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Calm Down

English, Comedy, 1 seasons, 9 episodes, 50 minutes
Gil (17) & Wil (46) take turns to debrief on their little and not-so-little niggles in life. Categorized as 'comedy' because 'comedy??' wasn't an option, and 'society & culture' seems like a biiiiig stretch. Trigger warning: Low production values.
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Crooler's brassiere

Wil complains about the mammaliocentrism and the misapplication of undergarments in Chima. Gil is disturb by the thought that Eris might lay eggs in her spare time. Also discussed: How lack of access to adequate psychotherapy was probably a key part of the downfall of the Jedi Order.
18/08/20188 minutes 24 seconds
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Calm Down - Ep. 8: Baths in dank hair

Gil discusses the unpleasant experience of bathing in hair water. Wil denies culpability.
14/08/20183 minutes 9 seconds
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Calm Down - Ep.7: Woman walks head first into cultural appropriation

Wil complains bitterly about a movie he's never seen. Gil agrees.
11/08/20184 minutes 23 seconds
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Calm Down - Ep.6: Pastoral Neglect and the Rise of Fascism at Hogwarts

Part 2: The thrilling conclusion of Gil’s take down of Hogwarts, where he ask: What about the children? Rather than calming him down, Wil is swept along with the hysteria.
07/08/201810 minutes 32 seconds
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CalmDown - Ep. 5: Crimes Against Lupin

Part 1 of an earth-shattering two-part take down of Harry Potter. Gil bemoans the gay whitewashing of Remus Lupin. Wil tries his best to understand.
29/07/20186 minutes 4 seconds
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CalmDown - Ep.4: Theme Tune Plagiarism

Gil complains about how he had wasted several minutes of his life making a podcast that may need to be deleted because Wil unwittingly stole the theme tune from "Blue's Clues". Wil changes the theme tune very slightly as a salve.
29/07/20182 minutes 18 seconds
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CalmDown - Ep.3: The Little Sex Pistols

Wil complains bitterly about the lack of good science in the children's television programme: "The Little Einsteins". Also, their faces. Gil tries to make things better by reminding Wil that the best episodes had crocodiles. Show notes: The original, massively misused research on Mozart's music and IQ - Rauscher FH, Shaw GL, and Ky CN. (1993). "Music and spatial task performance". Nature. 365 (6447): 611. doi:10.1038/365611a0. PMID 8413624. Turns out the original study wasn't about babies at all, and Wil's memory of this research is completely different that what it really involved.
29/07/20187 minutes 9 seconds
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CalmDown - Ep.2: Chatty teachers

Gil reminisces about his time when he was a real boy in real school and had to cope with teachers talking. Wil is unhelpful.
29/07/20184 minutes 2 seconds
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CalmDown - Ep.1: Gluten Free Water

Wil offloads his distress about the apparent market for gluten free water. Gil tries to provide good counsel.
29/07/20184 minutes 8 seconds