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English, Finance, 1 season, 16 episodes, 11 hours, 52 minutes
Conversations with leading figures in the retail trading world.
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Tickmill Co-Founder Illimar Mattus on props, regulations, investing and more

In this episode of The C-Suite, we speak to Illimar Mattus, Co-Founder of brokerage group Tickmill and prop firm The Trading Pit. We hear about Illimar's background, his investment strategy, what The Trading Pit aims to do, developments in the prop space and more. You can skip to individual questions using the timestamps below. 00:00 - Intro 01:10 - Illimar's background 05:20 - Why is Estonia a tech hub? 08:32 - Pinorena Capital 10:18 - What traits do you look for in an investment? 13:24 - Is it hard to manage so many businesses? 16:05 - Delegating as a founder 18:20 - What does The Trading Pit do? 21:56 - Who is the 'average' Trading Pit customer? 26:53 - Managing risk as a prop 30:03 - How do you separate a good trader from a lucky trader? 33:35 - Can OTC strategies scale? 36:38 - Are futures or CFDs more popular? 39:50 - Where is the prop industry heading? 44:15 - What next for Tickmill? Visit us at Follow the TradeInformer WhatsApp Channel -
4/25/202446 minutes, 12 seconds
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Pepperstone's Dianah Igati on compliance, regulators, and the African market

In this episode we speak to Dianah Igati, Regional Head of Compliance at Pepperstone. Dianah was previously at the Kenyan CMA and we talk about what it takes to manage a multi-license broker's compliance function, her time at the Kenyan regulator, and the makeup of the burgeoning African market.
4/15/202445 minutes, 14 seconds
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FPFX Founder Justin Hertzberg on the prop industry

In this episode of the TradeInformer podcast we speak to Justin Hertzberg. Justin is the founder and CEO of FPFX, a major technology provider in the prop trading sector. We talk about his background in FX trading and working as introducing broker, launching FPFX, what the company does, regulations, and brokers entering the space.
3/24/202439 minutes, 21 seconds
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How quants can use AI to improve dealing desks, with Chariton Christou

In this episode of the TradeInformer Podcast we speak to Chariton Christou, Co-Founder of Boltzmann Research.    Chariton spent six years at Tickmill as a quant and recently started Boltzmann Research, a company that trades on its own account and provides market making services to FX/CFD brokers.   We discuss what a quant actually does, common dealing desk mistakes, what sort of information you can glean from big data and how it can be used to improve a FX/CFD broker's market making division.
1/7/202439 minutes, 3 seconds
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What next for prop firms? With Jonathan Baumgart

In this episode we speak to Jonathan Baumgart about the fallout from the My Forex Funds debacle and what it means for the the prop space. We then also talk about the Comoros regulator scam and what other options are on the table for brokers that want to get regulated offshore.
9/18/202329 minutes, 32 seconds
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CFD affiliate marketing in 2023, with Investing Reviews Founder Simon Jones

In this episode we speak to Simon Jones, founder of We talk about Simon's background and the founding of the company, working with brokers, what brokers can do to improve their relationship with affiliates, new plans for the company, 2023 trends, and some of Simon's experience in the gambling sector.
9/10/202350 minutes, 19 seconds
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Running a start-up broker, with Mitto Markets Founder Tim Sunderland

In this episode we speak to Tim Sunderland, Founder of multi-asset broker Mitto Markets. We talk about Tim's journey founding the company, getting regulated quickly in the UK, options trading, changing customer demands, offering different products and appetite for them, hard parts of running a start up and more. This is a super interesting episode and one worth listening to for anyone who is either thinking of starting a broker or at a more established firm thinking of branching out to offer other services.    
8/28/202342 minutes, 43 seconds
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Regulations, new products, Google and more, with TRAction Fintech Founder Quinn Perrott

In this episode of the CFDs Weekly Podcast we're joined by TRAction Fintech Founder Quinn Perrott. We talk about regulatory changes and why they may not be as bad as people fear. Also we talk about Google, new products and future developments in the industry.
7/30/202354 minutes, 16 seconds
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Emergency crypto episode, with Kirobo COO Michael Pearl

In this episode of the CFDs Weekly we speak to Kirobo Chief Operating Officer Michael Pearl. Michael has experience across the FX/CFD and crypto sectors and we talk about similarities between the industries, the fallout from Binance and the SEC, what's going on in the sector more broadly, and what the future holds from crypto companies.
6/12/202358 minutes
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Connecting content, marketing and sales (and more), with David Belle - Episode 7

In this episode of the CFDs Weekly Podcast, we speak to Macrodesiac Founder David Belle. David was previously at TradingView and has done a lot of work with some major CFD providers. We mainly talk about how brokers can do a better job at connecting their marketing, content and sales teams. We also talk about adding options and futures, as well as new regulations in the UK. Listeners may want to skip the first 8 minutes as we spend the first few minutes talking about the UK economy and stock market.
5/22/202349 minutes, 5 seconds
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Everything you wanted to know about copy trading (but were afraid to ask) - Episode 6

In this episode of the CFDs Weekly podcast, we speak to James Lawrence, the Founder of Enigma Strategy, an FCA-regulated firm with investment advisory permissions. We speak about how copy trading works, what you need of offer it, what some brokers are doing at the moment and why, as well as why there is so much confusion about the sector.   Intro music by George Bar. 
4/16/202338 minutes, 58 seconds
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What happened in St Vincent and the Grenadines, with Jonathan Baumgart - Episode 5

In this episode of the CFDs Weekly podcast we speak to Jonathan Baumgart about what happened in St Vicent and what the alternatives are for brokers. We also discuss start up brokers and what the future holds for smaller companies.   Intro music by State Azure.
3/5/202324 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode 4 - Make FX great again, with Drew Niv

In this episode of the CFDs Weekly Podcast we're joined by Drew Niv. We talk about FTX, setting up FXCM, what made the company succeed and mistakes made, crypto's future and whether FX is going to make a comeback.
11/27/20221 hour, 16 minutes, 23 seconds
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Episode 3 - Prop shops & trading contests with Jonathan Baumgart

In this episode of the CFDs Weekly podcast, we speak to Atomiq Consulting founder Jonathan Baumgart about prop shops. A new trend is emerging in the industry where companies set up paid for trading contests. How does this work and how do you make money from it? Listen and find out!
11/14/202233 minutes, 34 seconds
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Episode 2 - Regulatory issues with Sophie Gerber

In this edition of the CFDs Weekly Podcast, we chat to regulatory expert Sophie Gerber about problems facing Aussie brokers, payments, Google policies and more. 
10/24/202242 minutes, 44 seconds
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Episode 1 - Darwinex CEO Juan Colon

In the first episode of the CFDs Weekly Podcast, we speak to Darwinex CEO and Co-Founder Juan Colon.
10/9/202242 minutes, 3 seconds