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English, Arts, 1 seasons, 13 episodes, 4 hours 34 minutes
A podcast about objects, from the Chipstone Foundation. Hosted and produced by Piers Gelly. Learn more at
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#11 REST

In which your host disappears.
22/11/201629 minutes 8 seconds
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#10 Transparency In Politics

Anxieties about hacked voting technology are nothing new.
07/11/201611 minutes 44 seconds
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#9 Bug Bites, Part II

A tasting menu of human-insect harmony.
01/11/201625 minutes 4 seconds
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#8 Bug Bites, Part I

A journey through the wormhole.
25/10/201619 minutes 48 seconds
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#7a Warmth (short)

A conceptual weaponization of human hair.
18/10/20169 minutes 22 seconds
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#7 Hairwork

Jewelry made from human hair: the original social network?
12/10/201621 minutes 10 seconds
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#6 The Plastinarium

Life at the border between human bodies and objects.
05/04/201631 minutes 3 seconds
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#5 The Student Body

A love letter to that one homework assignment.
29/03/201626 minutes 26 seconds
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#4 Pockets

A pocket guide to utopia.
22/03/201621 minutes 17 seconds
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#3 Pearls

A teenage labor activist versus the button industry, Joe McCarthy, and oblivion.
14/03/201620 minutes 9 seconds
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#2 Oil!

A whaling story set during the 2008 recession.
07/03/201629 minutes 43 seconds
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#2 preview: The Bold Harpooner

"The Bold Harpooner," trad. sea chantey arranged and performed by Craig Edwards. More from Craig at
05/03/20162 minutes 27 seconds
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#1 Poor Poll

A failed poet befriends a bird. Also, notes on the BoomBox of the 18th Century.
28/02/201626 minutes 54 seconds