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Cabot Cove Gazette – a Murder, She Wrote podcast Profile

Cabot Cove Gazette – a Murder, She Wrote podcast

English, TV & Video, 4 seasons, 92 episodes, 1 day, 22 hours, 42 minutes
An episode by episode analysis of the iconic TV series Murder, She Wrote by two queer fans and media scholars. Hosted by TJ West III and Bridget Kies.
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Special Episode - Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Treguna Mekoides Trecorum Satis Dee! TJ and Bridget are finally taking on the beloved Disney movie Bedknobs and Broomsticks. We'll talk comparisons to Mary Poppins and what feels different watching now from when we watched as kids, and nobody got turned into a rabbit during the making of this episode.
3/13/202345 minutes, 32 seconds
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Special Episode - A Little Yuletide Murder

This week we talk about the tie-in novel “A Little Yuletide Murder” and discuss adaptations and Jessica’s character. 
1/30/202331 minutes, 28 seconds
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2.17 - One Good Bid Deserves a Murder

Harry McGraw is back! When Jessica encounters a murder at an auction and a fight over a diary that makes no sense, TJ and Bridget are quick to join the occasion and complain about plot holes and celebrate fashion. 
11/14/202231 minutes, 40 seconds
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2.15 - Powder Keg

Jessica is stranded in Alabama while a lynch mob gathers outside the local jail. Run, girl, run! Otherwise entitled, one our least favorite episodes.
10/31/202229 minutes, 1 second
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2.12 - Murder by Appointment Only

Lipstick, Stan and Kirsten, prostitution, and Grady being dumb - there's a lot to love about this episode. Put your best face on and join TJ and Bridget for the discussion!
9/26/202230 minutes, 3 seconds
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0.2 - Season 2 Preview with Guests Geoffrey D. Henry and Anton Runkles

As we wrap up season 1 and look ahead to season 2, TJ and Bridget are joined by special guest listeners Geoffrey D. Henry and Anton Runkles, who share some of their memories of Murder, She Wrote and flatter us with praise for this podcast. 
6/2/202227 minutes, 54 seconds
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1.21 - Murder at the Oasis

Fly us to a place that's kinda like Palm Springs, let us swing among the classical Hollywood stars. In other words, it's "Murder at the Oasis," which is part family melodrama, part Rat Pack allegory with guest star Joey Bishop. Bonus: Bridget and TJ writing fan fic to fix the episode's ending.
5/2/202231 minutes, 46 seconds
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0.1 - Preview

A preview for the Cabot Cove Gazette, the world's newest (and best!) podcast dedicated to the beloved TV series Murder, She Wrote. Hosts TJ West III and Bridget Kies will take you on an episode by episode analysis to understand why the show is so iconic and remains so popular even today.
10/31/202134 seconds