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Calm after the storm: Survivorship and other stories, with Amy Syed Cover
Calm after the storm: Survivorship and other stories, with Amy Syed Profile

Calm after the storm: Survivorship and other stories, with Amy Syed

English, Education, 2 seasons, 19 episodes, 13 hours, 13 minutes
Welcome to Calm After The Storm: Survivorship and Other Stories, the podcast that shares intersectional stories of trauma, survivorship, and triumph. Join us every week as Amy Syed interviews inspiring people to discuss how they moved through challenging times in their lives to determine what the true definition of ‘thriving’ is. Our goal is to share stories that resonate with you and spark hope for those in need. Find us anywhere you listen to podcasts.
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Surviving grief, domestic violence and terminal cancer

Welcome to the first episode of Calm After The Storm, a podcast that explores various themes of survivorship and how each speaker has thrived. This podcast is hosted by Amy Syed, Founder and CEO of, a technical platform that matches healthcare practitioners to employers on demand. In today's episode, Amy shares her experiences in grief, domestic violence, and terminal cancer with her sister Mehvish Syed, an animal and nature enthusiast who spends her day job cultivating support for cancer research and care at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. 5:04 - Amy’s childhood, growing up with South Asian descent and losing her father14:32 - Taking on responsibility and being busy as a coping method16:38 - Marriage, pregnancy and abuse23:03 - Navigating through hardship33:35 - How meditation helped her treatment37:04 - Starting a new life and thriving42:43 - Living in the moment, practising gratitude 46:02 - Honouring her father and a friendAmy Syed is a serial entrepreneur who has created other businesses and currently also coaches people who have no time for self-care to create habits and optimize their daily lives via She is a speaker and chair of the board of directors at the Period Purse. When she is not working or volunteering, she has 5 beautiful children and a supportive partner with whom she spends her time and energies to grow the future. Visit Amy at: , @amy.syed @calmafterthestormpodcast CONTENT WARNING:Information shared in Calm After The Storm podcast can be graphic in nature. We recommend you review the details of our podcast before tuning in. We appreciate you tuning in and we hope that the story shared with you today is inspirational and helps to get through tough times that you may be facing. For additional information or support, please visit 15minutesaday.caSupport the show (
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