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Business analysis is one of the top trending skills today. From problem solvers to change agents to advocates, business analysis professionals perform many roles in organizations and governments all over the world. Join us biweekly on Thursdays, with hosts Scott Bennett, Business Analysis Manager, and Susan Moore, Community Engagement Manager from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®), for a candid practitioner chat breaking down hot topics in business analysis. If you like to listen to lively discussions, interviews, and some great career advice, this podcast is for you.
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Launching Your Business Analysis Career

Susan and Scott chat with a new business analysis professional, Sachin Bhoria, about his experience preparing for and landing his first job in business analysis. Sachin has been in his role for over a year now and shares his perspective as a new business analysis professional. Resources: Entry Certificate to Business Analysis (ECBA) Certification - Business Analysis Competency Model - BACCM (Business Analysis Core Concept Model) - Do you have questions about this topic or have an idea for a different topic? Ask us a question at ⁠⁠⁠[email protected]⁠⁠⁠ or leave us a ⁠⁠⁠voice message⁠⁠⁠ on our podcast homepage.  Business Analysis Live is hosted by: - Susan Moore, Community Engagement Manager at IIBA - Scott Bennet
28/11/202340 minutes 13 seconds
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Difficult Conversations

Susan Moore and Scott Bennett are joined by guest speaker Mindy Bohannon, to delve into the challenges of difficult conversations. They share their own reactions and triggers when faced with such conversations and discuss how to approach them in a productive and empathetic manner. Mindy highlights the role of empathy in diffusing tension and getting everyone back on the same page. The hosts and guest emphasize the importance of acknowledging and managing emotions during these encounters. A few key take-aways: 1️⃣ Respect is Key: Difficult conversations can be challenging, but they ultimately come down to respect. 💯🤝 2️⃣ Focus on Objectives: It's easy for difficult conversations to go off track and become tangents. To avoid this, it's crucial to stay focused on the objective. 🎯📈 3️⃣ Cultural Awareness: Our guest speaker shared a fascinating personal experience about working with someone from a different cultural background. By fostering cultural awareness, we can create a more i
14/11/202341 minutes 47 seconds
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Mastering Influence

Influencing is an advanced communication skill that is helpful for change management in the business analysis field. Susan and Scott talk with guests that have had success with influencing skills. Abigail Gaddy and Heath Butler share the benefits of using influencing skills as well as the potential pitfalls if it’s overused. Business analysts often need to work with various stakeholders, including executives, project managers, subject matter experts, and technical teams. Effective influencing skills allow business analysts to gain support, build relationships, and guide stakeholders towards shared goals and decisions. These skills help reduce resistance to necessary changes, articulate a clear vision, inspire others to take action, and promote collaboration. Additionally, negotiation skills are frequently used by business analysts to resolve conflicts and reach agreements among stakeholders. Influence is part of the Interaction Skills illustrated in the Business Analysis Competency
31/10/202341 minutes 52 seconds
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Business Model Canvas

A Business Model Canvas is an analysis technique in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK Guide) and is a technique taught in business schools.  Susan and Scott talk with Connor Estabrooks, who is a recent MBA graduate, to discuss how the Business Model Canvas is used to analyze a business, or part of a business.   The discussion is framed around the nine parts of the Business Model Canvas: - Customer Relationships - Customer Segments - Key Partnerships - Key Activities - Key Resources - Value Proposition - Channels - Cost Structure - Revenue Streams   RESOURCES: Business Model Canvas (IIBA Members Only)
17/10/202332 minutes 54 seconds
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Agile Backlog Management: The Rock Crusher

How you do you effectively manage the backlog?  Susan and Scott talk with Steve Adolph, one of the authors of The Rock Crusher, about were backlogs fail to deliver on their value.  They chat about where the Analyst role fits in this agile space to meet the needs of the team and organization.   In the book, it describes “Many organizations eliminated analyst roles in their rush to adopt agile as a development cost-reduction strategy.  In the minds of many, the product owner role made analysts redundant.  Unfortunately, many organizations that followed this path were soon harshly reminded of why the analyst role emerged in the first place.”  Steve shares his views on this an many more in this Business Analysis Live episode. RESOURCES: Book - Brochure -
03/10/202340 minutes 30 seconds
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The 3 E's of Business Analysis

Susan and Scott talk to the organizers of the Festival of Business Analysis in Australia about the 3 E’s of business analysis.  They also talk with three of the speakers that will be at the festival in person and online to get a sense of what to expect from this conference. 1) Evolve – Sam Bowtell, who will be speaking about effective hybrid working techniques 2) Empathise – Phil Delalande, focussing on UX design 3) Emerge – Ruth Lewis, who is a qualified futurist, and will be speaking about ethical AI use and a certification program for AI auditors This is both an in-person event and an online event with recordings available for 6 months after the event.  Use the discount code BALIVE to get 10% off your ticket purchase. Get more information on the Festival of Business Analysis, the agenda and incredible list of speakers here:
26/09/202337 minutes 18 seconds
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Finding Transferable Skills

In our recent livestream discussion, we talked with Laura Brandenburg from Bridging the Gap about transferable skills. This is for both the aspiring business analysis professional and the experienced professional looking to grow their team. We started the discussion about crafting resumes. To highlight transferrable skills, we should prioritize showcasing our achievements over merely listing responsibilities. By spotlighting our accomplishments, we can effectively shine a light on our soft skills and underlying competencies, presenting a more holistic view of our abilities. As senior BAs, we explored how we can assist our junior counterparts in cultivating transferable skills. This involves providing opportunities for them to actively participate in meetings and gradually assume more responsibilities in projects. By doing so, they can showcase their skills in practical contexts. We also touched on the topic of transitioning into industries where we lack domain expertise. We reco
19/09/202340 minutes 17 seconds
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Effective Change Management

Is facilitating change easy?  No!  Susan and Scott dig into the topic of change management with the authors of Brainy Glue, Ian Richards and Filip Hendrickx. They emphasize the importance of introducing and managing change effectively within organizations and highlight the role of Business Analysis professionals in facilitating this process.   For effective change management, it’s important to have a clear vision when initiating change.  This requires the participation of stakeholders to understand different perspectives and generate ideas for solutions.  Change doesn’t happen without impact and resistance.   The book “Brainy Glue: Making Change Stick”, is written different than others in that it is a story.  It has a plot that follows a business analyst through her challenges throughout her assignment and includes various characters that bring various perspectives to live.  There are over 30 techniques illustrated, so the book is not only entertaining an
12/09/202342 minutes 35 seconds
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Building Confidence In Your Career

​This is a discussion about building confidence, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt. Susan and Scott talk with Paula Bell about the multifaceted nature of confidence, highlighting its impact on personal and professional success. Confidence isn't just a surface-level trait but is deeply connected to one's self-awareness and understanding of their value.Imposter syndrome is a common phenomenon where individuals doubt their abilities and fear being exposed as a fraud. Paula shares her thoughts on how individuals tend to compare themselves to others' achievements and metrics. She stresses the importance of embracing one's uniqueness and focusing on personal growth and value rather than external validation. Confidence is a critical trait essential for career advancement. It affects people differently depending on their background – their upbringing, environment, and culture. But how do you stop worrying about what other people think about you? Susan, Scott, and Paula chat
22/08/202343 minutes 4 seconds
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Solving the Wrong Problem

We discuss effective problem solving with Khethelo Malinga, who presented at the Building Business Capabilities (BBC) conference on the topic. We talk though challenges of why problem solving can be difficult and how to overcome them in organizations. We also take live questions from viewers on LinkedIn live. RESOURCES: - Book: Bulletproof Problem Solving – free access to the book and audio book for IIBA members here or you can find the book on Amazon. Do you have questions about this topic or have an idea for a differ
08/08/202342 minutes 11 seconds
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What is Strategy Analysis?

Susan and Scott talk with Laura Paton about strategy analysis. They discuss the role of business analysis professionals in strategy analysis and the skills required for this work. They highlight the need for experience and the ability to work with executives, facilitate meetings efficiently, use various techniques for eliciting and analyzing information, and effective communication. They also mention specific techniques like the Business Model Canvas and SWOT analysis used in strategy analysis. Are you curious why Strategy Analysis is Chapter 6 and not before the other knowledge areas in the BABOK Guide? Tune in to find out! Laura Paton was the past Chair of the BABOK Guide V3. She is an author and trainer that has several videos LinkedIn Learning, including one about strategy analysis. RESOURCES: - Strategy Analysis LinkedIn Course (free for a limited time) - - Find more of Laura'
25/07/202343 minutes 37 seconds
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Requirements Engineering and Business Analysis

Susan and Scott discuss requirements engineering and business analysis. Our guest is Stan Buehne from the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB). IREB is a nonprofit organization based in Germany that focuses on promoting and improving the discipline of requirements engineering. Stan discusses the importance of requirements engineering in various industries, such as automotive, aviation, and medical domains. He emphasizes the need for precision and accuracy in documenting requirements to ensure the development of high-quality solutions. Requirements engineering also involves managing and handling changing requirements over time. The conversation touches on the term "engineering" in requirements engineering and its association with the discipline's focus on precise documentation and creating shared understanding between stakeholders, developers, and architects. The discussion also explores: the relevance of requirements engineering in ag
11/07/202340 minutes 46 seconds
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Career Paths for Business Analysis

Our guest, Maria Montgomery, is a business analysis expert from Australia, who has been in the field for over a decade. Maria expresses her passion for coaching and sharing her knowledge through her book on business analysis: The Art of Getting Business Analysis Right Maria shares a graphic representing different career paths in business analysis. She explains that career progressions in business analysis are similar to technical analysis, but with some distinctions. Technical analysts tend to focus on technical knowledge and may progress into technical or management roles. Business analysts, on the other hand, have a broader range of career paths, including lead business analyst roles, strategic analysis, business architecture, and relationship building. The conversation explores the role of relationship building in business analysis, which is becoming increasingly important in agile environments. Maria mentions the emergence of roles such as technology engagement partne
27/06/202335 minutes 4 seconds
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Start Your Business Analysis Career With Certification

Whether transitioning from another profession or starting your first professional job, we discuss how certification can help start your business analysis career.  We answer questions from our live audience about making this change.   The Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) is a professional certification offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA).  This is a globally recognized certification designed for people who don’t have experience in the business analysis profession.  It demonstrates to leadership and professional employers that you have an understanding of business analysis and demonstrates your commitment to working in the profession.   We talk about the benefits of certifications, such as enhancing credibility and making job seekers more findable.  The ECBA certification is based on the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) Guide.  The BABOK guide is free for IIBA members, but can be purchased separately fo
13/06/202338 minutes 45 seconds
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Curiosity for Business Analysis

How does curiosity help in your career? Curiosity leads to discovery and it can be fostered or suppressed. Christina (Tina) Lovelock and Adrian Reed join us for a discussion about curiosity and a global initiative they’ve launched called BA School Day. Curiosity allows us to explore and learn. For business analysis professionals, learning and asking effective questions are an important part of the role. But curiosity has no bounds in terms of job role. For example, storytelling and understanding the mechanics of a story, are a skill that can be used across many disciplines, and this has an element of curiosity and creativity. Susan says “business analysis professionals are professional learners” in our discussion. Adrian chats with us about how sales roles some similarities to business analysis. Can curiosity be developed? Tina shares her thoughts on how practicing curiosity can help us get more information to help us be more successful. Sometimes it can be intimidating to a
30/05/202332 minutes 13 seconds
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How to Hire a Business Analyst

In this discussion we talk about hiring business analysts from the hiring manager perspective. It may also be useful for business analyst applicants to understand what hiring managers are looking for. Our guest on this episode of Business Analysis Live is Yulia Kosarenko, who has a YouTube channel called Why Change. We start by discussing the importance of the job description. It’s important to articulate details about what the candidate will be doing in the job. We discuss communication skills for BAs, emphasizing the ability to listen actively, ask effective questions, and convey complex information in a clear and concise manner. We also chat about the importance of being able to adapt communication style to different stakeholders, including technical and non-technical team members. The conversation then moves on to the topic of job interviews and how to prepare for them. Yulia
02/05/202340 minutes 54 seconds
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Why Use Observation?

Observation is a valuable source of information and can be used to gain insights that cannot be obtained through conversations. We discuss the technique of observation in business analysis share stories about our experiences. As with any technique, there are benefits and challenges. Observation can reveal inefficiencies and help organizations improve their processes. However, observation can also create anxiety among employees, so it is important to communicate the purpose of the observation and ensure that employees understand why it is being done. RESOURCES: -IIBA’s KnowledgeHub
18/04/202339 minutes 34 seconds
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ChatGPT and Business Analysis

ChatGPT is a new Artificial Intelligence technology and we discuss how this is useful as a research and productivity tool. Susan and Scott chat with Emal Bariali, the Founder of BA Blocks, who has been researching ChatGPT for use by business analysis professionals. Emal has published several ChatGPT videos on his YouTube channel (see link below). As a high-level primer, GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It is a type of Large Language Model (LLM) artificial intelligence tool. We don’t focus on the technology in this discussion, we focus on the implications and usefulness of this artificial intelligence technology. During our discussion, we demonstrate a simple example of using OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool. The example is exploring what menu items and policies to include when building a website. The results provide lists of items and a brief description of each. There are a number of useful functions ChatGPT can perform: - Knowledge gathering and research to perform
31/03/202339 minutes 58 seconds
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Running Effective Meetings

The purpose of most meetings is to make decisions.  Are your meetings effective?  Have you attended meetings that are a waste of time?  Susan and Scott have run meetings for decades.  Join them as they discuss effective meetings and take questions from the live audience.   Top 5 Essential Elements of Effective Meeting  State the objective of the meeting so people know what to expect.  Include an agenda so attendees can prepare or possibly reject the meeting if it’s not suitable for them to attend  Only invite relevant attendees  Start and end on time - show respect for people  Take notes to document decisions and action items (including action item, owner of the action item, and due date)   Additional Elements for Effective Meetings   Decide if you need a meeting, or if you can accomplish this via email or chat  Mana
21/03/202340 minutes 17 seconds
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What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis is defined as “the practice of enabling change in an organizational context, by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders” in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK© Guide v3).  The BABOK guide was developed by a global working group, including our guest, Laura Paton.   We talk with Laura about Business Analysis from different perspectives:  The profession, research, and competencies  Roles and Job Titles  How long it takes to get good at business analysis  Change management  Organizations and business domains  Starting a business analysis career  Problem solving and opportunity seeking People, process, and technology  Data analytics  Human behaviour and psychology  The art and science of business analysis  The importance
07/03/202330 minutes 29 seconds
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Business Analysis Skills for Human Resources

Human Resources is key to running a successful organization.  It’s typically a top cost among expenses.  How do business analysis skills apply to Human Resources?  Kris Tierney joins us from the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), which has partnered with The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) to offer the “Radical HR: Upskilling from Service Provider to Solution Expert” program.   During our chat with Kris, we talk about Human Resources (HR) for business analysts to understand the business domain.  To underscore the importance of HR, one of our livestream viewers, Tracy Kincaid-Mielak commented “You can’t have a business without the people so people should be your primary focus”.  The certificate program helps HR professionals learn “how to speak the language of the business”.  Using the foundations of business analysis, participants elevate their ability to positively impact their organizations by conducting
21/02/202339 minutes 18 seconds
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Top 9 Business Analysis Skills

What are the most important skills for business analysis professionals? &nbsp;We discuss the top 9 skills identified in the IIBA Global State of Business Analysis report. &nbsp;This is research from business analysis professionals around the world. &nbsp;Can you guess what the top skill is for your career? &nbsp;We count down to the #1 skill and take questions from the livestream audience. &nbsp; RELATED ARTICLES:&nbsp; Skills Every Business Analysis Professional Needs RELATED PODCASTS:&nbsp; Leadership Skills for Business Analysis Communication: How to Ask Better Questions <a href="https://s
07/02/202338 minutes 35 seconds
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Business Analysis Myths

“Business analysis professionals only work in IT”, is that a myth? &nbsp;What about “Business analysts only create requirements documents”? &nbsp;In this episode of Business Analysis Live we talk about common business analysis myths and answer questions from our live audience. &nbsp; RESOURCES:&nbsp; - Business Analysis Job Titles -; - Top Business Analysis Myths, Analyst Catalyst blog - Business Analysis Live is hosted by: - Susan Moore, Community Engagement Manager at IIBA - Scott Bennett, Manager, Business Analysis at IIBA &nbsp;We discuss business analysis topics and answer questions from our live audience. &nbsp; Do you have questions about thi
24/01/202335 minutes 37 seconds
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Business Analysis Job Interview Questions

Looking for a business analysis job? &nbsp;We discuss interview questions that you may encounter and how to approach them. &nbsp;Preparation is key and our guest, Yulia Kosarenko, shares tips on how to get ready for a business analysis job interview. &nbsp;She has some great advice. &nbsp;Yulia Kosarenko is the author of “Business analyst: a profession and a mindset” and also publishes videos on her “Why Change” YouTube channel; RESOURCES:&nbsp; IIBA Career Center Entry Certificate to Business Analysis (ECBA) Top 7 Soft Skills for Business Analysts Video <a href="" target="_bl
10/01/202340 minutes 3 seconds