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Candid Chemical Engineering

English, Education, 1 season, 7 episodes, 3 hours, 17 minutes
Candid Chemical Engineering is a podcast for chemical engineering students, by chemical engineering students. Officers of Texas Undergraduate Chemical Engineering Women (UChEW) demystify chemical engineering for high school and college students. We offer our honest opinions and experiences as we navigate earning our degrees in chemical engineering.
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Interview with UChEW's President - Cailyn Stewart

This week we are interviewing the president of the very club that helped bring this podcast to life. Cailyn is a current senior studying chemical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. She has been involved in many different organizations such as Orange Jackets and did a project for Humanitarian Engineering. Listen to this weeks episode to find out how she tackled it all and what her four years on the forty acres were like!
12/4/202039 minutes, 50 seconds
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This week we are talking about what else you can take in college besides your chemical engineering classes. Are you interested in Government? Business? Teaching? Listen to this weeks episode to see what we recommend and to learn that advisors are a students best friend. 
11/13/202021 minutes, 53 seconds
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Living with Roommates

This week we are talking about something that can make or break your college experience: Roommates. We will go over our best tips to find a great roommate and how we set up proper boundaries with our roommates.
10/9/202029 minutes, 40 seconds
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Interview Insights

This week we are talking about our worst, best, and weirdest interview experiences. We will also go over expectations for the interviewee and the interviewer so you can prepare for every interview situation.   
9/18/202031 minutes, 47 seconds
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What is Chemical Engineering?

Welcome to Candid ChemE, finally a honest way to learn what Chemical Engineering really is! In Episode 1 we're talking all things intro. We'll introduce our hosts, try to break down the definition of Chemical Engineering, and why we chose it. 
8/28/202017 minutes, 55 seconds