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English, Cookery, Food, Drink, 4 seasons, 42 episodes, 1 day 20 minutes
Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva®, is a nationally-syndicated food preservation expert and award-winning author who has spent over 25 years mastering the art and craft of home canning and food preservation. This podcast will share delicious water bath and pressure canning recipes from all three of her published works, will give tips and techniques on how to preserve food in jars, dehydrate, freeze and so much more. Diane will also share culinary techniques, dive into the science and math used to safely preserve food and provide her personal experiences along the way. Learn how to safely preserve food for long-term storage in this rebirth of Diane's long-standing podcast, Canning with The Diva!™.
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Pressure Canning Mushrooms

In this fun episode of Canning with The Diva!™, Diane shares the many reasons to preserve mushrooms in a jar. She will give you a variety of popular cultivated mushroom species to preserve and will touch on pressure canning wild mushrooms so all of you foragers out there have an additional storage method.Tune in and learn the instructions on how to safely preserve mushrooms in a jar for long-term storage as well as a variety of uses for your beautifully preserved fungi. Diane will also share information on pressure canning Hen of the Woods and why canning wild mushrooms has such a bad rap.For more information on today’s episode and to download pressure canning mushroom instructions, click the link: information on preserving Hen of the Woods, click the link:<a href='
29/02/202427 minutes 5 seconds
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Creating & Canning Corned Beef Hash

Diane Devereaux, The Canning Diva®, starts off season 4 of Canning with The Diva!™ in style with her delicious pressure canning recipe, Corned Beef Hash. Even better, she gives you the recipe and steps to corn your own beef so you may create and preserve not only corned beef hash, but Irish Jig in a Jar.Diane shares the easy steps required to corn your own meat, shares her secret spice mix and gives you tips and techniques to produce excellent results time and time again. Her two canning recipes can be found in her cookbooks, Canning Full Circle and The Complete Guide to Pressure Canning.Tune in and learn how to preserve a hearty stick-to-the-ribs breakfast and a scrumptious meal in a jar with your host, Diane, The Canning Diva!Click here to purchase your copy of Canning Full Circle, revised and expanded edition.<a href='https://canningd
22/02/202432 minutes 18 seconds