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Business of Farming

English, Finance, 4 seasons, 33 episodes, 14 hours, 14 minutes
A podcast covering all aspects of the business side of farming. Hosted by Cath Jenkins from RMCG and Bec Casey from Nature of Business Consulting.
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Season Two Wrap Up

Another season of Business of Farming podcast has come to an end. Join Bec and Cath as they reminisce over the great topics of discussion they had this season. 
5/25/20216 minutes, 6 seconds
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Labour, well more importantly Our Labour!

Its a subject that we think a lot of us dance around, so today Cath and Bec get straight to the point and really hit those key issue about Labour and more importantly our own labour and time.  How do we value our labour and what is the best use of our own skills! A great episode that may make you reconsider how you value yourself!
5/11/202126 minutes, 15 seconds
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Preparing for the Bank

At one stage or another we all have to go to the bank! So to prevent that feeling like you have to jump through a heap of red tape Cath and Bec take you through how to prepare to remove that feeling. A great episode that is full of a heap of great tips to help you prepare for the bank and turn that sometimes daunting   feeling into a positive one! 
4/13/202126 minutes, 15 seconds
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Human Resources

With special guests Robyn Mitchard Human Resources expert and South West Victorian Dairy Farmer Andrea Vallance an episode not to be missed!!!  Resources
7/28/202033 minutes, 39 seconds