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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 16 episodes
BuyDiverse Podcast is powered by The Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council. CMSDC connects Asian, Black, Hispanic and Native American-owned businesses with corporations and government municipalities that seek to diversify their services and intentionally support them. This podcast will help corporations reach their diversity, equity, and inclusion spend, while also helping minority businesses sustain, scale and develop to their full potential. More info at
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Eric Hardy of w3r consulting and Dr. Ken L. Harris of the National Business League join #BuyDiverse

President and CEO of w3r Consulting and Dr. Ken L. Harris, CEO of The National Business League join Chicago MSDC President and CEO J. Vincent Williams on WGN radio’s #BuyDiverse podcast. Hear as Vince talks with Eric and Dr. Ken about the importance of conversations in and around diversity in business, especially in these times […]
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#BuyDiverse with Walgreens SVP and Global Chief Diversity Officer, Carlos Cubia

In this episode of #BuyDiverse, Chicago MSDC President and CEO, J. Vincent Williams is joined by Carlos Cubia, SVP and Global Chief Diversity Officer of Walgreens. Hear as Carlos shares Walgreens’ commitment to diversity and internal programs in place to encourage and reward supplier support and diversity. Listen as Carlos and Vince talk about common […]
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#Buy Diverse with Joe Handy, President and CEO of the National Black MBA Association

NBMBAA President and CEO, Joe Handy sits down with J. Vincent Williams,  President and CEO of the Chicago MSDC on a special episode of #BuyDiverse on WGN Radio. This episode joins Joe Handy as he shares his journey in life and leadership with family influences and the driving forces that brought him to where he […]
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#BuyDiverse with w3r President and CEO, Eric Hardy

In this w3r presented episode of the #BuyDiverse Podcast, Chicago MSDC President and CEO J. Vincent Williams is joined by Eric Hardy of w3r Consulting. Hear as Eric shares his career and journey in leadership at w3r as well as efforts to support and promote diversity in business. Listen as Eric talks about the growth […]
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#BuyDiverse with Emilia DiMenco of the Women’s Business Development Center and CMSDC Golf Outing!

In this episode of #BuyDiverse, Chicago MSDC President and CEO J. Vincent Williams is joined by Emilia DiMenco, President and CEO of the Women’s Business Development Center. Hear as Emilia shares the importance of the partnership and longstanding collaboration with Chicago MSDC and ways the organizations work closely together over the years. Listen as Emilia […]
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#BuyDiverse talks with Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President Jaime di Paulo and Uzma Kazmi of PNC Bank

In this episode of the #BuyDiverse program, Chicago MSDC President and CEO J. Vincent Williams speaks with Jaime di Paulo, President and CEO of the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce about the lessons learned from the pandemic, education and resources available through the Chamber and importance of financial literacy to business success. Hear about programs […]
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#BuyDiverse talks with Rona Fourté of United Airlines and CBOF 54

In this episode of #BuyDiverse, Chicago MSDC President and CEO, J. Vincent Williams is joined by Rona Fourté, Global Community Engagement and Business Diversity Manager for United Airlines. Hear as Rona shares her role and efforts to engage and support diversity at United Airlines through supplier recruitment and coaching as well as career advocacy in […]
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#BuyDiverse talks with the Illinois Tollway’s Terry Miller and Jerome’ Holston of the LGBT Chamber of Commerce

In this episode of #BuyDiverse, Chicago MSDC President and CEO J. Vincent Williams first talks with Terry Miller,  Chief of Diversity & Strategic Development for the Illinois Tollway. Terry shares programs and policies to engage and support small and diverse businesses and make it possible for them to prepare, participate and benefit from contracts with the the […]
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#BuyDiverse speaks with Keith Wyche of Walmart and Gita Mirchandani of Gita PR

In this episode of the #BuyDiverse podcast powered by the Chicago MSDC on WGN Radio, President and CEO J. Vincent Williams first talks with Keith Wyche, VP Community Engagement and Support for Walmart about his journey and success as a leader, executive and also an acclaimed author. Hear as Keith shares the ways that Walmart […]
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#BuyDiverse talks with Dave Thomas of the MBDA and Munson Steed of Rolling Out

In this episode of the #BuyDiverse podcast, Chicago MSDC President and CEO J. Vincent Williams talks with MBDA Project Director Dave Thomas. Hear as Dave shares information about the organization and the unique ways that it supports business diversity through resources and connectivity while working closely with Chicago MSDC. In the second segment, President and […]
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#BuyDiverse talks to Zones LLC’s Dominic Camden and Kates Security Services’ Dr. Joseph Lee.

#BuyDiverse talks to Dominic Camden of Zones LLC, “the first choice for IT” on how the company shows support and makes an impact, including a partnership where they offer emerging coders a unique opportunity of an education plus a guaranteed interview for a position in the software industry.   In addition to the golf banter with […]
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#BuyDiverse talks to Congresswoman Robin Kelly of Illinois and ChicagoMSDC Board Chairman Mark Hands of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

ChicagoMSDC President & CEO J. Vincent Williams chats with Congresswoman Robin Kelly about her new role as Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Illinois and being the first Black woman elected to that position. They also talk about the Congresswoman’s legislation against the use of assault weapons, her experience at the Capitol during the recent Insurrection […]
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#BuyDiverse talks to Chicago United’s Tiffany Hamel Johnson and Hire 360’s Jay Rowell

ChicagoMSDC celebrates Chicago United President and CEO Tiffany Hamel Johnson for Women’s History Month.  Tiffany, a history-maker, is the first African American woman to hold the position since the organization’s founding.  Tiffany joins Vince in a conversation around the vision for Chicago United, how this organization makes an impact, and why our differences matter. Then, […]
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Celebrating Women’s History Month and everything you need to know about SBA 504 loans.

For Women’s History Month, ChicagoMSDC President and CEO J. Vincent Williams honors Bonnie Smith, Founder and CEO of Studio B.  As the founder of this powerful certified minority-owned business, Vince speaks with Bonnie, a marketing and media expert, to talk about her journey into entrepreneurship to the successful business she has today.  Also…old buddies, Manuel “Manny” Flores […]
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New law proposed to hold corporations accountable for supporting minority businesses

Hear the conversation with Brian Ortiz, President of Trinidad LLC, a full service general contractor focused primarily on corporate clients.  Vince and Brian talk about Trinidad’s history, legacy and mission and how this minority business has survived and continues to survive before and during the pandemic. Then join ChicagoMSDC President and CEO J. Vincent Williams in […]
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Highlighting Avantor’s commitment to supporting minority businesses in this first episode of Chicago Minority Supplier Diversity Council’s podcast, #BuyDiverse

In this first episode of the #BuyDiverse podcast, ChicagoMSDC President and CEO J. Vincent Williams welcomes and gets to know one of our committed partners, Avantor.  Join in on the conversation as Wade Colclough, Director of Supplier Diversity and Small Business Empowerment gives a small peek into supplier diversity from the perspective of Avantor, a […]