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Nobody knows what’s going on - let’s figure it out together.
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Catamania 60 - Cultural differences, pursuing your dreams and skincare w. Dr. Crissie

Dr. Cristina Grindean is a Romanian-born, German dermatologist based in Berlin. An alumni of The Charité Medical School, she is an expert on all things skin health, beauty and anti-aging.  In this episode we dive deep into cultural differences, dating, leaving your country in pursuit of something bigger, the balance of femininity and masculinity in a competitive field that is medicine, and tips for having healthy, glowing skin. Dr. Cristina’s IG: Chapters: 0:00 - Introduction and Background 5:47 - Learning a Language and Pursuing a Medical Career 10:52 - Finding Passion and Purpose 15:35 - Navigating Confusion and Following Your Calling 19:33 - Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies 25:36 - Cultural Differences in Relationships 32:34 - The Field of Dermatology and Skincare 36:32 - The Controversy of Sunscreen 42:47 - Skincare Tips and Recommendations 45:32 - Caring for Sensitive Skin & Retinal 49:32 - Botox, Fillers and Invasive Skincare 55:30 - The Confidence Boost of Skincare 58:51 - Language and Social Media 
2/13/20241 hour, 1 minute, 18 seconds
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Catamania 59 - MUST KNOW about motherhood, birth control & body positivity w. Gina Bontempo

Gina Bontempo is a trainer & health coach who has helped 200+ women lose weight. Soon to be mother of two, Gina promotes taking care of yourself through her work, prioritizing looking and feeling good, and eliminating all excuses. At the age of 19, after being put on birth control pills for just six weeks, Gina almost lost her life due to a side effect that came from the pill. She is now an avid advocate of women’s health and urges her followers to be mindful of the negative effects many modern-day normalized things can bring. Gina's Links: IG: YouTube: Chapters: 0:00 - Introduction and background 4:34 - The challenges and rewards of motherhood 7:41 - The importance of honesty and support in motherhood 11:34 - The lack of community support for mothers 16:34 - Postpartum depression and its causes 21:34 - The dangers and misconceptions of birth control 30:34 - The controversy surrounding birth control 37:31 - Becoming outspoken on social media 41:31 - The evolution of body positivity 42:31 - The culture of offence and entitlement
12/21/202356 minutes, 52 seconds
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Catamania 58 - Can you be a mother and succeed in your career? w. Irina Novak-Calki

Irina Novak-Calki is the co-owner of Scentrique, a Vancouver-based online and offline niche fragrance boutique offering a unique collection of niche fragrances and luxury scents for men and women from around the world. Irina immigrated to Canada to study. After her studies, she entered the corporate world and after giving birth to her daughter, she decided to change her lifestyle, follow her passion and start a business. Chapters: 0:00 - Introduction and Background 1:13 - Moving to Canada and starting a business 2:33 - Changing careers and following your passion 3:24 - Making the decision to enter the perfume industry 5:12 - Transition into motherhood and postpartum depression 6:52 - Motherhood, life & career 10:57 - Dealing with postpartum depression 17:16 - Starting the business during the pandemic 21:57 - Transitioning from a stable job to entrepreneurship 25:21 - Maintaining femininity in business #entrepreneurship #motherhood #business
12/13/202342 minutes, 47 seconds
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Catamania 57 - Training, the mind and pressures of being in the public eye w. Alexandra Ndolo

Alexandra Ndolo is a German-born left-handed épée fencer who fences for Kenya from 2022 on. Ndolo was born in Bayreuth, Northern Bavaria, Germany. She is half Polish half Kenyan. In this episode we dived into all things lifestyle of a professional athlete, the power of mind and the pressures of being in the public eye.  0:00 - Introduction 1:44 - Alexandra’s Background  12:47 - Fencing & travelling  15:00 - Dieting & training  20:48 - Cycle synching & training  24:04 - The power of mind  30:41 - Bullying  35:08 - How to stay in the moment 38:10 - The world of social media 45:00 - Speaking your truth 58:05 - Alexandra’s contact info
12/5/20231 hour, 22 seconds
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Catamania 56 - Taking a leap of faith, Entrepreneurship & Wine w. Vince Anter

Vince Alter is a sommelier, entrepreneur and host of the V is for Vino show.  In his show, Vince takes you to a new wine region in each episode to explore the culture and history, drink the wine and meet the winemakers. In this episode we dived into Vince’s journey to becoming a sommelier, tips on choosing the best wines for the greatest value, starting a business and the ups and downs that come with that, personal risk tolerance, travel and more.  Chapters: 0:00 - Introduction 3:34 - Vince’s story 8:40 - Risk tolerance and going after your dreams 12:00 - Life in Chicago & cities in the US 14:15 - A sommelier’s view of wine  21:05 - Best places to get great wine in US (& Canada) 25:20 - Best wines for great prices  28:35 - Canadian wines 30:00 - How to select the best wines at a restaurant  35:04 - Moldovan wines 39:00 - Entrepreneurship & how Vince started 42:58 - Starting a show and not getting views 46:00 - The problems you encounter when starting a business 50:00 - Is everybody meant to be an entrepreneur? 53:05 - Dealing with other people’s opinions 54:45 - Japan 
11/28/20231 hour, 9 seconds
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Catamania 55 - A linguist's view on learning languages w. Luke McCarthy

Luke McCarthy is a linguist who speaks six languages. Luke was born in the United States, lived in Russia and is currently based in Barcelona. He teaches people languages through his own effective and useful techniques and programs which help them learn languages faster than through regular programs and courses.  Having lived in different countries, Luke believes that understanding and speaking a language has a huge impact on experiencing a culture more fully.  Luke’s IG: 0:00 - Introduction 2:22 - Luke’s background  4:14 - Life in Barcelona 8:00 - Life in Murmansk - a city with no sun for 6 months 10:11 - Luke’s life in Russia  23:40 - Dating culture, chivalry & etiquette  46:00 - How knowing a language affects the cultural experience  49:45 - Speaking six languages  55:40 - Is Russian hard to learn? 60:00 - Psycholinguistics & confidence  60:07 - Alter ego when learning languages  60:13 - Luke’s techniques and contact info
11/21/20231 hour, 18 minutes, 21 seconds
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Catamania 54 - Relationships are a lot more simple than we make them to be w. Esther Sarphatie

Esther Sarphatie is a psychologist and relationship advisor who has gained major success on social media sharing her knowledge and wisdom on all things romantic relationships, communication, dating and practical steps you can take to become a better woman and attract the right partner. Esther’s belief is that it is all quite simple; we just tend to overanalyze and overcomplicate. Esther’s Links: IG: TikTok: Chapters: 0:00 - Introduction 6:50 - Speaking up on Social Media 9:10 - Who is feminism benefitting? 13:05 - Being a boss babe and maintain femininity 20:14 - How do you know when he’s “the one”? 25:30 - You can’t change a man 32:33 - What to ask and do in the beginning 37:00 - How fast do men fall in love? 45:47 - How to get your man to never stop pursuing 50:05 - Relationships are work 55:00 - How to know when to leave? 56:30 - What do men really need?
10/12/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 14 seconds
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Catamania 53 - Answering some of your questions

I don't normally do a whole lot of solosodes but many of you have asked to start doing more long-form Q & A's. So here we go ♥️
10/3/202349 minutes, 44 seconds
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Catamania 52 - What to do when there's nothing to be grateful for?

They say gratitude is the key to abundance. If that’s the case (which it is) how important is it then to learn how to be grateful for things even when things are tough? Sharing a few things that help me. Hope it helps you too ♥️
9/26/202316 minutes, 56 seconds
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Catamania 51 - Building an American Dream & The Importance of Preserving History w. Elizabeth Pipko

Elizabeth Pipko is an American model, author, media personality and founder of Lest People Forget, a digital project which aims to enable individuals around the world to contribute to the preservation of the history of the Holocaust. In this episode, we chatted about growing up in a Soviet household, living in America and going after the American Dream, history and the importance of it in the educational system and more.  Elizabeth’s Links: Lest People Forget: IG: Chapters: 0:00 - Introduction 3:45 - The path to modelling  9:30 - Soviet mentality 16:57 - Children and being spoiled  20:35 - How to make life better in US 24:33 - The lack of history education 30:50 - Lest People Forget 37:32 - Elizabeth’s books & involvement in politics 44:20 - Speaking up  46:49 - Finding truth 48:30 - Cancel culture 50:00 - Having different views & the news
9/19/202352 minutes, 56 seconds
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Catamania 50 - Plastic surgery & cosmetic medicine w. Dr. Joseph A. Mele, MD, FACS

Dr. Mele is a Board Certified general plastic surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area. A member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons he performs various procedures and operations in his practice.  In this episode, we covered the subjects of breast augmentation and implants, rhinoplasty (nose job) and injectables (botox & fillers). Dr. Mele’s Links: Website: IG: Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 4:33 - The path to medicine  7:30 - The role of social media 10:30 - The beauty formula  12:40 - Breast augmentation & implants 23:30 - Is breast implant illness real? 29:45 - Implant rupture 35:07 - More on breast implant illness  36:32 - Rhinoplasty (nose jobs) 42:00 - Rhinoplasty complications & revisions  45:15 - Otoplasty (ear surgery) 47:20 - Should you seek therapy if you want a procedure? 50:40 - Turning people away 52:20 - Anaesthesia  54:35 - Botox & fillers 1:3:15 - How to find the right surgeon? 1:6:00 - How to find Dr. Mele
9/12/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 44 seconds
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Catamania 49 - The parallels between dental & mental health w. Dr. Jovanka Živković

Dr. Jovanka Živković is a Serbian-born New York-based dentist. She started her career in Serbia and then decided to move to US and start all over. After graduating from Columbia University, Jovanka first became a successful dentist in Manhattan and then decided to open her own practice - Mamut Dentistry where she practices general and cosmetic dentistry. In this episode, we chatted about dental hygiene, cosmetic dentistry (including veneers), starting a new life abroad, and fearlessly working towards your dreams. Dr. Živković’s Links: Website: IG: Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction 3:10 - About Dr. Jovanka 8:20 - Coming to US 10:45 - Life in New York 12:22 - The quintessential immigrant  14:15 - General vs cosmetic dentistry  16:25 - Why dentist lead in suicide rates 18:28 - Why people neglect dental health 21:14 - Mental health and dental health  24:40 - Misconceptions about dentistry 25:40 - How much is too much in dental hygiene  26:26 - Veneers  33:20 - Invisalign  37:48 - Teeth whitening  45:15 - Smoking 48:00 - Jovanka’s contact  48:45 - Why immigrants succeed 
9/5/202350 minutes, 52 seconds
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Catamania 48 - How I improved my English in just a few steps

Sharing some tips that helped me learn English and adopt a more American accent. I always get questions about this, so I thought I might as well tap about it on my podcast.  Hope you find it helpful ♥️ Chapters: 2:12 - Accents  3:40 - Movies and subtitles  7:50 - Creating a character 9:50 - Mimicking actors 11:11 - Confidence  13:54 - Nobody cares 17:00 - Try to only speak the language 18:25 - Rethink the thoughts in the language 
8/29/202319 minutes, 32 seconds
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Catamania 47 - Why you should never get offended

A little rant inspired by episode 45 of Catamania where I chatted briefly with my guest about feeling offended. I decided to give you my take on it all and how to never again get offended in your life. Send this episode to someone you know in your life who never always gets offended by stuff 😉
8/15/20238 minutes, 41 seconds
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Catamania 46 - Uncancellable & Undefeated w. Nicole Arbour

In this 2-part interview I am joined by the one and only - Nicole Arbour. Nicole is a social media personality, comedian, actress, singer and all around fabulous human being.  She excels at calling out nonsense in a funny, light-hearted and thought-provoking manner. Nicole overcame insane adversity and her story will leave you inspired and fired up to start living in your truth. She is also launching her course to help people who are in chronic pain in the coming weeks, so make sure you follow my Instagram stories to see how you can sign up. Nicole’s Links: IG: YouTube: Chapters: 2:38 - How I discovered Nicole 4:20 - Nicole’s background  5:35 - The path to comedy  9:00 - Nicole’s accident  15:10 - The power of your mind 18:00 - How adversity gets you where you need to be 20:00 - Why isn’t everyone speaking their truth? 23:50 - How to start speaking up? 27:15 - Politics is a reality show 31:30 - Why it’s easy to divide the masses? 33:20 - News & adrenalin  36:00 - Limiting your news intake 39:00 - Mental health  41:30 - The entertainment industry 45:00 - Smelling the bs 49:35 - More money more problems? 50:35 - Doing things your way 53:15 - Dating and splitting bills 56:00 - Guy-hating feminism  1:1:00 - Balance of masculine & feminine  1:3:50 - Authenticity & different roles
8/8/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 15 seconds
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Catamania 45 - Losing people due to your views & course correction w. Chandler Juliet

Chandler Juliet is a comedian, singer-songwriter and content creator. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California Chandler has been a part of the show business and entertainment industry from a young age. Chandler also works with a comedic satire media company - The Babylon Bee.  In this episode we dived into life in US, dealing with loosing friends, why people are so sensitive and more.   Chandler’s Links: IG: YouTube: Chapters: 2:30 - Being a content creator 4:30 - Los Angeles 8:55 - Entertainment industry & Chandler’s story 14:30 - Self censoring & offending people 18:00 - Why are people so sensitive? 24:00 - America & capitalism 34:50 - Opinion’s of others and taking personal responsibility  39:29 - Personal development  43:56 - Faith, spirituality & religion  51:00 - Intuition 52:00 - Losing friends  55:30 - Having different opinions  59:00 - Chandler’s contact info
8/1/202359 minutes, 30 seconds
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Catamania 44 - Chivalry, protector and splitting bills ft. my husband

Bringing on my husband to brainstorm the subject of splitting bills and what protector and provider mean to me. This episode was inspired after I recently posted a video about cultural differences as they relate to splitting or not splitting bills. As per usual, the reaction to the video was interesting. So I decided to clarify some things as they are in my view and have my husband on to bring a perspective on these things from a married couple. Enjoy! Love y'all.
7/25/202326 minutes, 57 seconds
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Catamania 43 - The truth about birth control, cycle synching and hormones w. Jenn Pike

Jenn Pike is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Medical Exercise Specialist, bestselling author and host of the podcast The Simplicity Sessions. Jenn specializes in women's health and hormones. Her approach is to crate more simplicity and easy in all we do including out approach to health.  Primary subjects we covered in this episode are cycle synching and its benefits as well as birth control and its effects on female body. Jenn’s Links: Website: IG: Chapters: 3:00 - Jenn’s story & women’s health 7:00 - Missing education in women’s health area 11:30 - Women’s cycle  17:14 - Cycle synching  25:00 - The affects of stress on reproductive system  29:08 - Increase in infertility & birth control  35:00 - The impact of birth control  38:30 - The issues in Western medicine  40:00 - My story with the pill 44:09 - How to approach women’s health 47:20 - Be aware of risks  48:40 - Other types of birth control 50:50 - A little more on ovulation & cycle phases 53:38 - Jenn’s contact info
7/18/202354 minutes, 17 seconds
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Catamania 42 - Authenticity, Cutting People Off and Reinventing Yourself w. Nicole Behnam

A former red carpet Hollywood interviewer, Nicole Behnam is the founder, CEO and Editor-In-Chief of Beyond the Interview. A journalist who through her work and aims to open up new perspectives and ways of thinking to the world.  Her podcast, Beyond with Nicole challenges people to think and reflect on ways we can all become better humans by learning from one another.  Nicole’s Links: IG: YouTube Website: Chapters: 2:40 - Introduction  4:20 - Similarities in Eastern European & Middle Eastern Culture 5:30 - Life in LA  7:30 - How I changed my life in the last three years 9:45 - Slitting bills & dating in LA 11:55 - Provider energy  14:30 - Stay at home mothers  15:40 - Masculine & feminine energies 21:45 - Being open minded 22:50 - Childhood & parenting  30:10 - Nicole’s story: how she got to where she is 34:45 - Changing trajectory  40:39 - Cutting people off when building yourself 44:13 - How to start if you’re afraid of judgement  46:00 - Authenticity attracts the right things 48:50 - The importance of expressing yourself 50:10 - Political obsession and devision  52:22 - If you’re feeling lost and out of balance 56:40 - How to find your voice?
7/11/20231 hour, 1 minute, 15 seconds
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Catamania 41 - Leaving the corporate and tapping into your femininity w. Zhana Dmitryuk

Zhana Dmitryuk is an ex-corporate boss babe (although she is still a boss babe) who through the pain she was experiencing in her body found a passion that became her business - Flexspace Studios.  Throughout her 20s, Zhana had a successful corporate career and liked her job however, the long office hours led to her body falling apart even with exercise being a big part of her life. This inspired her to look at alternate ways to train her body and ultimately embark on a journey of a whole different lifestyle: a lifestyle of a free entrepreneur.   Chapters: 2:30 - Introduction to Zhana 6:00 - Body falling apart in the corporate world 10:00 - Finding out what your body needs 14:54 - How to find out what you are meant to do? 21:40 - Who to ask for advice? 24:00 - Dealing with disbelief  26:30 - Masculinity & Femininity 36:51 - Tapping into femininity 40:00 - Emotional & energetic awareness  42:20 - Rejecting gifts  46:15 - Splitting bills 50:30 - Zhana’s Women’s Circles in Toronto 52:00 - Attracting the wrong partner   54:45 - The importance of starting a relationship in truth  59:00 - Zhana’s contact info Zhana's Links: Website: Flexspace IG: Zhana’s IG:
6/27/202359 minutes, 57 seconds
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Catamania 40 - An introverted entrepreneur and how following your heart brings great results w. Abbey McGrew

Abbey McGrew is the Founder & Creative Director of Wayfarer Design Studio. She started her company while travelling the world with her husband and has an interesting lifestyle where for the past seven years they’ve lived in numerous countries all over the world. An introverted entrepreneur, Abbey brought on great ideas around stepping out of your comfort zone, taking action and following your heart.  With her company, Abbey helps e-commerce founders bring their brands to life through visual identity, packaging, and web design.  Abbey’s Links: IG: Website & Freebies: Chapters: 3:02 - Introduction  6:02 - Travelling lifestyle  8:00 - The idea of settling down 12:40 - Starting a business while on the road 14:50 - Getting married before major adventures  17:49 - Clear communication in relationships 19:20 - Girlfriend vs Wife 20:00 - Getting a job after school 23:00 - Things are working out for you 25:00 - Running a business 27:20 - Introverted entrepreneur  32:00 - The importance of taking action 34:34 - About Wayfarer Studio 39:07 - Managing weaknesses  42:25 - Giving up control 46:25 - Colour psychology  
6/20/202354 minutes, 39 seconds
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Catamania 39 - The importance of following your intuition w. Sasha Zvereva

In this episode, I got to sit in a conversation with a woman I admire; singer, blogger, mother of four children, reality TV show star, DJ, and businesswoman - Sasha Zvereva.  Sasha is a well known public figure in ex-USSR republics who moved to US in 2014 as a single mom and rebuilt her life.  We chatted about motherhood, moving to US as a single mom, attracting the right partner into your life, tips on staying youthful, dealing with haters and bullying, and the importance of following your intuition without questioning it. Sasha’s Links:  IG:  Website: Chapters: 2:20 - Life in LA 7:13 - Who is Sasha Zvereva 13:30 - Life after having kids 16:14 - Being a singer & taking on different missions  18:15 - Looking young youthful  22:00 - Cosmetic injections 27:00 - Exercises & massage against wrinkles  30:00 - How to have fun no matter what you do 33:00 - Training your mental muscles  35:15 - Moving to US as a single mom  39:40 - Judgement from others 42:15 - The importance of delegating & asking for help 44:20 - Following your intuition 45:00 - Building in US 47:00 - How to meet the “right” person 50:00 - Meeting someone with kids 54:00 - The importance of dancing  56:40 - Dealing with hate as a public figure 67:00 - Sasha’s contact info
6/13/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 12 seconds
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Catamania 38 - Just how much does alcohol affect you and your sleep? w. Olivia Arezzolo

By popular demand, Olivia Arezzolo Australia’s #1 Sleep Expert is back! With more insights and tips on how you can improve your sleep and therefore, your life.  Olivia and I dived deep into alcohol and its effect on sleep, foods that help you sleep better and other great tips and how to get you on track to becoming a beauty sleeper.  Olivia’s Links: Website: IG: Chapters: 3:36 - The path to becoming Australia’s #1 Sleep Expert 6:30 - Entrepreneurial thinking 8:40 - Alcohol & sleep 21:54 - Is good sleep possible with alcohol? 22:30 - Day drunk may be the answer 25:30 - Should you quit all alcohol? 28:00 - Best foods for sleep 33:10 - Sleep & red meat 38:27 - Vitamin D 42:00 - The importance of sun in the morning 44:58 - Why do you wake up at night? 48:30 - Summary of tips for better sleep 50:12 - Collagen & sleep, Beauty sleep 52:00 - Why being an early bird may be better  54:10 - Olivia’s contact info
6/6/202354 minutes, 44 seconds
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Catamania 37 - Immigration and How Overcoming Adversity Leads to Increased Confidence w. Jeni Raitz

In this episode, I am joined by my Brazilian twin, Jeni Raitz. Jeni is a lifestyle, fashion and travel blogger who immigrated to United States from Brazil solo.  In this episode, we discuss the struggles of immigrating to a new country solo, the beauty and benefits of being a citizen of a country like Canada and US, overcoming adversity and how that leads to increased confidence, the importance of being clear on your desires in a relationship, wedding and stepping out of your comfort zone. Jeni’s IG: Chapters 1:31 - My brazilian twin 5:28 - Introduction to Jeni 9:30 - The privilege of having a canadian or US passport 10:33 - Immigration Process 14:20 - Getting your visa & emotions attached to that 15:20 - Having a Canadian/US Passport is The Greatest Achievement  16:18 - Getting comfortable with talking mistakes  19:30 - Having an alter ego when learning a new language 21:32 - Biggest immigrant challenges 25:00 - Not being able to go home  27:00 - How going through tough times gives you confidence 28:00 - Jeni’s “glow up” & how she met her husband 37:12 - Why it’s important to know how a guy treats everyone around him 39:24 - If a person mistreats others, is a reflection of who they are 42:40 - Being clear on your desires and expectations in a relationship 46:10 - Why women don’t voice their desires 49:53 - Jeni’s path to becoming a fashion blogger 53:30 - Why you must step out of your comfort zone 54:40 - How Jeni picked her niche  55:08 - Jeni’s contact info
5/30/202355 minutes, 44 seconds
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Catamania 36 - Manifesting & Law of Attraction Solosode

My take and discoveries with law of attraction & manifesting. There is a lot of information out there on how to manifest things into existence and it all sounds simple. Simple but not easy. There are a few things I notices in particular that make it or break it when it comes to manifesting what you want/seeing your prayers come to life. I outline a few of my findings for you in this short solosode. Here are the links to the audiobooks I referenced in this episode: "The Game of Life and How To Play It" by Florence Scovel Shinn "I Can Do It" - Louise L. Hay Enjoy! May you have the absolute best of what this life has to offer ♥️
5/23/202319 minutes, 29 seconds
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Catamania 35 - Why Femininity is Powerful w. Jake Woodard

Jake Woodard a Spiritual Healer, Author and the host of The Awake With Jake Show Podcast. Expert in masculine and feminine energies, specifically as it relates to polarity in relationships, Jake has a fascinating story of overcoming adversity and finding his true self. In this episode we covered a lot of ground when it comes to all things masculinity and femininity in men and women, trauma and living in survival mode, how to communicate with your partner and more.  Jake’s Links: Website: IG: Chapters: 1:33 - Jake’s Story & Healing Journey  13:00 - Spiritual healing and its inherent feminine energy 18:00 - Imbalance of energies in relationships 19:20 - Stepping into your feminine/masculine 21:00 - The Masculine Shield  23:50 - How to get your man to do what you are wanting 25:40 - Inviting vs. Nagging  27:45 - Femininity is like the power of the ocean 30:15 - Feminine & Masculine energies are equally powerful 32:54 - Don’t damage your battery  33:20 - Can women be masculine at their core? 36:44 - Toxic & Healthy Masculinity & Femininity 38:00 - How to step into your feminine? 43:00 - How to know if you are masculine or feminine at your core? 45:30 - Demonization of femininity  47:40 - Can you be feminine & assertive? 51:00 - Femininity in your body 51:47 - For men: how to step into your masculine 55:53 - How masculinity affects femininity 57:00 - Being controlling and softening up 59:00 - Connecting to your power and setting boundaries  1:00 - Jake’s contact info
5/16/20231 hour, 1 minute, 31 seconds
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Catamania 34 - Be Hot AND Healthy w. Lauren Hubert, MS, RD

Lauren Hubert is the Registered Dietitian and weight loss expert behind The Sorority Nutritionist, a brand that has taught thousands of women around the world to lose weight while having fun. In addition to the women she’s coached, her 126k followers she supports with nutrition content, and having her expertise being featured in Oprah Magazine, Bustle, and POPSUGAR. Determined to lose the 20 pounds (9 kg) she gained freshman year at Florida State University, Lauren began over-exercising and restricting her food to 1000 calories because of what she found on the internet. When Lauren finally began studying nutrition, she realized her approach to dieting was all wrong and was actually hurting her metabolism. Lauren now has taken her own struggles and made it her passion to show women how to transform their body, get real results on the scale, and actually have fun doing it. Her mission as a Registered Dietitian in the weight loss space is to not only inspire women to lose weight in a balanced and fun way, but to also make sure no woman feels guilty about wanting to be HOT, healthy, and successful. Lauren’s Links: IG: Instagram  TikTok: TikTok Podcast: The Sorority Nutritionist Podcast Chapters: 1:58 - Lauren’s story on choosing her path 5:00 - Gaining 20 pounds 6:31 - Loving yourself and having insecurities 9:00 - The affect of mindset on weight loss 10:30 - Personal responsibility leads to self-love 11:36 - Blaming others and priorities  12:15 - Exercise and getting your diet right 15:00 - Picking the right meal plan 16:48 - Fasting 19:51 - Lauren’s take on carnivore diet 21:45 - Doctors and lack of nutritional education 24:00 - The extreme views on diet  26:30 - The affect of hormones on weight 28:45 - How weight issues helped inspire a shift in career  29:26 - How Lauren was able to loose weight  31:30 - You can’t hack your way out of hard work 33:50 - Motivation, habits and your thoughts  36:40 - Fitness journey and identity  38:30 - What you must cut out 41:15 - European lifestyle and being fit 45:30 - Lauren’s contact info
5/9/202345 minutes, 49 seconds
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Catamania 33 - How to Stay Young & Beautiful w. Maria Fastov

In this episode I sit in a conversation with Maria Fastov, a registered delivery and labour nurse based in Silicon Valley who shares her knowledge on all things health, wellness, diet and tips on staying young and youthful. Maria also shared her story on moving to US and becoming a nurse.  ***Please forgive the sound fluctuations in this episode. There were a few technical difficulties with the audio however, I wanted to make sure I share this episode with you all as it is filled with great info.  Maria’s IG page links: New page: Chapters: 1:13 - Introduction to Maria and her move to USA 9:00 - Parenthood and having kids 14:00 - From party girl to no alcohol 19:40 - Botox and Skin Care 22:20 - Tips on Looking Young  28:28 - Diet & fasting 36:30 - Alcohol 45:25 - Maria’s routine & must-haves  47:51 - Fluoride and antibiotics 51:30 - Maria’s contact info
5/2/202352 minutes, 19 seconds
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Catamania 32 - All About Food, Diet & Nutrition w. Jacinta Radziejewski

Jacinta Radziejewski is a Sydney based nutritionist who has an individual approach to diet and food. Jacinta believes in importance of intuitive eating and basing your food choices on how your body feels.  Jacinta decided to become a nutritionist after a career in fashion. Having Eastern European roots, her life was always centred around delicious food and cooking which inspired her to have a course correction in life. Jacinta’s Links: IG: Website:  Chapters: 1:27 - Sydney & Introduction to Jacinta 4:41 - Vitamin D From a Nutritionist Point of View 6:50 - Spiders in Australia 9:20 - Course Correction & Career Change 14:50 - Everything Leads You to Your Path 16:05 - Veganism, Vegetarianism & Plant Based 19:00 - The Importance of Being Informed  22:00 - Digesting Different Foods 23:45 - DNA & Digestion  25:45 - Healthy Foods that Aren’t Healthy 29:50 - Protein Powders 33:15 - Jacinta’s Take on Seed Oils 37:28 - Dieting, Cleansing & Intuitive Eating  41:00 - Celery Juice  46:35 - Can a Vegetarian Diet be Healthy? 48:20 - Coffee 54:43 - Jacinta’s Guilty Pleasures  57:00 - Enjoying Your Guilty Pleasures & Don’t Overdo It
4/18/202359 minutes, 7 seconds
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Catamania 31 - Femininity, Masculinity & How to Talk to Men w. Margarita Nazarenko

A former professional stage actor, Margarita Nazarenko is a thought provoking content creator who unapologetically speaks her mind about all things womanhood, how to become the best, most feminine version of yourself and how to communicate effectively with men.  Margarita talks about the importance of how you present yourself and is an advocate of taking personal responsibility for anything that happens in your life and relationships.  Margarita’s Links: YT:  IG: TikTok: Chapters: 2:10 - Taking Your Husband’s Last Name 3:50 - Introduction to Margarita 8:57 - Motherhood  13:21 - Being Cute Vs. Hot and How To Present Yourself 15:40 - How to Know Who You are At Heart and Become Self-Aware 17:16 - Being Different with Different People and Matching People’s Energy 20:47 - Best Friends and Husbands and the Importance of Differentiating the Two 25:00 - Why Do People Look Better After Divorce? 27:00 - Setting Priorities and Taking Personal Responsibility  30:10 - Why Do Men Loose Attraction? 33:40 -  Mothering Your Man and How to Know if You are Doing It?  35:40 - Supportive Wife Vs. Motherly Figure 36:26 - Why Do We Mother Men? 38:40 - Wife Responsibilities as a Girlfriend  43:15 - How to Deal with Not Being The First Choice  46:30 - How to Balance Masculine and Feminine Energies in a Relationship 52:05 - How to Communicate without Squashing His Drive 54:40 - How to Ask Nicely and Lighten Up
4/11/202357 minutes, 13 seconds
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Catamania 30 - Motherhood, Entrepreneurship and How to Achieve Mastery w. Sonia Zarbatany

Sonia Zarbatany is an international speaker, life and business coach, corporate consultant, busy mother and wife. Known to fans and friends as “Coach Sonia”, she helps people identify and break through limiting beliefs, rewire their thinking and build the skills and habits necessary to achieve their goals - all through practical techniques and steps.  After diving into personal development and obtaining education and certification in coaching programs in her 20s, Sonia left a career in entertainment and dedicated herself fully to helping others live a life of success, fulfillment and purpose.  Sonia’s Links Website:  IG: @soniazarbatany Chapters: 1:40 - Introduction to Sonia 3:39 - Is work-life balance possible for women? 5:33 - What brought Sonia to a coaching career 7:50 - Just how important is your mindset 9:40 - The role of social media in coaching 11:11 - What makes a good coach 12:38 - Are men intimidated by strong & driven women? 15:00 - The importance of being yourself, aligned with who you are 16:48 - Is there a blanket approach to relationships? 18:25 - Men & lack of support for them 25:14 - How to do it all 29:36 - Establishing your values 30:45 - How to make decisions fast 32:00 - How to determine what your values are 36:00 - The importance of sleep & routine 38:12 - How to say “No”  42:22 - Is entrepreneurship the only way? 44:30 - Where do you start? How to light up? 46:00 - Being aligned with YOU  attracts people
4/4/202348 minutes, 27 seconds
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Catamania 29 - My Skin Care Tips/Solosode

So many of you requested this one ♥️ Taking you through my skin care routine and some tips that work for me, especially while travelling. The products I talk about have been my go-to while on the road or moving from place to place. I will record more of these as I learn about new things and products that are good for my skin. Happy to share anything that could help you! I am including the discount code and link to Herbal Face Foods Serum mentioned in this video: Use code "Cristina20" for 20% off. Come say hi: Instagram: @cristinacataman TikTok: @cristinacataman #skincare #skinproducts #wellness
3/28/202314 minutes, 34 seconds
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Catamania 28 - All About Social Media w. Kelsie Exley

Kelsie Exley is the founder of SociallyKels Agency, a social media content creation and management agency which helps businesses and individuals scale their online presence.  In this episode we dive deep into technicalities of various social media platforms, the future of social media and how to make money on it as well as just how much value social media ads to present-day marketing in various fields.  Kelsie’s Links: Website: TikTok:  IG:  Chapters: 3:21 - Vancouver & Introduction to Kelsie’s Business 8:26 - How Going Through a Tough TIme Can Push You to Success 10:37 - Social Media Platforms & Which One to Focus On 12:53 - Target Audience & Knowing What Platform You Need 14:20 - How to Make Money on Social Media 16:23 - What is UGC? 18:03 - Brand Partnerships & Things to Look Out For 21:48 - What is Social Media Management? 25:17 - Social Media Marketing & New Careers in This Field 27:02 - Where to Start in Social Media? 31:00 - How to Get Past the Fear of Being Cringe 33:08 - How to Stop Caring about Other People’s Opinions 33:00 - Dealing With Hate on Social Media 34:23 - Structuring a Business 45:03 - TikTok 47:03 - The Importance of Taking a Break
3/21/202351 minutes, 35 seconds
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Catamania 27 - Podcasting World & How to Get Yourself As a Guest on Podcasts w. Scout Sobel

Scout Sobel is a trailblazer in the media industry for utilizing Podcast Tours™ as a powerful form of PR. She founded Scout's Agency in February of 2019 after recognizing the power of podcasting as a long-form, intimate medium for founders to tell their stories and expand their businesses. Over the past four years, Scout's Agency has grown 600%, booked their clients on over 2500 podcast episodes, cultivated a database of over 5,000 podcasts, and has run over 150 Podcast Tours™ under Scout's leadership.    In addition to running Podcast Tours™ for female entrepreneurs, Scout's Agency just launched The Podcast Tour Academy, a 6-week live course that trains entrepreneurs and solopreneurs on how to run their own Podcast Tour and get themselves as a guest on podcasts so that they too can go from the unseen entrepreneur to the visible visionary. On a perpetual Podcast Tour herself, Scout talks openly about her entrepreneurship journey on The Emotional Entrepreneur Podcast and in her bestselling book, The Emotional Entrepreneur.    Scout's Links: The Podcast Tour Academy (Course): Scout's Agency:  IG: ***If you wish to sign up for Scout’s course, use the code "CATAMANIA" for $50 off the course.  Enrollment opens March 13. March 13 + 14 is early bird pricing. Enrollment closes March 19 and the course starts on March 22.
3/14/202340 minutes, 9 seconds
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Catamania 26 - Trauma Around Money, Drama Triangle & Victimhood w. Flynn Skidmore

Based in sunny San Diego, Flynn Skidmore is a licensed therapist and coach whose mission is to help people find true fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness in life. His primary focus is working with entrepreneurs as he believes entrepreneurship is the surest way to achieve fulfilment and to unleash your true, authentic self. Flynn uses therapy techniques when coaching and helps individuals overcome their limits, heal trauma and move forward into taking to the next level every area of their lives: from relationships to money. Flynn’s Links: Website: Instagram:
3/7/202351 minutes, 15 seconds
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Catamania 25 - Training with an Olympic Athlete, Anastasiia Aslanidi

Anastasiia Aslanidi is a Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach at a luxury gym in New York City, she is a former professional 400 meter runner representing Russia for 5 consecutive years and NPC bikini competitor in the United States.    Based in New York City, she obtained prenatal and postpartum certification, kettlebell training, Olympic weightlifting, precision nutrition and NASM courses.    In this episode, Anastasiia and I dive deep into working out, nutrition and health assessments to ensure most beneficial training programs. We also touched on what it's like to move and start your life in a new country.   Anastasiia's Links: Website: Instagram:
3/1/20231 hour, 1 minute, 15 seconds
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Catamania 24 - Finding Balance, Taking Risks & Moving Overseas w. Erika De Pellegrin

Dubai-based Australian lawyer, podcast host, and businesswoman Erika De Pellegrin advocates for maintaining balance and prioritizing life’s non-negotiables. Erika believes that without properly identifying what our priorities are, we can unnecessarily stress ourselves out because we have a hard time saying “no” when, really, that’s what we want and mean to say.    Erika believes that our balance and priorities change, depending on what stage of life we are going through but that it is essential to know how and what to prioritize to ensure a happy and healthy life. Erika's Links: @erikadpelle @thebalancetheorypodcast Erika's Linktree:
2/8/202340 minutes, 22 seconds
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Catamania 23 - Solosode: My Experience w. Vegetarianism, Diet & Fitness

Hey Fam! Quick but prolonged answer to many of you who have been asking me about my experience with vegetarian diet, what I eat and how I train. I decided to summarize my experience and what has and hasn’t worked for me in a podcast solosode. I said in the episode that I was a vegetarian from 19 to about 23, I now realize it was from about 21 - 24/25,. Years really do start to blend together as you get older LOL. Either way it wasn’t the best for me. Glad I tried it, but wasn’t the best. I am planning on bringing on to the show actual experts in the area of nutrition and fitness. This episode is me sharing my experience with ya’ll. Hope you enjoy and from the bottom of my heart and soul - thank you for listening and being with me. Blessings to you ♥️
1/31/202322 minutes, 11 seconds
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Catamania 22 - Self-Worth, Cancel Culture & Faith with Joel Brown

In this episode I am joined by Joel Brown - an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, coach and founder of the #1 motivation website that has achieved over hundreds of millions of views worldwide.    Australian born digital nomad, Joel coaches entrepreneurs and inspires many to take practical, faith-based steps towards life of fulfilment & success.   I have followed Joel’s work for quite some time and find his content inspiring, motivational and thought provoking.   Joel’s Links: Website: IG:
1/25/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 12 seconds
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Catamania 21 - Spirituality, Business and Debunking Personal Branding Myths with Jessica Zweig

Jessica Zweig is the CEO of SimplyBe Agency, an international award-winning personal branding firm, serving clients across the globe.  She is the author of #1 best selling book, “Be. - A No B.S. Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Net Worth by Simply Being Yourself,” published by Sounds True (Macmillan). Jessica was named a Personal Branding Expert by Forbes, 2020's Most Notable Entrepreneur by Crain's, the 2018 and 2019 Stevie® Award winner for “Female Entrepreneur of the Year,” and a Top Digital Marketer to Watch by Inc. On a mission to debunk the perception that personal branding is an act of vanity, Jessica believes that, when done right, personal branding is an act of service, a social responsibility, and a positive investment toward a positive future. "When you set yourself free to Simply Be, you set the world free."   Instagram: @jessicazweig (     Book: Be: A No Bull-Sh*t Guide to Increasing Your Self-Worth and Net Worth by Simply Being Yourself ( + the coinciding paperback workbook for Be.  launching on January 17th, 2023.   The Expand Your Brand 3-Day Challenge:     If you are interested in joining, please see below:   To get a seat to the 3-Day Challenge, you must purchase either the paperback copy of ‘Be” OR “Be. The Workbook”     Link to purchase: Then submit your Amazon purchase # at this link ( and you will be sent the link to join the 3-Day Challenge.
1/17/202344 minutes, 14 seconds
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Catamania 20 - Part 2 Deep Dive into Women's Health with Nat Kringoudis

Part 2 of diving deep into all things women's health, hormones, birth control & nutrition with a a wonderful women't health exert - Nat Kringoudis. Please go back to previous episode for Part 1. Nat's Links: Website: IG:
12/20/202226 minutes, 58 seconds
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Catamania 19 - Part 1 Deep Dive into Women's Health with Nat Kringoudis

Nat Kringoudis is a health care practitioner, author, speaker and all-round natural fertility expert. Nat is also the founder of Melbourne women’s health clinic, The Pagoda Tree, creator of Yo’Nuts, producer of HealthTalks TV and 2 x Best Selling Author with her book “Beautiful You”.    Nat has been working in the women’s health space for almost 20 years and is an expert who has answers to many questions: from period pain and breakouts to fertility.    Part 2 dropping on Tuesday, December 20.    Nat's Links: Website: IG: 
12/13/202231 minutes, 6 seconds
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Catamania 18 - All About Intuition with Sheila V

Corporate leader and intuition expert - two areas that may seem opposite and ones you cannot combine. Sheila V is the founder of Empowering Intuition. This ex-CFO is a living proof that listening to your intuition is not only possible in a corporate world, but necessary.    Sheila left the corporate world as a C Suite Finance Director and has mastered the art of blending seemingly opposite careers. She is a spiritual teacher, mentor, intuitive guide and executive coach. Sheila is also the author of Brave: Courageously Live your Truth.    In this episode, you will learn what intuition really is, how to develop it, recognize it and distinguish between an intuitive lead and fear-based thinking.   Sheila's Links: Website: Instagram: 
12/6/202235 minutes, 39 seconds
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Catamania 17 - A Chat with Vishen Lakhiani

In this episode, I am joined by Vishen Lakhiani, best selling author and founder of A-Fest and Mindvalley, the world’s leading personal growth education company. We talked about life in Eastern Europe, time travel, weddings, boundaries and more. Aside from this interview being a pleasant and positive chat, it was really cool hearing from Vishen on how to run successful businesses such as his effectively and stress free. Vishen's Links: Website: IG: Mindvalley:
11/29/202232 minutes, 39 seconds
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Catamania 16 - Narcissism & Toxic Personalities with Nawal Houghton

Nawal Houghton is a solicitor, mediator, coach & personal mentor who has professional and personal experience of helping both men and women navigate their divorce or separation process.    A lawyer based in UK whose practice includes a unique and interesting focus on dealing with narcissism, high conflict and toxic personalities.  In this episode, Nawal and I dug deep into understanding narcissism, a term that has been gaining popularity in the mainstream lately. Nawal also helped debunk myths about narcissism and talked about different toxic personalities.   Nawal’s Links: Website: IG: (@your_divorce_coach)
11/16/202240 minutes, 26 seconds
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Catamania 15 - Health, Skincare & Business with J. Michael Zenn

J. Michael Zenn is the Creator, Founder and CEO of Herbal Face Food a potent 100% natural anti-aging skin care serum brand; and the author of “The Self-Health Revolution” book.    In this episode, we discuss the importance of following the path of doing what you love, the importance of servicing the world, having a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and Michael’s personal health journey. We also dived into entrepreneurship, how to go from an idea to action and where to find courage and energy to go for the things you know you need to go for.    *BONUS* For my lovely listeners I have a 20% discount for any of the Herbal Face Food Serums! Follow this link (copy paste it into your phone or computer browser):   And use code “Cristina20” for any of the products.  
11/11/202235 minutes, 43 seconds
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Catamania 14 - Part 2 Femininity, Masculinity & Women Mistreating other Women with Sadia Khan

Part 2 of my interview with Sadia Khan! Guys, I've been locked out of my Instagram so my sincere apologies for the delay in posting Part 2. I can't wait to be able to log back in and reconnect with you all!   In the meantime, please enjoy Part 2 of my interview with Sadia. If you haven’t yet listened to Part 1, please go to the previous episode. In this part we dug deeper into trauma, discussed ways to stay feminine in masculine roles in the corporate world, how women often mistreat other women, and more.
11/1/202226 minutes, 35 seconds
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Catamania 13 - Part 1 Trauma, Relationships & Self-Sabotage with Sadia Khan

Sadia Khan is a phycology teacher & content creator. Based in Dubai, she specializes in trauma and its effect on life choices and relationships. In the last couple of years, Sadia took her teachings to social media and gained popularity through her content while talking about masculinity, femininity, different ways men and women exhibit trauma responses, relationships and more.   In this part, Sadia and I talked about different ways unhealed trauma shows up in adult life, self-sabotage and feeling of worthiness, masculinity and femininity.  Part 2 coming out on Tuesday - October 25.   Sadia's Links: IG: TikTok:
10/18/202228 minutes, 16 seconds
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Catamania 12 - Entrepreneurial Thinking with Mandy Balak

Mandy Balak is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, podcast host and public speaker. A natural problem solver with a talent for connecting people, Mandy has built numerous successful businesses and is familiar with all the ups and downs that come with running an enterprise. She is a founder and CEO of The ACE collective - a community where heart-driven women can receive the Accountability, Confidence and Energy to create anything they want.   In this episode, Mandy and I talked about the important role entrepreneurs play in the world, how entrepreneurs think, how to see opportunity in adversity and the importance of your mindset.   Mandy’s Links: Website:   IG:   The ACE Collective Website:
10/13/202229 minutes, 53 seconds
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Catamania 11 - Part 2 Success in Business & Career with Mari Juliette

In Part 2 of my interview with Mari we talked about manifesting, goal setting, social media (the benefits and downsides of it) and balance. Mari shared her view on the importance of setting your goals correctly, being clear on your priorities and the essential need of taking care of yourself.   Mari’s links: Website: IG: TikTok:
10/4/202240 minutes, 53 seconds
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Catamania 10 - Part 1 Success in Business & Career with Mari Juliette

Mari Juliette is a successful realtor, brokerage owner, entrepreneur, content creator and mother. Her social media presence where she shares her day-to-day work life, insights in business, marketing, real estate investment and career advice has gained tremendous success.   In this episode, Mari shares practical tips on how to find a path, how to establish yourself in a company or business with little experience and how to be more confident in any situation. Mari also shares her inspiring story of becoming one of the top Florida realtors and building a thriving business.   Part 2 release date is October 4.   Mari’s links: Website: IG: TikTok:
9/27/202241 minutes, 22 seconds
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Catamania 09 - Etiquette & Good Manners with Kristina Szabova

A former Head of Protocol and Diplomat, Kristina is a Certified Etiquette Coach. Throughout her career in International Relations and Diplomacy, Kristina found herself particularly interested in etiquette and good manners.   Slovakian born based in London, she worked with high-level officials and decided to share her expertise with the world by creating Manners With Kristina - a platform for sharing etiquette advice, style, inspiration and tips on how to look and feel your best. Kristina's blog and Instagram page is an amazing resource for all things etiquette, style and manners for all possible occasions. Kristina's Links: IG: @mannerswithkristina    YouTube: @mannerswithkristina Website:
9/20/202234 minutes, 51 seconds
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Catamania 08 - How Meditation and Inner Stillness Can Change Your Life with Tom Cronin

Tom Cronin is Coach, Meditation Teacher, Author, Speaker and Producer of The Portal: “a documentary created as part of a bold, global vision to overcome the chronic levels of anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma that we are facing today.”   A former broker in finance, Tom turned to meditation to help with stress, anxiety, depression and panic attacks he was facing. In a short period of time, his life transformed and he began teaching and helping others realize their full potential.  Links to Tom's work: Website: The Portal Film: Instagram:
9/13/202249 minutes, 41 seconds
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Catamania 07 - Confidence & How to Stop Caring About the Opinions of Others

This one is a short solosode on two topics that many of you requested. My take on why you shouldn't let other people's opinions stop you from doing what you know you should do or want to do.    I moved across the globe when I was very young on my own and have struggled with confidence and caring a lot about other people's opinions for a long time, until I recently realized that it will not help me in any way in life. Quite the opposite - it prevents me from living my purpose and servicing the world. When you try to please everyone, you please no-one.  Hope you enjoy! Keep shinning :)
9/7/20229 minutes, 10 seconds
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Catamania 06 Part 2 - It all starts with sleep with Olivia Arezzolo

Part 2 of my interview with the wonderful Olivia Arezzolo, Australia's #1 sleep expert. In this part, we talked about alcohol & sleep, night owls & early birds, sleep & rest in corporate culture and more.  If you haven't yet listened to Part 1, please click on the previous episode - "Catamania 05". Olivia's Website Link: IG handle: @oliviaarezzolo
8/30/202244 minutes, 36 seconds
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Catamania 05 Part 1 - It all starts with sleep with Olivia Arezzolo

In this episode, I interviewed Olivia Arezzolo - Australia’s #1 sleep expert. Featured in Forbes, she is a world renowned expert in all things healthy sleep. She is also the author of “Bear, Lion, Wolf”, a book about chronotypes which Olivia believes is the missing link everyone needs to understand in order to get their best sleep.    We talked about common myths and misconceptions about sleep, stress and sleep, how to get the best sleep, how much sleep can affect our wellbeing and all areas of our lives and more.   Olivia is based in Italy. The day of our recording, it was a national holiday, so don’t mind occasional festive music, church bells and fireworks that kept happening outside of Olivia’s window :)   Part 2 Release Date - August 30. 
8/23/202245 minutes, 58 seconds
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Catamania 04 - Navigating Relationships with Angelina Pelevic

Angelina Pelevic is a clinical psychologist, systemic and family psychotherapist trained to work with families, couples and individuals. Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia and based in Barcelona, Spain - she completed her masters specialization in clinical psychology and assists people with wide range of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, traumas, those facing relationship problems, family issues, or people who want to improve their everyday wellbeing.   We talked primarily about couples, relationship, family and complex issues that many face and how to tackle them from a place of appreciation and collaboration.   Angelina works in both Serbian and English. If you wish to work with her, feel free to send her an email at [email protected].
8/10/202257 minutes, 55 seconds
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Catamania 02 - Raising Your Standards (Plus Dating and Relationships) with Kornelija Slunjski

Kornelija Slunjski took social media by storm when she unapologetically spoke her mind and truth about dating, relationships and standards. Removing the negative association with the term “high maintenance” she helps her followers recognize that they deserve the best in their relationships and lives. Her biweekly series "What Would Koko Do" on IG where she answers questions from her followers, as well as her latest podcast “Boujee Best Friend” is helping many gain confidence in themselves and not settle for less than they deserve. Born in Croatia, she immigrated to the United States in 2014. With a background in journalism and experience in the beauty industry, she combined her skills, talents and knowledge into a social media presence and brand that is helping many become the best version of themselves.
7/26/20221 hour, 18 minutes, 50 seconds
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Catamania 01 - Introduction to your host

Welcome to Catamania! The show is a response to my discovery that no one really knows what's going on and aims to provide some measure of clarity through interviews with knowledgeable guests and subject matter experts. In Episode 1, I introduce myself and answer questions from my Instagram followers about my life, journey in social media, and much more. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes (I have already pre-recorded several interviews) with interesting guests who have forged their own unique paths in this world and are keen to share their insights.
7/13/202218 minutes, 30 seconds
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Introduction to Catamania

Nobody knows what’s going on - let’s figure it out together! Our team at Catamania is here to inspire, encourage, educate and benefit you by hosting conversations with interesting people who seem to have it figured out in their areas of expertise.
2/9/202250 seconds