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Can Do: Essential Business Lessons

English, Finance, 1 season, 20 episodes, 12 hours, 17 minutes
Can Do, MTPR's podcast on business and entrepreneurship hosted by Arnie Sherman is in its fourth season, and we’re expanding. This season will feature the same informative interviews and the lessons Montana business owners and entrepreneurs have to share. But times are changing. There’s a major election in November and the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change how business is done. The main focus this season is on the here & now. How does a business survive in today’s volatile economy? How can you transition your business or start a new one? What can you do to make sure your finances are in order? We’ll be asking these questions to business experts in Montana and around the country. Listen to Can Do at or wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes are published every other Monday.
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Can Do: Looking back on the past five seasons with Arnie Sherman

Host Arnie Sherman recaps the last five years of hosting Can Do.
7/18/202226 minutes, 21 seconds
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Can Do: Rural real estate in the west with Bill McDavid

Hall and Hall director and real estate partner Bill McDavid shares insight into rural real estate in the western U.S.
7/4/202235 minutes, 10 seconds
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Can Do: The life of a Hollywood executive assistant with Ilene Waterstone

Ilene Waterstone, former executive assistant for actor Steve Martin, talks about how her career took shape.
6/20/202238 minutes, 14 seconds
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Can Do: Addressing the childcare crisis with Heather Foster

Heather Foster, CEO of the Missoula Family YMCA, talks about addressing childcare issues in the community.
6/6/202234 minutes, 28 seconds
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Can Do: Connection through communication with Will Schmautz

Will Schmautz, co-founder and CEO of NOMAD Global Communication Solutions talks about the origins and growth of the company.
5/23/202235 minutes, 26 seconds
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Can Do: Understanding the supply chain with Richard Nicholson

Richard Nicholson of Macquarie Asset Management talks about the global supply chain, and how it has been affected by Covid-19.
5/9/202237 minutes, 2 seconds
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Can Do: Running a magazine with Megan Crawford

Megan Crawford, the driving force behind Montana Woman Magazine, talks about her experience building a publication from the ground up.
4/25/202227 minutes, 51 seconds
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Can Do: Growing Montana's cannabis industry with Richard Eggers

Owner/Founder of Bitterroot Cannabis Company talks about the regulations and science behind Montana's growing cannabis industry.
4/11/202230 minutes, 18 seconds
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Can Do: The future of Montana real estate with Claire Matten

Commercial Real Estate Advisor Claire Matten explains the relationship between Montana business and real estate.
3/28/202235 minutes, 38 seconds
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Can Do: Being smart about tax season with E. Martin Davidoff

Attorney and accounting expert E. Martin Davidoff talks about tax season for individuals and businesses.
3/14/202245 minutes, 43 seconds
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Can Do: The small businesses at the "Edge of the Plains"

Documentary filmmakers Peter Tolton and Sam Steingraber talk about their recent project, "Edge of the Plains."
2/28/202241 minutes, 47 seconds
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Can Do: Cybersecurity sleuthing with Sherri Davidoff

LMG Security founder and CEO Sherri Davidoff provides insight into the world of cybersecurity.
2/14/202240 minutes, 23 seconds
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Can Do: Eating for your health with Chef Dr. Mike Fenster

Chef Dr. Mike Fenster talks about culinary medicine through the lens of his multifaceted career as a cardiologist and professional chef.
1/31/202243 minutes, 28 seconds
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Can Do: Designing activewear that is "more you" with Mallory Ottariano

Mallory Ottariano, founder of Montana-based activewear company Youer, talks about building a clothing brand from scratch.
1/17/202226 minutes, 50 seconds
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Can Do: Understanding the 2021 economy with Robert Sonora and Jason McMackin

Research economist Robert "Tino" Sonora and Montana restaurateur Jason McMackin reflect on 2021's economy, and discuss the uncertainty that comes with 2022.
1/3/202243 minutes, 17 seconds
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Can Do: The origins of Salish Kootenai College with Joe McDonald

Educator and visionary Joe McDonald talks about how he built Salish Kootenai College from the ground up.
12/20/202136 minutes, 10 seconds
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Can Do: Attracting and keeping employees during the great resignation with Kendall Clifton-Short

Kendall Clifton-Short of the global firm Within People talks about shifting workplace culture.
12/6/202142 minutes, 59 seconds
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Can Do: Social Policy Past & Present with John Roy Price

This week on Can Do, we hear from John Roy Price, author and former senior domestic policy advisor to Nixon.
11/22/202132 minutes, 54 seconds
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Can Do: Understanding rural health with Angelina Salazar and Chris Hopkins

This week on Can Do, we go behind the scenes of rural health care in the West. 60 million Americans and approximately 44% of Montanans live in areas with less access to health care, resulting in a myriad of chronic health issues. The Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected rural areas, exacerbating problems that were already difficult to solve.To better understand these challenges, we speak with Angelina Salazar, CEO of the Western Healthcare Alliance and Chris Hopkins, CEO of Montana Health Network.
11/8/202139 minutes, 37 seconds
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Can Do: Carving your own path with Eric Stern

This week, we talk to Eric Stern about his experiences working in law, state government, and venture capital. Eric will offer his perspective on how Montana has changed in the last two decades, and share some insights into his father’s NBA legacy. Learn more now.
10/25/202143 minutes, 27 seconds