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Hosts Andrew King and Mike Raine bring you the latest insider look at the Canadian music industry. Listen to in-depth interviews with music experts, industry professionals, musicians, songwriters, and producers. Produced by Canadian Musician Magazine - For more information contact us at [email protected]. Listen and subscribe in Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.
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MOD Founder Joseph Pinho on Problems and Solutions for Band Merchandise

It’s essential these days as an artist or band to have merch available. Not only can t-shirts and other apparel generate income for musicians, they’re also a great way to advertise. Yet with production costs rising and other issues coming up in the world of merchandising, things can be difficult for artists at many levels these days. MOD (Merch on Demand) is a platform designed specifically for music artists. Their mission is to revolutionize the way artists create, sell, and connect with their fans through merchandise. Here, founder Joseph Pinho takes us through the history of MOD, and the ways he hopes it will help musicians.
9/6/202336 minutes, 3 seconds
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BreakOut West Programming Manager Liam Prost on What to Expect This Year

With BreakOut West only a few months away, we caught up with Programming Manager Liam Prost to chat about what’s going on this year at the music industry conference and showcase festival. BreakOut West’s 2023 edition takes place October 11-15 in Kelowna, BC. We hope to see some of you out there!
8/30/202341 minutes, 27 seconds
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Housewife’s Brighid Fry on Horror Movies, the Climate Crisis, and Trying to Keep her Songwriting Organized

Brighid Fry likes to describe her Toronto-based outfit Housewife as a project comprised of anyone who collaborates with her—in Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York City-based recording studios, or on tour everywhere across North America. Right now, Fry has her sights set on the future, with her volunteer work with the musician-led activism group Music Declares Emergency, as well as the writing and recording of new music.
8/23/202342 minutes, 31 seconds
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Redpath Traffic's Richard Todd on Why Starting a Band has No Age Limit

This week, we're joined by Richard Todd, guitarist and vocalist of Toronto progressive rock trio Redpath Traffic. Todd and his bandmates may range from their 50s to 70s, but they're out to prove that you can start a band at any point in life, and music isn't all about youth.
8/16/202322 minutes, 17 seconds
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Luthier Tim Wilson on Sustainability in Guitar Building

We have an interesting topic on today’s episode. As the label coordinator and artist manager at MDC Music, as well as production lead and showcase presenter for Breaking Sound, Tim Wilson’s life is fully immersed in music. Wilson is also a trained luthier, and back in his school days, delved into the topic of sustainability in guitar manufacturing for a term project. Here, he discusses the steps the lutherie industry can take to make the craft of guitar building more environmentally beneficial.
8/9/202341 minutes, 33 seconds
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Aphrose on Finding Her Voice, Blending Styles, and Vocal Coaching

Aphrose puts a modern spin on R&B and soul with relatable lyrics and glittery melodies. The Scarborough native was raised by Trinidadian parents who owned a record store on Toronto's West side, exposing her to the Soulful delights of Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and Michael Jackson. After Canadian singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk heard her on the radio, she reached out to Aphrose directly and invited her to open for her and husband Raine Maida's Moon vs. Sun tour. In addition to her own music, Aphrose has sung backup for Daniel Caesar, Lee Fields & The Expressions, Jessie Reyez, and Charlotte Day Wilson. Check out our interview with Aphrose, and listen to her new single, "YaYa," now.
8/2/202325 minutes, 19 seconds
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Canadian Musician’s Feature Interview with Jayda G

For our most recent issue of Canadian Musician magazine, Editor Matt Bauer chatted with Grammy-nominated house music producer and DJ Jayda G to talk about her newest release, Guy. Titled after her late father, Guy, is Jayda G’s most personal release to date. Known worldwide for her exuberant DJ sets, the Grand Forks, BC-born and London, UK-based writer, producer, DJ, environmental toxicologist, and broadcaster has crafted a vivid, danceable tapestry in tribute to her father Richard Guy who passed when Jayda was ten. Listen to the full interview here.
7/26/202324 minutes, 54 seconds
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HERDD on Reinventing Himself, Sobriety, and Finding His Voice

We're joined this week by HERDD, a Sudbury, ON-based electro-pop artist who is in the midst of perfecting his newest record. HERDD chats about the challenges of being sober in the music industry, what it takes to reinvent one's artist identity, being a perfectionist, and more. This interview explores some heavy topics, so listener discretion is advised.
7/19/202359 minutes, 31 seconds
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Wallace da Silva and Nick Souza on the Rise of Baile Funk in Canada

This week, our gusts are Wallace da Silve, the promoter behind Nitro Funk, and Toronto artist Nick Souza. The two are part of a wave of Baile Funk in Canada. The high-energy music originated in Brazil and is amking its way into the global market, with some major stars getting in on the action.
7/12/202331 minutes, 26 seconds
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Music Publishers Canada's Margaret McGuffin on the 2023 Women in the Studio National Accelerator Program

This week, our guest is Music Publishers Canada (MPC) CEO Margaret McGuffin. In addition to chatting about MPC's work and what it is that music publishers do, McGuffin gives us the details on this year's Women in the Studio National Accelerator program. First launched the program regionally in 2019 and expanded nationally in 2020, this is the fifth cohort the Accelerator is supporting. It is designed to provide the group with opportunities for skills development and networking that they may otherwise be unable to access.
7/5/202330 minutes, 16 seconds
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Skye Wallace on Cowriting, Tour Prep, and Festival Slots

This week, we're joined by Toronto-based singer-songwriter Skye Wallace. Currently. Wallace is in the midst of preparations for the rest of her year on the road, while also working on new music. Here, Wallace discusses the differences between festival slots and headline shows, as well as learning to write with other songwriters and how it's enriched her music.
6/21/202330 minutes, 15 seconds
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Big Little Lions on Crafting a Concept Album, Working Remotely, and Intricate Set-ups

This week, we go all the way back to the beginning with B.C./Ohio-based duo Big Little Lions, who have recently released their seventh album and first concept album, AMPM. The duo explore the beginnigns of their work together and the discovery of their musical chemistry, and explain how they write, record, and rehearse from afar.
6/14/202336 minutes, 18 seconds
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Desiree Dorion on Writing Personal Songs, Operating Independently, and Raising Kids as an Artist

This week, we're joined by JUNO-nominated Indigenous Country artist and advocate, Desiree Dorion. Dorion discusses the meaning behind some of her lyrics and what it's like to put personal stories out into the world, and shares some insights on raising kids as an artist. Dorion recently released her fifth studio album, That's How I Know, featuring songs co-written with Crystal Shawanda and Dave Wasyliw (Doc Walker). Having appeared on Canada's Top 100 Country Charts a whopping six times, Desiree is celebrated for her exceptional storytelling ability and relatable songs. The album navigates a variety of themes, from dealing with a loved one's addiction, to exploring a crush and simply having fun. The title track from her latest project is a fun, upbeat song that celebrates love through actions, no matter how small.
6/7/202339 minutes, 51 seconds
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Guitar Workshop Plus Founder Brian Murray on This Year's Edition

This week, we're joined by guitar Workshop Plus Founder Brian Murray, who takes us through his years running the show. We explore the past, present, and future of Guitar Workshop Plus, and the past, present, and future of guitar music.
5/31/202337 minutes, 35 seconds
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Mares of Thrace's Thérèse Lanz on New Music, Overseas Touring, and Working as a Duo

This week, we're joined by Mares of Thrace's Thérèse Lanz, who fills us in on her band's new music, touring plans, and much more. Mares of Thrace, the Calgary sludge/doom metal duo, is riding high after returning from a decade-long hiatus, and things just aren't slowing down. Also, for anyone wondering whether the band is looking for a bassist, the answer is no, and Lanz explains why here.
5/24/202334 minutes, 16 seconds
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SING! Is Coming Back to Toronto

This week, our guest is Chris Tsujiuchi, one of the Artistic Directors of SING! The Toronto International Vocal Arts Festival, which runs May 29-June 4. This year, SING! will feature all kinds of a cappella arts, from broadway singing to beatboxing, and much, much more. Listen on to learn about what to expect at this year's edition.
5/17/202326 minutes, 11 seconds
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NXNE's Michael Hollett on What to Expect at This Year's Festival

This week, we catch up with North By Northeast (NXNE) President Michael Hollett ahead of this year's festival. NXNE takes place June 13-17 in Toronto and features nesrly 300 emerging artists. Listen on to hear about wehat went into NXNE building back up aftet the pandemic to come back stronger than ever.
5/10/202333 minutes, 28 seconds
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Justus Hajas on Guitars, TikTok, NAMM, Video Games, and More

Our guest this week is solo artist and TikToker Justus Hajas, a young shredder who has already amassed an impressive online following. Hajas takes us through his beginnings as a musician and content creator, his recent trip to NAMM, his endorsement with Ernie Ball, and more. He even critiques our host's guitar in a shout to one of his most popular series of TikToks.
5/3/202336 minutes, 34 seconds
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Velvet Code and Brayo Brians on the You Do You Foundation

So Fierce Music is a Canadian-based entertainment and education company founded by DJ/Producer Velvet Code. So Fierce is Canada’s leading record label home for 2SLGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Two-Spirit, Intersex, Asexual) creators. So Fierce Music’s non-profit organization, the YOU DO YOU Foundation supports 2SLGBTQ+ and QBIPOC (Queer Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) music artists and musicians with an opportunity create music and express themselves. We caught up with Velvet Code and artist Brayo Brians to talk about the work being done by the You Do You Foundation.
4/26/202331 minutes, 52 seconds
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CIMA's Andrew Cash on the Make It Music Summit

As we’re one week away from the Canadian Independent Musician’s Association (CIMA)'s first ever Make It Music summit, we caught up with CIMA president and CEO Andrew Cash to talk about the event. The Make It Music summit will take place April 25-26 at Toronto’s Offworld. Listen on to find out all about the event and what to expect.
4/19/202327 minutes, 35 seconds
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Brandon Wolfe Scott on Solo Adventures, Life in a Band, and Prized Gear

This week, we're joined by Brandon Wolfe Scott, best known as the guitarist of Yukon Blonde. With a recently released solo effort, Scott has been trying out new, different things, and discovering more about his own musicianship in the process. Here, Scott talks about finding a balance between his work with Yukon Blonde and his solo endeavours, as well as some of his prized and coveted musical istruments and accessories.
4/5/202329 minutes, 37 seconds
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Stephen Richardson, Heidi Wood & MusiCounts on the Importance of Music Education

Just ahead of the 2023 Juno Awards, we caught up with MusiCounts Music Teacher of the Year Award nominees Stephen Richardson and Heidi Wood, as well as MusiCounts' Nick Godsoe to talk what makes effective music education, and why it's important to have access to. Richardson is the music teacher for École St.Joseph School in Yellowknife, NWT, while Wood teaches at Joane Cardinal-Schubert High School in Calgary, AB. Godsoe is Senior Manager, Programs & Education for MusiCounts. The three each bring a unique perspective to this roundtable discussion.
3/29/202330 minutes
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Ben Murphy on the Launch of Sommo Festival

PEI’s Sommo Festival boasts a massive line up for a first-year festival. With hopes to make it an annual event, Ben Murphy and his team at Whitecap Entertainment (the group behind the award-winning Cavendish Beach Music Festival) put a lot of work into the launch, and the festival will be taking place this July. Before starting on the panning, the team did a deep dive into what the community enjoyed about live music events and how they could make it the most enjoyable for all. Of course, everyone said the only thing they like better than live music is delicious food, so Sommo was born.
3/22/202338 minutes, 39 seconds
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Ernesto Cervini on Finding Inspiration in Literature

This week, we’re joined by Ernesto Cervini, one of Canada’s premiere jazz artists, who also runs Orange Grove Publicity. The drummer, composer, and bandleader chats about making a life and a living in the music business, and the literary inspirations behind his latest offering, 2022’s Joy. The Juno-nominated Joy was inspired by a series of book’s Cervini loves: Louise Penny’s Three Pines series. The album is a musical journey through the soul and heart of the series and the characters who inhabit it, guided by an adoring fan. Cervini’s music and personality beam with unbridled joy and this album is a true reflection of that.
3/15/202348 minutes, 13 seconds
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The East Pointers on Pushing Through Loss, Family Life, and East Coast Music

This week, we're joined by Tim Chaisson and Jake Charron of Canadian pop-folk band The East Pointers, who recently received a JUNO Award nomination for Contemporary Roots Album of The Year for their EP, House of Dreams. In January 2022, the band suffered an unimaginable loss with the sudden passing of member Koady Chaisson, but Tim Chaisson and Jake Charron have continued to carry on and keep Koady’s spirit alive with the release of their recent album and more new music to come.
3/8/202340 minutes
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Gorguts' Luc Lemay on New Music, New Shows, and New Passion

This week we are joined by Luc Lemay, lead vocalist and guitarist of the Canadian death metal band Gorguts. Originally from Sherbrooke, Quebec, Gorguts has been around since 1989, with Lemay as its only constant member. The band was in a years-long period of inactivity since 2016, but they've recently gotten back together are laying out plans for a new album, with some new shows announced coming up this spring.
3/1/202349 minutes, 39 seconds
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Carly Walton on the Benefits of Online Teaching

It's obvious that online teaching saw a huge rise during the pandemic, and for some, it proved to be a more efficient model. This week, Teach Music Online's Carly Walton joins us to talk about what it takes to pivot to a new teaching and learning model, and explores the benefits of being an online teacher, but also the results students can see from learning at home.
2/22/202328 minutes, 43 seconds
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Angelique Francis on Telling Stories Through Music

This week, we're joined by Ottawa blues artist and Juno nominee Angelique Francis, whose latest album, Long River, is up for Blues Album of the Year at the 2023 Juno Awards. Francis delves into her writing process, shares her tips for keeping a neat schedule, and explores the themes of her music, as well as what it's like to be a true multi-instrumentalist and major award nominee. Francis is known for her eclectic mix of various musical genres including blues, soul, folk, jazz, gospel, and rock. She has shared the stage with or opened for a roster of well-known musicians such as Gary Clark Jr, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Gales, Keb’ Mo’, Jimmy Vivino, Beth Hart, Tom Cochran, Burton Cummings, Sugar Ray, and more.
2/15/202333 minutes, 31 seconds
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William Carn on his Never-Ending Exploration of New Musical Challenges

William Carn is one of Canada’s leading contemporary jazz trombonists and composers. His latest release, Choices, is the culmination of over two years of work during the pandemic, and a major stylistic departure. With the help of Toronto producer HiFiLo (aka Todd Pentney), this recording was augmented, edited, and mixed remotely as well. The compositions on Choices were all inspired by various major events from the past two and a half years: the fear of the unknown, BLM and HK protests, the war in Ukraine, the passing of their beloved eldest cat, as well as general feelings of gratitude and love. The two central themes of this recording are reaction and reflection.
2/8/202343 minutes, 31 seconds
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A Conversation with Lyric Vids President Anthony Craparotta

We delve behind the scenes on the making of many of the lyric videos we’ve all seen for some of our favourite songs, but probably haven’t thought too much about, as far as who made them goes. Lyric Vids is one of the music industry's leading lyric video production companies, with quite the portfolio under its belt. The 100% Canadian company has garnered more than 250 million YouTube views to date; and produced videos for some of the biggest names in music.
2/1/202341 minutes, 30 seconds
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Honeymoon Suite's Derry Grehan and his New Signature Godin Model

Today, we're joined by a stalwart Canadian musician, who is none other than Honeymoon Suite’s Derry Grehan. Here, Grehan chats about the process of making his new Godin Guitars signature model, as well as his practice routines, writing process, and new material. Honeymoon Suite, formed in 1981 in Niagara Falls, ON, is one of Canada's best-known rock bands, with hits like "New Girl Now," "Feel It Again," and "Burning in Love."
1/25/202339 minutes, 15 seconds
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Chase the Bear's Troy Gilmore and Producer Danny Craig

Today we have an interview with with Vancouver-based rock band Chase The Bear’s vocalist Troy Gilmore, as well as producer Danny Craig. Chase The Bear is set to release their debut album Honey on January 20, 2023 via Rock Is Dead Records. Honey was produced by Danny Craig, who is the co-founder of new Vancouver-based record label Rock Is Dead Records (the first-ever label to be distributed by 604 Records) and a member of Canadian rock band Default. Originally hailing from Fort St. John, BC, Chase The Bear includes vocalist Troy Gilmore, along with guitarists Leo Gilmore and Jordan Philips, drummer Connor Brooks, keyboardist Kevin Parker and bassist Braedan Royer. The act has performed over one hundred shows, including a sold-out show opening for The Trews at Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom.
1/18/202345 minutes, 12 seconds
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Lindsay Schoolcraft on Growing as an Artist and Being a Lifelong Learner

Today's guest on the Canadian Musician Podcast is Lindsay Schoolcraft, a JUNO-nominated singer, harpist, pianist, songwriter, and more from Oshawa, ON. In 2021, Schoolcraft took home the Oshawa Music Award for Artist of the Year, and she’s been releasing her own solo music since 2010, which blends symphonic elements with modern metal music. Schoolcraft is also always looking to further her musical education and knowledge, and even coaches other artists on how the music business works. Listen to hear Schoolcraft's thoughts on life in the music industry, her own development as an artist throughout her career, and how you can never learn too much, or even enough, about music.
1/11/20231 hour, 2 minutes
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KEN mode's Jesse Matthewson on Life on Tour and Aging as a Performer

On this week's episode of the Canadian Musician Podcast, we're joined by KEN mode vocalist/guitarist Jesse Matthewson, ahead of the release of the Winnipeg noise rock outfit's latest offering, Null. Matthewson gets candid about what life on tour is really like, what it takes to work together as a band, and how he keeps his performances consistent as he gets older. KEN mode, formed in 1999 by Matthewson, along with his brother, drummer Shane Matthewson, has released eight studio albums and done a massive amount of touring in their tenure as a band. They also took home a JUNO Award in 2012 for Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year for their album Venerable.
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Whitehorse on Unlikely Inspirations, Looping Headaches, and Writing in Lockdown

This week, we bring you our first episode hosted by Manus Hopkins, one of Canadian Musician's editors, who has taken up the mantle of podcast host from Mike Raine. We're sad to see Mike go and know he'll be missed, but the podcast will go on, and we hope you'll all continue to tune in each week. Today's interview is with Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet, the husband-and-wife duo that forms Hamilton folk-rock band Whitehorse. Whitehorse's new album, I'm Not Crying, You're Crying, is out January 13. Here, Doucet and McClelland take us through the process of making new music together in lockdown, and share stories from throughout the band's career about how they became the group they are today. They even set the record straight about how they really chose their name.
12/21/202241 minutes, 6 seconds
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Menno Versteeg on How Royal Mountain Records Accidentally Became the Best Indie Label

So, this is it, Mike Raine’s last episode as host of the Canadian Musician Podcast. Mike kicks off the show by introducing you to Manus Hopkins, one of the editors at Canadian Musician who you’ll be hearing on the podcast from now on. And then, Mike shares his last interview for the Canadian Musician Podcast, and it’s a prime example of the type of conversation he’s loved having here. It is with Menno Versteeg, founder of Royal Mountain Records and former frontman of the band Hollerado. Menno – in his typical funny, honest, and self-deprecating way – tells the story of Royal Mountain’s creation and how it almost accidently grew into Canada’s best indie label, with an all-star roster that includes Alvvays, Mac Demarco, Orville Peck, PUP, and so many more outstanding artists.
12/14/202246 minutes, 40 seconds
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Velveteen Music's Brad Simons on a Modern Approach to Creation for Musicians & Producers

On this week’s episode, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine chats with Brad Simons. Brad is a man of many hats — he is a musician, computer scientist, Juno-nominated producer, and the owner of Edmonton-based studio and artist services company Velveteen Music. Brad tells Mike about his life in the music industry and the evolving vision for Velveteen Music and how he and his team are creating a multi-faceted company and studio facility that is geared towards helping indie musicians not just record music, but empower them with additional tools and content that are needed in the digital era. They also go down a rabbit hole of discussing the pros and cons of streaming apps and how the platforms could be made better for both music fans and the folks behind the scenes who help make the music.
12/7/202246 minutes, 6 seconds
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Sound Royalties Brings Its Funding Solutions to Canadian Indie Artists

Joining Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine on the podcast this week is Vanessa Thomas, who was recently tapped to lead Sound Royalties’ Canadian operation. Sound Royalties offers a unique royalty advance model for independent artists and small music companies. Vanessa is a respected Canadian industry expert with more than two decades of music industry experience, including six years running Canada’s Songwriters Hall of Fame as part of her work with SOCAN. Canada provides notable funding for the arts, but advances can still often be limited and capped. This is not always in line with the rapidly changing financial needs of the artist. The working relationship between Thomas and Sound Royalties aims to provide more nimble options to existing funding solutions that can help to build a more robust music ecosystem in Canada.
11/30/202232 minutes, 38 seconds
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Sakamoto Agency President Paul Biro’s Approach to Business & Relationships in Live Music

On the podcast this week, Mike Raine chats with award-winning artist agent and event promoter Paul Biro. He is the co-founder, president, and operating partner at the Sakamoto Agency, one of the top companies in Canada’s live country music industry. He has also helped lead Sakamoto’s expansion with the creation of the Sakamoto Music record label and GPS Promotions. Paul recently received his fourth Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) Award as the Talent Buyer or Promoter of the Year. The Sakamoto Agency also continued its CCMA Award streak after winning the Booking Agency of the Year award for the third year in a row. Paul takes Mike all the way back to his days as a truck driver and how that actually helped him break into the radio and music industry. From there, Paul discusses the creation and growth of Sakamoto Agency, his approach to artist relations, how to grow artists’ live careers, the future of radio, and a lot more.
11/23/20221 hour, 1 second
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Bands on the Rise: Goodnight Sunrise & Les Shirley

This week on the podcast, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine speaks with two rising Canadian rock bands who he’s become a big fan of, Goodnight Sunrise and Les Shirley. First up, Mike chat with Vanessa Vakharia and David Kochberg of Toronto-based band Goodnight Sunrise about their new album, ‘Against All Odds,’ and Christmas single, “Single All the Way,” as well as getting on streaming playlists and radio, album art, and, naturally, the classic Christmas rom-com Love Actually. Next, Mike spoke with Raphaëlle Chouinard and Sarah Dion of Montreal-based band Les Shirley. Their musical style is redefining the indie rock genre connecting the dots between 90’s grunge, 2000’s punk rock culture and catchy pop tunes. The girls are solid musicians with a flair for flaming hot melodies and bursting riffs. In 2019, they were named the best breakout band in the province at the Alternative Independent Music Gala of Quebec. Mike spoke with them on the day their new album, More is More, was released.
11/17/20221 hour, 1 minute, 19 seconds
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4KORNERS on Being the Toronto Raptors’ Official DJ & Throwing the World’s Greatest Party

Producer and Toronto Raptors official DJ, 4KORNERS, tells his story, from journalism student to DJing NBA games and parties for A-list celebrities. He has just released his highly anticipated debut full-length album 4KORNERS of the World . This new album is destined to make waves not just throughout Canada, but around the world. In this chat with Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine, he tells the story of becoming only the second official team DJ in the NBA, the behind-the-scenes trick and stories, and a whole lot more. This is definitely a fun conversation!
11/9/202251 minutes, 26 seconds
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David Strickland’s Pioneering Life in Hip-Hop Production

On the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine welcome David "Gordo" Strickland, one of the pioneers of hip-hop production and recording in Canada. He’s an Indigenous, Toronto-born and based award-winning engineer, mixer, producer and DJ. Known for being behind the boards on iconic hip-hop and R&B records for over two decades, his work has graced seminal tracks by the likes of Pete Rock, Erick Sermon, EPMD, Keith Murray, Redman and Method Man, to records by ground-breaking Toronto hip-hop acts, including Drake, k-os, Ghetto Concept, Jelleestone, Kardinal Offishall, Jully Black, and Choclair. David's two most recent collaborative albums, Spirit Of Hip Hop (2020, Entertainment One) and Spirit Of Hip Hop: Elements (2022), highlights some of North America's hip-hop progenitors and innovative Indigenous artists alike to share an embodiment of the teachings, art, traditions, and music of the community, aligned with his Indigenous heritage. In this chat, David tells Mike about how he got his start and built his engineering skills, being thrown into the fire as a newbie on an album by Saukrates, and working his way through the industry from there.
11/2/202246 minutes, 15 seconds
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Thompson Egbo-Egbo Has the World at His Finger Tips

This week on the podcast, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine welcomes Thompson Egbo-Egbo, a celebrated and internationally acclaimed pianist and composer from Toronto. His new album, What Remains, is out this Friday, October 28, via MNRK Music. Born in Nigeria, moving to Canada at age four, and learning piano at age six, there was concern that the renowned jazz pianist wasn't adjusting well in school. His mom decided to enroll him in music lessons. At Dixon Hall, a community centre down the street from where Thompson grew up in Toronto's Regent Park neighbourhood, he was able to take piano lessons at two dollars a session. Growing up in subsidized government development area of Toronto, Thompson was inspired by Dixon Hall’s mission to build a musical school gave neighborhood kids access of affordable music lessons. Thompson went on to earn degrees in music from Humber College, and music production at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and has released numerous works and collaborating with some of the world’s most renowned artists. In 2021, Thompson portrayed a young Oscar Peterson in an episode of Historica Canada’s Heritage Minute, honouring the artist’s life and career. While he was set to cross the pond for a recording opportunity at Abbey Road Studios in London, UK, Thompson was still able to proceed in Toronto to write and record Oddly Familiar – an album released and archived with Audio Network’s sync library.
10/26/202243 minutes, 14 seconds
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Roblox, The Metaverse & A New Frontier in Music

Joining Mike on the podcast this week is Josh Neuman, the president and co-CEO of MELON, a powerhouse metaverse game development studio focused on Roblox. Josh explains why Roblox offers a lot of untapped potential for virtual music events, as well as a platform for audience growth and engagement, revenue generation, and more. He also explains why he thinks a lot of metaverse music experiences are misguided. Before arriving at Melon, Josh was an artist manager for major artists like Tiësto and Fall Out Boy and and built major artist management firms. He also founded Recreation Worldwide, a brand creative agency and the THUMP EDM content platform, which were acquired by VICE Media in 2016. Josh has been at the intersection of celebrity culture, media, brands and marketing throughout his career and has architected some of the most innovative partnerships in the space. The development team at MELON has been behind numerous music events on the immersive game platform Roblox, having worked with artists including Tai Verdes, Ava Max, KSI, and Zara Larsson on their Roblox events, as well as experiences for clients like the NFL, Chipotle, and Mattel. In July, MELON announced a $5 million seed round, which included investment from the likes of Crush Ventures (the investment arm of Crush Music), Deborah Dugan (former CEO of Product (RED) and the Recording Academy of Music), Spencer Baim (former CCO of VICE Media), and Gene Salomon (partner at leading entertainment law firm Gang, Tyre, Ramer, Brown & Passman).
10/19/202246 minutes, 51 seconds
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Music Canada CEO Patrick Rogers on Bill C-11 & Why Bringing CanCon to Streaming is So Close, Yet So Far

Back on the podcast this week is Music Canada CEO Patrick Rogers. With Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine, Patrick gets into the weeds and behind the scenes on Bill C-11, aka The Online Streaming Act, in which the federal government aims to bring streaming companies like Spotify and Netflix into the CanCon regulatory regime. Patrick has been one of the music industry representatives to testify before the Senate Committee on Bill C-11 and Music Canada has been vocally supportive of the Bill, though it also has a couple important concerns, which Patrick gets into. In this conversation, Patrick brings some fascinating and important insights based on his many years working on legislation in the federal government. Prior to joining Music Canada in 2016, Patrick worked in Stephen Harper’s Prime Minister’s Office from 2010-2013, and then was the Director of Policy for the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages from 2013-2015. Based on that experience, Patrick offers some insight as to why Bill C-11 is constructed like it is, for better or worse, and shares some anecdotes from his appearance in the Senate.
10/12/202259 minutes, 45 seconds
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A Deep Dive into Music Supervision & Sync Licensing Why do music supervisors choose the songs they do for TV shows, movies, and commercials? And how do those songs get licensed, and for how much? How do music supervisors even do their job? How do indie artists pitch to music supervisors? For Canadian Musician and NWC's free September 2022 webinar, Editor-in-Chief Michael Raine was joined by one of Canada's most esteemed music supervisors to answer these questions and lots more. They address all aspects of music supervision and sync licensing from both the artist's and music supervisor's perspective. This week on the Canadian Musician Podscast, we're sharing that informative conversation, including the audience Q&A. Cody Partridge is the President and Lead Music Supervisor at Pear Tree Music Supervision. With close to a decade of experience in the industry, his 150+ credits help demonstrate his versatility in navigating music clearances and placements over all forms of media. Cody prides himself on being an Indiana Jones of music clearances, constantly finding the hidden gems, and never allowing rights holders to go undiscovered. In addition, he is also well versed in navigating Unions implications when placing any affiliated recordings, assuring clients a pleasurable, worry-free experience in all aspects of authentic music use. Some highlights of his recent credits include: Letterkenny, Schitt’s Creek, and various advertising campaigns, including Telus, Canada Life, and Scotiabank. Cody is also on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Guild of Music Supervisors, and acts as the Treasurer. At the 2022 Canadian Sync Music Awards, Cody took home four honours for: Best Sync – Sports Program or Sports Promo; Best Sync – Soundtrack, Original Film or Episodic Series for Streaming Platform (for Letterkenny); Best Sync – Soundtrack, Episodic Series (for Letterkenny); and Best Sync – Scene, Feature Film or Documentary Film (for Wildhood).
10/5/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

CanCon, Streaming & the Controversial ‘Online Streaming Act’ with Michael Geist; PLUS, Guitarist Extraordinaire Jeff Gunn

First up this week, one of Canada’s leading experts on internet regulation and e-commerce law, Michael Geist, returns to the podcast to dissect Bill C-11, aka the Online Streaming Act, as Senate committees get underway. Geist, who often butts heads with the music industry, explains where there’s agreement and conflict between entertainment companies, streaming services, and the government with regards to the new law, how it could be implemented, which aims to regulate streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix in order to promote and fund Canadian artistic content. As well, guitarist, songwriter, and producer Jeff Gunn returns to talk about his own musical and professional evolution, music education, playing at Ringo Starr’s birthday party, and a lot more.
9/28/20221 hour, 18 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Alexisonfire’s Dallas Green & George Pettit: The CM Cover Story Interview

On the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Assistant Editor Manus Hopkins shares his recent conversation with Dallas Green and George Pettit from the mega influential post-hardcore band, Alexisonfire. This is one of the conversations with the band the Manus had for the latest cover story in Canadian Musician magazine. In it, George and Dallas talk about the band’s early years, their, breakup and time apart, their recent reunion and new hit album, Otherness (Dine Alone Records), and their influence on younger bands. Enter CM's Alexisonfire sweeps at for a chance to win one vinyl copy of Otherness, one Otherness star t-shirt in a size of the winner’s choosing, and one Otherness keychain. Check out the full Alexisonfire story in the September/October 2022 issue of Canadian Musician, alongside other great features, columns, and more!
9/22/202252 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

Jason Blaine on the Country Music Business & Shifting to Alt-Country; PLUS, Rich Chambers on Tackling a Music Career at a Later Age

First up on the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine chats with award-winning country artist Jason Blaine about his shift away from mainstream, radio-focused music to a more soulful alternative country sound with his latest album, Diamond in the Desert. It earned him a 2022 Canadian Country Music Association Award nomination in the Alternative Country Album of the Year category. Jason gets into the songwriting and recording of the new album, and also how he has managed the shifting expectations from fans and industry, as well as himself. The second conversation this week is with Rich Chambers, a rock and roll artist out of Vancouver who, after decades raising a family and in a professional academic career, has thrown himself into a music career. Rich wrote an interesting email to Mike that caught his attention, which Mike shares here and explains why he thinks Rich’s story will resonate with a lot of listeners. It’s an inspiring conversation about art, dreams, life, and growing older in this world of music.
9/14/20221 hour, 2 minutes
Episode Artwork

Cadence Weapon’s Hard-Earned Lessons for Life in Music

Now 36 years old, and just a year removed from winning the Polaris Music Prize, Rollie Pemberton (better known as Cadence Weapon) is able to reflect on the significant highs and lows he’s had in his career. From a rap-obsessed Black kid in Edmonton who shared lyrics on early internet message boards, to a teenager with critically-acclaimed albums but stuck in an exploitive label deal, to an entrepreneurial independent artist navigating the business on his own terms, Pemberton has lived multiple lives in the music business and has the lessons to prove it. He shares his story and all the lessons learned along the way in his new book, Bedroom Rapper (Penguin Random House Canada). It’s both an illuminating memoir and a guidebook to the music business for independent artists. Here, Pemberton chats with Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief about his career and shares many great stories along the way.
9/7/20221 hour, 1 minute, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hip-Hop/Soul Artist & Financial Coach Dynesti Williams; Plus, Beloved Punk Band The Flatliners Celebrate 20 Years

First up on the show this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine chats with Dynesti Williams, an independent hip-hop and soul singer who also works a financial coach. Dynesti tells Mike about growing up in a low-income household in Toronto and learning to use the programs that were available to young artists to further her career. She then discusses how that led her to a career in finance and the key lessons about money that she shares with other up-and-coming indie artists. The second interview this week is with Chris Cresswell of beloved Canadian punk band The Flatliners. They guys are back with their sixth LP, New Ruin (Dine Alone Records) and are also celebrating their 20th anniversary together. Chris and Mike chat about the band’s longevity and evolution, their relationships with each other and their fans, writing political punk songs, the advantages bands in Southern Ontario have over artists in other parts of Canada, and more.
8/31/20221 hour, 19 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Michael Barclay on ‘Hearts On Fire: Six Years that Changed Canadian Music, 2000-2005’

Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Feist, Tegan and Sara, Metric, Broken Social Scene, The New Pornographers, Peaches, Danko Jones, The Weakerthans, Alexisonfire, Kardinal Offishall, Fucked Up, and the list keep going and going. The early 2000s were a special time in Canadian music. It was a moment when the rest of the world really took notice of Canadian indie music. Suddenly, we were cool! And so, this week on the podcast, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Michael Raine is joined by music journalist, author, and music historian Michael Barclay to discuss his latest book, Hearts on Fire: Six Years that Changed Canadian Music, 2000-2005. Barclay discusses the socio-economic factors that allowed for thriving music scenes all around Canada in those years, in the influence of Napster and file sharing, his own experiences interviewing bands and attending concerts in that era, the relationships between the bands, Canada’s perpetual inferiority complex when it comes to art, and more.
8/24/202254 minutes, 45 seconds
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Tackling Music Streaming’s $300 Million (Or More) Fraud Problem

This week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine is joined by Morgan Hayduk and Andrew Batey, co-founders and co-CEOs of Beatdapp, a Canada-based company that is tackling the huge issue of streaming fraud. Morgan and Andrew reveal why they think the common estimate of $300 million per year in lost royalties is actually too conservative when it comes to music streaming fraud, and how their team of data scientist and engineers uses cross-platform analysis to expose fraudulent streams in the DSPs’ data. They also discuss how the fraudsters are operating, why it’s nearly impossible for a streaming service to find all fraudulent streams on their own, and the delicate politics involved in tackling the problem. This is a fascinating and important conversation that impacts everyone involved in the business of music rights.
8/17/202258 minutes, 46 seconds
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Fabiana Claure & the Musician’s Profit Umbrella

On the show this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine chats with Fabiana Claure, a concert pianist, entrepreneur, and business coach for musicians. Fabiana is also the co-founder of the Superior Music Academy in Miami and the former director of the Music Business and Entrepreneurship program at the University of North Texas. She tells Mike about why she left that tenure-track position to launch her current company and program, called the Musician’s Profit Umbrella. With it, she’s helped hundreds of musicians create businesses, gain employment opportunities, and launch their careers so, she says, they can live “the life of artistic realization, financial freedom, impact and fulfillment they crave.” For Fabiana, the goal is to help experienced musicians work smarter, not harder so that they can get out of the trap of simply exchanging time for money.
8/10/202239 minutes, 6 seconds
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Kallie Marie on ‘Conversations with Women in Music Production’

As an acclaimed and sought-after record producer and recording engineer, Kallie Marie has witnessed first-hand the opportunities and challenges that women in her chosen field face every day. In her new book, ‘Conversations with Women in Music Production’, Kallie interviews some of the most renowned women in audio and music production to reveal how they’ve navigated their careers. Ranging across both the personal and professional, the accounts collected contain varied viewpoints as well as many shared experiences, encompassing such topics as diversity, childcare, healthcare, pay equity, and the ways technological change is reshaping the industry landscape. In this episode of the podcast, Kallie joins Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine to share her own experiences as a woman in the professional recording industry, and what she heard and learned from others while writing her book.
8/3/202258 minutes, 22 seconds
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Alan Cross on the ‘Online Streaming Act’ & Bringing CanCon Regulations to Spotify & Co.

In late June, the Canada's Parliament passed Bill C-11, commonly known as the Online Streaming Act. This legislation is something music industry groups like SOCAN, CIMA, and Music Canada have long lobbied for, and it could have a major impact on the country’s music, TV, and film industries. In broad terms, it updates the federal Broadcasting Act in order to apply a new version of CanCon regulations to streaming companies like Spotify, YouTube, and Netflix, and bring them within the CRTC’s regulatory regime. Current CanCon regulations have been in places since the early 1970s and force Canadian content quotas and an arts funding system on traditional Canadian broadcasters. Though the broad goals of Bill C-11 are made clear (which include significant monetary contributions from DSPs into Canadian arts funding bodies like FACTOR and greater promotion of Canadian artists on the platforms), significant parts of how this will be implemented is still widely unknown. And so, this week Mike brings back beloved broadcaster and music industry expert Alan Cross to chat about all this and what it could mean for both streaming companies and the music industry in Canada.
7/27/202237 minutes, 4 seconds
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Allison Russell, The New Queen of Folk: The CM Cover Story Interview

This week, Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine shares is entire conversation with heralded singer-songwriter Allison Russell, which was done for the cover story in the latest issue of Canadian Musician magazine. Not since Tracy Chapman has a Black woman taken the Americana world by storm like Russell has with debut solo album, Outside Child. But Russell is no newbie, as she’s two decades into her highly-regarded career. She began with the Vancouver-based folk group, Po’ Girl, then spent the last decade-plus touring relentlessly with her partner, JT Nero, in the group Birds of Chicago. But it’s the lushness and power of Outside Child that has catapulted her to stardom over the last year. The album has been a hit despite, or maybe because of, its difficult subject matter, which tackles Russell’s childhood of abuse at the hands of a racist adoptive father. Outside Child was released in May 2021, in part thanks to country star Brandi Carlile. Now, a little over a year later, Russell is contemplating what it means to be playing sold out shows, to have received three Grammy Award nominations, and have won a Juno Award for Contemporary Roots Album of the Year, a Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Album of the Year, and the two top honours at the 2022 International Folk Music Awards. Plus, she’s currently nominated for Album and Song of the Year at the 2022 Americana Music Awards.
7/21/20221 hour, 29 minutes, 36 seconds
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Mathew V & Agent Tom Kemp on Building a Live Music Career

On this week’s podcast, we have a unique conversation where rising pop singer-songwriter Mathew V is joined by his influential agent, Tom Kemp, senior VP at the Feldman Agency. Together they discuss their respective career trajectories and how they’re working together to foster Matthew V’s rise. Having these two together, a rising artist and veteran agent, provides a very fascinating perspective on the current live music industry and how an artist works with their agent and label to build a career. Along the way, with Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine, they also get into some fun conversation about stage banter, livestreaming, and more.
7/13/202255 minutes, 4 seconds
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The Media & Industry Attraction Playbook with Diane Foy; PLUS The Story of Vancouver Rap

First up on the podcast this week, former publicist and current creativity and personal branding coach Diane Foy walks you through the Media & Industry Attraction Playbook. With Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine, Diane shares her own story and then dissects the work she does with musicians to help them craft their story and image for the public. It’s intense, personal work that results in artists having a much deeper understanding of themselves as people and artists so that they can share their own story in a more effective and engaging manner. Following that, Mike chats with documentary director Pale Christian Thomas and associate producer Daniel Joseph about their new film, VanCity Raps. They tell the story of Vancouver’s hip-hop scene, which they were both central figures in, sharing the key artists who have shaped it, how it has evolved, and more.
7/6/20221 hour, 31 minutes, 44 seconds
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How is SoundCloud's Experiment with "Fan-Powered Royalties" Going?

About a year ago, SoundCloud began a fascinating and possibly industry-changing experiment by becoming the first streaming service to implement a user-centric royalty model, which they’ve termed “fan-powered royalties.” User-centric payouts, which essentially sends a subscriber’s money to the actual artists they listen to in a given month, has long been touted as a fairer and more artist-friendly economic model for the industry. So, for this week’s episode, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine chats with SoundCloud’s VP of Strategy, Michael Pelczynski, about how the fan-powered royalties experiment has played out in its first year. What have they learned and it is really proving to be a better model for artists? And is there any chance at all that this could actually be adopted on a larger scale by the likes of Spotify and Apple Music?
6/29/202226 minutes, 47 seconds
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The Psychology of Live Performance

On the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine is joined by Luther Mallory. He’s an artist and performance coach specializing in stage psychology. Luther works with the Juno Masterclass and CMI's Artist Entrepreneur Program to help artists learn to let go of overthinking and obsessive judgment in performance. In this fascinating chat, Luther explains why he thinks there’s really just two kinds of artists, and how he works with them to bring out their best performance that is in line with their own style and personality. He helps them work through mental hurdles that diminish their ability on stage and become more captivating and engaging performers. He also explains what separates the very best artists he’s worked with, such as Haviah Mighty. Learn more at or DM him @luthermallory on Instagram.
6/22/202240 minutes, 27 seconds
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Alex Henry Foster on the Costs & Rewards of Being a DIY Artist

Just ahead of his current U.K. and Europe summer tour dates, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief caught back up with Alex Henry Foster. Because of the success he’s had as a totally DIY artists, and his frankness about the successes and struggles he had during his career, Alex is always a captivating and interesting person to chat with. Formerly the frontman for beloved Canadian alt-rock heroes Your Favorite Enemies, Alex has branched out in many directions in recent years, including releasing his debut solo album Windows in the Sky in 2018 and the live album Standing Under Bright Lights in 2021. His latest single is a cover of Lou Reed’s “Power of the Heart.” It’s been a hectic last couple years for Alex, with big highs and lows, and he opens up about the mental and physical exhaustion he’d driven himself to during the pandemic. He also discusses the costs and rewards of a high-profile DIY career, building a large and devoted fanbase and team around himself, often with many musical and business projects on the go.
6/15/202254 minutes, 36 seconds
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What Role Does the Music Industry Have in Causing & Fighting Climate Change?

On this week’s podcast, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine is joined by Kim Fry, one of the organizers behind Music Declares Emergency Canada (MDEC). It’s the Canadian chapter of a global movement of people in the music industry working together “towards a carbon neutral future.” More than 200 artists have signed on in Canada, including Tegan & Sara, LAL, Sarah Harmer, Caribou, and members of Broken Social Scene and Tokyo Police Club. Kim, who has a background with Greenpeace and climate activism, is also the mother of Brighid Fry of the popular Canadian indie-folk group Housewife (formerly Moscow Apartment). Mike and Kim discuss MDE/MDEC’s formation, it’s approach to activism and making change, why and how artists should get involved with climate activism, even if they’re not “perfect” environmentalists, and what specifically the music industry needs to change in order to be part of the solution of halting climate change. For more about Music Declares Emergency, go to
6/8/202232 minutes, 29 seconds
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A Sustainable & Equitable Music Sector; PLUS Changing the Copyright Act to Help Musicians

First up on the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine chats with Jonathan Campbell and Mercedes Caxaj, two organizers of this June’s Global Toronto 2022 conference and showcase festival. The annual event, which is returning as both an in-person festival and an online conference, is rooted in creating a sustainable, equitable, and accessible future for the music sector. Jonathan and Mercedes discuss what specifically that means and outline the issues and topics of concern at Global Toronto ( Mike's second interview is with Re:Sound President and CEO Lou Ragagnin, who joined the performing right organization’s leadership just before the pandemic began. Lou and Mike discuss why Re:Sound is lobbying the federal government for two significant changes to the Copyright Act, which Lou says would help ensure a more fair and equitable system for music creators, and the likelihood in successfully getting these changes implemented. Lou also chats about his first two years on the job with Re:Sound during these tumultuous times.
6/1/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Bros. Landreth on Songwriting, the Music Business & Fatherhood

Joey and David Landreth of acclaimed roots-rock band The Bros. Landreth join Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine this week for a wide-ranging chat about music and life. The guys’ recently-released LP, Come Morning, marks both a rebirth and refinement of the Juno-winning band's blend of North American roots music and harmony-heavy soul. In this conversation, they discuss their early years grinding it out as a touring band, growing up with a father in the music business, the growth of their sound and songwriting, and how them each becoming fathers has reshaped their perspective on life and prioritizing a music career. And at the end, they both happily geek out about their respective bass and guitar rigs.
5/25/202253 minutes, 23 seconds
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It’s Hard Out There for Artists: Talking About Musicians & Mental Health

For the January/February 2022 issue of Canadian Musician magazine, Catherine Harrison wrote a column called, “It’s Hard Out There for Musician: What Can You Do to Take Care of Yourself?” It was about the mental health issues that are predominant among working musicians, why the musician’s lifestyle makes these issues more likely, and what they can do to help themselves or find help. There were a lot of things in that column that Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine felt were worthy of a more in-depth conversation, and so he’s happy to have Catherine on this week’s episode to do that. Catherine Harrison is the president of Purple Voodoo Inc. and a board member with Over the Bridge, a Canadian non-profit focused on mental health issues and awareness in the music industry. Catherine is a human-centered leadership expert, author, certified professional coach, strategic connector-of-dots and successful entrepreneur. A multi-disciplinary artist, musician, and songwriter, she is also a fierce environmentalist, mother, recovering corporate animal, meditator, ardent roamer of paths, and lifelong learner. She is a strong advocate for human-centered practices in places of work, especially with respect to the current conversation about mental health and substance use. Resources mentioned in this week’s conversation: Behind the Scene Therapist/Counseling Finder in Canada:
5/18/202253 minutes, 22 seconds
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Get Inspired by Domanique Grant’s Journey as a Thriving Indie Artist

On the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine has a thoroughly inspiring and interesting conversation with Toronto soul-pop singer, songwriter, producer and director, Domanique Grant. She’s recently released part one of a new double EP, QUEEN/DOM. Grant’s life story and how she has shaped her art and career is a fascinating tale, and she really opens up about it in this conversation that is sure to inspire a lot of other indie artists. In addition to the music, Domanique is truly an enterprising artist with a lot on the go; to start, she has landed major sync placements with L’Oreal Paris, Unilever Brands (Dove, Vaseline, Shea Moisture) and more; led a sold-out TEDx Talk with a full performance; featured at Uganda’s Pepsi World AIDS Day for audience of 40,000+; has headlined her own shows and opened for TIFF film premieres to Mr. Vegas; Grammy Award-winning artists Eddy Kenzo and Wale; to being the featured performer at events including Black Diamond Ball Awards, the United Nations, and more. Domanique also produced RBC's The Imagine Summit, supporting artist-entrepreneurs in imagining beyond the limitations of the current global climate, by offering exclusive access to industry leaders, mindfulness training, and financial resources.
5/11/202253 minutes, 5 seconds
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Country Singer Karli June with Hit-Making Producer Karen Kosowski; PLUS Mares of Thrace Return

First up on the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine is joined by rising country singer-songwriter Karli June, along with hit-making producer Karen Kosowski. They both discuss their respective (and very different) musical roots and how that has led them each to the world of radio-conquering pop-country and working together on Karli’s new EP, Where You Come From. As well, Karen also discusses her work with American country star Mickey Guyton, for whom she produced the majority of Guyton’s triple-Grammy-nominated album Remember Her Name, and is a co-writer on several of the album’s tracks. With Guyton, Karen has played the national anthem at the Super Bowl and the Grammy Awards, among other high-profile spots. After that, Mike is joined by Thérèse Lanz of acclaimed doom-metal duo Mares of Thrace. With the new album The Exile out on Sonic Unyon Records, she is back after a decade away from the music business. Their last album was 2012’s The Pilgrimage, which was shortlisted for Polaris Music Prize. Thérèse discusses what it’s like to return to the industry and release an album after a decade away from it, and how much the landscape and approach to releasing and promoting music has changed. Thérèse and Mike also chat home recording, songwriting, and how her other job as a video game developer inform her musical creativity.
5/4/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 49 seconds
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Snotty Nose Rez Kids: The Canadian Musician Cover Story Interview

On this week’s episode, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine shares the full conversation he had with Darren "Young D" Metz and Quinton "Yung Trybez" Nyce of the acclaimed Haisla rap duo Snotty Nose Rez Kids for his cover story in the latest issue of the magazine. This career-spanning conversation follows their evolution as artists and people from the release of the first two LPs in 2017 to their latest masterwork, Life After, which was released in late 2021. In that time, they’ve twice been shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize and received wide-spread fan and critical adoration around the world. In part, that is due to their unbeatable ability to create songs that make you want to both dance and think. With Mike, the guys chatted about their Indigenous roots, making political music and who they’re speaking to with their music, addressing difficult personal issues, mastering their vocal dexterity, learning from fan criticism in their community, and more.
4/27/202256 minutes, 11 seconds
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How Do Indie Artists Get on the Radio?

On the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine welcomes one of Canada’s most respected radio promoters — Andrea Morris, the founder of AM to FM Promotions ( Andrea has worked in the radio business for over 30 years, which has taken her from being a radio personality in North Carolina to music director in Los Angeles to widely-respected radio promoter in Toronto. She’s worked with hundreds of artists, from major label household names to emerging indie artists across almost all genres. In this wide-ranging chat, Andrea tells her fascinating story and, along the way, explains how she does her job, how the business has changed, and how indie songs get on the radio. She dishes honest and hard truths for artists, and explains what they need to have, personally and musically, to be successful. It’s a fascinating, fun chat!
4/20/202258 minutes, 13 seconds
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ADVANCE’s Keziah Myers on Bringing More Black Professionals Into the Music Industry

On this week’s episode, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine welcomes back Keziah Myers, the Executive Director of ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective ( For the Mike’s previous conversation with Keziah, check out the Aug. 4, 2021 episode of the podcast. In this follow-up chat, Keziah digs deeper into issues affecting Black professionals in the different sectors of the music industry, such as “box checking” and nepotism, as well as recruiting and hiring practices, training, the societal and media pressure for companies to improve quickly, using data to track change, and more.
4/13/202255 minutes, 59 seconds
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Bopper & A New Approach to Sync Licensing; PLUS Shopé on Bridging Cultures & Navigating the Music Industry

First up on the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine chats with Nigerian-Canadian musician Shopé, who won the 2019 edition of CBC’s Searchlight competition and was recently named one of the winners of the SOCAN Foundation’s 2022 Black Canadian Music Awards. Shopé embodies the new African aesthetic; globally minded, deeply rooted in tradition, yet steeped in the west. He shares his personal and professional story, from emigrated from Lagos to Toronto, to leaving university and a path towards a career in medicine to pursue music professionally. He shares what he’s learned about building a music career and multi-faceted brand, and what he’d like to teach other emerging musicians. Then, Mike chats with Phil Messier, the founder of Montreal-based sync licensing company Bopper. Back in 2013, Bopper set out to provide the advertising world with a pre-cleared music resource that is just as quick and instant as using stock music, but that provids higher-quality music and fairly supports the respective artists. Its model has proved popular with both artists and brands, with Bopper facilitating the use of songs in campaigns by TiKTok, Sephora, Maybelline, Toyota, and more.
4/6/20221 hour, 16 minutes, 7 seconds
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MusicFX & a Refreshingly Practical Approach to NFTs in Music

On the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine is joined by Cameron Chell, the executive chairman of CurrencyWorks and co-head of MusicFX, along with Billie Jo Aasen, the co-head of MusicFX and partner at Canada-based concert/festivals agency Crown & Ace. While NFTs have been at the centre of the tech and business conversation in the music industry for the last year or two, much of that conversation has hyped up the technology itself and also made some pretty wild claims about how distributive NFTs will be to the music business. What Mike appreciates about MusicFX is the refreshingly clear-eyed and practical approach it is taking to the NFT space. It’s keeping the focus on music fans, artists, and the relationship they have with each other, and NFTs are simply a practical tool in that equation. For example, they helped country star Parker McCollum create his VIP Cowboy Black Card, one of the world’s first fan club NFTs, which grants fans VIP access to events, access to private jam sessions, opportunities for meet and greets, and more by purchasing an NFT that became available on MusicFX. So, in this chat, Cameron and Billie Jo discuss NFTs, their approach to the market, removing the barriers to entry, and making that the overblown (and sometimes annoying) rhetoric around NFTs doesn’t scare off fans.
3/30/202244 minutes, 40 seconds
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What Musicians Should Know About Finances & Taxes

We all know that an artist’s finances are not like most people’s. Of course, this can make things like budgets and taxes more complicated and stressful. And while programs like CERB offered much-needed assistance to so many musicians in Canada, they’ve also created a lot of questions about taxes. So, for this week’s podcast, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine is sharing a webinar he hosted in January 2022 with Sondra Gold, a Toronto-based accountant with a wealth of experience working with musicians and businesses in the music industry. While chatting with Mike and taking audience questions, Sondra discusses a wide range of topics related to how musicians can maximize their tax returns (including what they can and can’t claim as expenses), avoid unexpected tax bills, and keep their day-to-day finances is healthy shape in order to achieve their music career goals.
3/23/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 47 seconds
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Raptors Coach Nick Nurse & SongVest Founder Sean Peace

First up on the podcast this week, CityNews’ music and sports reporter, Lindsay Dunn (who was a guest on the Dec. 1, 2021 episode of the CM Podcast) has shared with us a special interview she did with none other than Toronto Raptors Head Coach Nick Nurse. Nurse, of course, is a musician himself and a massive music fan. Lindsay and Nick chat about his music-focused foundation for Toronto youth, his own history as a musician, the musical skills of a few Raptors players, and Nick’s impressive record collection. Then, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine is joined by SongVest Founder and CEO, Sean Peace. SongVest is the first music marketplace to offer fans and regular investors the ability to purchase fractional shares of royalties from songs and artists. It’s a very interesting new venture, and one that promises capital to indie artists while allowing them to keep their rights. Sean and Mike have a fascinating conversation that unpacks this new form of music investment, and also discuss why the market for song catalogs has exploded.
3/16/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 44 seconds
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Singer-Songwriter Jadea Kelly & Multi-Instrumentalist Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies, Lou Reed & more)

First up on the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine is joined by singer-songwriter Jadea Kelly. Originally from Ontario and now based in Los Angeles, Jadea is back after a few years away from music with her new LP, Roses. Her previous LPs saw Jadea become widely regarded for her voice and songwriting, so she explains why she needed to get away from recording music – and away from Toronto – in order to focus on her own physical, mental, and financial health. She discusses her songwriting, her time in Nashville, and why L.A. has become her new home, or a “gift to herself” as she calls it. She chats about the struggles that many artists face and why she wants to be open about her own. Then, Kevin Hearn joins! Though he is well-known as the multi-instrumentalist in Barenaked Ladies, he’s had a fascinating musical life that goes well beyond the pop-rock pioneers, including being the band leader for none other than Lou Reed. He has recently released a beautiful solo album of piano improvisations that has a unique backstory to it. Kevin chats about the new album, writing and recording with BNL, learning from Lou Reed, and more.
3/9/202258 minutes, 32 seconds
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AudioShake CEO Jessica Powell: Why the Former Google Executive is Using AI to Deconstruct Songs

On the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine is joined by Audioshake Co-Founder and CEO Jessica Powell. Audioshake is a new company that’s using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to “demix” songs, essentially taking a finished track and deconstructing it into high-quality vocal and instrumental stems that can be used for sync licensing, remixing, and more. Powell is a very interesting and accomplished person in the business and tech world. She began her career in the world of music rights working for CISAC and eventually went on to the high-profile position of VP of Communications for Google. She is also a critically-acclaimed author and a lifestyle, business, and tech columnist for the New York Times, Fast Company, Wired, and more. Launched in July 2021, by musicians and former engineers and AI researchers from Google, YouTube, and Apple, AudioShake counts all three major label groups and several top publishers and indie labels among its customers. The company won Sony’s 2021 Demixing Challenge, beating out entrants from big tech companies and research institutes. AudioShake’s tech was also recently used by Green Day to recreate their lost masters to the song “2000 Light Years Away” so that fans could play along with the band on TikTok. Learn more at and
3/2/202256 minutes, 56 seconds
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The Musical Life & Work of Brad Barr

On the podcast this week, Mike is joined by acclaimed songwriter and guitarist Brad Barr, who is best known for his Juno-nominated work in alt-Americana group The Barr Brothers. Brad and Mike discuss his entire musical career, from his early days in The Slip, he and his brother’s move to from the U.S. to Montreal, and their work together as The Barr Brothers. Then, Brad gets into the unique creation of his latest solo LP, the guitar-driven instrumental record The Winter Mission, including the gear used and the odd writing methods he deployed. Brad also tries to decipher his fixation with the number 216 and how that influenced the record.
2/23/202249 minutes, 42 seconds
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Andre Kaden Black on Songwriting, Artist Development & Building a Modern Career in Music

On the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Michael Raine is joined by Andre Kaden Black, who has a multi-faceted career as a producer, songwriter, musician, artist development, creative director, and more. With two decades of experience in the music industry, Andre has written for indie and major labels across Canada, Asia, and the United States, including Sony/ATV, Warner, EMI, Atlantic Records, Curve Music, 21 Entertainment, and Arista/BMG. He has also toured extensively across North America and Asia with artists such as Alicia Keys, One Republic, and Jason Mraz. Andre has been featured in Professional Sound Magazine, Canadian Musician, and has been invited to numerous major music conferences including Canadian Music Week, NXNE, The Shot, and Toronto's Indie Week, as a performer, panelist, and judge. In this wide-ranging conversation, Andre talks about what he learned as a songwriter during his years in Nashville, and compares that style of songwriting with his work as a pop topline writer. Andre and Mike also discuss artist development, creativity and work ethic, royalties and rights, and more.
2/16/202249 minutes, 45 seconds
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Orin Isaacs: The Man Defining the Sound of Canadian TV

When you have someone who’s had a remarkable life and career, and they’re also a fantastic storyteller and fountain of wisdom, it’s make for a fun conversation. That’s we have for you this week! Orin Isaacs is maybe best known for being the musical director of Canada’s longest running late night traditional talk/variety show, Open Mike with Mike Bullard, and since then he has become the country's most in-demand TV composer. If you’ve watched cable TV in Canada in the last two decades, you’ve certainly heard his work on shows like Big Brother Canada, Amazing Race Canada, Canadian Idol, The Launch, The Juno Awards, and many, many more. As a bandleader and musical director, Orin has worked with such superstars as Mariah Carey, George Clinton, Tom Jones, and Anne Murray. He’s also received a Harry Jerome Award for professional excellence, an Urban Music Industry Special Achievement Award, The Reel Black Award, and others.
2/9/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 52 seconds
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iamhill on music, tech & more + BONUS chat with famed concert lighting designer Tom Kenny (David Bowie, The Who, MTV)

Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine is bringing you two wonderful conversations this week! First up, he chats with Juno-nominated alternative pop/electronic artist iamhill. She’s a fascinating young artist whose work and insights span the world of music, tech, and business. She discusses writing and recording, her latest single “Side D,” the value of streaming playlists, and making visualizers for her latest music. Plus, her and Mike also get into a wider conversation about AI, NFTs, and more tech-oriented subjects, and her work during the pandemic for a digital rights technology company called Pex. After that, Mike shares a conversation he originally had for one of Canadian Musician’s sister magazines with maybe the world’s most famous concert lighting designer, Tom Kenny. His is a remarkable story, going from humble origins in Dublin through a meteoric rise to designing shows for musical legends (David Bowie, The Who, Eric Clapton, etc.) and massive TV audiences (NHL playoffs, MTV Video Music Awards, etc.). And it all began when he was barely into his teens and got asked to help out on some shows for a new local band called U2…
2/2/20221 hour, 19 minutes, 6 seconds
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BreakOut West CEO Robyn Stewart + BONUS chat with Billy Talent’s Ian D’Sa from the Professional Sound Podcast

First on the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine catches up with Robyn Stewart (4:00), the executive director and CEO of BreakOut West and the Western Canadian Music Alliance. Robyn fills us in on the plans for the upcoming (now online) edition of BreakOut West, and she also discusses some of the changes she’s seen in the industry during her half-decade in her current role. As well, we bring you a fantastic conversation Billy Talent’s Ian D’Sa (30:35) about recording, producing, and guitars, which was first heard on the new Professional Sound Podcast ( The podcast is hosted by NWC Assistant Editor Andrew Leyenhorst, who himself is an accomplished producer and engineer.
1/26/20221 hour, 29 minutes, 25 seconds
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Steve Kenny on Project-Based Artist Management, Developing Happy Careers & More; PLUS, MCC Recording Studio Owner Dave Temple

First up on the podcast this week,Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine welcomes back artist manager Steve Kenny (4:40). Steve is the co-founder of Traverse Music Management and he keeps an honest and insightful blog for indie musicians called The Ascender ( Mike and Steve chat about how managers themselves have been financially impacted by the pandemic, why he’s testing out a new project-based business model for artist management, putting more power back in the artist’s hands, and what a sustainable and happy artist career looks like today. Then, after his chat with Steve, Mike shares a short conversation he had for Professional Sound magazine with MCC Recording Studio Owner Dave Temple (42:15). Calgary-based MCC was recently named Recording Studio of the Year for the third time at the 2021 Canadian Country Music Awards. Dave explains how MCC has made itself into a destination for artists; and about navigating the challenges facing high-end, urban recording studio prior to the pandemic; how they’ve weathered the storm of COVID restrictions; the importance of “vibe” is making a studio successful; investing in new gear; and more.
1/19/202257 minutes, 54 seconds
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Does Selling Vinyl Make Financial Sense for Independent Artists?

It’s common knowledge that vinyl sales have been steadily rising for the last decade or so, with 2021 being another record year for vinyl in Canada with 1.1 million records sold. And it isn’t just boomers buying another copy of Abbey Road. Current artists of all genres are learning that vinyl is a reliable revenue stream and that there is high demand for it among young superfans. But does it makes financial sense for independent, emerging artists to sell their new music on vinyl? And, if so, what are the upfront costs, production timelines, personal time commitment, profit margins, and so on associated with it? Those are the questions Mike digs into this week across a pair of interviews. First, Mike chat about selling vinyl with artist manager Liam Killeen (5:25), who represents major indie artists like Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker (USS) and The Tea Party. Next, Mike chats with Taishi Fukuyama (37:10), the co-founder of Qrates, a vinyl crowdfunding platform and end-to-end solution for artists and labels that need short run and on-demand vinyl. If you’re an indie artist, or work with indie artists, and have thought about selling vinyl, this is the show for you.
1/12/20221 hour, 13 minutes, 13 seconds
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Godmode’s Talya Elitzer on A&R, Artist Marketing & the Changing Music Industry

On the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Michael Raine chats with Godmode Co-Founder Talya Elitzer from her home base in Los Angeles. Founded by Talya and Nick Sylvester in 2017, Godmode is behind high-taste breakouts such as JPEGMAFIA, Channel Tres, and Yaeji, and their Los Angeles-based headquarters has been a secret creative hub for artists and producers like Lil Nas X, James Blake, Take A Daytrip, Aluna, Omer Fedi, Grimes, SG Lewis, Noname, Rodaidh McDonald, and more. In this wide-ranging conversation, Talya discusses her years working in A&R in the traditional record label system, which she likens to venture capitalism, and how that inspired her to take new strategic approach to working with artists at Godmode. She then explains her process for identifying talent and ambition, strategizing, career development, artist marketing, and more.
1/5/202247 minutes, 47 seconds
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Live from Indie Week with Martin Atkins

For this last episode of 2021, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine shares a special keynote interview with Martin Atkins that was originally livestreamed in November during Indie Week 2021. Atkins’ three decades in the music business spans across genres, borders, and industries. Having experience in nearly every aspect of record production and promotion has given him a unique perspective not only on where the music industry is currently, but where it is going in the future. As a drummer, he known for being a member of Johnny Rotten’s Public Image Limited in the late’70s and ‘80s, and then for managing and playing with Killing Joke and touring with Ministry. In 1990, while on tour with Ministry, he formed his own band, Pigface. He also worked with Nine Inch Nails, performing on the Grammy award winning “Wish” and appearing in the “Head like a Hole” video. Martin began working on the business side of music in 1988 when he formed Invisible Records and then Mattress Factory Studios in 1996. Atkins wrote his book Tour:Smart in 2007 and has since spoken around the world at major industry conferences, universities, and organizations. Atkins currently teaches at Millikin University in Decatur, IL and acts as the Music Business Program Coordinator, leading courses on Touring, Advanced Entrepreneurship, Artist and Event Management, and Online Marketing. Needless to say, the stories and advice Atkins can offer to independent artists are endless, and this is a conversation really worth hearing!
12/29/20211 hour, 14 minutes, 17 seconds
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Geoff Kulawick, the Head Honcho of Canadian Roots Music; PLUS the Return of Alt-Country Pioneers Jr. Gone Wild

On the podcast this week, Mike’s hears the stories and lessons of Geoff Kulawick’s life in the music industry. He’s the founder and president of Linus Entertainment, which now has exclusive control of a catalogue of over 2,000 albums, with the overwhelming majority by Canadian artists. Linus is also the parent company to Spring Hill Music, Stony Plain Records, and True North Records, which makes it one of the powerful players in roots music in Canada, representing artists like Buffy Sainte-Marie, Matt Andersen, Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Cockburn, Fred Penner, Craig Cardiff, and so many more. Here, Geoff recounts his entry into the music business, why he opted to launch his own label just as Napster was decimating the industry, his philosophy on doing business and working with artists, and a whole lot more. Then, for the second interview today, Mike happens to chat with someone from the Stony Plain Records roster. That is, Mike McDonald of alt-country pioneers Jr. Gone Wild. He and his old friends are back with the first album of new material from Jr. Gone Wild in 25 years. McDonald chats about how the industry has changed, how the band naturally found its then-unique sound that combines folk, punk, and country; growing up as friends and artists; and more.
12/22/20211 hour, 12 minutes, 43 seconds
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Stories from the Legendary Massey Hall & John Muirhead on Funding His Debut LP with Curbside Concerts

First up on the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Michael Raine chats with music journalist and author David McPherson about the subject of his latest book – the legendary Toronto venue, Massey Hall. David shares stories and anecdotes from the book, his own memories from Massey Hall, and more. Then, Mike chats with independent singer-songwriter John Muirhead about how he funded his debut LP, Traveller, by playing backyard concerts and building a following on TikTok. John also discusses the album's inspiration and creation, the lessons he’s learned that could help other indie artists, and more.
12/15/202157 minutes, 4 seconds
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604 Records Founder Jonathan Simkin with Rising Pop Artist Molly Annelle; PLUS, R&B Star Sean Jones

On this week’s episode, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine shares two fun and fascinating conversations, which are also quite different. So, first up, Mike chats with 604 Records Founder Jonathan Simkin alongside one of his young and rising stars, pop singer-songwriting Molly Annelle. Jonathan signed Molly to 604 when she was just 14-years-old and they recount the unlikely way that it happened. Molly, who is now 18 and studying the music industry at Ryerson University on top of releasing a new album, tells her story and what it has been like learning and navigating the industry at such a young age, and being mentored by other artists who’ve been through it before. By talking about Molly’s journey in music, she and Jonathan both share a lot of insights into the music business, the label/artist relationship, growing up and evolving creatively, and a lot more. Then, Mike’s second conversation today is with one Toronto’s favourite sons of R&B, Sean Jones. After weathering a serious health scare that threatened to ruin his singing career, he came back better than ever with his new album, Weekend Lover. The album sees Sean return to his first musical love, ‘90s R&B. Of course, he first became known as a member of the Juno-winning ‘90s R&B group, In Essence. Since going solo, be built very loyal following with his beloved, must-see residency at Toronto’s Casa Loma with the show ‘Soul in the City.’ He’s also done a musical campaign with West Jet, launched a success acting career on the side, and balances it all with parenthood. So, we know you’ll love this wide-ranging and insightful conversation.
12/8/20211 hour, 27 minutes, 50 seconds
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Making the Sound of Keys N Krates, PLUS Music & Sports Reporter Lindsay Dunn

First up this week, Mike chats with the three guys – drummer Adam Tune, keyboardist David Matisse, and turntablist Jr. Flo – who make up Juno-winning electronic group Keys N Krates. They guys discuss the making of their latest album, Original Classic, and then tell the story of how they found each other and how their music has evolved over the last decade. Mike also gets them to dig into their creative and recording process to find out how their unique sound gets crafted. The second interview this week is with City TV’s Music & Sports Reporter, Lindsay Dunn. If, like Mike, you’re as big a sports fan as you are a music fan, then this one is a fun change of pace! Within Canadian broadcast media, Lindsay may have the greatest job because there is no one else who gets to combine these two beats. She explains how she ended up covering both music and sports, and gets into how she picks her stories, and compares interviewing athletes versus musicians. Lindsay also offers advice for artists on giving a good broadcast interview, and she discusses her experiences with sexism and how it differs between the music and sports industries. Of course, there's also some Leafs, Blue Jays, and Raptors talk!
12/1/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 49 seconds
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All Eyes on AHI: His Unique & Remarkable Journey

On this week’s podcast, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Michael Raine is joined by acclaimed folk/soul singer-songwriter AHI (pronounced “eye”). His latest album, Prospect, is collecting great reviews, and in this conversation, he shares his interesting and enlightening journey to being a professional artist, which didn’t really begin until he was in his thirties. But now the Toronto-based songwriter is signed to the top roots-focused label in the U.S., Thirty Tigers (Sturgil Simpson, Jason Isbell, Avett Brothers), . AHI recounts the incredible series of events that led to his NPR Tiny Desk performance and then Thirty Tigers Founder David Macias signing him almost instantly. AHI also discusses the pros and cons of finding success in music at a relatively later age. AHI is full of wisdom and he shares it in this episode.
11/24/202146 minutes, 51 seconds
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How to Make High-Quality DIY Music Videos (& What's the Point of a Music Video, Anyway?)

On the podcast this week, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine chats with indie musician and industry expert Ari Herstand about making DIY music videos. Ari is a Los Angeles-based musician and the author of the Amazon best-selling book, “How to Make It in the Music Business,” as well as the founder of Ari’s Take Academy, which teaches immediately applicable tools and strategies with direct pathways to success for indie artists. In the conversation, borrowing from Ari’s own experiences making DIY music videos, he and Mike chat about the role of music video’s in today’s entertainment and music culture, practical tips for saving money on lighting/props/locations/etc. while still making high-quality content, and how that video content can be used in multiple places and ways. As you’ll hear, Ari isn’t just thinking about music videos on YouTube, but also how that content can be used for visual canvases on Spotify, Instagram Reels and IGTV, TikTok videos, fan engagement, and more. Ari also notes the commonly overlooked things that can ruin even a big-budget video.
11/17/202150 minutes, 40 seconds
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The Many Sides of SATE, Canada’s Reigning Blues-Punk-Rock Queen

On the podcast this week, Mike is thrilled to be chatting with SATE, who is one of the most captivating and interesting blues/punk/rock artists to come out of Canada in some time. Her new album, The Fool, is now out and she gets into the writing process behind it, and also discusses the therapeutic nature of songwriting, punk’s roots in the blues, how she doesn’t quite fit with any specific music scene, being a Black woman in rock, and a lot more. As well, she speaks openly and warmly about her mother’s influence on her life and career. Her late mother, if course, is the legendary Salome Bey, who is known as “Canada’s first lady of the blues.”
11/10/202144 minutes, 50 seconds
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One-on-One with SOCAN CEO Jennifer Brown

On the podcast this week, CM Editor-in-Chief Michael Raine is joined by SOCAN CEO Jennifer Brown. As you'll hear, while she represents a couple firsts for Canada’ performing rights organization – including its first female CEO and the first employee to be promoted into the role from within the company – it’s her familial attachment to its members that she emphasizes. Jennifer’s father, grandfather, aunts, and uncles made up the Family Brown band, which was one of most illustrious families in Canadian country music. “I know what it's like to make a living on royalties and how critical that is to making sure that your life's work is being fairly compensated.” So, in this wide-ranging conversation, Jennifer and Mike discuss her vision for SOCAN and how it differs in some important ways from her successor’s, as well as broader industry topics, like the politics of promoting Canadian content on streaming services and the pandemic’s impact on royalties. Jennifer also talks about SOCAN’s Equity Task Force, signing the Declaration to end anti-Black racism in the Canadian music industry, and its diversity review and recommendations from CPAMO.
11/3/202152 minutes, 55 seconds
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Catching Up with Kirty (Fast Romantics) & Girls+ Rock Ottawa

This week on the podcast, Toronto-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Kirty joins Mike to chat about balancing her solo career with being in beloved indie band the Fast Romantics, as well as her songwriting partnership with bandmate and partner Matthew Angus, recording, how songwriting changes with age, making music videos, the personal stories behind songs on her new album, We Are All on Fire, and a bunch more. As well, Mike catches up with Lucila Al Mar, an artist participating in Girls+ Rock Ottawa’s new LAUNCH // GRO Artist Development Program, and also a coordinator for GRO’s wonderful instrument/gear lending program. Lucila fills us in on the program and the value it’s bringing to emerging female artists, what she’s learned, and more.
10/27/20211 hour, 1 minute, 28 seconds
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Guitar Talk with Emma Rush & Big Sugar's Gordie Johnson

This week’s episode is certainly a great one for any guitarists out there! First up, Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine chats with award-winning Canadian classical guitarist Emma Rush (3:45) about the making of her latest album, Wake the Sigh. It brings to light a collection of relatively unknown female-written guitar compositions from the 19th century, including works from Emilia Giuliani, Delores de Goñi and Julie Fondard — a professor of guitar in Paris, France. As Emma explains, putting Wake the Sigh together wasn’t as simple as listening to old recordings and re-recording them. No, she spent a couple of years researching these classical composers and uncovering their masterful compositions, which went on to inspire the 43-minute work. 14 of the 17 tracks were never-before recorded, so the Hamilton-based musician is technically the first to ever release them. As well, she recorded the whole album on a replica of a 19th century Stauffer guitar. After that, we share a special treat for any rock guitarists! Canadian Musician writer and guitar expert Hal Rodriguez chats with Big Sugar’s Gordie Johnson (25:00). Together they geek out about guitars and a bunch more. Gordie dishes on what he’s learned from hanging out with Rich Robinson (The Black Crowes), Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers Band), and Joe Satriani; and what it was like having Rush’s Alex Lifeson record parts for Big Sugar’s latest album, Eternity Now.
10/20/202147 minutes, 34 seconds
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10TH FLR Founder Colette Chand's Frank Advice For Indie Artists

On the podcast this week, Mike is joined for a frank and insightful conversation with Colette Chand, also known as DJ Coco Fresh, who is the founder of a new Toronto-based company called 10TH FLR. It brings together artist managers, grant writers and consultants to work with musicians from all genres — focusing on grant writing, artist back end, marketing plans, rollouts, and tours. Colette has had a diverse and fascinating journey within Canada’s music industry over the last 10-plus years, beginning as a professional DJ in Vancouver and being mentored by DJ Starting from Scratch, to concert promotion, working with Universal Music Canada in promotions, and also specializing in grant writing, event promotion, artist management, and more. In this conversation, Colette shares her journey and lessons learned along the way, her mission for 10TH FLR, the key lessons independent artists need to learn quickly, the character traits that set the successful artists apart of the others, and a lot more.
10/13/202145 minutes, 13 seconds
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The Is Kardi’s Business: The CM Cover Story Interview with Kardinal Offishall

On this week’s show, Mike is thrilled to be sharing his entire conversation with Kardinal Offishall, which was had for the cover story in the most recently issue of Canadian Musician magazine. There are not many people you can speak to for over an hour and still be left with so much more you want to ask, but Kardi is that kind of person. Of course, he’s one of Canada’s pioneering rap stars, with global success that spans more than two decades and huge hits like “BaKardi Slang," “Dangerous,” and “Body Bounce,” but he is also carving out a unique and influential role on the business side of the industry as the Senior Vice President of A&R at Universal Music Canada, and a board member at ADVANCE, Canada’s Black music business collective, chair of UMC’s B.L.A.C.K. Label Coalition (BLC), and Canada’s representative on Universal Music Group’s Task Force for Meaningful Change. In this wide-ranging conversation, Kardi discusses his approach to A&R and his thoughts on music analytics, how he and The Circle crew hustled and paved the way for other Canadian rap artists internationally, how Randy Lennox convinced him to become a label executive, what “meaningful change” in the industry really looks like, and a lot more.
10/6/20211 hour, 13 minutes, 6 seconds
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Haviah Mighty on Conscious Rap, Online Validation & More! PLUS Cadence Weapon’s Journey to Make 2021’s Polaris-Winning Album

This week, Mike is thrilled to welcome back to the podcast Haviah Mighty, one of the most exciting and acclaimed rapper-producers in Canada. Haviah’s last LP, 13th Floor, won the 2019 Polaris Music Prize and was the first rap album to do so. Because Haviah and Mike happened to be speaking the morning after Cadence Weapon won this year’s Polaris Prize, they begin by discussing the fact that there have now been three politically-conscious rap albums in a row win the prize and what that means. Haviah then discuss her own experiences during the pandemic and how that has shaped her own thoughts on how artists find validation online. That topic is at the core of her upcoming album, Stock Exchange, in a couple of ways. So, she digs into this new project and how it came together. Following the new conversation with Haviah Mighty, Mike also re-shares the wonderful conversation he had a couple months ago with Cadence Weapon about his album, Parallel World, which just won this year’s Polaris Music Prize as the best Canadian album of the year.
9/29/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 48 seconds
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Can NFTs & Blockchain Create a Fairer Music Industry? Raine Maida Thinks So

Joining Mike for this week’s podcast is Raine Maida. Of course, Canadian alt rock fans know Raine as the frontman for multi-platinum-selling band Our Lady Peace, but that is not the reason he joined the show. Instead, Raine is also heavily involved in the world of music business-focused technology, including being the Chief Product Officers for S!NG, which is one of the leaders in NFT market. So Raine and Mike chat about NFTs and the foundational blockchain technology behind it, and why Raine believes it could be a game-changer for protecting intellectual property to the benefit of artists, how it can curb the concert ticket scalping market, and other big questions like; what is the role of record labels if artists keep ownership of their masters? Needless to say, it’s a very interesting conversation…
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Producer, Engineer & Local Hay Records Co-Founder Scott Cooke

Joining Mike for a wide-ranging chat on this week’s episode is chart-topping producer and engineer Scott Cooke, who is also the head of a fairly new Canadian record label, Local Hay. Together with his friend and country star Dallas Smith, Cooke launched the label in 2019 as a joint venture with American label Big Loud Records. In this interview, Scott discusses his transition from the artistic and technical side of music to the business side, and the various skills he’s had to learn on the fly. As well, he chats about finding and cultivating new artists, artist marketing, streaming analytics, and the benefits of working with an American label on this joint venture. As well, Scott reflects on how the music industry has changed over his 20+ years in the business, and what it was like to record one of the biggest bands in the world, Nickelback, in an era where major labels threw ridiculous amounts of money at albums (hint, it was awesome!).
9/15/202137 minutes, 26 seconds
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Pop Singer-Songwriter Tyler Shaw + BONUS Presentation on How Spotify Playlists Work

First up this week, Mike chats with pop singer-songwriter Tyler Shaw about his new eponymous album, which is the culmination of the Tyler’s near decade of experience in the music industry. Even with a pandemic and new baby, Tyler is never slowing down.  Ever since his first album, Yesterday, and the Juno Award-nominated success of his sophomore disc, Intuition, Shaw has amassed more than 164 million streams globally, and his massive hit “With You” currently has 34 million views on YouTube. In this interview, Tyler digs into the creation and songwriting behind the new album, his experience as a Chinese-Canadian man in the music industry, fatherhood, and being a self-published songwriter. After the conversation with Tyler Shaw, as a bonus, Mike shares the “director’s cut” version of a video tutorial he created earlier this year for NAMM’s Believe in Music Week virtual event. It’s called “How to Get on a Streaming Playlists” and in it, as the name implies, Mike deconstructs Spotify’s playlist ecosystem and explains why and how independent artists get their songs the streaming giant’s playlists.
9/8/20211 hour, 10 minutes, 6 seconds
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Live Music’s Bumpy Road to Recovery

This week, Mike welcomes back to the podcast Erin Benjamin, the CEO of the Canadian Live Music Association (CLMA), which represents the interests of music festivals and venues, concert promoters, talent agencies, ticketing companies, and presenters. The last time Erin was on the show was November 2020 and a lot has changed since then regarding the pandemic and the state of the live music business. So, Mike and Erin discuss the current bumpy return of live music, the quickly-growing support for vaccine mandates and passports, how venues and other businesses are faring, current and future government supports, the federal parties’ election platforms, and how the tough economics of live music made this industry especially vulnerable, even during the recovery.
9/1/202152 minutes, 35 seconds
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Where Songwriting & Tech Meet

This week on the podcast, Mike has two wonderful conversations that both touch on the intersection of technology and songwriting, though in very different ways. First up, is a chat with Olga Vechtomova, a professor and researcher in the University of Waterloo’s Natural Language Processing Lab, who led a team that created LyricJam. It’s a real-time system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate lyric lines for live instrumental music. Olga reveals how and why LyricJam was created, the potential for AI to both create music and be an aide to human music creators, and a bunch more. Then, the second interview is with John Williamson, the CEO and Co-founder of a company and online platform for personalized songs called Songfinch. The platform connects customers with songwriters to create personalized songs that mark an occasion, from a birthday or wedding anniversary, to even a breakup. John himself has had a very interesting career that spans the DIY indie music scene, working in music placements for Coca-Cola, and co-founding a once highly-publicized B2B sync licensing company. John tells his unique music industry story, and how those past lessons led to the creation of Songfinch. He then breaks down how the company works, how their songwriters operate, how the money is split, and a lot more.
8/25/202157 minutes, 5 seconds
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Going Deep with Murray McLauchlan, One of Canada’s Finest-Ever Songwriters

On this week’s show, it’s an honour to have one of Canada’s finest-ever singer-songwriters, Murray McLauchlan, sit down for a wide-ranging and deeply interesting conversation. Murray is an inductee into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, an Order of Canada recipient, and an 11-time Juno Award-winning artist. On his latest album, Hourglass, he challenged himself to look within and address issues pertaining to systemic racism, privilege, and economic disparity. With Mike, of course, Murray chats about songwriting and the process of writing Hourglass; what separates good political songs from the irritating ones; being in the legendary Yorkville folk scene of the 1960s and '70s; navigating the industry; what he’s learned from his wife, Denise Donlon, who is one of the most influential people on the business side of Canada’s music industry; and that time Stephen Harper had him audited for opposing the war in Afghanistan.
8/18/202151 minutes, 26 seconds
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NEEDTOBREATHE + The Joy & Trepidation of Organizing a Music Festival This Summer

First up on the podcast this week, Mike chats with Elissa Lee, the Juno-nominated violinist and co-founder of the Big Lake Festival, which is taking place from Aug. 20-27 in beautiful Wellington, ON. Elissa and Mike discuss the experience of organizing a small music festival in the COVID age. Elissa digs into the mix of excitement and nervousness that goes along with that, the logistics of how they’re making it work, and more. Then Mike meets Bear Rinehart, the frontman of Grammy-nominated, Billboard chart-topping rock band NEEDTOBREATHE. Bear shares about the band’s experience living together and writing a new album during the pandemic, how they’ve built a rabid fanbase the old-fashioned way, the trouble with being called a “Christian rock band” despite trying to avoid the label, why his brother left the band, and a bunch more.
8/11/202146 minutes, 37 seconds
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Keziah Myers on ADVANCE & Being Black in the Music Business

On this week’s episode, we share a wonderful conversation with Keziah Myers, who in March 2021 was appointed as the first Executive Director of ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective ( With Mike, Keziah shares her own fascinating story of how she entered the music industry, beginning as a classically-trained pianist and university student in Waterloo who volunteered her marketing skills to help out a few friends who just happened to go onto be major stars, like Drake, Rich Kidd, and Boi-1da. She later left a promising corporate marketing career to jump back into the music business with no guarantee of a job or success. Needless to stay, her skills shone and she rose through the business, licensing, and marketing side of the music industry. Keziah digs into her own experiences, the formation of ADVANCE, its mission, and the various unjust challenges that Black professionals face in the music industry, from the big and obvious to the subtler.
8/4/202144 minutes, 16 seconds
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A Noble Approach to Music Publishing, PLUS A Very Metal Chat on Health, Music & Anvil

First up this week, Mike chats with Brittni Noble, a professional songwriter and the founder of Canada’s newest boutique music publisher and sync licensing company, Be Noble. Brittni recounts her own experiences as a young songwriter working in the industry, what a good publisher should do for its artists, the pros and cons of major vs. boutique publishers, the licensing process for music in TV, and a bunch more. Then Mike shares a unique and quite varied chat he had with Kelly V and Anvil’s Steve “Lips” Kudlow, who together host the “Rockn Token Talkn” show. Kelly shares her harrowing personal health story, which has made her a passionate advocate for others suffering from rare illnesses, and also how it led her to a friendship with Lips and life in Canada’s heavy metal music industry. Lips, a truly wonderful character as you’ll hear, also has some great stories about the cult classic documentary ‘Anvil! The Story of Anvil’ and his life in the music business.
7/28/20211 hour, 34 minutes, 14 seconds
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Boosting Women in the Studio + The Sun Harmonic’s Great Canadian Journey

First up on the podcast this week, Mike is joined by Margaret McGuffin, CEO of Music Publishers Canada, and OBUXUM (6:15), a young and very hyped songwriter-producer whose album, Re-Birth, was nominated for the 2020 Polaris Music Prize. McGuffin and OBUXUM joined the podcast together to talk about a new career development program spearheaded by Music Publishers Canada for female-identifying songwriter-producers called the Women in the Studio National Accelerator Program. They discuss why women are underrepresented across the music industry, and in particular in studios, how to change that, and what this program is aiming to achieve. Then, the second interview this week is with Kaleb Hikele (38:40), main man behind the indie-folk project The Sun Harmonic. Kaleb shares some personal lessons and anecdotes behind his latest album, Coast to Coast, which like its name suggest, was recorded in unique fashion all across Canada. Kaleb experienced a lot of personal adversity prior to making this album, and his experiences offer valuable lessons for other artists. Also, hear his beautiful story about how he ended up playing the last song performed on stage at Massey Hall before its three-year closure.
7/21/20211 hour, 18 minutes, 54 seconds
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John Orpheus’ Remarkable Story & Lessons in Music & Life

On this week’s show is a conversation that Mike has been greatly looking forward to sharing. It’s with Trinidadian-Canadian author and artist Antonio Michael Downing, who in the music world currently goes by John Orpheus. At 46 years old, there is a suddenly a lot of interest in Downing’s story and art. His tough-but-extraordinary life and artistic career is memoir-worthy, for sure. And so, unsurprisingly his memoir, Saga Boy: My Life of Blackness and Becoming, has done well. The book examines his journey from Trinidad to the tiny northern Ontario town of Wabigoon at 11 years old, growing up there with his older brother as the only Black kids around, and being raised by a stern evangelical aunt. Art, especially music, became his mental and literal escape from that place. He makes his way to Kitchener and then Toronto, and along the way he tours Europe with Liam Gallagher legends, wears and discards various personas and genres – like the punk rock rapper Mic Dainjah, and the soul crooner Molasses – and refuses to grasp commercial success if it requires sacrificing his own vision. There are innumerable ups and down, revelations, and tough lessons learned along the path of his illuminating journey. In Saga Boy the book, Antonio Michael Downing breaks open his mind and heart to examine that story, and on Saga King the album, John Orpheus celebrates the place where the journey has brought him. Here on the podcast with Mike, he digs into his story and the extraordinary lessons and experiences he’s had.
7/14/20211 hour, 9 minutes, 23 seconds
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Songwriting & the Business of Being an Independent Artist with Craig Cardiff & Shawnee Kish

First up on the podcast this week, Mike chats with highly-buzzed about Mohawk, Two-Spirited singer-songwriter Shawnee Kish (2:20). Shawnee has just released her debut, self-titled EP and in this conversation, she discusses songwriting, navigating the music business as a new artist, her decision to remain independent rather than sign to a label, and a lot more. Then, high-acclaimed veteran singer-songwriter Craig Cardiff (28:10) joins Mike for a wide-ranging conversation about the music industry, labels, being challenged to write more honestly by an elderly concert-goer, and a bunch else. To say Craig Cardiff is active as an artist is truly an understatement. While his latest LP, ‘All This Time Running,’ is his first album of new material in six years, he has independently released an astounding total of 25 albums and EPs since his debut release in 1997. He has been nominated for a JUNO award for Roots and Traditional Album of the Year for his 2012 album, Floods And Fires, as well as a Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Singer of the Year, in the same year.
7/7/20211 hour, 9 minutes, 51 seconds
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Alan Cross on NFTs, Spatial Audio & More! Plus, cleopatrick's Story of DIY Success

For our feature interview today, Mike is joined by Canada’s most famous music nerd, Alan Cross (42:00)! Let’s be honest, if you listen to this podcast, you don’t need an introduction to Alan. Being a big tech nerd in addition to a music nerd, and fascinated by the intersection of music and technology, Alan joins the podcast to discuss two big recent developments in the world of music sales and consumption, which the sudden proliferation of NFTs, as well as Apple Music’s jump into spatial and lossless music streaming. Alan discusses what these things are, and what it could mean in the near future for artists, fans, and the music business. But before that, the guys from super buzzed about Canadian rock and roll duo cleopatrick are here (3:05). These guys have very quickly gone from basement concerts in Cobourg, Ont. to major festivals, Spotify billboards in Yonge-Dundas Square, and major industry buzz. And they’ve done it while staying totally independent and following their own instincts. They are a fantastic DIY story that can offer a lot of insight and inspiration to other young artists. With Mike, Luke and Ian from the band discuss having their minds blown by Arctic Monkeys, rejecting record label offers, bluffing their way onto a major Spotify playlist, and a lot more.
6/30/20211 hour, 20 minutes, 17 seconds
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Country-Rock Special with Cory Marks & The Road Hammers

On this week’s episode Mike is digging into the world of Canadian country rock! First up, Cory Marks (3:20) returns to chat about writing his latest Gold-selling single, “Outlaws and Outsiders” and album, ‘Who I Am’, which Billboard called a “long-awaited next-generation country rock record.” Mark discusses his years between albums and the changes he made to his career, the serendipity that led to working with famed producer Kevin Churko, and a lot more. Later, the guys from highly-revered country-rock trio The Road Hammers (28:00) join Mike to discuss songwriting, egos, what “country music” even means, and a lot more. An undeniable staple in Canadian country music, with over 25 million streams, five CCMA Awards and a Juno Award win; The Road Hammers are Jason McCoy, Clayton Bellamy and Chris Byrne. They formed in 2004 with a plan of making just one concept record, but more than 15 years later they can’t stop writing and playing together. With Mike, the guys explain what keeps them together and how the style and spirit of The Road Hammers has evolved.
6/23/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 36 seconds
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The Tea Party Is Back! Plus, Talking Music Career Mentorship with Michael Bridge & Kornel Wolak

First up on the show this week, Mike chats with musicians Michael Bridge and Kornel Wolak (4:10) about the virtual Bridge & Wolak Music Mentorship Program. Presented in collaboration with The Isabel Bader Center for the Performing Arts, Queen’s University, and the Dan School, the program is aimed at high schools students or parents of teenagers with aspirations of a music career. It teaches them what different careers in the music industry could look like and tackles the questions: “Can I be an artist?”; “Do I want to study music at university?”; “What does it take to be a professional musician?”; and “How do I make money with music?” Then, Mike catches up with Stuart Chatwood (30:00), bassist and keyboardist for beloved Canadian rock band The Tea Party. The guys are back with new music, a new tour, and more. Mike and Stuart talk about the shifting band dynamics over the years, songwriting, and the how to react when fans just want to hear the old favourites. As well, Stuart also exclaims a bit about his work in the world of music for video games.
6/16/20211 hour, 40 seconds
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Cadence Weapon & Curbside Concerts

First up, Mike shares an interview he did a couple months back with Cadence Weapon for a feature article that appeared in the May/June issue of Canadian Musician. Cadence’s latest album, Parallel World, is a remarkable collection of songs that tackle politics, race, gentrification, the tech surveillance industry, and a lot more. But it’s also just some damn good music that is earning rave reviews. In this chat, Cadence Weapon discusses the politics and issues of the past year, why he had to make this album, the influence of classic politically-charged artists like The Clash and Public Enemy, why awards shows need to recognize a greater breadth of Canadian rap music, and a lot more. After that, Mike chats with the founders of Curbside Concerts. Last year, when live music suddenly shut down, musicians Matt Masters and Amanda Burgener found themselves in a panicked situation, with only about a month until their family of five ran out of money. Now, one year later, they have their own company, Curbside Concerts, with a loyal group of employees (with full benefits) and fans, and have created a whole new live music format that is bringing fans and artists closer together and doing remarkable things to keep money in artists’ pockets and in the community. And not only is it COVID-safe, they firmly believe and plan to make it bigger and better in the post-COVID world. As well, Curbside Concerts, which is a Calgary-based female and Indigenous-owned company (Amanda being a citizen of the Métis Nation of Alberta), is walking the walk when it comes to their values.
6/9/20211 hour, 15 minutes, 44 seconds
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Live from Indie101: Keynote Interview with Pandora & Sessions Founder Tim Westergren

For this week’s episode, our friends at Indie Week/Indie 101 are sharing the keynote Q&A that Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief and podcast host Mike Raine conducted with Tim Westergren. Of course, Tim is the co-founder and former CEO of Pandora, and now he’s the founder of concert livestreaming platform Sessions. The new platform was launched with the mission of making livestreaming a more useful and lucrative venue for artists. With Mike, Tim discusses Sessions' design and formation, the effect of the pandemic on this burgeoning performance avenue, the economics of livestreaming, what role it will have once touring returns, and more.
6/2/20211 hour, 1 minute, 38 seconds
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The Link Between Musicians' Health & Creativity

How does physical health and diet, as well as mental health, affect musicians? And not just on tour, but also with their day-to-day creativity? To discuss this important topic, we welcome back Mike Schwartz, a.k.a. The Rock Doctor. He’s a musician-first health and wellness professional, educator, author and speaker. He wrote “The Musician’s Guide To Surviving The Rock Star Lifestyle” and created “The Music Fit Method”, and leads the Music Fit Collective. In this chat with CM Editor-in-Chief Mike Raine, Schwartz first tells the amusing story (he’s a pretty great storyteller as you’ll see) about how he even got into the niche field of musician-focused health, and then exactly why artists need to maintain good physical and mental health to stay creative. He also chats about how musicians can take agency of their lives, and the complex emotions they may feel as the pandemic ends and live music returns.
5/26/202156 minutes, 30 seconds
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Breaking New Ground in Country Music with D’orjay & INXS' Andrew Farriss

For this week’s podcast, we have two fascinating and very different artists from the world of country music. First up, from Alberta, Mike chats with D’orjay The Singing Shaman, who was recently nominated for Country Artist of the Year at the 2021 Western Canadian Music Awards following the release of her debut album, ‘New Kind of Outlaw.’ As a Black Queer woman (and literally a shaman!), D'orjay is passionate, vocal, and committed to bringing diversity and inclusiveness to country music. As she boldly states on the title track of her album, “I love country music, but will country music love me?” Then, joining Mike from the other side of the world is Andrew Farriss, the chief songwriter behind Australian icons INXS. He released his debut solo album in March, which is Farriss’ first country-influenced endeavor. In country music, he says he found the kind of storytelling that truly connects with his life. Farriss is one of Australia’s most prolific songwriters and in 2020, he was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia. INXS were also the recipient of multiple ARIA awards and were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. Around the world, the band was nominated for a JUNO and multiple Grammys. With a career spanning 30 years, they have sold over 50 million albums worldwide, including a Diamond selling status in Canada. Outside of INXS, Farriss is an Australian Songwriter’s Hall of Fame inductee. It's no wonder how he has amassed around 250 songs over the years.
5/19/202145 minutes, 53 seconds
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Pianist Martin Mayer’s Big Bet in Canada Made Him a Star in China + CIMA Pres. Andrew Cash

Our feature interview this week is with Canadian concert pianist and composer Martin Mayer, who’s had a fascinating career as a major star in China while being relatively unknown in his home country. Martin tells Mike his story and how a large and risky investment as a teenager kick started his music career, and then how that led to a chance email and his first major tour of China. It’s quite the story! But first, Mike meets Andrew Cash, the professional indie musician and former NDP MP who has been named as the new president of the Canadian Independent Musical Association (CIMA). Andrew discusses his time in politics and how the music industry can most effectively lobby governments, the state of Canada’s indie music sector coming out of the pandemic, and more.
5/12/20211 hour, 17 minutes, 51 seconds
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Chatting with James "JC" Curleigh, the Canadian Who Saved Gibson

When James “JC” Curleigh was hired as Gibson Brands’ new president and CEO in 2018, he was somewhat of a surprising choice to be the man who would save one of the world’s most iconic guitar companies from financial doom. Nonetheless, he has led an impressive revitalization of the brand. The proudly Canadian CEO opens about the current state of the guitar market, what he’s learned reviving iconic brands from being the president of Levi’s, how to get more women and artists of colour picking up guitars, how much stores need to adapt, and more.
5/6/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 38 seconds
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Alex Henry Foster’s Long Journey to ‘Standing Under Bright Lights’

On the podcast this week, Mike has an in-depth chat about loss and mental health, creativity, songwriting, guitars, and more with Alex Henry Foster of beloved Canadian alt-rock heroes Your Favorite Enemies. His latest solo release, ‘Standing Under Bright Lights,’ which just debuted at #4 in Canada, is a triple-record live album and DVD recorded on one special night at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2019. In this conversation, Alex opens up about how losing his father led him on a two-year personal journey in Tangier, Morocco, where he had to confront a lot of his own demons. From that came his solo debut, ‘Windows in the Sky,’ which is totally unlike anything he’d done before in YFE. The one and only concert he did in support of that acclaimed record was multi-media experience that drew fans from all over the world for a very special experience. This is a truly wonderful conversation that covers a lot of ground, from the deeply personal to the fun and lighthearted.
4/28/202153 minutes, 32 seconds
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Sydney Blu on the Art & Business of Electronic Music

For this week’s show, Mike has a fascinating chat about the electronic music business from an artist’s perspective with Canadian DJ, producer, and record label owner Joanne Hill – a.k.a Sydney Blu. Her second underground electronic album, ‘Conviction,’ was released in March, and she shares how her time in Berlin inspired the record, the genre’s history, and why different cities have different relationships with electronic music. Joanne also takes us through her fascinating career, from the underground electronic scene, to moving to Miami and immersing herself in the mainstream EDM world as a resident DJ at a major club, and why she became very frustrated and disillusioned and return to the underground electronic scene. Joanne also fills us in on the lobbying she’s led to get CARAS to recognize underground electronic music at the Juno Awards.
4/21/202143 minutes, 42 seconds
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What is Holistic Artist Development?

This week on the podcast, Mike chats about the interesting concept of ‘holistic artist development’ with Purna, is an Indo-Canadian artist, producer, mix engineer, songwriter, and holistic artist developer from Montreal. She tells the story of how the fraught person journey that led to her debut single, "Chemical Romance," also led her to creating this practice of holistic artist development, which is a practical and well-rounded approach to identifying what an artist really wants from their music and career, and then achieving it.
4/14/202152 minutes, 27 seconds
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Rufus Wainwright: The CM Cover Interview

We’ve been excited to share this week’s conversation in its entirety! It is with the great Rufus Wainwright, who probably needs no introduction to most folks. He is, of course, the son of folk music royalty who then set out on his own and carved out a uniquely diverse and acclaimed artistic career that spans from pop to opera. In this conversation with Mike, which formed the basis of the cover story on Rufus for the March/April issue of Canadian Musician magazine, Rufus discusses his musical upbringing; the lessons he continues to carry from his mother, the late Kate McGarrigle; making his latest Grammy-nominated album, Unfollow the Rules; the rocky reception he received in his home city of Montreal after finding pop success in L.A.; his songwriting tendencies; and a lot more. It really is a wonderful conversation with one of Canada’s finest artists of the last couple decades.
4/7/202140 minutes, 33 seconds
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Musicians, Listen to This Before You Do Your Taxes!

It’s everyone’s favourite time of year — tax season! Okay, so not really, but Canadian tax deadlines are approaching and that’s important. So, joining Mike on this week’s episode are the folks from Gold Entertainment Accountants, who specialize in finances and taxes for musicians and others around the Canadian entertainment industries. From the firm, we have a trio of experts – Phil Goldband, managing partner; Peter Poulimenakos, senior partner; and Alex Schnob, staff accountant. Together, they share a wealth of insights and advice about finances for artists, how not to get in trouble with the CRA, things to be aware of on your taxes because of CERB and other pandemic relief programs, making sure you get all the money you’re owed, and more. Find out more about Gold Entertainment Accountants at
3/31/202155 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Strumbellas Open Up about Mental Health, Soaring Choruses & More!

On the podcast this week, Mike’s welcomes back Simon Ward and Dave Ritter from folk-rock hit-makers The Strumbellas. Almost everybody knows these guys from hits like “Salvation,” “We Don’t Know,” and especially the inescapable single “Spirits.” They’re back with a new single, “Greatest Enemy,” which is the first release since they went on hiatus a couple years ago after Simon realized that the depression he had been dealing with for the past 15 years was no longer something he could deal with on his own. In this conversation, Simon opens up about that battle and the tough year he’s had, and why he defines “success” totally differently now than when he last chatted with Mike. The guys also dissect their songwriting and recording process, Simon reveals how he writes those big soaring choruses, and much more.
3/24/202138 minutes, 37 seconds
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Musiio's Hazel Savage on AI & Her Journey in Music Tech

In the first conversation with this week, Mike chats with Paul Loeb, the founder of DropTrack, a platform that helps record labels, indie artists, and producers organize and promote their music. He also runs No Ego Records, an L.A.-based record label that helps musicians and content makers through cheaper licensing of their songs. With Mike, Paul discusses how artists can market their music, streaming playlists, sync licensing, and more. Then, the feature interview this week is with Hazel Savage, the CEO and co-founder at Musiio, a company that uses artificial intelligence to improve various aspects of the music industry. Hazel tells her fascinating professional story, which began at HMV stores in England before she joined Shazam in its infancy, despite having no background in tech, and from there she went on to Pandora, Universal, and more. With Mike, Hazel traces the use of AI in music, ponders its future, and more. It’s a very fun and interesting conversation!
3/17/20211 hour, 16 minutes, 50 seconds
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Kilometre Music Group & the Exploding Market for Song Rights

On the podcast this week, Mike is joined by Michael McCarty, who spent at the last seven years as the chief membership officer at SOCAN following a legendary career in music publishing, as well as Juno-winning producer Gavin Brown (The Tragically Hip, Billy Talent, Three Days Grace). The reason they’re on together is because, along with their colleague Rodney Murphy, they’ve launched Kilometre Music Group, a new music rights management company with the stated mission of reclaiming “the financial rewards of the multi-decade worldwide 'Canadian music invasion' for the benefit of Canadian artists, investors, and culture." Given some of the mega-deals that have made headlines recently, with major stars like Bob Dylan and Stevie Nicks selling their song rights, McCarty and Brown discuss this exploding market for songs, as well as why Canada has punched above its weight for decades when it comes to writing and producing chart-topping hits, the dominance of BIPOC songwriters and producers, what they envision KMG’s role to be, and more.
3/10/20211 hour, 1 minute, 40 seconds
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Indigenous Ownership, Control & Identity in Film & TV Music

On this week’s podcast, Mike has a great chat with Nigel Irwin, a Toronto-based Cree composer/artist who is also the co-creative director of Nagamo Publishing. Nagamo is the world’s first Indigenous-created production music library that spans all genres and nations. Its goal is to provide much-needed opportunities for Indigenous music creators to showcase their talents in the film and media industries. As this library continues to grow, Nagamo plans to also grow into the premier agency to connect with the leading Indigenous composers working today. In this wide-ranging chat, Nigel discusses the need for companies like Nagamo in the industry and the history of non-Indigenous artists making Indigenous-seeming music for TV and movies. He also explains the discussions happening in Indigenous artistic communities about the right and wrong ways to incorporate traditional Indigenous elements into contemporary music, as well as issues of cultural appropriation within different Indigenous musical communities. He also explains the challenges many songwriters with transitioning to composing production music, how the commissioning and payments work, and more.
3/3/202141 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Wisdom of Camille Barbone, Madonna’s Former Manager & Music Industry Renaissance Woman

“There’s going to be a big, big forced transitional change in the industry in this next two years,” says Camille Barbone in this wide-ranging and immensely interesting conversation on this week’s podcast. Camille is an entrepreneur, consultant, teacher, and coach for artists and companies. For starters, she’s the person who discovered, developed, launched, and managed the career of pop icon Madonna. Her diverse work experience includes positions at Columbia/Sony and Universal/Polygram. At Buddha/Arista, Camille specialized in A&R, and she has served as head of operations for businesses such as Open Door Online, one of the first music retailers to sell music via the internet. As well, she was VP of artist relations and later VP and GM for Aezra EMI Records, VP and GM of Winedark-Fontana Records, and president and CEO of Stadium Entertainment Holdings, working with artists such as Kanye West, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Kenny Chesney, and Keith Urban. Camille owned and operated Gotham Sound in NYC and Long View Farm Recording in Massachusetts serving major recording artists such as Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Collective Soul, and more. Believe it or not, her list of jobs and accomplishments keeps going! So, needless to say, there’s a lot of topics she can share insights on, and she does in this conversation!
2/24/202156 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Evolution of Canada’s Rap/R&B Music Industry with Duane 'D.O.' Gibson

First up on the podcast this week, Mike chats with Adrian Sutherland about his new solo music, taking on a new sound with the single “Respect the Gift,” songwriting, creating his own studio space in Attawapiskat, and more. Then, Mike catches up with Duane “D.O.” Gibson, the beloved rapper, motivational speaker, and co-founder of the Northern Power Summit. Duane discusses the evolution of Canada’s rap and R&B music scenes, the changing mentality within that music scene, and whether the support systems and industry infrastructure for rap, pop, and R&B artists is improving in Canada. As well, Duane discusses the need to raise more awareness and knowledge of Black Canadian music history, offers a wealth of valuable insights and advice for artists, and more.
2/17/20211 hour, 1 minute, 40 seconds
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Vaccine Passports & Live Music: What Could the Near Future Hold?

First up on the show this week, Mike chats with Katie Munshaw of the critically-acclaimed, Juno-winning band Dizzy. Katie discusses writing, recording, and self-producing the band’s sophomore album, The Sun and Her Scorch, and the pressure they felt after the huge success of their debut LP. Katie also digs into songwriting, what she learned from more veteran acts while on tour, the band’s relationship with their label, and more. Following that, Mike has a very timely conversation with lawyer Paul Banwatt (who also happens to be the drummer for The Rural Alberta Advantage). Specially, Paul joins the podcast to talk about COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine passports, and what could or could not be expected of artists, crews, and fans when live music resumes.
2/10/202153 minutes, 54 seconds
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Artist Manager Steve Kenny & Country-Pop Star Tebey

First up, Mike chats with Steve Kenny (3:55), an artist manager, co-founder of Traverse Music Management, and author of The Ascender (, a blog and newsletter for artists looking to grow their career in an effective and sustainable way. Steve recounts his winding path from musician to a corporate job and then into artist management. He offers a refreshing perspective and mind for the music industry and in this conversation, he discusses his belief that artists should actually focus more on the fans they have than on growing their fanbase, and that they should also focus on providing value for their audience rather than on “how can I monetize my audience?” Then, after his chat with Steve, Mike then shares the wonderful conversation he had with Canadian producer, platinum-selling singer-songwriter, and four-time CCMA nominee Tebey (34:40). Tebey first came to prominence as a songwriter for both pop and country artists. His pop credits include One Direction, Fifth Harmony, Flo Rida, Cher, and more. No slouch in the country music arena, Tebey has been nominated for four Canadian Country Music Awards, including Album of the Year for his 2018 hit EP, Love a Girl, and his hit single “Denim On Denim” was recently was certified platinum and he nabbed a gold certification for his co-write for “Just Got Paid” by Emerson Drive. He and Mike chat about writing his new album, ‘The Good Ones,’ the differences between writing country and pop songs, coming of age in the music industry, the fun and hassles of co-founding his own record label, dealing with the uncertainty of the near future, and more.
2/3/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 16 seconds
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Uninvited Guests: Billy Wild’s Long & Fraught Journey to Sample Glenn Gould

On this week’s podcast is a conversation Mike has been saving for a couple months and looking forward to sharing. That’s because once Mike had this conversation with musician and producer Billy Wild, he knew he wanted to write about this project, called Uninvited Guests, and its backstory for the magazine, which he did for the new January/February issue of Canadian Musician. For the album Uninvited Guests, Billy and other producers, rappers, and singers from his Toronto-based Division 88 collective dared to chop up some of Glenn Gould’s most iconic recordings and use them in hip-hop and R&B productions. Now, would Glenn Gould love or loath Uninvited Guests? Billy doesn’t know if the late, iconic Canadian pianist would love the music, but he’s sure Gould would love that the album exists. He also knows that Gould’s fans hate him, which he accepts with some bewilderment and amusement. But the making of this album, and just getting the rights to Gould’s music, was an eight-year journey that involved dealing with the Gould Estate, a major label, a change of publishers, and more. It’s a fascinating story and Billy is a fun storyteller.
1/27/202139 minutes, 32 seconds
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Can There Be Justice at Spotify?

This week’s conversation is certainly an important one, especially right now as artists are more reliant on income generated from their recorded music because there’s no tours going on. So, this week, Mike chats with two members of the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers who helped organize its ongoing Justice at Spotify campaign. Those are Boston-based musician, poet, and author Damon Krukowski (Galaxie 500, Magic Hour, Damon & Naomi), as well as Montreal-based drummer Salin Cheewapansri (Dominique Fils-Aimé). Together with Mike, they deconstruct the demands that UMAW and its supporters are making of Spotify in order to raise awareness and more conversation about the lack of money making its way back to creators despite the billions in revenue generated each year by the streaming giant. This is a spirited conversation about the economics and ethics of the streaming business model and how we can make the industry fairer. For more about UMAW’s Justice at Spotify campaign, go to For more from Damon, check out his book, ‘The New Analog,’ at and his podcast series, Ways of Hearing, at For more on Salin, go to
1/20/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 57 seconds
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Why USS Is Quitting While They're On Top

After little more than a decade together, and having achieved a level of worldwide success that is far beyond anything they expected, the Canadian electro-rock duo USS (or Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) are calling it a day with one final album, Einsteins of Consciousness. So, joining Mike for this week’s episode are vocalist/guitarist Ashley Buchholz (aka Ash Boo-Schultz) and turntablist/hype man Jason "Human Kebab" Parsons. In this conversation, the two of them look back on their career and the art they made together and explain why now was the right time in their respective lives to move on to new experiences. Though the guys’ trademark goofiness certainly comes through in this chat, they’re also very earnest and open about how they’ve grown as people and artists over the years and how that led them to this decision. As well, Ash discusses in own battles with mental health and how he learned a key lesson for all songwriters: that there’s a difference between that’s not good enough, and you’re not good enough. Also, the guys talk about how social media changed the business for artists, the intense connection they’ve built with fans, and more.
1/13/202134 minutes, 17 seconds
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Julian Taylor’s Long, Tough Journey to ‘The Ridge’

“When something like that happens to you, I think you just get stunned,” Julian Taylor says on this week’s podcast about the immense loss that planted the seeds for his album, ‘The Ridge.’ “I just started reciting whatever was on my mind on a video on my phone as I walked through the forest. Then I looked at it and was like, ‘Wow, there’s something there.’” Taylor has been steadily releasing music since the late ‘90s, first as a member of the band Staggered Crossing and then with Julian Taylor Band and solo. So, it’s somewhat surprising that in 2020 he put out arguably his best album yet, and definitely the one that has earned him a larger audience and significant critical acclaim. His album, ‘The Ridge,’ which was released shortly after the pandemic began, was born of considerable personal loss, but its warm sonic character and deeply personal lyrics proved to be the right album for the time. It’s certainly one of Mike’s favourite albums of the year. So, in this open and honest conversation, Julian tells Mike about the painful writing process that resulted in ‘The Ridge,’ his experiences growing as a mixed-race kid in urban Ontario and rural B.C. and his family that inspired the songs, hitchhiking across the U.S., the weirdness of playing a drive-in concert, and much more.
1/6/202142 minutes, 9 seconds
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The North Sound’s Forrest Eaglespeaker on Songwriting, Sobriety & More

For this last episode of 2020, Mike is joined by Forrest Eaglespeaker, the leader of Saskatchewan-based roots-rock duo The North Sound. They recently released their sophomore record, ‘As the Stars Explode,’ a deeply personal album that straddles two eras in Forrest’s life. Some of the songs were written while Eaglespeaker was in the chaos of alcohol addiction, while some in the more grounded and “new” life of sobriety. In this conversation, Forrest speaks honestly about those long struggles with alcohol, and the new experience of writing and performing sober. He also discusses a number of other topics, such as what it was like singing a song inspired by Colten Boushie’s senseless murder in front of a rural, all-white audience.
12/31/202036 minutes, 7 seconds
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What’s Happened to Canada’s Indie Music Sector & How Can It Recover?

On this week’s show we have outgoing CIMA President Stuart Johnston joining Mike to talk about the widespread, and often uneven, impact the pandemic has had on Canada’s independent music sector. The basis of the conversation is a new report commissioned by CIMA and conducted by Nordicity that shows the Canadian music industry lost $280-million this year. Stuart explains how the indie sector, specifically, was affected, including the impact that no live music has had on indie artists and labels, which groups have been hit worst, and what it will take to recover post-pandemic. Stuart and Mike also discuss the pandemic’s impact on audience development, and the report’s finding that BIPOC artists and music entrepreneurs have not seen the same funding support as the rest of their peers. Suffice to say, this is an important conversation.
12/23/202054 minutes, 53 seconds
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How Melissa Lamm Funds Her Music with Twitch + Blind Singer-Producer Mattmac

First up, Mike chats with Mattmac about his incredible story and music. He’s blind musician, singer, and producer from Garden Hill First Nation in Manitoba, and though still very young, Mattmac is gaining a ton of attention with his first album, 20/20. He’s been blind since birth, which makes the pop-trap production in music that much more impressive. Mattmac tells Mike his musical story and explains how he does what he does. Then Mike talks about the popular livestreaming platform Twitch with Toronto-based pop musician, songwriter, and producer Melissa Lamm ( Over the last couple years, while she struggled to gain traction on Spotify and other streaming services, Melissa found a lot of success performing live on Twitch. So much so, in fact, that she fully funded her latest EP and two singles through those online performances. With Mike, Melissa discusses what brought her to Twitch, how it works, and how she has been able to fund her music by finding an engaged fanbase on the platform.
12/16/202043 minutes
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Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar, Plus COVID-Safe Concerts with Hotels Live Canada

First up, Mike has a lovely conversation with Samantha Martin (5:20) about her pandemic experience and making her latest, barn-storming record with her band, Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar. The new album, The Reckless One, was released in November via Gypsy Soul Records, and features swirling Booker T-inspired organ, a swaggering horn line and Samantha’s trademark hurricane-force vocals. With Mike, Samantha chats about their decision to focus on the European touring market prior the pandemic, the cost of touring the U.S., songwriting, singing in the studio versus on stage, what it was like to perform a livestreamed concert from a nearly-empty theatre, and more. After that, Mike chats with Rob Cyrynowski (42:20) about his unique COVID-safe concert series called Hotels Live. Rob is a veteran Canadian talent buyer, booker, and promoter who’s worked with such acts as Kiss, Def Leppard, Rush, Thomas Rhett, Rihanna, Pitbull, Tiësto, Bryan Adams, and The Tragically Hip. Calgary-based Hotels Live Canada has been offering some of the most fun, COVID-safe concert experiences throughout the summer and fall and will continue to do so in 2021. At these shows, fans are watching DJs and bands from the comfort and safety of their hotel room balconies. So far in 2020, Hotels Lives has organized 15 safe live concerts with 48 artists. For those shows, more than 1,350 hotel rooms were sold, with over 5,000 fans attending shows, and ticket sales grossed over $350,000, far exceeding what most concert promoters have been able to do in Canada this year. And importantly, there’s been zero COVID-19 cases traced to the shows. So, Rob discusses how this concert concept came to be, the lessons learned so far, and what 2021 holds.
12/9/20201 hour, 14 minutes, 26 seconds
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The Life & Legacy of Rush

We’ve got a fun chat on this week’s episode! Martin Popoff, the incredibly prolific rock critic and author, joins Mike to talk about the music, business, and legacy of Canadian icons Rush. Martin has written a three-book biography of the band, with the first two installments – Anthem: Rush in the ‘70s and Limelight: Rush in the ‘80s – now out, and the third book expected in the spring of 2021. Martin is obviously a massive fan of Rush and been covering them in his work for many years. With Mike, he discusses the evolution of the band’s style and musical legacy, how they conducted their business and stayed together for so long, why they never fell into the self-destructive pitfalls like so many of their contemporaries, and a bunch more. You know any conversation about Rush is a fun one, so enjoy!
12/2/202045 minutes, 45 seconds
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Innovative Approaches to Touring & Financing Your Music

In our two interviews on this week’s podcast, we’re looking at a couple unique ways musicians are approaching their careers, whether that’s financing or touring during a pandemic. First up, Mike catches up with singer-songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (3:00) to find out how he managed to keep touring for the greater part of this pandemic. His unique "Farm Tour", just like it sounds, he set up a tent and sound system on farms across Canada for a series of intimate shows unlike any other. Find out how he pulled it off, the rewards and headaches long the way, and whether it was financially viable in the end. Then Mike chats with Sound Royalties founder and CEO Alex Heiche (25:30). Since founding his company in 2014, Alex has become a go-to expert on music royalties, licensing, and specialty finance for music artists. He has presented on behalf of the Recording Academy and other music industry associations across North America and around the world. Since 2014, Sound Royalties has worked with artists such as Wyclef Jean, Pitbull, Rich Robinson (Black Crowes), Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, Sonia Leigh, and others. The company offers royalty advances to artists that doesn’t require them to give up any publishing rights or ownership of their songs.
11/25/202054 minutes, 6 seconds
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The Story of 'Studio Monk': How Junia-T Almost Quit Music & Instead Made a Masterpiece

Junia-T’s story seems almost too perfect. After a decade of promising highs and frustrating lows, he was in a rut and feeling pressure to quit the music industry. At that moment he found himself in a life-changing creative environment and emerged two years later with Studio Monk, an album that sounds, simultaneously, so original and classic that he’s being showered in critical adoration and artistic admiration, including being shortlisted for the 2020 Polaris Music Prize. For the new issue of Canadian Musician magazine, the multifaceted producer-rapper-musician told Mike the full story. Here is that conversation.
11/18/202040 minutes, 19 seconds
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Lessons from Dave Guenette's Secretly Fascinating Life in the Music Industry

Dave Guenette is a Canadian artist manager and label co-owner who has had an extremely fascinating life and career, though you won’t find much about him online. He is the co-founder of label and artist services company Pirates Blend, which has worked alongside Junia-T (who Dave has known since they were kids), A Tribe Called Red, Zaki Ibrahim, Saul Williams, Young Empires, and more. The label was co-founded with the members of Bedouin Soundclash, who Dave previously managed since they were all friends in university. Dave recalls chasing infamous artist manager Sol Guy to get his foot in the door and how that led him around the world at a young age tour managing for K’Naan and, as he says, the rest is history.
11/11/202056 minutes, 5 seconds
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The State of Canada's Live Music Industry

This week Mike welcomes back to the podcast Erin Benjamin, the president and CEO of the Canadian Live Music Association. The CLMA advocates on behalf of Canadian concert promoters, festivals, presenters, venues, agents, ticketing companies, industry associations, and suppliers. Mike and Erin spoke in late April about the immediate devasting impact the pandemic was having on the live music industry. Now, six months later, Erin is back to offer an update on how things have panned out, what the near- and long-term future looks like for the industry, why keeping the live music industry afloat is economically important, what venues are doing to facilitate live music, and more. To read the new report from the CLMA, City of Toronto, and Nordicity that Mike and Erin talk about, go to
11/4/202057 minutes, 49 seconds
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Ron Hawkins & Peter Katz

First up this week, Mike chats with Ron Hawkins (2:50), an icon of the Canadian indie rock community and incredible songwriter who fronts The Lowest of the Low and Ron Hawkins & The Do-Good Assassins. Ron chats about recording the new Do-Good Assassins album, 246, on a vintage analog four-track recorder, shunning the option to release the album on a major label, the pros and cons of indie and major labels from his experience, the difference between good and bad political songwriting, and more. The second interview this week is with Peter Katz (36:00), an acclaimed artist and public speaker, who tells Mike about writing his new, poppier album, City of Our Lives, while recovering from a gruesome injury that nearly took away his ability to walk. Peter also discusses the decision to stagger the digital and physical releases of the album, finding an appreciation for the craft of pop music, making his online performances more interactive and engaging, his impressive livestreaming setup, how he got into motivational speaking, and more.
10/28/20201 hour, 11 minutes, 23 seconds
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How to Build a Creative Community

On the podcast this week, Mike welcomes Oliver Johnson, the founder of Soleil Sound (formerly – and still lovingly by many – called The Hive), which is a music and post-production studio complex in Toronto that has been an instrumental part of the Toronto creative community for more than 20 years. In fact, in a recent conversation, Polaris Prize-shortlisted producer Junia-T told Mike that Oliver is one of the unsung heroes of Toronto music community and credited the uniquely creative and collaborative environment at Soleil Sound for making it possible to create his acclaimed album Studio Monk. It’s for that reason that Mike reached out to Oliver to get the story behind the studio and find out how he created this unique space that has attracted K’naan, Glenn Lewis, and so many other beloved artists. Mike and Oliver also discuss the major financial challenges facing recording studios in major cities and a bunch more. Oliver is also one of the founders of Nagamo Publishing, is the first Indigenous production music library and composer agency. He encourages Indigenous creators to contact them if they’d like to get involved in production music industry and have their music licenced. More at
10/21/202048 minutes, 52 seconds
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The How & Why of Businesses Using Music Videos

We’ve chatted on the podcast and in the magazine a few times about how companies use music, from restaurants to gyms to retail shops and more. Today, we’re focusing on how and why many of these same types of companies are using music videos. Our guest for this conversation is Luke White, the director of content at Loop Media, which provides customized music video channels for businesses. Luke is also the head of operations and marketing at U.S. label Parts + Labor Records, all on top of being a professional musician himself in the band Atomic Tom. Aside from simply what Loop Media does with music videos and how it does it, Luke and Mike also get into the ongoing evolution of music videos as an artform and marketing tool for artists, how curating music video playlists for businesses differs from song playlists, how indie artists can tap into this market, and more.
10/14/202035 minutes, 46 seconds
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Behind-the-Scenes in Music & Government During the Pandemic

On the podcast this week we have Patrick Rogers, the interim Co-CEO and VP of Corporate Affairs at Music Canada. It’s a fascinating and wide-ranging chat as Patrick takes you behind-the-scenes as the music industry grapples with the scope of the pandemic and its conversations with government. Given his many years spent in the federal government, including being the Director of Public Policy at the Department of Canadian Heritage, Patrick offers a lot of insight into government’s decision-making during this dramatic time. As well, Patrick replays the conversations they had internally and with Abacus Data during the creation of, and when assessing the results of their public opinion surveys of music fans and professional musicians. Mike and Patrick then touch on some wider music industry issues, such as CanCon regulations for streaming and the future of ad-supported free music streaming.
10/7/20201 hour, 4 minutes, 10 seconds
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What Has the Pandemic Done to Music Listening Habits?

For this week’s chat, Mike is joined by Glenn Peoples, the lead data analyst atBillboard. Glenn and Mike get into a fascinating conversation about how music fans’ listening habits have shifted during the course of the pandemic. They dissect early declines in streaming numbers and how it’s recovered, what genres have gained the most, the future of vinyl and CDs, the influence of smart speakers, and even if it would be in the interest of both Spotify and the music industry to phase out free, ad-based streaming. For anyone who listens to music, this is a fun chat!
9/30/202043 minutes, 40 seconds
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COVID’s Impact on Indie Artists

For this week’s podcast we welcome back Darryl Hurs, the founder and CEO of Indie Week and CD Baby’s Director of Market Development for Canada. Darryl and Mike chat about Indie Week’s plans for a virtual artist-focused conference from Nov. 10-14, and then dig into a number of pressing topic and some good advice for indie musicians. Darryl explains how indie artists should be preparing for the eventual post-COVID industry, why he thinks that there will be a big return to focusing on local music, what he thinks the lasting impact of this situation will be on the music industry, and a bunch more.
9/23/202045 minutes, 11 seconds
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Laila Biali, Jeremy Drury & Romana

This week, we're bringing you a special trio of artist interviews. Revered jazz vocalist Laila Biali joins us to discuss her re-imagining of the track "Revival" for her ongoing "Quarantunes" series, as well as the song's powerful and still-timely lyrical themes. We also touch on her latest LP, Out of Dust, her experience releasing and promoting an album amidst the pandemic, and how a bit of optimism can go a long way these days. Before that, we hear from Jeremy Drury about stepping out from behind The Strumbellas' drum kit (temporarily, of course) and into the spotlight with his debut solo LP, Company Store. Plus, a candid chat with multi-disciplinary artist Romana about the stunning, cinematic video for her powerful new single "Melanin," how her prowess as a visual artist permeates her music, and more.
9/16/202052 minutes
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Country Talk with Lindsay Ell & Petric

For our feature interview this week, Andrew chats with Canadian country star Lindsay Ell, who followed up her breakout LP The Project with another hugely successful effort, Heart Theory, in mid-August. American Songwriter magazine called it a "career-altering album" in their high-profile cover story, and we ask Lindsay how she feels about the remarkable reception in addition to discussing the making of the record, balancing her prowess as a singer and guitarist in the studio and on stage, the increasing prevalence of Canadian country hitmakers, and more. But before our chat with Lindsay, Mike also caught up with the guys from Canadian country-rock band Petric. They talk about recording their latest single while being separated because of the pandemic, how they plan to release and promote their new EP, Flashbacks, and the coming full LP despite not being able to tour. They guys also chat songwriting, how they got endorsed by PRS Guitars, and more.
9/9/202042 minutes, 36 seconds
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The Indigenous Music Industry Is on the Rise

Coalition Music has partnered with the Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN) to launch Red Music Rising (RMR), an Indigenous music company that is the first in Canada to be owned, managed, and operated entirely by Indigenous individuals. On today's pod, we have Toronto-based artist manager Matt Maw of Chippewas of the Thames, who has been brought in to be the first leader of RMR. Matt and Mike discuss the mission and plans for RMR, how it came together, launching a music company at the difficult time, the lack Indigenous representation in the music industry, the problem with lumping a large and diverse group of artists under the banner of “Indigenous music,” and more.
9/2/202038 minutes, 53 seconds
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Kiesza's Comeback & A DIY Drive-In Festival

We welcome the incomparable Kiesza to the show this week. Her brand-new album, Crave, is her first full collection since her breakout Sound of a Woman in 2014. In the years since, she's enjoyed some major successes, suffered a car accident that nearly ended her career - and her life - and had a tumultuous split with her record label. We talk about all of that, and how she's come out on the other side with newfound inspiration and a kick of creativity. Plus, we chat with Toronto-based artist Suzi Kory, who put on a DIY drive-in festival called Love Revolution just outside of the city in mid-July that, by all accounts, was a big success. We find out what inspired her to do it, how she and her team pulled it off, and get a preview of the next one she's working on.
8/26/202044 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Indelible Voice, Soul & Journey of Dominique Fils-Aimé

In June, Montreal-based singer Dominique Fils-Aimé won the Juno for Vocal Jazz Album of the year for her 2019 LP, Stay Tuned! That album, which was also on the Polaris Music Prize short list last year, is the second in an ambitious trilogy that explores and embodies the history of popular Black music. Mike recently had a lovely in-depth chat with Dominque about the entire three-album project just as she was wrapping up the third album. They discuss the inspiration she’s taken from Black history and music, songwriting, how she’s coped creatively and personally with the pandemic, the therapeutic nature of protests, and more.
8/19/202050 minutes
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Professional Development Opportunities for Artists

We've got a trio of short interviews on a few cool and compelling professional development opportunities for musicians. The idea is to share some different approaches to professional development and the many facets you can improve on. First, acclaimed composer Craig Dodge delves into his Ignite Your Music Career program, which shares tools and strategies to get your music placed in series, films, video games, ads, and other media, regardless of your instrument or genre. Next, multi-Juno nominee Alysha Brilla offers insight into her production-focused workshops, which she's successfully delivered for a myriad of artists from all over. They cover everything from beat-making to digital audio workstations and more. Finally, industry veteran Steve Waxman joins us again to talk about Collaboration Hub, a six-week program for musicians in any genre. It's an opportunity for artists to connect and help one another take the next steps in their careers under Steve's guidance.
8/12/202038 minutes, 7 seconds
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Jarrel the Young - From the Producer's Seat to the Solo Spotlight

Jarrel Young is a Billboard-topping, Toronto-based producer, beat maker, singer, and songwriter. As one half of the production duo Young Wolf Hatchlings, he’s worked with Fall Out Boy, David Guetta, Neyo, Jessie Reyez, Tory Lanez, and more. Now, under the solo moniker Jarrel The Young, he’s releasing a series of three EPs called VIRTUE that takes him in a deeper sonic and lyrical direction. In this wide-ranging and fascinating conversation with Mike, Jarrel discusses career highs and lows, finding success at a young age and then fighting to maintain that momentum, the surreal feeling of hanging backstage with David Guetta and then going back to a regular desk job, and more.
8/5/20201 hour, 7 minutes, 19 seconds
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William Prince - Taking His Time to Do It His Way

We’re sharing the full conversation Mike had a couple of months ago with acclaimed singer-songwriter William Prince, which formed the basis for our July/August issue's cover story. There's a lot that didn’t make it into the article, so we’re thrilled to be able to share it here. It’s a very wide ranging conversation that spans almost William’s entire life, from his musical upbringing with his minister/singer father in Peguis First Nation, studying to become a doctor while finding more happiness in music, developing his exceptional songwriting acumen, breaking into the music industry, making his albums, the pressure he feel as an Indigenous songwriter to write political songs, and a lot more.
7/29/20201 hour, 3 minutes, 59 seconds
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ADVANCE - Canada's Black Music Business Collective

Last week, a new non-profit advocacy group launched to champion the advancement of Black professionals in the Canadian music industry. ADVANCE, Canada’s Black Music Business Collective, aims to hold the corporate, private, and government sectors accountable in order to build a more equitable Canadian music industry that grants Canada’s Black music communities a fair and valued voice. Erin Lowers, a Canadian music journalist, DSP programmer at YouTube Music, and a founding member of ADVANCE, joins us to discuss how it came together, the obstacles that have faced Black professionals and artists in the Canadian music business, and more. Plus, Lorraine Lawson, one of Canada's foremost vocal coaches and the namesake of Lawson Vocal Studios (LVS), joins us to discuss the Becoming Emerging Artist Contest, a great opportunity for Canadian performers, and the Power of Performance workbook. You'll also get some artist development insights from someone who's coached the likes of Alessia Cara, Roy Woods, Scott Helman, and many other stars.
7/22/202056 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Steadies & An Outlook on the Live Music Landscape

Jordan Powley of the Feldman Agency, one of North America's top talent agencies and management groups, joins us with some insight on what's going on in the slowly-reemerging live music market these days. We talk about where the current opportunities exist for artists to get in front of the public, the viability of drive-in concerts and similar initiatives, the hardships straining Canada's music venues, and more. Then, we hear a snippet of our recent interview with Saskatoon-based funk rock band The Steadies, fronted by Wide Mouth Mason's Earl Pereira. Earl talks about how the band stayed busy during the pandemic - which included booking a small-scale summer tour out west. Read the full interview at:
7/16/202044 minutes, 56 seconds
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Giving Credit Where It's Due in Today's Music Business

This week, Mike has an interesting chat with Jacqui Louez Schoorl about the importance of song credits in the music streaming era and why it’s become oddly difficult to find them. Jacqui is the CEO and co-founder of Jaxsta, a site aiming to become the IMDB of the music industry, providing comprehensive song and album credits in a searchable and interactive database - and they're well on their way. Mike and Jacqui talk about Jaxsta’s creation, how a lack of credits is harming artists and industry professionals, difficulties with metadata, and more. Before that, we have a quick chat with Lindi Delight about a cool and timely initiative she has co-founded called Masks for Music, which gives artists and industry professionals or organizations an opportunity to sell KN95 and adjustable fabric masks to earn income or raise funds for a good cause.
7/8/202056 minutes, 10 seconds
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Haviah Mighty's Canada Day History Lesson & KoSA Goes Virtual

Happy Canada Day! On today's show, we chat with Polaris Prize-winning hip-hop artist Haviah Mighty about the new video for her track "Thirteen," which dropped on Canada Day in tandem with a pair of live performances by Haviah for Toronto City Hall Live and CBC Music. Referencing the 13th amendment to the US Constitution that abolished slavery, "Thirteen" is a song about the painful journey of Black people in North America, with its the lyrics and accompanying illustrated video exposing the roots of systemic racism. We talk about the lyrics, the video and its "mini history lesson," and what's coming up for Haviah through the rest of 2020. Plus, the KoSA International Percussion Workshop and Festival has announced that it will be holding its much anticipated 25th anniversary edition online from July 6-10, 2020. This year’s confirmed faculty includes masters like Chester Thompson, John Riley, David Garibaldi, Bill Bachman, and more. We spoke with co-founder Aldo Mazza about what the KoSA experience is all about, the transition to delivering this year's edition online, highlights from the past 25 years, and more.
7/1/202038 minutes, 13 seconds
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Michael Kaeshammer, Stereos & SyncFloor

We're bringing you a trio of short interviews on this week's pod. We check in with pianist Michael Kaeshammer from his home on Vancouver Island to talk about his boost of creativity through self-isolation, how that output compares to his past work, his outlook on a post-pandemic music industry, and more. We also catch up with Pat Kordyback, the frontman of recently-reunited quintet Stereos. The band found success after winning the debut season of MuchMusic's DisBAND in 2008, then reunited in 2019 after nearly seven years of dormancy. We talk about what got them back together, the reception from the industry and fans so far, and more. Finally, we chat with Kirt Debique, the CEO and co-founder of SyncFloor, a new platform that helps content creators find music for their projects with robust search capabilities & one-stop licensing.
6/24/202052 minutes, 39 seconds
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Jon Corbin on Race, Racism & Music in Canada

We're joined this week by Jon Corbin, an independent Canadian artist, educator, writer, poet, emcee, DJ, and speaker who writes about the intersection of faith, creativity, and race. Jon and Mike have an in-depth conversation about the anti-racism movement sweeping the U.S. and Canada, the right and wrong ways the music industry has reacted to it, how race and racism are discussed in music and society in general, and some of the obstacles facing Black artists in the Canadian music industry.
6/17/202058 minutes, 5 seconds
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Vile Creature & Rob Wells' Viral Journey Cover

Vic & KW of heralded Hamilton, ON-based doom/sludge metal duo Vile Creature are partners in music, partners in a vegan deli/bakery/market, and partners in life. We caught up with them in late May to talk about their new record Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm!, staying busy and creative through the pandemic, being able to make music together while most can't, what their live performances might look like going forward, and more. Before that, hit-making producer Rob Wells joins us to talk about the viral video he captained that features dozens of artists from Canada and around the world performing Journey's hit "Don't Stop Believin'" amidst self-isolation. We ask what drew him to the track, how he stitched all of the different performances together, and how artists can improve their own productions.
6/10/202040 minutes, 3 seconds
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Palaye Royale & The Virtual Electronic Music Conference

Remington Leith and Sebastian Danzig of much-loved, multi-faceted rock band Palaye Royale join us to talk about their career happenings since stealing the show at CMW 2015, from almost breaking up to selling out venues around the world. We also get into dealing with the pandemic shutdowns that cancelled their biggest tour yet, doing talk show-style livestreams from home, recording at AirBnbs, engaging their massive fanbase, and the making of their new album, The Bastards. Before that, Mike chats with Andrew Williams of the Alberta Electronic Music Conference and new Virtual Electronic Music Conference, the latter of which is happening for free online from June 4-7. They discuss the formation and programming of the virtual event for electronic artists and industry professionals, as well as how clubs are dealing with the pandemic, how artists have adapted, and more.
6/4/20201 hour, 11 minutes, 7 seconds
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How Do You Get Paid for Livestreamed Concerts?

For today’s pod, Mike caught up with SOCAN’s former VP of Licensing and current interim-CEO Jennifer Brown to discuss the quickly-evolving world of rights and royalties for livestreamed concerts. Of course, since live music shut down a couple months ago, musicians have been turning to multiple livestreaming platforms to engage with fans, and hopefully also make a little money. But this huge and sudden shift towards livestreamed performances caught the music rights collectives, and the platforms themselves, off guard. With Jenn, Mike discusses how royalties for livestreamed concerts are generated and distributed, which platforms are even licensed to pay royalties for music, and what songwriters need to do to get paid. They also discuss the details of SOCAN’s new Encore! program, which is paying songwriters and publishers additional royalties for live performances on Facebook and Instagram. But before that, Andrew caught up with prolific singer-songwriter David Myles, who recently released his 12th studio album called Leave Tonight. David and Andrew chat about weighing the pros and cons of releasing new music during the pandemic, how he and other artists are keeping busy and generating some income in spite of it, and more.
5/27/202055 minutes, 27 seconds
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Whitney Rose & Canada's Music Incubator's Online Mentorship

This week, we welcome acclaimed singer/songwriter Whitney Rose, who has been lauded by Rolling Stone, Paste, and others as one of the top young talents in Americana. She and Mike chat about how the pandemic is affecting her creativity and career, including the sadness of not being able to open for Margo Price at SXSW. We also chat about writing songs while home alone and the making of her new LP, We Still Go to Rodeos, which she made with famed rock producer Paul Kolderie (Radiohead, Hole, The Pixies, Lou Reed). Before that, Vel Omazic tells us about Canada's Music Incubator's online mentorship initiative and other ways they're advancing the careers of Canadian artists and industry pros during and following this pandemic.
5/21/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 29 seconds
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Are Musicians Being Denied Earned Income from Private Copying?

When someone makes a private copy of a song on their phone, computer, or blank CD, the music creator is entitled to payment. The Canadian Private Copying Collective thinks so, and the government thinks so, too. The problem is that the Copyright Act is antiquated and hasn’t kept up with technological advances, so musicians are being denied access to income that is rightfully theirs. CPCC Executive Director Lisa Freeman joins us to explain the situation and how artists and the industry can help to generate change. What’s at the root of a great song? What’s behind the making of a record, life on the road, and that mad passion for being the best? TALK! Conversations in All Keys, the new book from Bill King, has answers drawn from interviews with over 70 Canadian musicians, including Jann Arden, Bif Naked, Oscar Peterson, Jim Cuddy, Randy Bachman, Ian Tyson, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and more. He joins us to talk about some of those conversations, his experiences digging through his archives to find them, and more. Get a PDF version of TALK! at:
5/14/202047 minutes, 28 seconds
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How the Music Industry Is Coping with an Unprecedented Crisis

This week, we’re sharing the full conversation Mike had with musician and artist advocate Miranda Mulholland as part of his research for a new article on how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting the music business and what lies ahead. Miranda - who, in addition to being an artist advocate that works closely with all levels of government, is also one-half of the duo Harrow Fair – offers a revealing perspective on how artists are being professionally and personally impacted by the loss of live shows, gives a fascinating behind-the-scenes account of how government has dealt with the crisis, and discusses her own experience of releasing an album in the midst of all this. Read Mike's article, "Behind the Scenes as the Canadian Music Industry Copes with an Unprecedented Crisis," at:
5/7/202046 minutes, 6 seconds
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One-of-a-Kind Collabs: Shawn Desman & Tebey Are RadioClub

RadioClub is the brainchild of lifelong friends Shawn Desman and Tebey - two music industry vets with a long list of international achievements to their names. We get into what inspired this new collaborative project, why they chose to cover Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" for their first single, the parallels between pop and country compositions, and more. Also on the pod is Dre Pao - an artist, TV and podcast host, and social media consultant who also helps young artists develop their own music careers. Mike talks to Dre about how artists can take advantage of prominent social media platform TikTok to engage with fans and boost their profile.
4/29/202041 minutes, 11 seconds
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Music in a Dangerous Time - Pondering the Future of the Industry

Veteran concert promoter, writer, broadcaster, artist manager, and TV producer Steve Warden joins us to discuss and flesh out some of the ideas he proposes in an open letter published by FYI Music News. The piece ponders on how musicians and the music industry can move forward during and after the COVID-19 shutdowns. We chat about the flood of free virtual concerts and subsequent concerns about devaluing artists’ performances, what a virtual tour could look like, what the industry needs to start putting in motion, and more.
4/23/202042 minutes, 48 seconds
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CDN Hip-Hop's Elite: Snotty Nose Rez Kids, David Strickland & Que Rock

Darren "Young D" Metz and Quinton "Yung Trybez" Nyce of acclaimed rap duo Snotty Nose Rez Kids join us this week. We chat about how they’re getting through the quarantine and the frustration of a cancelled U.S. tour. Then we get into the making of their new EP, Born Deadly, discussing the influence of Kobe Bryant (whose death inspired the song “Kobe Face”), as well as how they took their anger over the RCMP’s actions against Indigenous protesters in Wet'suwet'en territory, and across Canada, and put it into the raging new track “Cops with Guns Are the Worst!!!” Plus, influetial and innovative hip-hop producer David Strickland and multi-faceted creator Que Rock talk about their collaborations on Strickland's upcoming collection, Spirit of Hip Hop. Strickland addresses the truly stellar guest list he's assembled for the record - which includes Que - before we touch on some of the themes they cover, how categorization can be counter-productive in hip-hop, and more.
4/15/20201 hour, 3 minutes, 42 seconds
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Blackie and the Rodeo Kings

They're one of the greatest musical trios this country has ever produced. Tom Wilson, Stephen Fearing, and Colin Linden - aka Blackie and the Rodeo Kings - join us on today's show. Mike had the pleasure of sitting down with the guys in those glorious days before physical distancing became the new normal. In 2020, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings are celebrating their 25th year together, so of course we discuss that longevity and the unique chemistry they share, as well as the making of their new album, King of This Town. Tom also discusses the incredible personal journey he’s been on over the last seven years, and Colin and Stephen ponder it from their unique vantage point. This episode is sponsored by Bandzoogle. Try it free for 30 days and use the promo code “CMPOD” to get 15% off your first year of any subscription.
4/8/202035 minutes, 46 seconds
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Cadence Weapon & Hua Li from The Banff Centre & An URGNT Initiative

This week, we bring you a special conversation with rap innovators Cadence Weapon, aka Rollie Pemberton, and Hua Li, aka Peggy Hogan, from the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. The two were part of the 20-day Banff International Songwriter Residency as a mentor and participant, respectively, and we dive into their experience, talk about the value of collaboration and idea-sharing, wax on the concept of "Canadian music," and more. Plus, shortly after Canada started taking COVID-19 seriously in mid-March, a group of Toronto creatives launched a livestreaming initiative called URGNT. The idea was to broadcast sessions with a diverse array of artists from empty Toronto venues, ensuring every stakeholder would receive some compensation for their work at a time they'd really need it. We speak with co-founder Mark Marczyk about how everything came together. This episode is sponsored by Bandzoogle. Try it free for 30 days and use the promo code “CMPOD” to get 15% off your first year of any subscription.
4/2/20201 hour, 8 minutes, 13 seconds
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COVID-19's Impact on the Live Music Sector

Here's hoping everyone is holding up while holed up. On today's show, we bring you a candid conversation with Erin Benjamin, the president and CEO of the Canadian Live Music Association, discussing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the association's members and wider concert industry in Canada. Let's be clear: the situation is dire, and there's up-to-date data to prove it; however, the CLMA is working hard by advocating the government to recognize and help the industry through these hardships and has been making inroads. We get into these and other efforts the association is spearheading, including collaborations with fellow music industry stakeholders, and share tips on how anyone listening can take action. This episode is sponsored by Bandzoogle. Try it free for 30 days and use the promo code “CMPOD” to get 15% off your first year of any subscription.
3/25/202032 minutes, 5 seconds
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Diggstown & How Music Enhances the Onscreen Experience

This week, we bring you a fun and interesting chat with Floyd Kane, the creator and writer of the CBC series Diggstown. Floyd and Mike chat about the use of music as a storytelling and emotional device in TV, how and when music comes into the TV writing process, how songs are chosen for the show, and some of the great independent Canadian artists whose music is featured in Diggstown. This episode is sponsored by Bandzoogle. Try it free for 30 days and use the promo code “CMPOD” to get 15% off your first year of any subscription.
3/18/202049 minutes, 31 seconds
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Lauv's Rise to Fame & Ruffsound's Well-Rounded Career

Mike sits down with visionary pop songwriter, producer, and singer Lauv, who has just dropped his highly-anticipated debut LP ‘How I'm Feeling.’ They discuss Lauv’s rise to hitmaker status for stars like Charli XCX and Celine Dion, and the transition to performing his own songs with the likes of Alessia Cara and BTS. He also delves into self-care and mental health and how his Blue Boy Foundation factors in. Before that, we chat with Marc Vincent, better known as Ruffsound. He’s one of the premier beatmakers and producers in the resurgent Quebec rap scene, working with lauded locals Loud, Koriass, and FouKi and international names like Dua Lipa and Black Pink. They get deep into the sound of Francophone hip-hop and why it's taken off in recent years, as well as Ruffsound's moonlighting in film and TV. This episode is sponsored by Bandzoogle. Try it free for 30 days and use the promo code “CMPOD” to get 15% off your first year of any subscription.
3/11/202051 minutes, 30 seconds
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The Vital, Tough & Sometimes Strange Job of Tour Manager

Being a tour manager means being a logistics coordinator, accountant, event planner, human resources professional, crisis manager, and counselor. Everything that goes on during the tour - or leading up to it - runs through them. Really, it's one of the most important yet least-discussed jobs in the music business. That’s why Mike wrote a feature article for the March/April 2020 issue of Canadian Musician trying to make sense of tour managers’ responsibilities and share a few of their stories. One of those interesting and fun conversations for the magazine was with Erika Duffee, the go-to tour manager for Canadian pop-rock star Scott Helman and arena-filling Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi, among others, which we share on today’s episode. You'll hear about the many facets of this odd role along with some great stories from the road and other insights. This episode is sponsored by Bandzoogle. Try it free for 30 days and use the promo code “CMPOD” to get 15% off your first year of any subscription.
3/4/202038 minutes, 22 seconds
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One-of-a-Kind Collabs: Glass Tiger Goes Electronic with Pineo & Loeb

Canadian rock icons Glass Tiger and high-energy EDM duo Pineo & Loeb recently collaborated on a re-imagined version of the former's "This Is Your Life," featuring guest vocals from Matt Mays. Glass Tiger's Alan Frew and P&L's Mitch Pineo join us this week to share what initially brought them together, why they each wanted to work with the other, how the track was recorded and assembled, and more. Plus, get an exclusive scoop on their next collab: a fresh take on one of The Beatles' best-known songs with Frew once again on lead vocals. Plus, Andrew and Mike share SOCAN's preliminary data from 2019 and a slew of submission opportunities to perform at high-profile music festivals throughout 2020. This episode is sponsored by Bandzoogle. Try it free for 30 days and use the promo code “CMPOD” to get 15% off your first year of any subscription.
2/26/202028 minutes, 25 seconds
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A King-Making Queen of Canadian Country Music

Jordan Elliott (sometimes spelled Jordyn - you’ll hear why) got into the business of artist management when she was just 21 years old, signing a band to a major label contract while still in school. Since then, she’s continued on that path, working with artists like Meghan Patrick and Eric Ethridge and blazing a trail as one of the top female managers in Canadian country music. Jordan tells us the story of her fascinating career as she examines the unique relationship between artist and manager, discusses the obstacles she faced as a young woman in a male-dominated field, and a lot more. This episode is sponsored by Bandzoogle. Try it free for 30 days and use the promo code “CMPOD” to get 15% off your first year of any subscription.
2/19/20201 hour, 1 minute, 54 seconds
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Unique Country, Unique Scene: The Business of EDM in Canada

Severine Erickson is the president of the recently-launched Triple A Talent, a Vancouver-based artist management and booking agency specializing in the electronic music scene. Severine explains how negative experiences with agents inspired him and the other Triple A co-founders to start their own company with a plan to do things differently. Severine also discusses the unique aspects of being an agent in the EDM scene compared to other genres, the health of underground EDM in Canada, and more. This episode is sponsored by Bandzoogle. Try it free for 30 days and use the promo code “CMPOD” to get 15% off your first year of any subscription.
2/12/202032 minutes, 16 seconds
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Defining Your Story: A Better Shot at Success

Having and relaying a clear idea of your identity, image, and overall narrative is vital to developing and maintaining a devoted fan base in today's super-saturated music business. But what should you be focusing on, and how should it be presented to make the biggest impact with your audience and the industry? Music industry veteran Steve Waxman has shaped the careers of some of Canada's best-known musical exports and joins us with answers to those questions. We cite well-known examples like Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Scott Helman, and Brett Kissel, talk about the importance of goal setting, and touch on The Creationists - Steve's new podcast about people who create. This episode is sponsored by Bandzoogle. Try it free for 30 days and use the promo code “CMPOD” to get 15% off the first year of any subscription.
2/5/202049 minutes, 56 seconds
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One-of-a-Kind Collabs: A Canadian Country Girl & An All-American Reject

For her latest single, "Say Too Much," on-the-rise Canadian country singer/songwriter Karli June teamed up with an unlikely ally in pop/rock producer and All-American Rejects keyboardist Scott Chesak. But while Chesak's success as a songwriter and producer largely stems from projects with the likes of Panic! at the Disco and Weezer, his first foray into country has been quite fruitful. Andrew speaks with both artists about how they first came together, what drew Karli to the song despite the demo being straight-up pop, how the song evolved during their sessions, and lessons learned for both the emerging singer and touring vet throughout the process. PLUS, because it's #BellLetsTalk Day, we're re-airing Mike's interview with Royal Mountain Records' Menno Versteeg from this past summer about the label's mental health fund and why musicians are particularly vulnerable to mental health struggles. Check out Mike's feature on Music's Mental Health Crisis at: This episode is sponsored by Bandzoogle. Try it free for 30 days and use the promo code “CMPOD” to get 15% off the first year of any subscription.
1/29/202051 minutes, 24 seconds
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Twitch for Musicians - Boost Your Fanbase & Bottom Line

When Karen Allen told us about her book for musicians about the live streaming platform Twitch, she said: “I’ve been working in digital music for 20 years and have never seen anything so effective for artists.” That certainly piqued our interest. Lo and behold, there is a growing and prospering community of musicians on Twitch using the platform to engage new fans, turn casual fans into super fans, and make some good money doing it. Allen, a veteran of the digital music industry and author of Twitch for Musicians, joins us on today's show to explain Twitch’s evolution and how indie musicians can utilize it to great effect. This episode is sponsored by Bandzoogle. Try it free for 30 days and use the promo code “CMPOD” to get 15% off the first year of any subscription.
1/22/20201 hour, 20 seconds
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Holy F*** on Deleter & A Convo on the Art of Music Videos

Holy F** frontman Brian Borcherdt joins us to talk about Deleter*, the band's brand-new record that dives further down the rabbit hole at the intersection of technology and humanity. We talk about the evolution of their hybrid sound, how the various members' work playing in and producing other projects advances what they do collectively, and a lot more. Then, Mike has a fun and fascinating chat with Prism Prize Founder Louis Calabro about the industry and art of music videos. They talk about how the whole purpose of a music videos has evolved from the days of MTV and MuchMusic to the YouTube era, the democratization of video making, what makes for a good music vid, and more. This episode is sponsored by Bandzoogle. Go to to try it free for 30 days, and be sure to use the promo code “CMPOD” to get 15% off the first year of any subscription.
1/15/20201 hour, 7 minutes, 6 seconds
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Data, Royalties & Rights: A Decade-Plus at Re:Sound

In December 2019, with just a few months left before he steps down from his post as president of Re:Sound, Mike had a wide-ranging chat with Ian MacKay about his 11 years with the performing rights organization that represents labels and performing artists. Ian discusses how Re:Sound’s mission evolved over the decade, how the rise of streaming and its ocean of data impacted its work, evolving relations between music industry organizations, Entandem’s performance thus far, and more. Mike and Ian also dig into the numbers, both positive and negative, from Re:Sound’s most recent financial report, discussing why domestic revenues have been flat while international revenue are increasing and whether music rights holders are owed more compensation for private copying. Plus, singer/songwriter Ed Roman joins us for a short chat about his single, "Stronger," his unique approach to lyric writing, and more.
1/8/20201 hour, 6 minutes, 35 seconds
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Music Is Facing a Mental Health Crisis (Holiday Special!)

Happy New Year and hope everyone has had a great holiday! Like we did last episode, and before we get back to our usual programming next week, we're switching things up for one more special episode with an interview that originally aired on The Music Life Coach Podcast, featuring host Jo Janzen interviewing Canadian Musician Senior Editor and CM Podcast co-host Mike Raine about his article, "Music Is Facing a Mental Health Crisis." With Jo, Mike discusses his research and reporting for the article, which examines the critical issue of mental health among professional touring musicians. They look at the alarming stats on musicians’ mental health and reasons they suffer from significantly higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts; the insights Mike gleaned from the musicians and experts he spoke with; and what can be done to address the problem at both the industry and personal level. Plus, Jo offers some insights and advice of her own, drawn from her experiences as an artist and those of some of her clients. Check out Mike's article, "Music Is Facing a Mental Health Crisis” Learn more about The Music Life Coach Podcast at:
1/1/202050 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Era of the Artistpreneur (Holiday Special!)

Happy Holidays! We're switching things up for this special episode with an interview that originally aired on The Music Life Coach Podcast, featuring host Jo Janzen interviewing Canadian Musician Editor-in-Chief and podcast host Andrew King about his article "The Era of the Artistpreneur." Andrew has valuable info for artists about what it means to be an entrepreneur in today's music business, how "do it yourself" doesn't necessarily mean "do it alone," how artists can assess risks and not let fear impede their decision-making, and a whole lot more. Plus, Jo offers some advice of her own, drawn from her experiences as an artist and those of some of her clients. Check out Andrew's "The Era of the Artistpreneur" feature at: Learn more about The Music Life Coach Podcast at:
12/25/201934 minutes, 38 seconds
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The Flyer Vault: 150 Years of Toronto Concert History

For today's episode, Mike had a chance to sit down for a lively, fascinating, and fun conversation with Daniel Tate and Rob Bowman, authors of the brilliant new book The Flyer Vault: 150 Years of Toronto Concert History. Covering from the mid-1800s all the way to 2000, the book offers a comprehensive and incredibly interesting history of Toronto’s live music scene, all illustrated with images from Daniel’s massive collection of concert flyers spanning over a century – from minstrel troupes to Notorious B.I.G.’s only Toronto show, which almost caused a riot. If you have any interest in the history of popular music, you’ll love this fun conversation.
12/18/20191 hour, 2 minutes, 40 seconds
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Ajungi - Amplifying the Artists of Nunavut

Ajungi – pronounced AH-YUNG-EE – is a Nunavut-based music collective made up of up-and-coming artists from across the territory. The concept was created by artist and entrepreneur Thor Simonsen, the creative director of Hitmakerz, an Iqaluit-based record label that delivers music workshops to remote communities across Nunavut and records, produces, and releases music by many Inuit artists. Simonsen joins us to talk about the project's inception and goals, what the workshops and recording sessions entail, how they benefit the artists' careers and communities, and a lot more.
12/12/201920 minutes, 19 seconds
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Insights & Advice from a Music Life Coach

This week, we welcome Joanne Janzen, an Edmonton-based music life coach who also hosts her own podcast, fittingly titled The Music Life Coach Podcast. In this enlightening conversation with Jo, she teaches us what exactly a music life coach does and how she became one while also navigating her own career as a professional musician. We then get into career development, psychology, mental health, live performance, and how Jo's work differs from and complements that of an artist manager. She also gives us some tips on professional networking and developing a "personal mindset strategy" to propel your career forward.
12/4/201958 minutes, 6 seconds
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The Good Lovelies Talk Christmas, Delaney Jane Talks Collabs & More

We're thrilled to have both The Good Lovelies and Delaney Jane on this week's pod! Heralded folk/harmony trio The Good Lovelies just dropped their second Christmas collection, Evergreen, and are now set to embark on their annual holiday tour. We catch up with Sue Passmore to talk about the evolution of their acclaimed holiday show, the art of writing a quality contemporary Christmas tune, their Good Lovelies Forest initiative, and more. Then, the same morning that her debut LP, Dirty Pretty Things, dropped, Mike sat down with platinum-selling alt-pop singer/songwriter Delaney Jane. She discusses her journey from Toronto art school student to in-demand songwriter and rising pop star, recounts a chance meeting with a new neighbour that led to a very fruitful artistic partnership and high-profile writing gigs, and how that launched her career as a fully-independent artist.
11/27/201956 minutes, 24 seconds
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Streaming Playlists - How They Work & Do They Matter?

Fresh from their panel at Indie Week’s Indie101 Music & Tech Conference, Mike sits down with Erin Kinghorn, the co-founder of playlist-pitching company Digital Promotions Group (DPG) Canada and founder of artist development company eEK! Productions. Together, Mike and Erin chat all about streaming playlists and how songs find success on them. Erin explains how the playlist ecosystems works, the data and analytics that matter, the differences between the various streaming platforms, how a playlist-pitching campaign works, how to measure success in this quickly-evolving sector, and a bunch more.
11/20/201952 minutes, 31 seconds
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AEMCON & The State of Electronic Music in Canada

AEMCON - the Alberta Electronic Music Conference - is Canada's largest professional gathering of electronic music industry insiders, bringing together those who want to learn, teach, inspire, connect, and dance. Five days of panels, workshops, and night events will showcase 125-plus artists and speakers, with over 3,000-plus attendees expected. The fourth edition of AEMCON takes place in Calgary from Nov. 13-17, 2019, and we've got Co-Founder Andrew Williams and Marketplace Coordinator Tyler Brown on the show to talk about the event and its unique programming streams like Addiction and Recovery, the DIY Feminist Resistance, and Dance Music as an LGBTQ Art Form. Then, we get into the state of electronic music in Alberta and Canada, identify some incoming trends that may inform future editions, and more.
11/14/201933 minutes, 38 seconds
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60 Minutes on 6-Strings - Wide Mouth Mason, Stephen Fearing & Linda Manzer

Mike recently spent an afternoon in the workshop of one of Canada’s top luthiers, Linda Manzer, for a fun chat with her and one Canada’s top singer-songwriters, Stephen Fearing (Blackie & The Rodeo Kings). Together, they talk guitars (obviously), the role the instrument plays in their respective careers and personal lives, share some interesting stories, and get into the new custom Cowpoke guitar that Linda had just presented to Stephen. After the interview, Stephen gives the first-ever performance on the custom guitar. Plus, contributor Hal Rodriguez recently spoke with Wide Mouth Mason's Shaun Verreault on the band's new album,I Wanna Go with You, and the lap steel's central role in its composition. In this brief snippet, Shaun explains how he found and developed a fondness for the instrument. Check out the full Q&A at
11/7/201959 minutes, 36 seconds
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Lyrics, Licensing, Storytelling & More with LyricFind

Darryl Ballantyne, CEO of Toronto-based lyric licensing company LyricFind, joins us to discuss the quickly-growing business of displaying lyrics, from Google searches to merchandise and a lot more. We get into how the licensing deals for lyrics work and, yes, the legal dispute between Genius Media and Google that had LyricFind caught right in the middle. We also touch on a number of new initiatives that LyricFind has announced over the past year, including partnerships with fizy in Turkey, MPA/PMLL in the U.K.. and some Canada-specific content, like the funding from the Canadian Government to promote and export Canadian content through lyrics and lyric translations and to bring the stories found in Indigenous songs to all Canadians. That includes some interesting insight into the process of translating various Indigenous languages.
10/30/201945 minutes, 57 seconds
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Saint Asonia on Music, Mental Health & More

Cousins Adam and Cale Gontier of Saint Asonia join Mike to discuss their new sophomore album, Flawed Design. Hailed as a “supergroup" since dropping their self-titled debut in 2015 (Saint Asonia’s members have been in Three Days Grace, Staind, Art of Dying, Thornley, and more), Adam discusses early expectations for the group, songwriting, and how two significant life moments – the birth of his first child and entering rehab – influenced the new record. They also discuss mental health for musicians and whether the industry should provide more support. We then finish with an exclusive acoustic performance of their new song “The Hunted.” Before that, we chat with critically-acclaimed East Coast singer-songwriter Dave Sampson about his new EP, All Types of Ways. We discuss his life and career in the five years between his widely-praised debut LP in 2014 and this new project, navigating the music industry, his friendship and creative partnership with fellow Nova Scotian and Nashville hitmaker Gordie Sampson, and more.
10/23/201951 minutes, 3 seconds
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The Awesome Music Project Canada: Songs of Hope & Happiness

The healing power of music is at the heart of The Awesome Music Project Canada: Songs of Hope & Happiness, which features intimate stories from Canadians of all walks of life - including Sarah McLachlan, Michael Buble, astronaut Chris Hadfield, Olympian Madeleine Thien, and NHL star Theo Fleury - on how music changed their lives. Rounding out the book are descriptions of the neurological research confirming that music is good for us and why. Robert tells us about the origins of the project, some of his favourite stories shared in it, the research the project will fund, and a lot more. Proceeds from The Awesome Music Project Canada will go to music and mental health research, starting with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Canada's largest mental health and addiction teaching hospital and one of the world's leading research centres.
10/16/201939 minutes, 26 seconds
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After PledgeMusic, Is Crowdfunding Still a Viable Option for Artists?

Dave Cool, the director of artist and industry outreach at Bandzoogle, joins us to discuss the bankruptcy of popular crowdfunding site PledgeMusic and his company's subsequent move into the space. Bandzoogle is a Canadian company that operates globally and is known for its suite of website-building services aimed specifically at musicians. In June, Bandzoogle announced it was launching a crowd funding platform as part of its subscription services. That announcement, not coincidently, corresponded with the bankruptcy of PledgeMusic. Through the previous two years, PledgeMusic suffered a slow death, plagued by missed payments to artists and accusations of misspending by management, which raised many questions about the viability of the crowd funding model itself. So, with Dave, we get into the weeds about PledgeMusic’s collapse and why Bandzoogle thinks it has a better business model for it.
10/9/201935 minutes, 56 seconds
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Skydiggers & Birds of Bellwoods

Josh Finlayson of heralded roots-rock outfit Skydiggers joins us to chat about the group's latest album, Let's Get Friendship Right. What started as a project based on the five stages of grief blossomed into something far more expansive and diverse. Finlayson tells us about how the album came to be, the significance of recording at The Tragically Hip's Bathouse Studio, how his creative partnership with bandmate Andy Maize has stayed so strong over the years, and more. Plus, Mike sat down with Kintaro Akiyama of Toronto's Birds of Bellwoods to discuss how songwriting works in a very democratic group and the evolution of their sound from straightforward folk-rock to incorporating more electronic elements, as evidenced by their new single “Easy." They also talk about the unique Rock the Rink tour, which finds Birds of Bellwoods sharing an audience with Olympic figure skaters like Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir, and Patrick Chan.
10/2/201951 minutes, 1 second
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A New CEO & New Era for Canadian Music Week

Danya Dixon is the new CEO of Canadian Music Week. Drawing on her 10+ years of experience with the country's marquee music industry conference and festival thus far, she's got some fresh ideas to ensure the event meets and exceeds expectations for its 2020 edition and beyond. On the conference side, she discusses the goal of reaching gender parity for invited delegates within the next few years and some of the timely and important topics they'll be focusing on with their programming. On the festival side, she says to expect an emphasis on quality over quantity with showcasing artists, discloses some of the specific genres they'll be focusing and expanding on going forward, and a lot more.
9/26/201920 minutes, 56 seconds
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StopGap on Tour - Making a Difference While on the Road

Tim Moxam has partnered with Toronto's StopGap Foundation, which builds ramps for community spaces to increase accessibility, and launched StopGap on Tour. Moxam collaborated with some fellow songwriters and crafters to build a series of special-edition StopGap ramps, pre-ordered and spec'd to accommodate the needs of non-accessible venues, cafes, record stores, and other community hubs that Moxam would be visiting on his recent East Coast tour. Hear about this cool initiative, how you can get involved for the future, and some of the peripheral benefits that come with it. We also chat with Michael "Wanz" Wansley, who spent his life as a working musician before a song he featured on from a local rapper blew up into a global phenomenon. The song was "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, with Wanz's distinctive voice featured prominently in the chorus. That led to a whirlwind couple years for Wanz, allowing him to fulfill a lot of his childhood dreams, before the song receded in the public consciousness and he had to figure out life after sudden and short-lived commercial success. In this inspiring conversation, Wanz discusses life before, during, and after "Thrift Shop" and how it changed his thinking about fame and success in music.
9/18/201953 minutes, 24 seconds
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Do the Drake & Katy Perry Lawsuits Mean It's Open Season on Songwriters?

Sarah Falzon, a Toronto-based entertainment lawyer with Taylor Oballa Murray Leyland LLP, joins us to chat about the recent slew of copyright infringement lawsuits hitting pop stars, including Drake and Katy Perry, as well as Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, and Ed Sheeran. As Sarah says, it seems like the floodgates have opened in the wake of the infamous “Blurred Lines” conflict in which the estate of Marvin Gaye successfully sued Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams for copying the “feel” and “sound” of Gaye’s 1977 song, “Got to Give It Up.” We discuss the details of the newer lawsuits that make them interesting and whether we really have entered a riskier era for songwriters. Sarah also explains if the U.S. lawsuits have any bearing on Canadian songwriters and the relevant differences between Canadian and American copyright law.
9/12/201939 minutes, 13 seconds
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Sandy Graham on Living One of the Most Interesting Careers in the Music Business

On today’s podcast, we have Sandy Graham, the woman who has had maybe the most diverse and interesting career in the Canadian music business. Sandy is currently the owner and editor-in-chief of Cashbox Canada, but over her roughly 40 years in the industry, going back to when she was a teenager, she has been involved in nearly every segment of this industry and has been a true trailblazer. She began in music retail, before being one of the first women to work at a major label in Canada. She’s been a radio music director, a venue owner – including of the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto – a music journalist, and she’s even a choreographer, having choreographed the first ever halftime show at the Sky Dome. Sandy is also an artist manager and festival organizer. Like we said, she’s been involved in everything and we’ve wanted to have her on the podcast for a while to tell her story and share some of the insights she has gained along the way.
9/4/201958 minutes, 8 seconds
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Canadian Stars Cover "Sunday Bloody Sunday" for Sudan

A group of high-profile Canadian musicians - including members of Three Days Grace, Billy Talent, Stars, Blue Rodeo, Serena Ryder, and more - recently came together as Artists for Sudan to record a new version of U2's classic "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and raise awareness of the human suffering in Sudan. Darcy Ataman, a co-producer of the track and the man behind activist organizations like A4A Records and Make Music Matter, discusses the origins of the project, how the star-studded lineup came together, why they chose this particular song, and a lot more. The track is available to stream and download at
8/28/201928 minutes, 51 seconds
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Digging into Nielsen's 2019 Music 360 Canada Report

This week, we welcome back Paul Shaver, VP of Music & Radio at Nielsen Entertainment Canada, for what's always a fun and fascinating conversation about Canadian music consumption data. Nielsen recently released its latest "Music 360 Canada" report, which provides a thorough look at music consumption trends. Paul and Mike get into the generational divides between teens, millennials, and their parents with regards to music listening habits, why radio continues to be influential in music discovery, streaming’s potential economic growth, how smart speakers could impact the music industry, the growing popularity of podcasts, and a lot more.
8/21/201945 minutes, 32 seconds
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Music Law Basics for Canadian Musicians

Should you sign that contract? Can you remix or cover any song you want? What’s a split sheet? Chances are you’ve encountered a few tough questions related to music law, and if you haven’t yet, trust us. You will. On this week's podcast, Canadian music lawyer Byron Pascoe of Edwards PC Creative Law walks us through general music law FAQs that will empower you to make good decisions. We also cover common music law agreements - from producer to management agreements - and related negotiation strategies and red flags. Whether you're just launching your career or scaling the summit to the top of the industry, you're sure to pick up some helpful tips. This episode is adapted from a recent music business webinar from Canadian Musician and NWC Webinars. To sign up for free webinars and access recordings of all of our previous sessions, visit
8/14/201951 minutes, 4 seconds
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The Decline of Newspaper Arts Sections & What It Means for Musicians

For our feature interview, Mike catches up with Ben Rayner (22:40), the long-time music writer and critic at the Toronto Star. He’s easily one of the best music writers in Canada and it’s obvious that his love of music, and writing about it, is as strong as ever. As local newspapers disappear and even the big newspapers like the Globe & Mail and National Post diminish their arts coverage and move music journalists into other beats, Ben is among the last of a dying breed. Mike and Ben chat about changing nature of music journalism in Canada and the decline of music coverage in newspapers and then get into what impact this could have on artists and the country’s music industry. But before we chat with Ben, we also meet up with Charlie Wall-Andrews (2:48), the executive director of the SOCAN Foundation. Charlie fills us in all the various grants and programs that the SOCAN Foundation has available to artists. Then she and Mike discuss the concept of corporate social responsibility, which is an area of particular expertise for Charlie, and how it applies to the music industry.
8/7/20191 hour, 8 minutes, 23 seconds
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Bruce Cockburn on His New Album & Accidental Career

“I’ve never thought in terms of a ‘career.’ I’m uncomfortable with the word. I don’t use it because I’ve never approached what I do that way." One of the greatest Canadian songwriters of the last five decades, Bruce Cockburn, joins us on this week's podcast. An inductee into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame and member of the Order of Canada, Bruce is about to release his 34th (!) album, which is an all-instrumental collection entitled Crowing Ignites. In this wide-ranging conversation, Mike and Bruce chat about his earliest years as a songwriter and performer in Massachusetts and Ottawa, the first song he wrote that he knew was good, the generational crossover in his audience, his friendships and partnerships with his long-time producer Colin Linden and manager Bernie Finkelstein, songwriting (of course), and a bunch more.
7/31/201949 minutes, 37 seconds
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Closing the Value Gap & Saving the Creative Middle Class

Music Canada recently shared its latest report, “Closing the Value Gap: How to Fix Safe Harbours and Save the Creative Middle Class.” As the title suggests, the report examines the gap between revenues derived by online entertainment platforms - particularly YouTube - and the revenues returned to artists and labels, then offers five recommendations on how to address the issue. On this week's podcast, Mike and Graham Henderson, Music Canada's President and CEO, dive into the report before getting into some important big picture conversations about philosophical shifts in how music is paid for, how the industry can make its case to the public and government, and even some politics. Also, please visit and consider helping one of our own in dire circumstances.
7/24/20191 hour, 7 minutes, 6 seconds
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Honey Jam: Fostering Canadian Female Artists

Recognizing a need to develop new and valuable opportunities for female performing artists and music industry professionals, Ebonnie Rowe launched Honey Jam back in 1995 as an artist showcase and professional development program dedicated entirely to female performers. In the years since, she and her collaborators have worked tirelessly to encourage more women to step up and over the barriers limiting their potential and empowered them with the tools, knowledge, and skills to do so. This week, Ebonnie joins us to talk about the 2019 edition of Honey Jam, the progress we've made as an industry in generating representation and opportunities for women and other marginalized groups, and more. Then, Toronto-based artist Denver Haylee joins us to talk about her experience at Honey Jam 2018 and the progress she's made navigating the industry since. We also get into some of the challenges facing women - specifically women of colour - in Canada and share some ideas on how those can be overcome individually and collectively. If you're in or around Toronto, mark your calendar - the 2019 Honey Jam Concert happens Thurs., Aug. 22 at the Mod Club.
7/17/201952 minutes, 51 seconds
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The Northern Pikes & Sawdust City Music Festival

The Northern Pikes are one of the classic Canadian rock bands of the late '80s and 90s with iconic songs like “She Ain’t Pretty,” “Teenland,” “Things I Do for Money,” and “Girl with a Problem.” They’re back with a new LP, Forest of Love - their first new release in 16 years. Mike sat down with the full band, including newcomer Kevin Kane of Grapes of Wrath, to chat about songwriting, how making and releasing an album in 2019 compares to their past experiences, how age and maturity have altered their perspectives, and a lot more. Then, we catch up with the multi-talented (and ever-busy) Miranda Mulholland to chat about the Sawdust City Music Festival, running from August 2-4, 2019 in Gravenhurst, ON. Leading up to its third annual edition, Miranda discusses the realities of organizing and delivering a music festival in 2019 (a particularly timely subject), the event's growth in both size and ambition in the past three years, and more.
7/10/201958 minutes, 14 seconds
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Snotty Nose Rez Kids & The Rock Doctor

Ahead of their set at NXNE 2019, Mike caught up with Darren "Young D" Metz and Quinton "Yung Trybez" Nyce of acclaimed hip-hop duo Snotty Nose Rez Kids. Hailing from the Haisla Nation in Northern B.C., the Polaris Prize shortlisters are one of the most exciting groups in Canada, producing straight-up bangers that get crowds pumping while also going for the political jugular with impactful lyrics that shine light on the experiences of Canada’s Indigenous peoples. Here, the guys talk about finding their artistic and political identity, being a voice for Indigenous youth, and more. Plus, Mike Schwartz - better known as The Rock Doctor - joins us to talk about how your physical and mental well-being can affect your creativity, ability to perform, and more. He dispels some myths of the "rock star lifestyle" and shares some tips on how to turn anxiety into excitement ahead of a performance and ensure you're always on your A game.
7/3/20191 hour, 2 minutes, 50 seconds
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Educating & Empowering Women+ in the Studio

The Producer's Lounge is an initiative designed to elevate female and non-binary-identifying music producers, engineers, and mixers from B.C. The program brings participants into some of the province's top studios to work with and learn from some of the industry's best and brightest audio pros, including internationally-heralded studio vet Sylvia Massy (Johnny Cash, Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers), Alysha Brilla, Rae Spoon, Elisa Pangsaeng, and others. Jane Aurora, the program's founder and an acclaimed musician, producer, songwriter, and engineer herself, joins us to talk about the initiative, some of the challenges these underrepresented groups face in launching their careers, and how they can be overcome.
6/26/201936 minutes, 8 seconds
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Royal Mountain Records: Prioritizing Mental Health for Musicians

Earlier this year, Toronto-based indie label Royal Mountain Records (PUP, Mac DeMarco, Alvvays, U.S. Girls) created a first-of-its-kind fund to support its artists’ mental health. Each act on the label now has access to $1,500 each – completely confidential and non-recoupable – to use on mental health wellness and addiction treatment. The label is run by Hollerado frontman Menno Versteeg, who joins us this week to talk about the fund’s creation and, more generally, mental health in the music community. Menno is open and honest about how his own history as a touring musician inspired the fund, and why labels, managers, agents, and others who earn their living off of musicians need to do more to support artists’ well-being. And since Hollerado just released their final album and will soon embark on their last tour, we also fit in a quick chat about the band.
6/20/201944 minutes, 12 seconds
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A New Era: ole Blazes on as Anthem Entertainment

In November 2018, Helen Murphy was appointed as the new CEO of ole Media Management, one of the world's leading music and entertainment content and services companies. On June 5th, ole announced a sweeping brand overhaul that finds the company blazing forward as Anthem Entertainment. Anthem is comprised of a music publishing division, record label, production music division, and an audio-visual secondary rights management firm. It counts offices in Toronto, New York, L.A., London, and Nashville. As Murphy shares in our interview, the new Anthem is entirely dedicated to talented creators working hard to make great art and great content. She tells Andrew what attracted her to this exciting role in the first place, how the first six-plus months of her tenure have transpired, and her plans to lead this dynamic and successful company into its new era. Plus, Mike shares some staggering YouTube-related stats and an opportunity for artists that carries a grand prize worth over $100,000.
6/12/201924 minutes, 50 seconds
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Roxodus Music Fest: The Story So Far...

Aerosmith. Nickelback. Skynyrd. Kid Rock. Alice Cooper. Roxodus Music Fest and its heavyweight lineup seemingly came out of nowhere and, considering it's a first-year festival, brought its share of skeptics with it. But that hasn't stopped the team behind this mid-July mega-fest from pushing forward with big plans and big ideas. This week, Roxodus co-founder and co-producer Mike Dunphy chats with Andrew about where this idea came from, how the lineup took shape and the challenges of attracting these artists to a first-year festival, how organizers from outside the music industry managed to bring everything together, and ultimately, how they're enjoying the ride so far. Roxodus happens July 11-14, 2019 at Edenvale Airport in Clearview Township, ON.
6/5/201930 minutes, 20 seconds
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Are You Primed for a Spotify Playlist Push?

Playlist Push is a company that specializes in pitching indie artists’ songs to third-party Spotify playlist curators. George Goodrich, the founder and CEO of Playlist Push, joins us on this week's podcast to discuss how the streaming playlist ecosystem works and its growing influence in the industry. He explains the inner-workings of a playlisting campaign, the delicate relationship between playlist pitchers and Spotify itself, why certain songs succeed on playlists, and more.
5/29/201943 minutes, 20 seconds
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Hit Songs Deconstructed

Mike chats with David and Yael Penn, the co-founders of Hit Songs Deconstructed ( HSD is a unique subscription service for songwriters, producers, labels, publishers, and others that offers insight into the craft and trends behind current hit songs using deep data and analysis. David and Yael talk about how the service and the vast amount of analysis provided evolved from a simple blog about songwriting before digging into today’s charts for some fascinating insights. Who’s the most successful producer and songwriter on today’s Billboard charts and why? What explains hip-hop's recent dominance? How are production and songwriting trends evolving? And if you want to write a hit song, what are some of the tricks? Find out...
5/22/201944 minutes, 42 seconds
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Lowest of the Low & The Politics of Songwriting

Lowest of the Low have never been ones to dilute their music, emotions, or message on record, though their latest studio album, Agit Pop, is as powerful an offering as anything in their catalogue thanks to its overly political themes. Frontman Ron Hawkins joins us on this week's podcast to talk about the inspiration behind these new songs, how Warner Music Canada President Steve Kane endorsed one of its more controversial lyrics, how the geopolitical climate is affecting individual people in different ways, and a lot more. Plus, we chat with Dylan Bell, a co-artistic director with Sing! The Toronto Vocal Arts Festival, about what's in store for their 2019 edition, including special projects on the music of Leonard Cohen, the migrant experience, and more.
5/15/201948 minutes, 33 seconds
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Jeremy Dutcher - Art, Community & Crucial Conversations

Jeremy Dutcher is many things: a young, queer, indigenous artist who created one of the most compelling musical works this country has been gifted in years. As such, he's also a Polaris Prize, JUNO, and East Coast Music Award winner. But perhaps most importantly, he's a conversationalist, sometimes in music, sometimes in speech, but always with pure intentions and an important message. In this wide-ranging interview with Andrew, he talks about the five-year creation of is heralded debut, Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa; about how indigenous artists who came before him struggled to open doors he's been able to walk through; whether Canada is ready to engage in crucial conversations with its indigenous communities, and a lot more. Plus, we bring you an inside scoop on Entandem, the new joint project of SOCAN and Re:Sound.
5/8/20191 hour, 2 minutes, 35 seconds
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Struggle & Success: Lessons on Scene-Building

The story of Kiana “Rookz” Eastmond’s life and career is both impressive and inspiring, but saying that is probably underselling it. She has gone from being a homeless, gay, black high-school dropout to being the founder and director of Sandbox Studios, an influential recording and artist services company, as well as the executive director of the Manifesto festival and arts organization. She is also one of the most important business people in Toronto’s urban music industry. But when you chat with Rookz, it’s easy to see how she did it. She’s tough and intelligent while also being passionate and compassionate. In this illuminating conversation, Rookz tells her story and shares her unique insights on Canada’s urban music industry. For any Canadian artist or industry professional in any scene, she is worth listening to.
5/1/201953 minutes, 23 seconds
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Reaching Youth with Rhymes & Reason

Duane D.O. Gibson is a high-profile and prolific emcee with potent, often empowering lyrics. Look no further than his latest and eighth studio album, Second Home, dropping Friday, April 26th, for an example, though you won't only find his message of hard work, inclusion, and leadership in his songs; he's also an author and speaker who visits schools across the country to engage with young people through music in their own communities. D.O. joins us for a conversation about how he got onto the speaking circuit, how the messages he's sharing factor into his musical output, building an international network of fans and collaborators, and what people around the world are saying about Canadian hip-hop these days. He also shares some picks for emerging Canadian artists to check out.
4/24/201930 minutes, 12 seconds
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Joe Solo's Adventures in Studioland

This week, we catch up with Joe Solo, an acclaimed producer and songwriter and who runs music career workshops and programs for indie musicians. Joe first turned heads in the music industry 20 years ago as Macy Gray's producer and co-writer on her platinum-selling debut and has since earned credits with Michael Jackson, Fergie, will .i. am, Quincy Jones, and many others. He is also the founder of the Music Success Workshop, which offers courses and retreats for indie musicians that provide personalized music career advice, and is the CEO of Joe Solo Music+Entertainment. In this interview, Joe shares the story of his unique career and then we pick his brain for tips and insights on songwriting and forging a career in the music industry.
4/17/201956 minutes, 42 seconds
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Navigating the Indie-Verse with Darryl Hurs & Haviah Mighty

This week on the podcast, we catch up with Darryl Hurs, founder of Indie Week Canada and now also the Canadian representative for CD Baby. Darryl takes a look back at the founding and evolution of Indie Week, from a passion project to one of the premier events for indie musicians in the country. As well, we chat about how showcase festivals must evolve as labels change their approach to A&R in the digital analytics era and how young artists must now learn to be their own businesses. Darryl also shares some lessons he’s learned for artists on self-branding and marketing, discusses whether Toronto's Music City Strategy is working, and much more. Before that, we've got Toronto hip-hop wunderkind Haviah Mighty talking about how she and her team have been making noise and turning heads on their own terms. She previews her second LP, 13th Floor, which drops on May 10th and features collaborations with some known names as well as a pair of her siblings (talented family!). She discusses that challenges that go with earning your stripes in Canada's still-fledging hip-hop industry, how the current political climate is influencing her art, and more.
4/10/20191 hour, 14 minutes, 5 seconds
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Stories from a Canadian Music Industry Staple

Anyone who’s ever met Richard Flohil knows he has stories for days and is more than happy to share them, as is the case on this week's podcast. Since moving to Canada from England as a jazz- and blues-loving teen journalist in the 1950s and then falling into the concert promotion business in the '60s, Richard has enjoyed a storied career as a concert promoter, publicist, music journalist, magazine editor, and general knows-everybody-type of guy in and around the business for over 50 years. He’s met and worked with countless great artists, like blues legends Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Solomon Burke, and B.B. King, to more contemporary acts like Ani DiFranco and Serena Ryder. And did we mentioned he loves to tell stories? Sit back and hear a few of them in this career-spanning conversation.
4/3/20191 hour, 17 minutes, 31 seconds
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Maestro Fresh Wes & Alex Henry Foster

This week, Mike sits down for a chat with Canadian hip-hop pioneer Maestro Fresh Wes. Maestro has just released a new album, Champagne Campaign, and is simultaneously celebrating the 30th anniversary of his ground-breaking debut, Symphony in Effect, and its hit single, “Let Your Backbone Slide.” Maestro talks about making Symphony in Effect and its impact, the evolution of Canadian rap, the ups and down of his career through the ‘90s and 2000s, and what it means to age in the hip-hop world. He also reveals which lyric Randy Bachman made him change before giving permission to sample The Guess Who for his classic 1998 song, “Stick to Your Vision.” Before that, Andrew chats with Alex Henry Foster from Iceland, where he's filming a special project for one of the tracks from his heralded debut solo collection, Windows in the Sky. The Your Favorite Enemies frontman has been very selective about interviews regarding this very intimate and personal projects, so we were privileged to delve into his writing process for the project, how it differed from his output with YFE despite his bandmates being involved, some of the very emotional content of the lyrics, and a lot more. Plus, did you hear that Warner Music Group signed an algorithm to a record deal? We've got some details...
3/27/201951 minutes, 48 seconds
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A Forward-Thinking Approach to Today's Music Industry

Emmanuel Zunz is the founder and CEO of ONErpm, which he calls a “modern music company that is the future of the industry.” It’s an increasing major company that combines social media management and fan engagement, digital music distribution, and other services for artists. In this in-depth conversation, Zunz discusses artists’ best practices for YouTube, the fight between YouTube and the music industry, why he believes the major labels’ standard artist contracts don’t make sense anymore, how the artist/label relationship is fundamentally changing, and much more.
3/20/201948 minutes, 42 seconds
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The Strumbellas - Facing Fears Head-On with Rattlesnake

Mike recently sat down for a wide-ranging conversation with frontman and songwriter Simon Ward and keyboardist Dave Ritter of The Strumbellas, who are about to release one of the most highly-anticipated Canadian albums of the year. That album, Rattlesnake, follows their breakout collection, Hope, and its inescapable single, "Spirits." Simon and Dave discuss what it's like to write the follow-up to a global hit song and the goals they're setting this time around. Simon also opens up about his battles with stress and anxiety and the importance of addressing mental health in the music industry. And really, that's just the beginning as the conversation touches on all kinds of topics, from the intimately personal to widespread industry trends. Before that, Andrew speaks with Matt Ellis of Villages, a new folk-focused project from the four members of long-running indie outfit Mardeen. Matt talks about what informed the decision to start an entirely new band at this point in their careers, the similarities and differences between the two projects and their respective workflows, whether they've encountered any growing pains transitioning between two distinct styles, and a lot more.
3/13/20191 hour, 2 minutes, 25 seconds
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Side Door Access - A Live Music Matchmaker

Musician Dan Mangan and industry maven Laura Simpson have teamed up to launch Side Door Access, a new online service that connects artists who are eager to play shows with people who want to host concerts in unusual or non-traditional spaces - from homes to distilleries to auto garages. The platform isn't limited by genre, type of venue, or even the kind of performance, with spoken word artists, improv groups, and others able to take full advantage. Dan and Laura talk about how Side Door benefits its members and stakeholders, the unique aspects of the platform, its reception thus far, and how members have been using the platform in interesting and successful ways. Plus, Mike had a chance to sit down with East Coast guitar virtuoso & powerhouse vocalist Matt Andersen to chat about his upcoming album, Halfway Home by Morning.
3/6/201953 minutes, 43 seconds
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Generating Opportunities at the Canadian Song Conference

This year, Music PEI is partnering with the ECMA to deliver its 5th annual Canadian Song Conference. This year, the event is focused on creating opportunities for artists and industry professionals in relationship to developing multiple revenue streams from songs, including licensing for various media and more. Part of this year's event is the Canadian Songwriter Challenge, which brings songwriters from across Canada together to collaborate on new songs and pitch the material to a group of delegates to generate business. Music PEI's Executive Director, Rob Oakie, joins us to talk about this year's iteration of this unique event, some success stories from previous years, and the long-term benefits these types of initiatives can have on artists' creative output and careers. Plus, hear about how you can get involved in future editions.
2/27/201937 minutes, 59 seconds
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Marianas Trench - In It for the Long Haul

We've got a diverse trio of artist interviews this week, including a feature chat with Marianas Trench's Matt Webb and Mike Ayley. Over the last 12-plus years, Marianas Trench have amassed one of the most diehard fan bases in the country, and their shows have become arena-sized pop rock spectacles based around a unique blend theatricality, pop hooks, charisma, and top-level musicianship. The guys are gearing up for the release of their fifth album, Phantoms, and corresponding Canadian tour. We touch on a wide array of topics like the new album's concept, forming a personal connection with fans, touring now that they have families, bringing frontman Josh Ramsay's musical ideas to life, and more. As well, for those who didn't catch the CM Live sessions on Facebook, we're also sharing Mike's interviews with Alex Cuba and the Good Lovelies from the 2019 edition of Folk Alliance International in Montreal.
2/20/201954 minutes, 58 seconds
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Are You in the Clear? - Talking Sample Clearances & Music Licensing

DMG Clearances works with some of the biggest artists, brands, and media on the planet, getting samples cleared and licenses in order for music used in a wide array of applications. Founder and President Deborah Mannis-Gardner, who will be presenting her own session on sample licensing at SXSW 2019, joins us for an introduction to this specialized arm of the industry. She discusses some of DMG's high-profile projects and clients, current and incoming trends facing the world of licensing and clearances, how the business has changed most significantly since DMG was founded in 1996, and some tough lessons that artists have learned by not taking sample clearance seriously enough.
2/13/201928 minutes, 48 seconds
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Monetizing Your Music in 2019 & Beyond

This week, we welcome back CD Baby's Director of Marketing, Kevin Breuner, also an indie musician himself, to chat about music streaming’s rapid growth over the last 10 years and how it became the backbone of the recorded music business. We chat about streaming’s pros and cons for its various stakeholders, who benefits from the current model and who doesn't, and whether it’s ultimately been good for indie artists. Kevin also talks about the future impact of smart speakers on the industry and the potentially massive importance of Facebook and Instagram monetizing music.
2/6/201955 minutes, 11 seconds
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Stock Sounds - A Primer on Production Music Libraries

Kate Cooper, a Montreal-based music producer for Shutterstock Music and PremiumBeat, joins us for a very useful conversation for any musicians looking to make some extra money. Kate explains the ins and outs of composing and recording for production music libraries. At a time when the demand for production music is soaring, making tracks that can be licensed for anything from movies to advertisements to YouTube videos can be an excellent source of income for any musician with the right skill set. Kate explains what that skill set is, the challenges composers face when transitioning from writing songs to production music, how the writing and submission process works, how to get a foot in the door of the industry, and, most importantly, how the money works.
1/30/201929 minutes, 32 seconds
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Digging into Canadian Sales & Streaming Data from 2018

It's becoming an annual feature on the pod for Mike and Nielsen Music Canada's VP, Paul Shaver, to nerd out on the trends and numbers found in Nielsen's annual year-end music report. We identify the music consumption trends that defined 2018 and get into some big questions about the present and future of popular music in Canada. Is rock's dominance officially over? Are we just seeing the tip of the K-Pop phenomenon? Why have movie soundtracks made a resurgence? How long can on-demand streaming continue to grow at this pace? And how much life does the CD have left? We get into this and a lot more...
1/23/201939 minutes, 54 seconds
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Who's Right on Copyright?

Whenever issues of copyright arise in the Canadian entertainment industries, Michael Geist is sure to enter the conversation - and he’s not one to hide his disagreements with some of the music industry’s big players. The Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-Commerce Law at the University of Ottawa and a widely-respected expert on copyright law, Geist joins us for a wide-ranging conversation touching on a variety of issues affecting record labels, publishers, and music creators. We get into Bryan Adams’ arguments for the government’s Heritage Committee, including changing the reversion right to give creators their copyrights back in their lifetime, as well as whether it’s good or not that Canada has agreed to a copyright term extension. Geist then discusses how the new US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement affects the music industry and creators, why he doesn’t buy the notion of a “value gap” in the music business, and his criticism of the music industry's argument against YouTube.
1/16/201950 minutes, 22 seconds
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The First-Ever CCMA Song Camp

The CCMA and SOCAN have joined forces for the first-ever CCMA Song Camp, which finds a group of 16 established Canadian artists and producers heading to the Dominican Republic in late January for a week of creative collaboration. It's an impressive list of talent, including the likes of Lindsay Ell, Deric Ruttan, Meghan Patrick, Tebey, and others. We had the chance to connect with CCMA President Tracy Martin and the one-and-only Lindsay Ell to talk about the initiative. Tracy discusses how the event came to be, how they chose the initial group of participants, how they'll measure the success of the outing, and a lot more. Then, Lindsay weighs in on her past experiences with co-writing and what she's hoping to gain from this unique experience. She also fills us in on some of the other things happening in her world in the coming months. Plus, at the top of the show, Andrew and Mike go through some of Nielsen's end-of-year sales and streaming data from 2018.
1/9/201938 minutes, 27 seconds
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Assembling The Al Purdy Songbook

We're kicking off 2019 with a very special episode that features two high-profile creators: musician Jason Collett and writer/filmmaker Brian D. Johnson. The two recently collaborated as the co-producers of The Al Purdy Songbook, a special collection of songs and spoken word from some of Canada's best-known artists and writers inspired by the iconic Canadian poet. Brian and Jason discuss the process of bringing together such a diverse list of artists for the effort, including Bruce Cockburn, Sarah Harmer, Greg Keelor, the late Gord Downie and Leonard Cohen, and others, and how they organized those individual contributions to create a unique listening experience. They also talk about the synergies between music, film making, and writing, and how those various media impacted one another for this particular project.
1/2/201929 minutes, 58 seconds
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The Chronicler of Music Legends (Replay)

Last week, Andrew shared his favourite interview of 2018, which was his conversation with Canadian music industry icon Sam Feldman. This week, it's Mike's turn, and he chose to revisit his discussion with rock and roll historian Rob Bowman from the Nov. 21, 2018 episode. Rob Bowman is the envy of every music journalist in the world. He got his start interviewing the likes of Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd when he was still a high school student in Toronto and, since then, his Grammy-winning career as one of the most respected music journalists and historians in the business has seen him interview just about everyone under the sun, in addition to being a music scholar at York University. In this interview, Rob recalls how he got his start interviewing rock stars when he was just 15, how he’s able to get folks like Mick Jagger and Lou Reed to sit down for the longest interviews of their careers, challenging Robbie Robertson on The Band’s history, criticisms of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (for which Rob writes the program and conducts the archival interviews with every inductee), the biggest “pinch-me” moments of his career, and much more.
12/26/20181 hour, 14 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sam Feldman's Industry Outlook & 2018 In Review

Andrew and Mike look back on 2018 and share some of their favourite music, industry highlights, and more. Then, we revisit one of our favourite interviews of the year: Andrew's chat with Canadian music industry icon Sam Feldman. Sam is one of the best-known and most respected figures in the Canadian music industry, thanks in large part to his work with the companies - The Feldman Agency and Macklam Feldman Management - bearing his name. Over the years, he's played an active role in the careers of artists like Sarah McLachlan, James Taylor, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, and many more. In this wide-ranging interview, he weighs in with his thoughts on the health of the live music business, how artist development has changed over the years, what it takes to make a mark in the industry in this day and age, and a lot more. Courteous and candid, he stresses that the music industry has long been susceptible to change and remains optimistic about the business and its potential for the time being.
12/19/201836 minutes, 26 seconds
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Operators Do Handsome Furs & Mackenzie Porter Returns to Music

We've got a pair of artist interviews for you this week, and once again, they come from opposite ends of the sonic spectrum. Having devoted the past few years to her acting career, appearing in shows like Travelers and Hell on Wheels, Mackenzie Porter has returned to music with her first new songs since her JUNO and CCMA-nominated 2014 debut. Speaking with Mike, Mackenzie talks about juggling her acting and music careers, writing in Nashville, why her 2018 release strategies are different than those from 2014, how streaming has impacted the film and music industries differently, and a lot more. Then, Andrew catches up with Dan Boeckner, frontman for heralded acts like Operators and Wolf Parade. Operators are about to perform a pair of sold-out shows in New York and Toronto comprised of tunes from one of Dan's other critically adored projects, Handsome Furs. He talks about the process of choosing an ultimate Furs set list, how it feels to revisit and dissect some of those songs, and how he compartmentalizes his creative process considering the various projects and collaborations he's involved with.
12/12/201847 minutes, 16 seconds
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Arkells & Midnight Shine - The Music Is the Message

Andrew connects with Arkells frontman Max Kerman to chat about the band's latest album, Rally Cry. In addition to delving into some of the album's overtly political lyrical themes and why Arkells felt compelled to tackle them, they discuss the album's unique sonic character and how it evolved out of what they captured with 2016's Morning Report. Plus, hear Max's thoughts on the band's rise to headlining hockey arenas, their ongoing push into the U.S. market, continually trying to outdo themselves with each subsequent studio album, and more. Then, Mike catches up with Adrian Sutherland of the Indigenous roots-rock band Midnight Shine to discuss the band’s unusual formation, the financial and logistical challenges of a band where all the members live in different remote fly-in-only communities, and drawing inspiration from the land and culture of Northern Ontario. As well, Adrian explains why he made the “crazy decision” to leave a lucrative career as a CEO to pursue music full-time and talks about signing with high-profile agent Ralph James and working with musicians/producers John-Angus MacDonald (The Trews) and Tim Vesely (Rheostatics) on the latest Midnight Shine album, High Road.
12/5/20181 hour, 4 minutes, 42 seconds
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The Current Lay of the LANDR

LANDR, the innovative and oft-discussed instant mastering service, was recently ranked fourth on Deloitte's Fast 50 list of Canadian tech companies thanks to an average three-year growth rate of 9,875.3% (Yes, you read that right). LANDR CEO Pascal Pilon speaks with Andrew about that impressive tangent while also touching on the technology behind its flagship mastering service, successfully managing a team split between right- and left-brain professionals, how their service offerings and business model have evolved based on user and external feedback, and more. He also discusses how the company addresses criticism regarding the definition, process, and importance of mastering, and how their services are intended to fit into the ecosystem of music creation.
11/28/201837 minutes, 13 seconds
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The Chronicler of Music Legends

Rob Bowman is the envy of every music journalist in the world. He got his start interviewing the likes of Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd when he was still a high school student in Toronto and, since then, his Grammy-winning career as one of the most respected music journalists and historians in the business has seen him interview just about everyone under the sun, in addition to being a music scholar at York University. In this interview, Rob recalls how he got his start interviewing rock stars when he was just 15, how he’s able to get folks like Mick Jagger and Lou Reed to sit down for the longest interviews of their careers, challenging Robbie Robertson on The Band’s history, criticisms of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (for which Rob writes the program and conducts the archival interviews with every inductee), the biggest “pinch-me” moments of his career, and much more.
11/21/20181 hour, 12 minutes, 26 seconds
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Ryan Hemsworth & The East Pointers - Opposite Ends of the Sonic Spectrum

This week, a pair of artist interviews from opposite ends of the sonic spectrum. JUNO Award-winning, PEI-based trio The East Pointers have been making big waves in the roots music community with their infectious fusion of folk, trad, and pop sensibilities and thrilling live shows. Their latest album, What We Leave Behind, takes it further with the help of East Coast legend Gordie Sampson in the producer’s chair. The full band joins Mike to discuss their musical backgrounds, developing their sound, working with Sampson, dealing with critical folk and trad purists, roots music’s industry infrastructure, and more. Plus, we catch innovative electronic songwriter and producer Ryan Hemsworth to chat about Elsewhere, which Pitchfork says is ripe with "catchy, globe-trotting pop." Ryan tells Andrew about compiling a diverse guestlist of collaborators from around the world, finding common ground with other creators, how his Halifax roots may have seeped into his output, and more.
11/14/201847 minutes, 55 seconds
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How Streaming Continues to Shape the Music Industry

This week, we take an in-depth look at the past, present, and future of music streaming and its role in the music industry with Catherine Moore, musicologist and adjunct professor of music technology and digital media at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music. We look at the very different ways the record labels reacted to two digital disruptions: peer-to-peer downloading and streaming. We also chat about how streaming has changed the economics of music, how it's changing music listening habits, the streaming services’ licensing deals with labels, whether Spotify and others can ever become sustainably profitable, and much more. We end by looking at some significant business moves the big streaming services have made recently and what this indicates about their plans for the future. Before that, we also check in with Andrew Williams, an Alberta-based DJ and promoter and also one of the founders of the Alberta Electronic Music Conference (AEMCON), which is holding its third edition from Nov. 15-18 at the National Music Centre in Calgary. We get a preview of the event and ask Andrew about issues currently affecting electronic musicians in Canada.
11/7/20181 hour, 18 minutes, 4 seconds
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Dataclef - Music Services from a Music Industry Juggernaut

SOCAN recently made the major announcement that it had launched a new music services arm called Dataclef. The move follows a number of large moves by the music rights organization (MRO) in recent years, including the acquisitions of Audiam, MediaNet, Royalty Guru, and SODRAC, as well as its expansion into Los Angeles, Seattle and New York. This week, we invited Dataclef’s COO, Janice Scott, to explain exactly what this new company is, who it will serve, which services it will provide, and its role within the SOCAN Group’s ecosystem and how it is separated from SOCAN itself. We also ask Janice about the challenges faced by modern MROs in the era of mass data and an increasingly international and interconnected music rights industry.
10/31/201829 minutes, 52 seconds
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The Best of BreakOut West 2018

We're bringing you back to Kelowna, BC, where the 2018 edition of BreakOut West took place from Oct. 10-14, 2018. We revisit some of our #CMLive interviews, including: Allan Reid and Alexandra Golden of The Juno Awards filling us in on what's in store for 2019; Dylan Villain of The Wild on the state of rock 'n roll in Canada and what it means for a band like his; Nuela Charles on the benefits of co-writing for different projects; Pimpton on making a mark in the music industry from outside of its major centres; and Like a Motorcycle on how the current political and social landscapes are seeping into their music.
10/24/201843 minutes, 16 seconds
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Reimagining a Hell of an Album with Matt Mays

On his latest offering, revered East Coast rocker Matt Mays has revisited and reimagined his 2017 LP, Once Upon a Hell of a Time. Aptly called Twice Upon a Hell of a Time, the release finds Mays and a group of close and trusted collaborators offering intimate, stripped-down takes of the more robust album tracks. He and Andrew dissect the process and talk about why he decided to tap one of Canada's top hard-rock producers for the project, bringing new musicians into the fold, how this exercise might inform his original songwriting going forward, and a lot more. As well, since the interview with Matt was a bit shorter than our usual feature interview, we're adding some bonus content. We have two short advice segments done at IMSTA FESTA Toronto with mastering engineer Noah Mintz and 604 Records Project & Licensing Manager, Kara Purto.
10/17/201841 minutes
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How the Toronto Star & CBC Exposed Ticketmaster's Secret Scalper Program

Robert Cribb Marco Chown Oved This is a conversation we’re really looking forward to sharing. Toronto Star investigative reporters Robert Cribb and Marco Chown Oved both join the podcast to discuss their joint investigation with the CBC into Ticketmaster’s deceptive sales practices, as well as its close business relationship with scalpers and how that has evolved. Robert and Marco, together with their partners at the CBC, have been investigating the ticket scalping industry for a couple of years, but a pair of stories they published about three weeks ago have really caused a lot of outrage among music and sports fans, and have also led to a class-action lawsuit and increased scrutiny from governments in Canada, the U.S., and Europe. In this extensive conversation, Marco and Robert take us behind the scenes of this investigation that has rocked the live entertainment industry.
10/10/201848 minutes, 18 seconds
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Michael Kaeshammer & Royal Wood - Two Artists, 176 Keys

It's a pair of artist interviews for this week's show. First, Royal Wood joins us to talk about the making of his latest album, Ever After the Farewell, and the life-changing events that inspired it. The album is the product of the emotional roller coaster Royal experienced between father’s death and falling instantly in love with his now-wife just a few weeks apart. As well, Royal explains the unique writing and recording process for this record, often recording songs the same day he wrote them, and the difference between co-writing for someone else versus himself. Then, Michael Kaeshammer, the critically-acclaimed Canadian jazz and boogie-woogie pianist and vocalist, chats about his latest - and 12th - release, Something New. He explains the different mindset he took for this self-produced effort, and choosing and working with its various guest musicians, including Randy Bachman, Colin James, Cyril Neville, George Porter Jr., and more. Michael also talks touring China, blending genres, making experimental music at home, and even cooking.
10/3/201848 minutes, 15 seconds
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The Four Pillars of Success in Country Music

Mike sits down for an in-depth chat with Louis O'Reilly, the VP of country music powerhouse Invictus Entertainment and the manager for Brett Kissel and other country stars. They discuss the ins and outs of artist management and building an artist's career in the modern music industry, what informs Louis' decision to sign an artist, the transition into the streaming era, and what he sees as the four key ingredients for a successful career. As well, we have a bonus conversation with fast-rising country/roots/pop artist Don Amero, who discusses the creation of his latest album, Evolution, and the pressure of following-up the Juno-nominated album Refined that brought his career to another level. Don and Mike also discuss why Indigenous artists are, in recent years, receiving a higher level of critical acclaim and commercial success even though the deep well of artistic talent always existed in the community.
9/26/201857 minutes, 25 seconds
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Why Sam Feldman Is Still Optimistic About the Music Biz

Sam Feldman is one of the best-known and most respected figures in the Canadian music industry, thanks in large part to his work with the companies - The Feldman Agency and Macklam Feldman Management - bearing his name. Over the years, he's played an active role in the careers of artists like Sarah McLachlan, James Taylor, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, and many more. In this wide-ranging interview, he weighs in with his thoughts on the health of the live music business, how artist development has changed over the years, what it takes to make a mark in the industry in this day and age, and a lot more. Courteous and candid, he stresses that the music industry has long been susceptible to change and remains optimistic about the business and its potential for the time being. Plus, Andrew and Mike discuss the 2018 Polaris Prize winner and the joint investigation by the CBC and Toronto Star into TicketMaster's less-than-forthright business practices.
9/19/201834 minutes, 25 seconds
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Studio Stories from a Recording Icon - Mark Howard on Bob Dylan, Neil Young & More

When Mark Howard was a teenager growing up in Hamilton, ON, his high school councilor predicted he’d be “nothing but a criminal.” Instead, Mark has enjoyed a legendary recording career, engineering and producing classic albums by Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Waits, REM, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Tragically Hip, Lucinda Williams, and many more. But in recent years, Mark has been battling for his life. In 2017, he was diagnosed Stage 4 melanoma and the time since has been more than challenging; however, thanks to some groundbreaking immune therapy research by a doctor at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, things are looking optimistic for Mark. To give back, he has organized a star-studded charity concert for Oct. 6 at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, which will feature Randy Bachman, Sarah McLachlan, Sam Roberts, and more. Learn more and get tickets at: In this in-depth interview, Mark takes us through his entire career, and he isn't shy about sharing some very entertaining behind-the-scenes stories, like the time Daniel Lanois smashed a dobro in the studio out of frustration with Dylan, or when Mark got Neil Young back on marijuana.
9/12/20181 hour, 10 minutes, 1 second
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Generating (Equal) Opportunities for Artists & Industry Members

In late August, BreakOut West made the formal announcement that it had reached its pledged goal of gender parity in both its artist showcase and industry conference programming - four years ahead of schedule. The event's 2018 edition, happening Oct. 10-14 in Kelowna, BC, will feature 50 per cent female/female fronted acts and 57% female industry professionals speaking during the conference. WCMA Executive Director Robyn Stewart joins Andrew this week to talk about that goal, any challenges it presented, and whether there's been pushback from any corner of the industry. They then talk about other initiatives happening during BreakOut West, like the many international export opportunities being presented and how events like BreakOut West continue to expand that aspect of their programming. Plus, hear Robyn's thoughts on the music industry's hot-button topics for 2018 and beyond.
9/5/201837 minutes, 34 seconds
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A Digital Pioneer on the Future of Music

Mike has a fascinating and wide-ranging conversation with Tamir Koch, the CEO of eMusic. eMusic launched in 1998 as the first legal, digital music store. As the industry pioneer and champion of independent labels and artists, eMusic serves 47 million music fans and has sold nearly one billion downloads. It relaunched in 2017, evolving from a discount digital music store into a full-featured digital music service. Now, eMusic is launching a blockchain-based platform that it says will include everything artists need to publish and distribute music and manage rights and royalties. Tamir and Mike go deep on why and how blockchain technology could solve a lot of the rights, data, and royalty problems facing the music industry and, conversely, the limits of this technology. Tamir also explains why he thinks the streaming market is unsustainable and that pure music companies, such as Spotify and Pandora, will not be able to keep up with the likes of Google, Apple, and Amazon unless something changes.
8/29/201848 minutes, 51 seconds
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Keeper of the Axe: The Life of a Veteran Guitar Tech

On this week’s podcast, we give a preview of Thursday’s webinar with long-time touring instrument tech Jeramy “HooGie” Donais. HooGie has spent the last 20 years on the road as a guitar/bass tech for Gob, Shinedown, Sam Roberts Band, Finger Eleven, Theory of a Deadman, Staind, Lamb of God, and many more. This Thursday, Aug. 23, he will join Andrew for a free webinar entitled “Keep Your Guitar or Bass in Top Shape.” To register, go to In this conversation with Mike, HooGie takes us through his career, starting as a wide-eyed 19-year-old on the road with Gob and how that snowballed into gigs with a wide array of other artists. He talks about maintaining his sanity and family life while travelling, some of the strangest things he’s seen musicians request, the importance of being a “good hang”, and what the typical day of a guitar tech looks like on tour.
8/22/201825 minutes, 5 seconds
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The SOCAN & SODRAC Merger & What It Means

Two weeks ago, performing rights organization SOCAN made the major announcement that it was merging with reproduction rights organization SODRAC. Now, for the first time in Canada, a single organization – SOCAN – will be able to license, track, and distribute all royalties for both music performing rights and mechanical rights. To explore the details of the deal and what it’ll mean for the organizations’ members, as well as the greater music rights industry in Canada, we caught up with SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste. Eric discusses the nature of the merger, how it came together, and why previous efforts to bring performance and reproduction rights organizations in Canada closer together had failed. He also explains how the deal reflects the fast-changing nature of tracking performances and reproductions of songs in the streaming era, and then follows us down a rabbit hole of far-reaching questions about the global music industry.
8/15/201831 minutes, 56 seconds
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Rise of the Robots: How Artificial Intelligence is changing music creation

This week, Mike chats with Amper Music CEO and Co-Founder Drew Silverstein. Amper Music is at the leading edge of the artificial intelligence revolution in music. Amper's AI is designed to instantly produce royalty-free production music that matches the length, genre, and mood that the user dictates, while also allowing the user to collaborate with Amper as if they're sitting in the studio with a composer. Frankly, the results are pretty impressive, and Amper is just one of many applications that are using AI to either assist creators or, depending on your perspective, replace them. "Our goal is to empower anyone around the world to express themselves creatively through music regardless of their background, expertise, or access to resources. As we become successful at that goal, it means that Amper should be involved in the creation and collaboration of every piece of music around the world," Silverstein says in this conversation, while insisting that AI-made music will eventually be indistinguishable from human-made music. What does this mean for musicians and the music industry? This conversation is a preview of an upcoming article in Canadian Musician magazine in which we address these questions. Before the interview, Mike talks about a new report from Citigroup that has the industry talking and validates musicians' concerns about getting their fair share of the money.
8/8/201834 minutes, 45 seconds
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Hip Hop's Evolution - In Conversation with Shad & D.O.

Canadian MC Shad joins us to talk about Hip-Hop Evolution, the highly-anticipated documentary series now on Netflix that he narrates and hosts. The four-part series explores the history of hip-hop from the late '70s to early '90s, taking viewers on the journey from DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, and Afrika Bambaataa, through Run DMC and Public Enemy, and ending with the rise of gangsta rap with NWA, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and 2Pac. Shad tells us about the making of the doc, recalls his conversations with hip-hop legends, and reveals he most surprising things he learned. Then, we speak with MC, author, and motivational speaker Duane "D.O." Gibson about his time in the Canadian and international music industry, developing an artistic identity, and coming into his own as a black Canadian artist with a unique background. He also tells us about his experiences speaking with students in schools across the country about history, culture, race, and more.
8/1/201853 minutes, 55 seconds
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Redefining Folk - In Conversation with The Once

Are they a Newfoundland band or a band from Newfoundland? Heralded folk trio The Once find themselves wrestling with this and many other questions about their artistic and sonic identity, though that's not stopping them from making the music they want to make and subsequently watching their audience grow. Geraldine Hollett and Phil Churchill chat with Andrew about the unique, theatre-based genesis of their band, how they've made a name for themselves, their approach to live performance, and the making of their latest full-length album, Time Enough, which finds the group venturing into new musical territory with no regard for stylistic labels or confines.
7/25/20181 hour, 5 minutes, 17 seconds
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Quitting the Day Job - Rachel Beck Takes Music Full-Time

On June 10th, Rachel Beck posted a message to her Facebook artist page announcing that she wouldn't be returning to her job as a schoolteacher in the fall, and would instead be dedicating her efforts to further developing her music career. The timing seemed fitting. Just three months prior, after closing the first chapter of said career as one half of heralded folk duo The Beck Sisters, she released her self-titled debut album to much acclaim, earning rave reviews and watching the single "Reckless Heart" climb to the top of the CBC Top 20. Here, the PEI-based artist tells Andrew about moving on from The Beck Sisters, finding her own sound for her first solo release, and what ultimately informed her decision to chase her muse and make music her full-time job.
7/18/201832 minutes, 29 seconds
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A Career Like No Other - One-on-One with @ThatEricAlper

Everyone’s favourite publicist, radio host, blogger, and social media personality Eric Alper (aka @ThatEricAlper) takes us through his remarkable music career, from starting his own label in the mid-‘90s to moving into PR and working with Smithsonian Folkways, Koch Entertainment, and eOne Music to then becoming his own boss. Through it all, he’s worked with countless artists, from the emerging to the legendary, including the likes of Ringo Starr, Ray Charles, Jerry Garcia, Nickelback, Sinead O’Connor, The Smashing Pumpkins, Steve Vai, Big Sugar, and many more. On top of his publicity work, Eric blogs at and is all over social media, with Billboard, Paste, and The National Post naming his as a major influencer. He also hosts That Eric Alper’s Show on SiriusXM. He tells Mike about his upbringing and why he has such a passion for music, how he got his start in the industry, some of his favourite artists to work with, and, of course, some talk about the evolution of social media.
7/11/201853 minutes, 54 seconds
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How SOCAN Gets You Paid - A PRO Primer

If you create original music, SOCAN wants to put money in your pocket. It’s that simple. This week, SOCAN's Melissa Cameron-Passley and Aidan D'Aoust join us to simplify the world of performance and neighbouring rights and explain how SOCAN members can make sure they’re getting every cent they’re entitled to. We touch on how to become a SOCAN member, how the organization collects and distributes royalties, general info about royalty rates from various media, and more. Even if you're already a member, you'll learn about the inner workings of SOCAN and get tips on maximizing the money you're bringing in. This interview was taken from one of our free music business webinars presented by Canadian Musician and NWC Webinars. To access all of our previous sessions or to register for upcoming ones, visit
7/4/201856 minutes, 43 seconds
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Cavendish Beach & The Many Facets of Summer Festivals

Despite taking place in a small community in Canada's smallest province, PEI's Cavendish Beach Music Festival has been attracting mega-headliners to its massive stage for 10 years running. This year's edition has expanded to four nights and beyond its typical focus on country music, with pop superstar Shawn Mendes headlining the final day of an event that will also welcome Luke Bryan, Brett Eldredge, Chris Young, and Dallas Smith. Jeff Squires, who heads up CBMF producer Whitecap Entertainment, joins us to discuss the various facets of organizing a festival of this scale, from choosing artists to liaising with the local community to, well, a pile of different things. He also tells us how CBMF has grown consistently during a decade that has seen plenty of ups and downs for major music festivals across the continent. Plus, we open the show with some great news from our friends at SOCAN that will be of particular interest to Canadian songwriters, composers, and publishers.
6/27/201830 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Dandelion Initiative – Standing Up Against Misconduct in Live Music

Toronto musician and Dandelion Initiative Founder Viktoria Belle joins us to discuss the tough topic of sexual misconduct at music venues and festivals. Viktoria is a survivor of sexual violence and founded the Dandelion Initiative (formerly the Sexual Assault Action Coalition) to help other survivors and address the problem with real solutions. The Dandelion Initiative provides training for venues’ staff to help them identify, prevent, and deal with sexual assault and harassment. Viktoria and Mike discuss the shocking prevalence of sexual misconduct in the live music world and the backlash she and her band first received when she began to publically address those responsible. Also, what role do artists play, both as potential victims of sexual misconduct and as influential players in these spaces? And how come of the dozens of bars and venues that signed up for the training, only a few have followed through with it? What does that say about how seriously venues are taking this issue?
6/20/201831 minutes, 46 seconds
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Singer, Songwriter & Survivorman - Les Stroud on Music & Activism

Environmentalist, musician, and filmmaker Les Stroud has long used his groundbreaking TV show Survivorman as the principal vehicle to convey his message of celebrating and protecting nature. Now, he's combining his love for the environment with his other passion: music. On his fifth album, Bittern Lake, the Canadian singer-songwriter issues an urgent call for environmental preservation with a collection of original songs and covers by Joni Mitchell and J.J. Cale, produced by Mike Clink (Guns 'N' Roses, Metallica). Here, Les talks about his music career pre-Survivorman, which goes back to the '80s and earned him a publishing contract with RCA/BMG; however, disillusionment with the music industry led to him pursuing his passion for nature and survival. He also talks about the frustrating politics of environmentalism and why he feels the need to do things the hard way, be it on TV, in music, or in life - and why that doesn't always earn him friends.
6/13/201840 minutes, 52 seconds
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Crack of Dawn - The Barrier-Breaking Band Canadian Music Forgot

Mike sits down with a figure of Canada’s musical and cultural history. Rupert Harvey is a guitarist and founding member of recently-reunited funk/soul/R&B band Crack of Dawn, who signed with Columbia Records in 1975, making them the first black band to be signed by a major record company in Canada. The group sold more albums and concert tickets in Canada throughout the ‘70s than Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees Earth, Wind & Fire. Rupert recalls the burgeoning R&B and soul scene in Toronto in the early-‘70s, how a group of teenage immigrant kids found each other to form such a unique band, and the shock of finding thousands of fans in Western Canada waiting for them outside of a venue. He also tells Mike about the thrill of signing with a major label, the divisions in the band that the label deliberately fostered, leading to their premature breakup, and why they’re now back together. And what would’ve happened if they stuck it out, considering they were on the verge of signing with Bob Marley’s management company at the time?
6/6/201838 minutes, 50 seconds
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From T. Swift to Idols - Building a Sustainable Music Career

To say that Rick Barker has had an incredible life would be an understatement. Rick muscled his way into the music industry and ended up managing an unknown country singer-songwriter named Taylor Swift. With no experience, he navigated Swift’s meteoric rise from 2005 to 2008 before moving on to other label and consulting roles. These days, he is the social media mentor for contestants on American Idol and The Launch and manages Idol winner Trent Harmon. He is also the co-author of The $150,000 Music Degree and creator of The Music Industry Blueprint and Social Media for Music programs. Rick tells Mike about his journey from strung-out teenager to managing music's biggest star and shares valuable insights about artist management, building fan bases and revenue on social media, underappreciated career options for musicians, and why this is the greatest time ever to be in the music industry. And he certainly isn't short on opinions along the way.
5/30/201843 minutes, 58 seconds
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Indie to Major - The Art of Signing Bands & Building Labels

This week, conversations with Lava Records CEO and A&R legend Jason Flom and Six Shooter Records Founder and President Shauna de Cartier - two professionals who come from different places but have carved out extremely successful careers in the label game. Six Shooter is one of Canada’s premier indie labels, with such acts as Whitehorse, The Strumbellas, Tanya Tagaq, Amelia Curran, and more. Shauna de Cartier discusses what it took to start a label, how she discovered and signed her first bands, the advantages the major labels have over indies, the economics of streaming, and more. Next, we explore the world of major labels with Jason Flom, the founder and head of Lava Records. He's signed countless major artists, including Matchbox Twenty, Stone Temple Pilots, Jewel, Simple Plan, Katy Perry, Lorde, and many more. Jason addresses the common criticisms of major labels, having an ear for A&R, how the business has changed over the course of his career, and why he’s still excited about new music.
5/24/201856 minutes, 49 seconds
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Best of CMW 2018 - Marianas Trench, Bif Naked, Ria Mae & More

Canadian Musician had a major presence at Canadian Music Week 2018 in Toronto, covering panels and keynotes, taking in showcases, and making connections across the conference. Of course, we also had a chance to catch up with some of the biggest and best artists performing throughout the event, including: Marianas Trench, Bif Naked, Shawn Hook, Ria Mae, FrancisGotHeat, Kandle, Jesper Kyd, and Sophia Radisch. Here, we share some short clips from the full interviews, discussing a myriad of diverse subjects like songwriting, live performance, beat production, landing endorsement deals, and more. You can find these full interviews and many others on Facebook at or our YouTube channel at Artist interview times: Shawn Hook - 2:40 Kandle - 6:40 FrancisGotHeat - 11:42 Ria Mae - 18:15 Sophia Radisch - 26:40 Jesper Kyd - 32:00 Bif Naked - 43:15 Marianas Trench - 52:30
5/16/20181 hour, 2 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork & The Democratization of Music Publishing

What if you could own more than just a CD or digital download from your favourite artist? What if you, as a fan, could invest in a percentage of that artist's intellectual property, and share the revenue generated by the performance and playback of their work? That's the idea behind, a platform that lets fans share ownership in songs by their favourite established and emerging artists. Steve Stewart is a music industry veteran. As the longtime personal manager for Stone Temple Pilots and a consultant that helped inked deals for a host of other artists, he's got a unique perspective on the business and used his experiences to co-found and develop Vezt. Here, he shares his thoughts on the music publishing model as it exists now, how Vezt could change that model for artists and fans, and more.
5/9/201843 minutes, 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sing! The Popularity & Potential of the Vocal Arts

Suba Sankaran is pretty busy these days. In addition to a successful career as a performer with acts including Autorickshaw, Retrocity, and FreePlay Duo, she's also the co-artistic director of Sing! The Toronto Vocal Arts Festival. On this week's show, Suba joins Andrew to talk about the rising popularity of vocal music thanks to the success of media like Glee! and Pitch Perfect and artists like Pentatonix and Eh440. We also get into the unique nature of this increasingly popular but still remarkably tight-knit and collaborative musical community. Plus, hear how the 2018 edition of Sing! is coming together, and some of the innovative new artists and ideas to take in.
5/2/201837 minutes, 58 seconds
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The State of Indie with CD Baby's Kevin Breuner

We had a wide-ranging conversation with Kevin Breuner, the VP of marketing for CD Baby and an independent musician himself. Since its inception 20 years ago, CD Baby has grown to become one of the largest distributors of independent music in the world and encompasses everything from CD and digital distribution to publishing, marketing, YouTube monetization, sync licensing, and direct-to-fan sales. Kevin and Mike look at the current state of the independent music industry, talking about how streaming can be helpful for unsigned artists and whether the common criticisms of Spotify are fair, how Netflix is changing publishing, why downloads are dying faster than CDs, Facebook's music plans, and much more.
4/25/20181 hour, 1 minute, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hackathons & Singalongs - Music & Tech Guru Travis Laurendine

Ahead of the first-ever Canadian Music Week Hackathon (May 8-9, 2018), Mike sat down for an in-depth conversation with music hackathon producer, tech expert, music industry consultant, entrepreneur, and investor Travis Laurendine. Travis explains how hackathons work and shares some of the best ideas and inventions he's seen come out of them. Mike and Travis then get into a forward-looking (and mind-bending) conversation about how bleeding-edge technologies - from blockchain and artificial intelligence to virtual and augmented reality - could radically change how music is made and the industry that supports it.
4/18/201856 minutes, 8 seconds
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The Collision of the Arts & Artificial Intelligence

This week, we're exploring the collision of music and artificial intelligence from both the artistic and technical perspectives. First up, Mike speaks with Pablo Castro, senior software developer at Google Brain, a deep learning artificial intelligence research team at Google. Pablo and Google Brain collaborated with Montreal-based creative studio Art + Icons and its founder, Canadian singer/songwriter and Moist frontman David Usher, on a project called Lyric AI Assistant, an AI platform that creates personalized lyric fragments meant to inspire new ideas for songwriters. Pablo delves into how the project came together, how Lyric AI works, and how AI may further impact music creation and the industry. Then, Mike chatted with David Usher to get his perspective on the project and the intersection of art and technology in general. He and Mike discuss his work with Google Brain, but also get into a deeper conversation about the pros and cons - and even existential threats - of artificial intelligence and how it could have a massive impact on the music industry and the world at large.
4/11/201858 minutes, 51 seconds
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Creating with Kuné - Canada's Global Orchestra

Kuné is billed as Canada’s Global Orchestra - a collection of 13 extremely talented musicians from various parts of the world who are now based in Canada and have united to weave a unique sonic tapestry. On this week's show, we're speaking with Mervon Mehta, Executive Director of Performing Arts with the Royal Conservatory and the pioneer of the Kuné project. Mervon tells us about how this special collection of artists first came together, the process of finding common ground in song selection and arrangement, and where things are headed following the upcoming release of the group's self-titled debut collection via Universal Music Canada.
4/4/201833 minutes, 24 seconds
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Sunrise Records - Is the Gamble Paying Off?

Mike reconnects with Sunrise Records Owner Doug Putnam to find out how his big bet on physical music has paid off. Mike and Doug first spoke about a year ago when Sunrise announced it was taking over more than 80 retail spaces across Canada that were left vacant by HMV's sudden closing. In under one year, Sunrise Records rapidly grew from a nine-store Ontario-based music retailer to nearly 100 stores across Canada. Doug explains why declining CD sales for new music is not a good indicator of the format’s overall health and how he was able to convince records labels, which lost a lot of money when HMV closed, to support his expansion. Doug and Mike also discuss the significance of big box stores like Best Buy dropping CDs from their shelves, how streaming influences in-store shopping behaviour, record release strategies, and more. Plus, Andrew and Mike share some thoughts on the 2018 JUNO Awards broadcast and performances, and see how they fared with their predictions from last week.
3/28/201847 minutes, 48 seconds
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The 2018 JUNO Awards - Programming, Plans, Predictions & More

This week's show is all about The 2018 JUNO Awards. JUNOs/CARAS CEO Allan Reid joins us to talk about the first year of their partnership with the CBC, how they decide which artists will perform during the televised awards show, injecting diversity into JUNOs programming and the CARAS board, and of course, the Barenaked Ladies reunion for their induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Plus, Andrew and Mike share some thoughts and predictions on some of the key categories, including Single, Album, Artist, and Group of the year.
3/21/201831 minutes, 4 seconds
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One for the Kids - Jeremy Fisher's First Children's Album

Mike recently met up with acclaimed singer-songwriter Jeremy Fisher, who is back with a very different record. A new father, Jeremy’s latest album is Highway to Spell, which as you may have guessed from the title, is a children’s record. His last release, The Lemon Squeeze, featured the biggest hit single of his career, the collaboration “Uh Oh” with Serena Ryder. Here, he talks about following that commercial success with something totally different and how his management reacted. Jeremy also talks about how promoting a children’s record feels like a whole new world within the music industry, why he tried and failed to write children’s music before his daughter was born, his nervousness about performing for kids, and how becoming a father has changed his creative mindset.
3/14/201837 minutes, 33 seconds
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There's Something(ness) about Our Lady Peace

[Photo: Our Lady Peace by Ashley Osborn] Our Lady Peace is easily one of Canada’s most iconic alt-rock bands, having released countless hit singles since their debut album in 1994, including instantly recognizable songs like “Starseed,” “Automatic Flowers,” “One Man Army,” “Somewhere Out There,” and many, many more. But they are not ones to rest on their laurels. The band is back with their first album in six years, Somethingness, which includes the popular single "Nice to Meet You." In this conversation, bassist and long-time member Duncan Coutts chats with Canadian Musician’s Michael Raine about writing and recording the latest album and how it felt different with new drummer Jason Pierce. Duncan also talks about frontman Raine Maida’s distinctive voice, which he calls “a blessing and a curse,” pushing new sonic boundaries, balancing old hits with new material, ‘90s nostalgia, and how they have kept it all going for 20+ years in an industry that has seen much upheaval. As well, Duncan explains why, even though many still think they're a major label act, these days, they're "as indie as any Toronto start-up band."
3/7/201832 minutes, 54 seconds
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Glass Tiger - Still Going Strong After 31 Years

Glass Tiger are celebrating over three decades together with the release of 31, their first new studio album since 1991. Produced by Johnny Reid, the new collection includes stripped-down takes on 11 favourites from the band's back catalogue in addition to a pair of new songs. There are also guest appearances from an interesting bunch of collaborators including Julian Lennon, Alan Doyle, Susan Aglukark, Veronic DiCaire, David Maracle, and Johnny Reid himself. Founding member Sam Reid joins us to talk about how the new collection took shape, how the band has stayed together through some significant industry ebb-and-flow, and more. Plus, at the top of the show, Mike and Andrew talk about some industry reaction to the Liberal Government's 2018 budget and reveal the top 10 best-selling international artists from 2017 with a guessing game.
2/28/201838 minutes, 5 seconds
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The Other Side of the Tracks - Producer/Engineer Gus van Go

Juno-nominated producer, engineer, and songwriter Gus van Go has fingerprints on work by the likes of Sam Roberts Band, Arkells, Wintersleep, Priestess, and dozens more. This year, he notched another Juno nod for his work on tracks by Whitehorse and Terra Lightfoot, and Mike got him on the phone shortly after the announcement. In this candid interview, Gus talks about his unique approach to studio work, shares some cool stories from the past few years, and delves into the experiences of making the records that earned him his latest Juno nomination and will surely keep him in high demand among the best-known recording artists from Canada and beyond.
2/21/201844 minutes, 42 seconds
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Women in Music Canada: Fostering Equality in the Music Industry

MeToo and #TimesUp are having a significant and, in many cases, encouraging impact on a number of professional circles, and the Canadian and global music industries are no different. This week, Mike once again catches up with Women in Music Canada Founder and Chairperson Samantha Slattery, who first appeared on the podcast last January. Since then, of course, there’s been a major and ongoing cultural conversation about the treatment of women in the workplace across all industries. Mike and Sam discuss how this is impacting the music industry and its history of sexism and sexual harassment. The conversation took place the day after multiple accusations surfaced involving popular B.C.-based pop-rock group Hedley and Samantha discusses the appropriate response by people, companies, and organizations in such situations. Mike and Sam also touch on The Recording Academy President Neil Portnow's controversial statement at the Grammys, the underrepresentation of women in the technical fields, and what systemic changes can be made to make the industry more equitable at the executive level and the benefits of doing so. At the top of the show, we also share a few timely opportunities for Canadian artists.
2/14/201846 minutes, 18 seconds
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Making Music Matter - A Path to Healing for Victims in Conflict Zones

Darcy Ataman has been on dozens of missions to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo with Make Music Matter, the organization he founded to help heal victims of sexual violence and other hardships in conflict zones through writing, recording, and producing music. Darcy joins us this week to talk about some of those experiences, as well as a recent partnership with Warner Music Canada that will help share this important and powerful music with a wider audience. We also talk about other parts of the world where Make Music Matter is looking to get established and share some ways for people to get involved. Plus, Andrew and Mike discuss the nominees for the 2018 JUNO Awards.
2/7/201836 minutes, 27 seconds
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Own the Stage - Tips for a Fearless, Impactful Performance

Every time you take the stage, you have an opportunity to make an impactful statement - a statement that could earn you hoards of new fans, drive sales of your music and merch, and open the door to dozens of future opportunities. An audience wants to see someone cooler than them doing something cooler than they're capable of doing. That requires a performer to be fearless in showing the audience who they really are. This week, in a show adapted from one of Canadian Musician's recent webinars, performance and stage psychology coach Luther Mallory joins us to help you break down any and all mental barriers and confidently deliver the performance of a lifetime every time you take the stage.
1/31/201850 minutes, 3 seconds
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Is Spotify Playing Fair? The $1.6 Billion Question

A music publishing company has launched a $1.6-billion lawsuit against Spotify, accusing the streaming giant of not getting the proper license needed to properly pay songwriters and publishers for millions of songs, including those by Tom Petty, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and many more. The forensic analysis of the streaming and payment data used in this lawsuit was done by Jeff Price and his team at Audiam, the SOCAN-owned mechanical royalty collection agency. Jeff explains why Spotify was caught in this situation, how endemic this problem is, and why Canadian law has prevented similar lawsuits in this country even though the problem exists here as well. He provides the background on how Audiam was able to expose the problem with Spotify's payments (or lack thereof) and how that problem could be fixed – to the benefit of creators and recording artists in Canada and around the world.
1/25/201852 minutes, 24 seconds
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Doing Right by Creators & Consumers - A Look into Stingray Music

Quebec-based media company Stingray kicked off 2018 with the announcement that it had acquired Qello Concerts, described by Forbes as "the Netflix of concert films and documentaries." The deal adds 2,000 concert films and music documentaries to Stingray's library, along with over 70,000 subscribers from more than 160 countries. Andrew speaks with Mathieu Péloquin, Senior VP of Marketing & Communications with Stingray, about the acquisition, as well as the company's approach to music curation, discovery, and compensation for creators. Hear about how Stingray supports Canadian music, including many independent and on-the-rise artists, with an opportunity to reach many of its more than 400 million users around the world.
1/17/201834 minutes, 37 seconds
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Social Nettwerking: A Candid Q&A with Nettwerk Music Group's Terry McBride

Nettwerk Music Group's Terry McBride is a two-time Pollstar Industry Award winner for Personal Manager of the Year and a member of the Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame. He a few friends started Nettwerk in his apartment in 1984 and built it into one of Canada's most successful artist management, publishing, and label companies. McBride takes us through his history in the Canadian music industry, from signing Skinny Puppy and Grapes of Wrath in the 1980s to discovering a teenaged Sarah McLachlan, weathering the storm of the post-Napster era, and more recently, finding global success with artists like Coldplay, fun., Passenger, and Father John Misty. He also sheds some light on how he made Mike Posner's "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" into an international hit song using analytics and other industry insights.
1/10/201851 minutes, 45 seconds
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Digging into Canadian Sales & Streaming Data from 2017

This week, in our first episode of 2018, we look back at the past year with Paul Shaver, the head of Nielsen Music Canada. Nielsen's 2017 end-of-year numbers reveal some interesting trends in music consumption in Canada, so Mike and Paul dig deeper into some of the facts and figures that defined the year. Paul also discusses the future of CDs, how streaming has changed the way we react to musicians’ deaths, and reveals that the music industry has reached a significant milestone in its battle to close the value gap. Before the in-depth conversation with Paul, Andrew and Mike discuss their favourite music and Canadian Musician stories of 2017.
1/3/201850 minutes, 57 seconds
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CM Radio - Dec. 27, 2017 - What's Hot for 2018 with Allie X, Fast Romantics, Nice Horse, Cadence Weapon & More

We’re excited to focus on some fast-rising talent in our What’s Hot for 2018 show. In this episode, we’ll revisit some standout interviews from the past 12 months with artists that we think are on the cusp of breaking out big-time in the New Year. Join us for snippets from our chats with art-pop queen Allie X, Fast Romantics, kickin’ country outfit Nice Horse, Faith Healer, Cadence Weapon, the awesome Iskwe, and upbeat alt-pop outfit The Beaches.
12/28/201744 minutes, 23 seconds
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CM Radio - Dec. 20, 2017 - Best of 2017 with Paul Shaffer, Hedley, Ria Mae, George Canyon & More

Hard to believe it’s already time for our Best of 2017 show on Canadian Musician Radio. In this episode, we revisit some of the highlight artist interviews from throughout 2017, featuring a diverse mix of names including Paul Shaffer, Hedley, Kid Koala, Ria Mae, George Canyon, D.O.A., Madison Violet, and Gord Bamford. Hear stories like how Shaffer was inspired to get back into the studio after his stint with David Letterman came to a close, the inspiration behind Kid Koala’s series of shows that had everyone in the audience mixing on a mini turntable, and how Madison Violet had some surprise songwriting help from Sam Smith.
12/20/201748 minutes, 28 seconds
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CM Radio - Dec. 13, 2017 - The Northern Pikes, Mikey Manville

2017 has been a great year for The Northern Pikes and their dedicated fan base. In addition to reissuing a "super-sized" three-disc edition of their heralded 1987 release Big Blue Sky and embarking on a 30th Anniversary tour in celebration of the release, the band also announced their intention to put out a new album or original material. Mike speaks with drummer Don Schmid about those plans and a lot more. While many know him as the frontman of rock trio The Manvils, Mikey Manville is fresh from the release of his debut solo offering. The new album, Nocturne Only, showcases a wide breadth of musical and lyrical styles and influences and begs for repeat listens. Manville speaks with Andrew about the segregation between his band and solo work, how The Manvils' third LP is shaping up, and more.
12/14/20171 hour, 7 minutes, 36 seconds
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CM Radio - Dec. 6, 2017 - Holiday Music with Heather Rankin & Sultans of String

We're getting into the holiday spirit this week as we welcome Heather Rankin and Sultans of String on the program. Heather Rankin is fresh from the release of Imagine, her solo Christmas collection featuring some holiday favourites and fresh new compositions. She talks about how the John Lennon song that inspired the album's name (and appears as its final track) is fitting for the holidays, how the season contributed to her and her family's musical upbringing, and more. Then, Sultans of String frontman Chris McKhool talks about his band's eclectic new holiday release, Christmas Caravan. We chat about how guest artists like Nikki Yanofsky, Alex Cuba, Crystal Shawanda, and Richard Bona were tapped for the collection, interpreting Christmas classics in various world music styles, and more. Plus, Andrew and Mike discuss their favourite contemporary Christmas releases, which may or may not include a rant on Mariah Carey's classic "All I Want for Christmas Is You."
12/6/201753 minutes, 44 seconds
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CM Radio - Nov. 29, 2017 - APA's Ralph James & Miss Emily

We're thrilled to have industry icon Ralph James on the show. An inductee of the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame, James helped to launch APA's new Toronto office earlier this year after UTA ceased its Canadian operations. He tells Mike about his recent move, the health of Canada's live music market, how he recognizes talents like Marianas Trench and Nickelback early on, and a lot more. Miss Emily has been turning heads for years with her huge voice and unique foot-stomping hybrid of blues, jazz, and rock; however, her latest project, In Between - written and recorded with The Tragically Hip's Gord Sinclair and Rob Baker - is sure to propel her to a new plateau altogether. She tells us about the making of the album, the heightened emotions surrounding The Hip's emotional year, the story of how she accidentally ended up singing backups for Bruce Springsteen, and more.
11/30/201757 minutes, 4 seconds
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CM Radio - Nov. 22, 2017 - Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Iskwe, Teri Parker Quartet

Lemon Bucket Orkestra's new album, If I Had the Strength, follows their JUNO-nominated 2016 release Moorka with another intriguing dose of their international sonic mosaic. They call that mosaic "Balkan-Klezmer-Gypsy-party-punk" and talk to Mike about all of the album's moving parts, their heralded live show, and a lot more. Iskwé was named one of the Top 10 Artists to Watch by CBC Music on the back of a compelling sound that weaves her powerful vocals with dark, soulful R&B rhythms, electronic flourishes and trip-hop breakbeats. Her latest LP, The Fight Within, is a musical tour-de-force that explores some very weighty and topical themes, including various facets of Canada's troubled history and relationships with its indigenous peoples and communities. The artist speaks with Andrew about those issues and many others in this special interview. Toronto jazz pianist Teri Parker has released a debut album with her quartet called In The Past. We speak with the artist about how her various projects - including Toronto's top Radiohead cover band - complement one another, the musical synergy between the members of her quartet, how the album nods to works that have inspired her, and more.
11/23/20171 hour, 4 minutes, 44 seconds
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CM Radio - Nov. 15th, 2017 - Benji Rogers on Blockchain's Potential & Emma-Lee

PledgeMusic founder Benji Rogers is now one of the pioneers leading the charge of utilizing blockchain technology in the music industry. Some, like him, are leveraging the technology to empower current industry stakeholders; others see it as a major potential disruption. Rogers joins us to talk about his start-up, Dot Blockchain Media, the potential for blockchain in the music industry and others, and a lot more. With a catalogue of successful co-writes with major recording artists, Emma-Lee is now focusing her attention on her own music and career. Her latest EP, Fantasies: Volume 1, finds her incorporating elements of pop music into her country music foundation. She joins us to talk about the difference between writing for herself and writing for others, her new home in Nashville, and more.
11/16/20171 hour, 14 minutes, 9 seconds
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CM Radio - Nov. 8, 2017 - Ria Mae, Faith Healer, The Royal Foundry

Ria Mae has a brand new EP and is fresh off of a very special show during the 2017 Halifax Pop Explosion that saw her performing with Symphony Nova Scotia amidst her cross-country Scott Vs. Ria tour with our pal Scott Helman. The new EP, My Love, takes listeners on a journey from post-relationship heartache to healing. We chat with her about all of that and more. With Faith Healer's recently-released sophomore LP Try;-), Jessica Jalbert has formally welcomed Renny Wilson to the fold as a full-time bandmate. She speaks with Mike about the album, its creation at Wilson's Montreal studio, the musical relationship the two share, straying from the "folk singer" label, and more. Finally, Edmonton's The Royal Foundry is an art-pop quartet with the husband and wife team of Jared Salte and Bethany Schumacher at its core. The two tell us about how their personal relationship extends into the creative sphere, how their home city and its music scene has shaped their sound, and more.
11/9/201754 minutes, 19 seconds
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CM Radio - Nov. 1, 2017 - Gord Bamford, The Karpinka Brothers, Lydia Persaud

Gord Bamford has plenty in store for early 2018, including his 29-date Neon Smoke Tour supporting the album of the same name. Gord joins us to talk about the record, including his collaboration with Blue Rodeo's Jim Cuddy for the single "Ain't It Grand," his current goals, and more. The Karpinka Brothers - Aaron and Shawn - are about as well-known for their warm personalities as they are their music, performing everywhere from nursing homes to dive bars. The band joins us to talk about the lyrical weight of ther latest album, Talk Is Cheap, how their creative partnership grew out of their familial one, and more. Finally, Lydia Persaud is a musician's musician with an impressive pedigree. She's a member of Dwayne Gretzky and The O'Pears and collaborator with the likes of Lee Fields, Jill Barber, Karl Wolf, Royal Wood, and many others. She talks about distilling all of her musical experiences into her debut solo EP, Low Light, and more.
11/2/20171 hour, 3 minutes, 14 seconds
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CM Radio - Oct. 25, 2017 - Great Lake Swimmers, The Elwins, Author Mark Kearney

Mike catches up with Great Lake Swimmers lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Tony Dekker to see how they're progressing on their as-yet-untitled seventh album. As has become the norm for the band, they've once again selected a somewhat unusual place to record: a decommissioned church in London, ON. Tony talks about how the space has influenced the album and the unique approach he describes as "reverse engineering." He also discusses the life-changing experience he had onboard a ship sailing through the Canadian arctic as part of the Canada C3 Expedition. The Elwins just released their third LP, Beauty Community, and as vocalist/guitarist Matthew Sweeney shares, the record is the band's most collective to date. He discusses the decision to re-tap producer Derek Hoffman this time around, pushing into the U.S. market, and more. Finally, author Mark Kearney joins us to talk about his latest book with co-author Randy Ray, called As the Years Go By... Conversations with Canada's Folk, Pop & Rock Pioneers. He tells us about the process of revising dozens of interviews with Canadian artists from past decades to compile the unique collection.
10/25/20171 hour, 11 minutes, 44 seconds
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CM Radio - Oct. 18, 2017 - One Bad Son, The Glorious Sons, Donal Hodgson

It's been one hell of a year for Saskatchewan rockers One Bad Son. After seeing their single "Raging Bull" thrash its way up the rock charts earlier this year, the band is back with their latest single, "Scream for Me," which is proving to be just as potent. Mike chats with the guys about their brand new album, Made in the Name of Rock 'n Roll, always being on tour, and more. Glorious Sons frontman Brett Emmons makes it clear that you don't have to sound like you're straight out of the '70s to make great rock music, and that's something the band strived for on its latest album, Young Beauties and Fools. He also delves into the lyrics of the album, which mark something of a turning point for the singer. Finally, you may not be familiar with the name Donal Hodgson, though you're certainly familiar with his body of work. The longtime producer, recording engineer, and mixer was worked closely with the likes of Primal Scream, Tina Turner, and Sting, and speaks with Mike about the modern-day record business, some cool in-studio stories, and more.
10/18/20171 hour, 5 minutes, 17 seconds
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CM Radio - Oct. 11, 2017 - The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, D.O.A., The Kents

Toronto's Legendary Horseshoe Tavern is celebrating its 70th birthday in 2017 with a string of special shows featuring the likes of Billy Bragg, 54-40, Hollerado, and D.O.A. We chat with Horseshoe owner Jeff Cohen about the venue's history, current relevance in Toronto's music scene, some of his favourite stories from over the years, and more. Then, D.O.A. frontman Joe Keithley joins us first to talk about the band's history with the Horseshoe, but then also about punk rock in Canada, politics around the world, and a preview at what's coming up surrounding the band's 40th anniversary. Lastly, Lindsay, ON's The Kents are set to drop just their second EP but have already landed on some pretty influential playlists and performed alongside the likes of The Trews, The Sheepdogs, The Strumbellas, and more. We hear about what's contributed to the band's trajectory thus far, the new direction of their upcoming EP, and more.
10/11/20171 hour, 6 minutes, 29 seconds
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CM Radio - Oct. 4, 2017 - Jesse Cook, Boogat

Acclaimed guitarist Jesse Cook joins us to talk about the writing and recording of his new album, Beyond Borders. He tells us about the evolution his style and why he is now incorporating more electronic elements into his music, his love of using a looper on stage and in the studio, and the evolution of digital sounds and tools in music making. He also talks about influences he's taken from musicians in different countries he recorded in, from Egypt to Columbia to Armenia. Then, Mexican-Canadian musician Boogát discusses why he and his family moved to Mexico to record his latest album, San Cristobal Baile Inn, and how the musician and studio cultures and mentalities are different in Mexico compared to Canada. He also talks about addressing social issues and his growing up in Quebec as the son of Mexican and Paraguayan parents.
10/4/20171 hour, 10 minutes, 17 seconds
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CM Radio - Sept 27, 2017 - Hawksley Workman, John Cody

On Sept. 28th, we're bringing you interviews with a pair of special Canadian songwriters. Hawksley Workman checks in to chat about honouring Bruce Cockburn at the recent 2017 Canadian Songwriters' Hall of Fame induction ceremony at Massey Hall. We also speak with the versatile musician and producer about how his jazz fusion musical foundation steered his songwriting, how failing to meet commercial expectations on his major label debut changed his career outlook, and more. And in something of a reprise from one of our favourite artist interviews of 2017, John Cody joins us for a quick chat over a cigarette about triumphing over challenges this year, and how he's currently putting music ahead of pretty much everything else in his life.
9/27/201757 minutes, 32 seconds
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CM Radio - Sept 20, 2017 - Horseshoe Tavern History, The Nursery, The Beaches

We've got a pair of the country's most buzz worthy bands in quirky indie pop outfit The Nursery and new wave fem-rockers The Beaches. Both have brand new albums and both are carving out niches in a competitive and over saturated music market thanks to killer branding and, of course, great music. Plus, Jessica Mitchell speaks ahead of her Massey Hall performance honouring Neil Young at the 2017 Canadian Songwriters' Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Finally, we also catch up with writer (and frequent Canadian Musician contributor) David McPherson to chat about his new book, The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern: A Complete History. It's packed with legends and lore about the iconic Toronto music venue and David delves into his adventures authoring the book over the past several years.
9/20/20171 hour, 7 minutes, 48 seconds
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CM Radio - Sept. 13, 2017 - Eh440 & Cadence Weapon

This week on CM Radio, Mike catches up with acclaimed rapper Cadence Weapon. The Toronto-based, Edmonton native recently released a new track titled “Don’t Talk to Me,” which will be taken from his upcoming fourth album. He chats with Mike about what he’s been up to since the 2012 release of his last album, the Polaris Prize-shortlisted Hope in Dirt City. Mike also finds out how Cadence Weapon became one of the most skilled lyricists and rappers in Canadian hip-hop, and also how spending time working on other art forms has made him a better musical artist. They also discuss the difficulties for hip-hop artists touring Canada and more. Mike also has a fun conversation with the Stacey Kay of the a-cappella sensations Eh440. Stacey talks about how they ended up on the bill for the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame concert at Massey Hall on Sept. 23, and her excitement for that star-packed concert. Stacey also reveals how Eh440 develop their parts and sounds in the studio and live in concert and talks about her transition from being a singer and rapper in a “traditional band” to an a-cappella group. They also discuss the lucrative university/college touring circuit, picking the right songs, songwriting, and more.
9/13/20171 hour, 10 minutes, 5 seconds
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CM Radio - Sept. 6, 2017 - Ty Baynton, Nielsen Music Canada & Alan Doyle

Alan Doyle joins us this week to talk about his brand new album, A Week at the Warehouse. As the name implies, Doyle and his band cut this album live-off-the-floor at the iconic Vancouver studio with mega-producer Bob Rock. We talk about why this was the best approach for these songs, his preference for co-writing, and a lot more. Then, with Paul Shaver, head of Nielsen Music Canada, we dig into the numbers in Nielsen's 'Live Music & Brands' report. Paul pulls out some of the more interesting and surprising findings from the report and also looks at what various stakeholders in the music industry, from indie musicians to major labels, can learn and use to better monetize their live music events. Finally, we catch up with Ty Baynton to talk about his latest single, "I'll Never Know," and the inspiration and writing process for others that will be on his next EP. As well, we learn a bit about Ty's musical upbringing in Waterdown, ON and what he has learned about performing from the likes of Blake Shelton, Gord Bamford, and Tim Hicks.
9/6/20171 hour, 13 minutes, 9 seconds
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CM Radio - Aug. 30, 2017 - Luke Austin, Graham Henderson & Your Favorite Enemies

Our friends in Your Favorite Enemies are readying the release of their very cool boxset, A Journey Beyond Ourselves, featuring exclusive music, a book called chronicling the making of their latest album, and a lot more. We speak with guitarist Jeff Beaulieu about all that’s gone in to creating this very special package and its promotion, the band’s epitomizing of the term “DIY,” and more. (And stay tuned for an upcoming #CMPremiere with Your Favorite Enemies...) The Federal Government has just announced its launch of a consultation process to reform the Copyright Board of Canada. The consultations will run until the end of September and seek feedback from the public and major stakeholders on ideas to make the Copyright Board’s processes more transparent and efficient. Music Canada’s Graham Henderson joins us to talk about what this could mean for the music industry. Finally, rocker Luke Austin writes “real songs for real people,” drawing influence from the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Kings of Leon. He sits down with Mike to talk about the making of his latest record alongside Grammy-winner Vance Powell (Kings of Leon, Jack White), the success of his single “Long Road Home” on major streaming services, and more.
8/30/20171 hour, 12 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

CM Radio - Aug 23, 2017 - Can Indie Acts Get on Spotify Playlists & Comeback Kid

CD Baby's Kevin Breuner and musician Ari Herstand - who Forbes has called "the poster child of DIY music" join us to talk about Spotify, and more specifically, how artists can get their music onto Spotify playlists to boost their spins and exposure. They share tips on approaching influential curators, recognizing other opportunities on the platform, and more. Then, long-running Canadian hardcore outfit Comeback Kid are set to drop their sixth studio album, Outsider, and the beginning of September. We speak with frontman Andrew Neufeld about the band's sonic exploration this time around, the health of the Canadian punk and hardcore scene from one of its prime ambassadors, and more.
8/23/20171 hour, 6 minutes
Episode Artwork

CM Radio - Aug. 16, 2017 - Midnight Oil, Halifax Pop Explosion, Honey Jam

Australian rock icons Midnight Oil are back on the road for The Great Circle 2017 World Tour, in part to celebrate the release of some new box sets. We connected with founding member Jim Moginie (guitars, keys & vocals) ahead of their Canadian dates about the band's special relationship with Canada, the process of digging up rarities for the box set, and a lot more. The first two waves of bands have been announced for the 2017 Halifax Pop Explosion, and as usual, they offer an exciting and diverse mix of acts. Executive Director James Boyle tells us how they put together their lineups year after year, what goes into planning and staging an event of this scale, and more. With its 22nd annual concert set for August 24th in Toronto, Honey Jam is continuing its longstanding mission of fostering female music talent and providing those artists with education and opportunities. PhemPhat CEO and Honey Jam founder Ebonnie Rowe joins us to talk about this year's edition of Honey Jam and how, even though they've made great strides over the years, there's still plenty of work to be done bringing equal opportunity to the music industry.
8/16/201753 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

CM Radio - Aug. 9, 2017 - Dan Mangan, Dan Davidson & A New Book on Johnny Cash

In addition to having a new album in the works, the awesome and outspoken Dan Mangan has also announced a venture with partner Laura Simpson called Side Door Access, aiming to connect creators with dedicated followers in intimate settings. The project is still coming together, and Dan speaks with Mike about that and a lot more. The Man Who Carried Cash: Saul Holiff, Johnny Cash and the Making of an American Icon is a new book by Canadian author and journlist Julie Chadwick that explores the relationship between the oft-troubled country icon and his longtime Canadian manager, who ended their relationship at the pinnacle of Cash's success. The story is truly fascinating and unearths some unknown information about one of the most prominent musicians of all time with a few Canadian twists. Finally, after a successful run with celebrated rock outfit Tupelo Honey, Dan Davidson has embarked on a solo career in the country world - and wasted little time in making a name for himself. After a pair of successful singles, we check in with Davidson to talk about the transition from rock to country, his plans for future releases, and more.
8/9/201759 minutes, 33 seconds
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CM Radio - Aug. 2, 2017 - Allie X, MUTEK Festival, Nice Horse

Allie X (aka Alexandra Hughes) sat down with Mike to discuss her journey from Ontario-based music student and songwriter to being one of the most interesting artists in the L.A. art-pop scene. She explains how she met Canadian producer Cirkut and how that led to a publishing deal and then her Allie X persona, which blends sophisticated pop songwriting and visual art. Drawing comparisons to stars like Lady Gaga, her debut LP, CollXtion II: Unsolved, which continues the story of Allie X that began on her EP CollXtion I, is receiving rave reviews. Then, MUTEK Festival programmer Patti Schmidt gives Mike the lowdown on the most mind-bending and exciting Canadian and international artists that will be performing in Montreal next month from Aug. 22-27. She also gets into the nuts and bolts of how she does her job, explaining how the artist selection process works and what makes an ideal MUTEK program. Patti also gives her perspective on the health of the Canadian underground electronic music scene and why so many electronic artists leave North American for other markets, plus offers her perspective on gender equality in her scene. Finally, Katie Marie of high-energy country group Nice Horse joins us to chat about the band's quick rise to prominence, and announce that their single "Pony Up" will be an exclusive #CMPremiere from Thursday, Aug. 3rd at noon until it's serviced to radio on August 8th. Stream the track at and listen here to learn how Nice Horse hooked up with mega producer Bob Rock (Bon Jovi, Aerosmith) and more.
8/2/20171 hour, 17 minutes, 32 seconds
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CM Radio - July 26, 2017 - Miranda Mulholland, Martin Kerr, Justine Giles

In addition to performing as a solo artist and one half of Harrow Fair, recording with the likes of Great Lake Swimmers and Sarah Slean, playing on film and TV scores, owning a record label, and running a music festival (whew...), Miranda Mulholland has recently adopted the roll of artist activist. Following a much-discussed speech to the Economic Club of Canada, she's been featured in outlets like the Globe and Mail and Canadian Musician, talking about the struggles faced by artists in today's music industry. She joins us here to talk about just that. Plus, we've got a pair of singer-songwriter interviews with Edmonton's Martin Kerr, an artist who's achieved some truly impressive feats like selling out a show at Edmonton's Winspear Centre and opening for Sarah McLachlan at Rogers Place as an entirely independent artist, and Justin Giles, a finalist from CBC Searchlight 2017 (as chosen by our own Andrew King) and currently has a lot cooking for her career.
7/26/20171 hour, 15 minutes, 41 seconds
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CM Radio - July 19, 2017 - Stompin' Tom Revisited, iLLvibe & Myer Clarity & More

Two weeks ago, we dedicated our show to the brand new 50th anniversary collection honouring the one and only Stompin' Tom Connors, featuring interviews with George Canyon, Corb Lund, and Whiskey Jack. This week, we're revisiting that collection in a chat with Andy Curran of Anthem Legacy and ole Label Group, one of the architects of this special collection. He talks about how the album came together, what went into selecting the track list, and more. Mike recently sat down with one of the country's fastest-rising hip-hop artists, iLLvibe, and renowned artist and producer Myer Clarity. The two chat about their latest collaboration, We Are the Aliens, the state of hip-hop in Canada, and more. And finally, R&B singer Patrick Lehman joins us to chat about current projects, including the follow up to his Juno-nominated release Butchy's Son and songwriting sessions in L.A., Nashville, and his home city of Montreal.
7/19/20171 hour, 7 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

CM Radio - July 12, 2017 - Vivek Shraya, Sun K, Melanie Brulee

We're bringing you a trio of artist interviews in what could be our most diverse episode to date. Kristian Montano, frontman of Toronto roots rock outfit Sun K, joins us to talk about the band's upcoming album that, like its predecessor, was produced by Sum 41's Cone McCaslin. Hear about the unique musical relationship between Kristian and Cone, how the band's sound has evolved from Kristian's early solo material, and more. Melanie Brulee is a true musical chameleon, singing in both English and French and effortlessly flowing from cabaret to pop to Americana and much more. She tells us about whether certain songs lend themselves better to one language or the other, how her hybrid sound earns attention at music festivals - like the upcoming Sawdust City in Gravenhurst, ON - and more. Finally, Vivek Shraya and a multi-disciplinary virtuoso whose body of work includes several albums, films, and books. Her work is critically adored and has done much to empower and advance the cause of several marginalized groups. She tells Mike about some of her major successes, unique struggles, and more.
7/12/20171 hour, 8 minutes, 38 seconds
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CM Radio - July 5 2017 - Stompin' Tom Tribute w/ George Canyon, Corb Lund & More

In honour of Canada Day and the Canada 150 celebrations, this week's show is a special one dedicated to the quintessential Canadian troubadour, Stompin' Tom Connors. Anthem Legacy, an imprint of ole Label Group, is celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of the country's most prolific and icon artists with a release featuring 14 of his best-known hits along with four covers by the likes of Corb Lund, The Cuddy/Polley Family band, Whiskey Jack, and George Canyon. Join us as we chat with three of those artists - Corb Lund, Whiskey Jack, and George Canyon - about Stompin' Tom's legacy, his influence on so many Canadian songwriters, and the compilation's goal of sharing his iconic catalogue with a new generation of music fans.
7/5/201742 minutes, 30 seconds
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CM Radio - June 28, 2017 - One Bad Son, Mise en Scene, The Pick Brothers Band

We've got a rock-centric show featuring interviews with chart-toppers One Bad Son, the gritty & powerful Mise en Scene, and the boundary-pushing Pick Brothers. One Bad Son's Kurt Dahl joins us to talk about the overwhelming success of their single "Raging Bull," and how it might inform their future release plans. On that note, we also get some exclusive details on the band's upcoming LP, the highly-anticipated follow-up to 2014's Black Buffalo. Winnipeg duo-turned-trio Mise en Scene have just signed with Vancouver's Light Organ Records and are ready to drop their new LP, Still Life On Fire. We'll talk about how the partnership with Light Organ came to be, what informed the decision to bring on a third member, and a lot more. Finally, The Pick Brothers Band have been building a name for themselves in and around Toronto with a very innovative and eclectic brand of engaging rock music. We'll talk about how the brotherly bond extends into music, the importance of a good live show, and more.
6/28/20171 hour, 1 minute, 39 seconds
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CM Radio - June 21, 2017 - Tim Hicks, Devin Cuddy, The Long War

Platinum-selling JUNO nominee Tim Hicks has blown up since earning the CCMA's Rising Star award in 2014. He's fresh from the release of a brand new live EP, recorded during his Shake These Walls tour, supporting the album of the same name. We chat with the rising country star about the new collection and how it came together, plus get a preview of his busy summer festival season. Speaking of summer festivals, Devin Cuddy has a few performances at the upcoming Sawdust City Music Festival, happening August 4-6 in Gravenhurst, ON. In addition to performing a solo set of his own material, he's joining his father and brother in The Jim Cuddy Family Band for the headlining slot. We chat with him about what he and his fam have in store for those performances, how far along he is with the follow-up to 2014's Kitchen Knife, and more. And finally, we checked in with our friends in BC's The Long War while they were recording at Metalworks Studios in Mississauga. A couple of months ago, the band won the 2017 CBC Searchlight contest and have since been taking advantage of the prizes and opportunities that came with it. We'll hear about what they've done - including writing sessions with Royal Wood at the Banff Centre - and what's still to come.
6/22/201754 minutes, 40 seconds
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CM Radio - June 14, 2017 - John Cody, Colter Wall, Epstein Management Firm

John Cody just released Hard Won, the last album that will feature his singing voice. The acclaimed singer, songwriter, and producer, who has collaborated with the likes of Tom Cochrane and Joni Mitchell, was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx and was told much of it would be removed, drastically altering and limiting his speech. Cody held off on the surgery as long as he could to complete the album, a tour de force that showcases his breadth as an artist and features a host of cool collaborations. He joins us to talk about the experience and what's on the horizon for him, musically speaking, in light of his declining health. Saskatchewan's Colter Wall sat down with Mike shortly after Steve Earle called him the best songwriter he's seen in 20 years. Wall opens up about how he developed his songwriting skills, why he wants to see "bro country" disappear, and trying to distance himself from the recognition that comes with being the son of Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall. Finally, musician and artist manager Amir Epstein joins us to chat about how, even though many eyes in the hip-hop world are currently focused on Toronto as a hotbed of fresh talent, the lack of infrastructure supporting hip-hop music in Canada - specifically radio stations that champion the genre - is hurting artists and preventing us from capitalizing on a major opportunity.
6/14/20171 hour, 30 minutes, 13 seconds
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CM Radio - June 7, 2017 - JUNOs Return to CBC, Minotaurs, Prairie Cat

The CBC recently held a "preview day" for its upcoming season, and one of the big topics of discussion was the recently-announced return of The JUNO Awards to the national broadcaster. It seems there are big plans to develop more content in collaboration with CARAS the whole year round. At the event, Mike caught up with CARAS President & CEO Allan Reid and Mark Steinmetz, Senior Director of CBC Music, to chat about those plans and what they could mean for Canadian artists, insiders, and fans. An "apocalyptic-psychedelic afro-folk epic." That's how Nathan Lawr, the man behind the uber-cool project Minotaurs, describes his latest album, Aum. The project features a diverse and impressive list of collaborators, and Mike speaks with Nathan about how they landed at such a unique hybrid of influences. After years of keeping things intentionally cryptic, Vancouver's Cary Pratt is fully embracing his creative moniker of Prairie Cat with the aptly-titled new album, Prairie Cat Is Cary Pratt. He tells Andrew about how his newfound comfort in the spotlight and behind the mic influenced the composition of this latest album, and some of the other projects that keep him busy - including playing drums with supergroup Mounties.
6/7/20171 hour, 2 minutes, 40 seconds
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CM Radio - May 31, 2017 - Bishop Brigante, Honey Beard, Music BC's Phoenix

Bishop Brigante is a veteran of Canadian hip-hop and legend in the battle rap world. Throughout his career, he's collaborated with the likes of Drake, Nate Dogg, MC Lyte, and Sticky Fingaz, and his new anthology collection Legacy revisits those singles and more from his nearly 15-year career. He joins us to chat about this latest compilation, his work with Canada's top battle league, King of the Dot, the current state of Canadian hip-hop - and reveals the title of his upcoming new LP for the first time! After taking the Toronto club scene by storm on the back of their debut EP in 2015, indie electronic duo Honey Beard are back with an LP that combines the dark, synth-based Brit pop of the early 80s with the modern stylings of acts like MGMT. We chat with the band about the evolution of their sound, where they fit into the Canadian music landscape, and more. Finally, Music BC has introduced a new initiative called Phoenix, an extensive training and professional development program to help music industry pros navigate the ever-changing landscape of the business. The program is for time-poor, mid-career music professionals looking to optimize their business models for growth, and we speak with Music BC Executive Director Alex Grigg about how it's come together.
5/31/201755 minutes, 44 seconds
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CM Radio - May 24, 2017 - Madison Violet, Matt Holubowski & Tips from CD Baby

Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac of Madison Violet have had a string of bad luck that’s tested them as individuals and creative partners. Their latest album, The Knight Sessions, is a response to those hardships and finds the duo stripping down their sound to its barest bones. Hear about how they overcame their challenges through music, how Sam Smith influenced the composition of their single “We Are Famous,” and more. Montreal’s Matt Holubowski has earned some considerable success in the Quebec market on the back of his debut album, Ogen, Old Man, which boasted a raw, lo-fi sound that put strong focus on his storytelling. With his new album, Solitudes, he’s incorporated more colour and depth but maintained the same candour. He speaks with Mike about his relatively quick rise, the evolution of his art, and more. And CD Baby’s VP of Marketing, Kevin Breuner, joins us to talk about why this is the best time for artists to be releasing new music, and the tools they can take advantage of to get it heard and monetized.
5/24/20171 hour, 27 minutes, 3 seconds
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CM Radio - May 17, 2017 - Fred Penner, Eleanor McCain, Prof. Rahul Telang

Fred Penner is one of Canada’s most beloved entertainers, and he’s back with a new album called Hear the Music, which has earned rave reviews from Andrew's two-year-old son. It features quite the cast of guest collaborators, including Ron Sexsmith, Basia Bulat, Alex Cuba, Bahamas, Terra Lightfoot, The Good Lovelies, and more. Mike had a chance to speak with him about the new record and how it came together, the unique makeup of his audience these days, and more. Singer and socialite Eleanor McCain has covered some of Canada’s best-known songs on her sixth studio album, True North: The Canadian Songbook. It features the work of 14 arrangers, 28 guest artists, and 10 symphony orchestras from across the country. Mike finds out about what informed some of the interesting song choices, why she decided to take on such an ambitious project at this point in time, and more. Rahul Telang is a professor at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University and the co-author of the book Streaming, Sharing, Stealing. He weighs in on the ongoing debate of music streaming and its compensation model, and how that’s affecting artists and the music industry.
5/17/20171 hour, 15 minutes, 58 seconds
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CM Radio - May 10, 2017 - Musicians & Charity, Kayla Howran, The Sole Pursuit

At CMW 2017, well-known music journalist Karen Bliss of moderated a panel called "Musicians & Charity - Finding a Way to Give Back." She and her panel of high-profile musicians and charitable partners talked about the synergy that can exist between artists and their causes, with mutual benefits abound. Karen and Plus 1 CEO and Arcade Fire violinist Marika Anthony-Shaw join us this week to chat about the topic and offer some advice on how musicians can make a difference while simultaneously promoting their work. We also chat with country-tinged singer/songwriter Kayla Howran about her latest album, produced by Colin Cripps of Blue Rodeo, and how her move out of Toronto and into the sticks is treating her muse these days. And finally, Brampton rock outfit The Sole Pursuit have overcome some significant challenges to get their music recorded and released. With their new album, Flower City After Dusk, they're ready to put their best foot forward and capitalize on some long-standing industry attention.
5/10/20171 hour, 18 minutes, 7 seconds
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CM Radio - May 3, 2017 - Paul Shaffer, Alan Cross, SING! Festival, Nolan Hubbard

Paul Shaffer was one of the stars out for CMW 2017 and Mike had the chance to get some insight into life post-Letterman and his latest album, Paul Shaffer & the World's Most Dangerous Band. The album features guests like Bill Murray, Darius Rucker, and Shaggy, and of course, his longtime bandmates from The Late Show. Mike also had a chance to speak with Alan Cross, one of Canada's best-known broadcasters, on the ground at CMW. Hear discussion of some of the industry's latest trends from the man often at the source of identifying them. Young singer-songwriter Nolan Hubbard had the chance to travel to Nashville to work on his debut full-length, Luminosity, with some of Nashville's most seasoned studio vets and Canadian producer Doug Romanow. Hear about his experience in the studio and the discoveries it led to. And finally, Dylan Bell fills us in on details for SING! The Toronto Vocal Arts Festival's 2017 run, which includes a couple of Guinness World Record attemps, extensive educational programming, and more.
5/3/201757 minutes, 35 seconds
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CM Radio - Apr. 26, 2017 - Ascot Royals, Steph Cameron, LyricFind

Ascot Royals have been carving out their niche in Canadian music for some time, supporting the likes of Big Wreck and Finger Eleven with their dancy brand of upbeat rock and earning some serious industry attention. The band was out for CMW 2017, working with live music producer and perennial festival favourite Tom Jackson to fine-tune their performance. We talk about their experience in the session, what's on the horizon, and more. Steph Cameron seemingly came out of nowhere with her debut collection, Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady, to score rave reviews and a coveted slot on the Polaris Music Prize long list. Her brand new follow-up, Daybreak Over Jackson Street, carries the same brand of careful, compelling songwriting with bare-bones but powerful arrangements but with a fresh perspective. She tells us if there was any temptation to expand her sound the second time around and more. And finally, Mike had the chance to speak with LyricFind CEO Darryl Ballantyne at CMW 2017 about some improtant incoming trends in the music industry.
4/26/201750 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

CM Radio - Apr. 19, 2017 - Eric Ethridge, The Long War, Guitar Workshop Plus

Did you know there's a program where guitarists and other musicians can gather to get first-hand instruction from the likes of Steve Vai, Robben Ford, Alex Lifeson, and many other of the world's top musicians? It's called Guitar Workshop Plus and it was founded right here in Canada. Walter Tavares joins us to talk about the program and how the 2017 guest artist lineup is coming together. Since winning the 2016 CCMA Discovery Program, Eric Ethridge's name has been on a lot of people's tongues. His single "Liquor's Calling the Shots" is garnering plenty of attention, and he's had the chance to perform it in some pretty high-profile settings. He talks with Mike about his contemplative and calculated approach to his career - including how he's been handling the incoming interest from record labels and other industry pros. And finally, congratulations to The Long War, who were recently named the winners of CBC's 2017 Searchlight competition. We catch up with the band en route to the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity to talk about their experience in the competition and what's on the horizon - considering they've been together for less than a year.
4/19/20171 hour, 4 minutes, 24 seconds
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CM Radio - Apr. 12, 2017 - Alejandra Ribera, The Wooden Sky & Ontario Music Fund

Mike chats with The Wooden Sky's Gavin Gardiner about the recording of their latest album, Swimming in Strange Waters, which sees the band exploring new, more psychedelic sounds. They also talk about beating a case of "demoitis" and whether he feels there is really a "Toronto scene" anymore. We also check in with Alejandra Ribera, who's currently overseas supporting her latest, This Island. She tells us about how moving to new cities - notably Montreal and Paris - and getting lost (literally) inspired her songwriting for this collection. She also talks about being too busy in her professional and person life to feel any pressure after winning the 2014 SOCAN Songwriting Prize. And finally, Marina Adam, the manager of the Ontario Music Office, fills us in on the Ontario Music Fund, whether it's having its desired effect, and why such government and industry financial support in the arts makes sense as an economic driver.
4/12/20171 hour, 4 minutes, 59 seconds
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CM Radio - April 5, 2017 - Joel & Bill Plaskett, Rose Cousins, Antonio Ponce

Joel Plaskett is one of Canada's most treasured songwriters, and for his latest project, he's teamed up with someone who's had a very impactful influence on him: his father. Bill & Joel Plaskett's Solidarity is, as Bill puts it, "a touch of the traditional mixed in with the new, and a lot of the unexpected, arrived at through experimentation." We hear about how the album came together, what these two musicians learned from one another during the process, and more. For her latest album, Natural Conclusion, Rose Cousins took a deliberate break from her active touring schedule and travelled to create, writing and recording in places like Toronto, L.A., Boston, Nashville, and Ireland. The goal, she says, was to connect with artists, writers, and producers to find new sounds with new people and create songs in new ways. She joins us to talk about those travels. And finally, author and musician Antonio Ponce joins us with some tips taken from his book, Don't Forget the Business in the Music Business.