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Capitol Avenue with Ebong Udoma

English, National/National politics/National assembly, 1 season, 20 episodes, 3 hours, 13 minutes
WSHU's Senior Political Reporter Ebong Udoma looks at contemporary political issues from the perspective of his two decades covering local, regional and international events.
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Capitol Avenue: A Different Kind Of Election Fraud

Three Bridgeport elected officials have been indicted on election fraud this year. Their alleged manipulation of absentee ballots stokes the attention of a new coalition that is trying to change what they call corruption endemic to Connecticut's largest city. And MAGA fans, this does not validate Trump-era misinformation about absentee ballot abuse.
8/13/20219 minutes, 20 seconds
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Capitol Avenue: A Win Is A Win

Last year, he struggled to get his priorities addressed. This year, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont is able to take a victory lap for recreational marijuana and a highway use tax for truckers. His legislative record is "decidedly mixed."
7/9/20219 minutes, 29 seconds
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Capitol Avenue: A Lesson In Civics

Sometimes it seems like a special degree is needed to really understand what's included in state budget negotiations. Connecticut Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro wants residents to better informed about how government with civics education.
3/18/20217 minutes, 58 seconds
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Capitol Avenue: A Shot In The Arm

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont wants to get as many shots in the arms of residents as quickly as possible. He said the state's crucial vaccine rollout is the only way to ensure the vaccination that's needed to fully reopen.
3/12/202116 minutes, 24 seconds
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Capitol Avenue: Holding The Line

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont’s budget plan skips increasing taxes in favor of new revenue, dipping into savings and a federal bailout. Economists and lawmakers question whether it would be enough when the state is being confronted with big spending needs and a budget shortfall.
2/19/20219 minutes, 39 seconds
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Capitol Avenue: Friends In High Places

Connecticut could dodge raising taxes and keep a surplus in its next two-year budget while dealing with a pandemic. Governor Ned Lamont says that's far more likely now that Joe Biden is president.
1/28/20216 minutes, 20 seconds
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Capitol Avenue: King Ned

Governor Ned Lamont has pretty much run Connecticut without state lawmakers since March to handle the pandemic. Those emergency powers expire in February. What to make of Lamont’s rule by executive order as lawmakers return to Hartford for a new legislative session next month.
12/30/20209 minutes, 31 seconds
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Capitol Avenue: Is 2021 The Year For Pot?

Advocates — both encouraged by federal movement to decriminalize marijuana and states opting into the regulated market — say the possibility of Connecticut legalizing recreational marijuana in 2021 could be the economic driver the state has been looking for.
12/16/202013 minutes, 55 seconds
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Capitol Avenue: The GOP In The Wings

Connecticut’s Democratic governor will need support from Republican lawmakers to keep a Democratic supermajority in check.
12/3/20209 minutes, 32 seconds
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Capitol Avenue: Down Ballot

The Connecticut GOP are holding out hope to flip the state red this election.
10/22/202016 minutes, 6 seconds
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Capitol Avenue: City Flippers

Connecticut tries to attract new business to its former manufacturing towns.
10/8/202014 minutes, 30 seconds
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Capitol Avenue: Ballots Counted Here

Connecticut's local governments try to build confidence in the electoral process ahead of a hot presidential election amid of a pandemic.
9/23/202016 minutes, 59 seconds
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Capitol Avenue: What To Do With Connecticut's Flailing Utility Companies

Connecticut re-evaluates its relationship with power companies following another "once in a century" storm. Also, a closer look into a local utility that held up as a model as a win-win for ratepayers and the bottom-line.
9/8/202013 minutes, 38 seconds
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Police Accountability

Two lawmakers played a role in passing Connecticut's sweeping new police accountability law that would allow civil lawsuits against police officers accused of crimes while on duty. Senator Gary Winfield, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee is Black. Senate President Martin Looney is White. Both talk about how experiences as teenagers shaped their views on race.
7/31/20209 minutes, 50 seconds
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Interview: Professor Gary Rose On The Presidential Election That Went ‘Haywire’

Sacred Heart University Political Science Professor Gary Rose has just published a book on the 2016 presidential contest. It’s called Haywire. It chronicles what Rose calls “the most unconventional and outlandish presidential contest in the history of American politics.”
9/5/20177 minutes, 36 seconds
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Deep Blue Connecticut Faces Fiscal Woes. So Does Deep Red Oklahoma.

Connecticut is a blue state that has fiscal problems. Oklahoma is a red state that has fiscal problems. Conservatives blame Connecticut’s problems on liberal tax-and-spend policies. And liberals blame Oklahoma’s problems on conservative economic policies.
8/31/20173 minutes, 31 seconds
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How States That Have Decriminalized Marijuana Are Managing Its Recreational Use

In Connecticut, lawmakers ended their regular legislative session on Wednesday without reaching an agreement on the state’s next two-year budget. They are hoping to do that in special session before the end of the month.
6/12/20176 minutes, 17 seconds
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Organizing After The Women’s March: Local Lessons From The Tea Party

Since Donald Trump was inaugurated almost three weeks ago, there has hardly been a day without a protest. The demonstrations have been passionate and persistent, but it’s unclear where they’ll go from here.
2/8/20173 minutes, 50 seconds
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Crumbling Foundations In Eastern Connecticut: Who's Going To Pay For It?

Thousands of homeowners in northeastern Connecticut are facing a big problem. The foundations of their homes might be crumbling.
2/6/20174 minutes, 46 seconds
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Despite Boycott From Some Democrats, Mayor Ganim To Attend Trump Inauguration

Mayor Joe Ganim of Bridgeport, Connecticut, will be one of thousands of elected officials from across the country in Washington D.C. Friday to witness the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.
1/19/20174 minutes, 30 seconds