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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 9 episodes, 2 hours 23 minutes
The Eagles' Altitude Show is a sales, marketing, business startup and growth show. This show discusses topics such as: Sales, Making Money Online, Internet Marketing Strategies, Business Startup, Personal Development and Product Creation, how to grow you online sales results . The Eagles' Altitude Show is for those in personal development, sales, business growth and starting a business. There are two shows a week presented by Lokossou Sylva and his guests interview entrepreneurs from all over the globe who are doing amazing things, and turning their passions into money-making machines.
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4 Strategies New And Existing Small Business Owners Make That Cost Them Dearly

Warch out that you do not make these mistakes. 
02/10/202216 minutes 29 seconds
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How to build strong relationships for personal and business success

People do business with humans, not companies. Here is how to build thriving relationships for success    If you'd like to start your online business or become a master in online marketing and selling, join my email list and get a full online business and marketing toolkit now:  Checkout my downloadable resources for personal and business growth now: My resources on Amazon:
30/06/20226 minutes 19 seconds
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How to use linkedin as marketing and sales tools

In the episode, we talk about how to use LinkedIn as a sales and marketing tool. And how to do it without paying for it. Join my email list for weekly letters on business and personal growth, marketing and sales tips.  All for free: Check out my latest book, The PSYCHOLOGY OF MIDAS: How to Develop the Mindset that Wins in Business and Life Amazon: Selar:
23/06/202223 minutes 24 seconds
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Copywriting and Graphic Design Secret

This is an exception from my online marketing video course for interior designers.  You can get full details here:
18/06/202228 minutes 8 seconds
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Strategic Personal Development

Personal development is important if human life. But doing it wrong will always produce that wrong result. Here we discuss how to be strategic about yiur personal development for maximum profitability
19/03/20228 minutes 28 seconds
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How to Sell Your Products and services Using a Book

If you have a product and service you want to sell, writing a book or ebook is one of your best strategies to sell them no matter who you sell to. In today's episode, we talk about how to write a book in 60 days and use it to sell yiur products and services whether physical or digital. Join my email list where I share strategies and tactics on how to sell and start a business online using this link
18/03/202211 minutes 18 seconds
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4 books to start your Knowledge Selling Business

If you wish to start your information-based business, I recommend you listen and act on this before starting
17/03/202212 minutes 13 seconds
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Introduction to the Eagles' Altitude Show

We are now live
16/03/20221 minute 2 seconds