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English, Cultural, 1 season, 11 episodes, 8 hours, 38 minutes
Life long best friends starting a conversation. A conversation exploring today's taboo topics in relation to what we believe in: radical self-acceptance, women's rights, feminism, sexual exploration, and gender studies. The history of a whole lot of stuff you never asked for, plus anything else that comes up along with way.
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11: happy holidays!!! ft. the herstory of mrs. claus + bb gift guide!

hi bbs!! happy holidays! who’s ready for the herstory of mrs. claus andddd our infamous bb holiday gift guide featuring brands we love and trust including independent artists, local brands, woman-owned brands, POC-owned and operated brands, LGBTQIA+ owned brands and more! We can wait for you to hear about the goodies we’ve selected for your loved ones along with all the holiday fun we’ve got up our little elf sleeves. ❄️ holiday gift guide link: ❄️ after this episode, we'll be taking a little hiatus to enjoy time with our families for the holidays and we hope all of our bb's out there have a safe and bright holiday. we'd like to thank you all for an amazing first season and we can't wait to see you back in 2023 for more!!
12/14/20221 hour, 19 minutes, 20 seconds
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10: a brief history of nails + heels: it all began with men??

SEASON 1 FINALE! Rox & Rachel will be serving for all BB’s enjoyment: one very special announcement, the history of nails - from 2,000 year old beauty hacks to colors assigned by classism, and some dirty fun facts on the trashiness of heels (you’ll get it). This one is full of more societal norm gender-benders for the ages! We’d like to warmly thank all our BBs for cruising through season 1 with us. Let us know what you want to hear next and enjoy the sweet suspense until season 2! Follow @Bata Shoe Museum to learn more about shoes throughout history! Citation: Archer: The Harm of Gender Stereotypes: Nail Polish and the Fragility of Masculinity by Aram Hosie, Political and LGBTI+ Advocate: 
11/11/202241 minutes, 18 seconds
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9: a mental health talk on inner peace ft. Susan Shafer, LCMHC + Kyra Josephson

Ahem, here is formal permission to find time for yourself. The BBs are getting vulnerable and real — we’re talking anxiety, mental health, and healthy coping. We have therapist Susan Shafer who leads us in a tapping exercise (a special tool for all our beloved trauma cherubs out there!) Kyra, a friend of decades, also joins to discuss finding inner peace in professional spheres, especially in relation to having mixed Asian-White heritage and the judgement of others. Stoke up your self-compassion and tune in. 
11/4/20221 hour, 11 seconds
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8: what does "slut" really mean? ft. MelRose Michaels

This week on the podcast, the BBs delve into the history of one of our society’s most popular derogatory terms (prepare for a surprising origin). We discuss its relation to class and the possible power of reclamation.  Our special guest is Melrose Michaels - powerhouse entrepreneur and sex worker whose abundance of experience in her various industries is enlightenment galore. This episode is chockfull of empathy and insight, get ready!
10/28/202246 minutes, 26 seconds
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7: confidence... why do females lack it and men attract it?

Welcome to episode 7!! On this week's podcast episode the bush babies dig into the gendered differences in confidence levels and the inclination to self-promote (including how queerness intersect in it all). Then Rox & Rachel discuss gaps in age, focusing on the fetishization of youth (you do not need to research diaper p*rn prior to this episode). As always, prepare for research and mind-shattering facts.
10/21/202241 minutes, 52 seconds
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6: are we all bi? ft. Johnny Coronado, Ayla DeConti + JJ Jennings

We’ve got a panel of BBs to explore the sexuality spectrum - featuring friends James Jennings, Ayla DeConti, Sesana Allen, & Johnny Coronado. Rox & Rachel are narrowing in on the individual experience with heaps of vulnerable stories from our panel then stepping back to assess the (ultra) wide picture. PS If you haven’t done the Kinsey scale test, Google that baddie and let’s compare scores.
10/14/202249 minutes, 22 seconds
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5: radical self acceptance in real life? ft. Paulina Pinsky

What’s the difference between radical self-acceptance, body positivity and wait - body neutrality? What are helpful techniques to put these into action? We discuss Rox & Rachel’s personal experiences and invite the voice of Paulina Pinsky, author and figure skater to share her story. Let’s get vulnerable and tune in toward ourselves. 
10/7/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 22 seconds
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4: makeup, skincare + gender identity ft. Alec Sutherland + Ms. Morgan

he Bushiest of Babies are talking to two beauty world maestros: Ms. Morgan of Surreal Skincare and Alec Sutherland of We Are Fluide! Whether you're interested in makeup, skincare, or all of the above we'll be going through the ins and outs of the beauty biz.  Alec and Morgan are digging into the genuine mission of expression, inclusivity of marginalized communities, and the integration of personal power – while looking damn good doing it!
9/30/202234 minutes, 5 seconds
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3: let's get physical... female body shapes, height vs. attractiveness + more

This week, Rox & Rachel are getting physical! Asking what makes height attractive (and they’re not coming up short. Ya’ll can dig dad jokes, right? That’s not a tall ask?) Also - why does our culture deem certain shapes of the female body “prettier” than others? A friend joins to share her story of what millions of girls experience in an example of our sex ed/medical system gone awry. Expect tons of research and how to master the pronunciation of “labiaplasty”.
9/23/202248 minutes, 6 seconds
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2: let’s unravel norms... why do we shave & the history of engagement rings

The Bush Babies are asking and answering: Who were the OGs of shaving and how did it evolve to us out here getting bikini waxes? Co-host Roxette Arisa will be doing a deep dive on the history and symbolism of engagement rings. What was the catalyst for this major trend (hint: capitalism is a b*tch). Let’s chat purity, superiority, and the pendulum swing of “normalcy” in society. P.S. BBs - you’re entitled to define your own comfort.
9/16/202239 minutes, 9 seconds
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1: meet the bush babies!

(Drum roll, please) Introducing Rox & Rachel - two lifelong best friends looking to facilitate a conversation exploring taboo topics with the collaborative voices of experts and the experiences of friends. We’re starting it off with morals and goals, the origin story of the podcast, a little plug for The Artist’s Way stans, hot takes, and a poop disclaimer. Tune in and get excited!
9/11/202214 minutes, 35 seconds