Is there a mental construct or latticework that connects these robust systems?In Wiring the Winning Organization, Gene Kim and Steve Spear introduce the concepts of the three layers of work and social circuitry. The book also explains the book's three biggest learning pillars: Simplification, Slowification, and Amplification.Business Beyond Borders: Impactful Insights for AccountantsEmpowering Accountants: Explore Trends, Strategies, Global Staffing & Impactful Insights!Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify
3/23/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 6 seconds
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A Novel Approach to In-house Lawyers

Readers of  Corporate Counsel do not need to be legal professionals to enjoy this short book writen as a business fable.Anna is leaving a prestigious law firm to become the first in-house lawyer at a regional real estate firm in the Midwest. The book includes drama, conflict, and a grey beard, Anna's guide throughout the story.Our guest is the author, Peter Carayiannis, and some of the topics we address include:Anna's first 100 daysThe wrong reason to hire an in-house lawyerThe concept of budgets and #LegalOpsThe Big 3 of risk mitigationDefinitions for ASLP and MLSThe moral authority in a businessA full-scope legal review of all corporate documentsBusiness Beyond Borders: Impactful Insights for AccountantsEmpowering Accountants: Explore Trends, Strategies, Global Staffing & Impactful Insights!Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify Everyday AI: Keep up and get ahead by making AI work for yourCan't keep up with AI? We've got you. Everyday AI helps you keep up and get ahead.Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify Happy Hour HolidazeDive into stories & laughter with 'Happy Hour Holidaze.' Subscribe for fun insights!Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify
3/16/202455 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Greatest Warren Buffett Story Ever Told

Of all the books written about Warren Buffett, I am unaware of any authors who grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and went to school with his children.Todd Finkle is the author of Warren Buffett: Investor and Entrepreneur, a book that was fourteen years in the making.If you are a Buffett student, perhaps you will have heard several of Todd's stories, but are you aware of Buffett's numerous investing mistakes throughout the years or several of Charlie Munger's thoughts on behavioral investing?In this conversation, we also discussed three of my favorite stories in the book. My favorite is the five-hour conversation between Buffett and Davy Davidson, and Todd does a great job of filling in the details.You can find additional resources to the conversation on the show notes page.Business Beyond Borders: Impactful Insights for AccountantsEmpowering Accountants: Explore Trends, Strategies, Global Staffing & Impactful Insights!Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify Everyday AI: Keep up and get ahead by making AI work for yourCan't keep up with AI? We've got you. Everyday AI helps you keep up and get ahead.Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify
3/9/202451 minutes, 36 seconds
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Big Bet Leadership

John Rossman is making his second appearance on CFO Bookshelf. We interviewed him two years ago for one of our top 10 books of 2022, The Amazon Way, Amazon's 14 Leadership Principles.John's newest book which he co-authored with Kevin McCaffrey is Big Bet Leadership. Highlights from the conversation include:What is and what is not a big betA topic for low- and high-tech companies, bothBig bets are generally found in Day 1 organizationsSmall teams vs. R&D labsThinking, environment, managementThe power of writingThe portfolio of ideas with limited resourcesThe lightning round - lazy pivot, Chief Repeating Officer, quivers, MLPsJohn's recent favorite booksFull Show Notes
3/2/202442 minutes, 17 seconds
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Built to Beat Chaos

Gary Harpst co-founded the ERP solution Solomon Software, which was ultimately sold to Great Plains. The CFO Bookshelf enjoys Gary's work and past books, including Six Disciplines for Excellence and Six Disciplines Revolution.Gary's newest book has been 40 years in the making. The title is Built to Beat Chaos: Biblical Wisdom for Leading Yourself and Others. A few of the themes we cover in this conversation include:addressing the elephant in the room, the integration of faith in the workplacethe Great Plains storyA leader's first and second responsibilitythe reason Monet destroyed some paintingsthe reason a specific management system doesn't matter based on 1200 businesses studiedhow to get the 85% involved and the impact on one-to-one timethe 100-point exercisethe Harold Morgan storywisdom and tips for learning to mentor othersthe purpose and mission of
1/27/202459 minutes, 31 seconds
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What is a Beautiful Constraint?

A Beautiful Constraint by Morgan and Barden: is it a marketing, branding, psychology, or management book? Or is it all four?In this episode, Willy Donaldson (Simple_Complexity and Estimated Time of Departure) and I discuss five of the biggest ideas in the thought-provoking book A Beautiful Constraint. The authors state the goal is not to eliminate a constraint but to leverage it. Their book explains how.Below are some of the topics we addressed:the definition of a constraintGoldratt's definitionreasons you may not need to read the bookthe relationship between ambition and constraintsthe three-part continuum of thought: victim, neutralizer, transformerpath dependence and an impactful poemcan-if thinkingthe problem with too many resourcesthumbs up or thumbs downDuring the conversation, we mentioned this book would be a great master class where a one-hour conversation could provide all of the ideas and tools created by the authors. If you are not ready to read the book yet, this YouTube video by one of the authors is a great starting point.
1/20/202445 minutes, 58 seconds
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Our Favorite Books in 2023

Since starting the CFO Bookshelf podcast, I have released a ‘favorite books’ show each January. I’ve always been reluctant to do so because my reading tastes may differ from yours. However, these episodes are some of the most downloaded in our podcast catalog. In this discussion, I list my Top 10 books, honorable mentions, fiction, and even books that I did not like. Other insights include what and how much to read and if fiction matters.Access the List
1/13/20241 hour, 8 minutes, 40 seconds
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Pricing Strategy vs. Pricing Tactics

Many pricing books are heavy in ideas, abstractions, and mind-shifting. Others are focused merely on simple tactics. Jean-Manual Izaret's (JMI) book, Game Changer, fills a void by showing readers and pricing practitioners how to approach pricing strategically through cleverly designed frameworks and thought-provoking questions.This conversation starts with who should read this book and why a cover-to-cover reading is unnecessary. Other topics include:Ford's greatest insightThe cupcake pricing dilemmaThe three pricing tools: elasticity, differentiation, game theoryThe reason why pricing methods and pricing strategy are not the same thingJMI's framework gridJMI's seven gamesBuyers, sellers, and offersA definition of pricing governanceA deeper dive into the uniform gameMicrosoft vs. IntuitNext steps for owners and pricing teamsJMI's favorite booksImportant LinksJMI's bio page at The Boston Consulting GroupTED Talk - A New Netflix-style Pricing Model
1/7/20241 hour, 4 minutes, 21 seconds
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The Wisdom of Finance

CFO Bookshelf considers The Wisdom of Finance one of its favorite 25 business books.Mihir Desai combines abstract and obtuse finance concepts with literature, history, movies, and poems in his book, which was released in 2017.In this bookclub-style episode, we cover several of the themes Mihir highlighted in his educational and entertaining book:Bankruptcy (the history of Robert Morris)Options and Diversification (Pride and Prejudice)Value Creation (The Parable of the Talents)Corporate Governance (The Producers)Mergers (marriages)The Demonization of Finance (O Pioneers!)
12/16/202350 minutes, 31 seconds
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Empire Builder

One of the best books we've read on private equity is by Adam Coffey. The title is The Private Equity Playbook.Adam's newest book is based on a two-day presentation he gave on how to roll up an industry purposely and effectively. He turned his 300-plus page slide deck into the book Empire Builder: The Road to a Billion.Some of the topics we cover include:investing in what you knowa simple example using a mowing company and its unit economicsthe industry traits for empire buildingthe 30:1 rule for managersthe rule of 130price escalation clausesSandy OggFinancial diligence and proctology examsthe best way to read this five-hour bookImportant Links:Adam's websiteLinkedIn profileAdam's Forbes articles 
12/8/202351 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Growth Story of Dunkin' Donuts

Since I am not a customer of Dunkin' Donuts, I know very little about their origin story. When Around the Corner, Around the World hit my reading radar, I was intrigued and was compelled to read it. I was pleasantly surprised because the book was a mini MBA on how to grow a small business into an international brand.Bruce Reed joins the host to uncover some of the big ideas in this book, including:working for a father after graduationknowing when and how to turn down a $7.5 million offerideas for quarterly board meetingsthe author's four management pillarslearning the art of exploitation and experimentationDrucker's advice on successionthe author's reading list
12/2/202339 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Business of Pirating

I had never considered the business aspects of pirating until I read Katherine Howe's newest book, A True Account: Hannah Masury's Sojourn Amongst the Pyrates, Written by Herself.Every ship's captain had a vision, as did the crew. A mission steered each voyage. The crew was kept in line with its bylaws or code of conduct. Loot was allocated based on a profit-sharing plan.In this conversation, Katherine reveals why moviegoers romanticize the golden era of pirating. Not only do we get a sneak preview of the characters and the plot in Katherine's new book, but we are also reminded of our country's history of public hangings and gibbeting.About Katherine HoweKatherine Howe is a New York Times bestselling and award-winning historian and novelist. She is the author of several novels for adults and young adults, has edited two volumes of primary sources for Penguin Classics, and is the co-author with Anderson Cooper of the #1 New York Times bestselling books VANDERBILT and ASTOR. You can follow her on the following social media links:Katherine's websiteAmazon author pageFacebookTwitterInstagram
11/25/202356 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Phoenix Project

I'd recommend The Phoenix Project if I could only recommend one book to a CEO, CFO, or COO about the essentials or the heart of IT in a heartbeat.The Phoenix Project is the IT version of The Goal, as both are written as a novel with a protagonist with doubts, worries, and fears. Like The Goal, the main character in The Phoenix project encounters a sage who helps him glean insights from the manufacturing plant floor and apply them in a DevOps environment.Gene Kim is one of the co-authors of this special book. In this conversation with Gene, we address The Three Ways, the four types of work, internal audit, security, and why this novel has universal appeal for all industries and all professions.Important Links:IT RevolutionThe DevOps bookshelfThe COSO Cube (there are book spoilers)Wiring the Winning Organization
11/18/202357 minutes, 7 seconds
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Quick Value

I cannot begin to count the number of times I've heard the following question or something similar, "Mark, I've heard my industry EBITDA multiple is 5x. What do you think?"As much as I want to scream at that question, this type of thinking on business value is prevalent amongst many CEOs of both big and small companies.When the book Quick Value by Reed Phillips hit my radar, I bought it immediately and couldn't put it down as I started reading it.Reed's process for valuing a private company is a simple but powerful method that should be completed annually by an internal leadership team. The process is easy to learn and can even replace annual strategic planning sessions.In this conversation, we learn the Quick Value process, who should use it, and some other nifty nuggets for leaders wanting to grow the value of their business, even when they do not want to sell it.Important LinksThe book's websiteOaklins Valuation Index (sign-up is free)Reed's LinkedIn profile
11/4/202358 minutes, 32 seconds
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Throughput Accounting and Economics

As much as I enjoy reading the Goldratt books and his theory of constraints (TOC), I never considered his early book, The Race, a solid and readable primer on throughput for financial minds.Several books have been published on throughput accounting since The Race was released in the early 1990s. In 2019, three TOC experts finished what I believe is now the best work on throughput accounting that even CEOs should read. The title is Throughput Economics.In this conversation, we address simple definitions such as throughput, operating expense, and investment. We learn why efficiency measurements can lead to disastrous results and why this book is not just for manufacturers.Notable links:Eli Schragenheim blog (one of the co-authors)Goldratt BharatThe Vanguard MethodKelvyn Youngman
10/28/20231 hour
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The Psychology of Pricing

If you have read any books on pricing, the title that stands above the rest is Hermann Simon's Confessions of The Pricing Man.However, suppose you are looking for a book that includes nearly every pricing tactic ever used in business. In that case, I'd start with Handbook on the Psychology of Pricing by Dr. Markus Husemann-Kopetzky. The subtitle is 100+ effects on persuasion and influence every entrepreneur, marketer and pricing manager needs to know.While this book is for the hardcore marketer and CMO, I recommend it to CEOs and CFOs too as pricing is a vital discipline that's lacking in many small businesses.A few of the topics we cover include:Flat Rate BiasScarcityReciprocity$0.79 or $ 0.93Dropping CommasThe Problem with Discounting High-Quality Products
10/21/202352 minutes, 34 seconds
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100 Baggers

One of my favorite books in the value investing niche is 100 Baggers by Chris Mayer, a title that is also worth reading for CEOs, CFOs, and all other business managers.During this conversation, Chris explains how small acorn businesses become large and strong oak trees. Other topics we hit include:the coffee can portfoliothe reluctant sellerowner-operatorsJohn Kelly's formulaSQGLP - a power framework for finding 100 BaggersYou can learn and read more about Chris Mayer on his blog.
10/14/202346 minutes, 23 seconds
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The 2-Hour Cocktail Party

When I finished Nick Gray's The 2-Hour Cocktail Party, I immediately thought that this was the perfect follow-up book to start applying all of the teachings of Dale Carnegie in his classic, How to Win Friends and Influence Others.Beyond Nick's practical advice in teaching readers how to host a party for friends and casual acquaintances, one of my favorite insights is the power of loose connections. Nick provides the perfect device on how to make the most of those loose connections that can be fun and meaningful for years to come.In this conversation, Nick explains the purpose of a cocktail party, who to invite, what to serve, how to implement icebreakers, and what to do after a party.Important Links:How to Introduce Two People via Email: Sample Scripts9 Career Day Speech and Presentation IdeasParty Times: Start, End, & Best TimesIcebreaker Name Tags: Examples and How to Do It RIGHTHow to Host an Event: Parties & NetworkingWhere to Throw a Party? Ideas and Venues for 2023Icebreaker Activities for Your Next EventNick Gray's Personal WebsiteFriendship Recession Website7 Small Trade Show Booth Ideas for 2023
10/7/202338 minutes, 12 seconds
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The Rise and Fall of the Anheuser-Busch Dynasty

As a child growing up in rural Missouri who listened to countless baseball games on the radio of my favorite baseball team, I heard the names Budweiser and Busch repeatedly over the course of many years.Because of the rise in popularity of TV shows like Riches, Succession, and Yellowstone, I was curious about the Busch family--the Kennedys of St. Louis. What became of that dynasty? How did it get started? How did it grow in fame and fortune? What caused its downfall?To find the answers to those questions, I read Bill Knoedelseder's book Bitter Brew - The Rise and Fall of Anheuser-Busch and America's King of Beers.In this conversation, we learn how the Busch family survived prohibition and why they were able to succeed in the years to come. But we also learn the reasons for the demise of the family-owned business and why they sold out to a larger brewer.
9/30/202356 minutes, 10 seconds
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True Profit

Confessions of a Pricing Man is easily the best book ever written on this topic.The author is Hermann Simon, the Chairman of Simon-Kucher. He's also one of this generation's most prolific business thinkers, whose writing parallels Peter Drucker's.In this conversation, our topic is Hermann's 2021 book, True Profit. Topics include profit maximization, the reason why pricing as a profit lever trumps volume increases or cost reductions, and the differences between profit and free cash flow.
9/23/202354 minutes, 41 seconds
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The Stories Beyond FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried

I predict that Number Go Up will be considered the most fascinating and entertaining book in narrative non-fiction for 2023.Our guest is Zeke Faux, an investigative reporter. Several years ago, he was asked to check out Tether and the money supporting that cryptocurrency. Zeke had no idea that story would take him across the globe, logging many air miles along the way.If you are challenged or intimidated by the vocabulary surrounding cryptocurrencies, we attack about ten terms to lay the groundwork for the stories Zeke tells us later in the interview.
9/15/202354 minutes, 34 seconds
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The BI Cantos

Dan Murray is the author of Tableau Your Data, and he recently published a blog series called The BI Cantos. The 21-post series is about how to successfully deploy a business intelligence system.Dan is the Director of Strategic Innovations at Interworks, where he has spoken across the country with audiences, including many in the Fortune 500.What exactly is business intelligence? What are the best tools to use? How do we separate fact from fiction in these implementations? And what is the best way to find a consultant?Dan answers these questions and more as this episode is geared toward those embarking on a new BI journey.The BI Cantos Blog Series - LINK
9/8/202353 minutes, 3 seconds
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Farming, Food, and Finances With Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin is more than a gifted farm entrepreneur in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Joel is the author of twelve books and speaks around the globe on not just farming but simultaneously protecting and replenishing the land.The book we focused on was Folks, This Ain't Normal, which includes plenty of satire and humor. Our topics included open-book farming, the difference between buying natural vs. processed food, and several fascinating concepts revolving around money.If you want to learn more about Joel after listening to the interview, I'd start with this site as a launching pad: can read the full show notes on this episode on our website.
9/2/20231 hour
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What is The Halo Effect?

One of my favorite 25 business books is The Halo Effect by Phil Rosenzweig.During this conversation, Phil explains the halo effect, along with several other delusions business leaders are bombarded with daily from the press, business authors, and consulting gurus.Other highlights include:remedies for overcoming the halo effect heuristicresearch flaws in Good to Greatbackward causalitiesbusiness culture and financial performance"When the legend becomes fact, print the legend."greed and hubrisPhil's favorite business books
8/25/202349 minutes, 18 seconds
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Rasputin for Hire

As I search for books to highlight on the show, I'm looking for unique and interesting content and an author who has probably slipped under other podcasters' radars. Take, for instance, the title Rasputin for Hire by Michael Goodman.Michael is a marketing expert who has been consulting since 1979. In this conversation, we hear about the story behind this fascinating title and:the difference between his book and Dan Pink's first title, Free Agent Nationwhy new consultants have to love sellingthe problem with cold leadson working alonehow to use peer networkshaving confidence in one's own abilitiespersonal mission statementsconsulting between jobsa fascinating Seth Godin storyA special thanks to my friends at
8/18/202323 minutes, 43 seconds
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Good to Great Boards

I never knew there was a consulting niche for advising directors for public company boards of directors until I met Denise Kuprionis. She founded The Governance Solutions Group (GSG) based in Cincinnati, where she helps boards apply effective governance practices and achieve their most pressing objectives.In this conversation, some of our topics include:The way Denise finds clients to work withThe biggest difference between her board work today and ten years ago - there are not manyBoard assessmentsCorporate vs. board governanceCEO succession planning and when to startTone at the topThe role of a board of advisors in private companiesSandra Kurtzig's first advisory groupThis conversation also applies to private companies as Denise shares valuable nuggets for private company CEOs who could use the support of advisory board members to fill gaps where specialized knowledge is lacking.
8/11/202348 minutes, 23 seconds
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The Accidental Business Nomad

After reading a book by a successful commercial developer who moved his family to France for two years, I wanted to learn more about setting up shop in a foreign country.That's because the real estate developer faced obstacle after obstacle because he wasn't used to the vast cultural divide between his home country and France.Accordingly, I felt I struck oil when I found the book, The Business Accidental Nomad by Kyle Hegarty. Kyle shares his experiences in building a marketing and sales presence in Asia based on data and humorous and engaging stories. I'll go so far as to say this book has a Liar's Poker feel to it; it's that good.Some of the big ideas we hit in this conversation include:the 70% failure rate in starting an international operationstereotyping vs. data-driven generalizationscalibrated storytelling - evidence and anecdotes"Treat people the way they want to be treated"TOR - trust, openness, and respectThe communications contractThe role of DISC for hiring new staff
8/4/202347 minutes, 53 seconds
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Own Your Work Journey With Ed Hess

One of my favorite business authors has just released his 15th book. The title is Own Your Work Journey by Ed Hess.Fans of Ed Hess will be treated to a mini-memoir in the introduction of the book, and we spend the first ten minutes of this conversation talking about some of the mentors in Ed's life during his upbringing as a youth.Other key points we hit are:the quiet ego and the wild stallion that's brought under controlemergent thinkinginner peace while having an open mindthe keys to reflecting, listeningthe skill of developing skills at a fast pacethe ongoing concept of learning, unlearning, and relearningthe primary reason our brains are not wired to be hyper-learners
8/1/202350 minutes, 12 seconds
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The Myth of Wall Street Growth

The best book I've ever read on the topic of growth is by Ed Hess, and it's aptly named Smart Growth.It's not an anti-growth book, but through research, it dismantles the mental model of what I call Wall Street Growth which is:1.  Businesses have to continually grow or die2. All growth is good3. Growth has to be continuous and smooth4. Quarterly growth is the primary measure of successIn this conversation with Ed Hess, we discuss some of his favorite case studies in the book, the opposite of the 'grow or die' mindset, and the ideal work environment where people can continually be learning, unlearning, and relearning.
7/29/202334 minutes, 50 seconds
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Experiential Intelligence

According to cognitive psychologist Gary Klien, people with a seemingly high sixth sense become experts at pattern recognition through years of experience in their respective fields. But where does that experience come from? How does that person achieve such experience?Soren Kaplan is the author of the 2023 book Experiential Intelligence. Soren explains the differences between experiential intelligence (XQ) and IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence).In this show, we also hit topics such as:curiosity, empathy, and imaginationXQ vs AIthe three levels to building XQSoren's favorite stories in his bookthe reason why every high school student should be aware of Soren's messagethe role of failure in XQBoth/Andthe corporate university conceptforecasting the pastWho is Soren Kaplan?Soren Kaplan wrote Experiential Intelligence to explore the idea that experience is a form of innovation and to help individuals and organizations develop their ability to create and innovate through their experiences. Soren was inspired to write the book by his work with a variety of companies and organizations, and his observation that the most successful innovators were those who were able to learn from their experiences and use them to drive new ideas and breakthrough results. Kaplan also saw a need for a new framework that could help individuals and organizations develop the skills and mindset needed to leverage experience as a driver of innovation. He believes that by cultivating experiential intelligence, individuals and organizations can become more agile, adaptable, and successful in today's rapidly changing world.
7/21/202351 minutes, 26 seconds
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Work With Minimal Rules

One of the most intriguing and thought-provoking management books I've ever read is the 1993 book, Maverick by Ricardo Semler.Ricardo took over his father's business Semco not too long after he graduated from college. He knew he didn't want to run the business as his father had, so he started in small steps by getting his staff involved in all decisions of the business, not just small ones.The results were phenomenal. In less than ten years, Semco grew 6x in spite of inflation, recessions, and a chaotic national policy Productivity grew 7x, profits up 5x, and one newspaper ad during this time period yielded 1.4k responses.Even though Maverick is no longer in print, I still wanted to talk about it on the show. FP&A global thought leader Daniele Martins joins us to discuss the book from her unique perspective.To learn more about the Ricardo Semler story along with participative leadership, here are a few resources:Managing Without Numbers - HBRRicardo's Ted Talk - How to Run a Company With Almost No Rules Semco Style InstituteCorporate RebelsShownotes on the CFO Bookshelf website
7/14/202356 minutes, 43 seconds
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No-Code Development Tools with Gareth Pronovost

Gareth Pronovost is my go-to expert on his YouTube channel, GAP Consulting, where he teaches his subscribers about Airtable, SmartSuite, automation techniques, and other great insights on no-code solutions.In this conversation, Gareth discusses how to break spreadsheet addiction. Other topics include:Gareth's interesting entry point to no-code appsthe best definition for no-code applicationswhat no-code is notthe best starting point for no-code applicationscombining no-code apps with automationGareth's go-to no-code toolsThe future of PythonIs no-code only for non-developers?Is no-code only for simple projects?Gareth is the founder of GAP consulting, and you can learn more about his work on his website.
7/8/202355 minutes, 9 seconds
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A Pragmatic Playbook for Digital and AI Implementations

Technology with the advancement of generative AI is seemingly moving at a pace we've never seen with other innovations.How does any organization step back and figure out how to adopt digital and AI technologies to support its strategic objectives?That's where Rewired comes in. The subtitle for this new book is The McKinsey Guide to Outcompeting in the Age of Digital and AI.Our guest is Eric Lamarre, one of the co-authors of this practical playbook. In this conversation, we address:the origin story of the bookfive myths surrounding digital and AI transformationsthe harsh realities of starting a transformationthe domain approach to getting startedgetting the team rightthe role of the CTO - chief transformation officerdigital skills mappingtalent win roomsemployee value propositionsquarterly business reviewspilot purgatorygo & see visitsDigital 101
6/30/202355 minutes, 9 seconds
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A Brief History of Accounting

More Than a Numbers Game is rich in business and accounting history. We learn about the Merchants of Venice and why they had a strategic advantage. We also learn about the many flaws and imperfections of financial reporting, where completeness and consistencies are impossible.This conversation is geared toward non-accounting students and professionals where additional topics include the one-page report by the early railroads, what was included in the first modern financial report in 1903, the many names for the bottom line, Sarbanes–Oxley, and a stronger focus on liberal arts in higher education.
6/24/202340 minutes, 57 seconds
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Technology for the Next Generation of Retail and Beyond

When I finished reading Next Generation Retail by Deborah Weinswig and Renee Hartmann, my first thought was that the great ideas in this book apply to direct-to-consumer manufacturers and professional services firms.In this conversation, co-author Renee Hartmann helps us to understand better the following technologies that are not just for big companies:metaverseblockchainlive streamingsocial commercedata and the CORE frameworkretail mediaquick commercesupply chainHeadless CaaS
6/16/202347 minutes, 7 seconds
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The Entrepreneurs

Derek Lidow is a former business founder of a major global semiconductor company that he ultimately sold. Today, he's a professor at Princeton, where he teaches entrepreneurship, the topic of his newest book, The Entrepreneurs.This book is rich with historical stories of entrepreneurs doing the same things in the past as they are doing today.In this deeply insightful conversation with Derek Lidow, we learn the three major traits of entrepreneurs, the origin of the term creative destruction, the role of outsiders in business innovation, the concept of swarming, and the law of unintended consequences.
6/10/202356 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Birth of a Building

When Walter Chrysler built his New York skyscraper in the early 1930s, his critics stated the building was a monument created for himself. The same comment could have been applied to John Jakob Raskob's justification for building The Empire State Building.In this book club-style conversation, John Coe and I dissect the book, The Birth of a Building. The author's book addresses how a book is conceived, financed, designed, and constructed. Unlike Chrysler and Raskob, this book starts with a purpose and a philosophy for any real estate undertaking.Our guest is John Coe, the podcast host of Icons of DC Area Real Estate.
6/2/202355 minutes, 35 seconds
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The Little Book of Boards

Curiosity drives much of the content on this podcast, and I read Erik Hanberg's book, The Little Book of Boards, when it arrived in my email.Of the six or seven boards I've served on, some have been boring experiences, others have been exceptional. I was curious if this book would have been valuable to me during my first board experience, which wasn't great--it definitely would have been.While Erik's background is in the non-profit world, this book and conversation apply to any organization.  Some big ideas we hit are performing due diligence for the board you are considering, getting involved outside board meetings, strategic planning, compensation committees, and mission statements.
5/26/202354 minutes, 39 seconds
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The Indiana Jones of Business Archives

Not only is Neil Dahlstrom the author of the business historical narrative Tractor Wars, but he's also the Branded Properties and Heritage Manager at John Deere. Before that, he was Deere's Corporate History and Archives Manager.Neil admits he wanted to be Indiana Jones when he grew up and even worked in a museum in high school.During this conversation, we learn what a corporate archivist does, how to start a company archive, and how to start a career in this field.
5/22/202317 minutes, 9 seconds
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Tractor Wars

All of us have heard of the cola wars, the tennis shoe wars, and certainly the PC wars. But the tractor wars?Neil Dahlstrom is a historian and archivist for John Deere, and he's the author of Tractor Wars, a historical narrative of the race to be the top manufacturer of power farming at the turn of the twentieth century. Will it be International Harvester, Ford, or the much smaller player, John Deere?Neil's book is a story of what-ifs, including pricing wars, business rollups, marketing insights, and bold moves by Henry Ford.
5/20/202337 minutes, 29 seconds
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The Story of CD Baby

Derek Sivers was an accidental business founder. All he wanted to do was put his music online and sell it online before the dotcom bubble when PayPal did not exist yet.During one four-year period, his revenues jumped from $1 to $20 million while his staff count surged from 8 to 85. He eventually sold CD Baby for $22 million in 2008.Derek tells his founder's story in the book, Anything You Like. Since it's a book I recommend to every CFO, I invited Hannah Munro, the host of the CFO 4.0 podcast, to unpack this story full of ups and downs for this fascinating business founder.
5/13/202345 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Visionary Behind the Women Freelance Programmers of the 1960s

One of the best books we've read in 2023 is the story of Dame Stephanie 'Steve' Shirley, who started a business of women freelance programmers in a male-dominated world in the 1960s based in London.The bookends of this remarkable story include an escape from the Holocaust from her homeland in Austria to her new adopted country in England, thanks to Kindertransport.While there are many business insights in Steve's book, Let It Go, she pulls back the curtain to reveal the many ups and downs in her family life, including the love, care, and hardship of raising a son who was profoundly autistic.The other bookend describes Steve's goal of co-ownership with her staff, along with the gifting of many millions of dollars through philanthropic causes.Read the show notes - LINK
5/5/202334 minutes, 9 seconds
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The Systems Thinking Mindset

We learned many linear frameworks in business school to help us solve simple to complex problems. Yet, systems thinking was probably missing from that curriculum.The Fifth Discipline (Senge) and Systems Thinking (Meadows) are typical starting points for learning systems thinking. However, those books are not written from a business person's perspective.Simple Complexity, by Dr. William (Willy) Donaldson, is the most readable and pragmatic book I've read on systems thinking. The author has a business background and uses stories from the field to simplify what otherwise would be obtuse and confusing concepts.In this conversation, we will learn the bare essentials of systems thinking and how to apply this skill in our organizations.
4/28/202352 minutes, 10 seconds
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The Management Mythbuster

David Axson is called a CFO whisperer, but I'm also calling him an expert on calling the flaws and weaknesses of some of the biggest name management tools and systems from the past that are still influencing our decision-making today.David is the author of the 2010 book, The Management Mythbuster. In this conversation, we hit on a variety of topics, such as:annual budgetingperformance paycalendar-driven reportinginformational vs. analytical dataEBITDAmanagement GURUscost allocationWe wrap up with David's appreciation for the business classics, and we'll hear his five favorites.
4/21/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 27 seconds
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The Logic and Magic of Expertise and Tradecraft with David C. Baker

Behind his back, I call him a Peter Drucker. He's the co-host of one of my favorite podcasts, 2Bobs. He's also the author of six business books.His name is David C. Baker, and I could listen to him all day with his pearls of wisdom on accumulating and sharing expertise with others.David's newest book is Secret Tradecraft of Elite Advisors. You do not need to be a third-party business advisor to appreciate this conversation. The content of this book applies to anyone who is a knowledge worker.
4/14/202333 minutes, 58 seconds
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A Podcast For Financial Leaders

Are you curious about the origin story of the CFO Bookshelf podcast? The great people at Oracle NetSuite wanted to know that about a year earlier when they asked that question during one of their webinars.In this recording, the Head of Marketing at Netsuite, Ranga Bodla, asks the host of CFO Bookshelf why he started the show, who his favorite guests and been, and even some conversations that didn't turn out too well.
4/14/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 33 seconds
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Building a $100 Million Brand Against Formidable Odds

I enjoy reading books by transparent business founders who are not afraid to let their guard down in the stories they share.Titles quickly coming to mind are Boss Life by Paul Downs, Anything You Want by Derek Sivers, and Wild Company by the founders of Banana Republic. High on my list in this genre is What it Takes by Raegan Moya-Jones, the gritty and successful co-founder of aden + anais. Like many startup arcs, this book reveals many obstacles encountered by founders: necessary startup capital, constant cash constraints, people issues, supply chain inefficiencies, and other frustrations.More importantly, Raegan gives us a firsthand look at the challenges of creating and building a business in a male-dominated space. Her research in the book and the advice provided in this conversation are inspiring and insightful.Episode Highlights, Q&A with the Host, and Bookclub Starter Questions: Link
4/7/202349 minutes, 21 seconds
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What Are Donor-Advised Funds?

Do you know what a donor-advised fund (DAF) is?Until this conversation, I knew very little about DAFs. Jake Wood founded Groundswell, whose mission is to democratize and revolutionize philanthropy for everyone. They do that through technology and DAFs.In this conversation, we find out what DAFs are, how to set them up, who can sponsor a DAF, and why they offer tax advantages to donors.
4/1/202326 minutes, 4 seconds
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Are You Paid Fairly?

Mad Men's Harry Crane has found that his colleague makes $100 a week more than he does. He believes he deserves a raise, and through some fear and trepidation, he gets an extra $25 more per week from his intimidating boss. But do you think he's happy?How about you? Are you paid fairly? If not, how do you know?  What are your thoughts on minimum wage vs. a living wage? Do you believe in pay transparency and salary surveys?In the compensation world, David Buckmaster probably needs to introduction. He's the author of Fair Pay.In this conversation, we're going to hear about some of the challenges and solutions on the topic of fair pay.
3/25/202340 minutes, 39 seconds
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Four Banking Frameworks for Any Industry

CFO Bookshelf does not sit in the seat of judgment, nor does it play the role of pundit in the midst of the 2023 banking crisis we are witnessing. We'll let the regulators and the media handle those duties.Instead, CFO Bookshelf is about old and revolutionary ideas that we can put to work right now in our organizations.As I have been monitoring the news of the Silicon Valley Bank closure and similar banks that are failing, four mental models or frameworks have come to mind.In this episode, I share 4 mental constructs that come from the banking industry playbook that we can apply in our own businesses. These ideas include:CAMELsStress testing paired with resilience testingThe Texas RatioReputation RiskShow notes page - Read Here
3/21/202336 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Business Every Entrepreneur Should Manage for a Year

I've heard some startup founders say that every graduate should spend a year or two working in government before embarking on their chosen career path.For business students, I believe every new graduate should consider running or managing a restaurant for one to two years because of the people, financial, and entrepreneurial skills needed to keep the store afloat.I'm thrilled to have Ken McGarrie on the show to talk shop about his industry and his book, The Surprise Restaurant Manager.This conversation is especially geared toward those of us outside the food service industry, but those working in it will gain valuable insights from the COO of Fabio Viviani Hospitality.
3/17/20231 hour, 14 minutes, 30 seconds
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Is Accounting Screwing Up HR?

Author and HBR contributor Peter Cappelli asserts that accounting and financial reporting are wreaking havoc on damaging HR decisions by corporate leaders.In this conversation, Peter reveals that 90% of all company vacancies were filled internally prior to 1980. Today, that number is just over 20%. He adds that there were very few layoffs more than 40 years ago. Today, layoffs make headlines weekly.Peter believes these results are being driven by accounting and financial reporting. In this episode, we'll also hear about financial reporting's impact on defined contribution plans, training and development, R&D, and layoffs.Peter Cappelli's newest book is Our Least Important Asset (July 2023).
3/11/202353 minutes, 13 seconds
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Behind the Curtains of the Business Books & Co. Podcast

I'm periodically scouring the podcast universe for other shows focusing on business books. I recently found Business Books & Co. founded by three buddies who went to school together.  Within three weeks, I listened to their first three seasons of episodes.As a fan of the show, I'm thrilled to hear the origin story of this podcast with their moderator David Kopec. In this show, we learn how a book club turned into a podcast, how books are selected, their favorite episodes, the books they didn't like, and an update on season four.
3/2/202343 minutes, 43 seconds
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Return to the Little Kingdom

What is the best book on the story of Apple Computer? This week's guest states that Return to the Little Kingdom is the best of all of the Apple books on the history of this iconic growth story dating back to the pre-startup days thru the most successful sales years of the Apple II computer.Our guest is David Kopec, the moderator of the podcast Business Books & Co. David is a history buff on the early days of Apple and on their journey to becoming a unicorn.  Expect to hear some stories you've never heard before.
3/2/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Founder Who Turned $80k Into $400 Million

Jeff Polovick started Canadian-based Driving Force with just $80,000 and just a few years of experience. That modest investment has been parlayed into $400 million in revenues with 675 employees.Jeff's book is Why Can't We, and like many startup stories, there's drama, adversity, success, more adversity, and even an exit.In this conversation, we talk about continuous and lifelong learning, family, adversity, and Jeff's value system.
2/25/202337 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Multimillionaire Banker Who Landed in Prison

He gained the world. He then lost the world and those who were the closest to him. But he never lost his soul while hitting the lowest of lows in a federal penitentiary that once housed John Gotti.Shaun Hayes was once at the top of the banking world in St. Louis until he was in the wrong place at the wrong time during one of the worst recessions ever, which led to approving bank loans that violated state and federal laws. Shaun tells his story in his book, The Gray Choice, where we learn about a young man with entrepreneurial instincts as a teenager. After college, he worked for a larger-than-life legendary banker in Kansas City. That work took him to St. Louis to grow that bank's presence in that region.A few years later, Shaun bought into his first bank, which would become a small $1 billion empire that went public. Shaun points out that his gray choices started well before he was arrested, which is the topic of this conversation.
2/17/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 42 seconds
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Upside Down Management at Timpson

We recently watched a video by the CEO of the UK-based retail chain, Timpson. We loved the material so much that we found a book by the company's chairman, Sir John Timpson. The title is based on how the business is run, Upside Down Management.According to Business Sale Report, Timpson is now a 2,000-branch-strong business with turnover totaling £300m and profits of up to £20m. In this conversation, we break down John's book into three big ideas, which include the hiring of ex-offenders, putting money in the till and acting the part, and unconventional management tactics in a large organization.
2/11/202335 minutes, 34 seconds
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Executive Toughness

Of the nearly two thousand books that the producer of CFO Bookshelf has read, there is one title he has gifted the most to CEOs than any other title. That book is Executive Toughness by Dr. Jason Selk.In this episode, we learn three of Mark's favorite big ideas in Jason's short and fast-based book: 1) product and process goals, 2) written daily debriefs, and 3) relentless solutions focus.Two other titles are also mentioned that are excellent companions to Jason's book.
2/4/202336 minutes, 58 seconds
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Our Favorite Books in 2022

Last year, one of our top episodes was our favorite books of 2021. We're at it again this year with our Top 10 books for 2022.We also share our favorites in fiction along with a handful of honorable mentions. Rounding out the lists of favorites include unexpected surprises, books we didn't like, books that were worth rereading in 2022, and our heavy favorite for 2023.
1/28/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 5 seconds
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The Subscription Economy for Professional Firms

The subscription economy is alive and well for products-based businesses and the software industry. But how about professional services firms? Does the subscription model apply to accountants, lawyers, consultants, marketers, and other professionals?Ron Baker founded VeraSage Institute, the leading think tank dedicated to teaching value pricing to professionals worldwide. He's the co-host of The Soul of Enterprise podcast, and he's the author of numerous books, including his newest title, Times Up!In this conversation, we talk about the necessary mindset needed for professional firms to shift to a subscription model. Outputs vs. transformations. Easing in or starting a brand new model? Technicians vs. professionals and the role of intellectual capital. And finally, we address one of the biggest questions every professional will ask, "How will we price this?"
1/27/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 25 seconds
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Leadership Refined by Fire

What can any business or financial leader learn from a twenty-year vet in the fire service?I'm now calling John Cuomo the John Maxwell for firefighters and other public safety officials based on his book, Leadership Refined by Fire.John has always been interested in leadership and lifelong learning, and his book is full of stories, inspiration, and big ideas that can be applied to any playing field. He ends his book on mental health, specifically PTSD, the last topic we address in this conversation.
1/21/202341 minutes, 55 seconds
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The History of Daylight Savings Time

As a financial expert, could you estimate the cost savings in the U.S. alone through the country's use of daylight savings time?Benjamin Franklin's estimates in 1784 yielded about $200 million in savings in today's dollars if people lived their days by making the best use of daylight.David Prerau is the leading expert on daylight savings time, and his book, Seize the Daylight, explores not just the history of DST, but also the other two forms of artificial time--Greenwich Mean Time and the introduction of time zones.
1/14/202352 minutes, 40 seconds
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The Best Investment Books Ever Written

I love investment books. It's a topic I could talk about for hours if allowed.I also started listening to the podcast Investing by the Books produced by the Nordic investment banker Redeye. The hosts are Eddie Palmgren and Niklas Sävås, and they are great. Both are lifelong learners and they love books on investing.In this show, we're going to talk about the best investment books that Eddie and Niklas have ever read. We'll find out their favorite book about Buffett. We'll also get more insights on Mr. Market, durable businesses with a competitive advantage, and the Ackman Paradox.Important Links:Investing by the Books podcastRedeye
1/7/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 50 seconds
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Forced Out But Vindicated

Gordon was an IT professional who took lifelong learning seriously. He joined a public utility district (PUD) because it stood for collaboration, communication, and support. Those core values at the PUD started deteriorating as a new leader focused on personal gain and power pushed for a new $8 million ERP solution without his most important team members to manage the implementation.Gordon Graham is the author of The Intrepid Brotherhood, which provides the story leading up to the day he was pushed out of the organization. The final chapters reveal the jury's verdict on Gordon's termination.This is a business book without trying to be like one. Readers will learn how not to manage an ERP implementation. We learn how easily corporate governance at the board level can fall apart. We also gain unique leadership and ethical insights from an IT professional's viewpoint.Show Notes to Episode
12/30/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 49 seconds
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Beyond Command and Control

John Seddon is the founder of The Vanguard Method and is the author of Beyond Command and Control.In this conversation we find out which action is worse in business, commanding or controlling. John also explains demand failure, break-fix systems, and the destructive nature of budget management and arbitrary targets.
12/17/202251 minutes, 38 seconds
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A Former NBA Player on Growing Your Personal Core Values

Devin Durrant is the author of The Values Delta - A Small and Simple Way to Make a Positive Difference in Your Personal and Professional Life.Durrant's book is not about corporate values but personal core values, and it's a fast, easy-to-read guide that's instructive and inspiring with practical business applications too.In this conversation, this former NBA player reveals three simple questions that can lead to transformation in our personal and professional lives.
12/10/202235 minutes, 50 seconds
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A Former Emmy Winner Reveals the Power of PR

Gaining media attention may not be an ongoing goal for many growing businesses. However, a former TV host and Emmy-award winner in consumer reporting explains that if we can pitch the media effectively, we can sell anything to anyone.Katrina Cravy is the author of On Air: Insider Secrets to Attract the Media and Get Free Publicity. This easy-to-read book also has far-reaching applications, for presentations, pitches of any type, and YouTube videos.This fast-paced conversation includes Katrina's impactful H.A.V.E. formula, the power pose, the seven-second rule, killer-filler words, and much more.
12/3/202247 minutes, 51 seconds
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Play Bigger By Becoming a Category Champion

When we do our weekly shopping at the grocery store, finding products is relatively easy because of the way food items are grouped throughout the aisles. That's the starting point for understanding category design in any business setting.The authors of Play Bigger did not invent category design, but these gifted marketers gave this term and its underlying disciplines a name by studying more than five thousand businesses.In this conversation, co-author Al Ramadan explains what category design along with some of the book's biggest ideas: the 6-10 rule, points of view, and different vs. better.You'll also hear why Mark believes this book can be a replacement for strategic planning and why he loves chapter 10 of Play Bigger.
11/25/202251 minutes, 29 seconds
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Outcomes Over Output

Output, Outcomes, Impact. Those are three strong words that seemingly go well together in any context. But is there a clear difference in each term?Josh Seiden is the author of Outcomes Over Output, and he provides one of the best definitions of outcomes I have ever heard--a change in customer behavior that leads to better business results.In this conversation, we learn how to apply outcomes-based thinking in any business environment along with hearing about a case study that ended in positive results when applying the philosophies in this book.
11/19/202240 minutes, 22 seconds
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An Expert Financial Modeler Explains Her Career Pivot to PreSales

I've always assumed that great financial modelers have deep backgrounds in either corporate finance or accounting. That's not the case for Lyndsey Weber who is the Senior Solutions Consultant at Quantrix.Lyndsey's degree is in engineering management from one of the top engineering programs in the country. She started her career at ExxonMobil where she was a supply chain data analyst and an S&OP supervisor.After some three years, she had an itch for pivoting her career into PreSales, a story I find unique, fascinating, and informative.In this conversation, we learn the steps that Lyndsey took to prep, investigate, and apply for positions in PreSales.
11/12/202250 minutes, 41 seconds
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Does Accounting Have to be Boring?

Several years ago, I'll never forget when a tax partner with a Top 10 accounting firm started talking about one of his favorite books. He described the book's three pillars - marketing, production, and accounting.I smiled because I knew the title he was talking about - In The Black by Allen Bostrom.A few weeks prior to this episode the marketing team for this book's co-author reached out to ask if they could be on the show. The answer was a resounding yes.Roger Knecht is the President of Universal Accounting. He's also the perfect person to explain why accounting is anything but boring. 
11/6/202248 minutes, 16 seconds
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Leadership Behind a Top Restaurant in the World

On Will Guidara's 12th birthday, he had the experience of a lifetime while dining with his family at Four Seasons. Less than thirty years later, Will and his co-partner of Eleven Madison Park were being lauded for the top spot of The World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2017.Will's new book is Unreasonable Hospitality and I now call it one of the best books written on this topic. The book is part memoir and many parts of inspiration, encouragement, and instruction. In this conversation, Will explains the 95-5 rule, restaurant smart vs. corporate smart, pre-meal meetings, and the primary reason hospitality can be taught in any business. 
10/29/202253 minutes, 50 seconds
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What is Financial Transparency?

You probably know a little or a lot about a business practice called open book management. This podcast prefers the term, financial transparency.During this episode, a CEO and co-founder of a physical therapy organization explains how he got started with financial transparency, why he did it, and how. Dr. Arlan Alburo of Orthopedic and Balance Therapy based in rural Indiana near Chicago also explains that he shares non-financial metrics and how his team members can impact each of those critical numbers.Think of this conversation as a mini MBA in financial and operational acumen that's practical and easy to understand.Link to episode highlights on our website: What is Financial Transparency?
10/22/202248 minutes, 6 seconds
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Crazy Eddie, The Rise and Fall of a Retail Fraudster

The Crazy Eddie stores of the 1980s are probably most remembered by the Jerry Carrell commercials that have been parodied in the movies, TV shows, and even by other CEOs in the past such as Steve Ballmer.Gary Weiss is the author of Retail Gangster, The Insane, Real-Life Story of Crazy Eddie. Through Gary's research and captivating narrative, we learn the origin story of Eddie Antar and how he first started various skimming schemes to both undercut competitors and stash untaxed sales and profits in bed mattresses and overseas bank accounts.We also learn about one of the masterminds of Crazy Eddie's IPO and the fraud that was required to support a high stock price following the public offering. Finally, we hear about how the house of cards crumbled and the family's failed attempt to take the company private in order to hide their misdoings.Mark's Notes on Retail Gangster
10/14/202251 minutes, 8 seconds
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Interest, The Price of Time

As of the release date of this episode, the prime interest rate in the U.S. had surpassed six percent, nearly double the rate a few months earlier.Are higher rates good or bad for the economy? What about lower rates? The answers may seem self-evident, but should we be over-confident with our opinions? What about the law of unintended consequences when rates are universally low for an extended period of time?Additionally, how are rates determined? Why do they go up or down? What is the history of interest?We learn the answers to all of these questions and more as we hear from Edward Chancellor, the author of The Price of Time.
10/8/202248 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Soul of Startups

Sophie Theen is the author of The Soul of Startups. Sophie states that there is a misconception that a company's people make its culture. Instead, that culture starts at the top and works its way down into other teams which is consistently changing. And that can lead to unplanned and unforeseen consequences for the staff working in these startups.In this conversation, we learn about the three audiences this book is intended for. We learn that people do indeed leave bad companies, not necessarily bad bosses or managers. And we get some great advice for any person thinking about a role in a startup.
10/1/202234 minutes, 4 seconds
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The Flaw of Averages

Dr. Sam Savage is the gifted teacher all of us would have loved having as our professor in stats classes.Sam is the author of The Flaw of Averages and Chancification. During this conversation, we talk about the arithmetic of uncertainty, probability management,  and the limitations of risk matrixes. And we do it on a fifth-grade level.
9/23/202246 minutes, 54 seconds
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Surrounded by Idiots

Thomas Erikson is the author of Surrounded by Idiots, a book that simplifies four basic personality types using a coloring system and a two-by-two matrix.In this conversation, we address:the difference between the four letters in DISC and the colorsthe purpose and role of personality assessments in the workplacethe validity and reliability of such assessmentsthe three parts of the human mindSome people believe personality assessments are bogus. Others live and swear by them. Regardless of where you are on this spectrum, we address the questions you have about any type of personality assessment.
9/17/202259 minutes, 15 seconds
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The Best Book for Professional Services Firms

Can you think of a top business book exclusively for professional services firms? If so, your list is probably short and presumably headed by any title from David Maister. In this episode, a new book for this industry is introduced, The Boutique: How to Start, Scale, and Sell a Professional Services Firm by Greg Alexander.In this conversation, we talk about elephant and rabbit hunters, the one-thirds of billings, the only three types of firms in existence, and two critical metrics that buyers of professional services firms are examining closely.
9/10/202236 minutes, 51 seconds
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The Rise and Fall of BlackBerry

If we think the reasons for the fall of BlackBerry are an open and shut case, we need to think again. Sean Silcoff is the co-author of Losing the Signal. The book covers the rise of BlackBerry, how its foundation started cracking before Apple's iPhone came on the scene and the breakup of two iconic founders of a company that once topped $20 billion in revenues.This interview explores some of the highs and lows in this story, a very readable narrative that also serves as a great business case study. Finally, we ask if there could have been a different ending. The ideas you hear might surprise you.
9/3/202256 minutes, 35 seconds
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Origins of the Airline Industry

When I read a biography, I want the words to jump out by telling me something I never knew about the person that's both memorable and interesting. I want to read about the subject's impact they had on others. And, I want to be inspired.Before reading Dirk Smillie's very readable and accessible biography on Harry Guggenheim entitled, The Business of Tomorrow, I knew nothing about this iconic family name.While one business publication heralded Harry as the godfather of flight during his day, there is so much more about this larger-than-life historical figure of the 20th century warranting a closer look at what made him special. 
8/26/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 15 seconds
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The Case for Reading More Fiction

Should professionals like you and I be reading fiction and if so, why?Dr. Christine Seifert is the author of a 2020 HBR article, The Case for Reading Fiction. While professionals typically read for knowledge, Christy provides numerous reasons and studies on how reading fiction can expand our analytical abilities along with understanding others better.We explore terms such as cognitive agility and acuity, design fiction, openness to experience, and other big ideas revealing the power of reading fiction.
8/24/202248 minutes, 22 seconds
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Is Bill Gross The Bond King?

Who is Bill Gross?Who is the guy who learned to take risks in college while scalping basketball tickets at Duke? Or who was the risk-taker who counted cards in Las Vegas?Who exactly is the man once named the Morningstar Investment Manager of the Decade? And how was this lifelong investment professional able to see around corners during one of the country's greatest financial meltdowns during a time of bailouts and bank failures?You may already know Mary Childs as a co-host at NPR's Planet Money, and she's also the author of The Bond King, the person answers each of these questions.
8/19/202240 minutes, 23 seconds
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Should Your Business Have a Hall of Fame?

One of my favorite CFOs is Bob Lung. For the past 33 years, he's been chauffeuring players and dignitaries at the NFL's annual Hall of Fame weekend activities in Canton, Ohio.In this fast-paced interview, we talk about Bob's favorite moments at the Hall of Fame ceremony, what it means to be a driver during this event, and a couple of special stories.Should every business consider having its own hall of fame? We address that question along with the role of mentoring relationships in becoming a star in any field.
8/12/202222 minutes, 20 seconds
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WorldCom's Financial Statement Fraud

With the passing of the 20th anniversary of WorldCom filing bankruptcy in the aftermath of the whistle being blown on its reporting of fraudulent financial statements, I wanted to revisit Cynthia Cooper's page-turner, Extraordinary Circumstances.Why was the fraud committed? How? What was internal audit's role in detecting the fraudulent entries created by the CFO and four members of his staff?In this episode, Aaron Beam helps me to answer these questions as he draws on his experience in the financial statement fraud at HealthSouth. Aaron is an author and sought-after public speaker at major universities around the country.
8/12/202247 minutes
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Negotiation Simplified with Jim Reiman

What is the best book on negotiation you've ever read?Many business readers who have read Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss would probably pick that title. What if I said there is another title that's far more practical, ideas that you can put into practice right now? That book is Negotiation Simplified by Jim Reiman.  In this fast-paced conversation, we talk about the core four concepts of negotiating, the best discussion I've ever read about goals in the context of negotiating, and the 3 classes of people we have to consider in any negotiating process, Also, we hit on how to deal with bullies in the negotiating process.
8/5/202254 minutes, 27 seconds
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More Than a Trillion Dollar Coach

The legendary Bill Campbell is called the trillion dollar coach by his biographers. Campbell coached and mentored larger-than-life business leaders Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Steve Jobs, Marissa Mayer, and many others.If Bill was the trillion dollar coach, then I'm not sure what to call Joe Ehrmann and his friend and fellow coach, Biff Poggi who are central pillars in the book Season of Life by Jeffrey Marx.Little did Jeffrey Marx know that his life would be transformed forever once he stepped on a Baltimore Colts football field during training camp as an eleven-year-old. Years later, he would reconnect with Joe Ehrmann who took him under his wing during those earlier years. What was supposed to be a newspaper article about the demolition of a football field turned into a book about the building up of young men not just in football, but in the bigger game of life.Season of Life is one of the best books I've read in years. Central themes include false masculinity, revolving integrity, the best definitions of coach and success, and a young football player's reflection on a huddle.
7/29/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 5 seconds
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What Happened to the Vanderbilt Dynasty?

Can you name any recent descendants of Cornelius Vanderbilt who didn't build one but two massive fortunes during the Gilded Age? After the third and fourth generations, the money started evaporating quickly, but why?Katherine Howe is the co-author of Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty. During this conversation, we explore some of the fascinating stories she uncovered with her co-author, Anderson Cooper that spans six generations of the Vanderbilt family.
7/22/202229 minutes, 12 seconds
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Would You Work at This Warehouse?

Rob Hart's book, The Warehouse, is a speculative dystopian thriller.The central character is an online retailer called Cloud - think Amazon in the distant future dominating its rivals which has devastating effects on small retailers across the country.Cloud's founder is dying of cancer, so he's on a farewell tour visiting all of the company's distribution centers. Is he a hero or is he delusional?Two other characters find out how far Cloud will go to make the world a better place, but for whom? Paxton starts his employment at the very place that robbed him of everything. What's his story? And Zinnia seems like she's a better fit for a CIA operative, not a warehouse order picker. What's up her sleeve?Rob is the first fiction writer to be interviewed on CFO Bookshelf.
7/16/202244 minutes, 14 seconds
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Is Customer Empathy a Difference Maker?

We learn from Atticus in To Kill a Mockingbird, "You never really understand a person until you consider things from their point of view … until you climb into their skin and walk around in it."Elvis Pressley used to sing, "Before you abuse, criticize and accuse, walk a mile in my shoes."What may seem so apparent to many is not to others. In this conversation, we unpack the big ideas and linkages between business success and customer empathy with Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, the co-author of Empathy in Action.
7/9/20221 hour, 28 seconds
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Learning the Turnaround Business the Hard Way

Jeff Sands is the author of Corporate Turnaround Artistry. Before he started fixing and mending other companies' broken income statements and balance sheets, he first had to fix his own.During this conversation, we also learn about the debt stacks, myths of bankruptcies, the five stages of a turnaround, the three types of turnaround CEOs,  and what Jeff calls the salvation process.
7/1/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 25 seconds
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A Blockbuster Failure

If you think Netflix was the cause of Blockbuster's failure, you'll change your mind after you hear Alan Payne explain the reasons for this company's demise.Alan was a longtime owner of a chain of successful Blockbuster stores. He was also featured in the Netflix 2020 documentary, The Last Blockbuster.Alan's new book is Built to Fail, and we learn four reasons for Blockbuster's eventual bankruptcy which started with poor leadership at the CEO level.
6/24/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 29 seconds
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A Financially Powerful Culture

If I could only pick one book for any financial leader to read about company culture, it would be Patty McCord's book, Powerful.In this episode, two CFOs break down the big ideas in Patty's book which include the role of the culture-centric HR professional, making decisions on facts vs. data, annual performance reviews, variable pay, learning every aspect of a business, and teams vs. families.
6/20/202253 minutes, 41 seconds
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Just How Profitable Are Those Big Projects?

Have you ever worked with a software vendor who said their solution would save you as much as $1 million annually?Or how about the big data warehousing project where the lead consultant says this project could lead to significantly more revenues?When you accept projects with these types of claims, have you gone back one year later to find out the actual cost savings you thought realized?Our topic on this show is the book entitled, Project Profitability by our guest, Reginald Lee. We explore project salience, mental models for project prioritization, and informational and instructional-centric projects.
6/11/202237 minutes, 19 seconds
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Finance Essentials in AI, Data Science and ERP

Glenn Hopper is the author of Deep Finance: Corporate Finance for the Information Age. Glenn is a likable expert who helps the rest of us better understand artificial intelligence, data science, and ERP solutions.  As a hands-on, self-taught digital expert, his writing is still easy to understand.In this conversation, some of the big ideas we cover are the differences between machine and deep learning, practical applications of data science in smaller businesses, and comparing comprehensive ERP solutions with best-of-breed tools that are stacked together.
6/4/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 30 seconds
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How to Become CEO or Even an Army Officer

For too many years than I can count, I've been listening to the audio version of How to Become a CEO by Jeffrey Fox annually. The book is a simple, to-the-point book discussion that applies to any position, even an officer in the military.In this conversation, we hear about admitting fault, damaging emails, mastering one big new thing every year, the power and impact of handwritten notes, and a few classic books.
5/28/202253 minutes, 38 seconds
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Reversing the Slide in Corporate Turnarounds

Professor Jim Shein of the Kellogg School of Management is one of my favorite turnaround experts, and he's the author of my favorite book in this space, Reversing the Slide.Some of the big ideas we address are how to get started in this field of work, the role of strategy in turnarounds, the 13-week cash flow forecast, and a handful of case studies.We also learn who is best suited for this type of work, CEOs or CFOs.
5/20/202253 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Power of Analogy

Financial writers have been telling CFOs that they need to become storytellers in their businesses. How?John Pollack is a former presidential speechwriter and he's an expert in analogies. He's delivered a popular TEDx presentation on the topic and this book Shortcut takes a deep dive into the anatomy of this powerful tool to sell our ideas.In this interview, we hear examples of good analogies, how they shape the legal system, and how baseball impacted a California law leading to unintended consequences.Accordingly, John's message becomes a solid bridge for financial leaders becoming better storytellers.
5/14/202238 minutes, 13 seconds
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A New Way to Think With Roger Martin

I'm going to make the bold statement that Roger Martin is this era's Peter Drucker as a prolific business writer.Roger has co-authored my favorite book on strategy, Playing to Win which is simple, concise, pragmatic, and has plenty of sticky concepts.Roger's newest book is A New Way to Think. If you like Adam Grant, Dan Pink, the Heath brothers, or Matthew May, this book belongs in your book queue, the topic in this conversation.
5/6/202243 minutes, 16 seconds
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Ram Charan on Finding, Getting, and Developing Talent

Finding, obtaining, and developing leadership talent is not easy, and there is plenty of data to support making decisions too fast or waiting too long in getting the right team in place.Ram Charan is known for books like Execution, Boards That Deliver, and What the CEO Wants You to Know. He's also the co-author of Talent: The Market Cap Multiplier. In this conversation, we talk about the talent bank, the one-to-one conversations, cutting bait fast, and two of his favorite books. 
4/30/202218 minutes, 50 seconds
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Outcome-Based OKRs

Ben Lamorte is making his third appearance on CFO Bookshelf. He certifies OKRs coaches on his platform, His newest book is The OKRs Field Book.In this conversation, we address outcomes vs outputs, setting meaningful objectives through a five-step process, and OKRs vs KPIs.
4/22/20221 hour, 8 minutes, 47 seconds
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The Six Pillars of CEO Excellence

If you ask ten successful CEOs what they do, you'll probably hear many answers--all good, but vastly different from executive to executive.A dream team of McKinsey partners decided to research the very question based on 200 in-depth interviews and surveys with successful CEOs.Their findings are found in the new book, CEO Excellence: The Six Mindsets That Distinguish the Best Leaders from the Rest. In this conversation, we hear from one of the co-authors, Carolyn Dewar as she talks about s-curves, the kitchen cabinet, defining roles vs. the right people, the 40-30-20-10 Brad Smith rule, and much more. 
4/16/202242 minutes, 3 seconds
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Don't Call Us the PayPal Mafia

If you've been searching for the PayPal version of Brad Stone's, The Everything Store, then you can start with Jimmy Soni's new book, The Founders.In this fast-paced interview with the author, we learn many smaller stories behind the bigger ones of PayPal's big obstacles it faced before its IPO:the lack of innovation at the big banksReid Hoffman's role in what PayPal is todayThe combination of and ConfinityPeter Thiel, the reluctant CEO and the Elon Musk Palace CoupeSecurity - from innocence to frustration to superiorityThe love-hate relationship between PayPal and eBayFinally, we hit the bookends hard--the three-hour conversation with Elon Musk and the moving and inspiring epilogue.
4/8/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 57 seconds
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The DNA Behind the FABS Leadership Styles

As we observe the DNA behind some of our favorite CEOs, patterns will start to surface. Some are natural at scaling companies to new levels. And then there are stories like those of Phil Knight, Jeff Bezos, Reid Hoffman, and Sara Blakely who started with a kernel of an idea and went on to launch brands that are household names.Bob Jordan is the co-author of Right Leader, Right Time, a book that reveals a framework listing four natural instincts of impactful leaders - Fixers, Artists, Builders, and Strategists.In this episode, we unpack the FABS framework and how to make the most of it.
4/1/202253 minutes, 23 seconds
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Entrepreneurial Magic at Trader Joe's

Joe Coulombe is one of the most intelligent, creative, and thoughtful CEOs I've read about in the past ten to twenty years. He grew Trader Joe's into one of the most successful and iconic brands in the grocery industry before he sold the business in 1979.Patty Civalleri is the co-author of Becoming Trader Joe and was a dear friend of this gifted entrepreneur. In this episode, we touch on his compensation philosophy, creative marketing strategies, the books he read, product knowledge, and saying no to the big brands.
3/26/202244 minutes, 55 seconds
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What is Agile Strategy?

Dan Montgomery is the founder of Agile Strategies, a boutique OKRs firm, and the author of Start Less Finish More.Dan states the old strategic planning model of predicting and then controlling needs to give way to sensing and responding, and he calls that agile strategy.In this conversation, he hit on many fascinating concepts:limitations of The Balanced Scorecardexecuting vs formulating strategythe retreat to cozy mental modelsthe fit between OKRs and agile strategy multicausal systemsminimal viable strategiesSTEEP frameworkPlatonic valuesCynefin framework
3/19/202251 minutes, 41 seconds
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What's the Book on Phantom Stock?

Good luck on finding a book about phantom stock plans that's simple to understand with practical examples. It does not exist.However, Paolo Pasicolan has created nearly a hundred such plans with the law firm he works for, Miles and Stockbridge. Paulo's explanation of phantom stock plans is clear, concise, and complete.
3/12/202236 minutes, 32 seconds
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What is a Business Psychologist?

I've always been intrigued about the roles of business psychologists and certified business coaches and their ability to elevate the performances of the people and businesses they work with.In this show, I visited with Dr. Russell Thackeray, a business psychologist, certified coach, trainer, and renowned speaker. We addressed topics such as resistance, when to hire a business coach, the intentions and execution of tough love, psychological capacity, and much more.
3/5/202255 minutes, 42 seconds
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Captain Charlie Plumb on Grit, Honor, and Gratitude

I first heard Captain Charlie Plumb's POW story some twenty years ago, and I'm thrilled to share this conversation where we talk about Louis Zamperini, an unlikely parachute dialogue, culture, the leadership of Admiral James Stockdale, and some astounding research regarding PTSD of the men held at the Hanoi Hilton.
2/26/202241 minutes, 15 seconds
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Why Are KPIs So Hard To Figure Out?

If you do an Amazon search on KPIs, the top result will be KPI Checklists by Bernie Smith. Bernie's newest book is entitled Gamed, our topic for this discussion.We'll find out why so many smart and creative people have a hard time agreeing on KPIs, what black hat testing is for incentives, and the KPI framework named ROKET-DS.
2/19/202257 minutes, 6 seconds
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Financial Modeling Insights with FMI's Ian Schnoor

One of the rock stars of financial modeling is one of the founders and the Executive Director of the Financial Modeling Institute, Ian Schnoor.In this episode, we talk about the multi-disciplinary requirements of financial modeling, what the planning process looks like, component vs systems thinking, and other big ideas around this critical business skill.
2/12/202252 minutes, 8 seconds
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Measures of Success With Mark Graban

My four favorite authors on performance measure with improvement as the primary aim is Don Wheeler, Stacey Barr, Dean Spitzer, and Mark Graban.In this conversation, we find out three of the most important questions surrounding performance improvement the right. Our guest is Mark Graban, and he's the author of Measures of Success, our topic for this episode.
2/6/202256 minutes, 11 seconds
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The Psychopathic CEO

Have you ever worked for a psychopathic CEO? If not, odds are that you will at least once in your career. That's according to the founder and president of the CFO Leadership Council, Jack McCullough.Jack's newest book is, The Psychopathic CEO, and we'll hear more about who they are, how they make their way into a company, and what to do should you work for one.
1/29/202245 minutes, 52 seconds
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What Is The Amazon Way?

Every current and past senior executive at Amazon will say their leadership principles are behind every groundbreaking innovation. Every student of business knows about Amazon's obsession with its customers. But that's only one of the leadership principles. In this episode, John Rossman, the author of The Amazon Way delivers some of the big ideas and concepts baked into these inspiring, yet challenging leadership principles. 
1/22/202245 minutes, 25 seconds
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The Top Shows of 2021

In 2021, CFO Bookshelf published 51 episodes. In this show, we reveal the top ten that were the most downloaded across various podcast channels. We'll also share the producer's picks which comprise authors who are considered thought leaders in their fields across the globe.
1/22/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 36 seconds
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Behind the Scenes of a Great Business Podcast

CFO Bookshelf loves The Soul of Enterprise weekly podcast hosted by Ed Kless and Ron Baker.In this conversation, we go behind the scenes with Ed Kless on how the show was created, how they prep for each weekly live show, and some of their favorite guests.
1/15/202257 minutes, 58 seconds
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Is There a Thief in Your Company?

Oscar Wallace is my second-favorite accountant in the movies, and you may remember him from The Untouchables.Tiffany Couch and Oscar share one thing in common--they both use the science of numbers to find theft and wrongdoing.Tiffany is a long-time forensic accountant, and she's the author of, The Thief in Your Company.
1/8/202241 minutes, 51 seconds
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The Best Business Books of 2021

We read 109 books in 2021, and in this episode, we'll share our Top 10 along with some bonus selections.Find out three of the top CEOs ever in American business. Learn why start-up founders have lonely jobs. What is the best book ever written on finance? The answers are found in this very special episode.
12/31/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 5 seconds
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From Cop to Calculator to Expert Financial Modeler

While you may not recognize the name, Steve Bailey is one of three people I would enshrine immediately into a financial modeling hall of fame if one existed.Steve is a long-time financial modeling expert and he's the founder of Model Metrix, a firm providing modeling-as-a-service and integrated business planning design work.
12/18/202153 minutes, 11 seconds
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Agile Mergers and Acquisitions

When you think of agile you probably think of software development. How about for M&A activities?Kison Patel is the author of Agile M&A and M&A Tactics. He's also the founder and CEO of DealRoom. In this show, we talk about the mindset, methods, and technology of agile M&A.
12/11/202135 minutes, 2 seconds
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The Beatles and Entrepreneurship

Whether you love the Beatles, are a casual fan, or don't care for them, the first thought that probably pops from your mind when you hear this group's name is a famous band and one where you know all the members - Paul, John, George, and Ringo.Here's assuming you never think of the terms economics, entrepreneurship, human capital, innovation, venture capital, and management.In this show, we hear from Sam Staley as he talks about the big ideas from his book, The Beatles and Economics.
12/4/202140 minutes, 59 seconds
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Bolanle Williams-Olley is Far More Than a Superstar CFO

Bolanle (Bola) Williams-Olley took a circuitous route to her CFO position and also received much help along the way. Now she's doing what she can to help others in becoming the best version of themselves.Bola is also the author of Build Boldy where she tells the story of starting her accounting career with a math background in the architectural industry.Today, she is the CFO for the architectural design firm, Mancini Duffy where she is also a part-owner.
11/27/202144 minutes, 28 seconds
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The Secret Lives Behind the Business of Groceries

There are millions of obscure names of the men and women behind every label of the food we buy at our local grocery stores. While some of these stories are sad and despairing, others are inspiring. Benjamin Loor lifts humanity through this special book, The Secret Life of Groceries. In this episode, we hear about three of the people Ben wrote about in this book that's part entrepreneurialism and part social sciences.
11/20/202140 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told

My favorite books are narrative non-fiction which can inform, inspire, and entertain. When the book possesses all of these traits, we have a special book. And that's what we have with Mark Paul's book, The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told.At times, the book reads like fiction, but it's not. The book includes an NFL owner who wanted to swap his Chargers for horses, a horse trainer who acted like a CFO, a horse racing track tied to a drug cartel, and a horse named, Winning Colors.
11/12/202147 minutes, 12 seconds
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Is The Motive Lencioni's Best Book?

I've been a Patrick Lencioni fan for years. His last book is The Motive and it was released during COVID. Is it his best book? Why did he write it? Where does it fit with his other great books? Brian Jones is a friend of Lencioni and one of the consultants for the author's Table Group consulting arm. Brian provides a great perspective to these questions and more.
11/5/202144 minutes, 15 seconds
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Finley Ball vs Moneyball

Before Moneyball, we had Finley Ball. While Finley ball lacked the analytics brought to us by Moneyball in the same baseball city of Oakland, California, Finley Ball was about color, magical moments at the ballpark, and improving the product for the fan while still producing a winning product on the field. Our guest is the niece of Charlie Finley who owned the Oakland A's. Nancy Finley's book is appropriately entitled Finley Ball. 
10/30/202138 minutes, 20 seconds
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The Nuts and Bolts of ESOPs for CFOs

If you are looking for a clear and concise explanation of ESOPs, then you'll enjoy listening to Jess Helvick of First International Bank and Trust. Jess is an ESOP expert who explains these benefit plans simply and with impact.During this conversation, we address the what, why and who of ESOPs. We examine three commonly-held myths surrounding ESOPs. We also look at the before, during, and after implementation activities of ESOPs.
10/22/202142 minutes, 15 seconds
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Is Atomic Habits Overrated?

Is Atomic Habits by James Clear overrated? And, is Atomic Habits worth reading?I’ve asked my friend and fellow CFO, Bruce Reed of PracticeLink to go all bookclub in this discussion. We answer these questions and hit our favorite big ideas in the book.
10/16/202138 minutes, 24 seconds
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Beyond the Wall of Resistance with Rick Maurer

Dealing or coping with change is one of the most difficult challenges for any financial leader to come to grips with - either for themselves or those they lead, mentor, or coach.Rick Maurer is the author of Beyond the Wall of Resistance which includes important constructs like the three levels of resistance and the change cycle.During this conversation, Rick provides advice and guidance on how to address change in the workplace
10/9/202155 minutes, 22 seconds
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Achieving Great Results with the 3HAG Way

Shannon Susko might be the most energetic business consultant I've ever met thanks to her infectious enthusiasm and deep understanding of how to scale a business toward achievable and positive results.Shannon has successfully started and sold two businesses and now runs a consulting firm that includes a pillar framework called 3HAG Way which is the topic of this discussion.
10/2/202144 minutes
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Distressed Debt Investing Gone Wrong

If you liked the book, Barbarians at the Gate, then you'll like The Ceasars Palace Coup.Max Frumes is one of the co-authors of the book, and we learn more about what went wrong when the investors levered Harrah's with nearly $27 billion in debt when they took the gaming business private.
9/25/202138 minutes, 58 seconds
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Dr. Edwin Locke and the Theory of Goal Setting

Probably everything you know about setting goals and how to achieve them rests on the research of Dr. Edwin Locke and Gary Latham in the 1980s.Dr. Edwin Locke is also the author of the underrated book The Prime Movers which is as good if not better than Good to Great.In this show, we talk about Dr. Locke's pioneering research on the theory of goal setting along with the men and women who are wealth creators.
9/18/202151 minutes, 36 seconds
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Ron Baker on Leveraging Intellectual Capital

While intellectual capital is nearly impossible to value, it clearly counts in the process of building wealth.Ron Baker is the author of Mind Over Matter which is an exploration of where wealth comes from and its three pillars of capital - human, structural, and social.As Ron would say, there's nothing more pragmatic than a good theory. That's why we'll come away from this conversation with so many actionable ideas.
9/11/20211 hour, 1 minute, 31 seconds
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Gary Harpst on Strategy and Execution

Gary Harpst is one of the co-founders of Solomon Software which was ultimately acquired by Great Plains.After that divestiture, Gary did a deep dive into what drove success in small businesses. The research resulted in two books on strategy and execution, and a consulting framework called Six Disciplines.Gary is the author of two books: Six Disciplines for Excellence and Six Disciplines Execution Revolution.
9/4/202142 minutes, 19 seconds
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A Journey Through Failure and Renewal

Are we to celebrate startups that fail or fail fast? What if you are the founder of one of those startups? How do you deal with that failure?Mark Jacobsen attacks that topic head-on in his book, Eating Glass, an honest manuscript about his inner journey through failure and renewal.
8/28/202142 minutes, 20 seconds
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A Virtual Dinner with Guy Spier

One of my favorite parts of The Education of a Value Investor is when Guy Spier talks about his lunch with Warren Buffett.  Similar to the Buffett lunch, what if I could have a virtual dinner with this incredible and deep-thinking business author and money manager?The end result was a satisfying conversation rich with investing, business, and economic insights.
8/24/202138 minutes, 12 seconds
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The Education of a Value Investor

In the world of value investing, Guy Spier never needs an introduction. I believe his book, The Education of a Value Investor is one of the Top 5 investing books ever written in the past 25 years. While we hit many high points in Guy's book, we do a lightning round of topics where Guy over-delivers with mindful and thorough responses.
8/21/202157 minutes, 10 seconds
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Data Visualization for Financial and Business Leaders

Steve Wexler is one of my favorite teachers in the data visualization space because he's easy to understand and doesn't speak over our heads.He's the co-author of The Big Book of Dashboards, and his newest book is The Big Picture.Our topics include preattentive attributes, the love affair with stoplight colors, dead-end dashboards, and important tips when building visualizations.
8/14/202132 minutes, 38 seconds
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People Skills for Analytical Thinkers

I've met and talked to many CFOs around the country. We're rational, analytical, and can be direct at times.Some of us these CFOs are rare in that they have great people skills. But I'm not sure that's the case for the majority of financial leaders.Gilbert Eijkelenboom is the author of People Skills for Analytical Thinkers, our guest on this week's episode where we talk about the tools of gaining better communication skills.
8/7/202132 minutes, 49 seconds
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3X Revenue in 2 Years with Felix Velarde

I was captivated by the website months before the creative genius of that site released his book, Scale at Speed.The author is Felix Velarde, and his growth accelerator canvas is elegant, pragmatic, and impactful. If you like the writing of Verne Harnish, then you'll enjoy what Felix has to say about scaling at a rapid pace.
7/31/202140 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Biggest Financial News Stories During the First Half of 2021

CFO Bookshelf welcomed back CFO Dive's, Jane Thier to talk about the biggest headlines in 2021.We also talked about the stories we'll be reading about in the second half. Jane also told us the three CFOs she'd like to interview and the one company she's keeping an eye on.
7/23/202131 minutes
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Our Favorite Books in the First Half of 2021

Guest host Shaefer Schuetz interviews Mark Gandy about the 60 books he's read or listened to during the first half of 2021.Mark shares his favorite five books and provides another half dozen or so books as honorable mentions.
7/17/202142 minutes, 23 seconds
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Prison vs. Harvard MBA

From serving a term as a Missouri Senator to serving a year in prison, Mr. Smith Goes to Prison was one of my favorite books in 2015.After watching College Behind Bars on Netflix this winter, I wanted to get Jeff Smith's input on how to reduce recidivism within the prison system. We also talked about the comparisons of an IVY League MBA with the entrepreneurial activities behind prison walls.
7/10/202137 minutes, 34 seconds
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From Private Company Chairman and CEO to the Commissioner of the IRS

Before taking the position as the IRS Commissioner, a reporter asked Charles Rossotti, "Were you ever in the military, and if you were, did you volunteer for a suicide mission?"Before running the IRS from 1997 to 2002, Rossotti was the co-founder, former chairman, and CEO of American Management Systems, Inc.In this episode, we look at what Charles did to help turn around that beleaguered agency.
7/2/202130 minutes, 3 seconds
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The Grandfather of Gamification Talks The Game of Work

He's been called the grandfather of gamification. He's also the best-selling author of The Game of Work and Scorekeeping for Success.Behind his back, I'm calling Chuck Coonradt the owner, general manager, and MVP head coach of The Game of Work who is a Hall of Famer.
6/26/202155 minutes, 50 seconds
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Alan Mulally is an American Icon of Business

You probably know about the best-selling book entitled American Icon which explains how an outsider turned around an ailing automotive company.But what set Alan Mulally apart from any other CEO? Why didn't he bring his Boeing managers to Ford with him? Is he as humble as we see him in the many interviews he conducts?Bryce Hoffman is the author of American Icon, and we learn more about this fascinating CEO along with his newest book about red team thinking. 
6/19/202146 minutes, 34 seconds
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Christina Wodtke Doubles Down on OKRs and Radical Focus

My favorite book about OKRs is Radical Focus by Christina Wodtke. Christina recently updated her book with a second edition which is the topic in this episode. We also talk about her dream job at Stanford University, why OKRs are not for every business, why some CEOs go wrong with OKRs, and why having a healthy culture is the starting point for implementing OKRs of any scale.
6/12/202153 minutes, 21 seconds
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Niching Down and Burying the Billable Hour

Geraldine Carter is a consultant to small CPA firms around the country, and her message is niching down and burying the billable hour by implementing value pricing.Geraldine is also the host of the Smart Strategy for CPA's podcast. But her message is not unique for CPA firms - it's universal - all professional services firms can gain meaningful insights from Geraldine's expertise.
6/5/202148 minutes, 48 seconds
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Wardley Mapping with Ben Mosior

While Simon Wardley is the creator of the visual strategy mapping construct called Wardley Mapping, I consider Ben Mosior one of the greatest teachers of this framework.In this show, we discuss how to get started with Wardley Mapping and the mindset to stick with it. 
5/29/202155 minutes, 54 seconds
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Strategy Meets Wardley Mapping

The host of CFO Bookshelf bumped into Simon Wardley's writing on mapping strategy several years ago, and he couldn't put his content down.In this conversation, we talk about the strategy circle, the OODA loop, the 'why' of purpose, doctrine, and many other key concepts related to Wardley Mapping.
5/29/202148 minutes, 2 seconds
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ESOPs and Create Amazing with Greg Graves

Greg Graves is the former CEO of the employee-owned engineering firm, Burns & McDonnell. In this show, he talks about going 'all in' when it comes to ESOPs and his book Create Amazing.
5/21/202130 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Microsoft Mastermind Behind the E-Strategy

Brad Chase was the marketing mastermind behind one of the most successful software launches ever - Windows 95. He replicated this success while serving at Microsoft on several other high-profile projects.Brad is the author of Strategy First: How Businesses Win Big. In this episode, we discuss the big ideas in his book including the E-Strategy and simple formula that's simple, impactful, and memorable.
5/15/202135 minutes, 55 seconds
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What is a Rock Star CFO?

Jack McCullough is the CFO of all CFOs. He's the founder and President of The CFO Leadership Council with a membership of more than 1,800 financial leaders. Jack is the author of Rock Star CFOs which lists 9 traits of a great CFO, our topic in this fascinating and insightful interview.
5/8/202156 minutes, 16 seconds
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John Raskob - The First CFO of the Modern Era

Everybody Ought to Be Rich by David Farber is now one of my favorite books in the business history genre. It's the story of one of the greatest number 2 men of the modern business era, John Jakob Raskob - a name that every financial leader should know about.
5/2/202145 minutes, 34 seconds
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A CFO’s Playbook for Data Science and Analytics

If I'm going to listen to a data science and analytics expert for nearly an hour, that person better speak a language that I can understand and who is relatable.That person does exist, and his name is Jon Daniels of Bamboo HR. In this episode, he talks about data lakes, data warehousing, ETL, and data governance.He also provides simple strategies to go from no intelligence to business and artificial intelligence.
4/24/202145 minutes, 20 seconds
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ERP Implementations with Ed Kless

While this is CFO Bookshelf where we generally interview book authors, there's no way I want to read a book on ERP planning and implementations.I believe this is a better topic addresses through doing and listening to the sage advice of others. One such person is Ed Kless who is an expert in software implementations. He's also the co-host of my favorite podcast, The Soul of Enterprise. You can also hear him several times a week hosting the Sage Thought Leader Podcast.In this show, we'll hear Ed talk about what happens before, during, and after ERP implementations.
4/17/202146 minutes, 8 seconds
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The Wisdom of Profit Wise with Jeff Morrill

As a financial leader, I enjoy any conversation with a CEO, especially one that's co-founded a business generating more than $100 million annually.Jeff Morrill is the co-founder with his brother of Planet Subaru based in Boston. His new book is Profit Wise, and we hit on many of the big ideas in that insightul read.
4/9/202145 minutes, 35 seconds
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Strength Versus Corporate Momentum With Mike Berland

Some of my favorite words in the CFO lexicon are momentum, acceleration, velocity, drive, and even thrust.Coincidentally, Mike Berland is the author of Maximum Momentum - How to Get It, How to Keep It. And it's those very words we focused on during our conversation.Mike is the founder of Decode_M, a research and analytics firm that decodes data into momentum for clients.In this episode, we talked about how businesses gain momentum, and how it can jumpstart our strategic initiatives.
4/3/202140 minutes, 23 seconds
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Origins of the Fintech Money Hackers

If you liked The Big Short by Michael Lewis where we learn about the financial meltdown of 2007-08, then you will probably like the stories behind the financial revolution that took place during the 10 years that followed. | Daniel Simon has weaved more than 150 interviews with technologists that he calls misfits  | or financial hackers - the men and women who shaped Fintech after the global financial crisis.Daniel's book is entitled The Money Hackers. He writes about the personal stories behind electronic payments, debit cards, peer-to-peer lending cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and much more. 
3/26/202134 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Tools and Frameworks Behind a Massive Cultural Turnaround

The legendary CEO, Hunter Harrison, was making an impact with his tools and philosophies while turning around Canadian National Railway. But he still needed help with a serious problem. The organization's culture was still a problem.Judy Johnson was part of the consulting team who helped with CN's cultural turnaround. She and her co-authors of SwitchPoints talked about their journey and the tools and frameworks they applied during that project.SwitchPoints is by far the best book I've ever read on reviving the culture in any organization. The tools described in the book are practical and impactful.In this interview, Judy will talk about DCOM, the ABC framework on behaviors and consequences, 15 percenters, and much more.
3/19/202144 minutes, 35 seconds
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The Complete Financial History of Berkshire Hathaway

Adam Mead's new book, The Complete Financial History of Berkshire Hathaway was 5 years in the making and started out as a 5,000-page manuscript that was finally shaved to just under a thousand pages.Instead of this being a book about Warren Buffett, it's a complete history of every purchase made by Berkshire Hathaway since the beginning.
3/13/202142 minutes, 16 seconds
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Former CFO and Author Jean Cunningham on the Impact of Lean Thinking

One of the best accounting books I've ever read about Lean from a CFO's perspective is Real Numbers by Jean Cunningham, one of the authors of that book.But the audience for that book is CEOs, operating managers, and anyone working on the plant floor. The book is also relevant for health care and other service industry professionals.Real Numbers was written a decade ago, but listening to Jean who is so kind and generous reminds us that the lean message is still relevant, impactful, and real.
3/6/202137 minutes, 19 seconds
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Practical Performance Measurement with Stacey Barr

Stacey Barr is the author of Practical Performance Measurement and Prove It!She is also the creator of the best performance measurement framework I've ever reviewed, and it's applicable to businesses and non-profits of all sizes. The thinking person's framework is called PuMP(R).In our interview with Stacey, we address why so many organizations fail at implementing performance measurements bringing sustainable change and improvement to the organization. We talk about tools, methodology, and the social side of measurement. 
2/28/202125 minutes, 53 seconds
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Daniele Martins, a Global FP&A Director Talks Technology, Methods and People

Daniele Martins is the Head of Global FP&A at ThoughtWorks in Brazil.In this show, we talked about technology, processes, and people. We drilled into spreadsheets, budgeting, forecasting, and the 65% which makes for a great FP&A ideal team player.
2/20/202146 minutes, 31 seconds
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An OKRs Doubleheader

Did you realize the first book written on OKRs was Radical Focus by Christina Wodtke? She's our guest along with Ben Lamorte who joins us for his second appearance on the show. We talk about when and when to never use OKRs.
2/14/202134 minutes, 40 seconds
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Is Hunter Harrison the Greatest CEO of All Time?

When you think of iconic and successful CEOs, names like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Howard Schultz, Jack Welch, and Sam Walton probably spring to mind.Can you name a 4-time CEO who orchestrated overwhelming turnarounds at each of his stopping points?Hunter Harrison did, and he's the subject of the book, Railroader: The Unfiltered Genius and Controversy of Four-Time CEO Hunter Harrison.Our guest is the author of this biography, Howard Green. We talk about the CEO's childhood, the relationship with his father, 3 keys to his emerging success as a railroader, and much more.
2/7/202133 minutes, 46 seconds
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Are You Falling for the Management Myth?

I'm a huge fan of the book, The Management Myth by Matthew Stewart.During our conversation, we talk about the business gurus, strategic planning, management consulting, philosophy, and what is a great manager.
1/30/202136 minutes, 50 seconds
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A Deep Dive Into Supply Chain Metrics with Lora Cecere

Lora Cecere needs no introduction, but she's a global thought leader on supply chain.She is the founder of Supply Chain Thought Leader and also writes for Forbes. She also publishes content on her website Supply Chain Shaman as well as on LinkedIn.Lora is the author of Supply Chain Metrics that Matter which was published in 2015. She is followed by more than 320,000 on LinkedIn, and her organization's Supply Chains to Admire is must-reading each year.
1/23/202127 minutes, 10 seconds
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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Performance Measurement

There are only three books I recommend on the topic of performance measurement. By far, the best title is Transforming Performance Measurement by Dean Spitzer.While working for IBM, Dean realized that training was not the path to better and transformation performance. As he started learning the good and the bad of performance measurement, he learned what was needed for organizational transformation - something The Balanced Scorecard could never deliver.The Big IdeasTraining alone does not improve organizational performanceChanging the measurement system precedes organizational changeThe strongest quadrant in the balanced scorecardThe 4 Critical Success Factors of Transformational Performance MeasurementThe dark side of measurementThe 10-30-60 RuleThe Chief Measurement OfficerExploratory vs confirmatory measurementTransactional vs Experience measurementThe IPOO ModelProfit-Sharing Plans and Performance Measurement
1/16/202149 minutes, 13 seconds
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Steve Cakebread and The IPO Playbook

Steve Cakebread's current CEO at Yext says he is the master of taking technology companies public. Steve published his first book in 2020 entitled The IPO Playbook, and we talk about what happens before, during, and after the IPO.
1/8/202128 minutes, 42 seconds
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Revisiting 2020's Top Stories with CFO Dive's Jane Thier

CFO Dive's, Jane Thier joins CFO Bookshelf to discuss the top business stories of 2020. While COVID and PPP dominated the headlines, other stories and themes developed as well such as automation, pivoting to digital, and working from home.
12/27/202037 minutes, 9 seconds
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Who Said That a Tax Conversation Was Boring?

Tax CPA Jeff Shore gives us some last-minute tax insights for 2020 along with tax ramifications of a new administration in 2021. We also talk about PPP, timing expense deductions, tax credits, and expense classification. Don't worry - this is not boring at all. Jeff is quotable and easy to understand as he demystifies some complex tax topics.  
12/20/202042 minutes, 5 seconds
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From Data Extraction to Business Insights with Dan Murray

I'm a long-time reader of the great blog posts at One of those writers is Dan Murray who is their Director of Strategic Innovation. I was so lucky in getting to meet Dan at a Quantrix conference a few years ago - that friendship has continued and led to this conversation about data extraction, ETL strategies, data infrastructure, and BI tools such as Tableau.
12/12/20201 hour, 7 seconds
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Is S&OP Still Relevant?

I recently heard an S&OP podcaster ask if S&OP is dead, and so I wanted to ask one of the pioneers in this planning space if S&OP was still revelvant.Our guest is Bob Stahl, an S&OP pioneer, speaker, writer, and consultant. You'll enjoy his first answer to my question.
12/9/202051 minutes, 1 second
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Profiting from Innovation Engineering

I first learned about Doug Hall's insights on marketing and innovation when I read Jump Start Your Business Brain. His newest book is Driving Eureka. Doug is a pioneer in the field of innovation engineering and the founder of Eureka Ranch. He's our guest on this week's edition of CFO Bookshelf.
12/6/202047 minutes, 22 seconds
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5 Cybersecurity Shopping Tips

Retired FBI agent and cybercrime expert and author Scott Augenbaum is back for this bonus episode. He gives us 5 shopping tips for the upcoming holiday to protect us against cybercriminal activity.
11/28/202014 minutes, 2 seconds
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Could Your Business be a Cybercrime Target?

This year, my email was hacked. I was lucky as nothing was stolen, just my time and patience.Once I got my email restored from Microsoft who made me feel like a criminal, I wanted to find an expert on cybercrime who specializes in cybersecurity. Not only did I find him, but I read his book and found him on LinkedIn. Within hours, I was able to schedule an interview with retired special agent Scott Augenbaum of the FBI.
11/28/20201 hour, 7 minutes
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A CFO Turns Fantasy Football Into a Business

Bob Lung is a CPA and CFO who has a side gig that includes followers around the globe. Bob is an author, podcaster, and membership site owner in the realm of fantasy football. Bob tells us how he got his start in accounting and how he was introduced to fantasy football in the mid-80s. We also learn how his volunteer work at the NFL Hall of Fame each year in Canton, OH.
11/21/202044 minutes, 53 seconds
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What's Your And?

Do you have an and? That is, what do you do outside of work?That's the topic we explore with John Garrett, a former PwC internal auditor in M&A who then became a stand-up comedian. Today, he's a public speaker and consultant with a specialty in improving business cultures. He's also the author of the book, What's Your And?
11/15/202056 minutes, 28 seconds
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Is Executive Coaching Overrated?

Business coaching is a $15 billion industry, so CFO Bookshelf wants to know if executive coaching is overrated and over-prescribed.The no-name CFOs address those questions and more along with a very special guest who is relatively new to the industry.
11/14/202046 minutes, 47 seconds
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Millions Are Learning Business Through this Online Game Simulation

I had no idea that the GoVenture suite of online business simulations even existed. Millions of players have learned the basics of business along with strategy, marketing, sales, operations, finance, and accounting through weaving their way through these realistic simulations.Our guest is Mathew Georghiou, the CEO and founder of MediaSpark, the creator of the GoVenture games.We talk about the origin of the game and who the intended audience is. Looking for a fun way to learn business? This episode is for you. 
11/7/202048 minutes, 3 seconds
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Brett Fox Discusses the Startup CEO's Journey

Startup expert Brett Fox is the author of Learn How to Take a Punch. In our interview, he discusses team building, culture, raising VC funds, when to scale and when not to and, product-market fit leading indicators.
10/30/20201 hour, 1 minute, 54 seconds
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Adam Coffey Demystifies Private Equity

In the next four years, CEO, author, and private equity expert Adam Coffey will be creating $2 billion in new wealth for his investors through just 6 initiatives with only a small team while maintaining a great culture of 3,000 employees. Adam is also the author of The Private Equity Playbook.
10/24/20201 hour, 4 minutes, 1 second
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A Deep Dive into Open Book Leadership and Financial Transparency

You've probably heard the term Open Book Management, but what if you could hear Board members of a successful company talk about this practice that's been used for nearly 10 years.In this episode, we talk with the founder and CEO of PFSbrands based in Missouri where topics include financial huddles. the book Keeping Score with Gritt, a strong company culture, core values, customer service, and the power of critical data made available to team members on a daily basis.
10/17/202053 minutes, 19 seconds
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Private Equity Guru Peter Lynch Discusses A Simple Model

We've been a long-time fan of Peter Lynch who has created the Excel-based, A Simple Model. Peter brings an uncanny ability to teach and elevate the skills of those wanting to build financial models through his growing platform.
10/11/20201 hour, 27 seconds
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Are You Hyper-Learning at the Speed of Change?

Professor Edward Hess is one of our all-time favorite business authors who has written 12 books. His newest is Hyper-Learning: How to Adapt to the Speed of Change.Ed states that hyper-learning is a high-quality effort that requires learning unlearning then relearning at the speed of change.
10/6/20201 hour, 16 minutes, 41 seconds
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Young College Student Not Phased by Pandemic, Perceived Nepotism, or a Hard Sales Job

What job did you have when you were 20 years old? Imagine starting a complex sales position during one of the most challenging economic environments our country has ever experienced. Yet, 20-year-old Alex Dickinson overcame overwhelming odds that he would not succeed in his father's company.
9/29/202028 minutes, 56 seconds
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Former CFO Aaron Beam Revisits the HealthSouth Accounting Fraud

If you were asked to cook the books, would you? That's the situation Aaron Beam found himself in when his CEO told him to fix the numbers to appease Wall Street investors. Aaron is the author of HealthSouth: The Wagon to Disaster. Aaron joins us to talk about his role in the fraud, ethics, intimidating CEOs, and so much more.
9/19/202050 minutes, 50 seconds
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Paul Downs Says We Don't Need to be a Steve Jobs or a Phil Knight

Paul Downs is the author of the highly-popular book, Boss Life, and is a former guest columnist of The New York Times.Paul in this insightful interview talks about the ups and downs in running a small business and getting the help he needed to stay on track and even begin to thrive.
9/12/20201 hour, 34 minutes, 42 seconds
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Ron Baker Discusses Pricing, NPS, Economics, Metrics, and Much More

The co-hosts of The CFO Bookshelf Podcast have been fans of Ron Baker for years, and our favorite podcast is one that he co-hosts with Ed Kless, The Soul of Enterprise.Ron is a recovering CPA who is probably the father of value pricing for professional services firms. We talked about pricing at length plus many other of Ron's favorite topics.
9/5/20201 hour, 6 minutes, 25 seconds
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Dave Kellogg Talks about The Rule of 40, SaaS Metrics, and Driver-based Modeling

Dave Kellogg is the former CEO of Host Analytics now called Planful. Dave is a brilliant writer on his blog called Kellblog and he's outstanding behind a mic too. Since leaving his CEO post, Dave has been consulting SaaS-based businesses in Silicon Valley, and we hit on many of the topics that are near and dear to him.
8/31/202047 minutes, 12 seconds
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Misconceptions about the OODA Loop

Maybe the name John Boyd does not ring a bell, but perhaps the OODA Loop will, the mental model created by one of the most gifted military strategists since Sun Tzu. I was so mesmerized by Robert Coram's biography on John Boyd, I reached out to the author to talk about his book.
8/15/202033 minutes, 56 seconds
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Connecting the Dots Between Business and Rowing with Dan Boyne

After reading two of Dan's books, The Read Rose Crew and Kelly, CFO Bookshelf jumped at the chance to interview the author, Dan Boyne.Dan shares how he got started in rowing, what he does now as a coaching instructor at Harvard, and the two aforementioned books.
7/26/202046 minutes, 34 seconds
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Strategy, Competition, and Politics

Many business students and most strategic analysts are familiar with Porter's Five Forces competitive framework.Katherine Gehl is a former CEO and was frustrated with the lack of innovation and competition she was noticing in our two-party political system. After successfully publishing a white paper on the issue and a solution with Michael Porter a few years ago, she recently released her first book with her research partner entitled The Political Industry. Katherine is our guest on this installment of CFO Bookshelf.
7/12/202057 minutes, 23 seconds
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2 CFOs Break Down the Kolbe A™ Index

Last week, we heard from the President of Kolbe Corporation, Amy Bruske. We enjoyed that conversation so much, we decided to unpack much of what she had to say on conative strengths.Mark and Bruce addressed the relevance of Kolbe in the business and smaller work teams and that this is an assessment that will have a major impact on your life personally and professionally.
6/6/202036 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Amy Bruske Discusses Conative Instincts and the Kolbe Index™

Amy Bruske is the president of Kolbe Corp. She is also the co-author of Business is Business with her step-mother, Kathy Kolbe.Amy discusses a number of topics on the show including an overview of conative instincts, her book, and why teams get stuck.
5/31/202035 minutes, 49 seconds
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The Co-Founder of Dryrun Talks about Cash Flow Forecasting

CFO Bookshelf is impressed with the Canadian software company called Dryrun which specializes in cash flow forecasting. The co-founder of the company, Blain Bertsch joins us to talk about his company, the software, and cash flow modeling in general.
5/23/202041 minutes, 51 seconds
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Multipliers Need to be Rookie Smart Too

You probably know her for the best-selling book, Multipliers. But Liz Wiseman is also the author of one of CFO Bookshelf's favorite books on A-Players entitled, Rookie Smarts. Liz tells us the difference between having a rookie and a veteran mindset.
5/18/202043 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

2 CFOs Unpack OKRs

Bruce and I enjoyed our conversation so much last week with OKR expert, Ben Lamorte, we wanted to unpack that discussion by sharing our own observations.Key themes include:starting smallis it flavor-of-the-month?teams vs. individualsthe OKR cycleis the OKR process only short-term thinking?grading the OKR process each quartermoving the needle
5/10/202029 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

OKRs with Ben Lamorte

Ben Lamorte is one of the top experts and consultants on implementing OKRs around the globe. He's an author and the President of this episode, Ben explains how Jeff Walker, his mentor and former CFO of Oracle, introduced the OKRs concept to Ben.Ben goes on to explain that OKRs are simple to implement, but hurdles and barriers can surface near the beginning of an implementation -- he explains his process in getting team buy-in.
5/3/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 47 seconds
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Your Business Is Probably Smart, but is it Healthy?

Brian Jones joins the 2 CFOs at CFO Bookshelf to talk about organizational health and the benefits to the company as a whole.
4/26/202019 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Time to Revisit Scenario Planning?

In the wake of the current pandemic, is it time to revisit scenario planning? In this episode, Mark and Bruce discuss three keys to successful scenario planning along with a McKinsey briefing on three actions all businesses should be undertaking.
3/14/202031 minutes
Episode Artwork

Kate McKeown Talks About Her Work with W. Edwards Deming

She worked with a man who worked for both Thomas Waston Sr. and Jr. She spent another 10 years working with W. Edwards Deming. Oh, did we mention she's a friend of Verne Harnish?
3/9/202043 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Inaugural Show

This week's CFO bookmarks include an introduction to an entrepreneur who worked with Dr. Deming and the founder of the IBM Executive School. Other bookmarks include mentions of Welcome to Management, The Experience Economy, and Data Sanity. 
3/1/202016 minutes, 53 seconds